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9 months ago

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#136 9 months ago

I paid in full for my first nib(pro) this will be my first modern Stern my only other Stern is Sharkey's Shootout ironically a Borg/Dwight game.I like how all Stern games shoot besides GB so I'm not worried if I'll like it.I've been waiting years for them to do a title I actually like and knew months ago I was going to get one but I'm beyond shocked my wife didn't make me sell something to pay for it.

#246 8 months ago

I was told mine and a friends might be here Tuesday but it might take me a day or 2 to work out our schedule to get mine from his place to mine.

#247 8 months ago

I just got a message from a different friend that they were on the way home with theirs so operators are receiving their machines and I'm assuming some of the first to commit will be in this batch and then more pros in a week or 2.

#298 8 months ago

10 games in and I'm not finding it "easy"

#301 8 months ago

Actually mine hasn't arrived yet but we have one on location as of today.it took me 15 games to make it to munster madness and I'm an above average player apparently playing like crap tonight lol.back at it, they close in an hour and if I don't win a free game......grrr

#303 8 months ago

Mini review

Screenshot_2019-01-29-01-21-35-1 (resized).png
#306 8 months ago

Combo of playing like crap,tired from a 12 hour work day and to tight of tilt at this location.I played 26 games and only 1 good one,it was a little hard to get into when almost every time I would get multiball the game would tilt from just hitting the flippers but it has great flow and although it seems simple on the surface learning to maximize your score is going to be interesting.I enjoyed it but it will benefit from a few code updates I'm sure and could be argued that it needs it now but what stern release hasn't? It didn't really feel like any other game to me but at the same time it felt just like any stern if that makes sense.I think Munster fans will be happy but it's definitely not good enough to overcome a bad theme like Maiden at least not how it sits imo.that being said I can't wait to get mine set up the way I like it and throw the tilt bob in the trash where it belongs.

#320 8 months ago

Mine arrived at my friends today but with the cold weather I probably won't get it until Friday

#402 8 months ago

I've been informed mine is arriving tonight.I've put a about 40 games on it so far but it's hard to give an opinion when everytime I get a multi ball the game tilts from just flipping with more strength than just a finger.

#418 8 months ago

Having tons of fun but for some reason this thing kicks my ass!!!! I'm generally a fairly good player and play lots of tourneys but you wouldn't be able to tell with my scores and ball times.one things for sure I won't be getting bored any time soon.

20190201_015806 (resized).jpg
#479 8 months ago

I've been informed there is at least one easter egg done with a flipper code.I'll report back later as I get more info.

#484 8 months ago

The code I heard about is a Franchi code so there may be a few of them

#485 8 months ago

Works during attract mode

20190203_161344 (resized).jpg
#490 8 months ago

Hit both flippers to clear then hit flippers in this order....

#494 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Try this and let me know if it does anything:

Nice,I changed mine already so I'm not sure what I should of seen but I saw my custom.

#498 8 months ago

I put a shaker on today.I only had tinme to play a couple games after but seemed to be integrated well. A little shake with each hit of the zap button,bigger shake when Herman is hit,pulsing shake when dragula fires and a giant shake when collecting jackpots are some that stick out.

#545 8 months ago

I finally remembered to play at midnight. I started a game about 11:59 and nothing happened and I know my clock is set correct.is there something I have to be doing to get it to work other than be playing a game at midnight?

#549 8 months ago

I have latest code and clock is set correctly.I'll try again tonight.doing need to be in the middle of a game for it to work?

#617 8 months ago

I've put up 136,000,000 as my best. my friend put up over 900,000,000 on my machine and 2,500,000,000 on location but he's last year's MI state champ and has skills that are far beyond your average tournament player like myself.

#646 8 months ago

Taking my translite to a Munsters release party with Christopher Franchi to have it signed later today.I also won a translite last night I'm going to take and have signed also and give that one away at my next house tournament.

#650 8 months ago
Quoted from jrio101:

No way to turn down auto launch power? Didn’t see it any of the game adjustments or standard adjustments?

I found it in mine and helped reduce air balls on launch and i turned up my draguala

#653 8 months ago
Quoted from jrio101:

On code .91 I only see Dragula launch power

Yes I'm 99% sure I turned it down

#737 8 months ago

If you want to score big you got to hit that kitty

#777 8 months ago

I moved my post and it helps a little but not much

#781 8 months ago

Throwing the tilt bob in the trash helps with the outlanes

#814 8 months ago

What about a Woof Woof shooter rod or some other mod?

#997 7 months ago

Absolutely put a shaker in!!!!!

#1072 7 months ago

Exactly my sediments Big D right about 100 games....

#1106 7 months ago

Sentiments lol

#1196 7 months ago

My grandpa scoop stopped working right before leaving for work so I only had a few minutes to look at it.I found a green wire hanging and soldered it back on and it still didn't work but after talking to a friend I realized the entire lug fell off and I soldered to the wrong one so I need to order a new one.can someone look up the part number for the switch so I can order it on break?

20190228_133230 (resized).jpg
#1198 7 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Why wouldn't you call Stern support? It a new game...they will be happy to send you one!

I guess I could I just figured I needed some other things and Marcos would be quick but I just got off work early so I will contact stern as suggested.I'm new to nib I'm not used to having support.

#1200 7 months ago

Email was sent

#1252 7 months ago

Stern support has a switch on the way thanks snaroff for saving me a couple dollars

#1305 7 months ago

I had mine cycle through fine but without audio once the other 10 or so operated fine

#1492 7 months ago

Playing it 100 more times will sway you more than a mini playfield

#1523 7 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Yup mine is at .91. Where can I find instructions on updating the code once new code is released..?

Sterns website has download instructions and installation instructions are in the backbox

#1565 7 months ago
Quoted from hockeymag8:

makes working all these ungodly hours at the salt mine a lot more worth it.

My friend used to work in the salt mines but got fired for smoking weed down there.

#1630 7 months ago

For those wondering about the headlamp I play with Andy on occasion and have inquired about the lamp.It helps reduces the glare off the glass and it really helps combat the blinding from the lights and flashers.lol Flashlight Gordon is a good one.

#1714 7 months ago

Mine won't read either but this is the first time I ever downloaded anything so thought it was my fault.I had to go to the library because I don't have a computer.

2 weeks later
#2378 6 months ago

Moonshine and Munster !!! FUCK THE HATERS !!!!!!!

20190330_021918 (resized).jpg20190330_022605 (resized).jpg
#2615 6 months ago

So what kind of high scores is everyone putting up? Mine is 238,000,000 on a pro with the outlane post lowered (doesn't help much),liberal tilt,10 second ball save and extra balls turned off.generally I don't break 100 mil.

#2660 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

So what are most of your guys thoughts on the no ball save factory settings? Im thinking i might like a short 5 second ball save. Love this game!

Fuck no ball save

#2668 6 months ago

The only thing that could of been dumber than no ball save would be no multiball

#2722 6 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Refreshing to hear someone is rolling up some games on their new pin.
These guys who come on with some 10 year old pin with 25 plays kill me.

I have about 600 plays on mine

#2752 6 months ago

I cash in super jackpots anytime I have a 6x multiplier on.i find canceling barely raises the points and not worth the risk of next time not having a 6x multiplier.

#2956 6 months ago

I scored 141 mil on MM 1 and my highest super jackpot was 59 miles with 8 sj lit (I think)

#3100 6 months ago

I was told by an op yesterday that some plastics were not treated right to reduce the static and will keep dusting/fogging up and if you call Stern they will send you a new window.

1 week later
#3427 5 months ago

I think they need to do something more with the spinner (Igor)maybe like disco multiball in dp were after so many spins you get a multiball or a 30 second 10x scoring.

1 week later
#3630 5 months ago

the more I play the lower pf the more I'm glad I bought a pro!!!!that basement gets old real fast!!!

#3633 5 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Your statement confuses me. If you own a Pro where are you getting in all the time the basement?

I have a friend with a premium and I play a few tournaments a week and play the Le on location.I would say I have 50+ games on a pre or Le.after about 10 games of the super skill shot to the basement I quit going for it because I didn't want to play the mini playfield more than necessary. If I owned a pre or Le the basement would be disabled.

#3634 5 months ago

It is probably the best mini playfield ever but at the end of the day it's still a mini playfield.....

#3693 5 months ago

The multipliers go 2x,3x,6x(both lit)you need to keep hitting kitty every once in a while or the multiplier times out.

#3768 5 months ago

I think you need to level your machine cotton

#3845 5 months ago

I had to go figure out why my friends Spot wasn't staying up when activated and found a playghoul magazine under the staircase on the playfield.

#4092 5 months ago

Actually you have to pull the post out and insert it into the lower hole and tapping it in will be necessary.

#4256 5 months ago

I have Munsters pro and Xmen Le back to back and it's a great contrasting combo I either play 2 games of Xmen or 15 games of Munsters

#4261 5 months ago
Quoted from Wmsfan:

Does that mean Munsters isn't nice or Xmen is easier?

It means they're both fun but in different ways.Munsters is a fast paced adrenaline rush with shorter ball times and Xmen is an epic pinball journey with long ball times and deep code.

#4263 5 months ago

Xmen is fast paced just easy to keep the ball alive compared to other games

1 week later
#4417 4 months ago
Quoted from JimB:

I can’t find an adjustment to keep spot up longer. It needs one. I end up having to work the ramps to get it going at the end of game.

If it's going up and down instantly and not staying up during spot mode or in attract mode try a factory reset,not a reboot .I have no idea why but I tried everything on my friends machine and somehow just a factory reset got it working fine.

#4465 4 months ago

If you're having fun then you're doing good

1 week later
#4626 4 months ago

I just received my cliff protector kit and before I put them on I wanted to check about the Inlane protectors.I seem to remember reading not to use those because they will cause damage or something from the ball dropping on them.I really can't remember why but someone recommended not using them.can anyone give some insight or remember who posted it? I tried a thread search a general search but didn't find it.

4 weeks later
#4939 3 months ago

I'll be ordering soon

#4978 3 months ago

I would go with the translite,apron or simply a blank apron card.

1 month later
#5483 62 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Never talked with anyone that actually put time into playing it, that disliked the lower playfield. Nothing there to hate.

Well you haven't talked to me.for the record I don't like mini playfields in general and I think Munsters has the best mini playfield ever but it's still a mini playfield.when I first played the premium/Le I thought the basement was OK but like all mini playfields it got old quick and after playing about 15 games it was losing its novelty.I've now played my pro probably around 600 times and a premium/Le 50+ and I just can't stand the basement.I absolutely love my pro but the premium/Le is right there with the worst stern ever(gb)imo.my wife even commented last night how glad she was we didn't waste out money on the lower playfield.

#5485 62 days ago

I'll still play you if we ever meet up well just turn the basement off

#5489 62 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

Wow, you can do that?


#5494 62 days ago

For the record I used to own haunted house

#5499 61 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

How do you do that? There is no need to keep it a close secret

I don't have the premium but I've been told it's in the adjustment menu

2 weeks later
#5642 44 days ago

1015 plays on my munsters since I got it late January. I have a large collection and it hasn't got stale yet and is the favorite along with RFM with my friends.high score 238 mil and haven't seen Munster madness 2 yet.the only problems I've had are the common broken Herman plastic and the grandpa scoop switch had to be replaced.

1 week later
#5821 31 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

son of a bitch (sigh). I mention the above and decide I would like to play some Munsters and the Grandpa's Laboratory has decided it will not kick the ball out. The ball gets locked and then the lost ball locater finally kicks the ball out. i'll have to look into it when I have some time in a couple of days.

It's probably just the lead fell off the switch and you'll need a new switch it's been a common problem

#5913 27 days ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

A friend arrived for my Munsters a few weeks back. It's a Steve Ritchie classic and we are having a ton of fun with it as well. I can only imagine what some people around here would think of a home arcade with this lineup. Must be so boring to some people. Shockingly, I want to fill out my wall with an EM machine like Capt. Fantastic. Munsters will be my deepest machine by far lol.[quoted image]

I have all 3 of those and people love my collection

1 week later
#6106 15 days ago

Getting a new shirt printed for the haters

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