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#4757 5 months ago

Hey folks. Didn't really pay much attention to MUN after it was announced. Played a few games of MUN at TPF and nothing esle until yesterday when I went to my friends location to play more of his BK SOR. Someone was playing BK so I put a couple of bucks in MUN pro and was blown away!

I like Borg. I own MET and loved my IM when I owned it but played IM 2000 times so needed a change and got IMDN. I miss my IM though. I owned AS and GOTG and I thought they were ok, but they felt a little off to me with the shots. Shots weren't as good for me. On GOTG and AS I also didn't like the count downs on the songs or character modes, run out of time, hit the scoop, complete the song or character, hit the scoop again, switch songs or characters, repeat, hit the scoop, hit the scoop.....play on them. Maybe I was missing something? No offense, just not for me, so I sold them and moved on. Anyway AS and GOTG made me take a step back from BORG and not have much interest in MUN. When I played MUN yesterday it seemed to bring back that Borg that I enjoy!

The things that I want in pinball are great shots, fast with flow, and has to be a solid combo shot game. I flip like a madman and don't enjoy cradling the ball. My friends make fun of me but I am a pretty good, not great, player and it is my thing. I play and think on the fly. I play for fun! So MUN works for me on all these levels. MUN shoots amazing. All the shots felt good . I was pounding combos all over the PF. Game plays fast and fun. The MM type catapult shot is make able and is a good mini break after you hit it to see your jackpot. That shot is much more satisfying for me then the lower scoop shots of AS and GOTG that I got sick of hitting. The TWD bicycle girl type ramp Spot shot is fun and on the Pro also. Herman is the fun Sparky shot that I enjoy.

So MUN felt like my first Stern love, IM, to me but not as mean. The Borg that I drifted away from came back to me with MUN. I am 47 so I only watched some reruns of Munsters as a kid and liked them but haven't seen an episode since the 1970's. The screen shots were light and fun and I really enjoyed them. Art is amazing on the game. Like really good art! I am normally a Pro guy and not to start a debate, but thought the Pro played well and has a fair amount to offer.

Anyway great game. I would totally get one of these! I didn't even play BK at all and just played the crap out of MUN yesterday and that was not the plan at all. MUN was a nice surprise for me!

#4761 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This guy here gets it and.knows what he is talking about!

Now I have to figure out what will go to get MUN. Five is my max. SW, Met, SW, AFM, IMD or SM? My life is hard!

Thanks Munsters awesome gameplay for making me have to choose! Ugh!


#4765 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Put up a pinside poll and list all your games and say one of them has to go to make room for something new. You have some great games so that will be a tough decision. Make sure you list of they are pro, premium, ir LE models.

Put a poll up and have the same fools who think MUN has the worst code ever decide?! No thanks.

#4766 5 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

has anyone put a playfield protector on a LE...???

I have a PF protector on a different game that had one when I bought it and I am not sure I would do that. Game may play different. Not sure if you will get more money on resale down the road for putting a protector in???

#4777 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Your analogy and comparison to IM is spot on!!! Munsters is simply a great game. Tune the other noise out....

Hmmm so what game is MUN most like?

After I played MUN yesterday I got excited and started to read the MUN FC thread. Your post about IM made me remember my IM when I had it and I can see some comparison. I could make it to Jericho but only completed it a few times. For whatever reason my IM played extra mean also. Mean mean mean! It made me a better player though.

My friend who is the operator at the place I went to to play MUN yesterday is a heck of a player and says MUN is a tough game. I got 51 Million on game one and did really well with a lot with free games from my scores in the time I put in. My friend said I did really well though. Next time I could stink it up. That’s pinball and you know how things can go.

I don’t know all the rules, but got an idea and felt like every million was earned with good shots and fun play. I didn’t feel like there were cheap drains though.

Can I ask what game or games is MUN most like? IM? Which I loved, but she was mean to me so I broke up with her, but I miss her?!?!

#4794 4 months ago
Quoted from sleepygtr:

To me this Stern trend of "throw-back code" (beatles, Munsters, etc.) is yet another way they are cheaping out on literally everything and moving backwards, while JJP and Spooky seem committed to the hobby and flatly building a much better product for relatively the same money. At some point folks will vote with their feet, or JJP and Spooky will have to stoop to Stern level to achieve their profits to compete.

Hey if you don’t like MUN that is ok. But stop with the Stern is making JJP and Spooky lower their quality, code and what they want to do. It is just a built in excuse for failure for them. They are kind of doing it on their own which sucks IMHO. I find no joy in saying that like folks seem to find joy in saying Stern sucks.

More on the other companies you mention - man I think that Spooky games just aren’t fun. I like fast, exciting, fun pinball with great themes!! AMH, RZ, and AC fall into those categories? AC is getting better recently, but I wouldn’t say it is great by any means. And I remember when folks were paying $1000+ Over retail for RZ when a game was about to be delivered. Ouch! So how much are Spooky games now? $7000ish with shipping or something? If you or someone else don’t like MUN one could go out and get other Sterns like SW, DP, IMDN, ST, or BM Premium models or get now or .........AC.......months from now?? What’s would you pick? What would others pick?

Put any of those stern games on location and they kill. AC, RZ or AMH on location? Eh not so sure that is a good idea?? That would only work with a certain operator from WI who says he doesn’t do location for the money anyway?? And Charlie - get the friggin games out the door! I was at TPF when he announced AC. TPF 2018. Are they all delivered yet? Having a game come out over a year later will have folks forget and not care about it, not because of pinball ADD either. I had friends sell their AC deposits at a loss. That’s not good. I am only here on this earth like 80 years or so , a year and a half of my life is a long time especially to wait for a toy.

And I just don’t really dig JJP games either and really don’t like their pricing. Again - I like fast, exciting, fun pinball with great themes! JJP has Woz, Hobbit, DI and now Wonka. Any of those work for me? DI is ok, but the theme? Uggggggh! LE’s are low $7k’s now, way off their $9k pricing though. That is a big hit to take to make a statement that you are supporting a company that loves and cares about pinball. The pricing got lowered to $7500 for Wonka, but they have not got it out the door yet. Hope Wonka would be good for me though. $7600 is up there but better. JJP was at $8500-$12500 with POTC compared to sterns $5600-$8800. JJP better have a lot more toys, switches and stuff on the PF for that much more on their pricing. Stern are a lot of bank for me, but JJP game prices?! I ain’t paying $9500 for a pinball game. I can afford it also. But they really fall short on the things I look for in pinball. And Let’s put woz on location - well if you think that will make more money and have less problems than a DP pro be my guest. And WOZ YBR is now $11500 with no monkey. Woz better have good code. Like perfect! And yeah, Jack - games out the door! Don’t announce, take a year to start games out the door and then a few months after announce the next game. You are killing your business!

I did mention a lot about location play - I would love to see how the quality of JJp or Spooky lasts at a barcade. I have seen play counts of sterns not just on PS, like that ST, but from a real operator and they hold up well. Wonder how JJP or spooky would do? For me - Location play is a true test of quality and durability, not sitting in someone’s basement getting hundreds of plays here and there. Stern, love them or hate them, does well in the on location department and brings money for operators and pinball to the people.

Oh Stern has show specials also. Can’t afford $5600? Buy a demo one at $5000 through Marco. CGC is doing some of this also. I applaud them for that.

And code? Well if it is not deep enough then folks should go ahead and beat the low code game then. I have had folks tell me Iron Man has shallow code. Yes true. I asked them if they beat Jericho. Only like 1-2 did. And One person replied “what’s Jericho”. Likely they are not playing pinball and typing too much “lack of code” comments on Pinside or they are in the basement working countless hours fixing an older game they own from back in the day, from a time when games were built with super quality and like tanks.

To each there own though and folks can like what they like and that is fine. Sorry MUN isn’t what you wanted. I say that in a not snarky way. Like I know SW was tough for folks since the movie line is “their thing” going back 40 years of their life. I wanted SW to be like...........!! Stern messed it up! I say that even though I own and like SW. I understand. I get it. We want things to be “our way” in pinball and may have money in hand, but we really just get what a company and their employees deliver. The stakes go up as prices go up also. I could buy and try a game five years ago for $4500. What has happened to pricing?! We wish MUN is like more IMDN or TWD or TZ even but all we got was this MUN. Not for everyone like every pinball that comes out. I like it though.

And sounds like I rant but I respect your opinion. Stern needs to improve and other companies need improvement also.

#4802 4 months ago
Quoted from sleepygtr:

I DO like MUN, at least how it looks and wanted to buy one but also waited to play it. The Black and White premium looked awesome. I came here exactly to see what others were saying about the code and the consensus on all the threads is because this dude Dwight coded it, there will be no code updates. So that's a bummer. Did not mean to "dis" stern and all of their accomplishments or their place in the business and agree with much of what you said. STLE is my favorite game ever created. Just worried about the trend on deemed "throw back" code or thin or whatever we want to call it - ACDC is simple but ingenious for instance and has been updated a ton.

STLE is a thing of beauty and the last true LE stern has made.

I don’t know who’s fault it is for pinball taking a little, not huge , step back in some areas over the last few years? Stern taking a little out of games each year as the years go by? Is moving forward raising prices to $8500-$12500 price point games now? Spooky not getting games out the door? New folks coming in and not knowing what the old schoolers know about what is good pinball?

Maybe we are a little spoiled by such great titles we have had over the last 10 years? Instead of complaining of little pinball, we complain about not having perfect code or BOM we have no idea about? We want perfect pinball.

I do think it is good to take a step back from our own personal opinions and views of what we like or whatever we think we like and try new stuff. I did when I finally dug into MUN after putting it off for months with my narrow minded thinking and was rewarded with a game I like and would pick up. Now that I think about it, I also did it about 6 months when I traded one of my sterns for AFM. Should have picked that one up long ago.

Thanks for posting Sleepy

#4806 4 months ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Thanks! I can't tell you how nice it is to be back on topic.

Sorry. Go MUN!

1 week later
#4855 4 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

People in our area have trouble selling for around 5 so they are keeping it to not take a hit. In the mid 4s they seem to sell. I got mine in a trade for Star Wars. I’m happy I did. I really like munsters and the play. Star Wars pro was probably the hardest and most frustrating pin I’ve ever played.

That is the thing about Stern Pros. After you buy the first one NIB delivered and take your first pricing hit then can sell/buy and trade through a long line of other great Stern Pros. Sell your current PRO game to get SW, MET, GOTG, ST, TWD, IMDN, IM, AS, GOT, etc Pros at a similar price you sold for, try them and sell that one and repeat.

Best way to absorb a NIB hit is to buy a HUO game that someone else just took a NIB hit on.

1 month later
#5399 3 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

I would not buy the game (new or used) based on the rumor that there might be a significant code update. Assume the code is essentially done. If something does come out, that’s a bonus but Stern won’t even consider a significant code update unless they are pressured by the dealers sitting on excess inventory (Stern has already sold produced games and supposedly cancelled another run due to lack of new demand).

Quoted from jfh:

. I’ve done absolutely nothing to discourage anyone from buying Munsters (or any other game) nor would I.

3 weeks later
#5644 75 days ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

1015 plays on my munsters since I got it late January. I have a large collection and it hasn't got stale yet and is the favorite along with RFM with my friends.high score 238 mil and haven't seen Munster madness 2 yet.the only problems I've had are the common broken Herman plastic and the grandpa scoop switch had to be replaced.

That is a ton of plays on MUN considering you have such a large collection! I have been looking at MUN for a while but have been too busy to think about making a move to buy one. MUN seems to fill a void that IM left when I sold it. Will look for one soon.

If you and your friends like RFM I highly recommend AFM also. AFM is simple yet so fun and to me it represents all that is great about pinball.

#5646 75 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

I have to agree. AFM is my grail pin. RFM I’ve only acquired and played this year. It was quite a treat to experience more from this wacky b-movie universe.
In one post you managed to discuss all my favorite pins.

Man that’s great. You seem like you are in this pinball stuff for the fun like I am. Pinball hasn’t been as much fun around here lately, but I still enjoy it. Enjoy your MUN and all your other games with crazy Martian themes.

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