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#29 10 months ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

It’s great to have options.
Limited unique /hold value
Anti glare glass
Laser web rails with gold backer
Kenwood upgraded sound
The Koach backglass iconic and best
Unique inner art blades
I love the monochromatic art and realize it fits the theme, but art of the line art 80’s and Centaur is quite a bit different that art currently of the Franchi style with realism and eye popping color of blues, greens, purples and shading. I want the full blown technicolor where new meets old, love what’s being done on that LCD as well !
I felt the LE was worth it.
I’m sure all 3 look kick ass in person.

As a future LE owner, what does the community think of Stern now adding in another 100 LE machines. So instead of 500 it will now be 600 machines (according to Kaneda podcast).

If this is true does it devalue your LE? Does it piss you off?

Should we email distributors and Stern and complain about pulling this fast one in LE owners.

If we are honest this will have an small negative affect on value of LE long run.

#32 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I would Strongly recommend taking that Rumor and where is came from with a Large grain of salt. I highly doubt Stern would change everything published to date and in this example I suspect the Premium is going to sell a Lot of units. I am sure there were other titles like Batman66 LE, and Maiden LE where they Wish they could go back and change the offer quantity but didn't. Pinside tends to take offhand blog posts as fact sometimes.


Eases things a bit.

1 week later
#140 10 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

It looks like a number of you expect to get your Pro by 1st week in Feb. My distributor told me mid Feb. Can you confirm your relatively early date? Depending what he means by mid Feb, that could be as much as four weeks away!

Hopefully for you...they under promise and over deliver

#216 10 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

That line is the opening of the cellar door in the floor of the Munster's house that Grandpa is coming out of.

That line is there so you know where to cut using your jigsaw to install the lower playfield - DIY install your own lower playfield mod!

#284 9 months ago

Enjoy this website - lots for everyone.


#414 9 months ago

What are people hearing on actual LE delivery dates?

3 weeks later
#902 9 months ago

LE owners have you had to level the plastic that covers the lower playfield - tweak the screws?

AC/DC Premium VE owners had to do this upon arrival of their new machine.

#967 9 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

Do the LE.S come with shakers ?
For 9G,s ?


#1011 8 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Personally everyone is allowed their own opinion. So I'll offer mine Munsters Pro is one of the worst games Stern has ever made PERIOD!
People bash on the Beatles but if you love the Beatles and you're not a huge pinball fan there is nothing to hate about that game. The Beatles looks retro, really delivered theming wise to any real Beatles fan. That pinball looks amazing, graphics are outstanding, as for a game its boring yeah its boring. But honestly I think Stern was going for a different market therefore the game is great. It is easy to play, themed awesome, and focuses on the young Beatles with a really cool retro feel.
Munsters on the other hand is a pinball game, there aren't Munsters fans who will pay 8k for a 5k game much less 25k again for a 5k game.
Munsters is BORING. There is nothing unique here just more of the same borrow from other games they've recently done.
I'm okay with it for Beatles but not okay for Munsters.
With all the cool licenses Stern has why even do Munsters? Maybe because they tried to rain on the parade of Monster Bash. Monster Bash LE is a HOME RUN 10 out of 10, Munsters at best is a 5 out of 10.
I haven't seen the pro yet but once I do I can leave a different review. Hoping the lower playfield ads more fun into an otherwise boring game.

How much you want for your Munsters LE? If it’s that bad how about $6k?

#1324 8 months ago
Quoted from Flippingr8:

Appreciate the responses. So I looked around the cabinet for loose stuff, especially the cabling connecting the backbox to the cabinet - adjusted that, no effect. Took off the shaker motor protective plastic cover - no effect. Took the shaker motor out and inspected it, the spinning paddles on each side are offset by perhaps 5 degrees relative to one another - was going to try to fix that, but the hex set screw is too tight. Reinstalled the shaker motor turned 180 degrees from the way it had been originally oriented, thinking perhaps that might help - minimal difference. The rectangular metal lever under Herman does jiggle some when the shaker spins but I don't think it is the main source of noise.
I may well end up turning the shaker down to a less frequent setting than maximum (I assume it doesn't change the RPM of spinning, just the amount of time it is operating during the game, correct me if I am wrong), or perhaps turn it off all together. I'd be moderately disappointed if I had to do that.
Meanwhile, have gotten a number of games in. I have been enjoying it quite a bit. The lower PF is a very nice toy to have. Really like how the insert lights change from white to blue to red - haven't had a game that had that capability before - my newest prior game was NASCAR.

If you have motor out of game you could have hooked it up to 12v and spin it to see if has anything to do with just the motor?

#1358 8 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

You can adjust the tension at the top of the shaker motor bracket with that screw that runs the length of it. Adjusting that usually takes care of noises like what you're talking about.

Pretty sure Stern shakers don’t have that bolt across the top of the shaker.

#1446 8 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Reading all the posts from those who have now been playing their LE's for over a week or so with enough games on it now to get a good feel for it, many are reafirming some of my thoughts and experiences for how the game playes, even though my game is a Pro version, it has all the same attributes less the lower playfield.
One thing I did after playing the game (as shipped and loading the newest code) about 40 games was to start recording the standard audits data. Beginning at game 50 I started making tweaks in the settings to make the game more playable for home use. No doubt this game has a design element built into it knowing it is going to be on routes to generate revinue, and as such it is a drain machine on the outlanes. I reset the posts to reduce the frequency of the outlane drains, then played another 30 games to collect data, left, center, & right outlane number of drains. The right lane drained on the average 30% more than the left, which makes sense when you look at the geometry of the left and right posts relative to the surrounding features on the playfield in the outlane region.
Not to make this post to long, but I measured and layed out a new position for the right outlane post and drilled a new location and reinstalled the post into place. After playing another 30 games and reviewing the data the game is now balanced in terms of left to right outlane drains. For me this was my biggest complaint or frustration with how the game was designed and set up in terms of home use play. Sure if I don't make the shots I expect to pay a price for bad play, but I became frustrated with being cheated by that right outlane with a very low percentage of nudge saves Vs the left side.
I'm kind of a data freak which in this case I think was useful in helping me to bring a nice compromise and balance to how the game plays now. Some may think how dare you drill into your playfield, but if your on the opposite end of that thought and want more info feel free to PM me and I'll share the post placement info with you. In the meantime keep cranking out those games, I'm now up to 325 games, average game play time on the uptick, as are the average and high scores, and most importantly an increase in the overall Fun Factor!

Post a picture right outlane?

#1601 8 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Just took my window out today to get the dust and some ball marks off of it (anxious for my Titan order to arrive). Plastic is a great fit, and mine fits as close to flush as possible...doesn't alter ball path (yet). There are rubber washers under the screws, so you can kind of tweak it to get it perfect.
This machine compares very well w any NIB that I've bought or seen of late from a build standpoint..services rails coated, mini playfield is a serious mech, plywood bottom...a very solid machine....pleasantly surprised....

Can you / someone describe flush?

(Think side profile). Should the plastic cover be level with the lower (B option) or higher (A option) part of the beveled edge

28166A5A-CB4D-4EA1-9CBF-E2C9D6981CD6 (resized).jpeg
#1603 8 months ago
Quoted from Lawnboy:

Found these parts in my LE today. One screw was in the bottom of the cabinet and the other was on the playfield. The round metal piece was on top of the playfield. Does anyone know where it goes?
Thanks[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Had 2 parts in mine.
One is from the coin mechanism, which leaves 1 left to find a home!

Looks like 1 of your screws!

D9762FDF-84A6-4485-A535-B0925117DDA8 (resized).jpeg
#1625 8 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Flush, in this meaning:
"Having surfaces in the same plane; even. "
Surface being play field. The rings allow for a minor deviation, but when I was done, I could put a straight edge that touched both the play field and plastic equally..."flat"....Does it stay that way? Time will tell. Both the plastic lens and play field edges around it are very consistent on my game....Suspect a ball, at slow pace, will roll differently over plastic than clear coat, regardless

I hear you - flush means - straight edge ruler over playfield and plastic cover - both should be st same height.

Question- why the heck do they bevel the wood so much- probably worried about edge of wood chipping?

#1627 8 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

If anything You want the plastic VERY slightly above the wood so it protects the edge of the wood.

Yes got it.

Destroy plastic is OK, wood damage is No Good!

#1642 8 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Always flush after you take a break playing pinball. When done be sure to put the lid down. Your wife will appreciate it.
Wash hands before returning to play.
Keep the ruler or straight edge out of the bathroom. I am sure the toilet is level.
So, you have a wood toilet seat Jim ? How do you like it ?

Dang - I always forget to put that wood seat down, flush with the glass porcelain!

#1666 8 months ago
Quoted from Lawnboy:

Ok. Found out where these go Does not look easy to put back in. The round piece goes under the left ramp and it looks like its a counter weight for the spot trap door. one screw one each side that are also not east to get too. The right one is in the yellow circle in picture. I have had at least three other people PM me telling me they are at least missing the screws. CHECK the tightness on yours [quoted image]

Hi Bill,

Can you email Stern (email above in Vireland post) - send bug report?

Let them know - hopefully they will issue a bulletin . Also loctite Premium versions.

Thx for finding!

#1688 8 months ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

One other thing about the Grandpa hole bounce outs...I was getting a lot of dimpling just in front of the cliffy...not trying to start the "dimple" debate just an observation...there is a piece of mylar there as well and it is starting to show a bit of edge wear as well just in front of the cliffy...with my flippers set to soft, the bounce outs have been significantly reduced.

Can you take a picture?
Should we take off the mylar and install a new piece right next to the protector.

#1943 8 months ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

I’m guessing the board is bad, I’ve checked everything.[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks like your missing the small black jumper.

You can take wire and short the 2 pins (middle and right pin) to verify that is it.

If so, Stern can send you one. Or you can find one in an old pc you no longer use!

1B10DD59-FBD4-4C7B-83C6-042972F69CF0 (resized).jpeg
#1961 8 months ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

Ahhhh I see now, thank you for circling that, I couldn’t tell with the pic that was posted before. I’ll give it a shot!

Was the jumper the solution?

#1987 8 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

These schematics ?
To someone highly technical they could be helpful, but at least for Munsters. Seems that jumper on the 3 pin header has been missing for a few people across threads now. Either somehow Stern missed placing it there, or they have been falling off in transit..

My guess is they take it off to test / troubleshoot - so they are not blinded by the light and then forget to put back on.

#1990 8 months ago

Plastic Leveling.

Ok - which of these photos is correct?
I will ask Stern as well.

Call the first picture (A) - plastic meeting the beveled wood edge. (B) raised plastic to meet wood 1/4” into playfield.

3388F493-9342-4581-931F-2E95C92A35AD (resized).jpeg631F818E-3D36-49C3-A655-1B645B80B954 (resized).jpeg

#1995 8 months ago

I am assuming everyone is saying option (B).

Both are level with the playfield - the difference is should you be level with the playfield like a 1/4 plus inch away from the wood beveled edge. You definitely can feel the plastic edge when running your finger over it doing it this way.

#1999 8 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'm concerned that your wood has a serious bevel, or something is off w the plastic (I know you inquired before). I've taken mine off (2x) now, and the wood edge is actually pretty sharp, and now where near 1/4" gap between it and the plastic..a very snug fit.
Can you take a pic w the glass off (think you did prior but I can't see it clearly) showing the gap? worrisome....

Nothing unique - my AC/DC VE Premium is same beveled edge.

Stern does not make that edge the same height as rest of playfield - they bevel it down for a reason - so no one chips the wood edge.

Got an email into Stern asking them there opinion.

Question- if you run your finger across the plastic / wood edge is it smooth AND can you feel height difference at the bevel. If this is what you have - you did Option A above.

#2012 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

My ACDC is perfectly smooth all the way around. Don’t feel any edge of anything from either direction.

Do you have a slight bevel edge?

As you run your finger from wood to plastic is it like glass smooth? Or is smooth but your finger goes up/down the bevel edge?

#2013 8 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I did it quite extensively on several sides (paranoia,I guess)...I can't feel the bevel at all when plastic is flat to playfield.....can feel the line where the 2 meet, but my wood doesn't bevel "down"to any type of noticeable degree.. the line is very crisp, extremely tight....plastic doesn't even fit if I don't put in in square...the tolerance you are describing simply doesn't exist in mine....weird...definitely post when you hear from the factory...

My plastic fits the playfield hole very tight - which is good. See my question to Chuckwurt - same question for you..thx

#2029 8 months ago

FoR those that like Cliffys....he has them now!


06385FDA-1209-456F-92B8-D0CE84D9DDBC (resized).jpeg2073CB4E-0EC0-4C7C-A074-17F40726AB36 (resized).jpeg3F7380F5-08F1-4413-B081-D0F8C0A9370B (resized).jpegB464FDD8-A511-49E6-BE9F-AB2CF6EF2C04 (resized).jpeg

#2035 8 months ago
Quoted from thebosson:

Where did you purchase the Cliffys? Directly from him or somewhere else? Thanks!

Yes from Cliff



#2036 8 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I could see myself driving that !
Goody Goody Goody LOL

Trade a couple of pinballs for it!

#2056 8 months ago
Quoted from Flippingr8:

I'm running 0.96 on my LE and have noticed about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time the mini saucer in the lower PF does not register that the ball is there - it just sits and sits there. Have also had the machine not recognizing that the ball has drained into the trough, intermittently. These seem like software bugs.
Other than that, and wanting the shaker motor situation (RPM adjustment, please?), loving my Munsters LE and getting better at it over time. Wife likes it to, which is good. Though got in trouble tonight when I said I might get the new Stern Topper when it comes out!!

I want RPM control on shaker as well.

Have you sent in an email?

If not, please do so here:

#2060 8 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Not necessarily even RPM control. If they had a shaker strength adjustment from 0 to 100% like they do for the LED/Flasher brightness that would be mesh with the current interface and would be a pretty easy global add.

Agree !

An adjustment of some sort would be cool. That goes for previous games too.

Everyone send in a note to Stern to add this adjustment.


#2096 8 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I have had a ton of problems with my munsters LE...
1) The playfield totally fell into cabinet and got itself wedged on a screw inside. The brackets that holds it in place so it can slide don't reach over each rail fully. I had to totally take the entire thing apart, add washers to each side, and bend the brackets out to keep it from falling in.
2) The start button blinks but doesn't work.
3) The lower playfield has A LOT OF ISSUES...
A) The balls are not heavy so they launch around and one landed on top of the rail. Had to nearly tip over the game to get it off the top of the rail. They shouldn't have created these in a way where the ball can become lodged in them.
B) The flippers get stuck on the two ball multi ball and the left flipper only half works.
4) This is just a gripe but ball shooter case is screwed on drastically twisted not even close to being on straight.
The game is fun but it feels TOTALLY RUSHED!

I had issue #1 and caught it in time - happened twice to me. I have message into Stern to replace my brackets because a groove was wore into them because my rails had no grease. I think both are easy fix. Send email to Chas at Stern.

3A set flipper power to soft as others suggested - helps.

Lower playfield flipper - check the spring it might be backwards with large diameter of spring installed on wrong end.

Hear you on number 4 - ball shooter rod should be squared up with decal.

#2098 8 months ago
Quoted from drained:

Listened to Pinball Profile podcast today with Dwight. He makes some comments on his thoughts/direction on the code for this game. He mentions 2 levels to the characters was give you something to do with the game after munster madness level 1, which he wanted wanted everyone to be able to achieve to experince the lower and uppper PF at the same time.
Isn't there 3 different munster madness's to experince in the game? I have failed to see a 3rd trip to munster madness to verifiy. If this is the case, why isn't there 3 levels to the character modes instead of just level 2 during the 3rd trip? Easily could adjust the gui by lighting the I & II to present the characters in mode 3. While at it toss it a few wrenches and curve balls in the chase to mode 3 munster madness.
He also does mention Munster Madness isn't a wizard mode in his opinion. Why not make one then after all of the above if certain requirements are achieved? I hope Dwight sees this opportunity. Fun game, can't wait to get my prem to deep dive into the code.

He also mentions “secret mania is a flipper code”...”little secret in the game” anyone figure this out?

#2140 8 months ago
Quoted from Rozeks:

Add me to the list of folks experiencing the occasional issue after .96 upgrade:
* Lower playfield "ends"
* Control is placed back on upper playfield, but the LCD is still stuck at the machine.
* Ball eventually moves to Dragula, isn't ejected.
* Machine goes into ball detection mode.
* We wait. A couple of mins.
* 2 balls are ejected (at the same time) from shooter lane. 3 total in playfield at that point (one Dragula, 2 playfield).
* one ball drains, flippers go dead, end of that "ball".
I've seen it once, but I haven't been playing a lot this week. Was going to turn off the lower playfield until addressed.

Email tech support?

#2241 8 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I am reading folks are putting mylar down on shooting lane? newb here....and new LE. What type etc and how..???

Put in a Cliffy from passionforpinball.com

#2250 8 months ago
Quoted from Mahoneyj:

Sad to report my Grandpa Switch broke today like another posters switch. Stern is shipping out a new switch and I will need to do some soldering when it arrives. So the game will be down for a few days. Guess I will show my other pin some love in the meantime though but not playing this is killing me a bit.
[quoted image]

what broke? All the wires looked soldered. Did the internal guts of the cherry switch die?

1 week later
#2661 7 months ago
Quoted from Lawnboy:

I put mine to 7 seconds

Guess I should put mine at 6 seconds to split the difference between you two! I have on 10 and I am lowering soon.

#2681 7 months ago
Quoted from Mahoneyj:

I have an early Pro and had occasional ball hop on the plunge. Shaved the ramp a bit and it’s smooth a butter now. It was interesting that there is a nice script under the ramap on the play field that reads The Munsters. Kinda like a art Easter egg.
While I was in there I cleaned and waxed the play field for the first time. I thought the game was fast before, now it’s incredibly fast. I actually turned down the flipper power as it was shooting so fast it almost always bounced out of the scoop. Moving from the factory setting on Hard to Normal was much better with the slick play field.
Then I broke my first plastic on a Multiball. The piece that protects the spot ramp sensor by Herman #19. Time to call Stern and order a new plastic.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Can you take a picture of the crack area and circle it and post the picture? I can’t see it in pictures above.


#2705 7 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Haven’t had one who-dey . Where’s it getting stuck?

Yeah where - pic?

#2754 7 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Another really cool feature "I'm sure not by design" for the Prem and Le is with the lower PF there is at lot less dimpling area
Sorry couldn't resist, besides I have nothing else to post on it considering mine was set back a week or two

Agree but now I get mini dimples.

DE9096F5-6955-4164-9E4F-BB2B41016883 (resized).jpeg
#2764 7 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

That's why I bought a Pro so I only have one playfield with Dimples. Regular ones - not those mini versions.

My view - the more playfields with dimples the better - it means I am enjoying playing pinball!!!!!!

1 week later
#3093 7 months ago
Quoted from BelleHall:

Anyone noticing the clock on grandpa's lab on premium starting before the animation intro finishes? It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, you only have around 10 seconds left on the clock or so...

Report the bug to Stern.


#3130 7 months ago
Quoted from triggur:

I think I found a bug in 0.99. I was playing on the lower playfield and got Mystery with about 10 seconds left on the clock.
It started SPOT mode, but no balls came out on the top level, and the clock continued to count down to the end of the lower playfield ball. It ended and the top playfield reactivated and everything was normal again.

Please send in a bug report to Stern!



#3131 7 months ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

Is anyone actually selling those playfield windows yet, or are they still unavailable? I'd like to have a spare as well.


Contact pinball life. $66

Marco is adding to their site late next week.

FYI - no luck in getting Stern to replace for free - even with dust concerns.

#3202 7 months ago

HD glass makes big difference - love it

#3243 7 months ago
Quoted from gac:

I heard the same thing. Something about a problem with the lower playfields?

Yep, they ran out of them!

#3316 7 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Yeah I guess I left some needed info out, yes grandpa feet has been there since day 1 before a game was even played, they are more then high enough as not to get in the way of the ball unless it’s an air ball but I haven’t seen any air balls nail him.
The protector is the one that came with the machine, I don’t believe cliffy makes one for the scoop as stern provides one with the machines. The protector is nice and flush as can be, no dents to launch the ball.
As far as the scoop goes I believe the ball is entering and popping back out real quick rather then dropping down. To be absolutely sure I guess I should video some play and review it to confirm. Like I said this is something that is happening the past few days, prior to that the play and scoop shots were nice and smooth.
Nothing was changed and altered in that time nor was the machine moved and all four flippers in the machine have been set to soft since 0.99 was installed. Just freaking weird.

Mine exhibit same condition. SLO video it and let us know what you see. Maybe Velcro in back helps?

#3322 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ok i put the dead drop foam in and i couldn't really decide at what point of the scoop that the ball was hitting so i just lined pretty much the entire inside of the scoop except for a small section near the bottom. Probably not needed or ideal but you dont really notice it (unless you have the scoop lit up with a scoop light mod) so who cares.
I found that it definitely helped alot. Its still not 100% but i dont know of any other scoops that are either, it is definitely a worthy improvement though and i recommend doing it. I also lowered the back of my game down (after i had already tested the scoop) just to see if it got any better and to see how it plays. It didn't make the scoop rejects any better or worse and im undecided on gameplay at this point until i can put more time in on it. It does seem like it helps with the accuracy of the lower playfield though.
Here are a few pics of the foam that i added to give you an idea of what i did. Sorry for the crappy pics, my phone camera isnt the greatest.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


FYI your protector is coming up in the front left corner- or at least it looks that way in the pictures.

#3325 7 months ago
Quoted from Mahoneyj:

I think as the protectors get beat up the part that lines the inside of the hole on the left and right starts to bend in and narrow the hole. It helps spring the ball out of the hole. Mine is much worse and rejects the ball a lot more than when new. I have a new protector to install to fix my situation. I also changed my flippers to normal from the default hard setting to hopefully preserve the new protector.
[quoted image]


How many plays did that to the protector?

Also, did you get a Stern or Cliffy replacement? If Stern can you send PM dimensions? I will ask Cliff to make a stronger version.


#3398 6 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Ok now that I poked some fun at this earlier floated info in which I did hear of it along the lines myself, Lets see what you guys would like to have done to the code rework if it were to happen.
1- A wizard mode would be awesome, this game really screams for one.
2- Marylin Mode & Champion where how many boyfriends you can get to escape by shooting her ramp when lit is recorded.
3- Al & Fred worked extremely well together here and had some of the funniest lines in the sitcom, surely some more of Grandpa's and Herman's bickering calls can be added during play.
4- Eddie orbit mode & Champion. Needs a little more, make him after so many loops feed spot or something to accomplish a nice payout.
5- Grandpas lab instead of the mono tone girl saying jackpot, wack it up with Grandpa say "Yes Yes and laughing / That's right, that's the ticket"
6- Spots Roar when spot pops up. If he does roar now, I never hear it lol.
7- More call outs from the shows, I know there were two seasons almost 80 shows but they used a lot from early season 1, love to see and hear more added. (covered in points 3 & 5 but felt its important enough to mention it again)
Now I'm not griping as we love the game but if by any chance this rework is possibly a fact, I think adding some more will really establish this game as one of the all time greats, in addition sales will jump a lot as this theme hits many folks from their youth. A little more depth objectives added on the journey really couldn't hurt.
Polishing and lighting effects we can do afterwards
What would you guys like to see within reason of course. Please no flaming people suggestions/opinions but maybe there is something said that Stern can take away from it and add it to coding just makes it better for everyone.
So what say you.................[quoted image]


Would you be willing to consolidate these and send to Stern? I think you can send to: bug.report@sternpinball.com

Or direct to Dwight.Sullivan@sternpinball.com

This would be cool!!!

Let us know.

Thank you

#3459 6 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

In all seriousness now, really like that 9 piece plastic protector set from Little Shop of Games here on Pinside. Adds a nice splash of color as well but photos don’t do it any justice.[quoted image]

Did the same.

The ones by Herman and Grandpa are a pain in the azz to install!

#3488 6 months ago

I have the 4 lower (2 slingshot and 2 guide protectors) clear protectors for sale from Little Shop of games for a total of lucky $11 (includes shipping). I have no use for them anymore. (Note blue plastic peels off to review clear plastic protectors).

First person to ping me & PayPal gets them.


B0201953-F019-4D53-9B63-C1A5F59F0764 (resized).jpegDDE683EB-3EF7-4549-9750-881AA42D2432 (resized).jpeg

#3556 6 months ago
Quoted from lschmidlin:

Those of you planning to replace the lower wire ramp, plan on major surgery. Chas did send the revisted part right away – but didn't give me any instructions and wow. It's layered in there big time.
Was hoping to do this from the top and first took the plexiglass off (you need Torq wrenches! Tried an Allen wrench first, but miracles happened when I put the torque wrench in there) but ended up having to take the lower playfield out.
The good news is the lower play field is super easy to get out. The bad news is the ramp is attached to the third layer down.
Thought I would show you as well - the difference between the old ramp and the new one is they simply cut the metal ring where my thumb is.
Not sure why Stern hasn't done a service bulletin on this – or informed all owners. Seems like it's kind of a big deal.
Anyway, getting it done tonight so let me know if you guys need any help.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Are you adjusting the back clear plastic (behind the electrodes)?

Also any key areas of concern as you did this?


#3562 6 months ago
Quoted from lschmidlin:

I didn't know there was an issue with that plastic. Let me know while I've got the playfield torn out!
No key areas of concern other than it's not necessary to take the plexiglass off the main playfield. Figured it was like any other machine and I could repair it from the top, but not the case.
Unfortunately, once the lower playfield is out – you do have to disassemble a lot: three layers of the outer plastics (around the rim of the lower playfield) plus the plastic ramp on the right.
Stern did a good job of being able to take the lower playfield out quickly. Maybe five or six quick disconnects and four bolts.
I actually got tired of working on it and went to bed! Ha ha My project tomorrow.
Bummed that we all have to go through this. But it really stops the game. And it was happening a lot on my particular machine.

Check this out:


#3686 6 months ago
Quoted from gac:

Spaceman... why are you selling your LE???

Thoughts? Only 19 days ago....

082B5F92-0425-4B05-85D8-DA4699AF6C6A (resized).jpeg
#3822 6 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

There are actually quite a few good suggestions in the so-called haters thread that would give Munsters the love so many more want to give it.

I just wish these “passionate” people would focus their energy on packaging up those suggestions and pass along to Dwight instead of just complain. If they did we might see some of those ideas get implemented in the code. And the sooner they do, the sooner they might be an owner of this pin.

#3853 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Hey Mister i had a patent on that scoop idea. You will be hearing from my lawyer soon!
Nice work on that glass btw!

Can you all take some more picks of the foam rubber installed?

How high up do you install?

1956pinhead Also is that cut out in the middle or is that just glare?


PS - I just bought a spare lower plastic playfield cover from pinballlife. Mylar is great idea - need to do that day one.

#3854 6 months ago

Anyone concerned about this wire guide getting beat up and bending into the circuit board behind it (shorting out?)
(So yellow arrows in picture).

Bumper sends ball into it a bunch.


B85C11E9-9D3B-415B-8A2E-D0EFDE64E435 (resized).jpeg
#3871 6 months ago

This is why Top 100 makes no sense.

See picture, then go flag these knuckleheads!


ADB72890-3383-4A8A-BA3B-2A86D6E38285 (resized).png

#3873 6 months ago
Quoted from Ven:

So why would Munsters be rated any differently than any other game on the list? No reason for anyone to hate it more than any other game out there, you don't see many new games released that drop that quickly unless it is somewhat warranted. I have had mine for over 100 days now and waited quite a while before I rated it, I ended up at a 7.67 I think on my rating.

People jump on the bandwagon, without even making their own decisions. Fact of life.

#3928 6 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Rather then making more models they first should address the in
house issues and get Dwight to enhance the code.
TBH I still like the BW Premium over the color Prem, it's
natural to what the show really was.

Thinking the same thing...........YOUR WISH has now come true!

Please see link below, and keep to positive improvements. For my fellow Pinsiders that have posted suggestions already, I humbly ask you to repost those suggestions here so they are CONSOLIDATED for Stern. Thank you in advance.


#3929 6 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

You dont speak for everyone. I see no problem with this. If
Stern pulled a JJP and released another version of the LE then that
would be a bit shady. Releasing another premium version is not a
big deal.

Stern just did, they call it a color Premium (close enough)!

#3966 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yes Sir, the game is possibly the most beautiful pinball machine ever made. I played mine a few games before work tonight and i just cannot understand why people don't like this game because it is so much fun. Sure it could use some more code but its still fun as hell. Mine is staying with me forever.


Great suggestions on some code tweaks located here:


Keep them coming, and we will provide to Stern. Let’s help Stern make the code over the top!

#4010 6 months ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

You’re talking apples and oranges. Presumably with the car you know in advance all those models are coming out. The whole point here is that no one knew that this model pin was coming out. Have any of you that don’t understand why some people are upset even considered the fact that the only reason the LE sold out faster than any LE model in pinball history is because the LE was released in color. The prototype photo showed that the premium was color and the LE was black and white. When we saw that the actual release models were reversed people jumped on the color LE like never before. Even Stern couldn’t anticipate how much people would jump at the LE and that’s why they added 100 after they saw the release sales fly off the shelves. So yes, I believe it’s quite reasonable for anyone who purchased an LE to be upset about this change.

Hopefully people will remember this next time purchasing a LE. Wait Stern out = large savings.

The model is broke, nothing anymore is limited and initial code releases will be bad. All this must mean we have a healthy pinball market!!!!

When market gets weaker, we will see improvement in their releases.

#4012 6 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I did think it would eventually show up...why wouldn't it? but, so soon is bizarre.

Weak sales or squeezing more sales dollars out of market. Either not so good.

Maybe hope this funds more code enhancements.

#4019 6 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

Stop trying to make sense of this. I need every manufacturers 10 year plan before I do anything.... From now on.

On Munsters 10 day plan. LOL

#4060 6 months ago
Quoted from Flippingr8:

Someone pointed out that curved line with differing contrast on each side a while back. It is annoying to look at and (ahem, Dwight) needs to be fixed in a code update. Very amateurish!

Someone send into Sterns bug.report email address. Who has the full email address?

#4087 6 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Give them six more weeks, Pro BW version lol.

6 weeks after this will be the LE B&W!

#4102 6 months ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

I think adding that piece of rubber in my game was the single most useful home made modification, what you have done should also work. When my ball travels to the scoop now it just quietly sinks into its hole. No more rejections period, no metal to metal clanking, and best of all no more ball or scoop pocket abuse going on. All should consider this mod as a benefit, not to mention Stern should do this on all games with similar scoops. I'm adding this same mod to my GB & GOTG.
Gotta give my man Who-Dey credit for this one, I owe him a six pack of his best beer!
[quoted image]

Any chance you can post the dimensions or picture of one not installed? So we can replicate from the pictures. (If you are installing on your other games).

Also type material and wherever we can buy?


3 weeks later
#4524 5 months ago
Quoted from JayLar:

I´m looking for a splitter for the dome flashers, anyone know where I can find one? Need it as I want to add another flasher to the left and right dome flashers. If anyone can help me out, please send a PM.

Comet pinball

#4586 5 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Scroll back up a few pages. The factory has made a fix for that. The factory will send you a corrected replacement.

Looks like he has the fixed wire ramp. They removed the wire where the ball is resting..... I would email Stern and ask them what they think.

#4593 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ok i put the dead drop foam in and i couldn't really decide at what point of the scoop that the ball was hitting so i just lined pretty much the entire inside of the scoop except for a small section near the bottom. Probably not needed or ideal but you dont really notice it (unless you have the scoop lit up with a scoop light mod) so who cares.
I found that it definitely helped alot. Its still not 100% but i dont know of any other scoops that are either, it is definitely a worthy improvement though and i recommend doing it. I also lowered the back of my game down (after i had already tested the scoop) just to see if it got any better and to see how it plays. It didn't make the scoop rejects any better or worse and im undecided on gameplay at this point until i can put more time in on it. It does seem like it helps with the accuracy of the lower playfield though.
Here are a few pics of the foam that i added to give you an idea of what i did. Sorry for the crappy pics, my phone camera isnt the greatest.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

What is the thickness of this foam?

1/8 or 1/4”


#4598 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not sure because im not home to measure at the moment but i would guess 1/8. I can measure if you need me to later. This is what i used though.

If you could that would be great!

Thx again.

#4623 5 months ago

Ok guys back to Munsters game details, etc. Keep the debate to the other threads.

#4629 5 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Where can you buy this Cliffy protector kit? I'm on Cliffy's website and I see nothing for

Just email Cliff and he will respond.

#4650 5 months ago
Quoted from Olaa:

This is how mine will look like[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Now put LED strip on the inner circle to light up the speakers !

2 weeks later
#4847 4 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Well after looking at the install pics on Batman 66 Cliffys... I realize I put my drain protector on the wrong side..... geez....back in I go...[quoted image]

You must have missed this post by me (in this Munsters thread...)


#4863 4 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Well, Stern and KaPow seriously overcharged for the Beatles, so that should help make up for the lower quantity.

Don’t forget Beatles licensing costs. That’s why they had to jack the cost up.

Depending on Munsters licensing cost, I would think 2-3k units. I bet they have no problem getting that over 3 years of sales. So OK to small success.

On the flip side, to be considered a smash hit for Stern, sales over 5k units, like AC/DC, MET.

#4919 4 months ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

It does not work there if you have the mod couple's pop bumper eye ball cap.
I'm going to see about making a bracket for it, well see.

Let me know what you do. I have mod Couple’s eyeball.

What if the base is 3D printed more narrow at bottom, but top stays same size?

If that would work, what size would the bottom need to shrink to?

#4921 4 months ago
Quoted from Indypin:

I have the same eye ball cap in my pin and I was able to fit the cat on mine. The sticky tape on the bottom secures it pretty well, even though the front lip of the base the cat sits on sticks out a little bit over the plastic. I tested various ball shots around the pop bumpers, cat target and nearby ramp (including Herman) and it never interfered with ball movement. I really like the mod and he shipped it fast.


Can you post a few pictures ?

#4936 4 months ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

"Cuckoo Clock with spinning hour hand and raven head that pops out during game play to taunt the player and announce different modes."
And they want $425 + tax and shipping but don't even have a video showing what it actually does?

Is the code integrated , complete yet for this topper? Might want to wait and see the integration. I will be for the price.

#4951 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Hoooooly shit, what a bunch of negative Nancy's we have around here people.....chill out! I got my topper today and it is absolutely beautiful. I was so excited to be the first one to post a topper pic but as luck would have it, my topper has an issue with the Raven door.
I worked on it and worked on it diligently because i wanted to be the first one to post pics of it lit up and stuff but it just wasnt meant to be i guess. Im going to have to get a new topper sent to me unfortunately looks like. The good news is though its beautiful, it matches the black and white Premium in my opinion and its interactive with the game. Anyone who ordered this topper is going to be very happy.
I guess im still technically the first person to post a Munsters topper pic so eat your heart out guys!
[quoted image]


I hear you on interactive. Have you experienced the interactions and can you comment on them. I would like to get topper but I want to make sure it has the true interactions we all are “hearing or hoping” it has. Crossing my fingers.

Or will the interactions come with more code down the road.

#4973 4 months ago

Bluetooth enabled raven clock that taunts you from a distance- now that sounds cool

#4977 4 months ago


If you had a chance for “Eddie Munster” to sign your pinball machine:

A. Would you?
B. If yes, where?


#5017 4 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I can't believe I'm saying this...but, I'm not all that impressed with the topper, that strobe looks to be too much also....I like the clock, wish the characters were as like....(modeled) am I all alone here?
Congrats to those who like them and are getting one.

Leaning this way also.

I was hoping someone would post a video of how well the integration and taunting is before I purchase one.

Edit: also can you post pictures of where the wire/harnesses plug in?

Thx in advance!

#5029 4 months ago

Someone post an install video too?

Plus interactive video?

Thanks !!!

#5032 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The install is a piece of cake, literally 5 minutes probably. 4 screws and 2 wires to plug in. It comes with instructions as well that are easy to follow.

I am curious where the plugs ...plug in.
If someone could post a picture of them that would be great. Either while installing or from instructions sheet.


#5042 4 months ago

Dang lots of topper issues, at least 3 so far reported above. Hope they didn’t rush out to fast.

Can others comment and/or post an interactive video?

#5077 4 months ago
Quoted from Tradesman:

Received my topper today. Notice anything wrong?[quoted image]

No hands for you!!!

#5079 4 months ago

Those darn summer interns!

#5081 4 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

If Stern is using a contract builder for these it is time for a conversation out behind the woodshed. By now, it seems fairly obvious that whoever is building these is taking shortcuts and Quality Control is nonexistent.

Those interns are already behind the woodshed smoking something!

499CE5D0-1363-408B-8115-4CBFE69D72A1 (resized).jpeg
#5083 4 months ago

I would send them ALL back so they get the message on quality.

#5120 4 months ago

Beginning to wonder if this is a firmware/software bug.

#5165 4 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Ha...I called it "Rev2" to him, as it had better be tested and installed on an actual machine before it gets in the box. He said "warranty replacement". I like my terminology better in this case, as the first one had 2 pages worth of problems.
To answer your question...yes...working correctly would be nice....

Does “warranty replacement” terminology mean they can fix whatever is shipped back AND resend out? So I send mine back, they fix it and ship it out to the first person in the “warranty que”?

I hope not - just in case pack these things carefully upon sending back in!

#5167 4 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Speaking of lower wire forms, anyone get rejects from the lower mystery shot? I do fairly often and it sucks because it’s a pretty hard shot - and usually valuable.

What type of reject?

#5214 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'm sure if anyone could do it, he could. Challenge is there would be a need for additional switch contact points, w related code, I would guess.
Physical fit would be pretty straight ahead, and agree it could make Lily amazing...Hey Mike?

Agree. On Targets.

Would be great mod/option.

1 week later
#5365 3 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Check out song by Fallout Boys called Uma Thurman Sounds very familar?This might be old news,but my son just played this

Agree! Nice

...."This was a fun song to write. originally, when we came up with the idea, and there was this sample in it, which is a sample from The Munsters TV show, people kept saying “oh cool, like Quentin Tarantino, cool” when we played it. We decided why don’t we kind of create this world around that? To me, Uma Thurman and Winona Ryder, they were these women in pop culture who were quirky, but that made me only crush on them harder. and rather than going with the traditional Uma Thurman role, we thought a lot about Kill Billand who her character was in that, and this kind of resilience and this violence, but there’s something that’s authentic about it (like a woman taking revenge or being empowered). so that’s what the chorus of the song’s about, and the verses are what you would do to try and capture this woman’s affection."— bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz.[10]

#5367 3 months ago

Doug ( dugfreez ) now has a NEW version - Speaker Ring lights !!!!!

Ask him about those - they have not hit the website yet.

Of course, you can get in multiple color plastics, etc!

1D7677E3-6D64-43B4-849F-91F7ED31C5BF (resized).png
#5368 3 months ago
1A471F96-D1D6-48B2-856B-8FF8F12C1E09 (resized).jpeg
#5426 3 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Not everyone’s favorite but I suggest getting the Free PinGuy app for your phone. Set it on the Playfield after calibration and do top and bottom of Playfield. If your at 6 that’s more then likely your issue. Just to slow. I set the app level to 6.8 personally and the game plays perfectly. I like free options.

Agree, works great and free. Started using on my Deadpool to level the Katana ramp shot and now use on every pin!!!

#5469 3 months ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

Changed a couple of settings on my game to make grandpa harder to start and also Herman . I really like the game it’s just plain fun to play. I got a LE for a trade with just about every mod made for it and it is absolutely gorgeous he had also installed pin stadium in the top and lower play field.[quoted image]

You sir - got an excellent deal!!!

#5472 3 months ago
Quoted from dashv:

Played the pro version yesterday at an arcade and now I’m thinking of getting a Premium.
Op told me the premiums have an issue with lower playfield visibility over time due to scratches in the upper pf.
How paranoid should I be about this in a HUO setting? Should I plan on installing a playfield protector right away?
LOVED this game from play 1. Which surprised me given all the negativity I’ve read for it.

You can buy a new, spare window if needed from pinballlife.

Nothing to worry about.

#5537 3 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Mine always gets stuck behind "the machine". It has that little plastic piece back there from the factory but it doesn't do a damn thing. I can't really see the cover that you habe behind the machine. Is it a factory cover or aftermarket?

Earlier in this thread someone showed how to fix, bend this in - so you never get a stuck ball there - FYI

#5567 88 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

Ugggggh. After closer inspection at out of the way places, it looks like both my Munsters Premium and SW Premium have this issue. Munsters is way more minor, but it's there
There is no way Stern is going to replace all of these playfields. It would cost them a fortune and appears to be widespread enough that the replacement playfields seem like they would have this problem too, right?

Contact them, first you never know and second it alerts them to give these playfields some time to cure!

2 weeks later
#5667 72 days ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

I would like to share an observation...Going back to the chipping, flaking discussion or what I now know is a "delamination" issue, at least in my case. I posted a photo a while back of what I thought was a chip, I recently decided to remove the "cliffy" to get a closer look at what was going on...if look close you can that the clear coat is lifting from the playfield along the outhole edge...if you look even closer you can see what appears to be a layer of mylar (not to be confused with the small piece in front of Grandpa's Lab)...look around the front corners. Was mylar bonded to these playfields and now prematurely releasing? I should also add that I filed those rough edges down around the hole and the "cliffy" fits much better...it may be my imagination but I feel as if I am getting fewer rejects when I shoot to Grandpa's lab.[quoted image]

Also, it looks like your ball guide on the right has the clear lifting at both entry points??


#5689 70 days ago
Quoted from Truent:

Here’s a video of the topper in action.[quoted image]


#5734 68 days ago

Others please email those people listed from Stern!

Reference this URL in your email.

#5784 65 days ago

Who is Blizzard and how does that relate to Munsters?

#5787 65 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

Clearly you're not a golfer...
My point was there is a good chance your game ideas are going directly into a cyber toilet when you send them to a game company. Doubly so when you send them to the head of the company. Triply so when the ideas aren't any good in the first place. It is kind of adorable though and of course Stern's mileage may vary

Best way is to vote with your wallet. Example- Stern quickly updated their JP playfield after 1/2 million dollars in orders were cancelled at distributors in just a few short weeks.

That will get their attention to change - before that they ignored emails.

I like that people did that. Those with bad toppers don’t accept it, return them for a credit.

#5795 64 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Not to rain on anyone's parade especially mine, but Dwight just said live in the Dead Flip Stream that Munster's code is done and he is done with that. Here is a link to the video.

At what point in video?

He was also done with GB!

#5806 64 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

How old is that interview? At that time there were not any plans. Things have changed since then is my understanding. Of course Dwight is not going to say anything different as he has had everybody on his back about GB for years now. He doesn’t want to add anything else to his job slate, until Stern allows him more time. I have full confidence that Stern is going to allot more time to be spent on Munsters. The topper alone needs more love, not to mention adding much need theme integration. Think there are those on pinside that don’t want this to happen for whatever their reasons. I happen to be in the camp that wants it to happen and have been told it will, so I believe Stern’s best interest is to give Munsters more code and don’t look to old interviews.

That was said tonight at the GB code update reveal. Not more than 5 hours ago.

#5812 64 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

Update on my topper. whiskeytango and I took a look at it tonight and were able to see the mechanism that’s seizing on the clock but were not able to see a way to resolve it.
Contacting Stern tomorrow.
We also pulled the playfield and checked all the connections and were not able to clear the node board failures.
Strangely my lower playfield flipper buttons also stopped working for a bit. Don’t know how, but we got them back.
It’s worth noting that two people have contacted me in pm (I’m not saying who they are) but one has the same topper problem as me, the other has the same node board failure issue as me with a NiB. :/
I’ll keep ya’ll posted if I learn anything helpful on these issues as it sounds like they might not be a one off thing.

Send them all back for a credit. If distributors won’t do that, use the nuclear option and call the visa company and have reversed. And then drop the toppers off. This is pure BS. Took them back, spent weeks to engineer a fix and sent out subpar. Don’t except this latest quality trend especially with $400 plus topper.

#5902 59 days ago

As a Stern fan and Munsters owner I would not accept this level quality.

Send those toppers back to distributor and get a credit. Have them send back to Stern.

Stern will hopefully pay attention when distributors kick and scream about being out money. Then Stern might invest some real money to figure this out.

(This is the main reason the new JP playfield happened - over 50 plus people cancelled orders - it hurt distros and they got angry aggressive with Stern).

#5921 58 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Stern has a roof you can get I believe. Thought they started putting them on all new games.

Chas said it was in works 1 month ago, but wasn’t sure. Are they shipping with new machines? Can someone post a picture?

#5953 57 days ago

Awesome concept very poor execution and to boot expensive.

I am out, working on my own topper for hundreds less.

#5959 56 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Decent knowledge a surprise is coming very soon on this game....

Do they have there top men on it?

#5972 56 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Please don't tell me that was it...........

Why even release that - what a joke.
Most of us don’t have a Stern topper.

I hope the above insiders have it right, a real code update and polish.

#5974 56 days ago

I guess not - the top men were all in GB!!

#5978 56 days ago
Quoted from Wmsfan:

It looks like they had their 'Topper' men on it...….

I like that!!

#5981 56 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

Lol. Technically this is a code update, but it certainly doesn’t lead one to believe anything of substance is on the horizon. I’m sure Dwight meant game play, not a topper test and Spike updates.
Munsters under performed sales estimates and Stern isn’t going to invest in significant code without more sales. Add in concern about PF clear, unsold inventory at distributors and some Munsters money moving to Elvira and it’s not likely that we will see a big uptick in demand for Stern to do new runs anytime soon. Enjoy what exists because as much as I would like to see a code update with enhanced game play and theme integration it seems less and less likely.

Flip is true, get some better code you get better sales...like DP.

#5983 56 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

I agree 100%. Look at Batman. But Munsters apparently so underperformed that Stern apparently isn’t willing to take that gamble.

600 LEs sold, plus premium and pros. Has to be easily over 1,000 games by now. Not going to get 2000-3000 games without major code bump.

1 week later
#6078 49 days ago

I am in need of some help. I am making mod for myself and looking for an observation.

Is there a light/LED that turns on during game mode (and stays on) that is not on during attract mode? I can use this to trigger when my mod is to go active- I don’t want the mod active during attract mode.

Another way to trigger is their a 5v or 12v line I can tap into that is only active during game play (and stays on) vs attract mode?

Thanks fellow Munsters owners!!

Will post what I did after it is up and running.

#6079 49 days ago

Other question - see picture.
When does Herman Flasher light up? The Herman Spotlight Flasher seems much more integrated.


2019-10-03_22-15-03 (resized).jpg
#6081 49 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

All of the large colored flashers are tied to that character's scoring feature being "boosted" and worth more points (if you start it during the current ball.)
The Dragula shot will boost a random character and Mystery will award it as well sometimes.

Ok thanks.
So how do I get Herman boosted.

I know when I hit the VUK for grandpa seems like the purple flasher goes off every time when VUK kicks the ball out.

#6082 49 days ago

Herman boosted... be in Herman character mode and then get ball in Dragula lane?

So how Does game rules work. If I am in Herman character mode I ONLY stay in that mode until complete? Therefore if I get ball in Dragula lane it boosts and lights the Herman flasher. And how do I trigger Herman mode - just hit the big Herman character?

Or can you start multiple character modes ...then how does the game decide on which mode it will boost?

Also, why does the Purple dome flasher behind grandpa go off everytime I get the ball in the VUK and flashes when it exits the VUK. I have bot got the ball in the Dragula lane??

Need the experts who know the rules.

Thanks in advance!!

#6104 47 days ago
Quoted from johnnypinball:

I'm telling you, just do what I did and your issue will go away forever. Once you remove the lower playfield it is literally a 5 minute fix with no money out of pocket. Slightly bend the little tab down that holds the deflector plastic behind the machine. Just doing this will give you the clearance you need for the ball to fall back down onto the playfield if it hops up on there. And if you have a heat gun you can do what I did and warm up the plastic and form it for a little added clearance for good measure.

Yup - works like a champ

1 week later
#6183 40 days ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I just don't have any room for toppers in my basement, so it's always topless all the time.

Now that’s scary.

#6242 36 days ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

I mean really? Was somebody that hungover on a Monday morning to miss that plastic or are they pissed off about having to make toppers? Sheesh...!

Stern has priorities, they are now focused on Elvira. Got to get those LEs out to bring in more money to feed the beast.

Unfortunately for me no more NIB for long time until all these quality issues get under control!

#6284 32 days ago
Quoted from Ven:

Not having much luck selling mine, so you can probably unbolt it from the floor for now at least. Hopefully the rumors of code updates are true and it will create some buzz about the game and it will turn into a classic.

Archives show in $4300-$4500 range.
Dropping price might sell it quicker if interested in selling.

#6287 32 days ago
Quoted from Ven:

Yeah I guess that I am not used to loosing that much on a NIB purchase in such a short period of time. When I put it up for sale the range was I think ~$4500 to $5200.
I have it listed at $5k or make offer and have only had a few offers in the low $4k range, there has to be some reason that the value on this pin is down compared to some other newer sterns. There are even a few LE's for sale in the mid $7k range right now so it's a buyers market.
I guess I will either hold onto it and wait for code improvements in hopes that either I will want to hang onto it long term or that a code update will drum up some interest in the game again.

Variety and volume of new pins is great for buyers right now. As long as all these new companies can crank out pins this imho is the new norm. I am sure code might have a 200-300 hit, but I just sold some LEs that took a $1500 per machine plus the cost of ALL the mods.

#6336 27 days ago
Quoted from gac:

Pinball life sells a clear cover that goes over the ramp to keep the ball down.

It mostly works. I created a step down version that fits inside the ramp. Keeps ball down to cross the optos!

#6352 25 days ago

My Munsters homemade topper. Grandpa electric chair LEDs are integrated and fire off at same time as playfield one. Herman LEDs fire off same time as Herman flasher (and now the LED flashes in the backbox - thx to Stern code update).

Lots of fun making!

425284EC-AD36-4147-AEC1-EA08AAE476D1 (resized).jpeg

#6397 21 days ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Nice. I really want to start making my own toppers, half for the fun of it, half because my pins are under a low basement ceiling and a lot of standard toppers won't fit. How did you fasten everything up there?

Used existing 2 inner, front bolt holes on top of head. Replaced the existing bolts with longer version to accommodate my topper base. Worked great.

#6419 19 days ago
Quoted from GamesbyAPK:

Stern already has a fix for this! I have a wire diverted that they sent me.

Can you post a picture?
Is there a part number?


#6428 18 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

That’s what we’re all counting on: a ton more show content being added. Which it badly needs, even though already a good game. People selling because it currently lacks in game show content. Think they’re bailing out too early and will wish to be back in down the track with code improvements, just like people did with Batman. However Munsters is right now worth buying. Never selling mine!

Yes I am counting on content for my LE!

#6429 18 days ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Yea, these types of threads help! People see what is stated in the more positive threads and can use that to offset The negativity in the code sucks thread. The game is out less then a year, has a lot to offer as is, and if you see what Dwight has done recently with the new coding talent Stern has hired, one can see a Hugh up side. The game is selling at a discount now due partly to the negative hype. Great opportunity to get a future winner like GB and GOT.

Checking on for sale listings for past 50 days....

7 Iron Maiden
11 Deadpool
7 Black Knight
14 Munsters
6 Jurassic Park
4 Guardians
14 Star Wars

Not sure anything statistically significant here....however....only thing I can state is top 2 most amount of listings are different and same: coded by Dwight; but 1 is deep rules and other is not.

In meantime back to playing Munsters!

#6540 14 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Trapped ball: Last week I posted a pic of a ball trap that shut down my game. The ball went up the left ramp and bounced of to the left side and rolled around behind the ramp across two play field plastics and parked itself behind Herman's right elbow.
[quoted image]
The ball made the trip from the left side of the ramp to the Herman's elbow.
[quoted image]
I had a piece of scrap polycarbonate plastic and made a dam to stop this action. This is just a quickie fix. Since this is hidden from view, I'll work up something a little better at another time. Ignore the profile; This is leftover scrap.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
The small tab I made on the scrap let me use one of the factory screws to lock the dam down. Now, if I have a ball jump the ramp it will just roll down the plastic with the painted bats and fall into the Eddie Loop and stay in play.
[quoted image]

Just got this from Stern. Had to ask as they don’t seem to be updating their Service Bulletin page.

I believe sticker is part number. Interesting enough, is they have an install sheet. Note the Date on it!
E7597194-514D-407D-981D-D01A9C89B549 (resized).jpeg

#6590 11 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yep it's a awesome topper. I cant wait to get my replacement.......if they ever send it that is.

They got you down on their shit list for playfield issues - so you will be last one to get one. Lol

Too funny. Actually not, to many issues right now - steering clear!

#6610 10 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Buy while people are bailing early. Munsters is going to get an awesome update and prices will go back up. Pinball works that way. People hold: value goes up, if lots of people sell when others are dumping, value slumps. Law of supply and demand.
Munsters is an awesome title/game and will end up becoming highly sought after when Stern gives it the enhancements it deserves and they’ve planned from the beginning to give it.
Additional code is the way Stern reinvigorates themes and sells a lot more. No worries about Munsters value over the long term. It’s a beloved title spanning 55 years, with millions of fans. It’s a safe buy. Titles like Whoa Nellie, Dialed In, Oktoberfest, Cosmic Carnival, Houdini Etc are not safe buys, because they have no following.

Just curious- what is an “awesome update” mean?

Complete overhaul?
Many additional modes?
Theme integration beyond our dreams?

Do tell - thanks.

#6612 10 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

It means they make Lily mode and the light show better and maybe throw in a couple more movie clips.

Ah - sounds like an ok update

#6618 10 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Fully agree with you. I’ve paid the high Auzzie prices too. That’s why I’ve been all over Stern to get their act together, on such a great title. Everyone, please email and please be gentlemanly: dwight.sullivan@sternpinball.com and george.gomez@sternpinball.com and John.Borg@sternpinball.com
It wasn’t that long ago, the Auzzie dollar was worth more than USD.

I am confused - I thought an awesome update was coming?

Have emailed them all, and emails get no response.

Even when I directed them to suggestions:


#6677 8 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Pro for $4400 or less.... show me... don't think so

Look at archives


#6744 2 days ago
Quoted from JonCBrand:

hope this helps. I cant find one single bit of info on these
came in bag with machine paperwork. zero info[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks like lower playfield plastic that installs right next to flippers- spare plastics

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