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#350 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thats what i took away from the stream as well but i didn't need him to tell me the pro plays better because i could see it with my own eyes. Im not a fan of lower playfields at all.

Agree - but this was the one time I was tempted to consider a game with a lower playfield. It looks to be the best pin lower playfield so far.

The Black and White on the Premium is different. I am betting in person it looks good. Probably doesn't translate fully in photos.

All three models are nice, but I'm usually a Pro guy. I think any choice of the three models is a good one depending on what your personal preference is. Each model has enough differences. Makes sense. Choices for everybody.

1 week later
#584 1 year ago

I'm guessing the washers they put with the leg bolts are maybe just a new thing for shipping from the factory. The bolts are always screwed into the cabinets.
Perhaps they were being put in too tight on the line. The washers maybe keep the line from applying too much torque when installing the bolts in the cabinets.

Just a guess...

1 week later
#731 1 year ago

Nice to hear that the LE models will be shipping soon. I bet they will be nice.

I am Enjoying my Pro - lot's of fun.

#772 1 year ago

I had a half dozen local pinheads over yesterday for awhile to play my Pro. Everybody liked the game and enjoyed it. All very positive responses. A couple of very good players in the group and nobody blew up big scores. No concerns about the game being too easy.

Had to explain the Zap button as the button on the lockdown is a different function than some other titles. I think everybody caught on, but still almost all were pushing the button too when the ball drained. I told them it would be cool if you got a shock if you used the zap button at the wrong time. LOL

All enjoyed the game.

#776 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Yes, in fact I had planned to make that adjustment today, but not sure it is going to help that much. If you look at the other location to set the post it isn't that much of a change, but still going to make the change and see how it goes. For those that are interested I'll report back after a few games with the results.

PM sent re: moving the posts.

#819 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ive only heard of two people having a problem so far and ive played two different games that were just fine so i doubt this is a widespread issue.

No issues with my game.

It has been Playing great. Enjoying it a bunch.

#932 1 year ago

You will hear clanging - yes. If you don't complete a Herman hurry Up - he will move and you will here the clanging along with a vocal from Herman saying Darn, Darn, Darn.

#937 1 year ago

Putting on Red legs on your LE looks snazzy.

#976 1 year ago

Ditto - mine plays great with no issues. Lot's of fun.

#1245 1 year ago

Gold, Red, Black legs all match up well and work color wise on the LE cabinet.

#1447 1 year ago

I moved both outlane posts down and turned on ball save. Jim - you played mine that way. I made the adjustments in the first couple of days after I got it.

#1450 1 year ago

Game is not difficult, nor is it easy. Set up and adjust to your liking and/ or ability of yourself or your guests. You can always change it. Player's abilities vary. Certainly no shock there.

Excellent game. Many people have played my Pro and all have enjoyed it and thought it's a really nice game.

How you approach or play the game can vary - that is a good thing. Everybody can play it and enjoy it.

#1559 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I haven't had one issue with my launch ramp and its not beveled.

Ditto. No issues, no modifications needed. Mine has Played great out of the box.

#1634 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I hear you - flush means - straight edge ruler over playfield and plastic cover - both should be st same height.
Question- why the heck do they bevel the wood so much- probably worried about edge of wood chipping?

Always flush after you take a break playing pinball. When done be sure to put the lid down. Your wife will appreciate it.
Wash hands before returning to play.

Keep the ruler or straight edge out of the bathroom. I am sure the toilet is level.

So, you have a wood toilet seat Jim ? How do you like it ?

#1755 1 year ago

Upgraded code as usual. No problems. Played a couple games. Noticed a few tweaks to video. Will try and get a few more games on new code tonight.

I like the game the way it's been set up with jackpots, etc. I think it was nice right out of the gate at release. Every game doesn't have to be a codefest extravaganza. Myself and numerous guests playing the pin have all liked it. No need to bitch about code. Little tweaks and bug fixes are welcome. Some additions would be fine but I think the game is really nice as it sits.

You can always dig into the game adjustments and make things harder or easier to your liking or as you progress.

#1994 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I say even with the playfield.

I'd say Even Steven too.

#1998 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I am assuming everyone is saying option (B).
Both are level with the playfield - the difference is should you be level with the playfield like a 1/4 plus inch away from the wood beveled edge. You definitely can feel the plastic edge when running your finger over it doing it this way.

To be honest I could never figure it all out exactly so I just bought a Pro.

( I didn't want to have to think about it, figure I do enough thinking at work )

#2033 1 year ago

I could see myself driving that !

Goody Goody Goody LOL

1 week later
#2400 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

My biggest fear was Elvira was next and would miss out so happy it wasn’t

Bring on Elvira anytime ! Just make it happen. I don't want to be tempted by too many releases in between.

Now I have to buy the Black Knight also.

In the meantime enjoying Munsters. Bring on Elvira .

#2627 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Well well well, what do we have here! [quoted image]

Congratulations !

#2664 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Lol well i think i may put mine on 6 also then! Im not really sure what the purpose for no ball save is but i kinda like having a ball save.

Go with 8

#2667 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thats a pretty long time seems like buddy! You are entering Senior Citizen settings territory there!

This nearly Senior Citizen with the help of his able adult son dead lifts and carries all machines to and from his basement and does not break a sweat.

Set your ball save to 8. Also install a pin gulp.

No hernias and my balls are saved too.

#2763 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Agree but now I get mini dimples.
[quoted image]

That's why I bought a Pro so I only have one playfield with Dimples. Regular ones - not those mini versions.

#2785 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The game definitely gets intense at times and when its not intense its fun as hell. Its a good mix of fun and intensity. Most of the people complaining obviously dont understand the rules or havent played the game enough. I mean look at Chuckwurt, he's the biggest rules guy out there and he enjoys the game so that is saying something right there.
I know one thing, spot can kiss my ass. If you don't backhand him its drain city! This game definitely has that one more game feel to it. Stern knocked it out of the park with Munsters. I was going back and forth between Munsters and MBR and i still hope to own a MBR one day but after playing this game for three days.now i know i made the right choice.

I'd give you two upvotes on this if I could.

1 month later
#4177 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

OK Wow, I had many takers for the rubber insert from the stack of PM's I received, shit now I know how to become a popular guy, just give away free rubbers to all my friends. Wow, did I just say that ...You guys are going to like how this little gizmo works

So your rubbers are supposed to soften the blows the balls take ?

#4266 1 year ago

Every game can't be everything to everybody. That's why different games are made.

I will tell you that I have had probably 20+ non pinhead guests, and 25 pinhead league members play my Pro and all liked the game and thought it is a very good game as built. No complaints from anybody and all have had fun.

Every title doesn't have to be a deep codefest. I like Munsters as designed. There are enough nuances to the game as is. Delay those jackpots, etc etc.
Different ways to approach it. Adjust settings and set up the game as you see fit.

If you don't like a particular game buy another title. Pinball is supposed to be fun. Enjoy.

1 month later
#4890 1 year ago

Munster does shoot very well. Very smooth. Great theme and excellent game.

2 months later
#5881 1 year ago

Haven't checked in on this thread for quite a long time. Almost a couple months ! Don't know how that happened. Maybe because I was busy this summer helping my son on fixing up a house he bought. I mean real busy. I spent a lot of time there. Cool old house in a Historic district. Tons of work was done.

Anyway I see the topper came out and sorry to hear that there seems to be repeated issues with those. I don't have enough ceiling height for toppers so it's all topless in my basement. Hope those that bought toppers get their issues resolved or get refunds, etc.

Munsters is one of the best games out there. People that are codefesters might complain, but I think even then it's from people that down own the game or have no intention of owning one or owning any newer games in general.

All my guests, league friends etc all enjoy Munsters very much. Great game to own. One of the top choices on my list.

2 weeks later
#6167 1 year ago

I like the game as is. A few more video clips would be nice. Minor tweaks would be ok. Overhaul - no thanks.

I like the way the game is set up to play.

#6182 1 year ago

I just don't have any room for toppers in my basement, so it's always topless all the time.

4 weeks later
#6604 1 year ago
Quoted from Jon9508:

I just got a pro with less then 200 plays for 4500. I thought it was a good deal.

That was a great deal. Nice.

1 week later
#6738 1 year ago

Always good to get a stacked kitty.

1 month later
#6933 1 year ago
Quoted from venom112:

Yeah I think code is good as is for advanced players you can go for high scores using the multipliers. I really like that you can stack the jackpots and it’s such a risk reward of when to cash in. One of the most beautiful art packages I have seen in a game as well. What are the most popular mods I like the sewer exit mold I think mezel sells it. Anyone know how easy it is to install? Any other must have mods?

Only must mod is a pingulp.

You are right on. Game is beautiful and fun to play. Everything doesn't have to be a codefest. I like the way the game is set up with stacking or cashing in jackpots and very comprehensible rules. Anybody can walk up to the game, play it and enjoy it.

5 months later
#8704 6 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

As long as I have been in this it would be a first for a pinball company especially Stern to release complete!!!!
Wait then again you can call anything complete as long as people keep throwing money at new Stern games. When the money train slows nothing will be complete.
Just the way pinball works.

All EM's came complete. No waits or dreaming of updates to game play. What you saw is what you got and the game was done. No whining either because no world wide interweb. That's the way pinball used to work.

#8705 6 months ago

I like The Munsters the way it is. Everything doesn't have to be a codefest. A few more video clips would have been nice, But I like what it is. All ok with me.

#8707 6 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

So true! No code to worry about!

And games had real back glasses - no translites.

All came equipped with real knockers too. Real knockers are always better

1 month later
#8830 5 months ago

@ gorditas

Moulding change looks good. The green moulding does jump out at you. If the game is sitting by itself it's fine. Sitting in a row of games it does call attention to itself. I'm going to add a TMNT pro to my lineup hopefully soon. Waiting on shipment like others. Turtles has green moulding also and I am going to space the Turtles down a few games from Munsters to "balance" out the row. I like to set up my games varying the trim color in the row. I think that helps visually if you have several games with different trim colors.

IMG_2977 (resized).JPG
#8832 5 months ago

Missing Batman 66, TMNT is going to fill the one hole.

#8846 5 months ago

I just fire the game up and play and have fun.

2 months later
#9236 74 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Disagree with your assumptions on Munsters, because you cannot back up what you’re saying with fact. I can. I spoke directly with John and he said that sales of Munsters was doing extremely well and better than they anticipated. Munsters was not designed to compete with MB at all. In fact, John had been requesting Munsters to be made by Stern for around 20 years, long before CGC even dreamt about producing remakes. Your assumptions about it being a competing product to CGC are totally out there and just rumors started by others that have no fact or basis to them. It was not designed as a Bally/Williams throwback table at all, in fact it was a new design with new exciting ramps and a unique lower playfield that could act as a complete pinball machine in and of itself. Again, you have no facts on your incorrect assumptions, only rumors.
There is not another super toy to the lower PF equal, as it has the ability to do an upper and lower MB at the same time. Your assumption that sales were poor also are not substantiated by a modding company friend of mine that said, their mod sales for Munsters put it in the “blockbuster” selling category, next only to MET. They could not believe how well Munsters has sold, so again your up in the night my friend John (J85M).
And no one is blaming Dwight for code, it is a well coded machine. We only wish for Dwight to include what is already sitting dormant in the existing code and add some more show material. You sold yours, so don’t know why your in the owners thread, throwing out wild assumptions that have no facts behind them?
Whether you like Munsters or not, it is one of the best shooters out there. When it comes to the pinball experience, it is hard to beat. It has been the whipping child undeservedly on this forum for quite sometime. Again, your stated rumors are exactly that, rumors that have no facts or basis to them. Munsters has been and will continue to be a great seller for Stern for the next 3 years they will be making it.
I’ve heard from too many inside sources they are going to build on the good software already in the machine and agree with Mark (MK6PIN), they will surely be adding more code to an already great shooting and looking machine. You will wish you hadn’t sold out, imo.
Unfortunately, rumors continue to keep Munsters down in the ratings, but anyone that tries it, comes away loving the game. BAT66 has not hurt Munsters sales at all, in fact just the opposite: inside sources say that it actually helped sales big time, because so many of us wanted both titles sitting side by side. You might have a point about expectations on people thinking Munster show material would be more inclusive, like they did on BAT66, on that only we agree.

+1 Thumbs up

1 month later
#9380 38 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Discontinued - that does not say good things for Munster sales and future code.
I thought Stern makes new games for 3 years?
Am I missing something here - reading this wrong??

Just says Color Premium version.

3 weeks later
#9504 14 days ago

Great time for people who don't own one to pick one up when they pop up for sale. One of my favorite games.

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