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#5471 1 year ago

Played the pro version yesterday at an arcade and now I’m thinking of getting a Premium.

Op told me the premiums have an issue with lower playfield visibility over time due to scratches in the upper pf.

How paranoid should I be about this in a HUO setting? Should I plan on installing a playfield protector right away?

LOVED this game from play 1. Which surprised me given all the negativity I’ve read for it.

#5474 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

This, or put some mylar over the window. Either way, for home use it shouldn't be an issue for many years, or ever. For an operator, where the game is getting 1000's of plays it may be an issue. But even then you can just get a new window and easily replace it.
Maybe he was also talking about the gradual build-up of black flipper dust on the underside of the glass. That is minor and unavoidable, but can be easily whipped off when it annoys you too much.
Highly recommend the Premium on this - the lower PF takes the game to another level of fun.

I figured Mylar would take care of it. Didn’t know the window was an easy replace but glad it is! Thanks for the tips.
Now my biggest problem is the fam played this and WoZ this weekend and loved them both. Wife read about Wonka and wants the CE.

Don’t have infinite money, so of the three what to get. What to get!

Are the official toppers still available?

#5475 1 year ago
Quoted from dashv:

I figured Mylar would take care of it. Didn’t know the window was an easy replace but glad it is! Thanks for the tips.
Now my biggest problem is the fam played this and WoZ this weekend and loved them both. Wife read about Wonka and wants the CE.
Don’t have infinite money, so of the three what to get. What to get!

#5477 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Munsters Premium for my money but only you can answer that honestly. The toppers are coming in a week or two i think for Munsters.

Gonna try to find and play a local Wonka first. Reading the Wonka thread many seem to like it. Glad I played Ghostbusters first. What a disappointment.

#5487 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I'll still play you if we ever meet up well just turn the basement off

Wow, you can do that?

#5488 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yep and i dont want to get any crap started but there is already a thread of a Wonka with chipping clearcoat like the POTC games and they aren't standing behind these games. I played a Wonka the other night and it was fun but i still like Munsters better and no way would i spend 10-12k on a game with known problems where the manufacturer isn’t standing behind their product. Jurassic Park is another game that i would look into if i was wanting a game for the family.

I’m leaving a reply to this in the Wonka thread so as not to pollute this one.

#5501 1 year ago

Finalized my order.

Got the:
Munsters Premium (Color Edition)
HD Glass
Cobwebs Side Armor
Side Art Blades
An extra lower playfield window
Generation 2 of the topper

Very excited for this one. Haven’t been this excited since AFMR.

#5511 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Has anyone heard when the toppers will be shipping?

Quoted from Who-Dey:

Has anyone heard when the toppers will be shipping?

The distributor I ended up going with says the Stern factory is right next door to them and they said it they are in production now and will be ready in the next week or two. Distributor was confident enough that they are waiting for it to arrive to ship it with my table we’ll see...

I don’t know if I’m more excited for the clock or the lower playfield!

Having played the pro without a topper it’s exciting to think I’ve only experienced half the game.

#5516 1 year ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

Don’t be upset if you don’t get your topper with your game. Stern told me next week almost 3 weeks ago. Today they said maybe next week. Oh well. I just want the topper to work. I would be more annoyed if I got it and they didn’t work all the bugs out

I hear ya. I told them I am 100% fine with them shipping separately.

They want to ship them together because it’s cheaper and less chance of damage.

But yeah, I don’t want to wait a month or more for my pin.

#5522 1 year ago

Thanks for the tips cottonm4 and who-dey !

#5531 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Haven’t ever had one stuck ball after installing the right lane EZ install lane protector on the right lane. With that installed, I’m able to use factory flipper settings too and it makes the playfield work well on standard settings in my opinion. Soft setting was needed before installing the lane protector, because the ball would fly above the optos and not register. Here is the link to buy one, if interested:
Also, have the two posts installed in the other two areas for potential stuck balls, which comes from the Stern factory now. Zero issues with stuck balls. Has never happened even once.

Can you please post a picture of your post placement so I can see if mine comes that way or make the adjustment myself if needed?

#5532 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Haven’t ever had one stuck ball after installing the right lane EZ install lane protector on the right lane. With that installed, I’m able to use factory flipper settings too and it makes the playfield work well on standard settings in my opinion. Soft setting was needed before installing the lane protector, because the ball would fly above the optos and not register. Here is the link to buy one, if interested:
Also, have the two posts installed in the other two areas for potential stuck balls, which comes from the Stern factory now. Zero issues with stuck balls. Has never happened even once.

Thanks for the link btw. Just ordered 2. In case one ends up getting scratched up.

#5569 1 year ago

Oh, man.

Was all excited for mine to arrive. Now I am worried.

If they are all going to do this maybe I should just say the hell with it and get Wonka CE too.

#5573 1 year ago

Does the LE have anything game play wise that sets it apart from the Premium?

#5591 1 year ago

@thunderbird what do you mean?

“I set the midnight madness to come on at 8pm right during our tournament”

#5593 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Instead of setting the internal clock to the real time, I set Munsters internal clock to be midnight, while the actual real local time is 8pm. That way at 8pm Munsters machine thinks it’s midnight and goes into the Midnight Madness mode.

I had no idea this was a thing.

#5597 1 year ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

I know everyone has been focused on playfield issues, but I was curious, what's the latest on the toppers being shipped back? Is it going to happen soon?

My Munsters Premium table is currently waiting on the topper before it ships.

Distributor is close to one of the factories. Stern told them Friday that the parts are in and installed. There was an issue before with springs not working as well as intended.

New setup is going through QA now.

Assuming everything checks out, they will be packaged and shipped out.

So hopefully just another week or two??

1 week later
#5645 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

That is a ton of plays on MUN considering you have such a large collection! I have been looking at MUN for a while but have been too busy to think about making a move to buy one. MUN seems to fill a void that IM left when I sold it. Will look for one soon.
If you and your friends like RFM I highly recommend AFM also. AFM is simple yet so fun and to me it represents all that is great about pinball.

I have to agree. AFM is my grail pin. RFM I’ve only acquired and played this year. It was quite a treat to experience more from this wacky b-movie universe.

In one post you managed to discuss all my favorite pins.

#5647 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Man that’s great. You seem like you are in this pinball stuff for the fun like I am. Pinball hasn’t been as much fun around here lately, but I still enjoy it. Enjoy your MUN and all your other games with crazy Martian themes.

Oh, yeah. Maybe I should add my story to my profile. Definitely in it for the fun and to keep these machines alive!

The distributor isn’t shipping my Mun until the topper arrives.

For folks waiting for news on that, here is what I was told today:

Begin email
Spoke with them yesterday and our contact at Stern is assuring us that the replacements are properly functioning during extensive testing overseen by the designer and build engineers. We are pushing them as hard as possible to get replacements shipped and my understanding is that the very first ones are off the production lines as of yesterday and are starting to ship, albeit very slowly. Advised that they are hoping to have replacement shipments moving out by the end of next week, with new orders to follow after that.

Since yours is NOT a replacement topper, but rather a new order, it would not be available until all replacements are shipped. If all goes well and they can get replacements out next week, I can hopefully have yours the week after that at some point to get it shipped to you by the 27th.
End email

27th is my birthday. I’m hoping my pin arrives before then. Ordered on Aug 20th. I already missed the chance to play it over the Labor Day weekend.

Kinda regretting getting the topper tbh. But maybe that will pass when my machine arrives.

#5651 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

It will pass. You can be assured the topper you bought will be working 100%. No way will Stern send out one that has not been fully tested. Can you imagine the uproar that would follow if one of the replacements ( shall we call them 2nd generation) was shipped and did not work?
Is your distributor shipping your pin NIB, or is he going to open it up and test everything before it arrives your door?

Gonna open it and test it. Install side art blades and side web armor. Update software. Test then rebox.

#5663 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I dont think anyone has yet but they are supposedly coming next week possibly someone said i think?

According to my distributor, replacements are going out by end of this week. New orders won’t be sent out until all the replacements have gone out.

#5679 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

I see my Munsters Topper shipped today! I just emailed about it yesterday. That was quick lol.

I told ya’ll!

Seems my source is good!

Hopefully this means my pin and topper will ship next week!

#5695 1 year ago

Distributor called me today. My Pin and Topper are shipping out today! Should arrive on Monday!!!! Wooooooooo so happy!

Not looking forward to lugging it around back and getting it on its legs tho.

#5788 1 year ago

Got my Munsters today. All setup. Having a few issues hopefully all something I can get sorted when I call tomorrow.

Still managed to have some fun with it.

First issue is my topper clock seems to get stuck once it hits 5 o’clock through 7 o’clock. It makes a loud buzzing noise on those hours and won’t advance on its own. All other hours are fine.

I took a video:

I’m also getting 3 node board errors every time I start the machine even though all features seem to be working.

I took another video:

Lastly, I had a weird issue while playing where all the lights in the back playfield went out and the grandpas trap door would not eject the ball and I got a trap door error. I had to power of and power back on to get that half of the playfield working again. Yup. Took a video:

Also, how would I verify my table has HD glass? I expected it to have a lot less glare.

#5811 1 year ago

Update on my topper. whiskeytango and I took a look at it tonight and were able to see the mechanism that’s seizing on the clock but were not able to see a way to resolve it.

Contacting Stern tomorrow.

We also pulled the playfield and checked all the connections and were not able to clear the node board failures.

Strangely my lower playfield flipper buttons also stopped working for a bit. Don’t know how, but we got them back.

It’s worth noting that two people have contacted me in pm (I’m not saying who they are) but one has the same topper problem as me, the other has the same node board failure issue as me with a NiB. :/

I’ll keep ya’ll posted if I learn anything helpful on these issues as it sounds like they might not be a one off thing.

#5813 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Agreed. Stern never stops at 1.0 code. I like Dwight as a coder and think he is top notch. Love my SWLE that he coded. Deep and fun, but Stern gave him the time. Again, pretty certain Munsters is going to get what we are all wanting. With that killer topper and some more integrated theme material, it’ll rank right up there with the top pinball machines imo.
Quite excited with what Mark shared with us about his topper findings.

Honestly, it does not help them to announce a code update too early. Some folks will wait for the update to see if it makes the table worth a buy. Some folks will buy on the expectation and idea that there is more on the way.

Both those scenarios are problematic. Some think it’s best to let the current product be the current product and let it sell or sit based on its own merits.

I personally hope we get an update at some point, but am happy with what I have so far.

I’m also in the camp of being super busy and getting hundreds of emails a week, but no kidding, if I got an email from a happy customer I would read and respond.

Often when I am on a plane or in a store wearing a company shirt, if someone says “hey I have one of your products.” I thank them and ask two questions “what’s your favorite thing about it?” and “what do you think is missing?”.

#5830 1 year ago
Quoted from Jkush18:

Just picked up a color premium. Says can’t communicate with node boards 1 8 and 9. But everything still,works as it should I’ve reseated everything reinstalled code etc? I also noticed the code says it’s LE despite being a premium. Yes I made sure it was the premium code when i updated. Any help here would be appreciated.

I had/have the same node board behavior. I actually think that’s by design.

It happens every time the coin door is open, but only then.

If you open the door but then press and hold the white button that detects if the door is open/closed those errors all go away.

I think it’s just because they cut power to those boards to prevent folks from getting zapped. Notice when you open the coin door the whole playfield goes dark.

I took video here:

And verify it’s the door switch causing it here:

If I was stern I wouldn’t show this error unless someone actually ran the diagnostics. Even then I would detect if the door is open and inform the user on the screen that the door must be closed for those tests to pass.

Not user friendly for sure.

#5837 1 year ago

I also found this black screw inside the cab stuck to the magnet on my subwoofer. Can’t for the life of my figure out what it goes to...

55EC86A2-4E8A-4186-ABE5-6D2665D53AE5 (resized).jpeg
#5896 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Everything tight in that mech. I'll pm the things I did in the morning on the second rebuild to get it behaving reliably....

I’m having the same issue.

Hour hand sticks at hours 5-7 but will advance if nudged a bit by hand.

All other hours it will advance when flippers are pressed.

#5925 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Chas said it was in works 1 month ago, but wasn’t sure. Are they shipping with new machines? Can someone post a picture?

Didn’t ship with my Premium which arrived last week.

I bought one but haven’t put it on yet. I’ll take a picture.

I’ll tell ya what I do have though...

Washers around my post... and playfield pooling.

Less than 50 plays.

30028CE7-44B2-4020-91E5-24AE19472B77 (resized).jpeg416E7C30-AA6B-45BD-8680-9651630868B6 (resized).jpeg484CDF79-D8B5-4CBE-89F1-1944E2D8F22A (resized).jpeg9B2C3C74-B45B-48C0-9420-82C30A645690 (resized).jpeg
#5927 1 year ago

Heads up, I’d expected the ramp boxer to be completely clear. It’s a bit frosted.

#5941 1 year ago

I can confirm that the pooling on mine is only under posts where there is artwork there too.

#5951 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I got out topper going today. Turns out to be an easy fix. I removed the front plastic (4 screws out, tilt from the top down to clear Raven and remove) off the clock and drilled the hole the clock shaft comes through a little bit bigger. Turns out the shaft was binding on the plastic as there was not enough clearance in the hole to account for movement in the shaft.
Also the wires are not tied together properly and as Raven pops in and out it would have eventually worn through the unprotected wires. We cable tied the wires together.
Hopefully this will be your issue as well!

Drilling out the hole just a little bit wider fixed my stuck clock issue as well.

I first confirmed it would work by taking the front plastic off and pressing the flippers 24 times. The clock would go all the way around twice.

Put the front back on, clock gets stuck hours 5-7.

Drilled it out just a little. Clock hands rotate all the way around as expected.

Now the only issue I had is the Raven came out once during the game and didn’t go back in. I had to nudge him.

I’ll play with it a bit more and see if that was a fluke or if more tweaks need to be made.

I contacted Stern Sunday night with my issues and videos I posted here. Haven’t heard back yet.

#5955 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

The small posts (those with the molded nut at play field level) have washers on my LE, just like yours. You would not want them any other way. The other style of posts under the sling shots do not have washers. I have one area of pooling at the left outlane post. I have not looked at it closely yet, but I do need to remove that post for a better look.

My slings don’t have washers either. On mine, it’s only areas that have artwork that have washers.

#5956 1 year ago

Played some more Munsters tonight.

In a single game I went for and made every kind of skill shot possible (luck not skill). Got the super jackpot and got the 3rd place score with 25m.

Decided to call it a night after that.

Topper worked as expected with no issues. It was quite fun.

#6008 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Agreed. Then Dwight made the now infamous statement that the game was essentially done. Stern will only produce more Munsters over the next few years if distributors want to order more. Right now they don’t and many are sitting on unsold inventory (made more difficult by playfield QC concerns) For the most part Stern doesn’t produce games that aren’t sold/committed to distributors.
I believe demand will increase notably if Stern releases a code update that substantially improves asset use and theme integration. But not before.
Edit: looks like I was typing this at the same time as the post above.

Hemispheres Amusements disagrees with you.

According to them the only Munsters pins sitting on their floor collecting any kind of dust are ones waiting on their toppers to arrive before shipping out.

#6019 1 year ago
Quoted from Jkush18:

Did the latest update fix the node board 1,8& 9 communication error? Perhaps that interlock portion of the update addressed this?

Yes, it did. I took a video of what it does now. Makes much more sense.

Good update for this alone even if you don’t have a topper.

Does anyone know what “Install Directors Cut” does? Thinking of giving it a try.
EC1755E4-4865-4EEF-B057-A8E341CEE2EB (resized).jpeg

#6038 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

If you read my posts you would know the answer to your question.
It’s fair to say one has far more control over a pin that you own but beyond that is stretching it. Munsters wasn’t/isn’t a relative flop on location because barcade players didn’t own one instead.
And no, I’ve never bought a pin I thought was average and then changed my mind into thinking it was great. As for the reverse - once. Monster Bash was a game I was sure was going to be a great addition to my collection - I wanted one for almost 15 years before I commissioned what turned out to be a beautiful restoration- but it just didn’t click enough to stay (though I probably would have kept it if I didn’t need the space).
I’m at the point where a favorite has to move out to bring something new in. I like Munsters a lot as it is (certainly better than most games in recent memory), but not enough (in its current state) to buy it new to replace an existing game. If I had unlimited space or money, I would have bought a Premium the day I cancelled my LE order.
But none of this is relevant to the recent conversation that Munsters sales and demand are likely to be pretty much flatlined unless Stern makes some significant improvements to the code, a premise shared by many owners and non-owners alike. And because some portion of potential sales will always be lost to whatever the latest game is, the longer it takes the fewer NIB Munsters will sell.

It’s worth noting I impulse purchased Munsters premium based on 3 plays at a venue. My wife and I both fell in love immediately. And it was just the pro version.

While I’m not claiming to be “every man” I do find it interesting how my exposure and experience with venues and vendors varies widely from what you are saying.

Maybe it’s an east coast vs west coast thing.

I have to agree with mk6pin that the topper when working correctly is one of the most awesome pin experiences I’ve had.

I haven’t been this excited about a topper since Attack From Mars LE. That’s my grail pin and I have to admit the Munsters topper kicks its ass in interactivity and added play value.

#6055 1 year ago
Quoted from Homebru:

There is only one thing I do not like about this machine.....
The power switch location! This is the only modern Stern I have, and it gets me every, damn, time.

Agreed. Took me a while to find it the first time. Instructions were no help. Wasn’t until I looked at the parts locations over 30 pages into the manual that I saw it was on the underside of the backbox.

Which is ridiculous. Makes it such a pain to turn on when sitting beside other pins.

#6095 1 year ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

You can hit dragula and boost multiple characters at any time. I believe the boosts go away if you drain which is why getting a boosted character from mystery sucks. I think the designers are trying to get you to change up strategy by enticing you to shoot for whatever is boosted. The points are not that big for boosted though so I don't really go for them ever. This game is all about stacking the super jackpots and collecting it with the 6x multiplier. The other goal is to go into Munster madness with the 6x lit.
Lily is the only mode that can truly be started at any time and I believe she always lights kitty which is helpful. The only other modes that you can get going at the same time are Grandpa and spot (pro version). I'm guessing it's a bug. Get grandpa ready with the scoop lit and then start spot. Now shoot the scoop and Grandpa starts as well. It's the first thing I do in the game and then I just shoot for grandpa super jackpots and ignore the drain monster spot. Get Lily going and then once spot/grandpa are over start Herman. While in Herman hit kitty to get the playfield multiplier up to 6. Once Herman is over I start Raven which with the 6x is worth a ton of points. If I have 5 or more super jackpots I'll allow the random collect to bring them in. Then once Raven is over hopefully 6x is still lit or able to be rest with another kitty hit. Go into Munster madness and collect.
My strategy at least. I can get 150,000,000 pretty consistently off this before going into Munster madness.
Can't help you with the lights. I think things changed a bit with the latest update. The light show is more impressive.

Finally updated to 1.0.2 tonight. Played one game and it was my best yet. Lights did seem way more crazy than I remembered (I’ve so far played this table less than 20 times).

Thought it was just me.

#6124 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Every time you start talking about this Raven taunting it makes me want to get one of these toppers. Like now. I am a pinball masochist. Being tagged teamed with Paul Lynde and a Raven sounds like lots of fun.

It really is a riot. “Make the shot already!” “Never more”.

1 week later
#6244 1 year ago
Quoted from SadSack:

I guess they expect marilyn to reach out the coin door and give them a handy.

I unlocked this mode just the other night. It was amazing.

Seriously tho... I stayed up till midnight and even rolled my clock back three times. Could not get midnight madness to trigger.

Checked the settings and it’s enabled.

I’m a sad panda.

#6248 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Once you roll the clock, you MUST reboot the machine for it to take effect. So leave yourself a few spare minutes to allow that process to happen.

Thanks for the tip!

#6293 1 year ago
Quoted from DakotaMike:

I've played both, and I actually much prefer the color version. I liked the idea of the B&W, it seemed cool and retro, but in practice I found the B&W playfield less visually interesting, and frankly a bit drab overall. I think the color version just pops a lot more and is more pleasing to look at. But as you said, it does come down to one's preference.

Sums it up nicely. I also bought a color premium. I just personally preferred a colorful translight and Playfield. No regrets.

Personal preference.

#6332 1 year ago

Spent some time with the Munsters Last night.

Realized earlier this week that the grandpa switch right next to the drop wasn’t registering hits at all.

Since I’ve owned it, I’ve only been able to get down there for skill shots or sometimes it’s lit at the start of the game.

Checked everything out and turned out it was the wiring. The orange connector that goes into Node board 8 had a bad crimp in the socket for pin #4.

While I had the playfield up I releveled the solenoid for the pop up barrier in the back near the SPOT lights. I was getting stuck there a lot and no amount of shaking would remedy it.

Releveled the glass over grandpas playfield because the seams were diverting balls.

gave it several plays last night and it’s running pretty smooth now. Much more fun now that I can get into the lower playfield more regularly.

Only thing left I have to figure out is how to tweak the switch for “the machine”.

Right now the ball really has to wail on that switch pretty hard to trigger it. Even changing the flipper strength from Soft to Normal did not help and just introduced more air balls.

Saw midnight madness activate for the first time. It was pretty neat.

#6345 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Anyone that makes it to Munster Madness, w upper and lower playfield going, jackpots going off, and Raven taunting the hell out of you will realize how good this thing is already. Pure pinball assault...love it!!!

Agreed, now that I have the kinks worked out the flow of this game is awesome. So many multi-ball modes. The raven is a riot.

Haven’t reached Munster Madness yet. But came close once!

My current rankings are:


This scoring may change once my MMR RE arrives.

#6351 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I've got one coming too!!! Great minds

It’s my wife’s grail pin. So we had to do it right. Especially since this in home arcade/pinball stuff started with her agreeing to me getting my grail pin AFM LE 3 years ago.

Back on topic for Munsters, does anyone have any tips for adjusting the leaf switch sensitivity on “the machine” in the lower playfield? Do I just remove the glass and go in that way? Do I have to lift the playfield and/or remove the switches to adjust them?

#6373 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

True. I am close to selling mine as it really needs more code (single game collection).

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Haven't been there in awhile...Real nice guy running it...Need to get over there soon to see what he's been up to lately....

Just noticed you are in Asheville! I’m in Cary. We should get together sometime!

On topic, tonight I tuned the leaf switches for Grandpa’s machine in a rather cheap way. I don’t have the proper tool for bending them and didn’t want to break them. But they were pretty far apart!!! So I wadded up some aluminum foil and wedged it in there on both leaf switches for now. Gonna try to find and order the proper tools for long term fix.

Last thing that was left was to fine tune the leveling of table itself. So I did that too.

Played a few games and wooooooo weeeeeee!

Love this game.

#6384 1 year ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

This is a great game but if you're an avid pinballer I'm not sure any one game will do, at least for very long. It's best to bounce between 2 or 3 at least. (Then you'll want 4 or 5)

This is very true. I even tired of my grail pin after finally conquering it when it was all I had.

But adding 2-3 more pins brought back my interest in it. Not that it was/is a bad game.

Just same old, same old syndrome.

#6386 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

buy the kit with 3 adjusters included. It gives you all of the angles you need to reach into the hard to reach areas.
To the poster who asked how that work: They have a slot cut in the middle of each end. You fit the slot over the switch leaf and give it a twist in an effort to tweak the leaf. Not had to do buy doe take some experimenting to get a good adjustment.

Yep. Bought the three tool kit a day or two ago! Thanks for the tips fellas!

#6393 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Talk about a ball trap. Behind Herman's right elbow.
I already know what I will need to do to keep this from happening again. I just want to tear into the pin, at the moment. It is another project to work on. I'll need to remove the left ramp to make the fix. i'll share it with everybody when I get there in a few days.[quoted image]

How the literal .... did you manage that?

1 week later
#6615 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I don't worry about the price of my game tanking after I buy it unless it's due to the playfield falling apart or something like that. My Munsters will never be for sale anyway so I don't care if it tanks to a dollar. I didnt buy it to sell, especially right after purchasing it. If you are worried about the value of your games tanking then stop buying games before you play them. That way you wont make any bad purchases.

Same. My games will be sold at my estate sale.

Got a whole bunch of mods in that I can’t wait to install. Shooter Plate, lamp & street sign, kitty cat statue, and a light & 3D pop out for the sewer pipe/Spot exit.

1 week later
#6772 1 year ago
Quoted from AdeptJR:

I had this happen to me today, multiball then it tilted. Is there a way to adjust the intensity on the Stern shaker?

I remove the plum bobs from my cabs on arrival. I have them all in the coin box.

I also set number of balls to 10 and set all ball save timers to max.

I know. I know.

Imma bad bad person.

But I’m terrible at pinball. I haven’t played them much until I started having them in my home.

Quoted from bellbrand:

Just joined the club of shame [quoted image]

If there really is a pinside club of shame I think I just applied for membership with my above comments.

#6788 1 year ago


#6839 1 year ago
Quoted from Jon9508:

Anyone with the Munsters topper having an issue where the raven doesn't pop all the way out. Door only opens about 1/3 of the way. I can see the raven if I am looking off to the left but other then that I cant see it pop out. Is there a setting to adjust? I can manually open the door. I don't feel any resistance. Any ideas?

Had the same issue. Used a drill to widen the hole for pole that spins the arms on the face by about 1 mm.

Been working fine since.

#6851 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I dont understand? It's his raven door that isnt opening all the way. Are you talking about the clock or the raven door?

Doh. It was late at night. I quoted the wrong comment. I meant to quote the person who’s clock hands were getting stuck. sorry.

#6856 1 year ago

Finally made time to install most of my Munsters Premium mods.

Grandpa sewer exit upgrade
Spot ramp entry and exit lighting
Googly eye
Lamp/Street Sign
Shooter Plate

They are all pretty good.

The shooter plate is my favorite of the mods.

The quality is outstanding. Made of real metal and looks like it was always supposed to be there.

C4505FA0-80B4-4994-97B1-44E32C87633A (resized).jpegEEDCB9D1-E7CE-4FD6-970B-CD74281D3396 (resized).jpegF6146BDB-6407-43CE-8F35-7AE27DC5967B (resized).jpeg Added 13 months ago:

Mezel Mods

Street sign

Sewer pipe

Ramp illumination

Shooter plate

The mod couple
Googly eye

Kitty is available in pinside marketplace and has 2 versions 1 for folks woth Googly eye mod (has a notch to fit) and one for folks without.

#6862 1 year ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Can you add where you got them..? Like the Lamp/Street sign and shooter plate for sure!!

Sure thing. Just updated my post to provide links to where I got everything.

Unfortunately for my wallet, I also bought a crazy bunch more mods for all my games.

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Shooter plate is hooked...made of cast metal, not plastic, and is gorgeous...

Yes it really is. The pictures on the site do not do it justice at all. I almost passed on it. So glad I didn’t.

1 week later
#6886 1 year ago

Installed another mod... this time the coach car from mezelmods.
A1A58F96-FF57-4632-AA2F-3C87931BA8B8 (resized).jpegAC91A073-3FA3-4016-B632-FB9C7DA19768 (resized).jpeg

I like the look of it and don’t mind that it covers the shooter lane. But I was a little surprised it covers the “special” lamp over the out lane.

I kinda don’t like that.

In general it takes a while for all the mods I do to grow on me.

I like installing them and how they look in general. It just takes me a while to adjust to them being there and to no longer see every little imperfection in my install.

1 week later
#6941 1 year ago
Quoted from venom112:

Yeah I think code is good as is for advanced players you can go for high scores using the multipliers. I really like that you can stack the jackpots and it’s such a risk reward of when to cash in. One of the most beautiful art packages I have seen in a game as well. What are the most popular mods I like the sewer exit mold I think mezel sells it. Anyone know how easy it is to install? Any other must have mods?

A page or so back I posted some pictures of numerous mods I installed and where I got them.

All were pretty easy to install. It was my first time modding any pinball table. I just followed the instructions.

They generally took about 30 minutes per mod to do with appropriate care, attention, and my ocd.


#6944 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

The biggest culprit for airballs slamming gramps is the lower PF glass. You really need to have it just about level so it don't catch the woods edge and launch. A good indication that you might still be a bit too high is a lot of ball rejections from his scoop.

This is good advice. Once of the first things I had to do was adjust all the screws on the lower pf glass. Ball was launching all over the place and catching ridges.

With proper tuning/leveling it’s like the ridges aren’t even there.

#6956 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I'm pretty sure the topper issues are worked out now.....someone correct me if I am wrong. At least mine works well. Anyway i do reccomend this topper if you really love this game and plan on keeping it because it really is very very cool.

Depending on the issue (if stuck hands) it’s easily fixable (5 min fix).

Can’t speak to any other issues.

Honestly the topper takes this game from good to great for me. In my opinion it is the code update everyone’s been wishing for.

While it doesn’t add new show content in the way of new clips, things like raven multi-ball and such are crazy over the top with the actual raven reacting and commenting and coming out to taunt you and count down the end of modes and stuff.

Sometimes he even comes out to heckle you on your game over.

#6957 1 year ago
Quoted from Jkush18:

How’s the game with the shaker? Worth it?

This game only really shakes when you hit the jackpots or hit the Herman bash toy.

It doesn’t really overdo it with the shaking. But it’s not as well integrated as in say AFM.

If you like shake already, it’s decent. If you aren’t a fan of shake, this game won’t be the one to sell you on it.

1 week later
#7020 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Actually, who-dey is right...it gets crazy during MM, but I think spot is still just complete the levels (corrected above post)...( don't judge me...when you hit him it's crazy regardless.. ).
Spot is my hardest shot by far (still) even backhanding from left flipper, or just aiming from the right. The game is just so explosive when you hit it, I have a hard time repeating w consistency)
Raven Multiball is VERY real, however, and insane, as well.....

The Spot shot is the hardest for me and half the time I get it I was just lucky.

Raven multiball is brutal but interesting. No ball save but you can restart it by making the raven ramp shot again with your last ball.

I thought that was pretty clever and totally in character for the raven.

“You lost your balls Charlie!”

1 week later
#7092 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

A friend of mine has an AC-DC. The way his plays is if you don't shake the shit out of it when the ball is leaving the shooter lane, the ball is going to drain.
Its your pin. Loosen the tilt bob and set it up so you can do some serious nudging. And when Herman gets ready to let that ball go, just starting nudging and you can save some of those shots.
You are not going to hurt the pin. It is designed to be nudged.

I second this.

First thing I do after I get my pin setup And leveled is toss the plumb bob in the coin box.

3 weeks later
#7257 11 months ago

If there is a code update that significantly alters the game with new layers of rules and complexity, I hope they provide a way to toggle between the new and the old.

Munsters is so approachable to newbies and casual pinheads that it always gets the most plays and is often times the favorite of my guests.

Seconded by AFM or STNG.

3 weeks later
#7399 10 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I've had a number of newer players over to my house recently to play my machines and I've noticed that while Munsters is a very approachable machine and people love how it shoots the code is not newbie friendly at all which Stern keeps saying was their goal. The kitty shot is so tight and is completely required for getting a score over 10 million. I had a friend over that's pretty good. Was able to get all of the modes started and made a number of shots. Had a few supers stacked up but could not hit that kitty shot even though I told him it was important. That game he came away with less than 8 million points after about 5 minutes and didn't want to play anymore. People get discouraged when they see me step up and easily shoot a 80-90 million game. To them it looks like they just did exactly what I did but they only have 5-10 mil.
These days my Munsters is getting less and less play. As the code for my Stranger Things keeps getting more mature all of the newbies to the house are flocking to it because not only is the layout approachable but they are also posting 20-40 million scores. Scores are exciting and breeds that one more time feel. They at least feel like they are being competitive and when they do get a mode going each one feels different.
I really hope Munsters gets a code overhaul that reworks the scoring and makes these modes more tied into the show. Borg has a great and approachable layout with good ball times for newbies but the code sucks for them. I enjoy the challenge and feeling when post a 200-300+ mil score but the scoring needs to reward the newbies while still being a challenge for more experienced people. It's so clear looking at my audits. There are very few scores in the 20-80 mil range. A huge number in the 1-10 mil range. I'll take out the 100+ as those are all mine. No one but me has managed over 100 in the house and my son is quite good.

Genuinely jealous.

I’m still working with Stern to get issues acknowledged and addressed with my Stranger Things Premium which is parked next to my active Munsters Premium.

I’ve only been able to play it very little as I’m still dialing it in (can’t get TK multiball lock to work consistently, can’t get deflected Demo shots to stop hitting the glass, and they sent the wrong apron with my uv kit so I’m waiting to hear from parts dept about getting the right one).

My wife wants me to give ST back to Stern at this point.

I’m looking forward to being able to have them both competing for me and my friends attention side by side.

It’s the 4th Brian Eddy game in my collection. His games are hard to compete with.

#7403 10 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I have the pro's of each and my stranger things is one of the earlier builds. Not the first 100 but early Jan build and have had my share of issues. A lot of them on the pro turned out to be software bugs that looked like hardware issues thankfully. Only major issue I have still is that my ramp is built wrong so can't make the demo shot. For that first month I felt the same way as you until the software issues were fixed. Now it is just getting better and better and I can't wait for the UV kit to show up tomorrow with, hopefully, the ramp kit to finally fix that issue. I'm also hoping my replacement grampa scoop will also be in that package as mine is bent to all heck on the Munsters. I can't speak to the Premiums but people usually walk up to the munsters and play a quick game and then just play stranger things the rest of the night. My poor ol' F-14 gets no love from anyone but me lol.

I played a Munsters Pro on location and impulse bought the Premium when I got home.

I don’t regret it. It’s been the first table I’ve really gone all out on with mods and upgrades.

I know what you mean about giving new tables a month or so. I’m hoping once dialing in is done and proper hardware arrives I can start loving it. I could see Stranger Things getting some good mods (it has quite a few tempting ones already).

#7411 10 months ago

Mine is also here to stay as well and modded to the hilt.

I did a video tutorial on how to download and apply updates to the newer Stern Pins and rambled into a playfield comparison between Stranger Things Premium and Munsters Premium while my Stranger Things was updating.

Munsters love and Playfield comparisons to Stranger Things begins at 10:57.

Also played a bit of Munsters and ST tonight. Almost made it to Munster Madness! (Spot is such a tricky dog!)

Then I beat up a bunch of Demogorgons and headed to bed.

2 weeks later
#7565 9 months ago

Iron Man just got an update! Maybe we’ll get Munsters update?

#7591 9 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I thought a code update was coming?
A number of people had “”inside information.”
Is this still true?

Stern is currently on lockdown. Not sure how much of the non-code stuff can be worked from home. And Stern is cranking out code updates.

I don’t think some new love to other tables is completely crazy to hope for.

Here’s a screenshot of an email exchange I’m having with them about my Stranger Things UV kit return. I can neither send it back nor can they send me a replacement right now.


But my point is, it’s not business as usual there right now.

A9D0B2EC-1004-405A-9159-0AC0F314B981 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#7674 9 months ago

New code or not, my Munsters premium will only be sold at my estate sale.

Assuming my cremated remains aren’t buried in it.

That said, I’ll happily take some new call outs and modes!

I’m gonna try the flipper code this weekend.

#7804 9 months ago
Quoted from finplanner69:

My LE arrives tomorrow. My first pin! So excited. First thing is to learn how to update code, see if my guide rail is bent and touching the opto, learn what a guide rail and opto are, and figure out what supplies/tools I need to get to care for my first baby.

Congrats! You will love it.

In this video I explain how to download and install code updates for your stern pin! I show it using Windows 10 and Stranger Things. But process is the same for Munsters. In fact, I accidentally upgrade my ST pin to Munsters by accident the first time.

I also compare the ST Premium playfield to a pimped out Munsters Premium.


#7806 9 months ago
Quoted from finplanner69:

Thanks! That is awesome and very helpful! I have the topper on order...not sure when/if I will actually get it.

When you get it let us know. If you have any issues we can probably help you figure it out.

It’s worth the trouble!

#7876 9 months ago
Quoted from TonyScoots:

Just bought one from him, $25 plus shipping
Cliff is the best

What is his email?

#7888 9 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

The multiplayer issues still exist. Just ran into them tonight during family tournament night

Email Dwight!

1 week later
#7983 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I'm surprised that don't want $700.00 for it, considering the double high prices that they seem to have on everything else. I could not afford my pins if I had to pay their prices.
$12.00 for this little screw? They are around a dollar at PBR.

I bought my AFMR #21 LE from them a few years ago. It was my first ever pin. They were very patient with me and even asked that I call them when it arrives to review the condition with them.

They walked me through first time ownership things to know and helped me work through some minor issues (my main saucer had cosmetic damage and my j popper had to be aligned.) They also provide lifetime phone support for games you buy from them.

I haven’t needed it recently. But when I was just starting out they were a very handy resource.

Parts wise I always buy parts elsewhere, but I would buy another pin or a topper from them no question.

I only bought my Munsters from another vendor because I wanted every upgrade possible for it out of box and they didn’t have one like that.

Great guys.

#8096 8 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Trying it out. I was able to hook the topper up tonight.
1) Of the two cables that drop down from the top, the one with two wires tie wrapped together, I would like to see about 4 more inches of wire so I can run in the cable holders on the back of the back box. but it is too short to reach that far.
[quoted image]
2) Looks like there might be a light behind Lily that is not working. Can anybody confirm if she should be lit like there other 3?
[quoted image]
A) I guess it is working OK. But I can't say I see a lot of action. The raven comes out occasionally and says something like "Nevermore" and a couple of other things. I did mange to get a Munster Madness going and Raven popped out a little bit for that, but it seems to me that he is mostly missing in action. But mostly, I'm busy playing and don't get many chances to look up.
B) The clock moved from 12:00 o'clock to 11:00 o'clock but I did not see it move. But on a later game I just happened to look up and see the clock make a full revolution from 11 to 11.
It is an OK topper and looks nice, and as far as I can tell, it seems to be working properly, except for Lily not being lit up.
But honestly, I was expecting more action from the raven.

Lily should be lit.

Also, the raven often goes batshit crazy when you get a Raven multiball or grandpa multiball. Coming out for each second of the countdown.

#8127 8 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

Check to make sure the pins are seated in the connectors as well. One guy recently had an issue due to the pins on the wire side getting loose from the connector in shipping. When you have the connectors unplugged push in each wire and see if you hear a click or if there is any movement of the wire forward and backward.

I’m one of the guys that had that problem. Not with the topper. But with one of the grandpas basement leaf switches.

I had to use a small flat head screwdriver to pop the wire out of the molex connector. Recrimp it and pop it back in.

You can use a voltimeter and test for continuity. Touch one prong to the trace or wire on the board responsible for the light. The the other end to the pin connector while in the molex.

That will rule out a short in the wiring harness itself.

#8146 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Looks like mine is too...
Is it hard to swap it round do you know?
Also - anyone got pooling of clear at any posts?
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yeah I got some pooling.

#8157 8 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

nice job and pics!!! Like your coil/ spring idea..
mine slams hard, but his head stays fully extended so I may or may not try that.
The biggest thing I can suggest for anyone- don't try to work on the topper while it's on the game ( ask me how I know), except maybe if you're experimenting w different color bulbs for Raven.
Everything is easy to access but alot of stuff going on up. Too much to screw around w it up there.
Such an amazing toy...I know they could have done better ( clock will never keep accurate time like TZ) but alot packed in there....

I like a good story, how do you know?

#8207 8 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

One last question for the night.
Just WTF is the clock supposed to do? !!!! It rotates one number at a time when I press the right flipper button. Why is that relevant? Is this just an action for checking to see if the clock is even working.
But what is it supposed to do during game play? Because I ain't seen nothing happening yet.
Is this clock going to be a precursor to some kind of future code? Because nothing is happening right now.

What software version are you on?

Mine used to advance hour by hour when pressing the flipper buttons in attract mode when I was on 1.0.1

After the 1.0.2 update the behavior changed to it doing a full rotation.

#8282 8 months ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Truly embarrassing for Stern. This is clear evidence of the toppers not even being lit up before shipping. Unbelievable.

I had the clock hand seizing problem with my topper out of the box but managed to fix it from mk6pin ‘s write up a while back in this thread.

You wanna talk embarrassing? At least this is an optional accessory.

I still can’t get the #%{*}# Telekenisis Multiball lock working on my brand new Stranger Things Premium, they sent me the wrong UV upgrade kit, and the official shaker kit comes with bolts too short to go through the cab into the tnuts.

I’m 3-3 with their LATEST FLAGSHIP table and accessories.

They have serious logistics problems and this was all pre-covid.

They better get their act together.

1 week later
#8362 8 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I just put the new code on my game. What all are the known differences that matter? I did see a new film clip at the end of the first game that I played I think.

During Munster Madness the raven now jumps out of the clock and steals your car in real life.

Munsters now has the best and most immersive code of any pinball machine ever and the haters minds are blown.

Just kidding. Some extra sound controls in the menu and some minor bug fixes. Also the monitor graphics are now anti aliased and look smoother.

#8364 8 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The Raven would probably give my car back once he seen it.
Hopefully that update is just getting us ready for the real update that hopefully is coming!

Hahahah! Hopefully!

I think someone else here said earlier than under the hood they are using the newest stern pinball software base in this update. Doesn’t seem like something you’d go to the trouble of doing unless you were intending to do more later.

#8385 8 months ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

E-mail from my Distributor

But. But. I thought no one wanted this table and it was a huge fail because the code etc.

Glad to see there is still life and love left for this table.

Bolted. To. The. Floor.

#8402 8 months ago


Sorry. Had to hype and validate my purchase again.


3 weeks later
#8566 7 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

So true, and greatful they put that one in the rotation of end clips. Crazy how some things remain relevant. Love it!!!

Indeed. Always warms my heart to get that end screen.

2 weeks later
#8696 7 months ago

I see at least one person in the TMNT thread already noting the code is not as deep as they’d like...

And it’s 1.01.

Hope they know what they are getting into.

It will be interesting to hear Dwights take which I already assume is “it’s pretty much done”.

If TMNT gets similar treatment and sentiment to Munsters code wise, I wonder if it will change Sterns tune?

#8721 6 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

I have a non-pinside friend considering a recent Stern and Munsters pro came up...
Are there issues with this one like the dimpling common on Stranger Things?
What's the code situation like?
Are there problem areas/parts?
Any advice you would share?

I have a Munsters Premium and not a Pro. But I have played both. I hafta say Premium all the way. The lower playfield is a hit with my whole family.

Problem areas. I haven't had any yet to speak of. So many good mods for this one.

The code is stable and admittedly simple. But the lower playfield and topper make this one a keeper for me. So much going on during Raven Multiball.

As far as advice goes. The topper can be something of a pain in the ass due to Sterns QC. But it's worth getting one and getting it going.

#8724 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Alek is like the 15th best player in the world. Lots of games aren’t deep enough for him. Haha

Tune on what?

Their tune on the code being done when so many seem to expect major code overhauls/polish two years after release.

#8725 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would be great for all their releases to be done like this. Feature complete. Don’t expect anything else but scoring balances and bug fixes. Maybe people will stop buying games with the hopes it becomes a game they love eventually. Wishful thinking I’m sure.

Yeah, I totally see what you are saying.

I bought Munsters for what it was.

It was my first nib current gen pinball machine.

I already owned AFMR, RFM, STNG.

So I hadn’t really even thought about or been aware of tables shipping with unfinished code. Let alone it being a regular thing.

In that regard Stranger Things has been quite the experience.

I think I personally prefer the game being feature complete and maybe just getting bug fixes or polish.

Vs play Ghostbusters at one venue and it’s a hoot and a holler. Only to play it at another venue on old code and it’s a kick in the taint.

#8726 6 months ago

All that said. I hope I live to see rooted pins.

What’s being done with RFM is amazing.

It’d be nice to see what a community could do with an open codebase on an already great layout.

#8745 6 months ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

Love the purple. Looks really sharp. Nice work!

Absolutely agree. Looks great.

2 weeks later
#8781 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Forgive me if this excellent gameplay tutorial has already made this thread... its over a year old, so many of you have probably already seen it.
I thought it was worth posting as i just recently discovered it. For all the code complaint on this pin, I think the code and shots are near perfect for this pin to be a great tournament machine far into the future. The number of risk vs reward decisions you have to make with the code is high. What order to play each mode for max points and return of effort? When to avoid certain shots to save for later (like when to use kitty multipliers)? Using Lily and Dragula at the right times for add a ball and boosts during multiball. The obvious of saving your supers for when multipliers are up.
This game will be among the last to leave my collection. Oh... and if I could get half the talent of Eric for my next bday wish, I’d be golden!

Thanks for sharing this. I have never seen it! Bookmarking for later.

#8808 6 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Amen to that. Cannot believe Stern apologists constantly coming into this thread saying “it’s fine the way it is”, when many of these same people blasted it in the “worst code ever thread”.
Please Stern @Xavery give Munsters more love! (Yes, apologists, we like it the way it is too, but what is wrong with making a good game great? Only code depth needed to do that. Borg did everything else already.)
Franchi just asked on his latest podcast, “what can we do Dwight, to convince you to give more love to Munsters?”

To which Dwight replied, daily handies and a Coca Cola for a year would do it.

***Dwight did not really reply this. I jest.

3 weeks later
#8899 5 months ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Is the Munsters Topper worth it?

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating. It’s worth the money and worth the inevitable repairs you will need to do as the out of box failure rate of these is ridiculously high. But we can help you get sorted.

The topper really adds to the game. The Raven is a total ball breaker and interacts with you frequently throughout your games mostly heckling. It really works well with the theme.

This is easily one of the best toppers ever in my book.

Played some Munsters tonight and drained my last ball with grandpas basement lit and ready for Munster Madness Level II!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooo close!

My wife played tonight and also made it to level 1 Munster Madness! Good night.

I also took a picture of my tables and their plays...

AFMR 235
Munsters 117
Stranger Things 33

2BEDEF8F-A3C6-4F3B-8B61-DB67C20331D4 (resized).jpeg
#8904 5 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

Is that total plays? I've got over 2k on my Munsters. My stranger things over 2500. I just picked up a stern pirates a little over a month ago and have put over 500 on it. I play a lot I guess

All total lifetime plays (in my home) across the board yeah.

Me and Stranger Things just aren’t gelling. I’m going to be trading it for maybe a Batman 66, TMNT, or Ghostbusters.

You can multiply those plays by three because truth be told I really suck at Pinball and have all the tables set to 10 balls per play.

Still not a lot I know. But my current work demands a lot of time. So I only get to play a couple of times a month.

#8907 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Assuming you could set the games to more than 10 balls, what would you set it at? Let’s say the max is 20 balls per game, would that be your setting? Very interested. Never seen someone do this before. Haha

I am actually the better player in the house. If just set for me I would probably have it down to 5. But my wife likes to play and it really takes the wind out of her sails when she does really well but still doesn’t make it into the scoreboard.

I never install the plumb bobs either. I leave them in the coin box.

My son would set buy ins to infinite if I let him.

I cancel out buy in every time.

With 10 tries I take the extra tries to learn the rules, and shots, and appreciate the flow. I take a lot more risks.

My work for the last decade has been pretty high stress and I’ve been on call 24-7.

Pinball on occasion is a chance for me to slow down. For STNG I’ve spent as much time restoring it as I have playing it. Now that it’s restored it’s been rock solid.

Munsters I’ve got several hours into mods.

I like to tinker as much as play.

#8908 5 months ago

Also, dialing in that TK Multiball lock on ST with only 3 chances is a bear.

#8910 5 months ago

I never played pinball as a kid. Parents didn’t have a lot of money and thought it was a waste.

But I was fascinated by it.

In college I’d watch this absolute wizard own Attack From Mars for an hour on a single quarter.

#8917 5 months ago
Quoted from gorditas:

Just got my parts back from the powder coat shop. I really love how this turned out. The color is called, "Disco Teal" and really compliments the art. It matches the spider webs quite well in person.
As you might see inside, I'm trying out different rubber. The slings are Titan UV glow. They are very close to the green glow around Lily. I have more coming tomorrow, along with UV bulbs that I'm going to swap out with the white GI's. Art blades and my DIY stadium lights are next.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Absolutely beautiful!

1 week later
#8934 4 months ago
Quoted from Cento:

I am making Munsters Pinball Back Box Hinge 3D Logo Mods. Theses detailed 3D logos attach with magnets/very strong to your existing back box hinges. Each one measures 7 x 4.5 inches.
Comes as a pair in 2 color variations:
-Black Base with Gray & White Lettering. Recommended the for the Black and white Premium version.
-Black Base with Gray & Glow Lettering. Recommended the for the Color Pro,Premium & LE version.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

How much for the color ones? Also do you do these for any other games? Like say Star Trek the next generation?

1 week later
#8964 4 months ago

Heads up folks. I bought $300 worth of glo-balls (I got some of every color and type to experiment with and review) and I’m planning to do a video and maybe a dedicated review thread here on pinside with reviews per game. (Munsters, Stenger Things, AFM, MMR, STNG) after I put some serious time in with them.

First impressions wise I want to warn you guys about the behavior with Munsters. I installed six of the the eyeball ones in Munsters and they really, REALLY, look great.

With the flippers turned down From Hard to Normal they are still faster than regular balls but not out of control and can make all the ramps easily.

I did notice that if the ball slows down up top (in the area of the top of the Eddie loop and the Pop Bumpers) the glo balls will get stuck sometimes at the peak of the loop and on the switches (because the balls are a bit lighter than normal). This never happens with my standard balls.

I also noticed that although they say they work with magnet based pins the Herman magnet is able to catch but not Hold the ball. I played about five games just to be sure about this.

So I am torn. These balls look great with the Munsters theme. But you do loose a bit of functionality with with them.

More formal review coming but for now I can’t recommend them on this game if you want full functionality.

I checked the adjustments menu to see if I could tweak the Herman magnet strength but I see nothing in there for it. I wonder if it would be worth asking Stern.

E4E7BE7A-021A-4AC6-BC1A-517E8DA9F0E4 (resized).jpeg0F36E658-0522-462C-A9E8-C8B571836878 (resized).jpeg87C7B5A2-E932-4B1E-AB8A-B24ECD7FBA64 (resized).jpeg15AE2B1B-8BC1-41C9-9044-D322A9967AE5 (resized).jpegBD90685C-D1A6-446D-8F8E-DA70D7AB8E1A (resized).jpeg
#8971 4 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

The Pro is a fine pin. It needs no apology. It plays just a little bit different without the mini-play field.

I agree.

It’s one of those “different strokes for different folks” kinda things.

It’s not my place to gatekeep or judge another’s gaming preferences.

For me personally, I enjoyed Munsters Pro enough when I played it at Pinball Museum in Myrtle Beach that I placed an order for a decked out premium as soon as I got home.

Having had it for just about a year, I think the lower playfield and topper set it apart quite a bit from the rest of my pins which are basically a Brian Eddy love fest.

If I’m being entirely honest, I do think that I would be bored of the table if not for the topper and lower PF.

I’ve known how to back hand the lower PF grandpa ramps for a while. Only recently have I gotten the hang of backhanding Spot from the left flipper up top.

This is also proving very useful for reactivating Raven Multiball via that ramp.

Now if I can just figure out the most reliable way to bang that kitty.

#8996 4 months ago
Quoted from Stevesco:

I purchased the PowerBlades for my Munsters Premium B&W, while they are thicker and you can very easily scratch/damage them with lifting the play field, purchased blade protectors from somewhere (not very helpful I know, but I forgot where I found them). Short answer costly, but love them !
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I think you are referring to these side protectors available at Pinball life:

You can see them in action in on Munsters Premium in my short video here.

I don’t mention in the video but they work best of you install some felt to the sides of your playfields.

For Munsters the felt isn’t necessary. But for other tables like AFM or STNG where there is not a lot of space it can be a little tricky to slide them in and keep them in when you move the playfield.

That said, glad I have them and they work.

#9014 4 months ago
Quoted from TonyScoots:

Can’t believe what a difference these fluorescent green plastics make! The look beautiful and definitely complete the Munsters look
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Where did you get these?

4 weeks later
#9101 3 months ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Dwight could at least put the midnight and family fun modes in regular game play ,that would be nice or at least family fun mode or what ever it’s called!

Family fun mode?
Ah... you mean secret madness. The one with the flipper key?

1 week later
#9178 87 days ago
Quoted from gordonshumway:

Looking serious at a Pro. Anybody can chime in here. Is it a mistake not to go premium on this pin? How is the overall reliability of the Munsters? For a low play HUO machine, what is a good price? No mods per se. Thanks. Any input is well appreciated.

The thing about the premium is you can turn off the lower playfield if you decide you don’t like it.

The table looks great with it either way.

I played a Pro and it was fast and fun. When I learned of the Premium and the lower PF I had to have more! Having owned it for a year now I honestly think I might have gotten bored of it without the lower pf and raven topper.

I do have Stranger Things Premium next to it The code on ST is very deep (not as deep as a JJP game tho) but pf wise it honestly feels very bare and bland to me right next to my decked out Munsters Premium.

Since you mention liking less deep games I think you could appreciate both the Munsters Pro and Premium.

#9179 87 days ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I gave this some serious thought...I just don't see it, I can afford it, but still can't justify the increase now that it is working. To those that have it..all good wishes..
$667.00 ?? it's a no, because nothing has changed (other then it is supposedly working now).
The bugs worked out... cost even more then it was released at??...really?? wow. Why do "we" need to pay for that???
Somehow this just seems shaky at best. We are supposed to pay more for sterns inability to do it right the 1st (and even 2nd time ) ??
Go ahead and hit me... but, this just stinks.
Plz explain to me why the increase in cost (because of them releasing it "NOT" working as expected the 1st time) should be a increase to the consumer..Now?
Guess it is our fault, for wanting it to work right..and the fix is now added to the cost.

Regarding the topper price increases. I spoke with someone at Stern while sorting out my Stranger Things UV kit mix up and we talked about toppers. They mentioned some prices on toppers and things were needing to increase to cover tightening up assembly and qa. I took that to mean they’re acknowledging they’ve been understaffed or under equipped in that area.

You may be right that the parts list may be exactly the same, but it costs money to hire more people and/or bring in new tools and processes.

I think that’s the reason for the markup.

They supposedly took an absolute mud bath and went all kinds of upside down on the Black Knight topper.

So it could kinda be our “fault”. Want it done right? Apparently they can do that but it costs more.

#9183 85 days ago
Quoted from Jnyvio:

I have the Premium B&W.. I litup the rear entrance/exit ramps in Purple & Green.. And did the Red S•P•O•T flasher ramp mod.. However, if your looking to add even more color.. Pinmonk sells this "Amazing" D•R•A•G•U•L•A mod for all versions.. I just ordred it.. It changes the plain White D•R•A•G•U•L•A lightup letters to a more colorful Orange & Yellow.. It really complements the L•I•L•Y letters on the opposite side of the playfield.. Check it out.. I also ordered the Sewage Pipe 3D mod.. They just came back in stock.
*3D Sewage Pipe mod;
*S•P•O•T ramp flasher mod;
*Rear Ramp lightup kit;
*D•R•A•G•U•L•A mod;
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Plus one for these mods. I have them on my Munsters and they look fantastic.

1 week later
#9277 78 days ago

To Chucks point, if you get nowhere with service and parts. (As I did).

Contact sales and ask them if there is anyone else you can talk to.

I did this after 6 months of no progress getting my Stranger Things UV kit replaced.

Sales tried to point me to the regular parts folks but when I mentioned that it has been 5 months and gotten me nowhere, they immediately connected me to another person that was very helpful and followed through.

Was it more hassle than it should have been?

Absolutely. Did persistence and etiquette on my part pay off? Absolutely.

Until that point I’d been treated and communicated with better in the mod community by small businesses and hobbyists.

I’d like to say that experience is only my only Stern data point. But honestly every prior direct interaction I’ve had with Stern has been awkward in some way. Leaving me either hanging or feeling like a bad or weird person for bothering them.

From now on, I’m only dealing with them through a distributor. That has ALWAYs worked out for me:

Game Room Guys
Flip n’ Out Pinball

All great distributors to work with.

1 month later
#9410 43 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

JJP at game exchange
Zach at Flip n Out
Trent at Tilt amusements

I can second Zack at Flip n Out.

Great guy.

#9427 42 days ago

At some point these pins will be completely jailbroken and custom toolkits and code will
Be deployable (I’m not talking pinbrowser. I mean the whole shebang).

When that happens I imagine a lot of pins will get new life similar to what’s happening to Revenge From Mars right now.

It’s only a matter of time. At that point someone will make Munsters be everything it could have been.

In the meantime. I’m happy with what I got and it’s not going anywhere.

1 week later
#9477 30 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Dwight was busy coding a few other games on that list. Munsters will be lucky to be a GB - another year yet if lucky.
What stings is seeing a few other boutique games on the list getting code. Either sales were low OR Stern is treating Munsters like WOF!
Heck just some quick polish would hold people over for awhile.
Sorry folks!
Wait....maybe it is a New Years surprise!

Yeah, TMNT going on V 1.4 pretty much kills the whole “done at 1.0” argument from Dwight.

Oh, well. Gonna load up 1.01 on Stranger Things and check out the mini game.

1 week later
#9509 20 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Man, played this game for about 2 hours solid a few nights ago....what a blast!!!! Always nice to revisit games that you haven't played in awhile. This game is such a keeper for me!!!!

When this covid stuff is behind us we totally need to hang sometime.

2 weeks later
#9625 4 days ago
Quoted from hd60609:

The ball does get hung up in the same spot once in a great while in our game as well. It has never bothered me for the occasional time that is sits there. If I'm lazy, I wait until the ball search, and the pop bumper kicks it out. If I'm impatient, I'll nudge the game until I get enough of a bounce to have it roll out.
Here is the solution that was posted by others and then used on our first NIB game, Stern Star Trek, when the ball found a dead spot in those pops.
[quoted image]
Just carefully place it on the playfield where you need to eliminate the "Dead Zone". I think I'll do this to our Munsters as well.

This is a great idea. I was going to suggest perhaps an angled 3d printed peice to wedge in there to keep the rail and pop bumper from cradling the ball. But this would do the job.

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