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1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ MUNSTERS Club.

By Monte

8 months ago

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#4472 3 months ago

I was hoping to add the side rails and topper prior to posting, but it seems both are still in production. In March I ordered a Munsters Pro NIB from Curly at Little Shop of Games here in Central Florida. I’ve been a long-time pin enthusiast but had never committed to purchasing a game of my own, and Curly’s professionalism, knowledge, and sense of humor, made for a memorable unboxing experience. Pinball locations in Florida are limited to a few that are a considerable commute, and I therefore don’t get to play as much as I would like. I am admittedly a novice player, so my review is from that perspective.

Theme & Art
As a kid growing up in Southern California with two working parents, I have fond memories of watching re-runs of The Munsters on a small black and white tv. The show was campy fun set against the creepy ambience established by the Universal monster movies. Christopher Franchi’s art package is undeniably my favorite, and his talents elevated this pin to an aesthetic that sets the bar for future titles.

Shots & Layout
I always knew that when I purchased my first pin it would be designed by John Borg. He is an icon in the industry and Munsters was a long-time passion project for him. The game shoots superbly, as the staircase, ultra-fast orbit, Marilyn’s 180 degree ramp, scoop down to Grandpa’s Lab, and challenging Kitty shot, all feel smooth and very satisfying to hit.

Rules & Coding
I know this is where Munsters gets some bad press, but as Dwight reiterated at TPF, George Gomez specifically instructed that he create coding that would appeal to the new or average player, a departure from the deep ruleset of his previous work. The coding is perfect for my current skill set as stacking super jackpots, boosting Raven during multiball, hitting Kitty to create bonus multipliers, and completing characters to start Munster Madness, are all obtainable and enjoyable objectives.

Toys, Lights & Sound
Borg and team definitely brought the world of The Munsters to the playfield, from the Herman sculpt, to the staircase ramp to reveal Spot lurking beneath, to the Dragula race into the orbit. The single drop targets are certainly easier shots, however, Borg confirmed during the TPF panel that it was an intentional design decision that allowed average players to complete modes, and for financial resources to be redirected to other mechs such as Spot. The light show throughout the game is excellent, and the color scheme complements Franchi’s palette. Jerry Thompson created the perfect era and show-appropriate music track and sound fx accompaniment, and I smile every time I hit the orbit and hear the iconic wolf howl from the show.

What my Munsters Pro represents to me is my first experience with actually learning the game of pinball. Over the past several months I have been practicing the techniques Jack Danger demonstrates on tutorials and am now feeling more confident with trapping up the ball to pick a shot, performing a post pass or drop catch, and handling the chaos of multiball effectively. I also am comfortable working with the playfield, and highly recommend the Pinball Universe interior game blade protectors available through Pinball Life. Mods I have added include:
• black leg bolts (Marco) and black nylon leg protectors (Pinball Life)
• black heavy leg-levelers, black silicone casters (Pinball Life) and black oxide nuts (Planetary Pinball)
• art blades (Stern)
• staircase railings and bat (Mezel)
• green LED flipper buttons (Pinball Life)
• blue slingshot and return lane protectors (ULEK)
• 6/32 and 8/32 clear Lexan ¾ washers and black oxide stop nuts on slings (Marco)

Thanks to all the Pinsiders and podcasters who continue to commit time and energy to keeping this awesome hobby engaging and rewarding, and I look forward to meeting many of you at Expo in October!


curlyNIB (resized).JPGcurly (resized).JPGlegbolts (resized).JPGlegbase (resized).JPGpuprotectors (resized).JPGleftsling (resized).JPGrightsling (resized).JPGstaircase (resized).JPGbat (resized).JPGmachine (resized).JPG
#4523 3 months ago

Side armor just went up for order!

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 6.54.16 AM (resized).png
#4616 3 months ago

Side armor arrived today for my Pro. Fairly straightforward install (about 30 minutes) and looks great. I didn't attach the additional screws under the points on the web, however, it is flat against the cabinet and the resulting holes are not noticeable against the dark background on either side.

IMG_7374 (resized).jpgIMG_7376 (resized).jpg
#4636 3 months ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Looking good! What material are they?

The material is a black powder coat metal with a protective finish that seems quite durable. As with other Stern armor offerings there is a thin cardboard backing with a silver surface behind the web to highlight the design against the dark cabinet. The effect is a simulated mirror finish that actually works well with the Munsters theme, as it is reminiscent of the aesthetic from the show used in the Koach and Dragula designs.

#4667 3 months ago

Installed a set of PinGlides from Marco Specialties today in my Munsters Pro. They replace the Stern factory metal rails and allow for a smoother and better supported playfield lift and close. Just be careful not to over tighten to prevent an indentation on the outside cabinet overlay. You will need to remove the playfield so it's also a great opportunity to install art blades and possibly tie wrap your wiring to your liking.

IMG_7451 (resized).jpgIMG_7456 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#4804 3 months ago

I had a few issues with my newly installed PinGlides and side armor, and wanted to share my fixes for both.

The PinGlides come with 6 longer bolts to replace the stock factory ones that go into each side of the cabinet. When tightening the lock nuts from inside I noticed the round bolt head on the outside of the cabinet seemed to be putting pressure on the decal, almost as if the hole had been drilled slightly larger than the size of the bolt. I purchased black metal washers from Lowes that add just enough to the diameter, allowing both PinGlides to be tightened with better support against the cabinet and without concern for damaging the side decals.

Then during a game last week I noticed the side armor was beginning to loosen, and when I attempted to tighten the two screws on the side of both rails, each just turned without resistance. After some research I returned to Lowes and purchased brass inserts for use in wood. I drilled the holes slightly larger, added several drops of Loctite for wood, then screwed in each insert using a slot end screwdriver in the notch at the top. Using black bolts the same size as the factory screws, the side rails are now firmly in place and flat against the cabinet, further eliminating the need to secure the web points.

I definitely can recommend the PinGlides for a smoother and better supported playfield lift and close. Just be sure to take your time as I can see where the situation unfortunately experienced by Cotton and IndyPin can easily occur, as the playfield is extremely heavy and awkward to handle. If your game has art blades then the Pinball Universe side covers are also a great way to protect them when working with your playfield.

Looking forward to adding the topper to this exceptional pin!

IMG_7494 (resized).jpgIMG_7472 (resized).JPGIMG_7474 (resized).jpgIMG_7477 (resized).jpgIMG_7485 (resized).jpgIMG_7482 (resized).jpgIMG_7496 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#4900 77 days ago

I placed an order on Friday with Hemispheres Amusements through their eBay store. Kurt indicated in the listing the toppers would be in stock and shipping as early as this coming week!

1 week later
#5095 64 days ago

Received my topper yesterday and unfortunately not great news to report on the functionality. The clock hand turned for one rotation then stopped, although I can hear the motor buzzing inside. The topper itself looks absolutely fantastic, and the raven seems to be working properly during attract mode and gameplay. I'm going to attempt to remove the top of the clock which seems to only be connected with four screws as Magicchiz posted, to see if there is something that can be done to repair the hand mechanism.

IMG_7813 (resized).jpg
#5109 63 days ago

I emailed Kurt at Hemispheres Amusements where I purchased the topper and he almost immediately responded, even though he was on the road. He confirmed there are other customers experiencing similar concerns with this product, and copied his team and a contact at Stern on his email response. Exceptional service from Kurt and team.

In removing the top panels of the clock it looks like a fairly simple mech, at least in comparison to what goes under a playfield. There is a Stern coil/mini-solenoid visible at the bottom, so it seems like something assembled in the factory. I'm going to wait to hear back from Kurt before attempting any disassembly and repair efforts. When I manually turn the gear that moves the clock hand it seems to complete a rotation unobstructed, so it's almost like the motor is no longer receiving power, although I can definitely hear a buzzing directly from this area.

IMG_7820 (resized).jpgIMG_7823 (resized).jpg
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