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1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ MUNSTERS Club.

By Monte

1 year ago

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#11 1 year ago

LE ordered- can’t wait to take delivery.

#86 1 year ago

Considering all the negative posts on the hype thread, is anyone re-thinking their purchase?
I’m still in on my LE all the way and remain optimistic; but there’s been more negativity than naught in the other thread.
I’ve been overwhelmingly positive throughout the hype and reveal however I feel like I’m more in the minority now.
I’m still really excited about the pin and think it’s a beautiful looking package.
Rules will likely be deepened but gameplay still looks fast and fun regardless.

#90 1 year ago

Yeah Bigd, I think there seems to be an increasing number of debbie downers on the Munsters hype thread.
I think it’s easy to be cynical but more constructive to look for the positives.
Munsters simply looks fun to shoot even if code doesn’t turn to be as deep as other offerings.
This pin checks off so many of the boxes I look for in a new pin:
Awesome art, solid theme integration, smooth and fast gameplay, interesting shot selection and great music/call-outs.

#193 1 year ago

Congrats. Those cab & pf colors really pop.

#315 1 year ago

Agreed ShinyBall, it seems there’s non-stop negativity on the Hype thread.
Would be nice to have the Club thread be more positive and constructive.
We know, as has been stated a number of times, that the code isn’t all that deep.
It still looks like a ton of fun to shoot and I can’t wait to play it.

#366 1 year ago

Fantastic to hear some really positive reviews. Just what the doctor ordered lol.
I absolutely love this theme and I can’t wait to be playing my LE (hopefully in the next month).
Looking forward to seeing more of these unboxings.

#452 1 year ago

Completely agree Spaceman.

Personally, I do think this pin will be a blast if we don’t go in expecting super deep rules.

There’s still so much dislike and criticism for the pin on the hype thread, particularly by a handful of posters who keep repeating a lot of the same stuff... “code sucks, target banks blow, empty pf”...etc.
Ok, we get it loud and clear. But why keep repeating it over and over?

I think the solution is easy, just don’t buy the game and try not to ruin it for all the others who love the Munsters; and have been excitedly anticipating this pin for months (if not over a year).

I really wonder why I don’t drain that Hype thread- that’s on me. Guess I’m just hoping there will be some sort of positive, constructive commentary that won’t be posted on this thread.

I am still so psyched for this game.

Who-Dey loved all the things about the pin I would look for. Most importantly: he found it fun!
I feel Munsters is an awesome theme with a stunning package and looks like a blast to shoot.
Hope this thread stays positive with lots of unboxings to follow.

#455 1 year ago

As Yelobird said above, ofcourse it’s fine giving an opinion, even if it’s negative and contrary to one’s own opinion.
It’s the repeating the same cynicism over and over and that doesn’t serve any real purpose.
I also find it odd that there’s those who sell mods and then go on to bash the exact same pins they’re selling the mods for. Even in club threads.
How can that make the owner feel? I for one, would not feel overly compelled to buy any upgrades from that seller, even if they were great enhancements.
I realize this is a forum, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.
However, i just feel there’s becoming a more divided and contentious stream on so many of these threads.

#461 1 year ago

Man, can’t wait for my LE. So pumped!

#520 1 year ago

Agreed, it’s so tough being patient.
My distributor here in Toronto emailed me that Pros are arriving in their showroom this week; with unfortunately no new update yet on LEs.

#533 1 year ago

Seems like more and more players are enjoying the game because for lack of a better word, it’s just FUN.

They’re not counting the number of coils the pin has- (for those that drained the hype thread, the lack of coils is the new topic at hand now that the naysayers are done bashing the simple code, large target banks and ofcourse that Stern is ‘cheapening’ out again).
Man, it’s like there’s an incessant need to bash this pin or Stern as a whole.

Yep, I know I’m repeating myself, but isn’t it more satisfying to look for the positives rather than the negatives?

This has become another one of those polarizing releases, not unlike a number of previous Stern titles. Rinse and repeat.

Anyway, congrats to those who have received their game, have fun!

1 week later
#685 1 year ago

Well, the not so good reviews have made their way on to the Club thread.

Sounds like lack of code at this point is going to present a challenge for many players and owners.

Just to play a bit of devils advocate, when I plunge a ball on my Addams, I find myself immersed in the game. I love the theme all the way through- including the art, lighting, sounds, music, callouts, straght forward and fairly simple rules as well as the shot geometry of the game. I don’t find it repetitive, just a really fun experience.

If my Munsters LE (which I’m keeping my name on) provides a similar all immersive feeling, I think my family will still really enjoy it.

However, if the code on Munsters truly feels stale or pointless; and the mini-pf is simply a gimmick, I will def be disappointed as this is one of my fave themes.
Man, I can’t recall the last time I was both excited at getting a NIB game while feeling so much apprehension.

#712 1 year ago

Here north of the boarder, I’m not getting any updates on LE delivery. Mind you, we’re in the middle of a bad snow storm again.
Every time I look at the photos, I get more and more excited.

#784 1 year ago

Man, that’s one happy violinSteve...the smile sums up this hobby.

#797 1 year ago

Congrats Indypin!
Enjoy your beautiful new toy.

#890 1 year ago

Exciting day and happy to share first pics of Munsters LE #122.
I was also fortunate to have my BM66 Premium delivered at the same time.
Both are very fun titles.

For Munsters LE, the pin plays extremely fast and very smoothly. All shots flow seamlessly on my example with no shooter lane issues nor disruptions from the mini PF.

Theme integration is spot on- lcd clips, music, callouts and sounds are all terrific.
Colour changing led light show is perfect and the LE is not dark through the middle of the game due to the mini pf having some really nice ambient lighting.
The ramps and loops are amazing. All shots are easy to hit with little to no clunk.

The mirrored backglass is very sharp and the cabinet looks attractive overall.
In person, I don’t find the lockdown bar and rails to look quite as mismatched as they show in photos. I actually had to point it out to my family or they wouldn’t have noticed.

The lower pf is fun but does have a bit of a novelty factor to it.
However, what is neat about the mini pf is the variety of shots: 2 orbits, vuk, middle bash toy, right ramp and chance for a 2 ball multiball.
It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s better than I expected and will take some practice to master it.

The next most divisive element of this pin is gong to be the code.
There is no doubt the ruleset as it stands now is fairly shallow.
The game is also quite easy and thus good players may get to Munster Madness quite regularly.
I’m hoping that Dwight adds some polish and depth; but if the game is truly mostly coded: I’m not sure this is the ideal pin for highly skilled players nor those who have either a small game set-up or don’t absolutely love The Munster’s.

In my collection of games, I have a mix of some deeper games (like Maiden, DI and newly arrived BM66 and some on the shallower side like Deadpool, MB and TAFG).

My family and I enjoy a variety of gameplay and The Munsters will be a fun game to flip. Only time will tell if it has longer term appeal.

Pics attached below. I have to stagger my pins due to space restrictions which is why they appear different in size.
9A4795FF-B9C4-443F-BB9C-63807A68A804 (resized).jpegB4DFE908-AC81-4C8F-8158-A1F0EF42DC28 (resized).jpegB9E7E3B1-6821-4736-AA74-DE336EC39DD1 (resized).jpegE442A94C-29AF-45C1-AB7A-E21345AF60A0 (resized).jpeg

#899 1 year ago

Thanks MK6PIN, really digging both titles.
Just so fortunate to be part of this great community.

@Vireland- I have yet to play Munsters enough for it to mess with my middling Maiden skills lol. (Man, Maiden is such an awesome title in its own right).

On my DPLE I always go for the super skill shot up the Katana ramp- Munsters does feel a bit easier than that shot.

Great time to be in this hobby.

#906 1 year ago

cpr9999: I didn’t need to re-level the plastic that covers the mini pf.
Mine seems very level; however it’s a bit dusty on the underside of that plastic so I’m going to give that a slight clean/wipe at some point.

#907 1 year ago

Question for those who have reached Munster Madness:

I reached Munster Madness once tonight on my LE.
When the mode started, I only had a multiball on the top pf and no multiball in the mini pf going at the same time. I never actually got the lower pf running at the same time.

Are both multiballs supposed to be running simultaneosly during the start of Munster Madness or do you need to activate the lower pf mutuball with a series of shots on the main pf?

Game is fun and fast!

#911 1 year ago

bigd1979: is there a rule set yet published to explain how to qualify the lower pf to be activated for Munster Madness?
Will likely be a challenge for my clan to navigate 2 sets of flipper as well...

#912 1 year ago

Thanks Yelobird! Finding space for one extra pin has ‘forced’ me to be more creative lol.

#931 1 year ago

My family have all been enjoying our LE.
Since we have the pin set up steeper with a high pitch (around 7), it plays extremely fast and ball-time can be short. Makes the game more challenging which requires a bit more precision. We’re not reaching Munster Madness very easily as of yet.

Question for Munster’s owners:
When the ball hits Herman and activates the magnet in front of him, is the pin supposed to make a ‘clanging’ sound?
On my example, I hear the clanging sound coming from a metal piece under the playfield from where the magnet sits. It’s a bit odd and I’m just not sure if that’s normal?
Thanks for any input on this.

#933 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply.
I think my concern might be different.
I’ve attached a pic below of the underside of the pf.
There’s a hanging metal part which is attached below the magnet core.
When the magnet is activated, the metal part is then hit causing the clanging sound.
Is this the way it should be?
I just want to ensure that assembly is normal and not defective.

51336144-456C-47A1-BEDE-91B616078B17 (resized).jpeg
#935 1 year ago

Thanks for confirming f3honda. Do you recall hearing the clanging sound frequently?
On my example, it’s heard every time the magnet is activated.

#940 1 year ago

Thanks Ven- appreciate the clarification.
At least now I know the clanging sound is not defective.

#951 1 year ago

Hey kidchrisso, congrats on the LE purchase! Beautiful pin.
If you don’t me asking, where did you get your speaker lights kit?
Looks very cool.

#953 1 year ago

Yes, they look great, thanks!

#986 1 year ago

I truly feel Munsters is going to have many varying opinions; mainly on the code and mini pf.
Regarding the mini pf, in my opinion it is more enjoyable and fun than the Family Guy Stewie pf.
It has a larger variety of shots and requires some additional accuracy to complete or hit the required shots. It also has a multiball mode which I find adds another layer to the experience.
Now, in saying that, as Jason pointed out above, it does have that novelty and toy feel to it since it has the smaller balls. As such, some players may never enjoy it.

At this point, my family all dig the mini pf but we’ve just had the pin a few days.
It will be interesting to see if it’s something that we will continue to embrace after months of ownership.

I also personally don’t have any issues with the placement of the 2 sets of flipper buttons. I’ve had friends and family play it; and none of them were having any concerns utilizing the 2 sets of buttons.

Another positive distinction to make about the LE mini pf is that it looks stunning.
It creates a beautiful layered depth to the pf and overall look of the game.
The art and lighting on both levels work so well together- never seen anything quite like it before.

One last thought, we’ve set ours up at just over 7 pitch. This makes our example play very fast and much less forgiving. Tougher and shorter ball-times; but I think with a simpler rule-set, this is the way to go.

#1006 1 year ago

I think some owners or soon-to-be-owners are likely a bit tired of hearing about all the negatives on this pin.
It does seem a bit excessive however I’m less worked up about it now.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion on a forum.

I’ve only owned the pin for a short while and I’ve tried to be objective about my preliminary comments on my LE. I had been anticipating this release for quite some time and I do honestly feel this is a fun pin to flip.

I think most players/owners have generally agreed on:

The positives: great flow, smooth ramps & orbits, good overall theme integration, cool lighting, stunning pf & backglass art, well implemented clips, sounds and call outs.

The undetermined: The mini pf: some feel it’s too much of a novelty or toy. (Personally, I think it’s fun and like the variety of shots).

The cons: 2 large target banks would have been better as a row of individual stand-ups or drop targets. Rules (at this point) in my opinion need some further depth and variety. Some modes are truly fun (Ie: Raven) and others just get completed without effort (Lily).
I don’t find Herman clunky but he is easy to hit & to start his multiball mode.

Now in saying this, I have yet learn the full strategy of the multipliers or building jackpots as others have pointed out.
Munster Madness is also more of a regular multiball mode than an actual wizard mode. I still find it fun to reach and play.

Overall, my family and friends have enjoyed the Munsters experience. It’s a good complement to the other pins in my collection. Time will tell if the pin wil have staying power with or without deeper code.

#1087 1 year ago

Just played about 8 games on my LE...what an adrenaline rush.
Most games were almost over before they began lol.
Mine is set up viciously fast and missed shots are punished in short order.

Finally, on my last game, it all came together and I reached Munster Madness. With the game room lights turned dim, sound turned up, it’s a cool mode.

I’m also digging Grandpa’s lab as I play it more, definitely growing on me.
The super skill shot by holding down both left flippers is a fun twist.

The more I play this pin, the more I enjoy it.
Yes it’s beautiful, but it’s also a freaking blast.

#1098 1 year ago

All you new owners, I suggest you set this puppy up nice and steep.
Turn down the lights, crank up the pin’s volume; and you get immersed in the Munster’s world under the glass.
The speed and flow is amazing.

#1110 1 year ago

Congrats Spaceman!

#1114 1 year ago

@ Thunderbird: Grandpa’s lower pf Lab is nice in the photos and stunning in person.
The lighting is perfect and the art is spot on.
It’s very multi-dimensional and adds a truly layered look to the game.

#1216 1 year ago

Not sure what everyone is using for flipper rubbers; but in changing from superbands to titans, I found I had considerably better ball control. Seems to make a noticeable difference on this pin as it’s so damn fast.
Looking forward to putting some serious time on the game this weekend.

#1282 1 year ago

I also have some dust on the underside of my pf glass. (OCD kicking in as well lol).
Has anyone removed the glass yet to clean the underside.
Is this just a matter of removing the top screws and lifting up on the glass?

#1320 1 year ago

I turned my shaker to the lowest setting it seems to works pretty well.
Agreed, that some pins work better with a shaker than others.

#1389 1 year ago

WackyBrakke, I don’t think my right ramp is registering a hit every single time either.
The ball does fly up it fast though.

Has anyone unscrewed the top plexi-glass window yet?
Would be nice to give the shield an underside wipe and test the right ramp in switch menu.

#1403 1 year ago

kidchrisso: did you just remove the top side pf screws & lift out or lower the pf from below?

#1419 1 year ago

Just added Lermods custom cards and have been loving the purple titans (I think the colors all tie in nicely).

66E91158-B0F2-455A-9F3C-9505D22E125A (resized).jpeg
#1422 1 year ago

lermods, thanks for making the cards!
I’ll be checking out your mods once I figure out what to customize.

#1476 1 year ago

kidchrisso: Great suggestion!
I turned down both the lower and upper pf flippers to “soft”; and agreed, the lower pf shots feel more controlled. Right ramp is now also registering fine.
I even prefer the feel of the flipper setting on the regular/upper flippers.
Love the seamless flow of this pin.
Every time I turn this pin on, hear the music and flip a ball, it brings a smile to my face.

1 week later
#2115 1 year ago

After reading some of the posts above, has anyone else had issues with their LE mini-pf after installing .96?

I’m downloading the code as I write this; and just wondering if I should now hold off updating if the lower pf flippers are freezing or glitching due to the update?

#2117 1 year ago

Thanks Spaceman- mine has been working great as well, particularly since I changed to the soft setting on the mini pf flippers.
I just didn’t want to update if it meant new glitches on the lower pf.

#2120 1 year ago

@ chuckwurt: do you know if the LEs you played were both updated to .96?

#2124 1 year ago

Thanks Chuck, Banker & Spaceman, feel more reassured about updating now to .96 on my LE.

#2137 1 year ago

Thanks Ven. Finding no issues on my lower pf currently; but definitely want to update the code.
Really prefer the feel of the lower pf flippers set to soft; and right ramp seems to be working as it should.
I still need to remove the plastic shield to clean off the dust & lint though.

#2196 1 year ago

Just updated code tonight with no issues. Only had time for a few games but it played perfectly.
Love this pin!
Looking forward to getting in a ton more games this weekend.

#2279 1 year ago

Played some Munsters last night. Really enjoying the updated code.
Every time I turn on the game, I’m still blown away by the beauty of the pin and the smoothness of the shots.
After seeing the Black Knight release, thankfully I didn’t feel rushed to call my distributor to order one.
Regardless, a great time for the hobby with all these cool releases.
Edit: like Bigd, can’t wait for Wonka either...another great theme.

#2356 1 year ago

Agreed Spaceman, really glad it wasn’t Elvira yet as that’s another very compelling theme which I’m looking forward to following the awesomeness of the Munster’s.
I need some time to just enjoy my recent arrivals lol.

Although the new BK looks nice, it’s not a must buy kinda theme for our clan.
However, if JJP’s Wonka’s theme is well integrated by Lawlor and Co., it could be a really fun one to own.

#2603 1 year ago

Man, all editions of this pin look so amazing.
Love my LE but wow does that tricked out b&w Premium look awesome as well.
Stern & Franchi really knocked it out of the park with these art packages.

#2723 1 year ago

Ok, would love to hear some further thoughts from the owners of this really cool pin:

We’ve loaded the new code, had no issues overall and my clan truly enjoy the smooth and theme engrossing gameplay.

I think my only moderate concern at this point is the depth in the current rules.
Really hoping that Marilyn and Eddy get coded in and that the Dragster shot offers some additional layering.
Would aldo love to see some further incorporating of the clips.

Anyway, we all feel this is simply a stunning package with so much potential.

#2725 1 year ago

Hey Chuck, agreed- very hard to blow it up; but I’m thinking that Dwight can add some layering to those characters & existing code.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a very fun game and no doubt a stunning pin as it stands now.
However, we’re still in the honeymoon phase- just hoping for further depth and enhancements.

#2757 1 year ago

FtrMech: Did you use a T10 (Torx) screwdriver to remove the screws?
I’m going to clean mine this week but was told this was the correct screwdriver to use.

#2759 1 year ago

Not sure if that’s as effective to remove them. Stern support recommended to me the T10 torx as the tool of preference.
Regardless, your replacements look good.

#2936 1 year ago

I love this game but have to agree that this should have been 0.981 since it's a minor tweak.
So much untapped potential- hoping Dwight can surprise us still.

1 week later
#3208 1 year ago

Yep, my LE came with a sheet of anti-reflective glass. The pin has such a stunning pf- looks fantastic with the upgraded glass.

2 weeks later
#3789 1 year ago

Holy crap there is a lot of really negative hostilities thrown at The Munster’s.
Since this is a Club thread and there are still a few owners or players left who enjoy the game lol, it’s not the most uplifting thing to read the Munsters worst code ever thread.

First, the game got hacked on the Hype thread, now it has its own dedicated hatred thread. Yes, the rules aren’t deep. Period. We would all likely agree it would be nice if these did get further flushed out.
However to call the pin outright shit is a dis-service to the elements which do work: a beautiful looking art package with smooth shots, clear understandable rules, a fun mini pf and an awesome theme- love the music and lighting to boot.

It fits well in my line up. I enjoy all types of pins and I guess only time will tell if this pin has staying power.

#3793 1 year ago

@ Who-Dey, we’re in the minority it would seem. (We lost Space-man to all the constant negativity).
I guess it can wear you down eventually.
Like Wonka, the anticipation was through the roof on Munsters.
This is such an amazing hobby and fortunately lots of choice now and coming from a growing number of manufacturers.

1 week later
#4214 1 year ago

Changed our pin time/clock so we could see & play Midnight Madness.
It’s not often we’re up at midnight playing the collection.
In any case, just as we reached Munster Madness, the clock struck and started Munster Madness.
Was so freaking awesome- pinball nirvana.
Yeah, the rules aren’t super deep but this is still such a fun pin as it stands.
Haters gonna hate but they’re missing out on a cool game.

#4301 1 year ago

Agree with MK6PIN: BM66 is a great complement to Munsters. Fantastic code by Lyman combined with a really immersive and fun theme.
If you’re looking for additional titles to consider, both Deadpool and Maiden are fun pins. Try to get out and give these a test drive.
This is a great time to be in the hobby, with a wide variety to choose from.

#4368 1 year ago

mk6pin: I went back forth between my Munsters LE and BM66 as well tonight lol.
Two such different pins and both a blast.
Played a bunch of very quick games on Munsters before finally getting things to click, reaching MM. Man toggling 2 sets of flippers is so tough.

2 weeks later
#4577 1 year ago

shinyball: Your comments are spot on and I couldn’t agree with you more.
We know and have been reminded by the same Pinsiders how much they feel the game & code sucks.

Just seems like there is a constant need to bash this pin. We get it- why not just move on? What’s similarly annoying, is how those that sell mods on this site, even in some cases for the exact same games they relentlessly bash, continue to be repeatedly cynical of this game.

Yes, the rule-set could be deeper and hopefully Dwight will be given the resources to enhance the code.
However, it isn’t crap. The negativity now has just moved from the Hype thread to the Worst Code ever thread.
As it stands now, in my opinion, it’s still a fun game to play and it makes a great complement to the other pins in my collection. My family enjoys having a variety of simpler and deeper pins.

1 week later
#4682 1 year ago

If you suspect it was dropped, I would take a close look at the inner cabinet under the playfield- just to ensure there are no cracks nor structural damage.
Look along the corner seams and ensure all looks perfect.
Sounds like you’re likely ok; but I think it’s worth doing a close inspection inside and out.
Enjoy your new game!

#4770 1 year ago

@ Who Dey: Yep, agree 100%, haters are going to hate. There’s been two threads already dedicated to critiquing this pin.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion; but I still find it a bit perplexing the need to post on the owners/Club thread to further criticize this game over & above the same bashing as on the other threads.
I’ve owned the LE for a while now and our family still really enjoy it.
It fits so well in our collection and it brings a smile to my face every time I step up to it.

1 month later
#5233 1 year ago

Just finished playing a few games on my LE.
Man, this pin truly flows so seamlessly and the ramps are just so buttery smooth.
Finally starting to get the hang of the mini-pf.

I think this pin could go down as an all time classic if Dwight & team can find the time to enhance the rules and bring in some further theme integration.

As it stands now and after owning it for a few months, I’m still finding myself really enjoying the Munster’s experience.

So much potential on this game- now really hoping that Stern dedicates the resources to do it justice and polish it into the game it deserves to be.

#5290 1 year ago

Man, what’s happened to Munster’s in the Pinside community.
There seems to be so much disdain or at least a prolonged divisive response for this pin.

In the worst rules ever thread, the dislike was designed to evoke similar responses. I may not agree with the subject matter and may throw out a few down votes; but I know my feelings will fall on deaf ears so I avoid posing in that thread.

The hype thread turned into a similar hate-fest.
However, isn’t the purpose of a Club thread to enjoy the positive elements of this game?

Yes I would like further rule enhancement & theme integration.
Hopefully, Dwight and team will deliver; but personally, I find the pin fun to shoot. It’s not a deep, complex pin, but delivers a silky smooth playability, has a fun mini pf, and fits as a suitable complement to my deeper coded pins.

#5324 1 year ago

Looks great. Very cool display.

3 weeks later
#5606 1 year ago

Sorry guys, this rippling, pooling, etc. really sucks.

I checked mine tonight and it seems ok so far, but it’s simply not good that so many owners are experiencing this issue.

Man, these pins cost so much and this pooling & chipping simply shouldn’t be happening.

I’ve postponed my purchase of a JP2 Premium or a Wonka and feel we should be getting some kind of explanation from Stern/JJP as to when this will be rectified.

Really hope they figure this out in short order.

2 weeks later
#5693 1 year ago

Such a beautiful looking game- hope your topper is fully working!

#5800 1 year ago

I didn’t want to add any further drama to this...I also received a few email responses from Borg indicating that The Munsters would get some further love.
There was no time-line provided.
I guess it’s best to take this with a grain of salt as there seems to be a different message from others (as above) at the company.
My fam are all enjoying this pin but I would still like to see further code and theme integration enhancements. So much potential with this game.
I guess time will tell but I’m trying to stay positive regardless.

#5857 1 year ago

Yeah, I enjoy mine as well & our family still enjoys the Munster’s experience.

I also feel Borg’s indication (in response to a few of my emails) that more is coming will still occur. Just no idea of time-line.

As such, if you’re a new buyer, I would also agree you shouldn’t purchase it based on a big code drop being imminent.

In my collection, it still gets regular play; and with an Elvira and JP2 on the way, it will be a good complement.

1 month later
#6330 1 year ago

Agreed, those translites look very cool.

1 week later
#6413 1 year ago

GamesbyAPK: As above, I would suggest re-leveling.
I personally use a digital level to ensure game is set up properly.

I find my Munster’s LE plays great at 6.5 pitch.

I haven’t had any concerns with balls off the targets draining down the centre.
However, balls off slings can be punishing down the outlanes.
I find this pin a bit easier to nudge (than Jurassic for example).

1 week later
#6578 1 year ago

Thunderbird: you’ve nailed it in so many regards...
The potential for this pin for both code and theme integration is massive.

My clan loves the beauty of this game along with the seamless and smooth shot geometry.
However, there is still so much untapped potential for this pin to become all an all time classic.

Having owned Munsters for a while now, regretfully it recently gets less love than either BM66 or Jurassic LE.

It’s not that we don’t still enjoy Munsters- it brings a smile when we hit the start button. It still remains a fun experience but IMO needs some polish to enhance its longer term playability.
Question remains, will Stern give this amazing theme the additional love it deserves?

#6581 1 year ago

True Who-Dey, Jurassic and Batman 66 are crazy good games that have been coded so well.
I just feel that Munsters has all this same unrealized potential to compete in the same class as these amazing themes.
I’m confident, given the resources, Dwight can give this title a similar treatment as Lyman and Elwin have given their recent offerings.

2 months later
#7121 10 months ago

Greetings Munsters owners, I just posted in the general forum but am desperately looking for some help.
I was reattaching the plastic shield on my Munsters when a screw literally snapped in half.
I’ve attached a couple of pics.
Does any one have suggestions how to remove a broken screw which is embedded in the wood of the pf?
Thanks for any advice.
08FE9BA2-DBC2-48BB-A5F3-E974FE5C69D0 (resized).jpeg39702028-BF96-45DF-850A-AFEBEED2E855 (resized).jpeg

#7123 10 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion.
I was able to get the shield price off (it was stuck on the broken screw) and unfasten the tip of the broken screw with a vice grip/pliers.
All good now; just need a new screw.

#7125 10 months ago

Thanks cottonm4, appreciate the suggestion.
Just so glad it was a straight forward fix.

3 weeks later
#7262 9 months ago

Thunderbird again nailed it. The game is fun but is lacking some depth.
Our fam still enjoys the Munster’s experience.
However, now that we’ve owned it for some time, we feel the pin does need further clip integration and code enhancements for longer term enjoyment.

Since we picked up a JP LE, Munster’s still gathers some attention but we feel the rules are simply so much deeper and well integrated on Jurassic.

Our BM66 & DP are also getting more play time as well due to the strength of their respective rulesets.

I am still hopeful a solid code drop occurs relatively soon.
So much untapped potential.

1 month later
#7621 7 months ago

Our on our LE, first try entering code, hitting Grandpa scoop twice, it didn’t work; however we inadvertently had Spot mode running at the same time.
Second time, we did the same thing and it ran the secret mode. We didn’t last long but it was very cool none the less.

This secret mode and Midnight Madness should at the very least should be added into regular gameplay.

Still holding hope for additional theme integration and further deepening of rules.

We’re still digging the game but fingers crossed there’s more enhancements to follow.

1 week later
#7770 7 months ago

I would also suggest removing the mini pf from below- it’s easy to do so.

The first couple of times I removed the shield from above.
The last time I did this, one of the mini screws (which secures the shield) actually snapped in half during the process.
It really freaked me out and took a while to remove the broken screw from inside the wood of the frame. Thankfully I was able to do so without damaging the pf.
Also, as indicated above, you’ll need some time to re-level that shield.

From underneath, the mini pf can be easily accessed, removed and then you can clean the shield from below.

1 month later
#8571 5 months ago

With a heavy heart, I’m in the process of selling my beloved Munster’s LE as well.
I have a friend, who’s a casual player that loves The Munster’s show, so I know it’s going to a good home.

When I purchased this pin, I enjoyed the seamless and smooth flow of the game. It is a stunning pin which has brought many smiles to our household.
Unfortunately, the lack of deeper theme integration and more simpler rules didn’t create the staying power I initially anticipated.

I could see myself returning to this pin if Stern revisits the code and provides further enhancements to allow this game to meet its ultimate potential.

As others have mentioned, I’m truly hoping for all owners that Munster’s gets the love it deserves.

#8606 5 months ago

Terry, it’s awesome that you are still really enjoying your game.

I was a huge supporter and positive poster of this pin when it was first launched and I picked up my LE.
I loved the fast, flowy and seamless shots. The art ofcourse is stunning and when I hit the start button, the opening Munster’s song instantly brought back fond memories of the show.
My growing concern with the pin was the staying power of the gameplay based on the more simplistic rules-set.
After emailing a few individuals at Stern a few months into ownership and release, it seemed to be implied that the game would soon get more love.
Regretfully, this never transpired and after a friend expressed interest, we moved it to his place today. He is a very casual player that prefers less complex coded games.

I do feel saddened by The Munster’s departure as my fam were so looking forward to having this wonderful looking pin in our house.
I’ve said it before; but I truly hope Stern allows Dwight or another coder to be given the opportunity to enhance both the code and theme integration.

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