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#2305 1 year ago

I really liked playing this pin at TPF. I like playing the Pro model. And I like Grandpa's Lab in the Premium. I can't buy one today; Too many things going at the moment.

For the Premium owners the question I have: Is Grandpa's Lab worth the extra $1600.00 for long term ownership? I'm not up to speed with these new pins very much. Are other things on the Premium I don't know about that come with the higher price?

I love the black and white graphics.

#2324 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I really liked playing this pin at TPF. I like playing the Pro model. And I like Grandpa's Lab in the Premium. I can't buy one today; Too many things going at the moment.
For the Premium owners the question I have: Is Grandpa's Lab worth the extra $1600.00 for long term ownership? I'm not up to speed with these new pins very much. Are other things on the Premium I don't know about that come with the higher price?
I love the black and white graphics.

Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

I have a Pro and love it. That said I had a chance to play an LE a couple weeks ago, and after playing that lower playfield numerous times, I've decided to upgrade to a Premium as soon as I can get my hands on one. To me it's worth the extra money to have that lower playfield, it added so much more to what is already a great game.

Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I like the pro but grandpa basement to me really is part of the game
Its grandpa.In his basement.
Even though big D would never admit it cause of the harassment he gets,I believe he has something special up his sleeve to add to this game I can just feel it
I like all the pros,but feel like the premium is the way the game was intended on this one
IM and DP are good pros to get that pretty much have everything the premiums offer IMO

Thank you. With the first premium I played at TPF I was not impressed all that much with the basement. I'm not a tall person so I have to lean in to see those mini-flippers. The 2nd time I played it, my attitude changed when I realized I could do ball traps and flipper passes and that if I could hit the right things then that little timer would give me more time. And then I realized that Grandpa's Lab is almost a complete pinball machine with in a pinball machine. Much different than Congo, Black Hole, and Haunted House. Am I thinking this correctly?

If my above observations/assumptions are correct, then a mini-pinball machine inside a pin for $1600.00 extra is more money than 2 or 3 older pins sell for as a package. That's a sobering thought. But I did like that Grandpa's Lab action. Sure did.

It will be 6-7 months before I will be in a position to buy one of these. At TPF, one of the Marco guys opened a Premium up so I could see inside. As far as I could tell from a few seconds of looking is that Grandpa's Lab is a complete package that installs as one unit. I'm wondering how durable it will be and also how easy it will be to get repair parts for. For instance, if you need a couple of those mini-flippers will you be able to buy them? Or will that little digital timer be available to buy if it breaks? The short question is: If any detail part breaks in Grandpa's Lab will that detail part be available to replace or will I have to buy a complete new Lab?

I have never bought a new pin before. Does Stern make available all copies of paperwork/manuals? Can I get operator's manual, factory service manual, field service manual, etc. ?

What about Spot? I guess he takes a beating. Should buying a couple of extra Spots be a consideration?

#2333 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

The lab is not sealed; it’s just an assembly (though I don’t see a part number for it). The individual components should all be available to replace. Same with Spot.
Manufacturers today don’t provide the level of doc that we saw 20-40 years ago. Here is a link to the Premium manual with info and game specific part numbers:

This is strange. Earlier, I clicked on this link you provided. Now when I click on the link I get a 404 Not Found page. Did Stern get PO'd that the PDF was posted? Interesting.

Anyway, when I was looking, I saw that the the part number for the small Lab flipper rubbers was listed. Also, the digital seconds display was listed as a component item. Both mini-ramps had a part number but I could not find anything else associated with Grandpa's Lab as having a part number. Spot has a part number but those mini flipper bats do not.

I recently bought a part from Stern and I know you don't get far without a part number. I would hate having to go fishing for a custom sized flipper bat. Maybe Stern has another parts list somewhere else.

But not being able to access your link for a 2nd look and getting a 404 code is strange. i'd like to have another look but that PDF file is hiding real good.

EDIT: I found the manual at Stern's website, but the link you provided is dead.

EDIT: Crap. I did not look down the pages far enough. Way down there on page 54 are all of the part numbers.

#2339 1 year ago

There sure are a bunch of rich bastards hanging around here.

80 pinsiders own a Pro..................................$6000.00

22 pinsiders own a Premium ........................$7600.00

92 pinsiders own an LE ................................$9000.00


I'd take a Pro. Would like to have a Premium. But the numbers say "call your banker; step up to an LE".

Are Premium sales going to lag until the LE's are sold out?

The Pro's have already taken a resale hit.

There are some LE's for resale. But none have sold yet.

One seller is priced at $8500.00.

How well have other Stern LE's held up with resale prices?

All 3 are good looking pins.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 8.05.04 AM (resized).png
Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 7.35.49 AM (resized).png

#2345 1 year ago

Is that glass over the mini-play field going to scratch?

At risk of starting a war, are any of you going to install a play field protector on your baby? They look like they will be easy to install. And that mini-play field glass would be protected.

I ask because the Pro model I played at Cactus Jacks in Oklahoma City was showing a lot of light dimples. Dimples are an issue for some; Others couldn't care less.

But scratched glass is ugly.

#2372 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Yes I did. LE!
[quoted image]

That pic could be a centerfold pic.

Can the word “pinball” and “woody” be used in the same sentence?

#2410 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Shooter lane and slot protector cliffys. Playfield protector from playfieldprotectors.com in Germany. Playfield protector was a bitch to fit, took my wife and I atound 4 or 5 hoirs. There is one for grandpa s basement as well.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Where were the fitting problems that caused to hassles in installing the protector?

It looks like you have to remove both ramps to install the protector. Is that correct? What else has to come off for the install?

Can you give a comparison of game play before and after you installed the protector?


#2414 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Time to bitch
I will never buy a upgraded shooter again
Ball won’t reach the field
Must’ve adjusted and lifted the playfield 20 times
Put the stock one back same shit
Just not worth it

Huh? You install a different shooter and it won’t shoot. But you put your original back and now it won’t work, either?

Do you need a stronger spring?

#2423 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

You don’t have to take any screws off the housing to change the shooter rod. Just take off the rubber tip, Jesus clip, and it will slide out.

Jesus clip? As in Jesus, where the hell did that clip fly off to? Never have heard of that E-clip being called a Jesus clip.

I’m all ears

#2426 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

The Grandpa shooter rods that I have made I just replace the rod itself so you don't have to remove the complete housing. I did have to turn down the shooter rods because stern doesn't use a standard size. I still have one grandpa left and will probably make up some Herman ones in a week or two.

Seems to me that Spot, that little blue guy under the ramp, would make a good shooter rod character.

#2439 1 year ago

I’m on my way back to Texas and stopped at Cactus Jacks for another $10.00 on the Pro model.

I’m not all that good of player(but I’m getting better) and I sure do have a hell of a good time.

As far as deep rule sets, I have probably have turned over a half of a shovel and there is still a lot to do.

I don’t know when just yet but I’m going to get me one of these.

#2449 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I’m on my way back to Texas and stopped at Cactus Jacks for another $10.00 on the Pro model.
I’m not all that good of player(but I’m getting better) and I sure do have a hell of a good time.
As far as deep rule sets, I have probably have turned over a half of a shovel and there is still a lot to do.
I don’t know when just yet but I’m going to get me one of these.

One item I noticed on the Pro is on both sides of the play field, near the outlines, are some posts with little bitty rubbers mounted.

I have not seen small diameter rubbers like these.

Where can these be bought? Or will a standard diameter rubber work without affecting play action?

#2473 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Speaker lights . The kenwoods speakers with the reflective type cone look amazing with light.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Make me pretty !

#2486 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

The depth and demention of
Chris Franchi’s art is fantastic.
[quoted image]

I am a child of the 60s. I was either working, or out on the streets spreading hate and discontent. TV was nothing-better-to-entertainment and I only saw a couple of episodes of Munsters in black and white. I never knew they were green people.

#2720 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I have honestly had very, very few glitches w new code ( Extended trough time a couple times...Grandpa's lab " stall" once, I think) and am approaching 350 games...1 ball hang in the lab..Easily moved w a nudge...Love this game!!!

Refreshing to hear someone is rolling up some games on their new pin.

These guys who come on with some 10 year old pin with 25 plays kill me.

#2870 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Those scratches buff right out. Use novus one and you’ll be good to go.

You sound like a car salesman

#2929 1 year ago

I just finished my trip from Texas yesterday. On my way home, I always stop at Cactus Jack's and buy a roll of quarters. I put some more time on CJ's Munster Pro. The more I play it the better I like it. The shots are easy, but then again they are not. The right ramp is fairly easy to line up but I have a hard time shooting the left ramp; Yes, I know it is wide open but it is still hard to hit.

I like the orbit shot; Both directions.

I find the play field to be a bit too dark. CJ's keeps their house lights on low and Spot is very hard to see. Eventually, I am going to own one of these pins; Since I play with my house lights on play field lighting will probably not be an issue. But just the same, I would like to see Spot being lit up when he shows his face. Or maybe he is and perhaps CJ's pin has a light burned out. I know CJ's Zap button is not working. The light blinks but the zap button is dead.

Just checking on your powers of observation. I find it interesting that the play field designer(s) decided to shift the flippers to the right side of the play field on Munsters and Guardians instead of locating them in the "normal" centered-to-the-play field position.

How many of you have noticed your Munster flippers are not centered to the play field and the apron? Have you noticed the left inlane plastic is longer than the right inlane plastic? And the space below the flippers is greater on the left side than the space on the right side.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 10.24.15 AM (resized).png

Stern used a standard apron but centered the Zap button to the full cabinet/lockdown bar width. And then the "shoot again" light and the flippers were centered to the Zap button instead of the apron and play field.

Batman is different. The Zap button is still centered to the lockdown bar but the flippers are centered to the apron so now you see an offset between the flippers and the Zap button.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.40.50 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.41.56 PM (resized).png

Star wars is like Batman with centered flippers.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.32.41 PM (resized).png

While Guardians is offset like Munsters.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.43.27 PM (resized).png

Since Beatles and Deadpool do not have Zap buttons their flippers are centered to the play field and the apron.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.34.32 PM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.35.38 PM (resized).png

#2976 1 year ago
Quoted from captainBR:

What's the thinking about putting on a PlayField protector before shooting any balls?

I don't know why asking this question brought you some down votes. Several posts back up someone installs a protector before ever playing a game.

All I can tell you is that the Pro model I played at Cactus Jacks had a lot of dimples on the play field. Since the Premium model has that large window for the lower play field, dimples will be less of an issue.

Basic answer is if you don't like dimples on your play field then consider installing a protector. It is your pin in your house. Set it up in the way it pleases you.

#3013 1 year ago
Quoted from Redfield0009:

I upgraded the speakers tonight. The sound quality is much better. The stock speakers sounded like "crunchy" when something like the Herman hurry up started. Now the sound is nice and crisp.[quoted image]

Damn !! That's a good looking play field.

#3043 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Wow so they made Herman I harder in the new code? Interesting. Must have changed more than the read me says. Is standard settings still no ball save?

Quoted from Wmsfan:

Still no ball save as standard

I am an average player and this might be stretching it a bit. Compared to the other pins I get to play at Cactus Jacks in Oklahoma City, on Munsters I seem to do pretty good. Unlike Ironman or BSD that seem to wipe out my 3 balls in 30 seconds or less, with Munsters I feel like I'm getting a fair shake for my coins. Yeah, it still picks my pocket but at least I don't feel like I am being cheated by a drain monster.

Until I read about it here, I did not notice there was no ball saver and I did not miss it. Hell, I even won a free play last week. I don't know what I did but it was not a match.

And it does have a kick-ass orbit shot. That makes up for no ball saver.

#3044 1 year ago
Quoted from Kensurfs:

Only a few mods left....

What is up with the play field that you had to jimmy it around to get it back into position? I suppose the question I am really asking is why wasn't the machine constructed so the play field could be slid in and out in a smooth action? I am referring to the movements you had to make at marker 6:20.

Nice video, BTW.

#3052 1 year ago
Quoted from Kensurfs:

It’s standard to have that small lip that you have to push the playfield over. It shakes the playfield pretty good when you push it, so I lift it gently over in case I shake something loose.

I guess I am rather sensitive to that type of action. Of the early solid state pins, Bally, Williams, and Gottlieb all had nice smooth action for returning the play fields to playing position. All of the/my classic Sterns are lacking in this area and requires a similar "two-handed" PIA lifting action to return the play field to playing position. I have been modding all of them to eliminate this sub-standard action.

When I get my Munsters I'll be looking for a way to correct this.

From your observations, do you think a mod is possible to defeat that lip?


#3068 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Hey captainBR, I can appriciate that you want to keep your investment as nice and in good working order as long as you can, most all of us are in the same camp. I'm not going to get into this reponse to deep because its easy to go down a deep rabit hole, but in general putting a mylar film on your playfield will help it survive longer, but you might still get some dimpling anyway if the ball has some energy behind it. Installing some protectors in others areas (game dependent) helps too. If I had to guess I'd say 90% of the people who buy new in the box games for home use do not install playfield mylars, I don't and I get dimpling, doesn't bother me. It really is personal preference.
Stern is building better quality into their games these days (although some may argu that point) and it shows in Munsters. My recommendation is to just play the game and don't worry so much about it getting beat up or hurt, it'll take it. Hope this helps.

Pinhead, you are confusing things.

Play field protectors are, by and large, either made from a hard surface material like PETG (think of your play field plastics) or polycarbonate (think Lexan). They are designed to lay on top of your play field and provide a hard surface for the ball to roll on. They just lay there; They are not glued on.

Mylar(s) is a soft material that comes in rolls. It has adhesive on one side and is glued on top of the surface you want to protect.

PETG/polycarbonate protectors can be easily removed. Removing Mylar can be a real headache.

#3069 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Im not going to argue or start a debate about it because i dont want to ruin the Munsters owners thread because this is a great thread and the playfield debate is for another thread.
I am of the opinion though that they are not necessary. Of course there are playfields that get damaged early in life, there are also new babies that die, but its rare. There was a rough period of time for stern playfields about 3 years ago when Ghostbusters came out, we all know that but this is 3 years later and the playfield quality of late has been outstanding.
He ask for opinions and i gave him mine and you gave him yours. He can take peoples opinions and decide for himself on what to do. I dont think they are needed though and im not putting one on my games.

As long as people can keep an open mind ( I realize this can be asking a lot) I think protectors are worthy of debate and certainly not a reason for someone to get a thumbs down just for asking the question.

I stop at Cactus Jacks in Oklahoma City on my trips to and returns from Dallas.

CJs has about 40 real nice pins: CC, MM, AFM, BSD for example.

Aerosmith, AC-DC, Metalica, Ghostbusters, Deadpool, TWD, and Munsters Pro all have dimples.

Stern now even states in the front page of their online manuals that the play fields are subject to dimpling (covering its ass).

Deadpool and Munsters look like they have had a case of chickenpox.

A vintage DE Tales from the Crypt looks like it has suffered a case of smallpox.

My DE Robocop has very few dimples and is the king of air balls. It make little sense.

Some people can ignore the dimples and play on. Others cannot.

Consider the argument that the dimples will “go away” with much play as eventually the entire play field will be compressed with dimples and you will just not see them anymore.

Using this argument, what will happen with your Munsters Premium after 1000s of plays when your entire play field has been compressed with dimples but yet the hard non-dimpling window over Grandpa’s Lab retains its original height?
Is the difference in play field surface height going to make the window act like a giant raised insert?

#3081 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Under the lower playfield window there are rubber O ring washers that go between the wood and the lexan glass on the screws. I'm sure if at some point which I doubt, you can remove the O rings to lower the playfield glass depth, or maybe just make them tighter to lower it. I did notice as I removed my lower glass on the reinstall I didn't tighten them all the way down so the glass remains level with the upper PF. So there is room for adjustments if need be but in a HUO environment, I doubt you'll ever have the need to do so.

The dynamics of wood shrinkage, o-ring shrinkage, and play field dimpling could do some interesting things to play field. It might be prudent to replace the
o-rings every once in a while and re-level the window with a straight edge.
00808_lGJAEUPCDpa_1200x900 (resized).jpg

Quoted from jfh:

If you use a protector for the Pro on a Premium (or LE), maybe even removing the window before installation you not only protect the playfield, but avoid the window cloudiness issues and return the ball speed to the game lost when the lower playfield window is not perfectly aligned. Based on my observations when playing a Pro and a Premium next to each other the playfield window not only reduces ball speed but can cause changes in direction because of the gaps inherent with the window.

I do not think any play field protector would be rigid enough to support the ball if the window was removed. The protectors for all models will be the same.

#3106 1 year ago
Quoted from Flippingr8:

Does anybody else have pop bumpers that aren't as sensitive as they should be? On my LE, a good portion of the time when the ball goes into the pop bumper area from the rollovers at the top, it lands on the pop bumper and ... nothing happens - it just rolls down into the other bumpers and sometimes ... nothing happens there either! They just don't seem to be sensitive to ball hits like they should be. Is there some kind of adjustment to make to make them a bit more "hyper"?

You are going to have to remove your glass and try to get in there and manually activate your pops and see what happens. It might be that your switches were not adjusted properly at the factory. It sounds like a switch is out of adjustment.

But take what I say with a grain of salt. I am not experienced with working on any of the late model pins. So it could entirely be something else. I think is when you call your distributor and say "help".

#3119 1 year ago
Quoted from minwick:

Hello folks. First time poster here. My wife and I love our Munsters Pro machine. We have had it for about one month, and played it with regularity. Over the last week, I have noticed that the Grandpa scoop has been increasingly difficult to hit. Upon inspection, it appears that the scoop protector (? forgive my terminology as this is my first pinball machine), is bent on both sides at the front of the scoop. Anybody else have this issue or know a fix? Perhaps everyone's machine is the same out of the box and I just missed it? I shot Stern an email about it this morning.
[quoted image]

Quoted from Mahoneyj:

I have the same issue after about 400 plays. The lower protection in the hole starts bending up and prevents the ball from going in. Lifting from the play field does not help either. I called Stern and they said this was not a common issue and use the same protector on other machines. I bet those machines don’t have the ball flying from right to left after the ricochet off the metal protector into the hole like in this game. They are sending me a new scoop protector I will install. If it does the same thing again I will look for an aftermarket solution that is stronger. Not sure if Mantis and Cliffy are making protectors that fit this hole. [quoted image]

It is nice that Stern is sending replacement parts. But why the hell did they mis-locate in the first place? Will you be able to post pics of the old unit when you remove it, and the new unit before you install? It would be interesting to see how it mounts inside the hole. It just does not seem like something that should be happening.

#3122 1 year ago
Quoted from captainBR:

Apple's "hard to obtain" fasteners ARE TORX. ;-p Years ago, it was hard to get a torx set, but today it's a cheap purchase on Amazon or Fry's.
Thanks for the heads up on that mahoneyj!

No. Some are Torx.

Some are called Pentalobular. I love my Macs but I wish Apple would give it up with the proprietarily horse hockey.


#3153 1 year ago

I have made my desires known several posts back that I like this Munsters. It is on my wish list. Space and budget are the enemy, although I have been toying with idea of calling Marco and seeing if I can a show-demo discount.

That said, my short experience with pinball machines are my early solid states I have been learning how to repair and keep running. It has been a never-ending learning experience for the last three years.

I don't hang out on the other Stern boards. I'm not interested in any others. But I have been smitten with Munsters.

I know nothing about the electronics on these newer Sterns. So, where you all go when you experience a problem, when something breaks, etc? At some point Stern will cut you loose and you are on your own. Where do you go for help? Do you pray you have a local tech that makes house calls? Or maybe a tech wizard on Pinside can save you?

How do you deal with problems on this newer stuff? Where are the trouble shooting guides? For example, the Pro I have gotten to play at Cactus Jacks has a broken Zap button; It lights up but does nothing when you push it. It did work on my first stop. It did not on my 2nd and 3rd trip. How do you isolate and fix something like that?


#3157 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Most things can be fixed with basic repair skills Cotton but its definitely nice to have someone who repairs games in your area or to get to know some local pinheads in your area that can help you, because most pinheads have good repair skills. I have learned to do most repairs on my own but im lucky enough to have met alot of great people in this hobby that would help me if needed. One friend in particular lives very close to me does pinball repair and he can do everything so im extremely lucky to have all of these people in my corner. I honestly couldn’t have got started in this hobby if it wasn't for these people and i still need their help sometimes. Reach out and try to make friends with local pinheads in your area is my best advice.

Thanks man. I can do any repair. You tell me what needs replaced and I can do that. It is the troubleshooting of just what might be wrong is a skill set I have not mastered with electronics.

#3166 1 year ago

How come I am starting to see some LEs up for sale? Is this pin a short love life for some? Is the Premium the better value?

#3226 1 year ago

For those of you who are not going to install a protector, here is something you might consider for keeping your Premium/LE lower play field window scratch free.


The product is Frisket. You can buy it in clear finish or matte finish. For a window you would want clear finish.

Frisket is what artists use to masking areas of their artwork. It is low tack and peels off easily.

You would need to trace out the window on a piece of tracing paper and perhaps add 1/2" all the way around and then cut a piece of frisket to match your trace. The frisket will protect the window and also cover the gap between the window and play field. When the frisket gets too messed up to see through, peel it off and replace with a new piece.

I use this stuff in front of my slings and high ball traffic area on one of my restored pins. It is not like the mylar semi-circles Bally used to use in front of its slings. Frisket is paper thin and does not affect ball travel.

This is not a requirement. It is offered as a possible option for anybody who wants some sort of protection for around the window area.

#3267 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

I regained my honor. My son no longer has the grand champion on my Munsters pin. I had my best game ever. Just got this zap jackpot tonight. [quoted image]

Ain't nothing like a young whipper snapper for galvanizing an old fart into action

#3280 1 year ago
Quoted from johnnypinball:

Is this where the ball got stuck? This is where it has gotten stuck on mine a few times.
[quoted image]

That looks like an easy fix. I would know more if I knew from what direction the ball is traveling from to get there, but it looks like an easy fix. Does it come across the top of the plastic from the Mystery Lane? Or is it shooting up from the left side from the Lite Machine light? Or can you even see it as it is happening?

As I sit here and say it will be an easy fix, the best way is for the factory to make a small mod to habit trail.

#3281 1 year ago

I"m getting tired of just sitting here reading about you all jazzing about your Munsters. I'm just getting tired tired tired; I cant stand it anymore. I'm gonna get me one of these Munsters. Come hell or high water !

#3286 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I"m getting tired of just sitting here reading about you all jazzing about your Munsters. I'm just getting tired tired tired; I cant stand it anymore. I'm gonna get me one of these Munsters. Come hell or high water !

Quoted from Who-Dey:

I hope you can get one soon Cotton, or whatever else that comes out that you may like better. Theres a couple good games coming from what i am hearing.

Who-Dey, it is all good. I should have put some smiley faces in there somewhere.

#3293 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

The on screen interface looks really bad, really a shame (although I get that it's not easy making something look good with the old clips)

I grew up in the era of black and white TV. One of the shows we watched a lot was fuzzy screen. When I see these old clips on 4K they just look super (Watching Twilight Zone on a 65" 4K TV makes these old fuzzy's look like I am standing at the director's shoulder as filming is being done--the clarity actually took some getting used to). I think it is all in the perspective of where you are coming from.

Quoted from JayLar:

Spot should have a spotlight, almost missed him popping up.

I agree completely. Cactus Jack's Pro is in a room with the house lights turned down low. It is impossible to see Spot.

#3308 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I"m getting tired of just sitting here reading about you all jazzing about your Munsters. I'm just getting tired tired tired; I cant stand it anymore. I'm gonna get me one of these Munsters. Come hell or high water !

Quoted from Who-Dey:

I hope you can get one soon Cotton, or whatever else that comes out that you may like better. Theres a couple good games coming from what i am hearing.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 5.43.11 PM (resized).png

#3311 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Ok my game is really starting to piss me off for the last few days I’m getting rejection after rejection from grandpa scoop. I know I have my game setup slightly faster then suggested but still the bubble is crazy off, but I get reject about 9 out of 10 shots. The scoop isn’t lose, don’t appear bent nor is there any broken welds, and the protector looks fine and is flat. Any ideas?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

You have a protector on? Correct? Yes? No?

Is it a smooth transition between the surface of the protector and the surface of the Cliffy? Or is the protector sitting under the protector. IS there an edge on the Cliffy that causes the ball to jump a little?

Is the ball being deflected and pushed away from the scoop and not even entering the scoop? Or is the ball going all the way inside the scoop then hitting the vertical wall at the back of the scoop and being kicked back out? Or does it happen so fast that you cannot actually see what is happening?

#3318 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Try putting the soft side of velcro on the back of the scoop to deaden the ball when a fast straight shot hits the scoop. Or just strictly do backhands from the right flipper.

This is a real good idea. Some sort of impact resistance. I have been researching this because my Robocop has a bad habit of kicking a fast ball out of a saucer. My Robo has been down for some time but when I get back up and running I am going to try the using some impact resistant material.

You can buy impact resistant material (can I start a new acronym? IRM) but cell phone cases are made of impact resistant material so I am going to cut a small piece for my Robocop. If you have ever dropped your cell phone you may have observed that it does not bounce; It hits the floor and stops cold. That is the impact resistant material doing its job and keeping your dropped phone from bouncing like a basketball.

Adhesive backed velcro, as you suggest, would be easy to apply and may end the problem. You can buy this this stuff at Autozone.

I not, used cell phone cases are a dime a dozen; A piece could be cut to size and glued on with some upholstery adhesive.

#3319 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I like Chuckwurts idea but i think that a piece of ball dead drop foam would work better.

I did not know about ball dead drop foam. That sounds like the solution.

#3336 1 year ago
Quoted from captainBR:

cottonm4 have you tried shooting a super-slow-mo close-up of the problem spot to see what precisely is happening? That might help you choose a more appropriate fix.

Captain, I do not yet own a Munsters (but I'm working on it). This is why I have to ask the questions that I ask. I think there is a simple fix for the mimi-ball that is getting stuck in the lower play field and I think there is a solution for the scoop problem but I don't have a pin in front on me to figure it out.

#3349 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Well here is a shot of the upper 50% edge of the main PF around the lower PF glass with Mylar protecting. It don’t look bad at all and now to put some time and see how it holds up.
[quoted image]

How hard will it be to pull that mylar up when you need to replace it? Will be like trying to pull mylar pop bumper rings on an older pin?

#3358 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ok i put the dead drop foam in and i couldn't really decide at what point of the scoop that the ball was hitting so i just lined pretty much the entire inside of the scoop except for a small section near the bottom. Probably not needed or ideal but you dont really notice it (unless you have the scoop lit up with a scoop light mod) so who cares.
I found that it definitely helped alot. Its still not 100% but i dont know of any other scoops that are either, it is definitely a worthy improvement though and i recommend doing it. I also lowered the back of my game down (after i had already tested the scoop) just to see if it got any better and to see how it plays. It didn't make the scoop rejects any better or worse and im undecided on gameplay at this point until i can put more time in on it. It does seem like it helps with the accuracy of the lower playfield though.
Here are a few pics of the foam that i added to give you an idea of what i did. Sorry for the crappy pics, my phone camera isnt the greatest.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


From your pic, it looks like you can hook a fingernail underneath that scoop? Can you?

58cff548dd19c03ec258f0c13c0170fd03917948.png (resized).jpg

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 12.31.18 PM (resized).png

#3391 1 year ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

As for me I'll be buying a Munsters pro

I don't even own one of these yet(key word is "yet") . But I have played a Pro several times and a Premium a few times. Get the Premium, is my opinion. I am not going to say you will be sorry for not buying a Premium, but I think if you do you will be glad you did.

#3395 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Ok now that I poked some fun at this earlier floated info in which I did hear of it along the lines myself, Lets see what you guys would like to have done to the code rework if it were to happen.
1- A wizard mode would be awesome, this game really screams for one.
2- Marylin Mode & Champion where how many boyfriends you can get to escape by shooting her ramp when lit is recorded.
3- Al & Fred worked extremely well together here and had some of the funniest lines in the sitcom, surely some more of Grandpa's and Herman's bickering calls can be added during play.
4- Eddie orbit mode & Champion. Needs a little more, make him after so many loops feed spot or something to accomplish a nice payout.
5- Grandpas lab instead of the mono tone girl saying jackpot, wack it up with Grandpa say "Yes Yes and laughing / That's right, that's the ticket"
6- Spots Roar when spot pops up. If he does roar now, I never hear it lol.
7- More call outs from the shows, I know there were two seasons almost 80 shows but they used a lot from early season 1, love to see and hear more added. (covered in points 3 & 5 but felt its important enough to mention it again)
Now I'm not griping as we love the game but if by any chance this rework is possibly a fact, I think adding some more will really establish this game as one of the all time greats, in addition sales will jump a lot as this theme hits many folks from their youth. A little more depth objectives added on the journey really couldn't hurt.
Polishing and lighting effects we can do afterwards
What would you guys like to see within reason of course. Please no flaming people suggestions/opinions but maybe there is something said that Stern can take away from it and add it to coding just makes it better for everyone.
So what say you.................[quoted image]

Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Games good but
Needs more Eddie- crawling though thongs/popping out of cupboards like in the programme.
More sub modes
Feed spot- shoot Eddie loop right, left then spot ramp to feed spot. - nice clip to finish it off.
Dracula- video mode/clips make left loop, right ramp, right loop, left ramp- video to win drag race.
Marilyn modes- better boyfriend clips- guys running jumping over fences etc..
Just a few ideas...

Quoted from JayLar:

Very good ideas. Would also like to see something more on the horror-side as the game is very lighthearted right now.

Man, it sounds like someone should start a new dedicated thread talking about all of the things Stern needs to do to make this a great game and have it all in one place. It looks like it could be a real long list.

#3422 1 year ago
Quoted from Redfield0009:

Yeah tell me about it. This morning one of my pop bumpers starting going off on it's own. I had to pull the glass, lift the field and adjust a leaf spring in order to fix it. These shouldn't be issues on new machines.

You think everything leaving the factory is 100%? Did you buy yours NIB? Or was it a floor model checked out by your dealer?

Have you ever worked on an assembly line? I have. Assembly lines are not pictures of perfection. Things break and have to be replaced once the unit has left the line and is in a “recovery area”.

Every new car at every dealership goes through “new car detail” where final adjustments are made like adjusting headlights.

So, a switch has gone out of adjustment. There may be reasons to be bitching about problems with a new pinball machine. This is not one of them.

#3430 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

[quoted image]

I hit the road tonight. When I get home I have to figure out where I am going to squeeze in a Munsters I just bought.

At TPF, I played Alice Cooper and liked it. I also played Octoberfest and I liked, too. And I was able to get several games in on The Beatles. I really like The Beatles.

But I liked Munsters enough clean out the bank account and buy one.

I think what really did it for me was that orbit shot and that right hand 180 degree ramp. Plus it is just god damned fast.

Oh, and about the time I turned 16 I started washing dishes for a night job. There was not much time for TV and the most I ever saw of The Munsters was about 10 minutes worth.

#3435 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Congratulations Cotton on your new game buddy! You made the right choice out of all those that you mentioned i think. When will you get your game?

Expect to pick it up Tuesday and be home by Thursday.

I mentioned earlier that is is fast. But it is also flipper friendly enough that so-so player like myself can drop a coin and feel like I got my money’s worth.

#3436 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

cottonm4: Did you grab a Premium?

Yeah. I passed on the Pro. I like the Pro but I like that lower play field more.

#3440 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'm so happy mine is gone. Got a MB and couldn't be happier

I look at your nice collection and then at the ones you have sold. And my thoughts are that you change pins like most people change underwear.

How lone before MB will be on the chopping block

#3446 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thats awesome Cotton, can't wait until you get it all set up. A word of warning though, this game is not always friendly lol. Sometimes it will kick your ass all nite long and leave you standing there scratching your head and cussing lmao.

Thank you. I am a masochist just like everybody else around here and just getting my ass kicked.

It is nice to know that I am not the only one who revels in the judicious use of profanity

#3469 1 year ago

I picked up my Munsters this afternoon. Everything works. It is a thing of beauty. I’m not worried about code.

What really has me shaking my head is that, what I assume is a cost saving measure, is that the on-off switch is located waaaaaay in the back on the bottom of the back box. With this configuration I will either need to drill a hole in the bottom of the cabinet and rewire the switch, or I will have to resort to installing the power cable to an extension cord that I can plug and unplug when I need to the pin on or off.

It is ridiculous way to save money and I give Stern a big fat fail for this bit of mediocracy.

#3509 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

cottonm4: Did you grab a Premium?

Well, I lied. I did not buy a Premium.

Someone was tired of their LE so I snapped it up. My neighbor is at work and i need help to unload. Plus it has been raining while I was away and today it is overcast with light sprinkles. The rain could let loose anytime. Hoping the sun shines tomorrow.

And, yes, this is my first "new" pin. I'm sure I will have some questions once I get up and running.

Here is a peek.

IMG_0734 (resized).JPG

#3510 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

As others have said this is old news. And a big fat fail as you say.
There is another option to consider if you can’t get to the switch — plug the game into a Wemo or Alexa outlet and control the power with your phone/voice. I do something similar with all my pins (I use Control4 which is overkill if that’s all you’re going to do).

Quoted from JMCFAN:

$12 easy fix...
amazon.com link »

amazon.com link »

OK. I'll have to go this route. I don't know anything about remotes. Looks like I'm going to learn. Something else to buy. And a remote control to lose

#3519 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

I didn’t go the remote route because it’s one more thing to lose. I always have my phone or voice with me though ...
But a remote is better than nothing.

Quoted from GamerRick:

I also use Alexa Smart Plugs to turn on and off all my game room equipment. Works great.

I'm guessing to use these Alexa plugs I have to buy an Amazon Alexa? Correct?


K.I.S.S Engineering


"The principle is best exemplified by the story of Johnson handing a team of design engineers a handful of tools, with the challenge that the jet aircraft they were designing must be repairable by an average mechanic in the field under combat conditions with only these tools. "

The engineering that replaced a nice solid lockdown bar with a couple spring straps I would call cost cutting engineering. Instead of a Cadillac you now have a Yugo. It works but it could be better; Be more robust.

This switch being moved to an inaccessible location, ostensibly to cut costs, is something I would qualify as stick-it-to-your-customer type engineering. The equivalent would be to remove the starter from your car and replace it with a Model T hand crank. It is a step backwards.

Don't get me wrong. I am going to enjoy this game. I'm not sorry I bought it, but this unnecessary switch movement business pisses me off.

#3533 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Well, I lied. I did not buy a Premium.
Someone was tired of their LE so I snapped it up. My neighbor is at work and i need help to unload. Plus it has been raining while I was away and today it is overcast with light sprinkles. The rain could let loose anytime. Hoping the sun shines tomorrow.
And, yes, this is my first "new" pin. I'm sure I will have some questions once I get up and running.
Here is a peek.
[quoted image]

It is raining again, today. I'd like to be able to unload and set up before the excitement wears off

Weather forecast is as follows

Friday: Rain
SAt: Sunny
Sun: partially cloudy
Mon: Rain
Tues: Rain
Wed: Rain

Looks like Saturday might be my only chance.

#3552 1 year ago

It did not rain today. My neighbor came over and helped get this beast out of the car. It is heavy. I am up and running. I played a few games and have a good time; I don't know what I am doing yet. But this pin is going to be played. These guys who come on to sell and pin and say it has only 300 plays are not me. I'll have 300 plays in this one inside of a week


1) With the lock bar off, I can see why the lockdown receiver had to go away. No way to have a Zap button and an old school lockdown bar.

IMG_0737 (resized).JPG

2) I don't care for the shaker motor. Will it hurt anything if I go ahead and unplug it?

3) I had to remove the backbox for transport. This was not hard to do. I like the way the back box is bolted down on the back side.

4) So far, the only physical engineering issue I have is the location of the on-off switch.

5) I do like the mini-play field. It is a small part of the game but it is fun.



It will be a long time before I ever get good enough to worry about code. Hell, my Robocop is all about getting 3 balls locked and getting multi-ball and it is a blast to play.

So, people are bitching about code. And one guy is whining about the code on Ghostbusters not being finished. And earlier today I was reading up on Wheel of Fortune since I had an opportunity to play one of those. And somebody was crying about the code on that pin. It is all lost on me. I"d like to have a WOF.


I'll ask one more time. I do not care for the shaker motor. Can I disconnect the shaker motor without causing damage?

#3557 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Yes you can disconnect it. But why even bother to do that? Just go into your settings and set shaker motor to no use. Easy peasy.

Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Hey cottonm4, I suggest you go into your game adjustments and play around getting to know this new modern game, it will help you fine tune the game to your caliber of play, which could be a benefit to you in the early stages of learning the game play. Also make sure to set your flippers to soft for the lower playfield as most LE and Premium owners have done.
The good thing is that by experimenting with the many game adjustments you can continue to tweak the way the game plays, don't be afraid to experiment, and ask questions as you all ready have. Congratulations on your new modern day game!

Thanks. This will be tomorrows project. Learning how to change the settings. I don't know what the first owner had for his set up.

I came home with #380.

IMG_0752 (resized).JPG

So far, I have not had any problems with the mini-ball getting caught in the wireform but I did have it get bumped up to the top and sitting on a ledge. I had to lean the pin over 45 degrees to get the ball to roll back onto the mini-play field.

IMG_0751 (resized).JPG

It is a beautiful play field. I did get a Munster Madness going. It is quite a light show.

IMG_0746 (resized).JPG

#3560 1 year ago

I thought I recognized the voice that taunts me when the ball drains.

"Already? You lost the ball already?"

"You got to be kidding me? Right? "

It is Paul Lynde.


#3584 1 year ago

This morning has been spent getting my LE adjusted and leveled for my floor. And a few other items.

I never could see the utility or any logic by using a black shooter tip as a color matching endeavor. No casual observer is going to see what color the shooter tip is. And if it is black, even the player cannot see it down inside that dark crevice called the shooter scale. A black shooter tip makes it difficult to set up skill shots because you can't see the damned thing.

IMG_0753 (resized).JPG

This is better--if you like seeing the tip.

IMG_0755 (resized).JPG

Noe you can see it.

IMG_0756 (resized).JPG
IMG_0759 (resized).JPG


Last night I had a mini- ball get stuck up over the right hand mini-flipper. Needless to say this finishes a game.

IMG_0750 (resized).JPG

Today, I made a couple of deflectors to prevent this. These are just ugly prototypes. If they work, I'll make a pair that are a little nicer.

IMG_0764 (resized).JPG

This is a staged pic with the ball sitting behind the deflector. If this works as I think it will, this type of ball action will happen no more. The entire area behind the flippers is now protected so no ball can be taken out of play by getting stuck where it is not supposed to be.

IMG_0764 (resized).JPG


The factory's fix for the mini- ball getting stuck under that wire form is cleaner than what I have come up with, but this deflector works. It was easy to install by removing one screw.

IMG_0767 (resized).JPG


With everything back together, and the protective peel coating removed from my deflectors, they hide pretty well and are not obtrusive during game play. When I am playing I don't even see them.

IMG_0770 (resized).JPG

With the game all leveled up and the flippers adjusted, this pin pretty much kicks ass.

#3612 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Ok so now that I'm back on my feet again, taking a stab at making yet another mod. This is my mark up model, input and thoughts would greatly help.
Going to make spot more pronounced going to light his eyes green which will be on steady, and the fire from his nose when spot is hit. In addition not sure yet but also thinking about maybe a soft green light in his mouth like some images I have found. Thoughts????[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I think is a lot of work for something that is rarely seen during gameplay. Also, I think it could just wind up looking like one green glob.

I also realize I could be completely wrong.

#3632 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

the more I play the lower pf the more I'm glad I bought a pro!!!!that basement gets old real fast!!!

Your statement confuses me. If you own a Pro where are you getting in all the time the basement?

#3641 1 year ago

Monday morning Jones cure. I spend the weekends at my girlfriend's most of the time. All weekend long I was ready for Monday to get here so I could play some Munsters.


Twins: I had a multi-ball going and sent a ball up both ramps at the sane time. That was very satisfying for my adolescent self.

1) Using the voice of Paul Lynde as the game caller and player's tormentor-in-general was a master stroke, IMO. You would have to be a baby boomer and remember Paul Lynde's guest appearances on several 60s TV shows to really appreciate his brand of humor. I always liked his act.

2) The above said, I did not get Paul taunting me very much this morning. So, I am thinking there is a fairly deep bench of sound callouts that will help to keep the callouts somewhat fresh and not "overused". To tell the truth, I kind of missed of hearing Paul tell me I screwed up the action.

2) I do not get very many sneaky, greedy, GFY outlane drains. Sure, the outlanes suck down some balls, but I more than likely to experience a great flipper shot that somehow got by me. For me, that is a very big PLUS 1. I hate greedy, drain-o-matic outlanes.

3) Normally, I do not go for the pins that turn out the lights as a method of increasing complexity by making it harder to see the ball. Munsters does play this turn-out-the-lights action but it is not obtrusive, IMO.

4) Some people are unhappy with the Lily and Dragula targets and disappointed the were no drop targets. I understand that. But I am not the best pinball player and if Lily was a set of four drop targets making the two lowest targets would be an almost impossible task; This would distance the pin from the average player, IMO. I like fast pins and I like pins that are not easy; I can't speak for others, but I don't want a pin that is so frigging difficult that I can't play it.

So, instead of four drop targets, we get one oversized standup target. For Dragula, considering the amount of play field space available, the drop targets would have to be small and then would be hitting 2 or 3 at one time.

I'm cool with two oversized standup targets.

More later.

#3654 1 year ago

Some of you have been asking about how to remove the lower window and also how to adjust the window. It is easy but there are a couple of booby traps.

Here we go.

From page 53 of the Premium/LE manual,

Item #4) the window is secured with eight 6-32 3/4" screws. They are Torx screws with size T-10 torx bit.

Item #2 there are 8 o-rings the window mounts on.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 6.39.24 PM (resized).png

1) Unscrew the 8 screws but do NOT remove them. When they are completely unscrewed, you will be able to wiggle them around. Don't remove them.

IMG_0776 (resized).JPG

2) Then remove the bottom screw only. With this screw removed, you may have to use it or another longer screw you might have in your parts kitty.

Your window could be "stuck" onto the play field and you will need to insert the screw into the hole and apply a little pressure to gain leverage to remove the window.

IMG_0777 (resized).JPG

With the window removed this is what you might see. When the screw was removed this o-ring was left lying. (If you don't see an o-ring laying here the odds are it has stuck to the window. Reinstall the screw you removed and don't lose this o-ring). At the bottom position the o-ring will go nowhere. All the other o-rings might fall down into the basement. It is not the end of the world but it is a PIA.

IMG_0779 (resized).JPG

Here is the window showing the screws and o-rings. Leaving the screws in the window keep control of the o-rings.

IMG_0780 (resized).JPG

Installing the window is the reverse of removing it.

Now you need to adjust the window to play field height.

To do that you need this.

Take a credit card or similar piece of plastic. Cut the card to an angle on both sides. You want the corners of your cut to be sharp and to the point. No rounded corners !

IMG_0797 (resized).JPG

Run all 8 of the torx screws down. Do not tighten them. At this point in the adjustment you should be able to hook a fingernail on the edge of the window all the way around.

Place the credit card on the play field and point it towards the first screw you are going to tighten down. Start tightening the screw until the card will not catch the window. Once the card can slide onto the window then place the card on the window and slide toward the play field. When you can move the card in both directions and it does not catch you are adjust even. Now go to the screw on the opposite side of the side and repeat. Alternate back and forth on which screws you tighten to keep things even.

Now go back and recheck your first screw. Keep fine tuning until the credit card does not hang on the window or the play field. Now you are even.

The o-rings provided the tension and the spring-back to keep the window level. It may need to be adjust from time to time. At some point in the future the o-rings with get hard and lose their elasticity. Then you will need to replace them.

IMG_0781 (resized).JPG

#3655 1 year ago

I noticed the ball was hitting hard metal when entering the Dragula chute. Sharp metal cuts and scratches balls. I try whatever I can to minimize this kind of action.

You can see the offending piece of metal to the left of the spinner just below the rubber bumper.

IMG_0783 (resized).JPG

To solve this problem, I put two small chunks of Gorillia duct tape around the rubber and onto the metal guide. Play action has not been affected and the ball has some level of protection.

IMG_0802 (resized).JPG

#3656 1 year ago

Spot is too dark to really see. One pinsider is working to mod Spot with some cool lighting action. I think I am going to go this route.

I am going to double back tape one of Comet LEDs 6-pak style Matrix lamps above Spot's head. There is room enough between Spot's head and the lower surface of his ramp. Then all I need to do is find a power source and Spot will light up like the sun. I'll probable need to remove the entire Spot assembly to do this.

IMG_0792 (resized).JPG

#3667 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

If not I can see many machines going up for sale, in addition to possible orders getting scratched. We shall see hope Dwight’s remarks were just off the cuff and not necessarily the case as Sterns stand point.

In my short time of owning my LE I have managed to get a few hours on. I would like to see less reliance on multi-balls. The different modes shoot out multi-balls like shit going thru a goose; Almost to the point of being annoying. It is a nice playing table that can stand on its own without a waterfall of multi-balls. Give me a two-ball or three-ball multi-ball and let me see what I can do with it. That's my only complaint.

#3680 1 year ago

Is anybody elses Spot Door as off-center as mine is? I had to file a little bit of metal from the edge to get some clearance.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.19.24 PM (resized).png

#3689 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Thoughts? Only 19 days ago....[quoted image]

1) The check is in the mail.

2) I'm from the government and I am here to help you.

3) I will still love you tomorrow ( this is for the old guys. Before hooking up became the way of the universe).

4) I will never sell (until I decide to sell).

#3694 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Don't do that because some people on this site hate on every new stern that comes out. I think they hate pinball period.

For sure. Over on the code-is-bad board someone was talking about how Munsters is just a Metallica or AC-DC with another fan type layout.

The Beatles got some of hate because it had no ramps and who was Stern to charge that kind of money for a pin with no ramps?

I don't know how much more Stern, or the other pin producers can do with a play field. But I keep getting surprised.

#3702 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Great description on the window Cotton. Mezelmods already has a Spot led light add on. I have it and it works great no need to tinker. It was $15.

That red light does look nice. For now, I went with what I had. There is no question when Spot is up for a bashing.

IMG_0792 (resized).JPG

IMG_0840 (resized).JPG

IMG_0851 (resized).JPG

#3704 1 year ago

No doubt in my mind that Spot would make a good looking shooter handle. But the Stern unit is made of a hard rubber compound and would not be suitable as a handle. Another solution would need to come around to make it happen.

IMG_0822 (resized).JPG

#3707 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Oh shit ya that sorry I was watching the St Louis Blues game.
I don’t know I still love the game just kinda of all the negative stuff kinda taking the fun out of it for me
So freaking polarizing kinda got me down
I am and have been building my collection over from scratch centered around this game it’s the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen
Plus I got an email from someone involved in the game and I didn’t really care for their response
Who knows maybe I will change my mind

Do we have a little pump-n-dump going on here I realize this conversation on the worst-code thread was about a Pro, but it is close enough

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 1.25.08 PM (resized).png

#3715 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

You are going to have a lot of fun with this game Groo. I took delivery on one of the first games shipped and have played it almost everyday since. It is one of the most addicting games I have played, fun, challenging, great lighting and sound, and of course theme if you are a Munsters TV fan. Congrats man!

I find myself hitting on mine several times a day, too. The end-of-ball callout is getting a little long in the tooth. But the music that is playing during the game is some real good music; Or maybe I should say the music suits my tastes.

The Pro is certainly no slouch but the more I play that mini-play field the more I like it. Those mini-ball shots are not all that easy. And they are the only way to Grandpa Jackpot.

#3721 1 year ago

The guy who I bought my LE from had already had it loaded up with The Mod Couple's mods: Raven clock, that little flying bat, magnet rings, and Grandpa sitting in his rocking chair. Grandpa had been mounted and then removed. He had a broken leg so a ball impact must have taken him out.

I super glued the leg back into one piece but it was pointless to remount him just so he could be broken again.

So, I made a plastic barrier out of some scrap plastic I had left from another project.

I made contact with Yelobird about my mod to his mod and asked if he would have any problem if I posted my cheapie barrier. He said is cool with this.

The barrier is working quite well. And it has taken some hits while I have been playing. When I get time I need to make one that looks a little more professional.

Hope you like it.

IMG_0853 (resized).JPG
IMG_0854 (resized).JPG
IMG_0855 (resized).JPG
IMG_0858 (resized).JPG

#3724 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

I had the chance to play an LE a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed playing the lower playfield, in fact so much so that I take delivery of my new Premium in two days, can't wait!
Note for Grandpa, keep your arms and legs inside of the shot protector to avoid loss of limbs. I like it

You know how when you play and play and play and you finally get that killer ball. You know. That killer ball that you get one time in 100 or 200 plays and it keeps you coming back to try to get another one. It is a ball that you wished to were recording so you could post it to youtube. That killer ball; You know what I am talking about.

I had a killer mini-pinball, basement, Grandpa's Lab, session last night. Every shot was productive. If there was a chance to ad more time, more time was added. If a light was lit, it was put out. Everything as in synch. It was a thrill I cannot describe.

This mini-pin is not Haunted House; It is not Congo; It is not Black Hole; And it for sure is not Bugs Bunny. Unlike the first 3 pins I mention, this one has a timer so you know when the end is near. And you absolutely must defeat it to light up Grandpa's Lab and have a chance at Munster Madness.

You are going to love your Premium.

#3745 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Pro loaded up and heading out tomorrow to swap it out for my Premium. Been looking forward to this day for 4 weeks now. Going to be a couple days before I can get the new game set up, no one available to help me unload it [quoted image]

I don't see a strap holding the back box to the cabinet. Don't hit many bumps or that back box could start bouncing.

#3747 1 year ago

Before I bought my Munsters I had some dealings with Stern Tech Support on buying some Beatles pin parts for a project. I advised my contact that I had just bought an LE, offered the serial number and I am being treated quite well by Stern. I had a couple of issues and replacement parts are being sent as a warranty consideration.

I give Stern a Thumbs Up.

#3748 1 year ago

Is anybody else having this problem? Regarding Herman multi-ball. The very last sentence in the "Other Notes" paragraph.

After I have completed a Herman multi-ball, the next time I get the hurry-up and lock a ball onto the magnet it just sits there and times out. And then it drains SDTM.

A Herman Hurry Up which locks a ball with the magnet and does not give another ball to knock that locked ball off of the magnet results in an immediate drain. Some times I can shake the pin and save the ball but most times not.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 12.39.33 AM (resized).png


You can only play HERMAN Multiball once per level. Meaning, you cannot get another HERMAN Multiball until after playing MUNSTER MADNESS

When you are working your way toward the next level you cannot play the Multiball again.

***If you complete the HERMAN area during this time
you will get a Hurry Up but the Multiball will not start afterward.***

#3760 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I assume this was the second time you got to the hurry up before playing Munster Madness?


#3763 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Mine holds the ball also and then releases it so i think its working correctly

Yeah. Please keep an eye on yours. I don't mind the ball being held during the Hurry Up. But for it to just let the ball drop SDTM is not acceptable.

Actually, it is behaving exactly the same when you are going for the Herman Multi-ball. If you fail to knock the ball off the magnet for Herman multi-ball, the magnet will timeout and drop the ball. But you don't really notice it because the game shifts into Multi-ball anyway, so as your magnet ball gets dropped SDTM it is being followed by a multi-ball session. The SDTM action is there; you just don't notice it. But with Hurry Up only, noticed it.
It is not something I would want happening if I was in an arcade.

Quoted from chuckwurt:

Well I’d say if people are getting sdtm on that hurry up it would be better for the game to pulse in that moment instead of a hold and drop. The magnet is off center so not sure how it can drop sdtm, but maybe it can.


If anybody else can duplicate what I am experiencing I could contact Stern to have a look. But I don't want to be waving a pitchfork for something I think I'm seeing.

#3766 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I will look at it tonight and get back with you..

To be clear, you can force this action by just not playing Herman multi-ball. When it times out, the magnet will let go. Watch to see if it is SDTM. And the multi-ball will go ahead and start, as normal, and you play it out. You don't notice the SDTM action because of the multi-ball followup.

#3767 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I've got quite a few games in on my LE, magnet holds ball as expected, then drops to a flipper very predictably, as magnet not centered. No SDTM for me. It's those brutal outlanes that keep my profanity at a high level on occasion (machine is ruthless in that aspect).

Which flipper does your magnet let the ball drop to? Left or right? If I can get a good nudge, mine will drift the ball to just the tip the right flipper.

Maybe I need to check my left-to-right play field adjustment.

The outlanes can be tough. Reposition toset outlane posts down low all the way. Then back off your tilt bob and start working on your nudging skills. This pin does respond well to some well placed nudging.

#3771 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I think you need to level your machine cotton

Checked the pin for level. It is dead on.

Quoted from Pinwalk:

same here, SDTM if timeout, otherwise, no SDTM

That makes two of us.

#3772 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I have not had a SDTM from Herman at all, however the right outlane I swear has a friggin magnet.

Where does the ball go on your pin with a Herman time out? Right or left flipper?

#3786 1 year ago

Production screw ups: New hire on the line. Has to be.

I had my play field lifted to do something underneath.

This is what I found. It is minor. But I changed what I saw.

This wire was not routed in the best manner possible. Since I don't know what "correct" per Stern specs I won't say "incorrectly.

The wire was pulled forward and stretched tight around the flat looking "post" at my index finger. There was absolutely no slack.

IMG_0806 (resized).JPG

I disconnected and rerouted the stretched wire.

IMG_0816 (resized).JPG

Now, with some slack, I went ahead and used a tie wrap to keep the newly loosened wire from flopping around. I don't think anyone needs to go chasing this but when ever you open up your pin and remember this you might want to reroute that wire if it is routed like mine was.

To those of you who think everything comes off the line in blueprint-perfect condition, you need to think again.

IMG_0813 (resized).JPG

#3787 1 year ago

Play field protectors: I'm no stranger to play field protectors. I have made several of my own for my old pins needing restored. I have toyed with the idea of putting a protector on my LE but I have decided against it.

I know I will not like seeing the dimples come but if I put down a protector and ever need to remove the mini-play field window for any reason, then I will have made a problem for myself.

Granted, I could always remove the complete mini-play field assembly from underneath but I just decided I don't want to have to risk having to do that.

#3799 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ive played this game around 400 games now i believe and i have fun everytime i play it and i thought to myself many times.....where is all this hate coming from?
This game in a 1-3 pin collection would maybe get a little old after awhile unless you really loved the theme. In my case though i have 7 games and i absolutely LOVE the theme and i can tell you right now that mine isn't ever leaving, no way in hell. If i ever get tired of the code i will play something else and let it sit for awhile and come back to it later on. So far though that hasnt happemed and i can't stop hitting the start button.
Im not worried about what other people think though. All i know is i keep hitting the start button and smiling so thats all i care about. I can just look at this game and it makes me smile, i dont even have to play it. Its that beautiful!

I have almost 400 games on in just a few days time.

Don’t forget the music. That is some pinball playing music.

#3827 1 year ago

There does not seem to be any consistant behavior with Herman Hurry Up and how the ball releases.

I played with my leveling with two front levelers. I’m going to drag the pin away from the wall and play around with the back levelers and see if that helps.

#3841 1 year ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Not a hater, would just like a little more "Munsters" in my Munsters Pinball
[quoted image]

What is that statement supposed to mean?

The back glass is huge on Munsters. Munsters are all over the play field and video screen.

Munsters are all over the cabinet.

What more could you want?

#3850 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Those of you which I'm sure is most like myself that have issues with the lower PF right ramp ball whizzz'ng past the opto and not registering here is a solution I did.
Go to the dollar store etc... get some 3/4" wide velcro strips (black is best). Now get the softer side of the velcro tape and cut a
2 3/4" piece in length.
Start applying the strip from the center mark of the turn (indicated in the photo below with the green line) and ride the top edge of the lexan ramp from center until the piece ends (shown in photo as orange). The strip should stop about 1/2" before the opto sensor.
This has now made 99.999% of my ramp shot register as it slowed it down enough that the ball drops by the sensor now to get picked up. Once in a blue moon you might get a bullet that don't register. In addition make sure your flipper strengths are set to soft on the lower PF.
[quoted image]

Nice tip!

#3855 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Anyone concerned about this wire guide getting beat up and bending into the circuit board behind it (shorting out?)
(So yellow arrows in picture).
Bumper sends ball into it a bunch.
[quoted image]

If it could turn into an issue you could take a strip of duct tape ( I like Gorilla tape) and place the tape around the guide legs and across the top of the guide on the far side of the pop.

#3857 1 year ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Question for owners.
Can you adjust the settings so you need more hits to start Herman , Spot, Raven etc.
For example can you make it (say) 6, 5 etc shots to Herman before he holds the ball.
Same for other areas.....

Go to sternpinball.com and click on Munsters. Scroll all the way down. Look for a .pdf file called Installs and adjustments.

You can do 11 things to increase the difficulty level. Example: Instead of one ramp triggering an action you can set up that both ramps-a combo- are needed to trigger an action.

#3860 1 year ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Question for owners.
Can you adjust the settings so you need more hits to start Herman , Spot, Raven etc.
For example can you make it (say) 6, 5 etc shots to Herman before he holds the ball.
Same for other areas.....

You can make it three shots for Herman. Not sure about the others.

#3861 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

You can make it three shots for Herman. Not sure about the others.

Here are the PDFs from Stern's website.

There are 11 adjustments you can make to adjust the easy/difficulty settings. I see that I can pretty much turn off the muitl-ball savers which I consider a big plus.


Here are the rule sheets. Notice that in both PDFs that there are some rules and adjustments for the Pro and there other adjustments for the Premium and LE.


#3915 1 year ago

The question is: Will the color Premium be the same price as the B&W?

I am guessing all the LEs have been built and are out in the wild. This will help spread the costs of that LE color play field.

#3945 1 year ago

Munster Madness: I keep reading that both play fields are active during MM. It is not this way on my LE. The lower flippers work but they are always active. But I see no lights and no balls on the mini-play field during MM.


#3946 1 year ago

Take the Color Premium and use the color cabinet with the B/W play field.

#3954 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

That is weird. Does your lower playfield ever work? Im assuming that it obviously does right?

Yes, my mini-play field works properly all of the time. It just does not rally during MM. I'll call support.

#3978 1 year ago
Quoted from lschmidlin:

Like many, I bought the LE because it was the only version in color with the lower playfield. That's exactly how Stern positioned it.
My hard-earned purchase became less special when upping the LEs to 600. Gee, thanks Gary.
Even less special now.
The shame isn't on any previous buyers who 'should have known' they would do this. We purchased EXACTY how positioned by Stern.
The shame is on Stern for positioning it and timing it as they did, knowing all along they would be taking advantage of the early buyers.
Shitty move Stern.

Sort of sounds like Stern has copied a couple of pages from Apple's play book .

#4023 1 year ago

I bought my LE used so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I can see where LE owners could be just a little chapped.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 7.12.33 PM (resized).png

There was/is a $1500.00 price difference for 600 units. For the extra $1500.00 you got,

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 7.13.42 PM (resized).png

As far as the autograph goes, it looks like some scribbles; Yeah, I know, I can't read my signature, either. This would be some new hire's idea to squeeze some extra zero-cost items that might sound good to a new buyer. It is a waste of ink and bandwidth.

The sequentially numbered plaque might add some extra value, but only as a sales tool.

1) So, what did you get for $1500.00 extra?

You got an invisible play field glass...................................................................................PDI glass costs $300.00, plus you will pay for shipping. I don't know how much shipping play field glass costs, but along with Spot, Herman, and Lily being boosted, the USPS has doing a good job of boosting its rates. I'll say $50.00.

So, $350.00 for a nice play field glass. Retail pricing.

2) A Shaker motor. I turned mine off. If it would not destroy originality, I'd remove it and sell it along with a couple of boat anchors I need to unload. Stern RETAIL pricing for a shaker motor you install yourself is priced at $99.00.

3) And you can buy LE style blades for $79.00 retail. Granted, they are B/W to match the Premium, but it is the same pattern as the LE.

So, grand total of the above is $350.00 + 99.00 +79.00 = $528.00

Take the $1500.00 LE price differential

$1500 - $528= $972.00

For the extra $972.00

1) you got a mirrored back glass.

2) An exclusive cabinet motif

3) And a colored play field.

So, now, with the Premium colored play field, the only exclusive item left for the LE owner is the back glass. So, for $972.00 extra, the LE gets an exclusive cabinet design, mirrored back glass, an LE plaque #?? of 600.

I figure the plaque is worth the money it took screw it onto the back box.

The LE is finished and we are left with three colored cabinets. If the colored Premium sells for the same price as the B/W units, then I would not assign very much value to the LE cab design. I'll be generous and say the LE cab design is worth $100.00.

Unless I have missed something, that mirrored back glass is costing $872.00 extra.

That is a fairly expensive back glass just for trumpeting exclusivity.

If Stern does decide to sell LE style colored blades for $79.00, then a colored Premium will be pretty much an LE with a little different colored cabinet and a little bit different back glass and no PDI style glass and no shaker motor

Put them all side by side, and for the cost savings I would have taken a colored Premium for $1400.00 less and let the LE slide. And then I would go buy a PDI glass for $350.00. So, a colored 2-level play field unit will cost $7600.00 + PDI glass @$350.00 for $7950.00 total.

It is in the neighborhood of $1000.00 less for a colored Premium. I don't need a mirrored back glass for an extra $1000.00

I can see why some LE owners are just a little disenchanted with Stern with the colored Premium slide.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 7.15.14 PM (resized).png

#4045 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Munster Madness: I keep reading that both play fields are active during MM. It is not this way on my LE. The lower flippers work but they are always active. But I see no lights and no balls on the mini-play field during MM.

I placed a trouble call to Stern regarding this mimi-play field action. I have not upgrade my code yet. I 'm still on .91. The Stern guy who took my case saYs I need to upgrade my code and the problem should go away.

#4046 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Right but if people do research before diving in, they would know that extra editions are always a possibility. Just another thing you need to factor into your buying decision.

A lot if people will be wiser now because of this.

Screw me once, shame on you.

Screw me twice, shame on me.

This could come back to bite Stern in the ass in the future.

#4051 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Here is another one.. Did you know that some of the Stern LEs have different screened plastics to the premiums?

Yes. it is in the manual. The different part numbers.

#4054 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I dont see anywhere in that photo that sais "exclusive full colour playfield". The rest is well known by all LE users when they order.

You are correct. It does not say anything about the color play field at all. But it is another reason why a buyer, for anything, needs to read the fine print. It is the old "when you assume" something it makes an ASS of U and ME.

The fine print: All the crap the company hopes you do not bother to read. But if you buy and the product does not deliver, you get screwed over by the fine print. Been there--done that; Way back on page 9 of a 16 page copy of fine print, stuck in the middle of the page, was the fine print that cost me some big bucks.

#4076 1 year ago
Quoted from gac:

Does anyone have what looks like a thin metal protector underneath the Herman plastic next to the ramp? Mine looks like there is and I'm wondering if this was done in response to people reporting this plastic breaking and requesting replacements. My build date is 4/29.

This is what Stern sent me for the Herman fix.

IMG_0896 (resized).JPG

#4088 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinwalk:

people also talked about the right hand side drain being a little wider than the left.......plan to install a black washer that is slightly wider than current one shown in picture........just to reduce the drainage a little ....easier and simpler than moving the post, and I am nothing if not lazy!
[quoted image]

I think all you have to do is lift the play field and loosen a nut and the post should slide right on down. To do your thing with a washer you will have to remove the glass, so moving the post only requires you to lift the play field. you must really be lazy

#4136 1 year ago
Quoted from kcZ:

I think that the Pro games got a goodie bag... I did not with my Prem.

Quoted from JMCFAN:

I did not with my LE.....

Are you guys sure? My LE came with a goodie bag. Stapled to the left side of the cabinet. Just to the left of the coin box.

#4142 1 year ago

What does "boosted" mean? I keep hearing as I play that "Herman is boosted", or Spot is boosted, etc.

So what does the term "boosted" really mean (besides more points).

I would like to know.

The term "boost" doe not appear until page 4 of the instructions under

Raven Boost.

* RAVEN can only be boosted from Multiball.

But there is no other mention of the word in the instructions.

So now I am left to assume. Since Stern has not defined "boosted" all I can do is assume.

Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.48.05 AM (resized).png

#4146 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

This is exactly why I have been frustrated with this "boosted" term. Doesn't Stern realize when they're dealing with some OCD customers like me... I NEED TO KNOW!!!

I am the guy in the room who always seems to ask the questions that screw the speech maker up

#4161 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This is an easy game to love because its FUN! No regrets here at all! As a matter of fact my game has been down for 3 days for cleaning that ive yet to get started on and i am missing the hell out of it and want to play it badly!

Yes. It is fun. And fast. The outlanes suck sometimes but I get so many flipper friendly shots.

If it were not for the code sucks group I would not know anything is wrong.

#4167 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

You got it Terry, no problem, your on the list buddy. Your up late, you working again? You gotta get your game back on line

Make it 19 and I will PM you all my contact info tomorrow.

#4170 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Cotton there's absolutely nothing wrong with this game. It was meant to have a simple code. Some people dont like that and i can understand it but im personally not bothered by it and i love the hell out of this game.
If you have fun playing this game then that means its perfect for you and YOU are the only one that matters. Don't let what other people are saying bother you or sway your opinion of this game. If all of their complaining gets Stern to add more code i will be a happy camper but if it doesn't, i am still a happy camper because i love this pinball machine now and i will 5 years from now also. Mine is here to stay.

I know there is nothing wrong with it. My fear is that Stern decides it has to do something and in the process make it more difficult to play.

I have gotten several 2-Eddie loops and the screen comes up and says something about getting 3 more. I would like to know what that something is.

#4186 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s telling you how many more you need to get the super jackpot for Eddie.

Thank you. I finally got down to Eddie in the instructions sheets. Everything is there if I would only read it (except the definition of "boosted" )

#4203 1 year ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Ok so got the protector on grandpa....that was fun..... one more...Herman.... will tackle today. Any pointers.....

I got the Herman kit in the mail. But what is this grandpa protector? Either I have read about it and forgot what it is or somehow I read right passed it.


#4204 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinwalk:

Guys and gals-
I found this on tiltforums.com while surfing around. A pretty detailed list of playfield components and how scoring takes place.
Apologize for the length, but thought it might be useful to some!

Thank you.

I have copied this into Word file for printing and later reading

#4205 1 year ago

I finally broke 100 million. I have been struggling learning how to play this pin. And I see some of your scores and think I really suck. Most of my time is spent in the 15mil-20 mil range.

Today was different. For one ball, anyway

Ball 1 got me 117 million.

IMG_0933 (resized).JPG

Ball 2 was not so hot. Added only another 9 million.

IMG_0940 (resized).JPG

Ball 3 sucked. No way to gloss it over. But I sure had fun with Ball 1.

IMG_0944 (resized).JPG

#4210 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The best way to get the big scores is to get them super jackpots stacked up and get 6x playfield multipliers running and cash in on your super jackpots. Its really hard to have a big game unless you do that.

I’m getting pretty good at stacking the jackpots. It is getting stacks collected that gives me fits

#4219 1 year ago

Would this work as a topper? The Bradford Exchange Munster Koach

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 9.00.07 PM (resized).png

At TPF, 2 years ago I was a Batman with a Batmobile as a topper. I did not think it looked so hot.

But if you had a backdrop of Mockingbird Lane with the Koach in front it might not look too bad.

Mockingbird-Lane-1313-Mockingbird-Lane-570x315 (resized).jpg

Like this. Have an enlarged poster made.

b1256d6bf7dece73548bcdf6ae8a2507 (resized).jpg

1313-mockingbird-lane (resized).jpg

#4226 1 year ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Could do. Here's the koach, but a nice backdrop might look cool.[quoted image]

Thanks for the picture. I think a backdrop picture would really make the Koach stand out.

#4227 1 year ago

If you like toys and modding your pins, you might like to find a home for this little bitty 1/64 scale Munsters Koach on your play field. For $10.00 it could add some pizazz to your play field. 1/64 scale means it is about as big as your pinky finger.


17424nx_hero (resized).jpg

#4262 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Munsters is a fast paced adrenaline rush with shorter ball times and Xmen is an epic pinball journey with long ball times and deep code.

Xmen sounds like the LOTR I got to play several weeks ago. I don't remember too much about it except for the magnetic ring in the back that held the ball in suspension. And the machine was talking to me. And all the while I'm thinking "send me the ball, send me the ball." I was about ready to unfold the nail file from my trusty Swiss Army Knife and give my self a manicure as I was waiting for the pin to make a move. I was bored as hell with it.

LOTR not my cup of tea. Does not sound like Xmen would be, either.

#4267 1 year ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Every game can't be everything to everybody. That's why different games are made.
I will tell you that I have had probably 20+ non pinhead guests, and 25 pinhead league members play my Pro and all liked the game and thought it is a very good game as built. No complaints from anybody and all have had fun.
Every title doesn't have to be a deep codefest. I like Munsters as designed. There are enough nuances to the game as is. Delay those jackpots, etc etc.
Different ways to approach it. Adjust settings and set up the game as you see fit.
If you don't like a particular game buy another title. Pinball is supposed to be fun. Enjoy.

It is kind of like going to the arcade. You feed quarters into the pins you like and ignore those you don't.

#4276 1 year ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Boy those right side drains piss me off.... not sure I am up to drill a hole though...

Back off your tilt bob. Go to the menu and change the danger level from 1 to 3.

Then starting doing some nudging. It wont make the drains go away but you will save some of them. To me, that satisfying.

#4284 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ok here is this weeks challenge. Try and beat the Super Jackpot that i just got today. Old scores dont count either. It's got to be put up between now and Sunday at midnight.[quoted image]

Best I have gotten is 15 mil. Most times I’m stuck at 1 mil or less.

40 mil is real good IMO.

My goal is to get the 5 Eddie Loops. And worry about the points later.

When I was a kid, quarters were not like confetti and I had to spend wisely. Neither me or the operator cared about how many points I got. It was all about ball time. I went for those red light Specials.

The op was worried if I got too much ball time. And I was pissed if I got too little ball time.

Yesterday the Specials. Today the Eddie Loops.

#4287 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Your efforts look great and I'm sure the solution will work for you and others. So far, I'm fine with my scoop, so I won't be adding anything. But wanted to pass along in case you haven't ever seen it, that there is something called "dead drop foam" that has been used in pinball machines for decades to absorb ball energy. It also typically comes with self-adhesive, so you just peel and stick (which also makes for easy mess free removal down the road).

Thank you for posting this. I have searching all over but did not know what it was called.

Looks like pinbits is the only place to buy this. I need some bad for my Robocop.


#4298 1 year ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

My LE was my first NIB...and first pinball ever. Last bonus from work on retirement... I love it. Enjoy

You sir, just retired. Got your first pin. You, I, and other gray hairs are the market Stern and others are looking for

#4312 1 year ago
Quoted from lschmidlin:

Exactly. Here is what I did. Triple stack rubbers, 2 slightly larger than original.
Looks like the poop icon but works great![quoted image]

Why don't you just stretch a rubber band across the two posts? Then it won't drain at all.

#4313 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Dont forget us no haired/grey haired guys!

Oh, so you are in the camp of Lou Gossett and the late Telly Savalas. You are in good company. Never to be forgotten

#4317 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

Yeah! That way we could easily compete with Who-Dey's well earned Super jackpot score. Might be the only way for me to get by him.
I want to earn my scores compared to the way the game is everywhere on locations and tournament play. No fun saying I reached a milestone by closing off or reducing the drains...for me, at least.
Getting a high score with all the challenges of the drains is rewarding..specially in a tournament play...or like Who-Dey did. congrats btw

When you think about it, we all have no way of knowing of who is playing and honest game or who shoved some paper towels into the drain holes.

Long time ago I found an online site to play Spades live. Cell phones were still charging by the minutes. I would not even think about it now because my opponents could be talking strategy over their cell phones.

#4324 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The glass would be on but you may see things you definitely dont want to see.
Now with that being said, i do have a 7 second ball save on my game and i wont deny it. I forgot about that but i don't think i used it anyway. I like the game better with a ball save on, i dont care what Dwight says. I had it turned off and kind of liked it on better and then some local pinheads came over and they were like....oh man no ball save wtf? I then turned it back on and never looked back. I like it with a ball save 100% better.

I turned my ball save on, too. Just to cover for that occasional drain ball on the shoot that eats quarters in the arcade. It is much more fun to play. Eventually, I want to dial back on the multi-ball savers. But I got used to them and I'm still a crappy enough player that I need all the help I can get.

I bought my Robocop after I watched a video and saw how fast it was. It is fast. But Munsters is fast as hell and has more going on.

I have no regrets. Not sorry in any way that I bought this pin. I am having a good time.

#4325 1 year ago

I need to update my code from .91 to 1.00. I have the file in the root directory of a USB thumb drive.

To read Stern talking about it all I have to do is plug the USB drive in and turn the pin on.

Is it that simple? Plug in and turn on?

I don't care if it eats any of my files. Ill start over.

Please advise.

#4339 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

extract to the root of the usb, insert the usb into the main board, turn machine on and follow update prompts on screen. Very easy to do.....

Quoted from Pinwalk:

yes. I put the drive in on right hand side plug, turned on pin, waited till it asked me to choose quick update (black select button), confirm and let it do its thing. once successful, turn off pin, remove drive, you are good to go!

Quoted from jfh:

Don’t have any other files on the drive other than the code.

Thank you all. I did the update this morning. All went well. Until I played a game.

What happened?

I am usually struggling to make 10-15 million per 3-ball game. A couple of times I made 60-70 mil and one time I made 124 million.

With the 1.0 update I knocked down 65 million points. It was just nuts.

Ball 2 was a bust because as I was taking this pic of Ball 1 the pin auto-launched Ball 2 and drained.

Ball 3 went Munster Madness as soon as the ball hit the play field. It all happened so fast that I'm not sure what happened.

Plus I had my first experience with both the upper and lower play field operating at the same time. This cannot stay. I like the upper play field. And I like the lower play field. But not both at the same time; It seems like a He-man contest of "look what I can do".

The one game is all I have played. I want to see if what I experienced is what I was supposed to experience. I did not turn into a superstar pin player overnight and this upgrade makes me feel like that.

I need to go in and change my settings but I wanted to see if my experience is normal to everybody else before I do anything else.

IMG_1010 (resized).JPG

#4342 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

One game does not make a trend. Play another, I suspect you'll be back to your normal scores

I know this sounds strange, but I hope so.

Quoted from JMCFAN:

Why did Ball 2 auto launch?

I don't know.

I'll change my settings a little later and see what happens.

#4343 1 year ago

OK. I changed some settings.I need to go back in a make some minor adjustments. Everything seems to be back to normal. I'm guessing now that the first show after the update was to get everything into working mode. The upper and lower play field seem to only be working during Munster Madness, which I achieved. I did not find a way in the settings to turn this double feature off. I suppose I can just ignore the lower play field during MM. We'll see.

The lower play field seems unchanged play wise, but there sure is an intense light show going on. Although I consider this pin to be a light show as it was, the lights seem to be on steroids now. It was OK the way it was before but I'm not complaining with the new light show action.

I'm guessing there are other changes I have not figured out.

I'm happy with the way it is playing. The ball speed, which I crave, is tremendous. It is like a boxing match or a sword fight. I have to focus and concentrate to play.

For me, it is a great pin.

#4349 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Strange why your game did that after a new code update, it shouldn't have acted like that obviously.
I think I have a bug in my game now, my game no longer lights the extra ball at grandpa's scoop after completing 4 characters. Was thinking of performing a factory reset to see if that clears it. Any ideas from anyone else about this issues?

don't know why it did that. All is back to normal now, it seems; I'm getting several 1 mil-2 mil games again. Just lie old times.

What I have noticed is that my Herman magnet now seems to throw the ball a little bit. I have yet to get a Herman Hurry Up to see if it will stop the drains coming from the magnet release.

The sounds had seemed a little off time before. Now they seem to synch pretty good with the play field.

Other than the double action with the upper and lower play field both being active during Munster Madness, I can't place me finger on any other changes. I don't care for the double action play fields at all. I don't know about anybody else, but all I can do is flail about wildly and hope for the best. But I don't know what I am supposed to be doing. I"d like to turn this feature off but need to look into it deeper as I ddi not see anything about it the settings.

I don't know about your scoop issues.

#4356 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

I know there is an option to disable the lower playfield by itself which by doing so would result in M/Madness upper playfield only. But then you would be giving up the lower playfield all the time, something I wouldn't want to do. If you do find another setting let us know.

Yeah, if you are turning off the lower PF then might as well get a Pro. I find the LPF requires focus and concentration. I'm going to send an SOS to Stern. They turned it on so they can turn it off, too.

#4362 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

You can always only just hit the upper flipper buttons , just saying

I sent a contact to Stern asking how to turn it off or if we can just ignore it. I’d be cool if with it if ignoring it does not affect anything.

#4363 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

Yeah! That way we could easily compete with Who-Dey's well earned Super jackpot score. Might be the only way for me to get by him.
I want to earn my scores compared to the way the game is everywhere on locations and tournament play. No fun saying I reached a milestone by closing off or reducing the drains...for me, at least.
Getting a high score with all the challenges of the drains is rewarding..specially in a tournament play...or like Who-Dey / tpir did. congrats btw

Well said. I have my tilt bob backed out quite a ways so I can nudge this pin.

The drains are tough, I won’t deny. But they are not impossible. And I get a particular satisfaction of being able to smack the lockdown bar and having that ball bounce out of the drain and back onto the play field.

It helps, I hope, to make me a little bit better of a player. Like maybe someday I could enter a tournament and be able to compete.

The game is on Free Play and a new game is just a button push away.

To each their own, but I can’t see crippling the pin just so I can get a higher score.

And yesterday I reached my goal of getting 4 Eddie Loops. Next goal is 5 Eddie Loops. And I would like to get a triple combo on the ramps.

#4379 1 year ago
Quoted from gac:

Not sure if I dreamed this or not... but I thought I read somewhere that there is there a way to install the two lower playfield balls by pushing them between two of the plastics rather than having to remove the metal piece on the bottom of the playfield. Any help is appreciated.

You sound like someone who just brought a new Premium home.

#4397 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Mine was getting stuck there because some dumbass at the factory ran the wires through the wireform lol.

Working on assembly line can be tough ball busting work. I wonder what kind of turnover Stern experiences on its line. New hires can do some of the craziest things. That looks like a new hire mistake.

#4419 1 year ago
Quoted from Groo:

Speaking of spot, hope this isn't something already covered in the 20+ pages I haven't read yet, but is his door supposed to be flush with the ramp? Mine seems to sit just a bit higher, but it doesn't seem to affect the ball at all. The ball doesn't bounce or look to be slowed down in any way.

It should be sitting flush. I'm having a little trouble with my door, too. Can you post a pic, please? I'd like to see how yours looks while sitting at rest.

#4427 1 year ago