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1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ MUNSTERS Club.

By Monte

1 year ago

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#3712 1 year ago

Just ordered my pro. Can’t wait for delivery next week.

#3723 1 year ago

I was a big Munsters fan growing up so the theme is great, but also approachable for those on the younger side. I’m wading through this thread for any tips and tricks for when I get it.

2 weeks later
#4409 1 year ago

I finally had a bit of a break through last night and hit a 13M super jackpot. I like the use of the button, much more than Star Wars. Flashing blue, hit it to charge the ZAP for those jackpots, when it flashes red, hold if you want to cancel scoring the super jackpots. I waited til I had 3 built up and 6x multiplier. I'm really loving this machine and glad I didn't listen to the negativity.

#4418 1 year ago

Speaking of spot, hope this isn't something already covered in the 20+ pages I haven't read yet, but is his door supposed to be flush with the ramp? Mine seems to sit just a bit higher, but it doesn't seem to affect the ball at all. The ball doesn't bounce or look to be slowed down in any way.

#4421 1 year ago

It sits up about as much as it is thick. I have to push it down to get it close but it won’t stay. Didn’t look underneath yet to adjust if possible.

442A2532-27EF-4059-BFE9-D65B6B3B7CC8 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#4789 11 months ago

So finally had a few friends and family stop by and play with my pro a bit. A friend of my niece, who probably never played pinball before, was playing and the whole thing went dark for midnight madness. (conveniently set for 9pm!) The look on hers and everybody's face was priceless. That intro scene before it starts is perfect.

#4810 11 months ago

Finally had a breakthrough game. Still don’t have the shots down though. I can hit grandpa and dragula all day, until it means something.
D7397B85-84DD-4B25-8821-A4B4EFEB4354 (resized).jpeg

#4812 11 months ago
Quoted from Groo:

Finally had a breakthrough game. Still don’t have the shots down though. I can hit grandpa and dragula all day, until it means something.[quoted image]

#4813 11 months ago


2 weeks later
#4976 10 months ago

I love the match videos. I shut it off/start a new game after it finishes playing. I don't think it will cause me to sell it any earlier, but I am a bit disappointed at the half done in game videos. Herman's fine, but the animated Lily and Spot just don't cut it. At least Grandpa has an intro scene and it's show footage of him in his mode. Still a fun game and I like it a lot, as does the family. Just a few rule tweaks and some more in game show footage would make this one really shine.

3 weeks later
#5350 9 months ago

It would be funny for somebody to make a magnifying glass mod to put over that section of the screen.

2 months later
#6301 7 months ago

I think I had a discovery this weekend but haven't had time try to really test it out. I have a hard time hitting the dragster shot. Sometimes I'll hit it and it goes up and out of the lane and misses. I was a bit distracted and flipped around the left Eddie loop once and took my hands off the flippers and the ball bounced off the right flipper to the left flipper and straight up into the dragster! I just sat there and looked at it like where have you been all this time?!

I'll get some time to play tonight to see if it was a fluke or not, but if anybody has a surefire way to hit that dragster I'd like to hear it.

1 month later
#6897 5 months ago

I see the same pooling by that kitty post that I have. Still no chipping though.

#6901 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ive got bad pooling around my kitty post. Looks like a bubble getting ready to pop, and im sure that it will. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. My dream game too, what a bummer thats going to be when it happens.

I've got 700 games on mine and none of these pools have chipped. Looks like a lot more dimples in that picture than mine so I'm guessing that has a few more plays.

1 month later
#7186 4 months ago

I miss the play of IM, but I don't miss the constant adjusting/fixing of the mechs on the PREM. If I didn't have a Rick and Morty coming in a couple months I would probably grab an IM pro. Munsters not going anywhere in my lineup, even without a code update. So challenging and I finally reclaimed my GC score with a measly 125 million! I swear they sneak in an extra cutscene every now and then in the match sequence. LMAO at a new one I never saw until yesterday with Herman pounding stakes near Grandpa.

2 weeks later
#7241 3 months ago

I cleaned mine at 700 plays last night and noticed nothing wrong with the cliffy, or the pooling around the post by kitty. If the pooling chips, it chips. Not too worried. I do have the flippers at lower power and wondering if that has to do with the cliffy getting damaged on other machines.

1 month later
#7547 63 days ago

I got lucky and was able to rent a Batman 66 for the month and it sits nicely next to Munsters. Every game of Batman just makes us wish the Munsters was on the same kind of update path. Without a theme or code, I definitely would pick Munsters layout and it's just fun to shoot. That right ramp on BM feels like it'll snap at any moment and feels much cheaper than Munsters overall. The continue the story or cash in on Batman is so cool and they could do something like that in Munsters. Have real video of Lily cleaning/doing chores instead of that creepy animation. We know the footage is there, heck it's all in the end game cut scenes. I'll hang in for a while longer and hope something materializes code wise, plus when people come to play they seem to like it a bit better over Jurassic Park. The setup for Midnight Madness shows what good theme integration could do.

2 weeks later
#7714 49 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

We had asked for a bit more meat code wise and their response to code was to take some away lmao. That'll teach us to ask!!
- Removed Backbox GI from lamp effects.

I actually do like this. I hated the backbox flickering on and off like it was. The problem is though if they were supposedly working on code, why release this without something new?

3 weeks later
#8273 27 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Looks like mine is too...
Is it hard to swap it round do you know?
Also - anyone got pooling of clear at any posts?
[quoted image][quoted image]

I was really concerned with the pooling when I got my JP. I finally convinced myself to not worry about it and enjoy the game. 1000 games later there are some tiny chips near a few posts and you really wouldn't even notice them. I have a few pooled posts near Kitty on Munsters and I couldn't care less. During the lockdown we were fortunate enough to rent a Batman 66 and I noticed the pooling on there and only a few have chips in the clear near the posts. I know in the other threads they guarantee that every pooled post will eventually chip and ruin your playfield, but after seeing Batman with what has to be over 5 or 6 thousand plays, I don't think it is an issue to worry about. All that being said, what is the best way to touch up those little chips if they do happen so they don't end up spreading if possible?

#8281 26 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You will care when those small chips turn into big chips I bet.

IF they do, maybe. But if mine see 5000 more plays and they look like the Batman I’ll be glad that I didn’t worry the whole time and just enjoyed the games.

1 week later
#8408 14 days ago

Day of the Tentacle. Love it!

#8410 13 days ago

DoTT brings me back to those earlier gaming days. I remember you could buy it on 3.5 discs or the new Talkie version on CD-ROM drive. Those games and the original Monkey Island, Loom, all the Lucasarts games were great.

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