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7 months ago

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#101 7 months ago

I just ordered my LE. Never thought I was going to do the LE but had lots of back in forth with my local Dist (Nick @ Big Toys in Warren MI) and he helped thrash out things with multiple calls and e-mails - he is getting the Pro for the store and going to have a some of us over for private flip session on it when he gets it (great guy - he could have made the Pro or Premium sale and made some coin - but rather referred me to Colorado Game Exchange instead since he did not have access to an LE). He is even going to come help me set it up for free.

I too started to get a little negatively deflected to second guessing myself from the Pinside Hype thread turn - but in the end the theme rocks for me - love the colors on the main and lower PF and think the lower PF will be a nice little break (always loved the stop and go (i.e. TZ & DI are 2 of my favorite games) ...................now starting to lean more toward flow................and this gives a nice combo of the 2). I am an OK player and now am lucky to have 6 games currently and some kick my ass enuf - as well as my GF, Sis and other friend azzes. I am OK if this is a little bit toward the easier side than my other games - will be good for them and I am not looking for super deep and hard all the time - I want to just have fun and this game looks like it checks all my boxes and integrates the video clips nicely. I already like it and suspect it will get a little fine tuned with future code and clips.

Super stoked for this game and this thread - nice to pop over here and get a pick me up and stay in the frame of mind I should be in - excited - waiting for this game!

#106 7 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Congrats! Pretty sure you got the last LE GEX had. Maybe it was the one I gave up

Thanks! I did! They said they had just one - so thank you! Went on Website and said sold out right after. Something told me to call at that time after mulling over a couple days. I want to see your state sometime - if I ever do I will buy you a beer for the give up!

#130 7 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

41 plus years..Awesome Gal
She let me get this too...(distant cousin to the mbr LE) been a crazy time lately.
[quoted image]

That is way cool!!! I have a Double Diamond slot and a couple video poker machines - seeing this makes me want to upgrade my slot! Nice tie into the pin!

1 month later
#1253 5 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

To each his own. The black or red legs are a nice variation on their own, but I still much prefer the original gold legs. A beautiful, unique, yet still tasteful, look from Stern for a change!

Hmmm - I really like the red and black legs over the gold - but think I will roll with gold first. I like the black legs with the gold T molding - but usually like a different color than black for a Prem/LE. The red legs are nice but do not go as nice with the gold T molding so may try a different color there if I go red legs.

Nice to have a few choices that go well with the awesome cab!

#1410 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Joined the club a couple hours ago with my LE (born on date 2/25/19). Still unboxing and setup, but I noticed already that the shooter lane ramp was beveled/filed from the factory.
[quoted image]

Thanks to all of you early adopters jumping on these things, posting here and calling Stern so they can address!

Thank you Stern for listening and making these adjustments!

Good game!!

#1416 5 months ago

* It's very close to not being fun with no ball save enabled.
I don't care what they say about no ball save - I am enabling mine. My GF, sister and I chant "ball save, ball save" on a quick drain and they get a huge rush when they get a 2nd chance so ball save will be enabled when I get my game. Quick drains suck - and it feels like you were cheated with no ball save.

#1421 5 months ago
Quoted from Ven:

Nice that someone is positive about the reports of problems instead of calling us all complainers :O)

On the contrary. I greatly appreciate the reports. These are very expensive toys and it is a bummer when things are not correct. However I had an experience with my AFMrLE that changed my perspective. I asked to go in 2nd batch precisely for this reason - to let all the bugs and issues be thrashed out and corrected so when I got mine I would be golden - was my first NIB purchase. Well then I had the shooter launch issue. I was majorly bummed. Reported it to CGC and Doug gave me a call and said they had wrong spec shooter lane guides on a limited # of games, had worked out a solution with a corrected one and asked if I would be a tester (along with 4 other guys) as they want to make sure this cracked the problem. They sent me the guide, it fixed the issue and I gave some feedback on how the instructions could be improved a bit and a couple other things. Doug called me back and wanted to ensure he understood how the entire experience went (even had me rate it from 1-5 in 5 areas) and ensure he understood my suggestions. That was impressive. He said it is manufacturing and unfortunately these things happen but they were committed to making it right.

So although I was initially bummed I had the issue, afterword I felt awesome - I learned some new repair skills (I am an accountant and can handle some basic tools with instructions but no where near the level of so many on here- amazing), got my game fixed and most importantly felt like I was helping others that had/were going to have this issue to enable them to fix it. So any time I see the early detection and solutions I feel that is helping me and others out from that "damn it how can this not work on a brand new game" feeling. We all want these things working well and I believe the manufactures want the same thing and strive more the most part to accomplish that and will course correct when they can.

#1501 5 months ago
Quoted from drained:

The non-factory hole is.

Na............just use this......................JUST KIDDING

wood filler (resized).jpg
#1563 5 months ago

Got Metallica Premium Thurs and getting Munsters LE Tuesday - super stoked - help makes working all these ungodly hours at the salt mine a lot more worth it.

#1568 5 months ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

My friend used to work in the salt mines but got fired for smoking weed down there.

Ha! Well Salt mines is my figure of speech been using for years wherever I worked - I actually work at 2 Mental Health hospitals now..............................but still would get fired for smoking weed...............................damn drug tests...............

#1778 5 months ago

Delivered tonight!

20190312_220638 (resized).jpg
#1784 5 months ago

Can't wait to try this bad boy tomorrow - going to make sure it is nice and warmed up. Nice to see the thoughts on the new code as well. This nut was in bottom of the cardboard box - anyone know where it goes off hand?

munster nut (resized).jpeg
#1796 5 months ago

Happy 313 day! Close enuf to 1313

#1798 5 months ago

Nope not yet - did not get to my crib until 8:30 last night and this morning the work thing got in the way - tonight plan to load the balls and crank it up!

I stared at it for a while tho - what a beautiful game - love the art work!

#1833 5 months ago

Got about 5 games on in - love it! Game is different in cool ways!!
1. Love the ramps - left how it goes from solid to disappear behind backboard to a wire with cool trajectory. Right how it is 180 - similar to the TFTC shot but easier to hit.
2. Like the color changing GIs
3. Like how you have to try to hit the light on the inlanes instead of trying to light the light - counter intuitive from what I am used to.
4. I really like the lower PF - still need to get used to it. So far favorite part is mystery and how some options are for upper PF - then when mini is over - bam - you are in the mystery mode!
5. Love the kitty shot effects! Kinda like Big Bang effect in DI.
6. Love seeing the show integrated so well into the game - forgot how much I loved this show as a kid!

Some comments/questions.
1. Fan is loud and goes off when game is just sitting - I guess this is normal? Not used to hearing the fan - I guess why that option of a quieter fan is out there.
2. Shaker also seems too violent to me. Love me my shakers but not when I think they are going to come apart or break my glass -lol.
3. When game is just sitting I heard some loud random bangs - like maybe flippers or something. Is this part of attract mode illustration or something I need to watch closer for?
4. On mini PF I hit the ramp to add time when lit but time did not add. I did have the flippers to normal and just turned to soft so will see if that makes a difference. Anyone else have this?
5. I love the match animation - however seems to go on very long with many channel changes - could be shorted up a tad.

Super happy with this game off the get!

#1839 5 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

hockeymag8 for #3, update your code. That noise is probably Spot in attract mode (and/or disable the adjustment).
#1 is “normal” for the newer Spike games. You can change out the power supply fan, but it will void the warranty.

Thanks mate!

#1857 5 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

1) Totally normal. There are a couple threads out there, where folks mounted larger quieter fans to move air through the power supply, this keeps the loud internal fan from activating..
2) There are options to lower the use of the shaker. Also I saw a few posts where folks adjusted the weights in the shaker to be less violent. Perhaps is something with this game, some shakers are extra violent..
3) There is an option in the menu to disable spot in attract mode. Otherwise he pops up every few minutes, that is the source of the noise.
4) Yes lots of folks, soft setting seems to keep ball in the mini playfield from flying wildly all abouts..
Also note for any of the options above, if you update the code on the game, you will need to go back in and re-adjust all of the settings..

Thanks a lot!

#1862 5 months ago

Updated the code. Just played Midnight Madness - how cool!

On first ball when I hit a purple stand up it lights Grandpa's scoop and I can get to lower PF hitting scoop - I thought I had to hit all 4 purple stand ups and then another one to light the scoop for lower PF - which it does on successive tries after giving the "freebe" the first time- is this normal or an issue with my game?

Hit lower right ramp a bunch more times - no sounds or added time and reduced flipper power to soft so ball is not rocketing around. Do I just call Stern on this or any suggestions?

#1866 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

If this was a first ball, you may have triggered double skill shot ( you normally have to hold both left flippers, then launch, but maybe there's another way).
If so the lower pf only lights the mystery hole, everything else off, and you have to hit it in time to achieve the skill shot....

Thank you. The times the LPF was not registering the right ramp was when the add time light was on and at various stages/balls of game - was focusing just on that shot to see if I could get time added at all and never did. I am assuming you get more time added the first time you hit ramp. If you need say 5 shots to get added time that is a different story I will need to re-look at - I have not read the detailed rules on that area yet. I think the most times I hit that shot w/o time added was 4 ramps.

3 weeks later
#2797 4 months ago

My LPF ramp has not worked at all since day 1 - tried in test mode no go. Ordered new Opto's from Stern (David and Chaz have been GREAT working through this). Then a screw got stuck and broke in LPF. Got the wrong part - twice. However now I think I have everything to fix - but need to take out that lower "head gasket" underneath PF that holds in screws and the opto needs to be changed anyway so off everything comes - having my local Big Toys tech come out to help me.

I have played a few games - but with lower right ramp not working (and for a while the lower light under ramp was not even working but now is) a bit of a buzz kill so once up and running will really get some games in. Living vicariously through everyone else on the thread until I am a go.

1 week later
#3164 4 months ago

I am so fired up - finally got LPF ramp fixed! It was the opto (transmitter one). Also had a screw break off in the gasket. Big Toys tech (Dan) came out- removed LPF, switched out gasket and now I am rocking. Feels like I got game today as opto did not work from day one. Thanks to Nick & Dan from Big Toys and Stern Support - especially Chaz and David who all helped me thrash though the issues!

Big Toys had a pro model and went to play that. Love the art on that model and flow is awesome so was thinking....hmmmmm........maybe I switch down to Pro for the LE and get some coins back. Played 2 games with the LPF working and LOVE it!! Man so much going on down there - gets your heart racing and now I can add those 2 seconds that I could not before - I am keeping the LE! What a great game and man seeing those Munster scenes bring back so many memories! Great shots that are not overly hard to achieve but hard to master.

3 weeks later
#3969 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

gamerrick... Completely agree w your point, except I think it's the premium owners that are more affected by this version. If anyone bought an LE strictly because of pf color, they got ( and paid) more than just that. Premium buyers should have been offered the choice upon release, imho, but weren't. There lies the foul, but at least there are other versions of the game now. I personally always thought the color would come at some point
It's nice that Stern has always stuck w the LE being just that ( unlike another manufacturer). They will always maintain "x" value, based on how the machine finally turns out. Certainly not investment caliber of course, but the "x" doesn't change. Doesn't mean it's the best version, but rather an " is what it is" thing.

This was me perfectly. I am not an LE guy in general and only reason I bought the LE was for the color PF with mini playfield combo. Don't care about the extra stuff (outside of the non-glare glass and shaker which I can buy separately) and I liked the B&W in concept as it perfectly matches the theme. However the colors are incredible and my old eyes cannot differentiate the different characters/images on the B&W PF so for me the color PF really popped. Most of all I really do not like the casket cabinet and the gold legs/trim. Super cool in concept and very different, I just love the pro (and now color Prem) cabinet.

I had asked my distro (Big Toys) if he thought there would be a color premium as I would wait. He said possibly but not certainty. Then the LEs seemed to be selling fast so I got what was seemingly the last one at the time for FOMO on the color PF/mini PF combo.

I am really bummed in hindsight that I did not wait it out but feel it was lame for Stern to not state up front there were going to have this version- even if it came later.

#3971 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Completely agree, and unfortunately, you definitely fit one of the potential premium buyers who chose LE due to color.
That was my point, and definitely don't agree w the timing of release. No justifying this, except they might have worried about b&w Premium sales, and didn't want to pit them against each other.
Bummer, but at least you've got an LE...not the worst thing I suppose...

Yep you are spot on. Not the worst thing for sure but most of my pins are upstairs as I look at them as functional art and just enjoy looking at them when not playing - they put a smile on my face. When I look at the LE I WANT to love it...............but I don't lol. And I should put black or red legs on it tone down the gold but I tell myself it differentiates the pin from my others and I paid for those damn legs so surely can't switch them out - lol. Weirdly may be moving this one downstairs.

On a + note I love the game a ton - I am a 6-7 out of 10 player so nothing is too easy for me and love seeing the clips and the end of game match where you see the clips with hearing the actual voices - that is the best!! I watch it almost every time!

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