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3 months ago

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#18 3 months ago

Getting the Prem, so I'll be in eventually.

2 months later
#2431 17 days ago

I thought I was exiting the hobby and the wife dragged me back in lol. Premium ordered and should be here by next weekend. So how is the Grandpa's hole protector and other then the switch slot and shooter lane protectors any other protector needed?

#2464 16 days ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Cmon brother you have got to have that thing set up by now let’s see it

Seriously, mine is coming Saturday and I'm sitting here with a box cutter in my hands already.

#2466 16 days ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

The B&W is so bad ass it’s ridiculous

The Prem was mine and my wife's favorite model also, the whole scheme just fit natural with the show. Passed on the LE, the color is nice and beautiful but dislike the cab side art. I think the Pro has the nicest translight of them all, I will try to purchase one of those lol.

#2475 16 days ago

Love the speaker lights in the LE, wonder if we can add them to the Prem.

#2476 16 days ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Ha ha holy smokes it looks amazing

Looking at how beautiful the sideart is, I just ordered the new side armor to protect it now while they are available for once all these Prem's start getting delivered they are going to go fast.


#2506 16 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

used=speakers=bad. No way to truly tell how they were treated prior. unless an obvious rattle or broken surround, coil scraping magnet, etc.

Shit I linked the wrong ones, sorry. These are the new ones.

ebay.com link » Pair Kenwood Kfc 1366s 5 25 500 Watt 2 Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

#2519 15 days ago

Then there maybe an Ohm setting on the amp to switch between 4 & 8, highly doubt there is a 16 as it's not widely commonly used. Or most likely, the amp is running in High setting (8ohm) which can also allow the use of 4ohm speakers to be used without over driving the amp creating excessive heat.

Found this information after I spoke lol.

Some amps have an impedance selector switch. In most cases we recommend the 8-ohm or more setting. The manufacturer puts them there for UL/CSA approvals as well as easing consumer concerns about driving low impedance loads. These switches step down voltage feed to the power sections which will limit dynamics and overall fidelity. Keep the switch set for 8 ohms regardless of the impedance of your speakers

The "low" setting (less than 8 ohms) and the "High" setting (8 ohms or more). This is the reason I usually recommend keeping this switch in its default "High" setting and using common sense when mating a receiver with inefficient 4 ohm speakers in large rooms.

All the "Low" setting of the switch is doing is stepping the rail voltage down so when UL tests the amp at a specified distortion level, the amp will achieve that distortion level sooner since it runs out of headroom more quickly than it would in the "High" (8 ohm or more) setting. This in turn generates less heat since the amp isn't driven as hard. You really aren't buying any protection for driving low impedance loads as you actually risk clipping the amplifier more since it can run out of headroom more easily. The switch is there more for certification purposes.

The reason you don't see this switch on separate amps is twofold:

They typically have more heat sink area, and bigger power supplies and can better manage the heat
They aren't UL certified and don't have to meet the requirement.

#2522 15 days ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

Other than the previous post, here she is, and it's definately fun !!!

Absolutely stunning looking, I'm pumped and ready lol.

#2527 15 days ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

Ok, so I called Stern, and the wireforms are left that way in order to look "industrial".....ok. The noise IS a cooling fan, but it's got to be mounted inside one of the metal boxes in the back box. I opened the back box and didn't see anything.

Check out this post about Sterns Spike system fans.


#2532 15 days ago

Have any of you guys with the Premium located the CPU mounted line out for external audio amplification, so we can hookup an external polk sub?

#2539 15 days ago

I could have sworn I have read somewhere that Dwight knew about some of these issues and was already testing a newer version of code to address some of the bugs. Maybe before he releases it they are adding in a few more goodies or objectives for Eddie and Marylin. Wishful thinking lol but who knows.

#2554 15 days ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Fuck all these pics of premiums in the box! Open those bitches up and show us! Pleaseeeeeee

Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thats what im saying too!

Yeah, Video in 1080P or better with a steady hand and crank the sound up.

#2569 15 days ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

no idea why the haters on this

Haters will always hate don't bother trying to figure it out. Just relax and enjoy what they choose to miss out, more for us.

#2599 14 days ago
Quoted from Wesmantooth:

This game is awesome it’s just fun feels like a throwback with the music and the black and white.

ssshhhh!!! Don't ruin it for the haters lol.

#2685 12 days ago

I was just informed my game will be delayed a little, bummer. So temporarily can we stop posting how good the game is and post why it sucks so I can at least feel good in the meantime

#2706 11 days ago
Quoted from frankmac:

It sucks so bad that it is fantastic. Sorry.

Quoted from Who-Dey:

Lol let me direct you to the munsters hype/HATE thread. There all the negativity you can handle over there thanks to 3 or 4 people.

Quoted from cooked71:

This game sucks so bad I don’t play any of my other games since I got it. Feel better?

Quoted from MK6PIN:

It sucks so bad I'm learning to cradle and backhand orbit shots on the lower play field!!! Hate this game...Have to keep hitting start button alot...

Sure, let's just keep kicking a brother when he is down. LOL

#2719 11 days ago
Quoted from drained:

Anyone source upgraded speakers ?

Polk PSW 10 powered sub woofer, all the bass you ever want and more.

#2751 10 days ago

Another really cool feature "I'm sure not by design" for the Prem and Le is with the lower PF there is at lot less dimpling area

Sorry couldn't resist, besides I have nothing else to post on it considering mine was set back a week or two

#2761 10 days ago

However just in-case do you have a reference number for them from Ace?

#2809 9 days ago

These look great for the Premium.

#2836 8 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

5 and 2 small ones in lower play field

6 Standard and 2 Mini LE / Prem

6 Standard Pro

#2846 8 days ago

Question for you LE / Prem guys that have been putting some time in on your games.

Have you guys noticed any hazing or clouding of the lower PF Lexan cover like we have heard about on some the AC DC units and Lucy Units?

#2849 8 days ago

I was thinking of pulling the cover as soon as it arrives and Mylar protecting it before any hazing or cloudy starts. Mylar is cheap enough to keep redoing periodically and now with the cover screws on top it just makes things a lot easier to rinse and repeat.

#2854 8 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Just buy a spare cover or two...or 10.

What are they like $75.00 a pop? Yeah I might grab an extra and toss it in the hole but, gotta try the Mylar for $3.00 route. If it don't pan out just peel and wax lol.

#2857 8 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Surely to God that piece of plastic isnt 75.00-200.00 i hope? If they are that much they shouldn't scratch.

I was on Sterns site trying to find a way to order parts and see prices, the part # 545-1079-00 but had no luck finding it thus far.

#2890 7 days ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

replaced the original ones with

If anyone else wishes to replace them to allen hex head screws, they are 6-32 x 3/4" flat head screws.

#2927 6 days ago

Do you guys think that Pingraffix Powerblades will throw off too much light and ruin the lighting effects of the some the modes in the game?

#2941 6 days ago

DP was just updated to 1.00.0
BM 66 to 1.03.0
Beatles to 1.10.0
Maiden to 1.06.0
Nellie to 1.55.0

I don't think any actual number indicates a final code to be honest

#2945 6 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Starting with whatever was after ghostbusters was when they would release with .80 or whatever code and get to 1.00. That would be basically feature complete, then tweaks and bug fixes after that. Not a hard fast rule though. Just a guide for expectations.

Well let's have high expectations for more mode/audible content in 1.0.0

#2960 6 days ago

I wouldn't push any code panic buttons yet, let's see how this plays out. In the meantime it is fun as hell, great flow and call outs. Additional stuff can always be added especially if Gary wants to keep this on the line for a few years for prospective buyers. Not to beat a dead horse but we have been down this path with TWD and that turned out amazing, I know different coder all together but still Dwight has the chance to take a very good solid game and make it great.

#2968 6 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

I don’t think anyone is pushing any panic buttons.

Did you read this thread lol:


I do agree with you 100% and just as Dwight revisited Star Wars with a great code drop, he can still deliver a 1.00.0 final to speak with some extra content for Eddie loops and Marylin ramps shots plus maybe (I'm reaching here) a final wizard mode when you have completed MM level 2 etc...

Who knows what the future can bring and it's always human nature to want more but it's pretty good as it stands and some extras would be great.

#2994 5 days ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

BTW, can you believe all the posts on "the worst code ever", what the F!

Take it all with a grain of salt, however I did like when some ignoramus comes in breaking on spaceman credibility about judging IMDM just after two game plays (which he was being sarcastic btw) but the same person totally disregarded the same two game comment about the Munster's by another fellow like he was any more credible with his two plays you can't make this shit up. The green eye monster always rears its head sooner or later, it's classic Pinside.

People should learn if don't have a horse in this race, then just sit it out period.

My wife has been playing it all day, she is having a blast laughing her ass off calling out what segments of video are from what episode etc.... To me that makes it priceless. Fun is what it should all be about.

**Disclaimer ** I still have faith that Gary and Dwight will add more content and mode based rules. Yeah it may cost Stern a few bucks more to add some stuff but think of the rewards in return by selling this title for another 2-3 years. Cash is King and you have to lay some out to get more back in return.

#3015 5 days ago
Quoted from Redfield0009:

I upgraded the speakers tonight. The sound quality is much better. The stock speakers sounded like "crunchy" when something like the Herman hurry up started. Now the sound is nice and crisp.[quoted image]

Did you also go into the settings under audio and change the speakers ohms from 8 to 4 ? Wonder if that enhances it more so.

#3046 4 days ago

I swear I hate this game so freaking much, I got nothing accomplished around the house yesterday and it doen't look like I'm getting anything done today as well.

#3048 4 days ago

....and here is the wife spreading some hate as well, lol.

This is just an awesome pin that is a blast to play. It really fits with the old adage that sometimes less is more.

A0659B07-030C-4A3B-B27E-6D886ADF57EB (resized).jpeg
#3054 4 days ago

What power settings are your main flippers adjusted to when you guys are playing? I just checked the settings and they were set to hard, I'm assuming that is the stronger setting as there is only soft, normal and hard. I was getting a lot of airballs and wanted to tone down their strength a bit.

#3056 4 days ago
Quoted from drained:

I have moved my lower flippers thro all the settings trying to fix the airball issue

Yep my lower's are on soft, but I'm referring to the upper PF full size flippers.

** I just re-read that lol, I'm now guessing when you said that you meant the lower set, full size flippers. Yeah I think maybe I should check my pitch I know my bubble isn't center I have it a bit steeper for faster play.**

#3072 3 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Using this argument, what will happen with your Munsters Premium after 1000s of plays when your entire play field has been compressed with dimples but yet the hard non-dimpling window over Grandpa’s Lab retains its original height?
Is the difference in play field surface height going to make the window act like a giant raised insert?

Under the lower playfield window there are rubber O ring washers that go between the wood and the lexan glass on the screws. I'm sure if at some point which I doubt, you can remove the O rings to lower the playfield glass depth, or maybe just make them tighter to lower it. I did notice as I removed my lower glass on the reinstall I didn't tighten them all the way down so the glass remains level with the upper PF. So there is room for adjustments if need be but in a HUO environment, I doubt you'll ever have the need to do so.

#3083 3 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

The dynamics of wood shrinkage, o-ring shrinkage, and play field dimpling could do some interesting things to play field. It might be prudent to replace the
o-rings every once in a while and re-level the window with a straight edge.

This could be true, but let's also look at CFTBL. Hell that game has been around since 1992 and the PF Window other then scratches from very poorly maintained routed machines, still held up after all those thousands and thousands of plays. It stood the test of time and still is as of today. We shall see........

#3089 3 days ago

Anyone else on the occasion getting a double ball feed into the shooter lane? I think it's happening mostly when you drain just after playing Grandpa lab.

#3150 1 day ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Im just going to keep mine. Nobody would buy the turd anyways.

LOL. That hate thread is a joke, this was said about Met, Woz, Twd, SW etc....

How much you want to bet this game turns into a must buy for many down the road in addition to all who has been buying them up now.

I think it’s more of the dislike of Dwight then it is about the game in realitity. Many feel and rightfully so from what they seen from GB. Well if he did screw up there hopefully learned from his mistakes and corrected his ways or maybe Gary needs to part ways with him then. I think because of the huge following, the code will see some perks and much polishing otherwise is just like have a Lamborghini running on only five cylinders.

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