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#856 6 months ago
Quoted from TomDK:

In the club ... out the club.
After exactly 19 days in my gameroom the Munsters Pro will leave today ...
Nice flow and fast game, but thats it.... boring. Maybe the software updates will change something but they can not change the emty playfield.
I cought myself after a bad first ball starting a new game, getting all characters in every 3. game. Dragrace is boring and a show stopper. The jackpot there on the left is boring and a show stopper. To 90% I stopped the jackpot to get back in game. The sound is bad, too many layers at the sametime. Animations are funny .. for the first 3 times ...
Good news .. the pin will stay in my pinball league so I have chances to play it later .....

I’ll give you $500 bucks for it.

#859 6 months ago

Does anyone know where to get those custom yellow cards in place of the money card on the right apron you get a card that matches your machine? Been trying to find where to buy them but no luck. Want one for Munsters LE and Deadpool LE.

#1001 6 months ago

I just heard that the actress whom played Marilyn in The Munsters just died. RIP.

#1088 5 months ago
Quoted from Manimal:

[quoted image]

Mine doesn’t come until next week at the earliest

#1092 5 months ago

That’s a busy board isn’t it? Lots of stuff going on. You guys with the LE’s saying how fun it is makes me feel a little relieved with all the complaints on the hype thread. I can’t wait to get mine.

#1153 5 months ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

Will fit through a 36” door in the box.

I managed to get it through my 32” basement door in the box. Just touches the sides. Just had to take door off hinges.

#1209 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yep that’s definitely a big positive for Munsters. MB has some really great interactive toys so that is a plus for it. It also is beautiful, a great shooter, and in my opinion it has a fun rule set too. So you got:
Both games have equally great themes
Both games are equally gorgeous
Both games shoot really well.
Munsters has a lcd screen +1
MBR has great toys +1
So that leaves us with
Best rules?

Come on Who-Dey you love The Munsters more than anyone. I will be sad if you don’t get one! You deserve to be happy bro, that’s what pinball is all about...

#1211 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I definitely want them both, thats already been decided there. Which one do i buy first is the big delimma or maybe which game is the best i should say. I want the one that is the most fun first!

I also think The Munsters will sell out before MB so consider that as well.

#1213 5 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Still looking at buying, but this is a big issue to me. How do we turn off that seizure inducing strobing if desired?

I agree that strobe effect is totally annoying. The first light change they have made I don’t like.

#1219 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Oh I'm getting one Rick don't you worry buddy. Im kinda leaning toward Munsters first i think but i definitely want a Monster Bash also. There are more great games out right now than my bank account can handle.

Tell me about it. I am such an addict now I would have ten machines if space and budget allowed! Alas, I suspect I’ll be single if I get more than four lol. I’m so glad I rediscovered pinball right when new technical innovations have made it like a whole new experience. Truly fun times. Loving every minute of it. Picking which four has been the hardest thing of all. Joining this site and learning from all of you (even the grouchy ones) has really helped decide which machines to get.

#1220 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

yep...I'll be doing titans, along with a few things.....just enjoying getting the feel of the machine currently.....for those talking about reducing the strobing effect, I think the game, in general, has a very aggressive light show...a nice add for me, as several of my other favorite games have minimum "in your face" type lighting (i.e. - recent game, BM66LE, amazing in its own way, but very little in the flash dept.). So far, MunstersLE brings what I expected and more as is. Will only get better as code matures....
I really, really like the lower playfield...adds alot to the game, imho...been playing the hell out of it last 2 evenings...a blast!!!

MK you have got to have the best private collection I’ve ever seen. Would love to live near you....

#1280 5 months ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Machine looks amazing... Slowy coming together between Friday’s conf calls...
[quoted image]

Number 2 dude that is sweet! Betcha mine is in the new batch past 500 lol. Comes next week....feels like a year away. Who-Dey throw me one of those beers . We will wait together. And I’m with 1965, get a premium. You will love that lower PF

#1433 5 months ago

Just made my final payment. My LE gets here Friday!

#1481 5 months ago

Anyone put pinstadium lights in their machine yet? If so how do you like them in this machine? Just put them in my Deadpool and they are really cool.

#1551 5 months ago

Well first my dealer was supposed to be here yesterday at 4:00 pm, then 6:00 pm, then 7:00 pm, but, he finally made it! Number 16 is in the house! Got it set up last night about 10:00 pm. Played until I couldn’t see anymore. First impressions - this pin is awesome! I don’t know why hardly anyone would complain about anything, but to each his own. Shoots like butter, the shots are real fun and grandpa’s laboratory is the best lower playfield I have ever seen. Quite a few unique shots and crazy fun to play. I set my lower flippers to soft after trying hard and I totally agree that’s a better setting but I like the main flippers on default hard setting. The game is gorgeous - even better than I imagined, and the lower playfield is much bigger in person than I expected. I don’t see any shallow code yet but I’m only an average player. Maybe expert players might find the code shallow but so far I think this machine is an incredibly well designed and integrated system. Call outs, light show, video clips all seemlessly integrated. I love this thing! It’s a keeper for me. Definitely some hard drains and could not call this machine “easy” which is a good thing! Thrilled with the purchase. Lily and Dragula single targets didn’t bother me at all. I do have some dust on the lower playfield like others. Only complaint the lower ball install could have been designed much better.

Back to playing....

1226B63B-B3B4-46CC-955A-081ED0588848 (resized).jpeg28235593-CD52-4293-B224-BFFA0B3C83A7 (resized).jpeg31C703FF-7656-4AB9-88F7-83C73C4B1B4C (resized).jpeg5BCACBCE-B2C0-408D-8F41-F5A471894FFA (resized).jpeg7C5C587D-8C08-4908-A56F-F387BCF43030 (resized).jpeg941D1B60-FAE3-4DC1-B5BD-B1B7C61D679D (resized).jpegD20F03C4-7D5D-4CFC-913C-95B4678C31F1 (resized).jpegEE3ACAE4-0890-434D-BA87-4000F02ECE6E (resized).jpegEFCFDB8E-1B4A-4BC8-8609-BB97A7CAA669 (resized).jpegEFEA18DD-78ED-41F5-B1DC-030F038D0211 (resized).jpegFC559D09-DC1B-457B-9130-0E5E4219FFA1 (resized).jpeg
#1552 5 months ago

One note I forgot my shooting fork was not beveled. It sits atop the playfield. So far no ball launches into the air but wondering if I will have to make an adjustment to that. Also they guy in the picture is my dealer.

#1553 5 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Installed the art blades on my Pro today, really helps finish off the look. Didn't have to drill any extra holes mounting them either
[quoted image][quoted image]


#1556 5 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I haven't had one issue with my launch ramp and its not beveled.

Good to know. I appreciate all the help you guys give when it’s needed or asked for. Glad to be a Pinsider!

#1562 5 months ago
Quoted from JimB:

Is it possible to get a replacement or is it only fixable via shaving it down?

Well I’ve only had it a few hours but got about 15 games in so far and not noticing a problem with it. I have seen other posts where pro owners dremeled it down. I’m hopeful that is not needed.

#1564 5 months ago
Quoted from JimB:

Is it possible to get a replacement or is it only fixable via shaving it down?

Sorry I didn’t answer your question very well. I’m sure you could get a replacement part, but that wouldn’t change anything. It would simply be the same piece in the same spot. So if something needs to be done I’m assuming shaving down is the only option . Hopefully it’s just not needed.

#1645 5 months ago

Has anyone tried to paint the playfield surrounding the top of the lower playfield? Don’t like how the exposed side cut of the plywood playfield looks. Was wanting to just paint black but curious if anyone did this yet? If so how do you like it?

#1744 5 months ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

I’m still having no luck, what did you do to get it to work?

You guys having trouble loading new code, are you shutting off your machine first? My dealer did my first update and showed me exactly what to do. 1) shut off the pin, 2) put USB stick in right port on the backboard (you can use either but he says always use the right one) 3) power on the pin, it will load automatically, then use service commands to install. I always do full install with verify.

Try this and see if that helps. And yes you must unzip the file first.

#1745 5 months ago

Do not try to load code with the machine on!

#1746 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Code was a smooth load for me....some nice cleanups on speech front. Didn't get time to play too much, but always nice to start adding your initials back on the board.....a very fun game, getting better!!!

The new code is an improvement for sure. After 50 games I am starting to see why some have complained the code must be deeper. The game really is about jackpots period. I would like to see them add more because if you do not keep a ball going for awhile and hit a lot you don’t get much score or results out of the game. I definitely love it though and am very happy with it. If you get a dialed in game it is a complete blast. Just played a few games on the .96 code. Munster Madness now runs both lower and upper play fields at the same time. It did not before. That is tough to play simultaneously for sure but a lot of fun. Stern can make the game really amazing but right now I would probably call it just great with potential for awesome. And my son loves it! Keep working Dwight you got a gem there just need to polish it.

#1762 5 months ago

Got a few more games in on .96 code. I like the changes. This pin is a blast to shoot. I just hit the Eddie loops 5 times in a row once going in the other direction that is a neat loop. The ramps are so satisfying to hit and much easier to target than the ramps in Deadpool. Trying to play the upper and lower playfields at the same time is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried in pinball - it is super fun though! Going to take awhile to get the hang of that. The more I play this pin the more I enjoy it.

I followed the changes a couple of you made and moved my outlane posts to the lower hole. Still didn’t like the gap. Rather than drill a new hole in my playfield though I am right now testing wider post covers which are working pretty well. Will pick up black if I keep them. Easy to remove with no damage. See the yellow one in the picture. I didn’t even have to use a jackhammer

Also I definitely noticed a glitch in the new code. One time out of eight or nine the pin doesn’t recognize the ball has drained for up to a minute. Never seen that before. I’ll send a bug email to Stern.
B1184D42-CACE-4B8C-9C10-551B82EFC216 (resized).jpeg

#1764 5 months ago

You shouldn’t have to do that though right?

#1775 5 months ago

Have any of you noticed that you get Herman Multiball even if you miss the ball of the magnet? On my machine even if I miss the locked ball, once the other ball drains the magnetized ball is released then Herman Multiball starts. Seems to happen every time as far as I’ve noticed. The tutorial even says that you only get it if you knock the ball lose. What’s up with that?

#1780 5 months ago
Quoted from Rozeks:

You get a 2 ball Multiball if you don’t hit it, a 3 ball Multiball if you do. This is as designed.

Okay thanks lol. Must have missed that.

#1820 5 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I’ve finally today spent some significant time playing this game because it’s my birthday
(Dinner my choice movie my choice-I picked Munsters ha ha)
Put the new code in better overall as has been stated
Did they take out the “Darn Darn Darn”
I liked that
So I am actually trying to play the game and pay attention
This thing is sweet
If you play 5 games you end up playing 15 man this is a great theme
Is it me or is it harder to turn the big man blue in Herman Multiball?
Seems like it was one hit before now it’s taking a few I like that as well
I still don’t know how to collect the zaps
Cutting way down on quick drains by plunging myself
I know it’s been said a bunch but again the lower playfield set on soft really makes it like a mini pinball machine I find myself holding and aiming I really like it feels good to me
I don’t know I am just really liking this game theme is just so damn good
No ball save is the way to go now if I could just control the ball better I would get the fireworks going
Also,wanted to add,I’ve had a few issues with my game and everyone at stern has helped right away
Man this theme is so damn good
Have a great night everyone!

Happy birthday Spaceman! The darn darn darn is still there if you miss the Herman Hurry up entirely. I’ve noticed that Munster Madness now only shows one newspaper headline not the 5-6 it did before. I wish they would put those back. After playing a bunch more games I changed the mini flippers to normal the middle setting. I have the mains on hard as default. You hit the zap button whenever it flashes and it adds to the zap jackpot. You collect the zap jackpot just by playing and hitting it. It tells you when you get one. The shaker is way too intense on super jackpots so I had to set it all the way to minimal just to handle the super jackpots. But the effects on all other settings are too minimal on that setting. Going to ask stern to dial back the super jackpot shaker programming. I’m loving the game too.

#1822 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Stand up targets+new flippers+fast game will get airballs. Until stern puts adjustments for invidually controlled coil powers for flippers, you’ll just have to wait until the game breaks in and slows down a bit.

Agree you can’t stop all air balls with these designs. I get them on both my Deadpool and Munsters. Not too many on Munsters though.

#1837 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Ahh...I don't mind (kinda like) the shake...kinda fits into the effect of certain shots.....electrocution......

I don’t mind it MK. But my worry is it is so strong and so long it will shake multiple parts loose over time that otherwise wouldn’t

#1838 5 months ago
Quoted from bsbdmd83:

I meant to say shaker motor weights not posts

Where are these located? I’d like to try it.

#1842 5 months ago

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Pinstadium created a special mini light set called baby pins just for the lower play field for Munsters LE and premium. I have the Pinstadium Fusion on my Deadpool LE and it’s really awesome. Check out this stream - I just ordered these for my Munsters, the baby pins and the Fusion, can’t wait to get them. Scott, the owner, is great and his customer service is 5 star!

#1845 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I only use the shakers on my GB and MET occasionally because of that very reason. It can and does happen.

Yeah and I can see that people have already had some trouble with Spots’ pins popping out. I tried to check the tightness of mine last night and I can’t even really access where it’s installed without taking off other parts. So I’m really hoping that doesn’t come loose. I’d love to leave the Spot attract effect on just for the coolness of it but I turned it off because I’m worried about that part coming loose

#1846 5 months ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

There is no strip to be in there...the LEDs are built into the board in the back box. There is also a setting to turn them off so you might want to find that in the settings to check that first.
[quoted image]

Yes I agree the setting just might be off. Check settings.

#1849 5 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Spots counterweight also fell out on mine

Did you figure out how to reinstall it?

#1851 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Wait...I've only seen one post about that pin being found in the cabinet bottom, so very well could have been loose when it left factory.
Shaker doesn't work in attract mode...I turned him off in attract as the sound of the door became annoying after a bit....
Not really defending them, but have had one that shakes equally violent in my SM and IMVE for several years w no failures....I would completely get some that just don't like the effect, but not quite certain it leads to a guaranteed fail.

No I understand the shaker doesn’t work in the attract mode I probably wasn’t as clear as I should’ve been. I’m just nervous about that one part coming loose so I don’t want to use it more than I need to so I’m only having an active during the game. My point about the shaker is it doesn’t help that part or any other part I to really enjoy the effect so I don’t want to shut it off

#1860 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

That makes sense...I was able to get a screwdriver to one side of the pin, and it was snug (have around 100 plays so far). Getting to the other side is not going to happen without taking some other things apart, for sure. I agree with some other comments on here, that some loctite would be good on those screws (shaker or not). Stern has been notorious (unfortunately) to have loose screws, etc. in some early game runs...something to keep an eye on, for sure, until I eventually get in there....
side -Scott is a great guy, and has done an amazing job marketing his product....I can't unsee the "ramp rainbow effect" so won't ever be using on my machines (bought 2 sets early, converted to underglow, where they are amazing ( but obviously too expensive for that application). To each his own, however, and many love them....

I agree with the rainbow reflection effect. I still like them but he is working on a diffuser to blur the effect. He calls it blur lol. Should remove that effect. I plan on getting those when he gets them finished.

#1877 5 months ago

I’m thinking it was a better design not to do drop targets and do one stand up target. If they were individual drop targets it would be much harder to even get Lilly lit and dragula especially with seven targets. It’s hard enough with the single target , so I actually like that design after playing for awhile.

#1879 5 months ago

I haven’t found a solution to the shaker problem yet so just leaving on minimal for now. Even that is still a lot on super jackpot but at least my pin isn’t walking across the floor anymore

#1881 5 months ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

[quoted image]
There is a video and clock spins, whole thing flashes and Raven pops out the door. Looks pretty good...

I would definitely buy that. Raven coming out is the coolest thing they can do with a topper imho

#1915 5 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Will pick up... whats thought on price?

I’m guessing it’s $399 like all the others they’ve offered recently. I just joined stern insiders plus for $29.99 and they sent me an email showing that prototype .

#1916 5 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Guys.. apparently our beloved munsters pins are the biggest disappointment in pinball history.... I'm really surprised so many people don't like it. Its really well done and the new code added some depth to the pin. Not every pin needs to be jjp deep. People love the b/w pins and this is similar but with much more content , strategy and its just fun to play. Its nothing new or innovative but its just a nice fun pin that can be brutal. People are so ungrateful and sld be happy for new stuff..but instead they find hate in everything these days... so annoying. If you don't like it buy something else.. no need to start a rebellion.

Let them commiserate together lol. Those of us that love it will form the other side. Eventually I guess we will have a Braveheart battle akin to Sterling and that will finally settle it...

#1917 5 months ago

OK everyone wanting to see the new topper it’s only available on stern insiders plus website and there’s no way to download or share the link. So I had to film it with my cell phone and upload the film sorry for the poor quality but you should get a good idea the thing is pretty cool.


#1953 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

And last few
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

MK that looks cool. How hard is it to get that lower PF cover off and back on without stripping the screws or wood? Like your changes.

Boy I’ll tell ya Herman can throw the ball back at you faster than the Star Wars hyperloop if the magnet gets it the right way. No saving that sdtm rocket shot lol. Enjoy my pin more and more each play. Getting what they were going for now. Perfect mix in my choice of 4 pins. Glad I picked this one. Hope so. I just bought every mod they make for it and pinstadium Fusion and baby pins.

#1963 5 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Pretty straight ahead...Torx T10..threaded screws, not wood screws, so a legit attachment method ...the key things:
a) Loosen them all equally, and be certain not to lose the rubber retaining ring under each one (used for final level).
b) Be super careful when you clean it...try to blow any dust or dirt off before putting a cloth on it. A big piece of clear plastic, so ball marks will show (that's why I was happy to finally get the titans on), and so will swirl marks when you clean both sides. I put 2 very minor ones in mine when I cleaned it. Hard to see, but learned my lesson....
c) When putting back in, tighten all screws snug, then insure all edges are flush , with a slight turn, compressing the washers. I simply laid a straight edge on it to confirm everything was good.
d) The biggest time suck is cleaning the window proper
whole process - <20 minutes (mostly cleaning, as I didn't want to take it back off if smudged..ocd here).

Thank you great instructions for this newb much appreciated! Just don’t want to wreck it. Was worried about scratching when cleaning as well. Can already see ball scratch marks on mine.

#1964 5 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

It does seem.to be built really well compared to other spike pins I've owned /seen...

I am also very happy with build quality and QC so far. Not one issue out of the box. Well okay one, when my dealer and I set it up, it wouldn’t stop the initial search for the balls. We finally figured out the sensor plug came loose in shipping, snugged it back down and zero issues so far. Unless you want to count dust on the lower PF which it seems we all have.

#2106 5 months ago
Quoted from Ven:

Just curious if anyone has come up with a fix for the right lower PF ramp not registering shots? Turned down the flipper power to soft and still on that machine it doesn't register the ramp shot most of the time. Pulled the lower PF glass and checked the opto and it registers every time but when the ball is moving fast it just doesnt get it.

I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. I had no problems with the lower PF at all until .96 code update. Now my lower is wacky sometimes and doesn’t even shut off. Last night Munster Madness ended with a ball drain but it refused to finish grandpa and two balls were just sitting in grandpa’s scoop. Had to shut off the pin to reset. Looks like software glitches to me

#2159 5 months ago

Pretty hilarious wth all the trashing going on about this pin.

#2160 5 months ago

Sent a bug report also. Hope they fix it soon.

#2165 5 months ago
Quoted from gac:

Haven't seen the topper. Where can it be found?

See post 1917 in this thread.

#2173 5 months ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

You’re right it’s not the card because it didn’t happen until I updated to the new code. It really is ruining a good game. I contacted Stern tonight left two emails. It only seems to happen in that order. The display tells you to start the machine and if the ball returns to the main playfield can you go in the Dragula hole it doesn’t recognize it’s in the hole but every other time it does. The screen continues to say shoot the machine/ or start the machine I’m not sure which one and then when you go in the Dragula hole the game doesn’t recognize it Every other time you go in the Dragula hole it’s fine that tells me it’s software. It pisses me off

It’s definitely the code. Don’t be that hard on them, they will fix it quickly. The more complex these machines and programming get, the more likely glitches will occur. Guaranteed they get an update out quick when they realize. I’ve been impressed with Stern’s responsiveness on issues like this. It’s annoying but you can’t expect everything to work perfectly on a new complex machine. As long as they fix it quickly, I’m good.

#2174 5 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Probably a stupid question
But could you reinstall the new code or use the old?
I have a beta version that Dwight sent me because I was having problems with the first code I could send it to you to help for now

I’ve thought about this myself. I don’t see why you couldn’t. I’m happy to just leave it. Does not seem to happen every time. I just played a glitch free game. But I’m not totally sure you can so I’m not giving advice to do it. If you try it, please let us know if it worked.

#2184 5 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Hate when I am rocking a multiball and I have to cancel and lose balls ugh good stuff

I’m with you Spaceman and MK, this pin rocks! Each time I play it it gets better. After about 50 games I thought the code was a little shallow. Now after 100 games, I don’t think that as much. It’s just designed differently than other pins. I get it now more and I think it’s really cool. I always want to play more. So far, the whole family loves it. I plan to keep it. Just put a ton of mods in too.

#2191 5 months ago

So the .96 code bug is apparently worse than we even thought. I’ve had problems with grandpa’s laboratory freezing up in munster madness and in just using grandpa’s laboratory by itself. I just completely froze my highest scoring game and was forced to shut off the machine grandpa’s laboratory would never stop running and a ball was stuck in the scoop.

#2198 5 months ago

Found another code bug for .96. The starting skill shot ten second clock never starts and the shot disappears after 2 seconds and therefore can never be hit. I sent a bug email. Hopefully they fix these soon. Anyone else notice this?

#2204 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Which skill shot? The super right ramp one? Never seen this.

Yes the super skill shot on the left side. Haven’t tried to switch to the left yet. Happens every time now.

1 week later
#2397 4 months ago

I’m with Spaceman and MK at this point, I LOVE my LE! It’s my son’s favorite and we have been having a blast. Really stinks with the freeze ups caused by the code issues right now - froze a great game last night. Once it’s fixed will be awesome. Won’t be selling for a long time.

1 week later
#2726 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Had one get stuck on that clear plastic piece behind “the machine”, and one got stuck on the left wireform. Flippers are set to soft but i still get quite a few air balls and thats when it happens.

Good idea but i only have one living room and that’s the little Miss’s TV room so that would be a big no go for me lol. The cabinet on this game is better built and heavier than previous Stern games. Im sure the weight of the extra playfield factors in also to the games weight.

Who-Dey what do you have your lower PF flipper strength set to? Set to soft if you have not done so already. That might help with air balls.

#2815 4 months ago

Just play the new code. The shaker motor is so much better! They tweaked it perfectly. Played it on maximum and it was normal!

#2885 4 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Question for you LE / Prem guys that have been putting some time in on your games.
Have you guys noticed any hazing or clouding of the lower PF Lexan cover like we have heard about on some the AC DC units and Lucy Units?

Yes definitely. How to keep that clean and clear is the hardest problem owning this pin IMHO

#3017 4 months ago
Quoted from Kensurfs:

Finally got all the mods on. Also updated code to .99
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Where did you get those apron cards? I can’t find nice ones anywhere. Would love to get those nice color ones

#3168 4 months ago

I am absolutely loving my LE! Now that I’ve gotten about 200 plays in and played around with how the code works I’m just thrilled. I even put in pinstadiums which I love. I’ve added about 11 mods and I just can’t stop playing. I don’t see me ever getting bored with it. My highest jackpot so far was 31,000,000. Got 55,000,00 on MM once. Best game 183,000,000.

Thanks to Spaceman MK and Who-Dey keeping my spirits up while I waited for my #16 LE.

#3237 4 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Gotta love it when a fly in /fly out visitor takes you re top spot

Well my ten year old son has the grand champion score on both my Munsters and Deadpool. All scored this week. He’s only played a few times. I’m getting sick of looking at them already. Won’t tell him that though. Smug little bugger.

#3266 4 months ago

I regained my honor. My son no longer has the grand champion on my Munsters pin. I had my best game ever. Just got this zap jackpot tonight.

68771B5E-1906-4BA0-9604-77ADD77B5EC5 (resized).jpeg
#3269 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Dang Rick, 21 million! I think we may have a winner here.

Yeah it was awesome Who-Dey. The more I play this pin, the more I love it. It’s now my favorite over Deadpool. Absolutely never get tired of it. And the light show is killer with the pinstadiums. I have the baby pins set to purple. Totally cool effect whenever the lower PF lights up. Just everything together makes this pin a knockout. I’ll probably keep it until it falls apart. I know some of you don’t like adding aftermarket lighting to this particular pin, but I absolutely love it and I’ve got so many cool mods in the machine it’s just perfect now.

#3275 4 months ago
Quoted from Tradesman:

Do you have the Pinstadium fusion's or the standard ones.

I have the fusion and also the baby pins

#3276 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Dang Rick, 21 million! I think we may have a winner here.

It’s all about stacking and getting those multipliers going.

#3277 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

We should make Rick reset all of his scores and start over.

F that. Want him to look at it for awhile

#3279 4 months ago

I broke my Herman plastic however. Stern doesn’t even have any available yet LOL. Like they didn’t expect them to break. Got a plastic protector set today definitely the way the ball flies around hard in this pin think I need to put those in ASAP.

#3362 4 months ago

Ok I get this error code every time I boot up my machine now. Been about a week. Node 8 is the lower PF. Only mods I connected down there are the baby pin stadiums and the grandpa chair from the mod couple. Both are atttached with alligator clips. I have confirmed none of the clips are touching. Do any of you know what this is from? When I actually test node 8 in diagnostics it says functioning normally.
F7014DAC-83D3-449B-86B3-E0E05F58E996 (resized).jpeg

#3363 4 months ago

It plays normally also

#3368 4 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'd just pull the alligator clips off each mod first and see if problem goes away (starting w PS). If not, the board itself could be bad, but doubtful if it's playing ok.
Thought pinstadium supplied an external ps for this very purpose (keeping the draw off the game board)...I could be wrong.
Suppose grandpa could be shorting somehow, but doubt it

Quoted from Lermods:

Test the mods on a 9v battery and see if they light.

Quoted from drained:

Make sure them alligator clips aren't touching/shorting each other after you lower the PF..
I had this problem once. Wrap them in tape to verify. Remove the grandpa mod, Pinstadium should be powered on it's own.

Thanks guys! Pinstadium do have their own power but still use alligator clips. I’ve checked that they don’t touch but didn’t think of after putting PF down. Will try that. The grandpa chair does light with a battery. So the pinstadiums and the grandpa chair both connected to lower PF flasher.

#3379 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’m no chemist, but you just need to put the clips on each side of the socket, so as long as he doesn’t have both clips on one tab of the socket, he should be good.
And even if he did have them on the same side, all that would do is jumper the connection and make the pinstadiums always be on.

The pinstadiums do not draw power from the clips. Chuck is right it is just a trigger. The grandpa chair just draws a small amount to light the two leds in the back of the chair. I can’t imagine that is the problem. Not ready to ask stern yet I don’t want them to tell me I voided my warranty or something. The reason I have them both there is that is the trigger point I want for both items. The effects are amazing and I don’t want to change it unless I have to.

#3432 3 months ago

Hi guys again I’m sorry I was actually mistaken about what I had connected to my lower play field. It isn’t the grandpa chair. I have the G.I. flasher from my baby pin stadiums and the fourth Orion flasher from my large Pin Stadiums connected to the same lower play field flasher. Since neither draw power from the alligator clips can anyone figure out why that’s causing an issue with Node board 8 overcurrent?

#3437 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If you unplug everything modwise does the issue go away?

Yes. Okay here is pretty much what I discovered after everyone’s advice and research. With just one Pinstadium connected to the flasher, regardless of which one, there is no problem. If I connect both to the same I get that warning, no matter how I hook them up. So after trying multiple things I ended up having to change the setup. No more node problems though.

#3453 3 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'm so happy mine is gone. Got a MB and couldn't be happier

This is the Munsters owners thread. Not sure announcing you sold yours for a “better” one contributes much to our conversation. But thank you for the update. We will all sleep better now.

#3460 3 months ago

I bought

Quoted from DeathHimself:

In all seriousness now, really like that 9 piece plastic protector set from Little Shop of Games here on Pinside. Adds a nice splash of color as well but photos don’t do it any justice.[quoted image]

I bought one definitely looks hard to install Herman. Bought it because my Herman plastic broke. already. How do you get it to fit with the current screws and looks like it won’t fit under the the pop bumper cover.

#3461 3 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

Yep I'm out and wish everyone the best. If they fix it, I may buy a pro someday as the mini PF didn't do much for me.

That’s fine but why announce this here? Just sell it and move on. It’s okay if you don’t like it but nobody really cares here if you don’t. Most of us love The Munsters. That is, except for Who-Dey. He hates it also.

#3482 3 months ago

OK very frustrating. After one day of not seeing the node over current warning, I am now seeing the same warning again – node board 8 overcurrent even though I only have one mod attached. Thought I had the issue resolved. Have no idea what’s going on here. Anyone with ideas please help thanks!

#3517 3 months ago

Well Stern sent me a Herman replacement plastic very quickly, and I just installed the last of the nine piece green plastic protector set. Thank you very much to Death Himself who talked me through the process over two days! They are all installed correctly, however I broke my Herman spotlight and have to order one from Stern now.

#3518 3 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

Yes... Remotes can be intimidating.

I also use Alexa Smart Plugs to turn on and off all my game room equipment. Works great.

#3521 3 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I'm guessing to use these Alexa plugs I have to buy an Amazon Alexa? Correct?

Yes. But you can get an Echo Dot for like 20 bucks works the same it’s all Alexa
K.I.S.S Engineering
"The principle is best exemplified by the story of Johnson handing a team of design engineers a handful of tools, with the challenge that the jet aircraft they were designing must be repairable by an average mechanic in the field under combat conditions with only these tools. "
The engineering that replaced a nice solid lockdown bar with a couple spring straps I would call cost cutting engineering. Instead of a Cadillac you now have a Yugo. It works but it could be better; Be more robust.
This switch being moved to an inaccessible location, ostensibly to cut costs, is something I would qualify as stick-it-to-your-customer type engineering. The equivalent would be to remove the starter from your car and replace it with a Model T hand crank. It is a step backwards.
Don't get me wrong. I am going to enjoy this game. I'm not sorry I bought it, but this unnecessary switch movement business pisses me off.

#3530 3 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

So.... all ya do is .....
Buy a smartplug.
Plug it in to power point.
Install some phone app ?
Connect to Wifi.
Use phone app to turn game one.
Rinse, repeat for each machine?
If all above is correct, can you also name/ label each machine in the app ?
And, you don't need Google Home at all up to that point BUT if you do Google Home and run Alexa you can then further add voice command...." Alexa , turn on Munsters" as an example?
Or am I dreaming?

If you use Alexa, you need the app at least one Alexa device then your name your device and it will be controlled by the name you give it by voice commands. You can also set up a group, and have multiple things turned on at the same time.

#3532 3 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

So.... all ya do is .....
Buy a smartplug.
Plug it in to power point.
Install some phone app ?
Connect to Wifi.
Use phone app to turn game one.
Rinse, repeat for each machine?
If all above is correct, can you also name/ label each machine in the app ?
And, you don't need Google Home at all up to that point BUT if you do Google Home and run Alexa you can then further add voice command...." Alexa , turn on Munsters" as an example?
Or am I dreaming?

I don’t think I was clear enough on your question. You don’t need Google to do it. Google is just an alternative home control system. You can use either, I like Alexa. So all you need is a single Alexa device, one Alexa smart plug for each device you want to control, and then you just find the plug on your Wi-Fi and name it and if you want you can set up a group to control more than one thing at the same time it’s all pretty straightforward. I have one command to turn on all my game room equipment, my lights, and my game room sign. But that’s just the group command, you can also control each item individually as long as you give different names.

#3553 3 months ago
Quoted from Redfield0009:

I took off the plastic cover last week and cleaned the lower playfield, so far the dust hasn't come back.

Same for me. Chas said that it’s dust from the lower PF flipper coils. Maybe they just have a lot off the line and then not as much after that. He says engineering is working on a fix.

#3554 3 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

It did not rain today. My neighbor came over and helped get this beast out of the car. It is heavy. I am up and running. I played a few games and have a good time; I don't know what I am doing yet. But this pin is going to be played. These guys who come on to sell and pin and say it has only 300 plays are not me. I'll have 300 plays in this one inside of a week
1) With the lock bar off, I can see why the lockdown receiver had to go away. No way to have a Zap button and an old school lockdown bar.
[quoted image]
2) I don't care for the shaker motor. Will it hurt anything if I go ahead and unplug it?
3) I had to remove the backbox for transport. This was not hard to do. I like the way the back box is bolted down on the back side.
4) So far, the only physical engineering issue I have is the location of the on-off switch.
5) I do like the mini-play field. It is a small part of the game but it is fun.
It will be a long time before I ever get good enough to worry about code. Hell, my Robocop is all about getting 3 balls locked and getting multi-ball and it is a blast to play.
So, people are bitching about code. And one guy is whining about the code on Ghostbusters not being finished. And earlier today I was reading up on Wheel of Fortune since I had an opportunity to play one of those. And somebody was crying about the code on that pin. It is all lost on me. I"d like to have a WOF.
I'll ask one more time. I do not care for the shaker motor. Can I disconnect the shaker motor without causing damage?

Yes you can disconnect it. But why even bother to do that? Just go into your settings and set shaker motor to no use. Easy peasy.

#3653 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I got my set of protectors today.... but no instructions etc on what goes where and how.... anyone...???

Tell me about it, sucks. My best advice - take lots of photos of the parts you remove and where all the screws and nuts go or you will be pulling what’s left of your hair out when you go to put it back together. Deathhimself helped me through install. There are two for each side of the bannisters, one for Herman one for grandpa and one on the side of the right orbit and then four go down by the front slings. You can just match the cut outs to the plastic originals.

#3658 3 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Spot is too dark to really see. One pinsider is working to mod Spot with some cool lighting action. I think I am going to go this route.
I am going to double back tape one of Comet LEDs 6-pak style Matrix lamps above Spot's head. There is room enough between Spot's head and the lower surface of his ramp. Then all I need to do is find a power source and Spot will light up like the sun. I'll probable need to remove the entire Spot assembly to do this.
[quoted image]

Great description on the window Cotton. Mezelmods already has a Spot led light add on. I have it and it works great no need to tinker. It was $15.

#3674 3 months ago

Sorry lol,bought so many I forgot who I got it from. Love it.

#3846 3 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Have any Premium owners considered painting the open cut timber of the lower PF hole black, or actually done it ?
Would it make that section of "black" then look too "fat"?

Yes I’ve considered it and in fact asked that exact question earlier in this thread. Haven’t done it yet. If do would be black. If you do please post pics!

#3900 3 months ago
Quoted from sublime90803:

Where did you see that flyer? Looks fake.

No it’s true. I’m a Stern Insider and they just sent that exact color premium announcement to me.

#3902 3 months ago

I agree though it’s not fair to LE purchasers to do this after release. The same email I got says that a Catwoman Special Edition of Batman 66 is coming to also.

#3935 3 months ago

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the knocker motor and shaker motor? There is this horrible noise at the end of all my games on Deadpool and Munsters which I finally read a post apparently is the knocker Volume. I turned it off and now I don’t hear that noise anymore hooray. However I thought the knocker was the shaker. Can you tell I’m new to pinball LOL ?

#3937 3 months ago

Thanks DH

#3938 3 months ago

So I don’t sound like a complete idiot, I know what the shaker is and does, just never saw anything about a knocker and not much info available on it.

#3942 3 months ago
Quoted from tpir:

Getting an "overcurrent protection warning" on node board 9 for the white GI at the top of the upper playfield.
All 11 of the bulbs are stock and work on power-up. They will all go out together after about 5-6 games. If I go into the tech menu and run the overcurrent test on node board 9 the GI resets and all the bulbs come back on.
Not sure how to diagnose what is going on

I’ve had repeated overcurrent warnings on node board 8. Even if I take the mods off. Tests show normal so I just play it. Doesn’t always show either so it’s weird. Don’t really know what else to do.

#3943 3 months ago
Quoted from Rozeks:

The only thing this news has caused me to realize is that I'm going to sell my Munsters LE.....to immediately buy another Munsters (*love* the artwork on the premium). Absolutely love this game.

I betcha LE resale will be affected downward price wise since now you can get a color premium.

#3953 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Umm...No. Guessing your kidding. They gave color choice to the premium, has nothing to do w the LE. And is anyone really buying any of these new games ( from any company) for resale? Hopefully not. Prices just too high.

Well I bought the LE sight unseen because it was the only color version. If they announced there would be a color premium I could have waited until one got on location and played it, which is how I picked all my other machines. I had to buy the LE quickly because they sold out in two days. Would have been happy with the premium. But I do love my machine so I’m not complaining personally. I definitely see how someone could be justifiably upset though. I’m not real happy with how Stern has handled the entire Munsters release. This is the second move they made that will surely alienate some customers. And I don’t agree it was obvious a color premium would come out. Hard to wait on a machine you want that bad on the hope they will release what you want later on. If you’re wrong, then you miss out entirely.

#4000 3 months ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

A color Prem coming out doesn't affect my LE purchase at all. I still prefer having the LE package and the Prem translite is my least favorite of the bunch.

Well it sure does though if you didn’t want to spend the extra $1,500 for an LE when you don’t really care about the mirror translite, etc.! Don’t tell me saving $1,500 isn’t a big deal to a lot of people. Some people just want the main features you get on the premium. The ONLY reason I bought an LE is I wanted color. Pretty unbelievable that some people can’t see that any way you sliced it Stern treated their Munster customers poorly by doing what they have done. This was not a $50 purchase. This is near ten grand that’s probably the most expensive toy anyone buys for their home. What else costs that much? Nothing inside the house. A car, a boat sure they cost a ton, but these pins are expensive machines and it was not fair to screw people like they did. Seems all that Stern was considering was maximizing sales. But in alienating customers they also lose money. Generally it’s never smart business to treat your customers as only a source of profit.

#4002 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

didnt alienating me.....

Yeah I get that but it obviously has annoyed a lot of people. Is it really hard to see that that anger is justified?

#4005 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

kinda... you got the game you paid for.... the color prem does not have the same art...no HD glass.... etc....

The playfield is identical, only the cabinet and translite is different. I get it, some people don’t care. But it is ridiculous to conclude because you don’t care that no one else has a right to. If everyone agreed what Stern did was fine, we wouldn’t be discussing it would we?

#4008 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

No really don't get it... as a car guy...Dodge releases a RT ....then a SRT...then a Hellcat...then a Demon...and then the next year model comes out.. just buy what you like...

You’re talking apples and oranges. Presumably with the car you know in advance all those models are coming out. The whole point here is that no one knew that this model pin was coming out. Have any of you that don’t understand why some people are upset even considered the fact that the only reason the LE sold out faster than any LE model in pinball history is because the LE was released in color. The prototype photo showed that the premium was color and the LE was black and white. When we saw that the actual release models were reversed people jumped on the color LE like never before. Even Stern couldn’t anticipate how much people would jump at the LE and that’s why they added 100 after they saw the release sales fly off the shelves. So yes, I believe it’s quite reasonable for anyone who purchased an LE to be upset about this change.

#4013 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Right but if people do research before diving in, they would know that extra editions are always a possibility. Just another thing you need to factor into your buying decision.

Absolutely a possibility. But there is no way to predict what they will do precisely. Gambling on a $10,000 purchase does not appeal to me. They’ve never done things like this before as far as I know.

#4016 3 months ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

They added TWD Premium after claiming there would be no Premium version (that the LE was the only way to get the full game)...

That’s not cool either. I wasn’t into Pinball then LOL. I’m not really mad I can just see why some people are mad at Stern. I am more annoyed than mad at them I guess. I absolutely love my pin and I’m not getting rid of it I just wish they were cooler towards those of us that spend so much money with their company. I plan to buy more pins - they should consider that when they make decisions like this that alienate the very people they sell to.

#4021 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yes they have.
TWD premium

They released a new version of a prior version? Or just released a version they said weren’t going to originally? Unless they did the former I think this is even worse than what they did with those three models. Although the TWD release of a premium after they said there wouldn’t be just about as uncool as what they did with Munsters. However I think with Munsters they took it to a new low. Let’s hope they change in the future how they do things and he’s in the previous question. Now enough about that. I just loaded the 1.0 code now I’m going to go play it.

#4032 3 months ago
Quoted from bsbdmd83:

Would love some help from those who have a machine. Was putting the green plastic protectors on and forgot to snap a pic of the right side sling plastic and herman plastic arrangement. I seem to be missing either a black spacer at teh top or the ramp is positioned under the herman plastic. Can someone take a photo of the right side sling and ramp anchor please as well as a shot from the side of the top of the sling so I can see how the washers and spacers were arranged? Lily on the left has the nylon nut and then the lily plastic, a black spacer and then the base plastic, and its the same top and bottom. Just trying to find out what i either dropped or was missing.
Ty very much

The ramp goes under the Herman plastic. There is no black spacer on that side. The ramp is the spacer. DeathHimself helped me with the exact same problem. I forgot to take enough photos and couldn’t figure out how to put the Herman side back together. I love the help pinsiders provide each other. When we aren’t bitchin’ about something lol.

#4034 3 months ago
Quoted from bsbdmd83:

Would love some help from those who have a machine. Was putting the green plastic protectors on and forgot to snap a pic of the right side sling plastic and herman plastic arrangement. I seem to be missing either a black spacer at teh top or the ramp is positioned under the herman plastic. Can someone take a photo of the right side sling and ramp anchor please as well as a shot from the side of the top of the sling so I can see how the washers and spacers were arranged? Lily on the left has the nylon nut and then the lily plastic, a black spacer and then the base plastic, and its the same top and bottom. Just trying to find out what i either dropped or was missing.
Ty very much

Here ya go

6A608299-15BC-43DE-B1B2-2A8EACAD7CA3 (resized).jpegCB2D8233-DF18-47B9-9B0E-D3B13D0EAB59 (resized).jpeg
#4035 3 months ago

Chuck you are one of my favorites. Extremely knowledgeable and very helpful to everyone. Kudos.

#4037 3 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

Loving my B&W Prem. Don't care much for the color, personally.
Now why am I having troubles updating the code... Grrr

What’s the issue you are having?

#4040 3 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

mostly reading. I tried to do things like I did when I updated Met or at least how I remember doing them. Then I read this: https://sternpinball.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/How-to-Create-a-SD-Card-for-a-SPIKE-System-Pinball-Machine.pdf
Seems to be going good now.

Ok good! Enjoy.

#4041 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yes. Evident at release. Hence why it wasn’t mentioned as being like Munsters.
At the end of the day the people that are complaining about this game, never should have bought it. Do your homework and you won’t be disappointed in the future.

I agree with almost everything you say. But on this one I just don’t agree researching this would have let us know this color premium was coming. It does seem like Stern has done a few cheesy things in the past as well. I think what they have proven is that they’re a little unpredictable and they’ll probably do something like this again in the future. I would agree at this point we’re a little bit more on notice that Stern does such things. It’s just a shame they do. OK back to Pinball

#4049 3 months ago

I cleaned and waxed the playfield very thoroughly last night. My first time doing that. Holy cow the pin is fast now. The outlanes and Herman magnet throwback are just brutal now. Even the loops zip super fast. I like it though. Think my scores are going to be lower for a bit lol. Got 14 mods installed. She’s all dialed in now. Love love love this pin. Good thing with all the other crap going on.

#4052 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Stern is not alone, and at least they don't re-release an LE.....ever. I can think of a few (Tron, ST, TWD, BIBLE, BM66) that are holding up just fine.
If you buy machines beyond their intent (toys), you're guaranteed to be disappointed at some point. Is what it is, I guess....

I don’t care about value. I’m only annoyed because that’s just not the way to treat your customers that give you $6,000 - $10,000 a pop.

#4053 3 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

A lot if people will be wiser now because of this.
Screw me once, shame on you.
Screw me twice, shame on me.
This could come back to bite Stern in the ass in the future.

I think it will. I know I will hold off on an LE next time unless I’m sure I gotta have it.

#4055 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

14 mods!!!! impressive...pics, please....


Pinstadium Fusions
Pinstadium Baby Pins
Raven Clock (Mod Cop)
Spot ramp light (Lermods) not shown
Herman magnet ring protector (Mod Cop)
3D eye (Mod Cop)
Grandpa Chair (Mod Cop)
Drag Light (Mezel Mods)
Shooter rod plate (Mod Cop)
Flipper bats (Mod Cop)
Interactive trough light (Lermods)
Flasher coil covers (Mod Cop)
Spot bannister gargoyles (Mezel Mods)
Green 9 piece plastic Protector

Think I got all the mods by correct dealer.
088F7193-0E2E-4D01-8C01-00BE05E30AA1 (resized).jpeg20908779-A022-4EF0-974A-7BF5C273DF05 (resized).jpeg26EBABB7-433D-4416-ADB3-CA6430323FCE (resized).jpeg5F78B50E-9B87-46A1-9284-B991E61ADE00 (resized).jpeg65B772C5-4AB0-4CAC-8B8F-C4A1D35F5BB1 (resized).jpeg8472C060-C949-431D-A23B-72E58584BE3C (resized).jpeg8DEA8D60-291D-424F-AA53-CFF66B08D046 (resized).jpegAD0CAB6C-0E7B-4C71-9B9A-87DF09C90E37 (resized).jpegB05DA2BD-1724-47E3-9E08-41AE25EE8EB1 (resized).jpegC30773F4-38A2-468F-833F-865141F7BE9A (resized).jpegCC33463A-A2F6-40CB-9521-F27CF19D0F06 (resized).jpegD6D7E2FC-93B6-4D14-8081-EFC601EB923B (resized).jpeg

#4056 3 months ago

Also I used Novus 2 then 1 and then wax over the lower PF window and it looks great! Took away almost all scratches and it looks sooo much better. Only thing I didn’t do was remove the window and treat the underside and clean and wax the lower PF. Nervous about removing the window too many times and stripping out the wood. Will clean and wax when I have to clean the window again.

#4057 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

14 mods!!!! impressive...pics, please....

I actually have four more I want to put on. One is out of stock. Two others require removal of a GI light and one was broken when I got it and I’m waiting for the new one. I have Deadpool LE but no mods on that yet except Pinstadium fusions. But Munsters is sooo fun to mod and the mods are all really cool on the pin. I’ve got at least $1,200 into mods easy. Worth it. This thing gives me and my family and friends lots of enjoyment. What else is life for?

#4073 3 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

My Herman plastic broke... Where can I get a replacement?

Just call stern. They sent me one right away.

#4074 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I could not get that upper nut to grab with the washer on there.... any tricks? I left the washer off....

Well it’s very tight since the plastic protector is so thick. I couldn’t get one screw on the Herman magnet protector.

#4077 3 months ago
Quoted from gac:

Does anyone have what looks like a thin metal protector underneath the Herman plastic next to the ramp? Mine looks like there is and I'm wondering if this was done in response to people reporting this plastic breaking and requesting replacements. My build date is 4/29.

Yes that’s exactly it. They added the metal metal protector because a lot of Herman plastics are breaking in that section. If you put on the green plastic protector set, or the clear one, you won’t need it.

#4089 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I could not get that upper nut to grab with the washer on there.... any tricks? I left the washer off....

Careful if you leave the washer off the nut will dig into the plastic significantly

#4094 3 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

Someone else posted instructions on how / where to drill a new hole to really even left and right out

I was talking about how to put the sling Herman plastic back on after putting the plastic protectors on. Not about the moving of the post.

#4103 3 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

I think adding that piece of rubber in my game was the single most useful home made modification, what you have done should also work. When my ball travels to the scoop now it just quietly sinks into its hole. No more rejections period, no metal to metal clanking, and best of all no more ball or scoop pocket abuse going on. All should consider this mod as a benefit, not to mention Stern should do this on all games with similar scoops. I'm adding this same mod to my GB & GOTG.
Gotta give my man Who-Dey credit for this one, I owe him a six pack of his best beer!
[quoted image]

What type of material is that pinhead? Curious if it will fray and be a bitch to clean off and replace. But I’d like to put something. That scoop gets hit hard!

#4105 3 months ago
Quoted from ykes:

I updated mine last night and it kept them all - from 0.99 to 1.

So did I. No issues. Kept all settings and scores.

#4106 3 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Do a quick update not full update and your setting a scores will remain.

I always do a full update and verify. Still didn’t lose anything just FYI.

#4115 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

The new code did not fix the countdown issue in the LP...at least for me... its a crap shoot... one time the timer is set to 18...and does not start counting until ball is launched... next time... starts counting and by time a ball is launched its at 10-12...

Yes I have exact same issue. Been there for last three code updates at least. Don’t k ow why they keep missing that one. Sent bug report a week ago

#4116 3 months ago
Quoted from gac:

So... I hooked up speaker wiring (with alligator clips) from my cabinet base speaker and connected it to an external subwoofer. When I turned the game on, a ticking sound was coming from the cabinet speaker. Disconnect wires and ticking stopped. Anyone have an idea why this happened?

Make sure no exposed wires are coming into contact with any metal or other wires. See that big steel ground wire they have in there on the cabinet floor. My Pinstadium alligator clips hit that once and sparked.

#4127 3 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

None of my scores saved.

Was it that you had to turn on save all settings maybe before updating? Not sure.

#4176 3 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

OK Wow, I had many takers for the rubber insert from the stack of PM's I received, shit now I know how to become a popular guy, just give away free rubbers to all my friends. Wow, did I just say that
It's all good, I wouldn't have offered this up if I wasn't serious, it just might take me a couple extra days to crank them all out, 17 in fact as of this posting.
So here's my plan, I will make up a batch this weekend, then contact those whom sent me the PM's first working my way through the list until finished. I will start responding to you all (and U know who U R) this weekend to acknowledge and coordinate for shipping adress if it wasn't provided in the PM message, if it was then I will just let U know when its going in the mail.
You guys are going to like how this little gizmo works

Yes thank you very much! Donations happily offered as well.

#4184 3 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Ok so got the protector on grandpa....that was fun..... one more...Herman.... will tackle today. Any pointers.....

Yes – take pictures at every stage of disassembly! Or you will be very sorry trust me. I couldn’t get the screw to grab on the right side of the Herman plastic protector by the pop bumper. Had to get a new screw and nut from Stern because I used the one on the post in front of Herman holding the rubber. It’s much longer. Also don’t break your spotlight like I broke mine.

#4185 3 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

Now that funny right there

It’s a lot friggin better than talking about the code.

#4216 3 months ago

Has anyone found the secret mania code yet???

1 week later
#4383 3 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Geezers, I gotta start playing my game, I'm falling way behind in scoring compared to you high rollers. Getting to M/M about 2 out of 5 games, but just can't work both those play fields good enough to get good scoring yet.[quoted image]

That’s only because you spent all that time hand carving 22 or so grandpa scoop protectors for everyone. I just got mine yesterday. Thank you so much John! Now get back to playing will ya?

#4384 3 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Geezers, I gotta start playing my game, I'm falling way behind in scoring compared to you high rollers. Getting to M/M about 2 out of 5 games, but just can't work both those play fields good enough to get good scoring yet.[quoted image]

The best method I’ve figured out yet is I concentrate on the lower playfield and I just hit the upper flippers whenever I see a main ball heading towards the flippers but I keep my focus on the lower playfield. That seems to work best. Since they tweaked it trapping the balls on the upper play field doesn’t really work anymore.

2 weeks later
#4612 76 days ago

All of a sudden, the ball gets stuck frequently on the left Eddie orbit about 2/3 way up the lane. Seems to be hitting the wire guide but it has not been bent or damaged at all. Hit that loop hundreds of times before never got stuck once. Anyone else have this issue? Playfield is totally clean and waxed and no debris in the lane, I checked it all out.

#4637 73 days ago

No one answered my post about stuck balls in the left Eddie orbit. Is anyone having issues with balls getting stuck there?

#4661 70 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Rick i cant imagine what would be causing that to happen. Have you taken the glass off and threw a ball around the loop to see if you can tell why its getting hung up?

Yes. I’m really not sure. I’ve already taken the glass off check the balls check the lane. There’s no debris in the area the wire forms on the side of the lane haven’t been bent and I can’t think of anything that happens a lot now. Still playing with it. Just want to see if anybody else had that issue .

3 weeks later
#4930 46 days ago

Yes they just added the topper to the stern website today!

1 week later
#5156 33 days ago

It seems to be they stopped shipping toppers while they address the QC issue. I ordered mine the day it was released got an order confirming email and nothing since. I’m happy to wait for a working one than get a badly produced early unit. I’ll wait and see. I’ve been very happy with the QC on my NIB Stern pins so far. I’ll give them a little time to fix this before I blow a gasket.

#5157 32 days ago

It’s hard to imagine why my last post would get a downvote. For being understanding and easy going? Some odd things happen on pinside.

3 weeks later
#5392 11 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

Then, by your definition, there’s nothing wrong with my posts here. Munsters was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I was an early reviewer of Munsters with very positive comments. Was in on an LE day 2. I absolutely want a BW Premium and really hope there is a code update that makes use of the assets Borg spent a year identifying to give us the theme integration the game deserves. I’ll be a buyer at that point and almost certainly NIB.
It’s pretty sad that owners who have the game seem to have a problem with the fact the game hasn’t sold well since the initial surge or that someone would suggest buying used and/or not buying a game based on a hope of future code.
Munsters should have been a monster hit for Stern. Great shooter (despite the monotargets), great art, terrific theme. If there is a code update in the future that improves the theme integration and addresses some of the one trick pony concerns, I suspect sales will pick up again much like happened with Batman after it was clear where Lyman was taking the code.

This is the owners thread dude. You don’t own the game and obviously don’t like it. We do. So get the f*#@ out of this thread and spew in another one where it is appropriate.

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