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1 year ago

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#2488 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I am a child of the 60s. I was either working, or out on the streets spreading hate and discontent. TV was nothing-better-to-entertainment and I only saw a couple of episodes of Munsters in black and white. I never knew they were green people.

The Pilot episode was like that and then they changed it to B/W i think, To be honest it just didn't look right.

#2568 1 year ago

Just got my Munsters LE today. Beautiful machine no idea why the haters on this, love how no ball save it goes right next to my Addams and that has no ball save either i liked that from Stern. I have only had a handful of games and i found it hard left if on factory settings and didn't complete shit. Out to Dinner then long night playing very happy chappy here.

#2609 1 year ago

Game is harder than Addams while Drunk trust me it took me 52 games on my LE to get to Munster Madness fuck me.

#2610 1 year ago

Got any signed spares MAcca

1 week later
#2903 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Not starting any trash but looking at BK makes me even happier I got Munsters since I could only own one

I have to Agree Munsters Le looks like it is better bang for buck.

#2911 1 year ago

Sick of listening to haters and Sick of listening to hyper's can not escape it in pinball.

1 week later
#3171 1 year ago

Yep Wife and Kids have told me Munster's LE going nowhere. My top score is still only 98 million its a hard pin!

#3172 1 year ago

Australia received 60 Munster's LE. I have seen 2 for sale and 1 of those the guy has sold 10 of his high end pins in 1 week.

6 months later
#6597 6 months ago

Not Hating on the game or anything it is fun i have an LE and do enjoy it but Damn these have taken a massive loss in Australia. I am selling mine as i need to build a games room and this will fund part of it, Then back to collecting as i own a few machines. It is on par with Star wars here that took a massive loss also. I had a topper ordered when i bought the machine and they finally came to Australia about a month ago, I cancelled as i read all the horror stories with it so thought nope do not need another headache. I think i am at the point where i wont purchase until play first so could be the end of NIB LE for me.

#6616 6 months ago

$13850 i paid for my LE in Australia. A pro cost $9250 i think. That is huge money for sloppy code. I honestly thought it would have had a great update by now.

#6647 6 months ago
Quoted from Ven:

If he has an LE sometimes you need to have a horse in the race before it starts, not sure how difficult it is to get your hands on an LE in that area "Was thinking the guy who mentioned this was from Australia, there are so many people in this thread it is hard to remember".
But yeah not buying until you play is the safest bet for sure.

In Australia they sell out in quick time there is actually a waiting list. The Jurassic Park LE has sold out and not even sure they have shipped to OZ yet.
The Munsters LE sold out before it was announced pretty sure.

4 weeks later
#6870 5 months ago

Why i cancelled mine. And i do not miss or regret it.

#6878 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I can't say that I blame you with sterns track record but i have a feeling that the toppers might be pretty good by now. I would call a distributor and just ask them if you can return the topper and get your money back if you get a bad one and if he says yes then I think it's worth taking a chance on. If you plan on keeping this game forever, the topper really is extremely nice and very cool.

My distributor told me not to believe everything i read that's why i said i don't want it.

#6885 5 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Don't want what? I don't see a Munsters in your collection.

Its up for sale and have taken a massive price drop and can not even give it away.


2 weeks later
#6993 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This topper is really good. It's worth the 425.00 because it's so interactive and it's also really nice. My new IMDN topper that I just got that cost 399.00.....its worth 200 max.

Did the Maiden topper work out of the box with no issues?

1 week later
#7048 4 months ago

Its a good game just not a great game, Code needs a lot of tweaking. Some great shots and a great light show. What is Eddie and Marilyn make it another multiball or at least a mode that does something. Wizard mode where is this. I finally got to 2 levels of Munster Madness and it needed something different it was fun but once again it could be better. I am trying to sell mine as so many better games out there ATM. If i was rich i would be more patient and wait for better code but it is Dwight and 3 years is a long time in pinball ownership. I did hear he is working on better code by someone that actually got to sit down with him and discuss it. Dwight actually asked him what he thinks it needs and he said basically everything i just mentioned and more.

2 weeks later
#7172 3 months ago

Just been playing a mates JP2 pro version and Damn that was addictive. I wish my Munsters LE was like that and for the same price. I am taking a 2k hit on moving it on and still no takers at what price do i have to sell this game to get rid of it. I may have to give it away to a good home. Dwight fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. Never ever again Dwight!!!!!

#7176 3 months ago

I agree that the code may come and should improve the game, But how long do i have to wait. Life is short and these are going up in price. Never will i buy a Dwight machine again, Dwight please retire and just play pinball when i had nothing left at my old job i left. Stern get some of these younger guys they have more energy and get shit done!

#7183 3 months ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

Really liking my Munsters Pro so far.
Traded my iron maiden pro for it and I have no regrets.

Thats because your Halfwasted. Different Strokes for Different Folks no way will i trade my Maiden LE

2 weeks later
#7277 3 months ago

I just played a Stranger Things and now do not feel as bad about my Munsters LE, Stranger things imo has nothing going for it at all. I played an Elvira and that was a lot better than i thought it would be, better than my Munsters.

1 week later
#7319 88 days ago

Why i didn't want to pay the $660AUD for the clock i knew i would be paying for a headache.

#7321 88 days ago

A nice Steak $40 but we get chips with that

#7323 88 days ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Yes, it was a headache. We had ours apart twice.
The topper is awesome when it goes properly. One of the best toppers ever made. Only AFMrLE topper beats it.

It was a hard decision as it looks like a great topper but the price and headache i just had to move on. Still trying to sell my Munsters with no luck i am enjoying it more now than before but it is what it is.

#7325 88 days ago

I am sure i will kick myself down the track.

4 weeks later
#7506 60 days ago

Finally sold The Munsters LE it left the house. I have tried since September. I took a 3k loss in Australia dropping it basically $250 a week until it sold. Someone said after i sold it that now Stern will get code updated as they have lockdown etc. I don't think they will i think they will be working on the current machines and machines for future release why go backwards. Anyway i didn't hate the game it was just very about jackpots and no real point. Shots were great though. If they ever do the code awesome and will pick a pro up down the track. Anyway cashed up now and looking at an Elvira after lockdown as we can not ship over boarders at the moment unless essential. Or the cash i have now will keep me afloat until this economic war is over. Be safe everyone and play as much as you can now as there should be no excuses.

#7511 59 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Did you get a chance to play secret mania before it left?

No mate was to busy fixing all the little problems it had. Nothing major but wanted it perfect for the new buyer. I have a mate that owns one i will have a go on that.

1 month later
#8380 10 days ago

Ok so i sold the Munsters LE and another machine and bought an Elvira LE. I did like Munsters for shot reasons and really expected code to have improved. Now Elvira code .95 is off its head fucking awesome. I am correct that Dwight is doing code on Turtles? If so i am so out. Get Lyman across and fix this Munsters problem for everyone that still has it. Munsters code is a 1.03 and nowhere near the standard of Elvira it is fucking miles off. I so wanted to keep Munsters but honestly so glad i moved it on. I also moved on my Addams and no regrets. JP2 next i hope. For all Munsters owners i really hope this gets a massive code update guys it is a beautiful machine and could be amazing i just could not wait any longer.

#8383 9 days ago

Love the 2 that you have Munsters nestled in between. JP2 going anywhere?

#8394 9 days ago

I am a previous owner am i allowed to post here?

#8399 8 days ago

Sorry guys truly am. Just hugely disappointed. No more posts until a code update so see you in 3 years (Jokes)

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