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#52 1 year ago

I'm in for an LE. My first NIB. Love the monster themes!

#100 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

Considering all the negative posts on the hype thread, is anyone re-thinking their purchase?
I’m still in on my LE all the way and remain optimistic; but there’s been more negativity than naught in the other thread.
I’ve been overwhelmingly positive throughout the hype and reveal however I feel like I’m more in the minority now.
I’m still really excited about the pin and think it’s a beautiful looking package.
Rules will likely be deepened but gameplay still looks fast and fun regardless.

I'm not. They negativity is over the long stand up targets and the "shallow" rule set. About the targets - I couldn't care less. About the rules - the complainers haven't bothered learning the rules or watching the stream where Dwight explains it, they're only focused on Munster Madness and the lack of a wizard mode. Again, wizard modes mean nothing to me, I never get to them anyway, and Munster Madness isn't the only thing to focus on, plus the code will probably get an update or 2. So if the theme is cool and I have fun playing, the other stuff is just noise.

#111 1 year ago
Quoted from hockeymag8:

I just ordered my LE. Never thought I was going to do the LE but had lots of back in forth with my local Dist (Nick @ Big Toys in Warren MI) and he helped thrash out things with multiple calls and e-mails - he is getting the Pro for the store and going to have a some of us over for private flip session on it when he gets it (great guy - he could have made the Pro or Premium sale and made some coin - but rather referred me to Colorado Game Exchange instead since he did not have access to an LE). He is even going to come help me set it up for free.
I too started to get a little negatively deflected to second guessing myself from the Pinside Hype thread turn - but in the end the theme rocks for me - love the colors on the main and lower PF and think the lower PF will be a nice little break (always loved the stop and go (i.e. TZ & DI are 2 of my favorite games) ...................now starting to lean more toward flow................and this gives a nice combo of the 2). I am an OK player and now am lucky to have 6 games currently and some kick my ass enuf - as well as my GF, Sis and other friend azzes. I am OK if this is a little bit toward the easier side than my other games - will be good for them and I am not looking for super deep and hard all the time - I want to just have fun and this game looks like it checks all my boxes and integrates the video clips nicely. I already like it and suspect it will get a little fine tuned with future code and clips.
Super stoked for this game and this thread - nice to pop over here and get a pick me up and stay in the frame of mind I should be in - excited - waiting for this game!

Well said! I like your collection, great games there...

#214 1 year ago
Quoted from wfumed2:

From what I've read and heard, Level 2 is harder than Level 1 but I am just curious in what ways...

I thought it was interesting that Borg mentioned that Keith and Tim had not been able to complete level 2. Since Keith is one of the best players in the world, it sounds like beating level 2 is going to be very difficult.

1 month later
#1384 1 year ago
Quoted from brett:

It sucks running out of room. I’m there also.
My dilemma is I really like all of my collection.

I like your collection too! BTW, small world...my sister's inlaws live on Camano.

2 weeks later
#2068 1 year ago

I picked up my LE yesterday, #416. Unfortunately I won't be able to set it up until next weekend. This pin fits my growing monster theme perfectly. While I was at my distributor's I had a chance to see the Pro. I have to say it looks awfully bare without that lower playfield. I wish the Premium had been color, it would have saved me some money. This is the most I've ever paid for a pin. But I can't wait to fire up the LE!

#2077 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Why? That black and white artwork is sexy as a mo fo!

It's cool and different, just not for me.

1 week later
#2354 1 year ago

I agree with a lot of what cooked71 said. I've had my LE set up for about 2 weeks now. Cashed in all my stock and put the rest on my cc. I am by no means rich and this is the most I've ever paid for a game, but we are gravitating towards monster themes (SS, CFTBL, MSF, BSD etc.) and it fits perfectly. I didn't want black and white - Franchi's art and color palette is gorgeous - and with wanting the lower playfield feature, it was LE or nothing. Hopefully the new Elvira will be released next year and give my pocketbook some recovery time.

I'm a slightly below average player, good enough to occasionally win free games or enter modes, but not good enough to see wizard modes. My roommate and friends are very casual players with no skills, they just like bashing the ball around. With this in mind, here are my thoughts so far:

- I set the game up with 5 balls, no tilt bob, and a 10 second ball save for my friends. I noticed that they love playing this game over all the other machines in the collection so far. They feel a sense of accomplishment as some of them got to multiball, which they haven't done on other machines. All the different opportunities to earn high scores (Herman Champion, Grandpa Champion, Combo Champion etc.) meant most everyone got to enter their initials in at least one category. The games weren't as insanely long as they are on The Hobbit even with the settings changes. If Stern's goal was to make a machine that would attract and thrill a casual player, they scored an A+.

- I've actually only played half a dozen games so far, I've been more content for now to watch others enjoy it. The things that people are criticizing about the game seem absurd to me. I barely notice the laugh track and pay little attention to the video while I'm playing. The mono targets are fine, and I see nothing wrong with the code so far. There's plenty of stuff for my friends and I to shoot at/for, the code reminds of Scared Stiff or BSD, as in not deep but still fun to play. I feel sorry for people who don't have fun with it, how unsatisfying life must be...either that or I'm easily entertained! I really like the lower playfield. Other than a slightly "floaty" feel, it is a great feature. The bumpers satisfyingly bash the ball back and forth. I find the Dragula shot the hardest to hit, with the Grandpa scoop the easiest. I've heard the side drains are wicked but I lost most of mine STDM due to foolish/inaccurate shots.

- The quality seems fine so far, I have had no issues except for a stuck ball once or twice at the rubbers at the guides at the top of the playfield that lead into the pop bumpers...and the ball came loose with a little shake. For some reason I had difficulty getting the glass off, like it was binding, and was terrified I was going to shatter it. Also, lifting the playfield is a bit clunky compared to my other machines, and again I was terrified of scratching the side blades.

- The machine is beautiful, I'd say that when the lower playfield is lit, it is the most beautiful machine ever. I had it sitting next to Scared Stiff and it made Elvira look ugly. I moved it next to The Hobbit instead.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase. I wish the Premium had been the color version, it would have saved me about $1500, but so far I'm really happy with the purchase and have no buyer's remorse. It's a great party game among my friends and that's far more important to me than code or my own high score.

#2361 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

Ever since I was a child I had a love affair with Halloween, or anything that fell along with haunted spooky scary looking houses skeletons ghosts, many of the large witches draculas mechanical characters spider webs cornstalks pumpkins gothic lights candles paintings art ect. (all on the light side, nothing evil hardcore demonic)
The pinball machines are the "large cars" of my theme collection.and I love it. This is a great time to be in this hobby for this theme. Happy to see another.
Wish I had a minty class of 1812...maybe some day

I know exactly what you mean. The upstairs of our game room (where the pins are) will be monster/alien themed. We've got a bunch of those lenticular, face-changing Halloween photos in frames to line walls of the stairs. There's a platform above the stairs where the 3 Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts sit. They are about 3 feet tall. Behind them will be a mausoleum with Halloween lightning projectors flashing on them, and the music from the Haunted Mansion playing. Across from the pins will be more changing photos, as well as the Haunted Mansion "busts", an optical effect where they appear to watch you no matter where you stand in the room. Victorian furniture, a crystal ball fortune teller, spider webs and other decor round out the furnishings. On a nearby wall is a life-sized alien in a stasis chamber that we got from the Spirit Halloween store, along with two giant flying saucers with lights that hang from the ceiling...this is where an Attack From Mars will be placed someday. Over each horror themed pin will be grave crawlers, and we've got an Elvira slot machine topper to go over either Scared Stiff or the new Elvira. When we are done it's going to be pretty awesome...our own theme park!

1 month later
#4413 1 year ago
Quoted from HarrieD:

Hmm, another thought. I just added a The Munsters Pro to my collection and so far I love it. The machine is well balanced and with my limited skills I can play a decent game where I got munster madness in the first ball yesterday and almost hit 100M points. (5 ball game, ball saver off).
But my current collection is: BOP, CFTBL, Whirlwind, Funhouse, The Munsters and Twilight Zone. Funhouse en TZ will never leave, CFTBL I see leaving in the near future. BOP might be replaced by TAF perhaps. And then I have TZ/TAF, WW/FH and TM/???
So I was wondering which machine would go with TM. I agreed with myself that it should be a modern stern with that crazy ass display. I liked Aerosmith but after playing it for several occasions last 6 months I got bored with it. Maybe the best machine to match TM is a GOTG? I played GOTG in Spain last year and I think this is a great machine. Or batman66? I love that theme and loved the gameplay. Or a deadpool? I don't like the red though but found it a fun game to play.
What do you guys think?[quoted image]

Maybe wait for the new Elvira machine...or the new Brian Eddy game. No need to make a decision right away, is there?

1 month later
#5153 11 months ago

I work as a Quality Supervisor for a semiconductor company. It doesn't matter where these where made...they come to the Stern factory prior to shipping to distributors. There is an opportunity at that point to do a functional quality test that would take perhaps 10 minutes max per topper, and it's clear that this wasn't done.

Considering how much extra work is involved in documenting quality returns, determining root cause of failures, implementing corrective/preventive action, refunding money or fast tracking replacements (which in turn can lead to more quality issues due to rush jobs), and damage to a company's reputation...I can't believe these shipped without a basic functional acceptance.

My Munsters works flawlessly, so I'm sure the company does have quality systems, especially for supplier parts, so this feels like more of a bad decision not to apply company quality practices to what appears to be the most complex topper they have ever produced.

1 week later
#5262 11 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Set your lower playfield flippers to soft Thunderbird. It makes the lower playfield shoot much better. As far as the complainers go, most of them are just doing it to be dicks. I guess it makes them feel good inside or makes them feel like they are some kind of pinball expert or something.

Some of those people say this is an old license that nobody wanted. I pulled this off of TWIP from 2017:

Screen-Shot-2017-10-22-at-6.32.37-PM (resized).png
#5318 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I am Certain he appreciates hearing that. I can say he still has the passion and enthusiasm to build the best game he can and really cares about the end users experience granted pinball manufacturing is moving at a much faster pace and margins are at higher demand he still hasn’t excepted comprise to push a product out. It truly is an honor when he comes over and you won’t meet a more humble or sincere guy. He doesn’t claw for praise but I am sure he appreciates knowing his efforts and creations of art are still enjoyed. For some of the haters (of any title or effort) do know these comments are often seen even if not acknowledged and a rather tough blow to individuals (not just the designer) that are doing all they can to give you their best possible effort. Sadly for possibly company policy they are not allowed to defend themselves. I (as they) wish they had Unlimited time and funds to always create miracle pins but often that is not the case sadly. Loving this pin just need to master that dam Zap button!! Lol

He gets two thumbs up from me as well. You can also tell him that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is brilliant and I love it, too!

Does anyone know why at the end of ball sequence as the cars are frantically pulling out of the drive-in movie, one car that drives off explodes into the hillside? Seems like a strange effect...

1 week later
#5463 10 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Maybe you can give me an answer that seek. When Munsters hit prime time TV I was 13 and 14 years old. My friends and I were never home watching TV. We were out on the streets. We were partying and having a good time until it was time to call it a night and get some sleep for school.
I have never watched an episode of Munsters. I knew about the show and the characters etc. But never watched it. With that, Marilyn was the niece who was visiting and the only one "not normal". But to my understanding, Marilyn was there just as much as the other cast members. Correct? Yes? No?
If Marilyn played more than just some bit parts and an integral part of the cast family, how come the topper, the Bradford Exchange Koach, the BC clock, and this lamp always exclude Marilyn other the nit just being a cost cutting measure.
She is on the Munsters back glasses, but not on the topper.
Educate me, please.

The most likely reason why is that when people think about The Munsters they think about monsters. From a marketing perspective it is the monsters that sell merchandise, not a "normal" human girl like Marilyn. Sculpting another character adds additional cost not only to time and materials, but also to licensing because you've got to pay Pat Priest for her likeness - if she consents. Marilyn's character is also the "odd duck" that wasn't part of the main family but a relative that came to live with them. By comparison, The Addams Family are a bunch of creepy looking humans on the edge of being monsters (not "normal" looking like Marilyn), but in Addams Family merchandise will we usually see Thing and Cousin It, even though they have a role similar to Marilyn (as a supporting character), because they are monsters, and even though they add to costs, there are no license fees to be paid for someone's likeness and you don't have to seek permission.

#5481 10 months ago
Quoted from dashv:

I figured Mylar would take care of it. Didn’t know the window was an easy replace but glad it is! Thanks for the tips.
Now my biggest problem is the fam played this and WoZ this weekend and loved them both. Wife read about Wonka and wants the CE.
Don’t have infinite money, so of the three what to get. What to get!
Are the official toppers still available?

Of those 3, Wonka comes in third for me, it was just missing something I can't put my finger on. You can't go wrong with WOZ. For Munsters you need to play a model with the lower playfield if you are thinking about premium. People either love it or hate it, you need to see which camp you are in. I really like it and dream of the day when I have multiball going on both playfields at the same time, that must be intense!

#5493 10 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Anyone who thinks the Munsters has the best lower playfield ever has probably never played Haunted House or Black Hole.

Not true. I've played them plenty. Haunted House is boring. Black Hole's only advantage is that it is a full sized ball. I don't like how draining ends your ball down there, I much prefer how Munsters returns you to the upper playfield when the timer ends. I'm also not crazy about inverted playfields. Also, so much more to do on that lower playfield in Munsters as Thunderbird points out, instead of just hitting targets in Black Hole.

4 weeks later
#5823 9 months ago

I would imagine that new code will be coming simply because this is Borg's dream theme and he will want more. Stern was silent on a code update for Ghostbusters for quite some time before they admitted it was being worked on. The Game of Thrones code change came out of the blue. I think they will remain quiet on the code until it's close to being ready or gets released.

#5875 9 months ago
Quoted from ozno:

Topper for Munsters = ketchup on a turd burger
where’s the code?

Trolling for downvotes in a club thread? Why do you have to be such an asshole?

1 month later
#6599 7 months ago

I have no opinion about the rules, but more character/shot specific modes would be awesome. More video and callouts would be great just to keep them from getting stale, which is my main gripe about WPC games. Mostly I would like to see more code because the price of this machine has tanked. I would love for it to become a coveted title in high demand and hold its value.

#6632 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I don't worry about the price of my game tanking after I buy it unless it's due to the playfield falling apart or something like that. My Munsters will never be for sale anyway so I don't care if it tanks to a dollar. I didnt buy it to sell, especially right after purchasing it. If you are worried about the value of your games tanking then stop buying games before you play them. That way you wont make any bad purchases.

Good for you. I didn't buy it to sell it either. I still have my White Water that bought in 2005 and the only pin I ever sold was Junk Yard in order to pay some bills. I didn't say I'm worried about it and don't need your advice not to buy, I said I'd like to see a lot of buzz, excitement, and high demand over the game. That doesn't exist right now, everyone loves to shit on it.

#6659 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You were worried about the game losing value because the code isn't any good. I just gave you some friendly advice to not buy games before you play them and get an idea if the code is any good or not. No offense but it's just a rally bad idea to buy a game not knowing anything whatsoever about it. I just love it when people buy a game before they even see it and then later get pissed and say it sucks.

I guess I really didn't state what I was thinking clear enough. I want the game to be considered an all-time classic. In high demand, excitement, buzz, and valued, including monetarily. Instead there's a consensus that the game is crap or a joke and it's become a punching bag. I mean, it's rated #70 in the top 100...that's bs! This should be a consensus top 20 pin. Yeah, I know, don't ever expect sanity in Pinside ratings. Still, I want the game to be recognized as one of the best ever. Not because I want to feel better about my purchase, but simply because that's where it *should* be.

Unfortunately I don't think the perception will change without a big code update. Right now that is the main complaint of the game. A massive code update removes the biggest criticism.

This was my first NIB. I bought a LE because I wanted the lower playfield and color. There was no opportunity to play before I committed to buy. I don't regret the purchase and love the game. I just wish the narrative would change and that more people love it as much as we do.

#6660 7 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Yes. And when I went looking at the Pinside archived pages of sales I did not see anything to support the "sky is falling on Munsters" mantra, either It just seems like everybody is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. People love a shit show, so climbing on with bad "news" will get an audience.

LE's are selling for $7k, brand new they were as much as $9500 when factoring in sales tax. That's a $2500 drop or 26%. Pro's have been selling for $4400 or less (some aren't even selling at $4200), which is a 33% decline from purchase price. It's not climbing on with bad news, it's showing what effect the bad news has had on the value, which sucks. The only way to change that narrative is to remove the source of the badmouthing, i.e. an amazing code update.

#6684 7 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Pro for $4400 or less.... show me... don't think so

Here you go. Several others around that price or less were sold outside of Pinside...who knows for how much but likely at asking or lower.

example 1 (resized).JPG
#6686 7 months ago
example 2 (resized).JPGexample 3 (resized).JPGexample 4 (resized).JPG
1 month later
#6938 6 months ago
Quoted from venom112:

Yeah I think code is good as is for advanced players you can go for high scores using the multipliers. I really like that you can stack the jackpots and it’s such a risk reward of when to cash in. One of the most beautiful art packages I have seen in a game as well. What are the most popular mods I like the sewer exit mold I think mezel sells it. Anyone know how easy it is to install? Any other must have mods?

I think Grandpa in the chair is much better than just a plastic piece, even though it doesn't really do anything (actually the electrodes on the chair do light up). It's from The Mod Couple.

3 weeks later
#7105 5 months ago

I've got 43 plays on mine...

#7115 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Did you just buy it yesterday or something?

Nope, I did a White Water playfield swap and then a Creature playfield swap, went in for surgery, and now trying to catch up with long hours of work. Just can't find the time to play my machines right now. My Alice Cooper has 6 plays on it.

#7165 5 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Take a screen shot of Pinside JP a year from now and watch how the sales will be even greater, because the coding of this game will continue to get better and better.

That's a ridiculous claim. Jurassic Park is always going to be a superior license/theme compared to Munsters regardless of any other factors. You will never be able to provide facts to support your speculation that Pinside ownership is tied to sales in any meaningful way and that sales will be better on JP due to code.

#7170 5 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Boy did you misunderstand what I wrote.

Didn't you say this?

"...sales will be even greater, because the coding of this game will continue to get better and better"

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Code is what continues to excite people and sells games more than any other factor.

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Just by the LE’s initial demand between the 2 games, Munsters should reflect many times the sales numbers of Jurassic Park.

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Actual Pinside Munsters sales number for Pro and Premium (remember this machine has been out for a year, with no real sales growth)

In the quotes above you said Jurassic Park will sell more because of code. Maybe the theme will sell regardless of code updates? You said there's no Munsters sales growth based on Pinside data. You said code sells more than any other factor - more than theme, age of license, layout, dislike of lower playfields, art, sound, etc. Is it possible Munsters could have sold more LE's because people who would have bought premiums didn't want black and white?

I'm not disagreeing with you that more code would be awesome. But I'm less sure that code is the determining factor for sales of any given machine, especially outside of Pinside.

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