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#1187 7 months ago

I'm going to jump in and join the club, as I placed my order for a Premium last week. I heard they will probably ship in March, but I have no confirmation of that. Has anyone got any inside info on Premium shipping dates?

1 month later
#2469 6 months ago

My Premium is being delivered tomorrow. I can't wait!

#2520 6 months ago

Ok, just got it set up. And my first question is, so do the wireform ramps come uncoated or not chromed, just raw material? Mine sure look raw to me. I can easily see the weld heat marks. Also, every few minutes, theres a loud fan that comes on in the back box. Im assuming it's normal, but it's pretty darned loud.

20190402_114227 (resized).jpg20190402_114244 (resized).jpg20190402_114235 (resized).jpg
#2521 6 months ago

Other than the previous post, here she is, and it's definately fun !!!

20190402_114807 (resized).jpg20190402_114814 (resized).jpg20190402_114853 (resized).jpg20190402_114845 (resized).jpg20190402_114859 (resized).jpg20190402_114902 (resized).jpg
#2525 6 months ago

Ok, so I called Stern, and the wireforms are left that way in order to look "industrial".....ok. The noise IS a cooling fan, but it's got to be mounted inside one of the metal boxes in the back box. I opened the back box and didn't see anything.

#2526 6 months ago

But that's trivial crap. I'm having fun! I recall someone said there were easter eggs. Off to find those posts!

#2528 6 months ago

Thank you DeathHimself. Thats a good post.

#2589 6 months ago
Quoted from Marvello:

Explanation from Christopher Franchi on the 'unfinished' wire forms, taken from an interview published on TWIP -
"So we’re [in a meeting] going through the CAD drawing…and I’m sitting there and right next to us, we have a whitewood, probably 75% complete. And he [John Borg] is pointing things out and I’m sitting down, and I’m kind of stretching up and looking over the rail into the playfield, and I see these wire form ramps. And they look like nickel, they’re not chrome, they’re like a dull metal. And wherever there is a spot weld there is a black singe mark on it, and I’m thinking “what is this” because I’ve never seen these unfinished…and I’m looking at it and I’m like “That is so Munsters” and…I said you have to keep these like this…it is perfect just like it is. Luckily they agreed. It wasn’t a cost cutting thing at all, it was an aesthetic choice. They still have it clear coated, but it was with that look. And it just looks fantastic in the game…John is very collaborative, it is – the word “team” is just perfect [for the group that worked on Munsters]."

Thank you Marvello I appreciate the info!

#2612 6 months ago
Quoted from blimpey:

I “Sterned” out my pro today with art blades and their shooter rod.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

blimpey Are the Stern Art Blades a sticker or a panel like mirror blades?

1 week later
#3117 6 months ago

Is anyone actually selling those playfield windows yet, or are they still unavailable? I'd like to have a spare as well.

#3132 6 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Contact pinball life. $66
Marco is adding to their site late next week.
FYI - no luck in getting Stern to replace for free - even with dust concerns.

Thank you cpr9999.

#3178 6 months ago

I have tried turning off the video tutorials that happen while in attract mode via the adjust menu. I turn it off, and yet the tutorials still play. Is this a .99 code issue or is there something I'm failing to do?

3 weeks later
#4099 5 months ago

Afternoon guys. I'm going to update to version 1.0 later tonight When I updated to .99, I lost all my settings and high scores, Champs, etc. Im assuming this is typical. That was the first time I've had to do an update, my other Stern is an AC/DC that already had the latest installed by my distributor. So, my question is, is there a way to save all that stuff to a USB stick before loading the new code, then simply load the settings afterwards, or am I just going to have to start over and also do all the settings from scratch? Thanks!

#4101 5 months ago
Quoted from ykes:

I updated mine last night and it kept them all - from 0.99 to 1.

I wonder if I did something wrong last time ..

#4110 5 months ago

Ok, thanks for your help guys! I appreciate y'all!

#4126 5 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

You didn't do anything wrong.. 1.0 is the first version from Munsters to save settings from the previous version.. Although I am not sure if it would save settings if you upgraded from something previous 0.99..

Thank you much Zukram

2 months later
#5084 3 months ago

Well, I got my Topper this afternoon. Got all excited, and installed it immediately. Clock runs most of the time, stops at certain times during the game such as end of ball, tallying points. But, the main thing is the Raven never came out of the clock, even during times he's taunting the player. Not good.

#5086 3 months ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

Well, I got my Topper this afternoon. Got all excited, and installed it immediately. Clock runs most of the time, stops at certain times during the game such as end of ball, tallying points. But, the main thing is the Raven never came out of the clock, even during times he's taunting the player. Not good.

Oh, and also when first started a game, it wouldn't eject a ball at all. Once I turned it off, and restarted the machine, it loaded the balls fine, but Raven still would not work. Inplugged and replugged. Same thing. Contacted my Distributor, he has another and he'll swap with me.

#5154 87 days ago
Quoted from Truent:

I had all of the same issues and a couple others. Stern is supposed to issue me a call tag to return for another when they are restocked.

Following up, I went to my distributor yesterday with the intention of swapping my topper out with one of the others he had. Turns out both of those were not working properly, each having different issues. I ended up leaving mine with him, and he was on the phone with Stern. I am supposed to have one shipped directly to me once they verify that they have one that works 100%. As I understand it, the clock has is not supposed to spin constantly, but to follow the game clock and point to the current hour according to the game clock, except during game play and attract mode. Now, I noticed when I 1st put mine up, it chimed the correct hour, so I'm going to assume it'll do that every hour. Don't know how long it'll take to get one sent to me that is 100%, but this is an awesome topper, and I hope it won't be too long.

2 weeks later
#5327 73 days ago

Has anyone heard any news on the Toppers?

#5333 73 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

It exists and you can buy it Sterns website.
Wasn't it advertised?
I saw it when I looked if the BKSoR side armor is out and wondered that the Munsters Topper it is allready available.

Yes, they were released, and pretty much every one had serious operational issues, so they've all been returned, and we're waiting on replacements, so I was wondering if anyone has heard any news on when the replacments will be sent out?

1 week later
#5417 65 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thank you so much Coindropper! These will look great on my Premium. These are awesome. Thanks neighbor!

#5480 61 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

Played the pro version yesterday at an arcade and now I’m thinking of getting a Premium.
Op told me the premiums have an issue with lower playfield visibility over time due to scratches in the upper pf.
How paranoid should I be about this in a HUO setting? Should I plan on installing a playfield protector right away?
LOVED this game from play 1. Which surprised me given all the negativity I’ve read for it.

I ended up buying a new window for my Premium as well as for my AC/DC Premium Vault. The only reason I bought these is if I ever decide to sell, (which I doubt), I'll have brand new ones which have been put away. Just want to make sure that if I do sell way down the road, windows may not be available still, so me being me, I bought 1 of each.

1 week later
#5595 52 days ago

I know everyone has been focused on playfield issues, but I was curious, what's the latest on the toppers being shipped back? Is it going to happen soon?

#5598 51 days ago
Quoted from Indypin:

I contacted Stern weeks ago and they said they just received a certain part in and would be shipping the toppers soon afterwards, but I haven't received any word since then. If I have to wait any longer, I think I'm going to use the money to buy some JP mods for my pin when it comes in. LOL

Quoted from dashv:

My Munsters Premium table is currently waiting on the topper before it ships.
Distributor is close to one of the factories. Stern told them Friday that the parts are in and installed. There was an issue before with springs not working as well as intended.
New setup is going through QA now.
Assuming everything checks out, they will be packaged and shipped out.
So hopefully just another week or two??

Thanks guys! I've got some time off next week and I was hoping it would be here by then. If not, oh well. At least it's getting taken care of and it'll be a fantastic topper when they do finish it. I'm trying to sell one of my motorcycles, and if all goes well, I can put my order in on a JP2 Premium. Fingers crossed!

2 weeks later
#5680 37 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Hmm....i didn't get any email about my topper.

Me neither..... sucks.

#5713 35 days ago

Well, I'll tell ya what half the damned problem is, and not only with this topper, but with everything. Give us a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of what the damned thing is supposed to do! That way we can tell if it's working like it's supposed to! FFS, your client base spends a shit ton of money on your product. Tell is what we should expect! And what we should expect as far as playfields are concerned!

1 week later
#5841 28 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

It's truly a fun/ interactive topper, and mine has been working with zero issues on a nightly basis (after my last teardown/ reassembly). The Stern engineers thanked me, and said they would definitely address the issues I had found.....hope yours works great!!!!!

So.....does anyone have an idea when the rest of us might get a fully functional topper back that we can install and expect to work properly? It's only been 2 months........

#5911 25 days ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

A friend arrived for my Munsters a few weeks back. It's a Steve Ritchie classic and we are having a ton of fun with it as well. I can only imagine what some people around here would think of a home arcade with this lineup. Must be so boring to some people. Shockingly, I want to fill out my wall with an EM machine like Capt. Fantastic. Munsters will be my deepest machine by far lol.[quoted image]

We have a F-14 and love it! Did LED's, and powder coated legs, lock bar, and side rails red, and did the wireform ramps in red, white, and blue. Also new playfield. 2nd one we've had.

#5912 25 days ago
20190330_151009 (resized).jpg20190402_152504 (resized).jpg
#5914 25 days ago

Obviously love our Munsters as well.

#5961 22 days ago

Hell, I'd just love to have my topper back working. If I have to "make adjustments" like y'all did, fine. I just want it back. Preferably fixed.

#6011 21 days ago

All I can say is I love my Munsters Premium. I bought it NIB, and bought one of the last NIB AC/DC Premium Vaults back in January. Also have an F14 and a T2. The code depths are night and day between Munsters and AC/DC. I personally don't give a damn because I love playing all 4 games and they're not going anywhere......ever. I had to sell my colection 10 years ago, and started my new one at the beginning of the year. I had the 2 Williams games before, and loved them then, so bought them again. Bottom dollar line, as long as it makes the owner happy, that's all that matters. I believe the Stern games are great, and the company is certainly reputable. In fact, I ordered my JP Premium the other day. Just waiting on the return of my Topper. I stand behind Stern.

#6067 17 days ago

So, I see lots of people getting their toppers back. Are there still a lot of folks like myself, who haven't heard anything yet? Really would like mine back. It's been about 2 1/2 months....

#6070 17 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I emailed Stern because I want to order but show sold out. Reply was they are 3 weeks out from replacing the "backorders..." then they will be available to order...

I see they're sending replacements out to some in this group. Maybe 3 weeks until they're finished. Hmmmmm seems like a long time considering they couldnt have had that many out there that were returned. Just my thought.... Even if it was a few hundred.

#6072 17 days ago

I know it must sound like I'm whining MK6PIN, (probably cuz I am a bit I just want mine back so I can enjoy it like y'all.

#6076 17 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

You're not whining at all...you need yours back....I'm actually whining ( a little) because I have to keep beta testing this thing....excited for the final product to be coded and working properly for everyone, including me!!!!

And I do appreciate all you done for this. They owe you a bit of compensation of you ask me.

#6107 11 days ago

Sooo excited! My Topper comes back tomorrow! Really hope it's all good!

#6109 11 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I hope it comes back fixed for you. Im still waiting on my 2nd replacement to ship to me lol. Fuckin Stern man i tell ya......

Who-Dey, man I sure hope so. I'm going to look it over real damned good. With any luck, it'll be good, and yours will be too!

#6111 10 days ago

Ok, hooked the topper up, and it appears to be working with no visible issues. Need to give it a close look Friday night. Will be looking to changing the Raven LED to a blue or purple one. Is the LED a socketed one, like a #89 or a #555? How many LED's are on it? It it like an 8 smd?

#6115 10 days ago

Thank you Mark!

#6141 7 days ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

If they do dramatically change the game I would welcome it. I like the game as it stands but would love it with some more real modes and something better to do with that button than stupid zaps. A complete waste to me as well as dragula.
Thing is you don't have to upgrade to the latest code if you like it as it is as well.

Absolutely! That's why I keep a copy of previous codes in case I want to go back.

#6150 7 days ago

Ok guys, need your thoughts and ideas. Playing the hell out of me Premium tonight, putting my Topper to the test. Up front, love the hell out of it. When they tweak the code issues a bit, it'll be functionally perfect. Now, my problem. And I want to know if I'm not alone, and what a good "fix" would be. In our game room, we have 2 pins on 1 wall, and 2 on the opposite wall, arranged to receive a 3rd when my JP Premium comes. My Munsters is on the wall where the 3 will be, with it in the middle. We have bar tables and stools at each end of the room, with barstools. The problem is, the seating is at about 45 degree angles from the Munsters. The LED PCB's that light Lily and Eddie, are fully exposed at that angle and are horribly bright and annoying. Im thinking if maybe the MOD people who can mold plastic can make some kind of blinder, like a horse blinder, to keep from blinding me or my guests. If I put the machine on either end instead of the middle, it still happens to some degree. Now, Im not bitching about this being a design flaw, I'm just trying to cure an anomaly in my case that bugs me. Anyone else have this, or have any ideas? Any of you MOD guys that can make a set of blinders that look good, let me know...

#6153 7 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Fair question....I love the crap out of this topper, and when they sort the couple bugs it's going to be a must have. I've got mine on the end of a 4 pin row, as I wanted the awesome art on the machine prominent. Problem w a blinder or shroud is the light still sort of leaks around the characters (especially Eddie), so might not cure your problem. It does light the entire character, so don't want to screw w that.
Not seeing your setup, you may want to put it on the end, closest to facing your barstools, etc. This might minimize off axis glare at those seats. Just a guess....

That's a possibility, but would prefer it in the middle. AC/DC on the right, Jurassic on the left. The blinders idea isnt meant to go in front of the light, but to go on the side of Lily and the side of Eddy. Just trying to reduce glare on the sides. There will be light leakage on the sides, but better than the blinding. (Or was that because of the drinking hahahaha)

#6158 7 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Bourbon night for me, so they're all getting bright....
Set up like that, I think sunglasses should be mandatory at the bar....

Nope, Bourbon or Whiskey makes me stupid and all I want to do is fight. Tequila, beer, Captain Morgan, etc I'm just as happy as a pinball addict with a pocket full of money !!!

#6175 6 days ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

We have the same issue. We are thinking about moving the LEDs further back into the housing. At the moment some of the LEDs are flush with the hole. Get some longer bolts and spacers and see how that goes. Only issue is we will have to pull most of the topper apart again to do the job

I like that idea! Might give that a try.

#6212 5 days ago
Quoted from oldpins:

I don't have a topper for my premium as yet, however my brother has one and I did notice the LEDS (Not sure on LED diameter) behind the acrylics (Eddie and Lilly) were very bright when viewing from an angle. Thought this 3D print could be placed around the LED could eliminate the problem. Double sided tape on the 2 square tabs could be used to mount over/around the LEDS. Adjustments to the 3D print could be made if required. Let me know your thoughts.
[quoted image]

That would work. I'm guessing it's installed from the inside so the tabs are also on the inside. Also, I was thinking a piece of black plastic about as thick as a thick business card, in like a "C" shape. Squeezing it down, inserting it in the hole for the led, and releasing it letting it expand into place.

#6213 5 days ago

To test, I rolled up a slice of a business card, but it wont go in. The LED PCB is flush with the plastic. So..... I just put a business card between Eddy and the back plastic. Works fine. Now, if someone could make a piece of plastic with a bracket to attach to the existing nut, I'll buy a pair!

1570992046205755816283835372478 (resized).jpg
#6215 5 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Just ask Anaya Lawn Service to make lexan business cards and your all set.

Hahahahaha, wiseguy!

#6221 3 days ago

Good Afternoon. I just received a spare shooter rod, that I want to use to make a custom shooter rod for my Munsters. My question is, what's the best way to remove the original black knob that came with it? Thanks!

#6223 3 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Honestly a hammer. A good smack and it will crack to pieces. Might be simpler to just order a raw shooter rod from Pinball Life though.

That's where I got this, hahahaha. Should have looked a little harder I guess Thank you, I'll give it a good whack.

#6224 3 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Honestly a hammer. A good smack and it will crack to pieces. Might be simpler to just order a raw shooter rod from Pinball Life though.

Well, can't say it's not durable! I'll take it to work tomorrow and split it with a bandsaw.

20191015_191515 (resized).jpg
#6237 2 days ago

WOW! I'm speechless.......

#6259 16 hours ago

Happy Friday! Ok, my Premium started having flipper issues. The right flipper is slow to return to home and now only returns about 7/8 of the way. What do I need to do under the playfield to correct this? This will have to happen tomorrow, because I refuse to try to work on my machines after adult beverages. It's safer for them hahahahaha! Thanks in advance guys!

#6261 16 hours ago

northvibe , what exactly is the coil stop? There's the coil, within a bracket, with the plunger actuating whatever it's hooked up to. This is the basic configuration. Only recently have I heard about the "stop" If possible, could you post a picture of one, and where it typically breaks?

#6263 15 hours ago

Wow! Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate y'all! I'll take pictures and post tomorrow. Tonight, I'll be smart, and move to another machine.

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