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#94 2 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

I wonder if Stern would allow anyone to purchase an LE plastics set if they wanted to switch out those plastics?

I was interested in the same thing. In the past, Stern has generally allowed LE parts to go to non-LE owners but I’m sure your distributor could figure out how to get you a set.

#98 2 years ago

My wife has weighed in. My entry in the club is likely delayed until after details on Elvira 3 are available. I want both but can only have one.

#104 2 years ago
Quoted from hockeymag8:

I just ordered my LE. Never thought I was going to do the LE but had lots of back in forth with my local Dist (Nick @ Big Toys in Warren MI) and he helped thrash out things with multiple calls and e-mails - he is getting the Pro for the store and going to have a some of us over for private flip session on it when he gets it (great guy - he could have made the Pro or Premium sale and made some coin - but rather referred me to Colorado Game Exchange instead since he did not have access to an LE). He is even going to come help me set it up for free.
I too started to get a little negatively deflected to second guessing myself from the Pinside Hype thread turn - but in the end the theme rocks for me - love the colors on the main and lower PF and think the lower PF will be a nice little break (always loved the stop and go (i.e. TZ & DI are 2 of my favorite games) ...................now starting to lean more toward flow................and this gives a nice combo of the 2). I am an OK player and now am lucky to have 6 games currently and some kick my ass enuf - as well as my GF, Sis and other friend azzes. I am OK if this is a little bit toward the easier side than my other games - will be good for them and I am not looking for super deep and hard all the time - I want to just have fun and this game looks like it checks all my boxes and integrates the video clips nicely. I already like it and suspect it will get a little fine tuned with future code and clips.
Super stoked for this game and this thread - nice to pop over here and get a pick me up and stay in the frame of mind I should be in - excited - waiting for this game!

Congrats! Pretty sure you got the last LE GEX had. Maybe it was the one I gave up

#169 2 years ago
Quoted from Phatchit:

Just saw that 0.90 code just posted !

That’s the same level that was on the Premium at CES

#171 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Does the spot bash toy work on the Pro model/ under staircase?


#173 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

And yes, the pro looks awesome, but cannot wait for LE...Mini play field multiball? The tragedy

And if you have the Premium or LE you can set a feature adjustment to disable use of the lower playfield if you want.

#178 2 years ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Never bought a LE till now so I’ve never followed threads on a game at release closely.
Wow man a lot of bashing happening I don’t get it.

Don’t worry about it. People who complain without playing or without reason are bashing. The others are offering their opinion which may or may not match your own and that’s fine. With three very different models, it’s unlikely everyone would like them all. But at the end of the day the only opinion that should matter is yours.

#203 2 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

That line is the opening of the cellar door in the floor of the Munster's house that Grandpa is coming out of.

And it looks far worse in pictures than it does in person.

#305 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Mini review[quoted image]

So ... you can’t play well enough to get to Munster Madness AND you can’t spell?

As Herman would say “Darn, Darn, Darn!”

#309 1 year ago
Quoted from Squizz:

only to be stuffed by Lilys crap target which should be 4 drops

That is the biggest design disappointment for me. Absolutely ridiculous those aren’t drop targets, at least on the Premium and LE.

#321 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

So there would be little reason to own both?

Depends on how many pins you have. If you have a small collection having both Munsters and MB I think you would be disappointed in having both take up limited space.

#347 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

So I've watched Jack Danger playing the pro and premium versions. I have pretty much decided that I'm going to buy one or the other. Jack stated in the video (while playing at CES) he was a "Pro Boy", I think he likes the way it playes better than the premium/LE. When I watched Borg playing it with Dwight at Stern it seemed Jack was liking it better. What's the consensus of those on this thread who wants to reply. Thanks

I have played both and liked both.

I don’t have a problem with the stop and go of the lower playfield on the Premium, but think the lower pf may get monotonous. My other concern is that flow will be interrupted if the pf window isn’t perfectly adjusted/level. I like that the lower pf use can be disabled ( ostly because I prefer the art and probably would not want the lower pf active all the time.

The Pro was super fast. As recent Pros go, this is one of the better ones IMO. If you like flow, not sure the extra $1600 for the lower playfield is worth it.

#352 1 year ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

The Black and White on the Premium is different. I am betting in person it looks good. Probably doesn't translate fully in photos.

Absolutely true. Didn’t really like it in the photos. Loved it in person.

#353 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

I wasn't aware that the lower mini playfield could be disabled, how would that affect the modes of the game?

It just uses the Pro rules for Grandpa’s basement.

#356 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Ah, good to know, makes sense. I have never bought a NIB game before seeing one in person, but I really like the black and white look of the premium as well. Seeing how you have seen it in person and like it, and also reviewing all the games you have touched I think in this instance I could pull the trigger on buying the premium without having seen one yet. Thanks again for the feedback.

I really don’t recommend that anyone buy a NIB game unless they have seen it in person. I understand why that might be the case when an LE is involved, but time isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a consideration in buying a Premium or a Pro for private use. I’ve bought a number of new games over the years, but never sight unseen.

(That said, if I buy one, it’s probably going to be a Premium, especially since my wife likes the art package).

#407 1 year ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Munsters has landed in cali big thanks to jj at game exchange Colorado
[quoted image][quoted image]

Congrats. But I would have brought it home in the box.

#416 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Reading everyone's posts today I am really looking forward to picking up my Pro version tomorrow. I will post some photos when I get it set up. Thanks to those in this thread that responded to my earlier posts, was on the fence between Pro and Premium but chose the Pro after doing a little more research and reading more of the postings and reviews.

What made you pick the Pro over the Premium?

#423 1 year ago
Quoted from Budman:

Do any of you new owners see the value in installing a shaker for this model?

Always wondered if shaker motors contribute to node board failures in Spike/Spike II games.

Don’t know what shaker motor effects are in Munsters (don’t know if the Pro and Premium I played had them installed), but I think shaker motors are generally over rated and wouldn’t go out of my way to add one to a game that didn’t have one.

#431 1 year ago
Quoted from Nickson:

i have a earthshaker and it was the first pin to have one. i turned it off because it shaked during your whole multiball. i didn't like it

Of course, Earthshaker is a game where I think a shaker motor would work well with the theme. Maybe I was a bit harsh when I said “over rated”, but I still wouldn’t bother with them in most games. But after reading about how some Spike 2 node 8 and 9 boards fail because of vibration issues, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to put one in a new game.

#591 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

There is no decal Under the leg. Stern now cuts the side art around the leg profile FYI.

What game did this change start with?

#666 1 year ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

Do you have the paper of the backglass making waves ? I think the paper is too big...
Its not very beautifull

Seems to be a common problem with recent Stern games, not just Munsters. Someone just rushed on the assembly line. Take the clips off and reposition/flatten the translite and reinstall the translite trim.

#689 1 year ago
Quoted from FLpinball:

Like any game I am sure Munsters will get even better as the code developes! Batman ‘66 and Star Wars Pro are two recent examples of that happening, IMO.

I hope so, but Dwight indicated on the reveal video that the rules were pretty much done so it doesn’t seem as if Munsters will undergo a similar code transformation that we saw with Batman 66. I want Munsters but going to wait and see where the code is in six months.

1 week later
#1004 1 year ago

A negative opinion is not the same as hate

#1019 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

LE arrives between 9 and 3 tomorrow......I can then bash it accordingly, selling in a week....NOT!!!!....too much love early on, hate had to come

I think the LE will look awesome next to Batman!

1 week later
#1409 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Joined the club a couple hours ago with my LE (born on date 2/25/19). Still unboxing and setup, but I noticed already that the shooter lane ramp was beveled/filed from the factory.
[quoted image]

Nice to see that Stern is taking care of the ramp problem.

1 week later
#1728 1 year ago
Quoted from Phatchit:

Ok finally got the code to work . Still have t played it but was going through the settings and noticed this . Was this on here before the update
[quoted image]

Looks like the topper is a clock. Could be cool, especially if also integrated into game play.

#1834 1 year ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

My LE seems to be missing backbox lighting
[quoted image]

Hope it’s a loose connection and not a bad CPU board.

(Never understood how putting the LED strip on the CPU board was a good idea...)

#1835 1 year ago

hockeymag8 for #3, update your code. That noise is probably Spot in attract mode (and/or disable the adjustment).

#1 is “normal” for the newer Spike games. You can change out the power supply fan, but it will void the warranty.

1 week later
#2235 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Im kind of surprised we haven't heard more about the black and white premiums? I thought it would be a hot topic regardless of whether people love it or hate it.

What are you expecting to hear? At TPF it seems like people prefer the b/w art 3 to 1 over the Pro and most agree that it is far more stunning in person than in pictures.

Designer John Borg had an LE reserved and cancelled it to get a Premium instead because he really liked the black and white art package. He is a huge fan of the Munsters and had a crush on Marilyn when he was a kid (This is Pat Priest’s last show, so he took the opportunity to propose to her. She asked if he liked older women, but I don’t believe she gave him an answer. My wife has the picture on her phone, but someone posted one in another thread) .

Dwight has new code running that fixes some of the issues noted in .96 and made it clear to anyone that asked that the game code was pretty much done (translation: anyone expecting a massive change in direction or rule set will be disappointed).

Chris Franchi had three art packages (all color) and when Stern decided on doing a b/w version he took what was originally designed for the Pro and used it as the base to convert to the Premium. I forgot to ask him what art was in the window area of the the original design for the Pro.

The Grandpa scoop was originally a trap door mechanism (removed for complexity and cost - too bad because it looked/sounded really cool) and there was an unspecified mechanism removed from the top right of the PF. If I understood him correctly it sounded like John would have preferred drop targets but ran into BOM constraints (though Dwight preferred the mono targets).

Lower PF seems to be popular. I heard a number of people (including my wife) say that they preferred the Premium because of it. I still don’t think the lower PF will have staying power, but I would like to try a Premium with flippers set to soft. If you are a fan of the show itself it would be hard not to go with a Premium. If I end up getting a game, it will have a translite autographed by the design team, Butch and Pat. I thank John Borg for suggesting that the Pro would look better with gold signatures than ones from the silver pen I bought for the Premium.

3FA7CD69-B062-48D7-8BAC-7BA59C5A19D8 (resized).jpeg3FE3ACB8-F68E-4BDA-8C38-87BB1F8DC0D5 (resized).jpeg

#2312 1 year ago

Dwight told me the code at TPF was .9612 and addressed some of the reported .96 bugs

#2326 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

The short question is: If any detail part breaks in Grandpa's Lab will that detail part be available to replace or will I have to buy a complete new Lab?
I have never bought a new pin before. Does Stern make available all copies of paperwork/manuals? Can I get operator's manual, factory service manual, field service manual, etc. ?
What about Spot? I guess he takes a beating. Should buying a couple of extra Spots be a consideration?

The lab is not sealed; it’s just an assembly (though I don’t see a part number for it). The individual components should all be available to replace. Same with Spot.

Manufacturers today don’t provide the level of doc that we saw 20-40 years ago. Here is a link to the Premium manual with info and game specific part numbers:


#2341 1 year ago

The numbers are probably skewed - LEs were the first sold. Premiums just started shipping.

#2353 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Mini pf window is plastic....Will scuff over time w a ball bearing slamming it.
Protector might be a hard add, as I wouldn't want to have to pull it up to take the window out...Probably by a spare at some point and stash it to replace original after it gets excessive wear ( a very long time, I suspect)

I would just get a protector for a Pro and use that on a Premium/LE (and probably remove the lower PF window)

#2547 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I could have sworn I have read somewhere that Dwight knew about some of these issues and was already testing a newer version of code to address some of the bugs. Maybe before he releases it they are adding in a few more goodies or objectives for Eddie and Marylin. Wishful thinking lol but who knows.

Yes. The code running at TPF was a beta level above .96. Dwight was aware of the issues (at least the specific ones I mentioned).

#2549 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Which were those @jfh ?

I presume there were on the ring of Premiums in Marco’s area since that’s where Dwight was when I asked him. I believe he said it was .9612 but I never rebooted a machine to verify.

1 week later
#2934 1 year ago

I think this is a pretty good indication that there aren’t going to be any significant game play updates coming and that Dwight wasn’t kidding when he said the game was essentially done at reveal.

I still really want Munsters but am going to wait and see what people think after the honeymoon period has worn off. I’m just not sure the “maximize your jackpots’ goal is going to be enough for me and that Munsters won’t compare favorably next to Batman 66.

#2959 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

They could still do it

I can’t imagine we are going to see any significant code updates unless Stern decides that it will make a big enough difference in incremental sales above their projections. Don’t know how many hundreds of potential sales it would take (I’m one) but sadly seems like pointless dreaming at this point.

#2962 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I wouldn't push any code panic buttons yet

I don’t think anyone is pushing any panic buttons. I just think it’s reasonable to assume that the existing code is pretty close to the final code. For some, that’s fine. For others it may be the difference between buying and not. I haven’t decided which camp I’m in and I’m sure I’m not alone.

#2969 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Did you read this thread lol:
I do agree with you 100% and just as Dwight revisited Star Wars with a great code drop, he can still deliver a 1.00.0 final to speak with some extra content for Eddie loops and Marylin ramps shots plus maybe (I'm reaching here) a final wizard mode when you have completed MM level 2 etc...
Who knows what the future can bring and it's always human nature to want more but it's pretty good as it stands and some extras would be great.

Yeah, I just read that one. Some good points lost in hyperbole on both sides.

Yes, it’s always human nature to want more but in this case that would require a large cash outlay and a hope that what was an exception for Dwight is repeated. Until there is no reasonable shot of getting a Premium NIB I don’t have anything forcing my hand on a decision so I’m perfectly fine in waiting to see what the future brings.

Munsters is a perfect fit for my game room. But for it to come in, I need to be relatively confident it will stay for an extended period of time. I don’t yet have that confidence. Unlike many here I can still love the game but not want it. And that’s where I am today. But I still want to want it.

#2971 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If you are a Munsters fan i can tell you right now that you will love it for sure. If you don’t care about the theme, who knows? Have you played the game yet?

I am indeed a big Munsters fan and wouldn’t even be considering the game if I wasn’t. I was on the list with my distributor for an LE for over a year. Bought one day one but then decided to cancel my order (primarily because I didn’t like the LE art package as much ad the Premium).

Played a Pro and Premium for quite a bit when the game was first released and wrote a few reviews. Played the Premium quite a bit at TPF. Have not played .98 or .99 code but there isn’t much new. I’m not a great player, but am reasonably confident I’ve seen almost everything except all the match scenes. That alone bothered me.

I hedged my bets and got both Pro and Premium translites signed by the actors and design team in case I buy one. Like I said - I want to want the game. But not convinced enough to pull the trigger yet. And that’s 99% because the code is currently pretty much a one trick pony. No matter how smooth the shots are or beautiful the art is or how much I like the theme, that’s a big hurdle for me to get over.

#3064 1 year ago

captainbr It’s your game. If you want a protector on your game, put one on. I put one on my Batman 66 LE very soon after I got the game and don’t regret it one bit. It’s the only game I have one on but if I end up getting a Munsters or a newer Stern I will almost certainly put one on that too.

The playfield wood that Stern uses is absolutely softer/different than it was even five years ago and if putting a protector on it saves me the heartache of a damaged playfield that too many have experienced so be it. Stern has made some quality improvements but I’m not convinced they have addressed the playfield quality concerns.

I don’t notice any adverse effects from using one and it’s cheap insurance and piece of mind.

(I agree that some of the older/thicker protectors can have an adverse impact on game play, but I’ve not seen that with the new PETG ones)

#3066 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

When you worry that much about that kind of stuff you cant enjoy your game because your freaked out all the time and theres no need for it. You could always get a new playfield down the road if you wore yours out, but you arent going to play it that much i am sure. Just grab a beer, play some pinball, relax and enjoy!

Just because you haven’t seen playfields damaged early in their lifespan doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I saw enough credible examples a couple years ago that showed me it was enough of a problem to consider. Maybe my playfield isn’t one of the ones impacted but I don’t care and don’t worry about it now - mine’s protected.

Get a new playfield down the road? Installing a protector is a fraction of time, trouble, and expense of buying a new playfield and doing a playfield swap (or paying someone to do it).

#3073 1 year ago

Using a protector on Munsters can also have other advantages.

If you use a protector for the Pro on a Premium (or LE), maybe even removing the window before installation you not only protect the playfield, but avoid the window cloudiness issues and return the ball speed to the game lost when the lower playfield window is not perfectly aligned. Based on my observations when playing a Pro and a Premium next to each other the playfield window not only reduces ball speed but can cause changes in direction because of the gaps inherent with the window.

Stern didn’t add that warning because a few people complained about minor dimpling. CYA indeed. I have seen no evidence that recent playfields are any less prone to the severe dimpling first seen 2-3 years ago. Will it eventually “even out” with play? To some extent of course, but (a) still quite noticeable and (b) it will take practically forever in a home environment.

I respect Who-Dey’s opinion, but, as he admits, it is advice without the benefit of experience. Using a playfield protector is not a knock on a specific game. It is easy, inexpensive, easily reversible insurance that protects the most visible (and arguably important) part of the game. When new games cost as much as they do now I see no reason to play playfield roulette. I’ll let others take that risk.

1 week later
#3370 1 year ago

In another thread a couple people indicate their distributor told them that, despite Dwight’s comments the code is essentially done, Stern is now planning a substantial rework code update. Anyone know if there is any validity to this rumor or attributable source?

#3419 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

My wife does the same thing. Then she yells at me for talking to her while she’s playing. Haha

Yelling at you while playing with the kitty. There has to be a joke in there somewhere ...

#3441 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'm so happy mine is gone. Got a MB and couldn't be happier


#3478 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

What really has me shaking my head is that, what I assume is a cost saving measure, is that the on-off switch is located waaaaaay in the back on the bottom of the back box. With this configuration I will either need to drill a hole in the bottom of the cabinet and rewire the switch, or I will have to resort to installing the power cable to an extension cord that I can plug and unplug when I need to the pin on or off.
It is ridiculous way to save money and I give Stern a big fat fail for this bit of mediocracy.

As others have said this is old news. And a big fat fail as you say.

There is another option to consider if you can’t get to the switch — plug the game into a Wemo or Alexa outlet and control the power with your phone/voice. I do something similar with all my pins (I use Control4 which is overkill if that’s all you’re going to do).

#3516 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

OK. I'll have to go this route. I don't know anything about remotes. Looks like I'm going to learn. Something else to buy. And a remote control to lose

I didn’t go the remote route because it’s one more thing to lose. I always have my phone or voice with me though ...

But a remote is better than nothing.

1 week later
#3821 1 year ago

I wish many here wouldn’t be so quick to divide those commenting on the game into the binary categories of “lovers” and “haters”. I (and many who have been classified as “haters”) love the theme and art and shots but are simply disappointed with the code. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun to play as it is it just means there can be more categories including “I really want the game but can”t see paying 2019 prices for 1995 code”.

The level of what many call “hate” for Munsters is so much more than other recent games because so many that were passionate about Munsters and excited at announce were just totally deflated when Dwight made the now infamous statement about the code. Munsters is the first game in a while I really want. I love everything about it except the code (though still think it should have drop targets as Borg intended).

The existing code certainly isn’t “the worst code ever” but it’s not worthy of a game that pretty much gets everything else right. There are actually quite a few good suggestions in the so-called haters thread that would give Munsters the love so many more want to give it.

There are always those that are going to “hate” for various reasons. But I suspect that in the case of Munsters it’s more what could/should have been - disappointment and frustration at gimping a dream theme rather than hate. I honestly believe sales will skyrocket if the code ever gets more robust and that current owners will be surprised at how many “haters” will join them as owners.

#3910 1 year ago

I hope that B/W Premiums will still be an option NIB. I don’t want a color Premium.

#3913 1 year ago

I wonder if Stern regrets putting the b/w art on the First Premium instead of the LE (where it was originally going to be).

Maybe Stern thinks they need color to goose sales. This may help some, but I suspect sales have been impacted by the code more than anything else.

Anyone going to buy a color Premium and put it next to an original one?

#3989 1 year ago

Well so much for all those that said wait for release level code.

I know there are some that think there is some significant code upgrade planned but for now it looks like Dwight’s statement that the initial code / game play was very close to where the game would end up is more likely to be true.

I hope the Munsters topper doesn’t go the route of the Star Wars topper and feel badly for those LE buyers who would have preferred a color Premium. I hope you guys see at least another bug fix update.

The game is still fun as it is, but Stern really dropped the ball on this game. Really wanted a b/w Premium in my game room but will have to be satisfied playing one on location. Adding a flipper code isn’t exactly the improvement I was hoping for.

This beautiful game could have and should have been so much more.

#4072 1 year ago
Quoted from kcZ:

My Herman plastic broke... Where can I get a replacement?

Call your distributor

#4251 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Based upon you two guys liking it, and having it in your collections. I sealed the deal and will pick it up shortly.

Congrats! Come join us in he Batman club thread. No (more) complaining about code over there ...

#4253 1 year ago

My plan was for The Munsters to go next to my Batman LE. If the grease ever shows up that may still happen ...

#4328 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I need to update my code from .91 to 1.00. I have the file in the root directory of a USB thumb drive.
To read Stern talking about it all I have to do is plug the USB drive in and turn the pin on.
Is it that simple? Plug in and turn on?
I don't care if it eats any of my files. Ill start over.
Please advise.

Don’t have any other files on the drive other than the code.

#4412 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Not to start any false rumors but still hearing that Munster owners will be pleasantly surprised soon enough.....what ever that means. So I still have some hope for more substance.

An unfounded rumor. Maybe it becomes true down the line but Munsters owners and wanna be owners shouldn’t make any decisions based on this red herring. I had hope this was true but after talking with multiple people connected enough to know I reasonably convinced this was either wishful thinking and/or started by a distributor trying to sell games or telling people what they wanted to hear.

When you buy a game buy it for what it is not for promises of what it could be.

1 week later
#4585 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

Just seems like there is a constant need to bash this pin.

No more so than those who feel the need to pump it all the time.

If by “bash this pin” you really mean “really want to see more robust code that exploits the theme” I would think most owners and wanna be owners would agree on that point.

You would figure the vast majority of those in the owner’s thread would like it and that they are the ones that should be able to tune everything else out.

If you don’t agree with or don’t understand the other opinions, ignore them. In the end, the only opinion on a game in your collection that matters is yours.

#4592 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

Well, this a club for current owners ( I thought that is what it meant to be in it)..so, not surprising that we may really like our machines and "are" pumped

No, it isn’t surprising.

But my main point was that Munsters owners should ignore the noise. Why get riled up if others don’t like/want the game for whatever reason?

(“In the end, the only opinion on a game in your collection that matters is yours”).

#4599 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Exactly. It’s also the only thread where those commenting have spent good time on the game and understand the rules. 99% of the bashing is from people who’ve played a few games then made their mind up based on what others have said on Pinside.

I’ve played over a hundred games on Munsters and pretty sure I understand the rules. Anyone who buys (or doesn’t buy) a game based on what people say on Pinside isn’t very smart. But it does seem that Munsters owners are far more bothered by what they perceive as negative attacks by others than what you see on other games. That is what I find curious. It’s good that many enjoy the game as it is. Pinball is about fun. There should be no need to defend a game you love and yet Munsters owners seem compelled to do so more than most.

If I end up owning the game, I’ll be glad to tell people why I bought it and like it. But I won’t get defensive with those that don’t.

#4602 1 year ago

who-dey - I agree that the “worst code ever” thread has an unnecessarily inflammatory title and think that OP did the community a disservice by naming it such. Possibly because of that some very good points/posts are/were dismissed. In this particular case I don’t feel sorry for Dwight or Stern at all. They thought a “throw back” ruleset would appeal to many and were right. But Munsters is still a relative failure when measured against original expectations and 90% of that is code related.

One of the goals was to make more of an impact on location play. That hasn’t turned out so well so far. It does seem to interest newbies, but doesn’t keep them coming back (in part because few know/understand the jackpot strategy and in part because they can’t relate to the Munsters). Some locations do ok, some do poorly. I haven’t heard of anywhere where it is a top earner and/or increasing the take over time.

The Munsters could have been a home run with the home buying crowd, but so far it has fallen short because true fans of the series want more theme integration. It’s disappointing when so many of the assets are used in the match sequence. I don’t know many that don’t like the game because of art or layout. The frustration is with the code. Is it ok as it is? Yes, but that’s a very low bar, especially for many home buyers. Munsters code also suffers by comparison to Batman 66 whose owners are probably more inclined to want Munsters. I think it’s unreasonable for anyone to expect Munsters will ever have (or should have had) the level of theme integration that Batman does (that may be the one area I feel bad for Dwight).

I suspect most owners know this but don’t care because they like the game (which is as it should be). But the owners should also be the very people who should care less about any bashing threads. Yet those threads bother them. That is what is perplexing about Munsters. You don’t see that with many other games. Maybe it’s passion. Or secret agreement with some of the complaints. But the hand wringing because some don’t like the game or that one guy created what is seen as a bash thread doesn’t make any sense and puts some owners in the “thou doest protest too much” category.

I am frustrated because I really want the game but am not willing to settle for “ok as it is” at current prices. What is mind boggling is that I know three other people within 5 miles of me that feel the same way.

#4620 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Are you serious?
More to the point is why are you constantly in the Munsters owners thread trying to convince us how bad the game is?

Obviously reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, mate.

#4622 1 year ago

Thanks for making my point.

#4647 1 year ago

Started a thread for those interested in a serious discussion of code (no game badhing):


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#4851 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Munsters for sale:
LEs: Currently, there is only one LE for sale and it is a dealer sale. Of the archived ads, 10 LEs show as being sold here and elsewhere. Other for sale ads say they changed their mind and decided to keep----or they sold it and just not talking about it. There are 25 total in the archived ads section.
Premiums: 2 Premiums have been sold elsewhere. 2 were not sold. There are no Premiums for sale. And there is one WTB ad that is active.
Pros: There are 5 active ads listed. Not counting dealer sales. There are a total of 35 archived for sale ads. Of those, 23 were sales and the rest were decided to keeps.
Not exactly sales numbers that show signs of distress sales. Not exactly sales numbers that suggest a pin no fun to play.
There are 127 LE owners, 57 wishlisters. And 26 public locations.
There are 90 Premium owners. 100 wishlisters. And 39 public locations.
There are 119 Pro owners. 59 wishlisters. and 122 public locations.
127 + 90 + 119+ 26+ 39 + 122 = 523 Munsters that can be accounted for. Add 473 for the LEs that are not on pinside.
That's 996 unit sales ( allow some fluctuation for the possibility of some dealers still holding some LEs. ).
I don't know what is good or bad, but 996 units does not sound too shabby to me.

Umm, Stern sells about 10k games a year. If they sell 4 games a year, 1000 units for a particular game is a failure, especially if 600 are LEs.

#4870 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

what is the sell number Munsters has to hit before you consider it not a failure?

Assuming 10k games a year and 3 (or 4) titles per year that would be an average of 3300 or 2500 units per titled (simplified, ignoring reruns of older titles). So any game that doesn’t hit the average is by definition below average. How far below average does a title’s sales have to be before it’s considered a failure is probably the more correct question.

In Munsters case with the initial interest and demand for the title high (increasing the number of LEs by 20%) I would have expected more demand after the LE rush. We didn’t see that with Munsters. You mention we haven’t seen any reports of color Premiums. That’s either because (a) they haven’t been run yet or (b) no one is buying them. If (b) then the demand isn’t there (for whatever reason)

I presume that for most titles Stern comes close to breaking even for development costs for a title if they sell out the LEs and some small number of units so how profitable/successful a title tracks to how far above average unit sales it is. That means of course that a game doesn’t have to hit average unit sales to be profitable. I seriously doubt Munsters hit Stern’s projected unit sales (which I would gave expected to be > average unit sales). In my book, that makes Munsters sales a failure.

And I certainly don’t think comparing Munsters sales to Beatles sales is fair. As an earlier poster said, Stern set a hard cap on sales and had a higher average price per sale which skews any comparison.

However Stern is a manufacturing company first and foremost. I doubt their accountants care about which titles sell what as long as the line keeps moving and they meet/exceed their projected profit numbers.

And you are forgetting a key fact - that I’m sure many owners here would agree on - just because Munsters hasn’t sold well doesn’t make it a bad game.

#4871 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Let it go man. Haha. Do you like your game? That’s all that matters.

What he said. As an owner, that’s all that should matter to you.

Though whether Stern will put more resources into software updates is probably directly related to how many more incremental units if they do. As a wannabe owner, that’s what matters to me.

#4881 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

That’s true, but the individual I was referring to doesn’t own OR like the game, so.....

If you are referring to me, you are mistaken.

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#4968 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Thank you. Looks like a topper was planned from day one.
This indicates to me that Stern is happy with Munsters sales levels; That there enough Munsters in the wild that there will be a good market to sell toppers to. Of course, this is just a guess, but it sounds good.

This is not unique to Munsters. Stern now plans toppers for every game. Sales levels of a given title have no bearing on whether there is a topper or not because the toppers are designed during the development cycle before any sales are known.

I suspect the number of toppers sold for any title, including Munsters, is a small fraction of overall game sales. But the Munsters topper is cooler than most because it actually seems to do something unlike most of the toppers we’ve seen to date. If I end up buying a game, I’ll get one.

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#5112 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I attribute it to management hubris.

Yes. With absolutely no concern for quality control.

Quoted from cottonm4:

Somebody is going to be getting scapegoated over this.

LOL! No chance. The sale of Munsters toppers is rounding error on Stern’s bottom line. Only a small fraction of those who bought a Munsters game will buy toppers (and that number is likely to go down ever further with the reports of all these arriving DOA). Whoever’s in charge will get a “do better next time” and maybe a question on how the Star Wars topper is doing.

#5113 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This has turned into one big nightmare for Stern looks like.

Replacing split cabinets and damaged playfields is a nightmare. This is an just an annoyance.

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#5272 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Spoken with John B. about this several times and he told me it is selling like hot cakes. Another friend of mine in the mod business said it is a blockbuster title and only MET has sold as well.

Based on conversations with multiple distributors I don’t believe either statement. Munsters sales were great at the beginning but have since pretty much ground to a halt. The distributors I have spoken to all say the same thing - they all have lists of people interested in buying if the code becomes more robust. Contrast that to Batman - couldn’t give that game away for almost a year. Now every unit is sold/presold. Not much Batman in stock anywhere. Tons of Munsters in stock. Don’t even think the initial run of color Premiums sold out.

It’s a shame. Munsters could have been a classic. It was Borg’s dream game. He deserved better. I still hope against hope we’ll see the code get more robust and I’ll join the club. But I suspect much of the Munsters money sitting on the side will go to Elvira instead.

#5294 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

We love our MUNLE. Code is ok and game is definitelt plenty of fun to play. I think the game rocks!

A lot of people think the game rocks. There are many reasons to love the game.

But that’s not translating into sales which is unfortunate. If there is ever a significant code update I’ll bet there’s a corresponding uptick in sales. It’s probably too late to help the game on location though.

#5330 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You have no idea how many units this game has sold. Its obviously not a theme that appeals to the masses but i am pretty sure that the initial sales were very strong. This game is fun as hell and its addicting and it never gets old.

You don’t know what I know.

But you are correct - the initial sales were strong (and exceeded expectations) but have been flat ever since.

I’m glad you like the game. But your incessant pumping in every Munsters thread is getting old and smacks of desperation. Enjoy your game and let’s see what Stern does. Sales will correct if the code gets a decent update. Way too many people waiting to buy.

If not, owners that enjoy the game still have the game they have today. The game may never get old for you. But it clearly got old quickly for the owners that sold their games after a couple hundred games or even less and the location owners who saw coin drop plummet not long after the 1.0 release.

Ask any distributors you know. I’ll bet every one of them will tell you they could sell dozens more to people on the fence. I know seven people (including myself) within 30 miles of me waiting to buy a game. Think about it - that’s an incredible number.

#5344 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

What on earth would who-dey have to be desperate about???? Desperate that he bought and owns a game he loves??

Perhaps that was the wrong choice of word, but you both obviously missed the point. Munsters as it sits now is a failure from both a sales and location point of view. The good news is that it has a great theme, it’s a good shooter and there seems to be a large number of potential buyers waiting to see if Stern does anything with the code. If Stern is planning a significant code update that’s further evidence that the “90s level code” idea was a flop and sales haven’t met projections.

That shouldn’t concern any owner who loves the game as it is today, just those still waiting to see if the code improves. Unlike Batman 66 where buyers knew it was going to be a long process to completion, Stern effectively came out and said “it’s done” shortly after release and the unofficial comments from Stern saying more good stuff is coming is veiled marketing speak telling people what they want to hear. Unless we see it announced in Stern of the Union the only reasonable assumption is that the game is essentially done.

#5381 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

My apologies if this has been addressed but from what I can tell plenty of distributers have plenty of Munsters NIB just sitting around for all models minus the LE... Just wondering, since I don't have enough experience with this myself, how long most distributers sit on these games before they start offering substantial discounts? I know I can get one used right now for less, and sometimes substantially less, than the current NIB retail price but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask what history tells us in these situations.

Contrary to what some say - if you call around you can indeed get a discount on a NIB Munsters. Distributors don’t make money holding on to excess stock (with rare exceptions). They buy the games from Stern in hopes they will sell through ASAP (in many cases drop shipping them). You will have to call - no one will put it in writing.

However, you will get a far more significant discount buying used and won’t pay tax (in most cases). If you want the game and like the current code consider this route.

I would not buy the game (new or used) based on the rumor that there might be a significant code update. Assume the code is essentially done. If something does come out, that’s a bonus but Stern won’t even consider a significant code update unless they are pressured by the dealers sitting on excess inventory (Stern has already sold produced games and supposedly cancelled another run due to lack of new demand).

#5388 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Broken record. jfh you seem like a reasonable guy in other threads but I don’t understand why are you trolling this thread, which is for people who like or own Munsters, with your passive aggressive posts when you neither like nor own the game?

Then, by your definition, there’s nothing wrong with my posts here. Munsters was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I was an early reviewer of Munsters with very positive comments. Was in on an LE day 2. I absolutely want a BW Premium and really hope there is a code update that makes use of the assets Borg spent a year identifying to give us the theme integration the game deserves. I’ll be a buyer at that point and almost certainly NIB.

It’s pretty sad that owners who have the game seem to have a problem with the fact the game hasn’t sold well since the initial surge or that someone would suggest buying used and/or not buying a game based on a hope of future code.

Munsters should have been a monster hit for Stern. Great shooter (despite the monotargets), great art, terrific theme. If there is a code update in the future that improves the theme integration and addresses some of the one trick pony concerns, I suspect sales will pick up again much like happened with Batman after it was clear where Lyman was taking the code.

#5389 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Please show the facts that support such statement otherwise it's just more jibba jabba lip service.

Stern doesn’t sell direct (except for the initial Batman SLEs). They manufacture the games which are sold to distributors. We are not their customers (read the warranty). They don’t keep them “in stock”. When a run is planned, distributors put in orders. If there isn’t enough interest, the run is scaled back. If there is significant demand, additional runs are scheduled (e.g. Batman Premiums, Star Trek Last Voyage, etc.) and there is a “last run” interest call before Stern moves on from a current license.

#5395 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

But where is the cancelled run call due to lack of sales,

You’re never going to see that posted publicly and I’m not going to share my sources because they would never talk to me again.

My feelings aren’t going to be hurt if you don’t believe that Munsters sales are flat since the initial rush and Dwight’s code comment. Funny that you choose to jump on that and not other comments (also not official) implying that Stern has heard us and a big update is coming. I would expect to see something like that in the SOTU newsletter.

And - what difference does it make? It doesn’t change how many units have been/will be sold (and no, I don’t know total numbers).

I’ve said many times buy a game because you like how it is at time of purchase not what you hope it becomes. People shouldn’t have a problem with that nor be worried about sales levels. As long as everyone who wants a game can (reasonably) get one, who cares how many are sold? No one should base their decision to buy solely based on the opinions of others. I’ve done absolutely nothing to discourage anyone from buying Munsters (or any other game) nor would I. But I don’t have blinders on either.

As for buying new or used, I tend to buy NIB when possible to support my local distributor and have never played the sales tax games. But with the current secondary market for Munsters what it is, that’s where I suggest those interested in buying a game look.

#5428 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I'm sorry. All this talk about the code confuses me. You all talk about code and the first thing you start talking about how the video needs more scenes from the TV show added. Excuse me, but how is adding more video going to make the pin play any better? I'll ask this again: How does adding more video clips improve game play?
Hell, as soon as I have a game end I am pushing the start button to get a new game going NOW. I don't wish to have to watch and re-watch a a bunch of videos. I hammer that start button for play action. I hear the call outs as I am playing. I have them all memorized by now. But when I am playing my eyes are locked onto the play field. I don't need any more video.
You want more character modes? There are Herman, Spot, Lily, Grandpa, and Raven modes. What else are you looking for?
What are your friends waiting on the fence wanting to see?
What is it I am enjoying about this pin that others find lacking?

As one of those on the fence ...

More video won’t make the pin play better or improve game play. I think most agree the pin is a smooth shooter and fun to shoot. I don’t think adding more video without related game play changes helps much but since you can generally cancel out of a clip if you want to take not a big deal. Munsters is somewhat unique because a large percentage of the video assets are buried in the match sequences which always seemed an odd choice, especially in home use where match is generally irrelevant and most do just want to hit START again. And the match sequences are passive - you don’t have to work to get them.

In Batman you are essentially playing through an episode - the better you play the more video (and variety) you see. It enhances the theme integration. Munsters isn’t ever going to be “play the episodes” but integrating more clips into game play, especially those specific to particular characters, draws you into the game more by taking advantage of what most of us like about Munsters in the first place - the show, the actors, the situations. A lot of the clips during game play almost seem like an after thought, not necessarily integral to the game or character in play. Where’s Grandpa drag racing? Eddie, Marilyn, Lily moments related to their modes? (Someone put together a great list in another thread that provides much more detailed examples).

Borg spent a massive amount of time identifying clips that embody the joy of the show but the ‘throwback gameplay’ concept doesn’t really allow for their use. I would love to see more of his vision for theme integration. I want to see more character moments I have to work for playing the game not just watch more clips after the game is over. I have most of the existing game play videos memorized and I’m not a great player.

#5434 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

jfh how can you not take a chance here?? lol

Don’t like the LE art package. Cancelled my LE order day 2 because of that, intending to get the Premium instead. I absolutely love the Premium (B&W) art.

#5435 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

but if Stern added what all the holdouts want, as in more game related TV clips mode character related content, like Batman, it would become an all time classic pin. ...
For the few people that don’t look up at the screen, a DMD era table is probably sufficient. The new modern LCD pinball tables, put us right into our favorite themes action, immersing us into the game play.

Bingo. Well said.

#5459 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I never have been any good at those Timeshock video hurry ups, but they did not detract from the game in anyway so I was cool with those.
You ask where is Grandpa's drag racing. See my earlier post. I did not know Grandpa was the reason to the entire drag rage sequence. Put Grandpa in there if you want, but it better not slow the game down. When I get a Dragula, I'm pumped. I getting ready to hit the bonus stop button. Anything that slows down that whole sequence would be a disappointment for me.

I wasn’t thinking of Timeshock, but that concept would certainly fit.

In Batman 66 the more times you hit the Commissioner Gordon target before you hit the to the Batcave shot, the longer the flip is. That’s a very simple example but you get the idea. That works because the game is holding the ball in the VUK but it doesn’t have to be a length thing. Doing Eddie loops? Show Eddie doing different things after x loops or combos or whatever.

I don’t usually worry about video sequences slowing this down as they can usually be cancelled with a simultaneous flipper button push if you want.

And ... no dig at you ... if you are a Munsters owner and haven’t watched the show spend $40 and buy the series on DVD. Watch the episodes and see the absolute gold mine of clips and sequences of the key characters that could add so much to the game. If you haven’t seen the show and don’t know what you’re missing you can’t understand the frustration of those of us who have or why we had such high expectations for theme integration and use of the show’s incredible A/V assets. (Heck, I spent my first few games just wanting to hear the theme music!)

#5491 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Well you haven't talked to me.for the record I don't like mini playfields in general and I think Munsters has the best mini playfield ever but it's still a mini playfield.when I first played the premium/Le I thought the basement was OK but like all mini playfields it got old quick and after playing about 15 games it was losing its novelty.I've now played my pro probably around 600 times and a premium/Le 50+ and I just can't stand the basement.I absolutely love my pro but the premium/Le is right there with the worst stern ever(gb)imo.my wife even commented last night how glad she was we didn't waste out money on the lower playfield.

Anyone who thinks the Munsters has the best lower playfield ever has probably never played Haunted House or Black Hole.

Musters certainly has the best mini playfield of any Stern game. The beauty of a Premium is that you can have the best of both worlds - the fun and novelty of the lower playfield with the ability to disable it if you want the fast and furious action of the Pro from time to time.

As Stern Pros go, Munsters is one of the best values. But the Premium is the way to go unless you just despise lower playfields or can’t swing the $1500-$1600 difference.

#5502 1 year ago

Yeah, all Haunted House has on its lower playfield is full size flippers, a real pinball, a drop target bank and stand ups ...

I enjoy the Munsters lower PF - love the way it fits the theme as a shrunken pinball machine in Grandpa’s lab and it’s fun to shoot - but its still a novelty that can interrupt the flow of the game that can get in the way if you don’t like the action being interrupted.

But it seems many missed the main point of my post - Premium > Pro because you can play the Premium with or without the lower playfield.

#5508 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The lower playfield is not a novelty that interupts the flow of the game. Its another mode to an already great game and the shots are meaningful and valuable and worth trying to do good while you are down there playing the lower playfield. And as a bonus its a shitload of fun to play also.
Im not a fan of lower and upper playfields but this one is fun as hell and its the best lower playfield ever.

Again - missing the point. Premium > Pro. Because you can have both modes of play.

Yes, the lower pf is a lot of fun. But if you like the fast and furious action of the Pro, dropping to the cellar interrupts that. That should be pretty obvious to anyone who has played both models.

Go back and read the post by puffdanny

#5556 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

This is the first time I have heard of this. Where are you getting this information, please?

There are more examples in the POTC, Wonka and JP2 threads. Munsters may not show up as often because (a) Stern uses multiple suppliers for their playfields and (b) Munsters doesn’t have any art under the slings so the pooling issues may not be as prevalent or noticeable (assumes the theory of the art not adhering to the wood properly is one potential cause of the damage).

As others have pointed out the “bad” playfields may show issues right away or a year down the line (though I suspect most show up early). Stern and JJP are clearly aware of the issues (washers installed under posts to attempt to mitigate/delay damage).

Any NIB buyer will have to expect this type of damage is possible until the manufacturers identify and solve the problem. Many surmise the problem is isolated to one playfield manufacture (Mirco) but that’s all circumstantial. Unfortunately this is not a problem impacting only a handful of people. It’s gotten common enough that I’m holding off any NIB purchase until the playfield issues have been resolved or Stern/JJP officially covers PF defects like this under warranty. (Stern has done a much better job of customer support on playfield issues to date).

However, as long as buyers jump in on day 1 of the LE feeding frenzy we aren’t likely to see a change. I suspect it will take a noticeable drop in sales to distributors before Stern or JJP will do anything significant about the problem.

#5557 1 year ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

Based on what I've seen on multiple recent Stern playfields, I will not be buying Elvira 3 NIB.

@robertwinter out on Elvira and @richiewrench out on Wonka are the canaries in the coal mine for Stern and JJP.

#5583 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I really want to give Batman a workout since it and Munsters are being compared with each other and everybody says how great Batman is how crappy Munsters is. I’ll get to see for myself.

Batman 66 is not a fast and furious shooter like Munsters, so if that’s a key criteria, you may be disappointed. Batman shines because of the deep code (there are so many ways to play), the “play through the episodes” structure for the major villains, theme integration and immersive use of audio/visual assets.

#5587 1 year ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Besides the classic theme, i don’t understand how they get compared to each other

That’s exactly why they get compared. Classic TV from the same era.

#5619 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

All this pooling around posts has to be due to playfields being assembled while the clear is still soft? I can’t think what else it could be...

There are plenty of theories:

Poor art to wood adherence
Incorrect clear formula
Insufficient cure time
Excess clear application
Some combination of the above

#5621 1 year ago
Quoted from gac:

How exactly do you "unzip" the file and extract the .spk file inside? Thanks again.

Use WinZip or just about any unzipper for Windows. You don’t do anything to the .spk files. They will get unpacked by the code update process.

Make sure you put the spk files in the root directory of the USB stick and nothing else.

2 weeks later
#5761 1 year ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

I don’t think stern cares No matter how many games you ve bought new. No matter how you voice your displeasure. Sad

This is a little harsh.

But it probably doesn’t matter how many games you bought because you bought them from Stern’s actual customer (the distributor), not Stern.

However it’s a shame to see such a cool topper be such a failure right out of the gate. Stern should be doing whatever mk6pin did to every topper before it ships, especially given the price point of these things.

#5798 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Not to rain on anyone's parade especially mine, but Dwight just said live in the Dead Flip Stream that Munster's code is done and he is done with that. Here is a link to the video.

Interesting contrast to Borg’s apparent recent email response indicating otherwise. If Dwight is correct, I think that’s an unfortunate and shortsighted decision by Stern. It wouldn’t take much to elevate Munsters game play from very good to great.

#5835 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

The Stern engineers thanked me, and said they would definitely address the issues I had found.....

Thanked you? They should freakin’ pay you ...

#5854 1 year ago
Quoted from Wanimal:

I am more and more excited to join the club. I finally convinced my wife to get a machine for home and we both settled on The Munsters (I wouldn't have minded a WCS or Flinstones either).
Waiting for the right time and deal to strike. A pro sold on Facebook with under a hundred plays and about $500 in mods for $4,250 the other day. I figured people will be dumping them for Elvira and I can snatch one before a code update! So excited!

Make sure you like the game play as it is now. Don’t count on a code update. If one happens, consider it a bonus.

#5860 1 year ago
Quoted from tpir:

1. Munsters. First place by a lot. This was all we ended up playing as it got later. When this machine starts rocking, it is quite the spectacle. Everyone felt like they understood what to do and while none of them started Munster Madness (lol Spot), everyone had some solid multiball experiences and felt like they were competitive.

I have seen this type of comment a lot. It makes you wonder why the big difference in popularity between home and location play. Game seems to be a very poor route performer but is popular with casual players in a home setting.

#5936 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Don’t like hearing you have issues with your PFs (think Stern will take care of you), but I don’t think this is a widespread issue as some suggest. Also don’t believe Mark and I are the lucky few. Know many friends that have zero issues with their Stern NIB PFs, including me. I’ve purchased 5 Stern NIB over the last year and no PF issues. I have a JPLE on the way and confident it will not have any issues, from all the reports I’ve heard and the fact that Stern remade all the JP PFs with no art around any post and a thinner clear coat. Hoping it all stays this way, but think it will. I’m also a big believer in using playfield protectors. I didn’t on my first 2 NIB, but have since started using them and my PFs look brand new. Also, have not noticed with the new PFs out of Germany any difference in play, over not using one. The new very thin Vivek material is quite good.
“The Next Generation Playfield Protector is made of Vivak (PET-G), which allows us to reduce thickness and improve the edges by using CNC lasers instead of CNC molding cutters. The new surface is now even more transparent while still being glossy.”
Have ordered and installed on every machine now, with great success. The old PF protectors affected game play, clouded or created a swarf, and were too thick. The newly created ones, work extremely well and keep my PFs looking brand new. They look just like another clear coat layer. Some will shoot down PF protectors and I would normally agree, but the new one’s coming out of Germany are better now. Don’t know why everyone doesn’t use these to protect their machines most important asset, the PF. Don’t know why Stern just doesn’t install them on all their machines. Would cut the issues PFs have to zero, but maybe they don’t want to have a bunch of new looking HUO machines for people to on-sell to the second hand market. Lol

A playfield protector is good for protecting the playfield but won’t stop pooling or chipping.

#5958 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Decent knowledge a surprise is coming very soon on this game....

Stern will ship a topper that works right out of the box?

#5962 1 year ago

New code 1.01 released

LE/PREMIUM V1.01 - September 23, 2019
- Added a Topper test in the diagnostics.
- The plus (+) button will move the hand to the next hour first going
around a couple times and then stop.
- The ENTER button will make the raven come out for a couple seconds and
say the current hour.

- Improved the Topper clock. The hand will spin around a couple times before
coming to a stop on the desired hour.

Moved to SYS 2.34:
Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.51.0

Using LEFT+START to end a game during bonus count could leave game graphics
on screen while in attract mode. This has been corrected.

Added Service Menu selection UTIL->ENDGAME. This selection is only
available when there is an active game. When selected the operator will
be prompted to confirm that they wish to end the current game. Once
confirmed and upon exiting the Service Menu, the game will be in attract

Added Standard Adjustment "ALLOW LEFT+START TO END GAME". Values are:
"NEVER", "FREE PLAY ONLY", and "ALWAYS". Default value is "NEVER".
During an active game, if the LEFT FLIPPER+START BUTTONs are held for
two seconds, the game will be ended.

Added Standard Audit "TOTAL PLAYS ENDED", which will track the number of
times a game is ended via the Service Menu or FLIPPER+START BUTTONs.

Added Standard Adjustment "CREDIT FORMAT". Values are:
FRACTION". For a USA coindoor when inserting three quarters:
"REDUCED FRACTION" would display "1/4", "1/2", "3/4"
"ACTUAL FRACTION" would display "1/4", "2/4", "3/4"

Update Italian translation of "ENTER INITIALS" to "INSERISCI LE TUE

Coin door interlock switch support for Spike2.

#5964 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Please don't tell me that was it...........

I won’t, but somebody else might.

#5980 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

...funny and Dwight said no more code updates were planned...lol...there will be even more yet to come...a good game will yet become awesome! Stern would be nuts to leave it with only 1.01 and they know it.

Lol. Technically this is a code update, but it certainly doesn’t lead one to believe anything of substance is on the horizon. I’m sure Dwight meant game play, not a topper test and Spike updates.

Munsters under performed sales estimates and Stern isn’t going to invest in significant code without more sales. Add in concern about PF clear, unsold inventory at distributors and some Munsters money moving to Elvira and it’s not likely that we will see a big uptick in demand for Stern to do new runs anytime soon. Enjoy what exists because as much as I would like to see a code update with enhanced game play and theme integration it seems less and less likely.

#5982 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Flip is true, get some better code you get better sales...like DP.

I agree 100%. Look at Batman. But Munsters apparently so underperformed that Stern apparently isn’t willing to take that gamble.

#5986 1 year ago
Quoted from Rozeks:

Hey all. While preparing my Premium for the code update/topper install tonight, I discovered 3 tech alerts (Check node boards 1,8, and 9 as not responding. Ran the node board bus tests, which returned the same. Any ideas on what to check?

I believe you will get this error if the coin door is open. If you have an interlock switch on the coin door pull it out and i’ll bet the error goes away during test. Also - update the code to 1.01 and see if error goes away.

#5995 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Explain B66 then? Game sat for over 1 year with poor code. Beyond the LE’s and SLE’s initial sales were abysmal. I would bet more Munsters LE’s alone (600) sold than all B66 models in the first 12-18 months.
Yet Stern invested in b66 code until it became the classic it is today. Exact opposite to your theory.
Edit: and what about Ghosbusters? Game isn’t even in production and it’s had a huge code workover.

You and I are saying the same thing about Batman. Batman Premium sales didn’t start to take off until there were significant code updates. Sales were indeed abysmal after LE/SLE for a little over a year. But the difference between Batman and Munsters was significant. At the Batman reveal Stern acknowledged the game was rushed to meet the anniversary deadline and that it would not be considered feature complete until Lyman and George said it was. So we knew (or took Stern at their word) that more was going to be invested in Batman. We later learned the game play underwent almost a complete redesign. Contrast that to Munsters which was essentially declared done at release.

Your comparison numbers are probably close because Munsters had almost double the number of LEs in the initial sales rush and almost all were sold before the “Munsters is done” announcement was made. Early Batman buyers knew what they were getting; early Munsters buyers were blindsided.

I think Ghostbusters is slightly different though I don’t know a lot about the title since I don’t have a lot of interest in it. However, it sold far more units than Munsters (so far) and was pretty much the poster child for the #wheresthecode? movement. Ghostbusters code status was a PR nightmare for Stern for years because it was such a high visibility title. Maybe Munsters will fare better because it’s still considered a current game. But I believe Munsters sales are pretty much done unless Stern revisits the code (and figures out the clear situation).

#5997 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Munsters was a blockbuster title out of the gate.

Agreed. Then Dwight made the now infamous statement that the game was essentially done. Stern will only produce more Munsters over the next few years if distributors want to order more. Right now they don’t and many are sitting on unsold inventory (made more difficult by playfield QC concerns) For the most part Stern doesn’t produce games that aren’t sold/committed to distributors.

I believe demand will increase notably if Stern releases a code update that substantially improves asset use and theme integration. But not before.

Edit: looks like I was typing this at the same time as the post above.

#6005 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

When i get a game I always assume there won’t be any more code updates. I buy based on what the game is, not what I hope it will be.

Two years in a thread called “A Dark Night for Stern”, over 350 pinsiders upvoted a post that said, in part:

“I'm no longer going to buy a game for what it might become in the future or what a company tells me they are going to do. Actions speak louder than words. I'm going to be buying on what I get today, not promises of what I'll get tomorrow.”

I hope that there are still plenty of people willing to put their money where their mouth is. The more common that becomes, the more Stern will pay attention. I do believe that Stern will eventually bow to the fence sitters waiting for more substantial code. I just hope they do it before most of those folks have moved on.

#6007 1 year ago
Quoted from tpir:

Do you have a source for any of this? I see all kinds of people throwing around sales figures, but it always sounds like people making stuff up. Not saying you are making stuff up... maybe you are a distributor or something? Just curious.

I have many sources ... most of which would no longer be sources if I revealed them. The information I have is mostly second hand or anecdotal but from people that have first hand knowledge. Sometimes it’s confirmation on an educated guess/range; sometimes it’s more specific. I also pride myself at reading between the lines and sensing when someone has an agenda. But, unless I rely on information from a published source, I don’t talk about sources.

(No, I’m not a distributor. Just someone who likes to ask a lot of questions and has been interested in the business of pinball for over twenty years).

#6021 1 year ago
Quoted from tpir:

OK, well your sources are bad. Your Munsters and Batman information are flat out wrong. (Source: three different distributors not counting the ones in this thread.) Sorry to burst your bubble. Also, when you use made up facts to prop up your code complaints, *you* end up looking like the one with the agenda.

I highly doubt my sources are wrong. My Batman comments tracks what others have reported; ditto Munsters. (Ask your distributor sources why there haven’t been any more Munsters runs). And my code complaints are MY code complaints, not others. As for my ‘agenda’ - I want Elvira and Munsters to be kick ass games that are massive hits for Stern and I want to own them both. But I’m not spending $ on either until I’m happy with the code and convinced that the playfield issues have been solved.

Believe what you want. The only thing that matters is what Stern does with the game, not what any of us think they are going to do. I have a pretty nice collection. If I never add another pin it’s still a pretty awesome collection. If Stern makes Munsters what it should be, I’ll buy one. If not that doesn’t make it a bad game. Just not one I’m buying.

#6029 1 year ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

If you’re not an owner, why are you in this thread posting so regularly? It’s hard to really know a pin until you own it. Pins on location and friends houses are completely different than owning one as you can change settings, pitch etc. my Munsters settings are tailored to how we like to play it.
I’m sure you have bought pins you thought were great and found out it wasn’t what you thought. I’m also sure you have bought pins that where average and found out they were great.

If you read my posts you would know the answer to your question.

It’s fair to say one has far more control over a pin that you own but beyond that is stretching it. Munsters wasn’t/isn’t a relative flop on location because barcade players didn’t own one instead.

And no, I’ve never bought a pin I thought was average and then changed my mind into thinking it was great. As for the reverse - once. Monster Bash was a game I was sure was going to be a great addition to my collection - I wanted one for almost 15 years before I commissioned what turned out to be a beautiful restoration- but it just didn’t click enough to stay (though I probably would have kept it if I didn’t need the space).

I’m at the point where a favorite has to move out to bring something new in. I like Munsters a lot as it is (certainly better than most games in recent memory), but not enough (in its current state) to buy it new to replace an existing game. If I had unlimited space or money, I would have bought a Premium the day I cancelled my LE order.

But none of this is relevant to the recent conversation that Munsters sales and demand are likely to be pretty much flatlined unless Stern makes some significant improvements to the code, a premise shared by many owners and non-owners alike. And because some portion of potential sales will always be lost to whatever the latest game is, the longer it takes the fewer NIB Munsters will sell.

#6030 1 year ago

Can owning one pin be defined as having a “collection”?

It near about killed me to go from 50+ to twenty something. I don’t know if I could ever decide which game to keep if I could only keep one.

#6032 1 year ago

Umm ... wrong thread. ^^

#6088 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

If the lower play field is turned off, how do you get Grandpa to light up? No Grandpa then no Munster Madness.

Essentially uses Pro rules when lower PF is disabled.

1 week later
#6165 1 year ago
Quoted from ozno:

These posts attacking the code critics are really misinformed. It’s not so much a code update that’s needed, but rather an imagination update. Some of us make our living in entertainment and recognize that Stern missed a dozen opportunities to make this game fun. That’s all. So, if you like the game, I am telling you will like it a lot more once they explore some more modes and clips.

Bingo. It’s not that Munsters isn’t a good game. It’s that Stern couldn’t be bothered to make it great, especially since it was Borg’s dream theme. They should have known that Munsters theme integration would be compared to that of Batman 66 and the current comparison is not kind.

Unfortunately the attacks are easy to understand. Some on Pinside are so polarized and can’t acknowledge that there is nothing other than fanboy or hater. What is mind boggling to me is how defensive some get. Some owners have blinders on simply because they bought the game and feel the need to pump it up or ignore issues. This is just silly. No one should buy a game solely on someone else’s opinion or review. If you love the game, what difference does it make if someone else doesn’t share your opinion? If you like the game what’s wrong with wanting to see it better?

If Stern does release an “imagination” update worthy of the theme I’ll bet current owners and many sitting on the fence will love it. Those that don’t shouldn’t update their code or buy the game.

I don’t think such an update is going to happen, but really hope it does. I thought Elvira was going to knock Munsters out of contention but it seems a little too dark at the moment where Munsters is lighter in tone and I happen to prefer the latter. Munsters will probably never have the depth of a Lyman game, but more imagination and theme integration could go a long way to make it the blockbuster it should have been in the first place.

#6166 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

"worse code ever" is just bullshit, and accomplished what it wanted...pile on the game. Sorry he didn't like it. I don't like alot of games, just don't start hate threads about them.

True. And exactly the kind of damage extreme polarization inflicts on the community. But sadly that thread got far more traction than the one dedicated to suggestions for improvement.

#6172 1 year ago
Quoted from sulli10:

I think saying Stern “could not be bothered” to make the game great is not a fair statement based on past performance at this point. How long did it take to make Walking Dead, BM66 and Met to where they are presently? Dwight just put out outstanding releases on GB and GOT. His SW is also excellent in my opinion from a code stand point. Munsters may be a better shooter then all of the above. Give them a chance. I doubt it will ever get to the immersion level of say a Hobbit, but none of those great code games got there over night.

Maybe. But you can’t really compare Dwight to Lyman. Lyman games typically take a long time before they are “finished”.

The difference with Munsters is Dwight stated publicly that the game was supposed to be simple and that it was essentially done. This seems to be true since the code is now past 1.0 which in the new numbering scheme means feature complete.

Stern management had to know he said this yet has done nothing to make it clear this isn’t true (if indeed it isn’t true).

Contrast to Batman 66 where Stern stated publicly, multiple times, that Batman wasn’t going to be considered done until Lyman and George said it was. And we know more Batman code is coming (though I suspect it’s mostly a Spike 2 upgrade and minor polish)

Stern knows there are a lot of potential sales for Munsters sitting out there that are waiting on two things - (1) Confirmation of new code (and Kaneda doesn’t count) and (2) Confidence that the playfield quality issues are fixed.

#6205 1 year ago
Quoted from Slapfighter:

It's Gary Sterns decision if there will be happen a big code update or not in the future.

Actually it isn’t. Gary doesn’t make those types of decisions anymore. Hasn’t for quite a while.

#6257 1 year ago

I have a Pro and a Premium translite available. Both autographed by the design team, Butch Patrick and Pat Priest. (TPF was Pat’s final show appearance).
As far as I know, the Premium translite is the only one that exists autographed by all.

PM if you are interested. I have them with me at Expo, so can avoid shipping if you are here.

Edit: Pro pending sale.

709C951D-4C7C-44C6-9502-7265F1617B48 (resized).jpeg

F0D51323-DF9F-497C-AD61-0E3F55F23740 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#6398 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

the game is just so damn beautiful that it's insane. Stern is going to miss Chris Franchi's artwork big time!

Yeah. Too bad Franchi burned all his bridges on the way out.

#6402 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not knocking JP and Elvira 3 but they are not even in the same league as Franchi’s art.

Umm, Greg Freres did a perfect art package for Elvira. You’re right - it’s not in the same league as Franchi’s - Greg’s is original and hand drawn.

I can’t defend the JP art, but agree that Munsters is great - though calling it the most beautiful pinball ever made is like calling the Munsters code the worst code ever.

#6405 1 year ago
Quoted from bayareapinster:

anyone interested in a Munsters black and white for $6300 NIB PM me

Nice price. I’d be interested if I hadn’t just bought Elvira. The B&W Premium is the best of the bunch.

#6408 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I thought you have been telling us that you did not want a Munsters because of the code. But now I get hints that your interest will change with the price. Am I picking up on this correctly?

Price is always a consideration.

My interest in the game has never changed.

I was excited for the game from the first rumors. Since the reveal I have always liked Munsters and wanted the game. I love the theme, like how it shoots and think the BW art is near perfect, but not pulled the trigger because of the code (and, to some extent, the clear coat issues). But concerns can always be mitigated to a degree with cash/discounts.

I still wouldn’t buy one from a distributor at their current pricing but the price above got my attention and got me thinking “do I want to gamble on the hope the code will improve significantly?”. It’s moot at this point because money I had for Munsters was spent on Elvira last month, but I’m sure there’s some price point that would make me go “sure, I’ll take it” and I’d find the money for it. If Toy Story doesn’t happen or disappoints, I’ll look at Munsters again. But if the Munsters code wasn’t so disappointing (and Dwight hadn’t said it’s essentially done), I would’ve had Munsters in my game room months ago (and certainly paid more than $6300).

#6484 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I’ll check it when I get home. Shook so badly I was afraid it would break a node board.

Never understood why Stern doesn’t mount the playfield node boards with rubber grommets. Cheap insurance to prevent vibration damage.

#6570 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Without mentioning video, what code does Munsters need?

More variety in scoring goals. The game is almost totally a one-trick pony - collect the jackpots and/or risk to increase points. More shots/goals unique to the characters in their modes.

And there needs to be unique goals/scoring based on video. Yes, you said no video but either you don’t seem to grasp how important video is to the theme or (as I suspect based on your comments) you don’t care (which is fine). Every single episode in Batman plays differently. It’s not the same goal just repeated. In many cases, shots correspond directly to the video (something like shoot ramp to deploy bat beam). Even a few “play through the episodes” modes would make Munsters more appealing, even if that means “copying” Batman.

If Munsters was an unlicensed game with equivalent code and game play, I’d have no problem with it as it stands now. But when you aren’t exploiting the best asset you have (the video) in a theme about an iconic television show, you are missing the mark. I want to see Munsters as an homage to the show in a pinball game, not a pinball game that would play the same regardless of the theme.

As a big fan of the show, it pains me not to own the game, especially since it looks great and shoots well. But the comparisons to Batman show the downsides of Munsters not truly integrating the theme into game play. Look at Elvira 3 even at pre 1.0 code - the code is all about the story/theme and uses the video to advance game play. That’s what Munsters needs to do.

#6622 1 year ago
Quoted from tpir:

Would like to know this as well. Like, let's hear some specifics.
Also would like to see evidence of games getting significant bumps in resale prices or sales for Stern after code updates. The latter would be especially hard to produce considering their large updates lately have been for games not in production anymore

There are no specifics about an “awesome” code update coming for Munsters because it’s not clear one is actually in the works. The original rumor came from a distributor looking to move Munsters games from his warehouse. If Stern mentions an update in Stern of the Union then there may be something to look forward to. Until then, the safest thing to do is to assume the code isn’t going to have significant changes.

The only recent evidence of significant sales bumps after code updates I’m aware of came with Batman after one of the interim updates (maybe .75?) in summer/fall of 2017 where there was a small run on Premiums that had been sitting in stock and Stern polled distributors interested in another run (and got orders). And I think there were at least two more runs (and then the Catwoman run). The difference is that Stern had always been clear that Batman was a special case and “wasn’t done”. I also remember a number of BM66 games that had been floundering on the secondary market disappearing pretty quickly after those updates, including some LEs.

I am absolutely convinced Munsters sales would spike with a transformative code update. But we’re not even a year in in what is probably a three year license so Stern has some time to decide what to do.

#6669 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Manufacturers have taken the notion of flipping new games out of the equation...they're all too expensive, QC issues, etc. If you're not planning on holding onto a game for awhile, I wouldn't buy it.

I see ALL new games taking big hits on initial resale, regardless of being beloved early or not (won't drop any title names as it would cause another shitstorm).
Munsters is Munsters.....doesn't need saving, just some attention and time....a great game...

You’re absolutely right that this isn’t limited to Munsters. Resale of games is most likely going to take a bigger hit than in the past because the value of games to most haven’t increased as fast as Stern’s pricing. The people that have to have LEs or games at launch before we gave any idea where code is going to end up are going to be paying NIB premiums they simply won’t get back. The days of Tron LE are long gone. The *only* benefit (and a questionable one at that) is that Stern has pretty much killed the NIB flipper market. They are still some that try, but, with one exception (Batman SLE) I don’t know of any titles in the last few years where a straight flip was worth the trouble.

Stern screwed Munsters LE owners big time when they increased the edition to 600. It should have been 300, 400 tops. But the LE price points have gotten ridiculous- see Elvira LE. An almost new game at about $1k under cost hasn’t sold. So you nailed it when you said don’t buy a game NIB these days unless you are pretty sure it’s going to be bolted to the floor for a while because the days of selling games, especially LEs for a few hundred dollars less than you paid for them are over.

#6673 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

The other LE screw job, IMO, was bringing out the color premium. I bought my LE with 55 plays on. I guess that makes it a used purchase. Had I known that a color premium was coming I might have waited and got a new color premium.

Good point. Stern did that because the LEs sold out quickly and the BW Premiums were very polarizing. They wanted to milk everything out of the initial hype for the title before everyone realized the code was pretty much what it was going to be. I wonder how long people sitting on the fence because of code will wait before moving on and writing off Munsters for another game. If Stern is working on a substantial update they need to get it done while the potential demand is still there.

#6676 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I think our famous phrase "play it before you buy it" has to be modernized to current state - "play it before you buy it...if you buy it, plan on keeping it awhile"

And that’s why Stern sells LEs before anyone can play them

#6685 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

All the LEs are now sold out at Pinballs.com. That can’t be a bad sign about value.

Just because they are sold out doesn’t mean they will retain that value. All the Munsters LEs are sold out too.

1 week later
#6763 1 year ago
Quoted from locksmith:

I’m in as of yesterday. Got a 300 play premium that’s flawless and the price was right. Thanks to the downvoters who saved me thousands. What a quirky hobby.[quoted image]


1 month later
#7064 1 year ago
Quoted from sublime90803:

Not sure why it's a bear to sell. I think it's Stern's best looking game they've ever made.

It certainly is one of the nicest looking games. But unless someone wants it as a piece of art, that doesn’t matter. Game play does. Unless/until new code is released the Munsters market is a buyer’s market, more so than other recent titles.

It’s hard to sell because there is plenty of inventory out there, NIB and used. There may also be some hesitation on used games because of early production clear issues. I know a couple people that sold Munsters to fund JP2 and STH. One really surprised me because Munsters was a dream theme, but it seems like there is more game churning these days. I don’t understand why anyone sells such a new game so fast unless it’s code related or a financial emergency comes up.

#7067 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

IMO, it is key that Dwight makes the code much better (yes, its good now, but not epic like it should be). If he doesn’t I won’t be buying another game coded by him. Game prices are too high to not have it much deeper than it is or rather without having a great deal more show content with modes added. The show itself is the reason why most people buy this game, right? Although it shoots so well and has a unique and fun lower PF, people buy this game for the theme and beloved TV series. Dwight has not included much show material, other than end of ball sequences that really don’t count much imo. I want to see modes attached to a great deal more show material
...a travesty for Munsters, since it really does have it all, except lots of coded TV show material depth. Come on Dwight, do the game justice.
... This will only make good business sense for Stern to make this game shine. There still are loads of people standing on the sidelines waiting to buy a game that has everything else going for it.

What really ticks me off is having listened to what Borg went through to select the show assets is how so few of them were actually used.

Munsters should have sold in the JP2 numbers territory. Instead Stern gave the finger to LE buyers by upping the number at the last minute, delaying the announcement of the color Premium, and going radio silent on playfield clear issues while dealers sat on inventory people were afraid to buy. And then of course there was Dwight saying the code was pretty much done at release.

I’m glad most people who own the game like it as is because I don’t see Stern doing anything to goose sales of the title before the license runs out which is a shame.

#7080 1 year ago
Quoted from BigJoeCincy:

I will be holding onto mine until I see what they do with the software.

I would like to believe the rumors that Stern is doing a big update but with their move away from three titles into more each year I’m thinking it’s less and less likely. I’m sure they know there is NIB Munsters $ sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happens with the code (and to some extent whether the clear issues are behind us for now), but with more new titles to choose from Stern may not care as much about “older” titles they still have a license to produce as they once might have.

I am bitter about how they treated Munsters and Borg after seeing the passion he put into the game. I haven’t given up hope on owning a BW Premium but with the floor space that Munsters was going to take now being taken by Elvira it’s less likely.

1 week later
#7138 12 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Stop scratching Cotton, because it is rinse repeat, level 1, 2 and 3. Near the same, with slight rule changes. It’s show material aligned with modes that we want. It is very slim in that regard. Didn’t buy Munsters to have one save ball sequence, basically showing material from 5 minutes of show content at best, except for the end of ball sequences (which don’t count). This is scanty programming on Dwight’s part. Will never buy one of his games again unless he makes this right. The Midnight Madness mode is one of the best and unless up until 12am, never even play that one.
I understand that John Borg spent many hours going through all the Munsters show material, cataloging and such to include lots of show content in the game. What happened to all that work???
Quite frankly it is pathetic the lack of Munsters show material and characters modes in the game (Lilly is almost no where to be found, nor Eddie, nor Marilyn). Not sure why you can’t see that. Take the minuscule Spot 20 second intro, Herman getting into the car for 5 seconds, Grandpa holding a shrinking ray for 5 seconds and what do you have??? Not much else. I’m getting quite irritated after spending this much money for the lack of show modes material.
Take away the little bit I’ve mentioned and you could rename the game to Zaps and Jackpots. Would have the same meaning and game play. I purchased Munsters not Zap/Jackpot as a theme. Get the lead out Stern and Dwight and actually give us what we all paid for. I’ve purchased 6 NIB Stern’s this past year and will stop the spending unless they deliver. I’ve not asked for any more code on any of the other 5, as they have been coded by people whom actually are given the time or get the job done.

Great post.

If I remember correctly Cotton has said he wasn’t a big fan of the show. This may explain why the lack of show assets and integration don’t bother him and some others. I’m still amazed and confused at how many owners defend Munsters as a great game rather than demanding Stern make it so. Stern and Dwight should be ashamed of what they did to Borg’s vision for the game.

We are already over a year into the 3 year production window for Munsters. Stern is running out of time to generate sales interest by making a difference with code. I hope they at least do a code update for all the owners down the road but believe Stern doesn’t see enough benefit to rewriting the code.

#7155 12 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

How long have you had your Munsters game for?
We have had our LE since new and love it. I find most of the people complaining about the code do not own a game.

I’m sure your question is rhetorical. And my post had nothing to do with whether current owners enjoy the game. Obviously, most do. That has nothing to with what Stern plans for the game (if anything). There are many owners that enjoy the game as is and many (including some of that group) that want more from the code just like I do.

My source says no significant code changes should be expected. That’s different from what some have apparently been told. I hope my source is wrong (or was playing word games with me).

My position has been consistent from the beginning. I love everything about the game except the code. I’m disappointed I don’t have the game Borg envisioned. If there is a future code revision that does the game justice, I’m likely to own one because I really want one. Until then, I’ll gladly play Munsters on location to support the operator and to hear Jerry’s awesome version of the theme music.

#7157 12 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I appreciate your reply, however this is an owners thread. You can go on with whatever you like on the 2 other Munsters threads.
Out of respect to owners please...

As long as I’m interested in Munsters I’ll be following this thread and posting when I feel like posting. I’m going to learn things here I won’t in the other Munsters threads.

As far as being respectful to owners, I think I’ve shown I am. And, in case you aren’t aware, there are plenty of non-owners in this thread and other owner threads.

#7198 11 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I"m sort of thinking that with the new competition that Stern is dealing with (Chicago Gaming, etc.) that Stern has adopted a policy of pushing them out the door now, before the buyer-prospect heads off to buy a competitor's product. Sell while the selling is good

And we saw the cynical side of this when Stern bumped the number of a Munsters LEs while anticipation was red hot before the whole “the code is almost done” debacle. Stern manipulated the market (without any additional benefit to the early LE buyers) and took advantage of that and the excitement before most could play the game and/or realize that the shallow code was essentially considered done. LE owners who have sold have taken the biggest hit.

#7201 11 months ago

Agree thunderbird except for a few things. Munsters does not have “the worst code ever” just because someone started a thread with that title. But it has that reputation because the zaps and jackpots premise could apply to any game. Dwight said he wanted to make a throwback more approachable game which wasn’t necessarily a bad idea, just one that was implemented poorly without exploiting the assets Borg worked so hard to identify and isolate.

For me, Dwight saved STLE so I’m not ready to say I won’t buy one of his games but I’m not buying any new Stern game unless I am ok with whatever the current code is (with possible exceptions for Lyman titles).

What I don’t understand is why, if there is indeed a significant update coming, there hadn’t been at least a public acknowledgement of it (SOTU for example). Even the Ghostbusters code had that despite the fact the update came out long after production stopped. Why not say the same for Munsters while the game is still in the production window/. Absolutely no downside for Stern if they are indeed planning an update. There are enough design teams now where it shouldn’t be too hard to have Dwight and team work on code that should goose demand for Munsters. Except for JP2 none of the 2019 titles apparently did well and I think Munsters has the most potential money sitting on the sidelines.

1 month later
#7496 10 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Any more ideas concerning the clue word “Herman”?

How about “Fred” or “Gwynne”?

Or his initials FHG?

3 weeks later
#7836 9 months ago
Quoted from marspinball:

How were Munsters sales. Do distributors have stock still? Is the game still in production or are they done.

Munsters sales were terrific initially but ground to a halt after Dwight’s “the code is essentially done” video. Many distributors have stock (mostly Pros and color Premiums). No Stern game is in production, but the license is still active and Stern has not issued a “last call” to distributors yet.

1 week later
#8047 8 months ago
Quoted from hd60609:

I understand many people's reservations about coding, especially from Dwight. But kind of a pickle for Dwight and Stern. They came off some games that launched with code in its early stages and some may say should not have even been released. Stern took a beating from many people for this exact issue. So whether Stern asked Dwight to say it or Dwight said it on his own, they took the opposite approach with Munsters in saying the code is "finished" in hopes of avoiding further harsh criticism.

Umm, No.

Both Dwight and Jon said that Munsters was designed as a more approachable game; a throwback to the WMS games of the 90’s. It wasn’t the “Stern released beta code” beating. Stern didn’t take the “opposite’ approach - they deliberately took a different approach which backfired with the home market that generally demands and expects deeper code than the typical route operator. If Stern is indeed working on a significant code enhancement that is a tacit admission that their original approach with Munsters was a mistake.

#8266 8 months ago

It’s a shame that Munsters probably has the best integrated topper Stern has done to date but they clearly don’t care about quality control. The Batman topper fits the game perfectly, but the Munsters is an absolute must have.

Kudos to those of you that have fixed what Stern couldn’t be bothered with.

And another Stern of the Union has come and gone with no mention of Munsters code.

#8272 8 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Relax. jfh is not a troll. He likes the game but wants more code; He is not coming on this thread or the other thread and saying Munsters is a piece of shit. He is not telling any of us that we are idiots for buying one. And he is not saying anything that is untrue.

Thanks cottonm4

I’ve decided that Munsters will most likely be my next (and probably last) Stern game. I’ve got no room in my game room but have identified three possible games to move to make that happen. But only when I’m happy with the code (which is why I keep looking for something from Stern that even hints the rumors are true). And, as much as I hate the topper fiasco, I’ll probably buy one to have before they aren’t available anywhere.

#8276 8 months ago
Quoted from guss:

Where can I find a Munsters pro NOS playfield ? I emailed stern, they said I have to get it from a distributor. But no one has one listed. Any suggestion would be helpful.

If anyone can get them, Pinball Life can. Give them a call.

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#8397 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I for one am sick of the BS.

Then you need to stop promoting B.S. There are far more existing owners in here that have commented on code than non-owners.

Munsters is a great game in so many ways yet you (and a tiny minority of owners) feel compelled to continue to either hype up the game (why would that be necessary to do for others that own it?) or completely reject comments from those who love to play the game on location and/or might want the game at some point, regardless of reason. It reeks of desperation and/or the need to justify a purchase decision (which no one needs to justify to anyone but themselves).

I don’t want to be limited to discussion with only people that don’t own a game and certainly don’t want to be stuck in threads started by trolls like the “worst code ever” guy. Threads like this one are the best places to get information about a game. Many mod makers or tech guys don’t own games. Do you want to exclude them to? What about previous owners? Like it or not, these threads are the best place for game discussion once a game is out in the market and owners should welcome informed and reasoned discussion.

You want to tilt at windmills and become the thread posting police for any game you own? Take it up with Robin. You want verified or moderated owner threads? I sure don’t and I doubt very many others do either.

Although I assume you own Munsters, I find it ironic that someone who keeps his collection hidden complains about who posts where.

#8403 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

What a load of crap. Another non owner on here pushing his own BS. Owners clubs are for owners of a machine to enjoy a dickhead and troll free thread.
You neglected to mention that you attended the Munsters Launch, got a heap of promo gear signed, and then sold it all at a profit. You just want to troll owners by saying "I may buy a game if the code improves". Take your BS to an appropriate thread.

Lol! If you are going to attack me, at least get your facts straight.

I sold one set of promo items from my wife’s VIP package (for slightly 1/2 the cost) and a Pro translite I bought and got (and paid for) to have signed. In that case I made a whopping $8 over what the translite, signatures and tube cost me, not accounting for my time and effort.

I have my VIP stuff, some personalized photos from Butch and Pat and also had a Premium translite signed that I have ready for my Munsters B&W Premium should I end up with one. I’m not going to sell it because TPF was Pat’s last show so I couldn’t replace it if I wanted to (and, as far as I know, I was the only one at TPF with a Premium translite).

You clearly don’t know my history with or desire for the game and seem obsessed with the idea that I post in “your” thread. It’s pretty clear that I’m not the troll. If you have a problem with me, take it to PM and leave the thread for topics about the game, not your perceived slights.

(And yet we still can’t see your games ...)

#8407 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Had to validate your non purchase?

Umm, what?

You’ve gone from polite to unreasonable to obsessive to unhinged. You should quit while you’re behind.

I’m going to continue to post here as long as you keep attacking me or when I have something productive to post about Munsters. Your determination to increase my posting frequency seems counter to your desires though ...

And, by the way, your recents post are the textbook definition of trolling so perhaps you should follow your own advice a couple posts back.

1 week later
#8459 8 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

A few bashing our Munsters machine in another thread as usual. I defended saying, “Munsters is a AAA licensed theme from Universal Studios, using the classic Universal Monsters in a comedy family setting. It is well recognized around the world and is still enjoyed in rerun syndicated TV by millions. Just because a few on Pinside have berated it, doesn’t take away from Munsters licensing power.
The game is an underrated gem, just needs additional material added to the software, which Stern is rumored to be doing in the future. The mono targets on the game was an issue at first with me, but after playing it a lot, I’ve completely forgotten about them and it is a non issue now. Can’t say all games should be that way although. I prefer drop targets for sure.
Munsters may be an old TV show, but it’s theme is timeless and still loved by millions around the world. And because of the theme, it still holds up today.“
Munsters owners unite!

Great response!

This is the only Munsters thread that matters.

2 weeks later
#8575 7 months ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

It’s interesting that I decided to visit this thread today. I’m well aware of many enthusiasts feelings about the Munsters code, but there is an LE for a fair price nearby that I’m considering purchasing. However, I’m reading about everyone getting rid of theirs and having second thoughts! I just can’t figure out if this is a good pin to buy low with the hopes that there is a code update. With that being said, it doesn’t seem like Stern is very interested in the pin. Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud

The only opinion that matters is yours.

But if you haven’t played it yet, play it before you make your decision. It’s not like deciding on an LE at release time where you sometimes have decide to buy just on the art/feature package. If you like the game and code as it is now there are indeed some good deals out there. But don’t buy Munsters (or any other game) on the hope the code will be updated. That should never be the deciding factor in a purchase decision.

Buy a game for what it is, not what it might become.

#8604 7 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

For LE owners I will say in all fairness Sterns business model (until very recently) has been to hype the shit out of the game and sell LEs out long before code hits 1.0 or greater.
Stern is trying to change this by releasing games at 1.0 (as of very recent); however most people buying LEs still expect decent code updates. That was Sterns long-standing business model!!!! Hard to think past what they created.
Unfortunately for Munster LE owners the double hit / change happened at same time. Stern sticking to new 1.0 view (code is “done”) and Munsters was coded as a simple coded, throw back machine.
Let the data speak....review the LE read me files on Sterns website and you will see “healthy code updates” on most of their recent games post 1.0. Unfortunately not for Munsters LE so far. This is from a longtime LE buyer of many Sterns (well .....no longer). Sold 5 of my Stern LEs in 18 months!
Fool me once...never again.
I will buy used LEs or wait for the premium.

Stern definitely pulled a fast one on Munsters buyers, starting with changing the number of LEs right out of the gate. The LEs sold out almost instantly long before the now infamous Dwight comments. There was *zero* discussion at TPF of “the code is pretty much done” and no reason for LE buyers to think the game was going to be different than any other recent game. I had a day 2 LE order that I cancelled because I really couldn’t wrap my head around the art package and decided to get a Premium because the b/w art package was awesome.

TPF was a great reveal, there was great energy for the game, Borg’s session was awesome and then *poof* - Stern pulled the rug out. And they know what they did because Munsters sales just dropped almost instantly after Dwight’s video. Stern has since added code to support the topper and very little else. Every single LE buyer (most of whom had to commit before it was even possible to play a game) got shafted IMO because, all of a sudden, it was “we want to ship 1.0 code at release, so what you see is what you get”.

No other recent game has had so little attention given to it post-launch. I’ve always been pretty sure the rumors of “a big update is coming” was started by a dealer who saw orders dry up as soon as Dwight’s comments were made. And I’ve hoped, without any peep from Stern, that was true. But the longer we hear nothing the more I think Stern is perfectly happy letting this wonderful title just fade away.

Stern seems to take LE buyers for suckers. Why aren’t they produced last after all the kinks are ironed out? Because LEs have the highest margin and Stern wants to sell as many to super fans of the theme as fast as they can before anyone knows what’s what.

I am still pissed at what Stern did to Munsters and feel for so many who decided to move on, not because Munsters is a bad game but because Stern was hellbent on pushing out a throwback game to address a problem that never actually existed and then did nothing when they realized collectors weren’t clamoring for that kind of experience.

All of my Sterns have been NIB LEs. But I can’t be in the LE FOMO camp any more because I have little faith Stern will do right by those folks.

#8618 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

As far as adding another 100 LE's I dont think it's a big deal at all because LE's dont keep or grow their value because of their limited production numbers. They hold their value because of the extra features that they come with more than anything.

If you look back in the Munsters threads, there were plenty of early LE buyers that were upset at the increase in numbers and thought it devalued their purchase. Whether or not it actually did is debatable, but it certainly didn’t help. The status of the code did more to impact Munsters value than whether it was an LE or not but it seems LEs took a bigger hit than you would normally expect.

My biggest problem with Stern’s LE model is two-fold -
(1) Except for Batman 66 the number of LEs for games really aren’t that limited and
(2) Stern (and some dealers) targets super-fans of the theme and scares them with FOMO trying to force buyers to make a buying decision at release time without knowing little more than what the art is

#8619 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Sales for the game are strong otherwise Stern would not be making more games.

Munsters has had fewer secondary runs so far, so there has been less total supply to the distribs. Just because they are making more in August doesn’t mean sales are strong. It just means Stern got enough orders from distributors for the particular model to commit to make at least whatever their minimum run is.

Munsters isn’t the sales disaster that WWF or Beatles was, but there is no evidence to show Munsters sales in general (post Dwight comment) are considered strong. I absolutely would expect to see an increase in NIB demand if Stern does release a code update that, at minimum, addresses the concerns owners have expressed in this thread.

#8622 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

People that do not own the game constantly posting and beating the game about anything and everything.

The overwhelming majority of complaints and suggestions in this thread come from owners or former owners of the game. Just because you may not agree with them doesn’t make them any less valid.

Quoted from pinballaddicted:

The hobby is about you and what you like.

Agreed. And no one should buy or sell Munsters (or any other game) based primarily on someone else’s opinion.

#8626 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

You are one of the biggest contributers to the negativity of the game. Go through the 8600 posts on this club thread and tell us how many posts are yours. Constantly banging on about code, shit sales and spewing your opinion on an owners club thread....

Again, you don’t have your facts straight. Before this post, I have 153 in the thread. You may want to go actually read them. There are maybe 5 or 6 that could be considered bashing or negative and that’s being very generous. I have quite a few upvoted posts where people must obviously agree. I won’t insult others here by pointing out the far more negative posts made by others in this thread.

You see me post in this thread and you just can’t handle it, no matter what I say. I get it. But claiming I’m somehow responsible for negativity surrounding the game is a ludicrous stretch. (And technically I’m a former owner since I had to find someone to take my LE and effectively sold what would have been my game). Maybe one day I’ll get a Premium and really make your day

#8630 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I am happy to eat humble pie if I have made a mistake.

By your own definition, you have. But that’s ok. Apology accepted.

If I buy Munsters again, it will be a keeper. It’s a beautiful game and a good match for my likes and lineup. I’d love to have a Borg game. But I’ll have a hard time figuring out how to make room for it. My Munsters slot ended up going to Elvira, so Addams Family or Haunted House would likely have to go and that would be a hard choice if Munsters ever gets the code polish it deserves.

#8636 7 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

You’re going to be selling one I think. Adams next to Munsters would be cool.

That plan has Haunted House (maybe Playboy) leaving and Munsters Premium B/W going between Addams and Batman. Can’t mess with the Elvira/Trek side.

I absolutely hate being out of room.
7A8ECAA6-41C0-487E-AE05-FE6F26FD128D (resized).jpegAEFD6128-2925-45B4-9D55-C30A6FFC80D5 (resized).jpeg

(RFM is to the left of Safe Cracker)

#8641 7 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

The Pro is no less righteous than the Premium or LE, IMO.
IMO, the Pro buyers don't need to feel like they have been cheated.


When I first played the Pro and Premium side by side, I thought the Pro was awesome and fast and worried that Grandpa’s lab on the Premium might feel gimmicky after the novelty wore off. Wasn’t sure the Premium was worth the extra cash. But I absolutely love the B/W art package and the ability to disable the lab if you want.

I generally don’t like Pro models because they feel too stripped down but Munsters Pro didn’t feel that way despite the glaring difference in the middle of the playfield. Maybe because of the great artwork on the Pro where the lab would be. If there was a B/W Pro, I’d probably get that instead of the Premium.

#8647 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

One thing I can assure you of and that is Munsters is way better than Playboy and Haunted House both.

In terms depth of game play, of course.

But the other two are generational classics. Haunted House is one of my wife’s favorite games, which complicates things. And the Munsters theme doesn’t do much for her. She always says it’s my decision, but I never believe that.

#8651 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I really love the lower playfield also, it's a lot of fun. I think its beautiful and it also adds another mode to the game. Its the best lower playfield on all of pinball in my opinion.

I was with you until the last sentence.

Best lower playfield in the last ten years? Absolutely. But best ever in all of pinball? Absolutely not. Haunted House and Black Hole are widely regarded as having the best lower playfields, with full size flippers and drop targets. They are far more challenging and satisfying to play than Grandpa’s lab (and a big reason why my wife is opposed to Munsters).

Unfortunately so many folks new to the hobby don’t have the opportunity to appreciate the best of previous generations of pinball and classic features like inverted flippers, gobble holes, drop target banks, varitargets, rollovers, etc. I’m a big fan of pinball history. I think it would be awesome to have a Munsters Premium along with a Haunted House specifically because they both have lower playfields. But one is a novelty and one is a classic.

#8659 7 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

The gameplay is real, wireform w vuk, saucer shot for mystery, ramp, orbits, center target that engages MULTIBALL....along w video and callouts.
"Novelty" insults the innovation this feature adds.

If Munsters had done all that using a full size pinball I’d agree with who-dey.

The shrunken playfield fits with the Munsters theme perfectly and is fun to play. Perhaps “novelty“ was a poor descriptive choice but it’s what comes to mind when people say it could be a standalone desktop game. But calling it the best lower playfield in the history of pinball is a stretch.

Would Haunted House be as good a game without the lower playfield? No.
Would Munsters be a good game without the lower playfield? Yes. Just ask most Pro owners.

I think chuckwurt points out the main issue with lower playfields in general - they limit design options for the main playfield. As far as the Munsters lower playfield goes, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like it once they have played it. That said, further discussion of “best lower playfields’ probably belongs in another thread.

#8660 7 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I just get tired of reading about some Pro owners thinking they missed the boat by not buying a Premium.
There is nothing lacking in game play with the Pro. No Pro owner needs to sell off his Pro just to go buy a Premium.
The Pro stands firm on its own. It needs no apologies.

I am quoting this for emphasis because I could only give your post one thumbs up.

#8686 7 months ago
Quoted from Mutt:

Added some lights to my oversized Dragula. (I included a pic that shows the original car next to it for scale) I put a red at the engine, a white under the bubble & a green under the car.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That looks great. What is the make/size of the one you are using?

1 week later
#8717 6 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

I have a non-pinside friend considering a recent Stern and Munsters pro came up...
Are there issues with this one like the dimpling common on Stranger Things?
What's the code situation like?
Are there problem areas/parts?
Any advice you would share?

- There have been some playfield issues with Munsters however there have been no new runs of Munsters playfields since Stranger Things so it’s difficult to compare but with the softer wood in recent years expect some dimpling (though I haven’t seen anything as bad as some ST owners are reporting). If that’s a concern, get a playfield protector. I would put a protector on any Stern game made in the last four years.

- According to the lead programmer, the code is considered functionally complete. It is not considered as deep as most recent games but most owners enjoy and have no major issues with it. There are unconfirmed rumors of a code update, but I would tell your friend to only buy the game if they are ok with the code as is.

- No major problem/issues unique to Munsters. There are some minor fixes to Herman and surrounding area. And, like most Stern games in recent years, the coil stops are absolute crap and should be replaced.

- The Pro is one of the better value Pros, great art, shoots well and plays fast.

#8731 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That’s on the consumer in my opinion. If they do more research before making these massive purchases it’s pretty easy to see what is to be expected with these new games.

Yes, it’s on the consumer but Stern makes it extremely difficult by pushing the LEs so early. For titles with high interest/demand (like Munsters) LEs can get sold out in a few days before buyers have a chance to play or even know what’s in the code. Most of the time all you have at announce are pictures and the feature matrix for the different trims. I’m sure 90+ percent of LEs are bought by people who haven’t yet had a chance to play the game because, in many cases, the LEs sell out so fast (and in Munster’s case demand was so high Stern added another 100 after the initial announcement).

I agree with you 100% on Pro/Premiums. With Munsters the original plan was that the black and white art package was going to be on the LE. I was on my distributor’s LE list forever because I didn’t want to miss the b/w version.

2 weeks later
#8752 6 months ago
Quoted from TonyScoots:

I asked the question last night to Dwight himself on Flipnoutpinball Stream. The Code is what it is! Consider it done.

Sigh. Not surprising, but at least we have some pseudo-official word.

2 months later
#8982 4 months ago
Quoted from pudluther:

Do they normally do a last call for a game on the line?

Yes. But last call doesn’t mean they will make more. Only if the combined interest of the dealers meets/exceeds Stern’s requirements (or if enough to use up parts they don’t want to put in parts inventory). A “Last call” run is essentially pre-sold to dealers. However, I don’t recall if there has been a last call that hasn’t resulted in a production run.

And the amount of time on the line for a particular title doesn’t mean anything. It’s the duration of the license that matters (though you generally assume a three year lifespan with most Stern titles).

1 week later
#9023 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

In attract mode the game pops Spot up from under the ramp every few minutes.

... and this can be disabled in the settings, if desired.

#9035 4 months ago
Quoted from sulli10:

With one of the best toppers out there (Black Knight wins that category)

Um, no.

The Munsters topper is by far the best Stern topper so far (quality control issues notwithstanding). The clock and raven taunting is an absolutely perfect addition to the game. BKSOR is good and looks stunning but doesn’t add the impact to the game experience that the Munsters one does.

(The Batman/Batmobile one on the LE/SLE is aesthetically the best and almost as good as Munsters, but it is much less integrated with game play).

#9040 3 months ago