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#1500 6 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Is moving those posts permanent...?

The non-factory hole is.

#1506 6 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

There are 2 factory holes right?

Correct but a pinsider a few pages back drilled new holes for a different experince.


#1535 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The new code should be .96 when it’s released. Maybe they just uploaded the wrong one.

I assumed they never had any code on the site so put up the current .91

How do you know its gonna be .96? Any insight to what's inside ? I am gonna plead to Dwight/Stern they add a final wizard mode after stage 3 of Munster Madness at the very least..

What I don't understand is why only 2 stages to the characters ? When there is a 3rd stage munster madness.

#1759 6 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I saw the Adjustments pdf..
When and how do you change the level? On code update? And how do you go back and change later...say from Easy to hard?

You can change the settings anytime via the coin door service menu under game adjustments.

#1795 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Anyone tried to figure out secret mania? I super excited to hopefully discover this.

I am curious if collecting all the Super Jackpots together has anything to do with it. So all 9 on the Pro, 10 on LE. The code update mentions tracking was fixed for this mode, maybe they don't have to be stacked just all achieved. Still watching streams till the prems ship

#1817 6 months ago

Finaly was able to get some time on a LE at my local barcade running .91 code.

Shots felt great, no airballs or issues. The lower playfield was dusty tho. I thought the lower playfield was fun, enough chaos to keep it challenging.

I only wish there will be a way to make flipping the lower flippers a little more noticable, maybe a sound and/or quick shaker motor feedback to make it seem more tactile when flipping down there.

I see some options via future code updates to make things a little variable via mini modes/wizard modes. (Fingers Crossed)

I also noitced the lower playfield being a little dark, maybe it was the room lighting or dust. Those baby pinstadiums looked great on the SDTM stream I watched, might be on the top of list of mods when I get my prem.

#1906 6 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I like that you only have to start lily and not complete her or any mode to qualify for MM
I have been trying to combo her with Herman to actually complete her and move on
Then with different levels in MM makes each time there if you get that far interesting to me
I wonder if something will be added if you actually close out every character in one round

On the PREM/LE code .91 code I played yesterday you can't qualify grandpa or MM till you activate The Machine, which requires 3 shots. Which can take a few trips back to grandpas lab to achieve if at all, love it.

#1913 6 months ago

Where is the video of the clock topper? Do I have to be a t-shirt wearing stern insider ?

-edit - It's a stern insider :/


#2079 6 months ago

Listened to Pinball Profile podcast today with Dwight. He makes some comments on his thoughts/direction on the code for this game. He mentions 2 levels to the characters was give you something to do with the game after munster madness level 1, which he wanted wanted everyone to be able to achieve to experince the lower and uppper PF at the same time.

Isn't there 3 different munster madness's to experince in the game? I have failed to see a 3rd trip to munster madness to verifiy. If this is the case, why isn't there 3 levels to the character modes instead of just level 2 during the 3rd trip? Easily could adjust the gui by lighting the I & II to present the characters in mode 3. While at it toss it a few wrenches and curve balls in the chase to mode 3 munster madness.

He also does mention Munster Madness isn't a wizard mode in his opinion. Why not make one then after all of the above if certain requirements are achieved? I hope Dwight sees this opportunity. Fun game, can't wait to get my prem to deep dive into the code.

#2082 6 months ago

Bummmer, I have put 2 hours of non-stop LE play on local spot. No issues.

#2085 6 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

So 3 levels to Munster madness which equates to a ladder style ruleset. I've been thinking about this and it would be kind of nifty if instead level 1 was called Munster Frenzy & level 2 was called Munster Chaos and at game start you can pick if you wanted to do the Munster frenzy (level 1) rules first or Munster chaos (level 2). Then after you do one, you play the other. After doing both, you then play the Munster Madness (level 3) rule set. Thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea? Go to hell SKB constructive criticism isn't allowed here?

Love it, I think the game is there.. just need some progression in terms players path to an end, when it comes down to it seems like biggest complaint there isn't a "once in a life time game" carrot to chase. I love point based games of Dwight's vision from the 90's is after, but give the game something everyone likes. Having Munster Madness so close to the start button makes the following stages less attractive to shoot for. Something LITZy or Final Froniter but a little more difficult to achieve. The LCD opens up so many possibilities in terms of later modes, JJP has done well with wizard modes on DI and POTC without inserts.

I also wish the Mystery Award/Extra Ball system was a little more active in this progression, looks like the current code is 1 Mystery Award per game. Feels a very un-utilized aspect of the game.

#2099 6 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

He also mentions “secret mania is a flipper code”...”little secret in the game” anyone figure this out?

Doesn't seem like it, I only have streams and local barcade spot to figure it out. When Prems start shipping and arrives it's gonna be my main goal.

#2103 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It has something to do with those 8 lights that change configurations on the LCD every time you press the flippers. I just know it. Haha

I have to agree on this, today I watched all the streams I could and they do change depending on mode progression.. they do not seem to be anything related to the top lanes and bottom lanes as I first assumed. Wish I had my pin.. :/

#2105 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

They are definitely tied to the flipper buttons only. And they do the same sequence over and over.

Yes. They are definely flipper button related, they flip back and forth alot.. it's wierd. I have noticed the bottom row changes at certain points.. I only have streams to disssect atm. Maybe they just changed because the right first sequence is hit. If this is the case, this means this mode can be triggered anytime during a game? I hope I have mine before the cats out of the bag.

I feel like the goal is to fill all 8 dots.

1 week later
#2441 5 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I’m on my way back to Texas and stopped at Cactus Jacks for another $10.00 on the Pro model.
I’m not all that good of player(but I’m getting better) and I sure do have a hell of a good time.
As far as deep rule sets, I have probably have turned over a half of a shovel and there is still a lot to do.
I don’t know when just yet but I’m going to get me one of these.

I am digging this game as well on location.. fun shooter. Really shines when playing multiplayer for points. I have a PREM on order, but really hope Dwight adds a few more dashes of variety of the modes, getting to Munster Madness 2 on the regular is fun but needs some more filling during the journey. Shocked there isn't any Eddie, Marylin, or Igor (BAT) modes based on orbits/combos/spinners with more video clips. Come on DWIGHT.

#2623 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Factory settings, newest code, no EBs. 245mm.
Our local barcade just sold theirs because it wasn’t earning so I won’t get to play it regularly anymore.

No EBs, no wonder people aren't playing it. Need a few to make ya feel good.

#2714 5 months ago

Finally setup my PREM, just finishing testing and post shipment tweaks. I did install the Stern shaker motor. Holy crap its so strong.. maybe I installed it the wrong way ? The LE at the local spot isn't as intense, feels just right.

Does it matter if the rotaion of the weights spin horizontally or vertically of the cabinent ?

The speakers are weak, needs more bass. The LE I play on location has a lot more punch to the music/sounds.

Anyone source upgraded speakers ?

#2715 5 months ago
Quoted from drained:

Finally setup my PREM, just finishing testing and post shipment tweaks. I did install the Stern shaker motor. Holy crap its so strong.. maybe I installed it the wrong way ? The LE at the local spot isn't as intense, feels just right.
Does it matter if the rotaion of the weights spin horizontally or vertically of the cabinent ?
The speakers are weak, needs more bass. The LE I play on location has a lot more punch to the music/sounds.
Anyone source upgraded speakers ? Noticed a few pages back it was being discussed, wondering if anyone has had any luck.

1 week later
#3053 5 months ago
Quoted from gac:

I think all of the Stern machines I have are the same way. After pulled all the way out, when sliding the playfield back in it gets to a point where it won't slide any farther. At that point you have to slightly lift the top of the playfield to get it "over the hump" so it can slide the rest of the way.

I use to do this lift over hump move with sterns coming from a Bally/Williams lineup.. It was a beatdown everytime. I eventually realized just shove it over the hump after watching many others do it. Feels natural after a few times.

#3055 5 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

What power settings are your main flippers adjusted to when you guys are playing? I just checked the settings and they were set to hard, I'm assuming that is the stronger setting as there is only soft, normal and hard. I was getting a lot of airballs and wanted to tone down their strength a bit.

I have moved my lower flippers thro all the settings trying to fix the airball issue. Lowering them does help.. think I settled on Normal. The best results came after bending the purple target brackets forward a bit and double checking my 6.5 pitch.. way better since then.

1 week later
#3251 5 months ago

Noticed on the DF stream with the Prem when a ball was stuck on the lower playfield the chat and DF mentioned a rail Stern is adding to LP, and can be requested if you don't have one. Anyone know what this is about ?

#3299 5 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I am tired of explaining to people that want Munsters to be LOTR or any other game that it’s not and that’s ok
Can’t wait to crank it up and play tonight

Would be easy to do for Dwight just make a "Valinor" mode if you can cash out the max Super Jackpots and make it past 2nd level Munster Madness.

#3306 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Does anyone know when the topper for this game will be available?

Sadly Stern as had a horrible track record on releasing toppers. Also, if they make a PREM version I would be interested if it comes out this year.

#3365 4 months ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Ok I get this error code every time I boot up my machine now. Been about a week. Node 8 is the lower PF. Only mods I connected down there are the baby pin stadiums and the grandpa chair from the mod couple. Both are atttached with alligator clips. I have confirmed none of the clips are touching. Do any of you know what this is from? When I actually test node 8 in diagnostics it says functioning normally.
[quoted image]

Make sure them alligator clips aren't touching/shorting each other after you lower the PF.. I had this problem once. Wrap them in tape to verify. Remove the grandpa mod, Pinstadium should be powered on it's own.

#3403 4 months ago
Quoted from Redfield0009:

I ordered a pair of speaker gaskets so my speakers won't be pushed against the grill. While I was digging through the LE manual I also noticed there was an additional speaker plate. I wasn't sure what it was for so I ordered a pair as well. As it turns out, this is what creates the gold ring on the LE speaker box. I'll be picking up some silver paint this weekend and painting them, but they do look kinda cool on the Premium.[quoted image][quoted image]

Ya this looks sweet.. I wanna upgade my speakers might order these up. I do think silver will look just as great. Great idea.

#3543 4 months ago

Feels good after a day of fighting granpa's lab to hit 2 or more shots let alone the mystery. Then coming back and blowing up the lab collecting the super jackpot.. plus the zap and mystery jackpots. Gotta get all them granpa shots guys.

#3649 4 months ago

Sounds like an epic game. But 5 Ball with 2 extra balls on .91 scoring is way off balance. That old code had a score bug in MM from what I remember. Still amazing score conisdering my few occurances to break 100mill on factory.

#3758 4 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

better players you can take advantage of the cancel to stack your jackpots up to 12 I believe..

10 Total Jackpots for PREM/LE then 9 for the PRO

The former has the Grandpa Jackpot for hitting all the shots during Grandpa Multiball, then the Enlarging Ray mode can be awarded from the Mystery which has a Super Jackpot that can be earned.

I am waiting for a perfect lower playfield setup in which I earn Grandpa, Mystery, Zap, and Enlarging Ray Super Jackpots in one go down in the basement.

I have been close once. Just failed to complete Enlarging Ray and earn the Super Jackpot. Still would have to get the others tho with all that pressure. Cashing out 10 Jackpots should award a wizard mode or something.

#3849 4 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Just as a test have you thought about running some black tape there first just to see "how black" it would end up looking ....

I am planning to do some matte electrical tape... maybe someone will beat me.

4 weeks later
#4604 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What I can’t understand is why everyone here is concerned about how others like this game? If you like it, that’s all that matters!
Now who’s going to get to MM III first? Anyone notice rule differences there? I can see a level III for every mode including MM coming.

I hope so.. from the beginning only having 2 levels for the characters but a MM III was/is my biggest gripe. The third go through needs its own content, plus I hope they open up the extra ball/Mystery system a little more.

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