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#4678 1 year ago

My Pro arrived today from Amazon. This is my first pin and I got a pretty good deal with the prime 5% off and free shipping (I think). The box came absolutely destroyed on the bottom corner though. Open so bad I could see the cab and was able to pull the legs out. I called up Amazon and told them I was not going to accept the box. They told me to go ahead and accept it and they would schedule a new one to be delivered next week and the guys would swap it out. If the machine turns out to be good they told me to call and cancel the replacement.

This is my first pinball machine and I'm not so sure what to look for to verify it's still ok. I have it setup and everything looks to be working ok. All connections appear tight and all switches are working. I've played about 10 games on it now and it seems to be ok. One ball got stuck on the outer orbit during multiball right in the center where the peg is but other than that the games have been flawless. There was no cosmetic damage to the cab from the tear in the box thankfully so it looks perfect. I have to imagine the damage came from a drop as the box was split on the bottom left corner of the trolly from this side of the box.

What would you do? Take the replacement and setup another machine or take the chance with this one that something else wasn't damaged that is not as visible? Thanks

2019-06-17 (resized).jpg
#4683 1 year ago

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it. I'll take a really good look around those corners and check for damage. From initial inspections I didn't see anything. We've had a number of games tonight and we are loving this pin. My son is very opinionated and he just wants to keep playing it.

#4685 1 year ago

I didn't see any damage to the pallet it was on. Just the one corner was completely opened up about half way. Enough to stick my hand in and remove the box the legs were in. Looked like it was either dropped or something really heavy put on top of it. It does sound like I lucked out and will be calling Amazon in the morning after taking another look. I'm really impressed with Amazon's response so far.

#4687 1 year ago

After looking things over real well today I called up amazon and canceled the replacement. They said if anything stops working in the next month call them up and they will ship a new one for exchange no questions asked. To top it off they gave me a nice discount on the machine. Could not be happier with how amazon handled this. I was really worried buying a pin from amazon but this has been a good customer service experience. Wish I had not needed it but happy now all the same. Thanks for the advice.

#4727 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Well, how do you like it so far?

We love it and are having a ton of fun with it. I'm still in the learning phase as this is the first pin I have owned. I think there are some things that need tweaking but overall it plays really smoothly out of the box.

One question about functionality. I've watched some video of the launch of Munsters and the Herman toy moves a lot more than mine does. I see it move from time to time but no where near those videos. Did they reduce movement in later versions of the code?

#4730 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

They didnt reduce his movement that i am aware of but he just barely moves backwards when he moves. You did cut the wire tie off of him when you set your game up right?

Yeah I did cut the zip tie I was just watching my son play and it wasn't moving at all during Herman multi ball when getting hit. Going to check the connectors.

#4731 1 year ago

I guess Herman is not motorized. I don't see anything connected to it. Those guys in the video must have been bashing the heck out of it. I must not be flipping hard enough lol. It really looked like it was moving by itself in the videos.

#4734 1 year ago

ok, yeah I saw that metal bar and on mine there is not a lot of space for movement of it and can see why Herman doesn't move much. Good to know it's tied to the magnet. There is a loose nut that looks like it's connected to the magnet. I didn't touch it as I wasn't sure what it adjusted if anything. My magnet is quite strong and I regularly get both balls stuck and have to wait for the timeout to start multiball. Maybe some kind of adjustment is needed.

IMG_20190621_091109405 (resized).jpg
#4736 1 year ago

ok cool, I'll give that a look thanks!

#4747 1 year ago

To follow up on my Herman issue. Now that I know how the mechanism works I tested it and there was not enough of the actuator moving to actually make Herman move. I checked the back and the nut on the back of the magnet was completely loose and blocking the bar. So I tightened that down. I am not seeing any way to adjust the pad that catches the ball though. The large nut doesn't do it and it's already sitting up a hair above the playfield. The magnet seems to float in that area and is not really adjustable either. What adjusts the height of the magnet pad?

IMG_20190621_173853324 (resized).jpg
#4755 1 year ago

How do I adjust the pop up stopper in the orbit? I know where the component is I just don't know how to adjust it. I think it needs to be a bit more flush with the playfield as balls are getting stuck there. Thanks

EDIT: I figured it out. You have to loosen the nut on the end so you can adjust the stopper. Now it is perfectly adjusted and smooth as butter. Game is playing great and a ton of fun. Now to start looking at the available mods.

#4768 1 year ago

I really don't understand all the hate. We are loving this game and so is everyone that comes over to try it out. Now our favorites are Addams family, medieval madness, scared stiff, monster bash, and we even love some old em machines. Those complaining about code must really hate all of the machines I listed. I can't stand star wars and hate playing it on league night. Much rather play bride of pinbot lol.

#4819 1 year ago

Has anyone put the plastic protectors on their machine yet? Before I start doing cosmetic things I want to make sure I protect things well. Thinking the plastic protectors and a set of cliffy's as my first upgrades. I've already had an air ball land on one of the slingshot plastics. Anyone have a preference on who is best to buy the protectors from? I've never purchased from any of the sites that carry them

#4821 1 year ago

Which product is that? I only see this one


and that looks to only have the slingshots and ball guides.

#4823 1 year ago

Ah cool. Thanks for the link. How are you liking the green?

#4831 1 year ago

Anyone else having issues with the ball getting hung up going around the orbit? I searched the thread and only found one other post like it. I'm pretty sure I have the incline close to 6.5 degrees. The bubble is just a smidge north of centered in between the black lines. My tool for setting incline shows it between 6 and 7 but it's not any more precise than that.

An attempt for a full plunge with the left flipper in almost always gets hung up like the manual plunger is not strong enough to keep it on the back wall. An auto plunge goes around without issue about 70% of the time but sometimes get hung up in the same spot. It feels like things are not quite strong enough to keep the ball on the wall around the orbit.

Hitting the orbit either way from the flippers is generally good but even strong hits to the left orbit randomly get hung up sometimes. It's not the stopper where things get slowed down but near curve meets vertical on the left orbit and near the skillshot on the right side.

Only change in settings I've done was to drop the power to the flippers from default of max to normal. Thinking of putting it back up to max.

I have the carbon balls on order. Those should be in next week I hope.

#4840 1 year ago

I'll give a little follow-up on this as I've been testing things. Seems several of the balls have been extremely magnetized and are really attracted to the metal playfield posts. So magnetic that one of the balls actually got stuck on the left outlane post. So glad I have the new carbon balls on the way. It looks like 2 of the 6 are problematic right now.

Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

Anyone else having issues with the ball getting hung up going around the orbit? I searched the thread and only found one other post like it. I'm pretty sure I have the incline close to 6.5 degrees. The bubble is just a smidge north of centered in between the black lines. My tool for setting incline shows it between 6 and 7 but it's not any more precise than that.
An attempt for a full plunge with the left flipper in almost always gets hung up like the manual plunger is not strong enough to keep it on the back wall. An auto plunge goes around without issue about 70% of the time but sometimes get hung up in the same spot. It feels like things are not quite strong enough to keep the ball on the wall around the orbit.
Hitting the orbit either way from the flippers is generally good but even strong hits to the left orbit randomly get hung up sometimes. It's not the stopper where things get slowed down but near curve meets vertical on the left orbit and near the skillshot on the right side.
Only change in settings I've done was to drop the power to the flippers from default of max to normal. Thinking of putting it back up to max.
I have the carbon balls on order. Those should be in next week I hope.

#4846 1 year ago

Well, one good thing to come out of magnetized balls is that you can sometimes find strange things. Playing a game today a screw came down with a ball from the orbit. I have not been able to find where this screw goes and I have looked all over. I see that this type is generally used to hold the standoffs for the plastics but those screws are longer than this one. I'm worried there may be a missing washer somewhere as well but I don't hear anything when I lift the table up.

The other issue I found was behind grandpa. One of the standoffs bottom screws was almost completely unscrewed. Glad I caught that. Going to be going over the entire table with a fine tooth comb.

IMG_20190702_141312761 (resized).jpgIMG_20190702_141345954 (resized).jpg
#4888 1 year ago

I love my munsters but we have a TAF at league night and nothing on munsters can beat the thing hand coming out or the start of multiball light show. It's always a blast when those two things happen and everyone knows it's multiball when they hear "it's showtime". Herman is no thing hand coming out of a box.

Big pro for Munsters is that it shoots so much smoother and the ramps are much more satisfying for me. I would love to have a TAF sitting right next to my munsters.

#4893 1 year ago
Quoted from Lawnboy:

Ok. Found out where these go Does not look easy to put back in. The round piece goes under the left ramp and it looks like its a counter weight for the spot trap door. one screw one each side that are also not east to get too. The right one is in the yellow circle in picture. I have had at least three other people PM me telling me they are at least missing the screws. CHECK the tightness on yours [quoted image]

I'm still going through this thread and on page 34 found this post. This is exactly where my screw is missing from just on the other side. Now to figure out how to get it back in there...

At least the one on Herman's side is there. Going to see if I can get at that one to make sure it's tight as well.

IMG_20190705_143814072 (resized).jpgIMG_20190705_143829074 (resized).jpg
#4895 1 year ago

Highly recommend a tool set like this if you don't have one. The flexible shaft makes getting at hard to reach places quite simple.

amazon.com link »

I was able to get that screw back in with minor disassembly and when I checked the screw on the other side it too was loose and needed about 2 turns of tightening. Recommend you check those. I don't see any thread lock at all on the screws.

#4947 1 year ago

I have played the Metallica pin in real life and on a vpin. I just don't enjoy it much. Very similar shots to munsters for sure so in that respect they are a good comparison. I'm not a huge fan of the band but I walked away on my second ball when playing at a barcade. Just didn't care to continue when there were more fun pins nearby. I also don't care for tales of arabian nights and walked away from that as well. I know a lot of people.love that pin but just was bored. I like games like monster bash, medieval madness, TAF, things like that.

I've had my munsters for a month and I love it. I also love a number of 70s em machines so complexity is not something I look for. Take that for what it is worth...

Today I managed to stack 5 jackpots and the intensity when I had a 6x playfield modifier and kept missing that f'ing Dracula until I drained was intense. Never did make it but knew I was close...

I'm not the best but in a month I average probably 40 mil and my gc score is around 190 mil. I love chasing the jackpots and the ease of multiball is what draws everyone to it that comes over. Easy to get into and hard to master. I've not managed Munster madness 2 yet and I only get the first.one from time to time. It's going to take me a while to master this pin and I'm loving it.

From a newbie...

1 week later
#5124 1 year ago

Here's a non-topper related question. What angle is everyone setting their pin up for? I'm right at 6.5 degrees and I find that every time the ball comes out of the pops it hits the sling on the way down to the flippers. Watching videos from deadflip I never see it hit the slings coming out of the pops. Just curious where people have settled for an angle on this. I ask mainly because 80% of the time when the ball starts bouncing between the slings it goes right into one of the outlanes. I've gone to always going for the super skill shot to avoid the slings.

1 week later
#5224 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Feed ball to left flipper and make a shot from there. Works 95% of the time for me.

This is how I hit spot. Still a very dangerous shot tho. Seems like the timer is also an eternity. I wish it would just end once you get the super jackpot lol

#5245 1 year ago

spot doesn't drop with shots. It's a timed mode. Pretty sure after you get the super jackpot you shoot the flashing dark blue to bring spot back up and then hitting spot increases the jackpot value.

I ran into a strange bug today on the pro. I started the herman hurry up and then collected the mystery. For the prize I got "herman boosted" and from that point on shots to herman did not trap the ball in the magnet and I was unable to complete the hurry up. I tried to replicate on my next game and was not able to as the mystery granted me "start lilly". So far this is the first software bug I have encountered.

#5252 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

My mylar on the lower playfield window has performed fantiastic, no issues and crystal clear, highly recommend it.
To answer chuckwurt I completed Spot mode this evening, it took 6 direct hits to complete and he went back to his cave and the machine called out "Spot Completed". I think I had about 15 seconds left on the timer for his mode before it timed out. Like most others I typically avoid the bastard but tonight I felt like going for it, and pulled it off.

I took the glass off mine and just tested spot to see how many hits and if it would go away with a certain number. You can see from the video I just kept hitting spot and I only came out with 10 million from that mode. Not worth it at all. I hope spot is adjusted in a future version as it is just not worth the risk

#5257 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

Unfortunately none of the "modes" are worth anything, the only real path to points is to stack the jackpots and collect with max PF multiplier.

You can easily get over 100 mil going thru the modes without munster madness. Raven can be very lucrative if you get the multipliers up and it's a ton of fun too. So can Herman multi ball. Get the multipliers up and get lily going at the same time. But Spot... I honestly can't find a good reason to shoot at it when it's such a dangerous shot. If it was worth more points maybe but not worth that extra super jackpot. The duration is also such a pain. I really hope they address spot in a future software update. These days I tend to go for the orbits or shoot grandpa as that is a safe shot so you are tripping switches.

All points on this machine happen when you have that 6x playfield multiplier. Get that up and keep it up and you will make some good points even without munster madness.

#5335 1 year ago

I've got over 1000 plays on mine already and we are loving it. I can get to the first Munster madness occasionally but that is not usually my goal on this game. I have only once got close to Munster madness 2 but never started it. That was my only 15 plus minute game. Most of them are in the 5-10 minute. Most nights I play over an hour just to see midnight madness. There is always something to keep me dropping quarters in. I don't set mine to Freeplay because that breaks one of my main goals of playing pinball. Get replays. My highest gc is only 189 million but the replay is over 50 mil now. My son is not so happy about that one

We love this game and no Munster madness is not the wizard mode goal. Once I explain to people how to play and score points they love it.

1 week later
#5420 1 year ago

I think I have a magnetic issue with my pin. I have purchased the carbon pinballs recommended but I still seem to have issues with magnetized balls.the most glaring locations are around the main orbit. I had two balls go missing during a multiball. Even managed to get an add a ball and it had no problem going around the orbit. Once I had drained all of the moving balls and the mode was still running I started looking and found these two balls stuck. Maybe it's the rail that is magnetized? They were really stuck there. I tilted trying to get them unstuck. Anyone else have this issue?

IMG_20190814_172103815_HDR (resized).jpg
#5422 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply. The bubble is in the center, almost exactly, and I levelled it in several places with the glass off on the playfield using a incline meter and a bubble level as best I can. The one I bought is not extremely accurate but it is close to 6.5 degrees. It's between the 6 and 7. Also good for checking level.

amazon.com link »

I'm not entirely sure how to best check the pinballs for magnetism. About a month ago I bought these pinballs to replace the ones from stern


This is all new to me as it's my first pin. Over all it's working great but feels like something is just not quite right.

IMG_20190814_232640658 (resized).jpg
#5425 1 year ago

Thanks, I'll give those suggestions a try tomorrow and report back

#5439 1 year ago

I took the glass off and checked the incline. Looks to me like somewhere between 6 and 6.5. I gave it about 15 turns on each leg and rechecked. It's closer to 6.5-7 now. I tried the apps but I don't think my phones sensors are accurate enough as it was saying it was off level when my bubble level and incline was showing the playfield perfectly level. Might try my wife's phone when I have the glass off again. Will test it with the new incline to see if I continue to have the issue.

I did check the pinballs and they did not seem to be attracted to each other. Maybe it's a temporary magentism after being in the magnet? It does seem to happen most on herman multiball.

IMG_20190815_180758243 (resized).jpgIMG_20190815_180846016 (resized).jpg
#5462 1 year ago

All of the munsters episodes are on the internet archive. Don't even have to pay for them although I did buy the DVD set with the two movies.


There are a bunch of seasons of old tv shows up there.

1 week later
#5576 1 year ago

I don't have any chipping or pooling as far as I can tell on my pro with nearing 900 plays on it. Lots of dimples though which I understand is the new normal.

#5577 1 year ago

Finally beat my grand champ score tonight from way back on July 9th. That one was mainly due to a 100 mil Munster madness. I've also adjusted the machine for a much steeper incline since then.

Tonight I had a great first ball (123 mil) draining at the end of Raven multiball going into the first Munster madness. I had a 6x multiplier on that Raven but none banked. So the Munster madness wasn't that great but grabbed Herman and Lily right out of the gate afterwards and then a quick Raven multiball to finish my GC on my machine. Bested my super jackpot champ with over 40 million too. Earlier today I drained on a 7 super jackpot stacked with a 6 x multiplier. Had I grabbed that I would have been over 200 on that game. Slowly getting better and really enjoying the game.
IMG_20190825_230129910 (resized).jpgIMG_20190825_230844418 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#5628 1 year ago

I know I'm not a great player by any means but I keep seeing people ragging on this pin saying how easy and boring it is. I just don't understand that statement. My pro has over 1k plays on it since I got it and I've probably played 900 of them. My best score is in the 200 mil range with my average score in the 100-120 mil range. I have never made it to munster madness #2 and there are apparently 3 levels. It would be nice if there was some variation on the modes in each level but it's pretty hard. I'm finally getting good at spot and can usually get his jackpot without draining but man those slings love to throw the ball into the outlanes. I love it and I am still not bored of it. I wonder if these people ragging on it are the ones that played the pre 1.0 and got billions of points and never came back. Maybe there are still those on location with that old code in it? The current code is not easy.

#5635 1 year ago

Once you remove that screw check to see if it came from the rear counter weight thing on spot. I had a heck of a time trying to find the location of the mystery screw on my machine and that's where it was from. Seems a few other people have had that too

2 weeks later
#5909 1 year ago

A friend arrived for my Munsters a few weeks back. It's a Steve Ritchie classic and we are having a ton of fun with it as well. I can only imagine what some people around here would think of a home arcade with this lineup. Must be so boring to some people. Shockingly, I want to fill out my wall with an EM machine like Capt. Fantastic. Munsters will be my deepest machine by far lol.

IMG_20190921_112834817 (resized).jpg
#5939 1 year ago

I don't have any pooling or chipping in my pro (knock on wood). I have well over 1k plays on it. Only real issue are the dimples that no one is supposed to talk about. Looks like the moon lol.

I put a playfield protector direct from Germany (like 3 day shipping was amazing) on my f-14 and so far it plays like it is really waxed up. Lots of extra spin on the ball but I imagine brand new mylar or a freshly waxed machine would act the same. I just waxed my Munsters and it took a night to get used to how different and fast it was playing.

#6036 1 year ago

I just updated my pro to the latest code. I wasn't expecting much but now the backglass lights are pulsing with different modes. Seems to be tied to the GI lights. I've also been hearing some new callouts. So a few little items were added that are not in the code update history.

#6083 1 year ago

You can hit dragula and boost multiple characters at any time. I believe the boosts go away if you drain which is why getting a boosted character from mystery sucks. I think the designers are trying to get you to change up strategy by enticing you to shoot for whatever is boosted. The points are not that big for boosted though so I don't really go for them ever. This game is all about stacking the super jackpots and collecting it with the 6x multiplier. The other goal is to go into Munster madness with the 6x lit.

Lily is the only mode that can truly be started at any time and I believe she always lights kitty which is helpful. The only other modes that you can get going at the same time are Grandpa and spot (pro version). I'm guessing it's a bug. Get grandpa ready with the scoop lit and then start spot. Now shoot the scoop and Grandpa starts as well. It's the first thing I do in the game and then I just shoot for grandpa super jackpots and ignore the drain monster spot. Get Lily going and then once spot/grandpa are over start Herman. While in Herman hit kitty to get the playfield multiplier up to 6. Once Herman is over I start Raven which with the 6x is worth a ton of points. If I have 5 or more super jackpots I'll allow the random collect to bring them in. Then once Raven is over hopefully 6x is still lit or able to be rest with another kitty hit. Go into Munster madness and collect.

My strategy at least. I can get 150,000,000 pretty consistently off this before going into Munster madness.

Can't help you with the lights. I think things changed a bit with the latest update. The light show is more impressive.

1 week later
#6140 1 year ago

If they do dramatically change the game I would welcome it. I like the game as it stands but would love it with some more real modes and something better to do with that button than stupid zaps. A complete waste to me as well as dragula.

Thing is you don't have to upgrade to the latest code if you like it as it is as well.

2 weeks later
#6388 1 year ago

There were some new callouts added, some more videos, and I think a few other changes in the latest update. I used to get extra balls after 4 characters complete but now it's after 7. Munster madness seems to have changed a little as well. The time you have seems way less than before.

2 weeks later
#6687 1 year ago
Quoted from AdeptJR:

Where can I find instructions & coin cards replacements for my Munsters Premium machine? Looking for something a bit different then what was supplied.

here ya go

#6721 1 year ago

I think that is normal. Sometimes it'll stay in the pops for 20 seconds and sometimes it'll drop through without touching a thing. Those points really are inconsequential though. Nothing really scores well until you have the playfield multipliers going.

Mystery is such a wasted feature to me. 9 times out of 10 a Munster is boosted but the points are so small I just don't care. Only thing I hope for from mystery is light kitty or start Raven which I don't get often now after the update.

#6725 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The moment it’s lit. My goal is to have 6x running for most of the game.

not me, I only really want it running during raven and munster madness. My strategy for the pro lately has been
1. light grandpa but don't start it
2. start spot
3. start grandpa (it may not look it but grandpa can stack on spot you just have to have it lit and ready)
4. go for lily and start lily
5. once spot and grandpa are over start herman multiball
6. Now I start going for kitty and light it up to 6x
7. once herman is done start raven and keep 6x up while collecting super jackpots. If I get 6 or more I collect at this point
8. Hopefully by the time raven is over I still have 6x running and at least 1 kitty reserved for munster madness.

I try to get grandpa and spot out of the way as fast as possible. Even the safe spot shot can end in a center drain so being able to go for lily and grandpa as well at least make those modes go by quick. Plus if I'm lucky the mystery picked up from the grandpa shot will net me an extra ball or kitty. I get all of my points on raven and munster madness so always save up the kitty shots for those.

I've not made it to munster madness #2 yet but this strategy got me over 230 mil

IMG_20191011_101356515 (resized).jpg
#6730 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Man, that is a lot going on for a game that "needs new code".

True true, but I do have to say while I enjoy the first trip to munster madness I have never really cared about the second or third trips as I have not seen anything new. I wish there was some variety rather than just "you have to hit herman, spot, etc more." I do enjoy the challenge of the first trip tho. I hope if they do a code update they do something more with marylin, eddie, and dragula.

#6732 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Of you're waiting to light kitty you are doing it wrong!!!!!!!! That 230mil could of been so much more.

I don't agree because the most points you can get are with munster madness and raven multiballs. Focus on collecting super jackpots and then collect while in 6x multiplier within multiball is the most I've ever scored points on. Keeping 6x playfield is hard to do since kitty only lights on each mode start the first time (except for lily) That means you only have the opportunity for 3 kitty lights from herman, spot, and grandpa on the way to munster madness. If you drain you loose whatever you have used and then you have to bang on lily to light kitty at least 3 more times. For me it's best to save them up so I have it running in the most lucrative modes.

I'd love to see what others are scoring cause according to this site top scores and pindigo, 230mil is a top 10 score with many of the 500mil and greater being back in feb when the code had that horrible scoring bug.

#6735 1 year ago

My usual is between 120-170 mil. Given my strategy though I have a lot of 10 - 20 mil games. Looking at machine stats that's where the vast majority of my scores lie in those ranges. I believe the top 4 and gc are all over 200 or close to that.

I'm going to have to test that once kitty is lit you can collect whenever. I've played a lot and that has not been my experience. Once I am out of kitty hits I have lit by modes it's not lit anymore. Going to test it tonight though with the glass off cause maybe I am wrong.

#6736 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

My top is over 300 million on a pro where I got to MM2 on ball one and has 6x going for most of it.
New code.
You can keep the multipliers going by hitting kitty periodically. It will never time out if you do that.

I just tested that on my pro and on the 1.02 code it's not doing that. I took the glass off and quickly started spot, grandpa, lilly and then once grandpa and spot were done started herman. so I had 4 kitty shots banked and immediately went to 6x playfield with the 3 hits to kitty. Kitty was still flashing. I then hit it a 4th time and it reset the multiplier timer but kitty was no longer lit.Once lily finished I was able to relight kitty by starting lily again but collecting it just reset the timer and kitty was no longer lit anymore.

At least on mine I need to be careful of how I use the playfield multiplier.

IMG_20191119_181401 - Copy (resized).jpg
#6739 1 year ago

I continued to test and mine is resetting the timer on the multiplier if you hit an unlit kitty while it's running so that's something I did not know. Thanks for that. Not sure if that is going to change my strategy or not since it does make stacking more than 3 kitties a waste. I would stop going for kitty when it was not lit though so that will def change now. Will have to think about that more.

On my really good runs I am upping the playfield multiplier while I'm in herman multiball so I usually get a good bit from herman. Going right into raven after and then munster madness if you can keep the 6x going is where all the points are in my experience. Not draining during that run is not easy and if you do then the chance of the really high scores is over.

#6748 1 year ago

How many times have you had a 300 mil one ball? We are talking strategies for more consistent scores and by holding off on lighting kitty until the more lucrative modes I can regularly get 120-170 with occasional over 200. The Munsters that is used in league around here has an average score of 19 mil and a high of 120 with around 100 plays this season. The fact that nightly I can get over 120 after a few games is a pretty consistent strategy

#6752 1 year ago

And that's exactly why I do the same thing we are just going about it a bit differently I try to line up as many kitty hits as I can and get thru spot and Grandpa as quick as possible. I then go into the multiballs with 6x and Lily going and if I can keep it going for a bit and make it into Munster madness with 6x then I know I'll have a 150mil + score. If I can stack 5 or more super jackpots that's a bonus 30 mil right there if I can collect. The reason I stack the kitty shots is if I do drain on Herman or Raven I at least have a chance of 2 or 3x on Munster madness which will still be a 100+ mil game.

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#6797 1 year ago

After all of the talk on strategy I was finally able to break my previous gc from over a month ago. The only real change to my strategy.for this table was to keep pounding kitty while in multi all to keep it going. I still waited for multiball. I got things lined up with 6x playfield going into Herman, then Raven, and finally Munster madness. A lucky run without draining. I also focused on keeping Lily going during these modes. It was a really fun run and my best Munster madness to date. I've also been focusing on getting control of the balls in multiballs in league and it really paid off. I really wanted to crack 300 and my last ball was a complete waste but I hope to do it soon.

When I did the last code update I didn't reset everything. Is the extra ball now on 8 modes complete for you all as well? I remember it being around 4 on the code my machine came with.
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#7019 1 year ago

I've had the machine for 7 months now and I do still enjoy it after almost 1400 plays. It's been really reliable with only minor adjustments out of the box. I did increase the pitch to just over 7 to make it more challenging but that's about it. It plays so different after a waxing that's for sure but calms down in a day or so.

I've finally made it past MM 2 but have not seen the third yet. The modes do get a little harder but not too much. Still pretty much the same thing. I do hope they come back and revisit the game code and add some more variety to the modes and video clips. I'd also really like to see a cool light show when you complete objectives. Right now you get done with Munster Madness and nothing happens. The reset just happens. Maybe there is some fan fair after you complete it the third time? has anyone seen that? I'm just afraid that Stern has moved on at this point and we won't see any more updates to it. Hope I'm wrong on that

I seem to like machines others don't though. I have a Stranger Things on order to go next to my Munsters and it's currently being panned by the community as well. I've played it in the local pub and it's really fun and deep with a lot to do and it's only on .75 code.

#7024 1 year ago

Backbox lighting is now tied to the gi lights. They did this on the Ghostbusters update as well. Think it is their new thing. Backbox used to be solid on I believe.

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#7076 1 year ago

finally cracked 300 mil. Was sitting at 295 for a long time. I gotta say this machine has been super reliable. A few small tweaks out of the box but no real issues (knock on wood)

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#7083 1 year ago

I've had Herman shoot it right down the middle but it's one in 20 games or so and usually when he's not really something you want to shoot for and not lit. I don't really feel it's that cheap. The slings can be dangerous so I have tweaked the power on those as they turned to go pop pop outlane.

#7091 1 year ago

Getting good at munsters has really improved my play generally. It is a fast game but there are a lot of options to practice drop catches and live catches especially on the pro. I've gotten so good with drop catches from this machine that it's started to become second nature and without thinking I just started using it in league and tournament matches. Ball control is also key. It's pretty easy to post pass so instead of taking that dangerous shot I now post pass and take the safer shots. Since it's so easy to get multi balls it's also great for learning to control multiple balls. Something I'm currently using it to get better at. It is satisfying getting three or for balls in a cradle even if I'm horrible at dealing with that situation still

#7103 1 year ago

I'm at close to 1500 plays on my pro.

#7122 1 year ago

not sure of the size but maybe something like this you could try

amazon.com link »

otherwise it's probably drill it out with a smaller drill bit

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#7203 11 months ago

I own a stranger things. Have had it a little over a week now. It is more complex to setup than Munsters for sure. The fit and finish on Munsters is second to none. Borg did awesome work. My stranger things just feels a lot more flimsy construction and material wise. Munsters has been a rock solid machine with no tinkering needed.

All that said, I love stranger things and code wise it is super fun and very different from Munsters. The theme integration is Soo much better than Munsters. Everyone in the house loves it. Definitely released before it was completely baked tho. I'm hoping they issue a few design updates like stern did with Ghostbusters and looking forward to the next update.

Really hope Munsters gets the update it deserves but Dwight has been consistently saying it's done, no update. Last I saw that was said on the Ghostbusters update reveal stream.

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#7242 11 months ago

I think mine is at around 1500 plays and no issues with my protector either. My flippers are at the normal power setting tho.

#7243 11 months ago

I just had a really strange issue. The machine had been on for a while and when I went to play a game the magnet was not turning on and grabbing balls or moving herman. Checked the operator alerts and saw nothing. Luckily a reboot fixed it but that is the first time I've ever had an issue like that. Anyone else have that happen?

#7255 11 months ago

It's a fun game just not very deep. If you are a fan of 90's williams then this is a great machine. If you are a fan of the Stern Star Wars or Jurassic Park you will not like this machine as is. The game is hard and can take a while to master. We still enjoy it and play it pretty much every day even though I have a stranger things now. Especially given all the mechanical issues my stranger things has had. Munsters has been a rock solid machine hardware wise.

#7259 11 months ago

The DLC discussion on stranger things is ridiculous and I seriously doubt there will be an option for two different code bases on this one. If you don't want the update just don't put it on your machine.

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#7332 11 months ago

I had the glass off the other day cleaning the machine and saw that I have a chip in the clear coat where the ball hits as it comes out of the trough into the shooter lane. I bought a few sheets of mylar so I can put some down to protect the area more. Is there anything else I should do to the chip to seal it or anything? It does look like it's down to the wood but is thankfully very small.

#7336 11 months ago
Quoted from cabal:

Is spot triggered to the spot mode? or is it only up for a little time. When i start a game my spot is always looking out, then after some seconds, or i guess when the first switch is hit it goes down again.
Could be some game settings.

Mine is like this as well. Comes up at game start and drops quickly. If you can hit it real fast it starts the mode right away.

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#7396 10 months ago

I've had a number of newer players over to my house recently to play my machines and I've noticed that while Munsters is a very approachable machine and people love how it shoots the code is not newbie friendly at all which Stern keeps saying was their goal. The kitty shot is so tight and is completely required for getting a score over 10 million. I had a friend over that's pretty good. Was able to get all of the modes started and made a number of shots. Had a few supers stacked up but could not hit that kitty shot even though I told him it was important. That game he came away with less than 8 million points after about 5 minutes and didn't want to play anymore. People get discouraged when they see me step up and easily shoot a 80-90 million game. To them it looks like they just did exactly what I did but they only have 5-10 mil.

These days my Munsters is getting less and less play. As the code for my Stranger Things keeps getting more mature all of the newbies to the house are flocking to it because not only is the layout approachable but they are also posting 20-40 million scores. Scores are exciting and breeds that one more time feel. They at least feel like they are being competitive and when they do get a mode going each one feels different.

I really hope Munsters gets a code overhaul that reworks the scoring and makes these modes more tied into the show. Borg has a great and approachable layout with good ball times for newbies but the code sucks for them. I enjoy the challenge and feeling when post a 200-300+ mil score but the scoring needs to reward the newbies while still being a challenge for more experienced people. It's so clear looking at my audits. There are very few scores in the 20-80 mil range. A huge number in the 1-10 mil range. I'll take out the 100+ as those are all mine. No one but me has managed over 100 in the house and my son is quite good.

#7400 10 months ago
Quoted from dashv:

Genuinely jealous.
I’m still working with Stern to get issues acknowledged and addressed with my Stranger Things Premium which is parked next to my active Munsters Premium.
I’ve only been able to play it very little as I’m still dialing it in (can’t get TK multiball lock to work consistently, can’t get deflected Demo shots to stop hitting the glass, and they sent the wrong apron with my uv kit so I’m waiting to hear from parts dept about getting the right one).
My wife wants me to give ST back to Stern at this point.
I’m looking forward to being able to have them both competing for me and my friends attention side by side.
It’s the 4th Brian Eddy game in my collection. His games are hard to compete with.

I have the pro's of each and my stranger things is one of the earlier builds. Not the first 100 but early Jan build and have had my share of issues. A lot of them on the pro turned out to be software bugs that looked like hardware issues thankfully. Only major issue I have still is that my ramp is built wrong so can't make the demo shot. For that first month I felt the same way as you until the software issues were fixed. Now it is just getting better and better and I can't wait for the UV kit to show up tomorrow with, hopefully, the ramp kit to finally fix that issue. I'm also hoping my replacement grampa scoop will also be in that package as mine is bent to all heck on the Munsters. I can't speak to the Premiums but people usually walk up to the munsters and play a quick game and then just play stranger things the rest of the night. My poor ol' F-14 gets no love from anyone but me lol.

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#7466 10 months ago

With having to be indoors we've been doing more pinball nights here at the house and we've been noticing quite a few bugs with multi player modes. One of the big ones is that grandpa will suddenly be relit on the next ball after having been completed on the previous ball that drained without re qualifying. Happened to my son and I in the same game. Also the mystery light won't be lit for everybody and sometimes lit twice for player 1. I got raven and herman hurry up on ball one and ball two in the last game we played. I usually play alone so have not seen these issues until now. Really strange stuff with multi player.

#7513 10 months ago

At this point I'd pitch in

#7578 9 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Dwight’s got his top men on the code project.......to be continued

I do hope there is an update coming. If top men are working on it seems like maybe even more work at this point than the initial code lol. I just don't understand putting so much effort into two hidden modes when the main game could really use more variety. Midnight madness must have taken so much more more work than Lily, Eddie, and Marilyn all together lol

This whole stuck at home thing has me really rethinking my lineup...

#7605 9 months ago
Quoted from cabal:

It looks like i have some trouble with my herman lane. It's totaly bent. Would not be so bad, but now it is pressing against the ramp opto.
Do you know what would be the best way to straighten out the lane? Had anybody this Problem before?
I put in some red lines, i hope you can see what i mean.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Just looked at mine and sure enough it is bent as well. That is a really long wire guide that gets hit really hard often. Mines not touching the opto yet but could be doing it soon. Will be watching it now for sure.

#7633 9 months ago

Mine looks like it's really close to touching the two solder joints on the opto board. I'm going to put a piece of one sided stick foam against that opto just in case.

#7691 9 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Wow that is a great idea he came up with. I would be in for one as well if he decides to sell them.

Thingiverse has third parties that can print and ship parts to you if you don't have a 3d printer. The maker of the part may have to add the "get this printed" app to their profile though. I think some of the services even allow you to past thingiverse IDs in. More expensive than printing yourself but a few options out there. This is one of them


#7703 9 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I'd like to buy one also, I'm lost when it comes to 3d printing and stuff.

You don't need to know anything to order it printed is all I was saying.

1. Download the "thing" from thingiverse and extract Herman_Post_rotated_V3.stl from the zip file.
2. Point your browser at https://www.treatstock.com/my/print-model3d?utm_source=top_upload and upload Herman_Post_rotated_V3.stl

Then just pick which service looks the best to you shipping and price wise. ABS would probably be the best option as it's the strongest material but PLA would work fine as well. I could even get it printed and go pick it up at a local shop for $7. No settings even needed to be mucked with but you can choose color if you want.
options (resized).png

#7711 9 months ago

Note that it will also likely destroy pinball browser access so if you are tweaking your game I would not upgrade.

#7715 9 months ago
Quoted from pinballfan2000:

Yeah, we either won't be able to open Munsters 1.03 with Pinball Browser, or we'll be able to open it, but we won't be able to modify sounds
Is that what you mean when you say that code will destroy PB access?


#7723 9 months ago

The latest Stern promo email said Jack Danger will be streaming Munsters this week on Twitch.

#7724 9 months ago

Has anyone released a pinball-browser mod for munsters? I thought I heard someone was working on one but I never saw if it was completed.

#7764 9 months ago

opps, forgot to save off my settings/scores before upgrading. I've taken to doing it via the sd-card burn instead since it's quite a bit faster. Guess I'll have to redo all those high scores. My son is happy lol

#7777 9 months ago
Quoted from cabal:

Took some time, thingiverse needs a wait time of 24h for new accounts to publish things.

Thanks for this. Print was quick at a little over 30 minutes. Had to drill out the screw hole but that was no big deal. Maybe 30 minutes of time taking off the plastics to get to the post and buttoning it up. I will say that with the post in place the wire does not give at all. Balls pop off it with a lot more gusto. Took a second to get used.

IMG_20200414_222857874 (resized).jpg
#7784 9 months ago

It would not be a marketing benefit to announce the code drop they just did for munsters. Could you imagine the trolling they would get on Facebook. Probably best to keep it quiet lol

#7811 9 months ago

I have also sent an email. I correspond with Pablo a lot so sent it to him with pictures. He said it was the first he had heard about it and was forwarding it on to the design engineer and manager

#7825 9 months ago
Quoted from wyopin:

What’s the other fix that folks are needing/getting for the game...besides the bent Herman wire?

The other issue is the grandpa scoop protector bending. Stern sent me a new one once mine got bad. May eventually replace it with a cliffy if I keep the machine

#7828 9 months ago
Quoted from luch:

you got a picture ?

Pictures are in this thread

#7845 9 months ago

My clearcoat is starting to chip right near the scoop protector. The old one I replaced was bent right at the spot the chip started at and was digging into the clearcoat deep. I put a small piece of mylar down over the chip but I really don't think the stern protector is going to do the job. Will be buying the GB scoop protector from Cliffy to do the repair properly soon.

#7861 9 months ago
Quoted from finplanner69:

Is this like the chipping you are talking about? I have some on the front and the side. I'll buy the Cliffy part everyone is talking about, but what do I do about the chipped sections?[quoted image][quoted image]

Absolutely identical to the first picture. Stern gave me a new one of their protectors but it looks like it will just do the same thing. Definitely getting a cliffy and will figure out some way to fill the crack when I do. Since it will be under the cliffy probably a drop of super glue in the crack then covered with a piece of mylar? My guess at the fix. Need to someone looking around at what others have done

#7864 9 months ago

3d prints are brittle along the layer lines so if you orient prints to reduce the forces on the layer lines they become very strong. The latest design is oriented in such a way. I've found you can do amazing things with much more force applied than you would think on 3d prints. Example: my 3d printed droid driving around a museum at halloween. I learned a lot about printing parts strong with this project. Amazing how much stress they can really take
received_1214044662117003 (resized).jpeg

#7868 9 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'm sure it will be fine...I just had the parts and wanted to show another approach...no biggie.....

Wasn't ragging on what you did. That is a great option as well. 3d printing is definitely a science and small changes can cause very brittle parts. I've learned that the hard way.

#7886 9 months ago
Quoted from cabal:

just tried Munster code 1.03.0 with pinball browser. It is modifiable, sounds and videos are played. I replace a some Videos and Messages and Loaded the new Code. After Node Upgrade everything worked. Modified videos Played.
The first thing i have seen ist the backlight staying on. No flickering there anymore.
Codewise i don't think any changes were done. My guess is some bug fixes and code cleaning. The game file is a little smaler than in version 1.02.0
I need to keep an eye open on if the error is still there in Mulitplayer that Mystery and Grandpa seems to be traveling over from one Player to the other.

The multiplayer issues still exist. Just ran into them tonight during family tournament night

#7897 9 months ago
Quoted from finplanner69:

What multi-player issue please? Tried to search thread but didn't find it. Thanks.
On a side note, after day three of owning my first baby, I have found and turned on the end game option so I can throw a fit and quit when my first ball shoots straight down the middle.

It was in the post I quoted. Mystery and Grandpa tend to stay from player to player. I was player 1 and got mystery twice and Grandpa was lit after already completing it. You can steal other people's mystery if they don't collect it.

#7954 9 months ago

Contact stern about this. I bet they will help

#7981 9 months ago
Quoted from DustinP:

I sent an eMail yesterday however I’m not sure if Stern is even working during the pandemic. Thanks for the part# looks like it’s only $10 online I’m just not sure if I need both sides or hopefully not the board? During switch test nothing happens. Visually the opto looks fine there is a tiny red led illuminated so it’s definitely getting power. The left opto on the staircase I can’t see a red LED on but I think it’s hidden by the plastic-if the left side even has it?
I bought this game pre-owned with very few plays on it so I don’t know how much Stern will work with me.

I usually don't expect emails back from them Friday - Monday morning even on non strange happenings in the world days. I've been in contact with a few people at Stern thru this tho and even got a new part for my munsters machine. You should hear something in a day or two. Can't say if this whole global situation is changing things yet but my experience is they have been helping out.

#8046 9 months ago

A lot of people bought before they learned the code was "done" as well and a lot of people I've talked to have 0 knowledge this is the case. They don't read pinside and there are no marketing messages saying pin is done lol. What Stern did with this pin goes against every user expectation out there given their history. It's a sorry excuse given this is supposed to be a 3 year release for them. And now the code is being recreated from scratch in vpx and it's so clear how little there really is. Doesn't even need emulation lol.

#8052 9 months ago
Quoted from Ven:

Sadly the code issues have been discussed over and over, Munsters really isn't a newbie friendly pin the shots are hard the out lanes are hungry and it plays fast. That doesn't make for a very fun game for new players and from what I have seen locally people just don't like playing it in league, tournaments or on location in general.
Mine has been sitting folded up in storage for a bit now waiting for some code love. I tried to sell it and other than giving it away nobody wanted it so I will hold out for new code and hopefully it will become a more desirable pin as it should be.

This has been the experience I have seen as well. It is not a loved pin at league nights. Lots of scores in the 0-10 mil range. The scoring is highly unbalanced and does not make new players want to keep playing. The first 2 modes you play are worth basically nothing since you can't raise the playfield multi to 6. Even with 6x playfield spot is pointless to go after making it a completely wasted mode.

My league strategy is very fixed. My goal is basically a throw away first ball. Qualify grandpa, start spot, start grandpa, shoot for lily to start lily. If I manage that depending if I wanna shoot loops I may just let it drain at this point depending on how much time is left on spot. Then I go for herman, increase playfield to 6x and play that as long as I can, then do the same with raven and if I can keep it going with the 6x through to munster madness. Any other league strategy I've tried ends in misery. I'd love to hear if anyone else has a strategy for league that doesn't throw away the first 3 modes to get the 6x playfield going into back to back multiballs. This is on the pro.

#8056 9 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think this is a perfect pin for tournaments because you pretty much earn every point that you get. You have to make your shots to score big and theres no just getting lucky and scoring big points.

Problem is people don't seem to like it in the tournament/league setting. You have to work for scores on Jurassic Park too and really land some hard shots but even newer people to league can manage good scores from time to time on it. Not so much on Munsters and that creates defeated people who don't want to play it ever. A few pages back I've already given my report on newbie impressions of the machine so I won't repeat it but in my opinion Stern did not succeed on making a newbie friendly throwback pin.

I do still like the machine for what it is and I enjoy it and know how to get large scores on it but I've also played over 1500 games on it. I better lol

#8072 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I disagree. I'm not the greatest player, but I am getting better. Before Munsters, at my favorite arcade, I got to play Iron Maiden---for about 30 seconds. Dialed In was not much better. Ghostbusters and Metallica and SC-DC were 30 second pins for me, too. I get a pin that does that to me and is a long time before I am going to feed it again.
But Munsters, I was in love at first ball. It gave me some flipper friendly shots and is was/is fast. Those are my two requirements. I did not have to have a rulebook as big as the Gutenberg Bible to learn how to play it.
A year and a half later, my skills are improving. I am learning AC-DC. Had a great game on an Aerosmith. I have learned to like Ghostbusters.
I think for the average, casual player, Stern knocked it out out of the park.
I am really sorry for all the wizards out there who do not feel challenged by Munsters and desire more code. But Stern did give you Jurassic Park and that is a cool, tough playing, pin.

Just my opinion. I put all my reasons in this post a while back. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/1313-mockingbird-lane-munsters-club/page/148#post-5515904

I'm only stating what I see here at the house and at the one local spot that has a Munsters both with pro machines. Le/prem may be a completely different experience but I'm certainly not upgrading. Pretty sure most of the leagues and locations around here wouldn't consider it being included.

Kinda back to topic I'm glad I have no desire for a TMNT pin. Theme means nothing to me and not going with another Dwight game nib ever. I'll wait if it gets great.

#8123 8 months ago

Check to make sure the pins are seated in the connectors as well. One guy recently had an issue due to the pins on the wire side getting loose from the connector in shipping. When you have the connectors unplugged push in each wire and see if you hear a click or if there is any movement of the wire forward and backward.

#8165 8 months ago

Apparently Munsters is Stern's game of the week. Wouldn't it be nice if they gave it some love lol

stern (resized).png
#8182 8 months ago

I've had parts delivered for my Stranger Things and Munsters pins. Just got some today actually. But anything that would require manufacturing has been "backordered" so they say. So you might luck out if they have parts in stock.

1 week later
#8339 8 months ago

Has anyone else been having issues with the Herman magnet grabbing the ball on really hard shots? I've noticed this more since the latest release. Prior to this I've only ever seen herman issues once and when that happened there was no magnet at all. Once I restarted the machine I never saw it again. This time it's different. Really hard shots are definitely causing the magnet to engage as I see herman moving. The ball is not slowing down at all though. It's like the power to the magnet has been reduced or something.

On the latest software I have never seen the two balls get grabbed by the magnet. Used to happen all the time.

1 week later
#8416 8 months ago

My full set from Cliffy came in as well and once I finish repairing F-14 I'll be working on Munsters. He has a pretty good price for the full set.

The new scoop protector I installed a few weeks back from stern is already bending in the exact same spot the old one was.

#8430 8 months ago
Quoted from Mutt:

I've never purchased Cliffys but guys around here always say to get them & I have a brand new Munsters Prem at home so I might as well look into them. I can see he has some Munsters stuff on his WIP page but where can I purchase them?

I emailed him asking about the grandpa scoop and the rest of the set and he put it together for me. Nice guy.

#8457 8 months ago

I certainly do hope it gets revisited. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my Stranger Things pin evolve. It still has the same main modes it came with from the first software it's just everything has been tweaked and cared for. I would love to experience the same thing with my munsters.

#8478 8 months ago

The problem with Munsters (all related to the pro as I have not played a premium) is it lacks polish and diversity and I don't think it's noob friendly at all. It's nice you can get a quick multiball on herman as a noob but that's about it. Spot is not fun for anyone, no one knows what lily does (ooh yay switches score more but not enough to do much), I've only a few times seen a noob start Raven and that was via the grandpa scoop, and grandpa is flushed out and the best non multiball mode. Marilyn and Eddie are wasted characters. Dragula awards meaningless bonuses. Once you make it to munster madness you have seen everything there is to see. Not one noob I've seen has hit the zap button or even figure out what that means. It really does quickly become a grind to get to the multi balls as that is where the fun is. I have zero motivation to go through the 5 modes to get back to munster madness after getting there the first time and I never had.

Plus it has quite a few bugs that have never been fixed with multi player modes and the fact that you can stack grandpa on spot if you do it in the right order. Actually part of my strategy to get to the multiballs with 6x playfield. Pretty sure that is not intended though. The light shows are pretty blah and the callouts get old quick. There is very little build up to the multi balls and no fan fair once you complete munster madness. Game just quietly goes back to going through the modes. It has serious score balance issues favoring the kitty shot over all else which is not NOOB friendly at all. Funny that secret mania and midnight madness have been touted as the best modes in the game lately.

Anyway, I think there is a ton that could be done to this game to make it a real winner if the care is put into it. It's not clear at all if that is going to happen and I do feel ripped off that they just stopped working on this machine after a few months. Dwight might have said the rules were done but that doesn't mean the coding is done, the care is done, the polish is done, or the machine is finished but apparently in this case that is what it means. When I bought I was not aware it was "done". Not everyone has stern insiders and gets secret info. I watched the reveals but didn't hear the one little sound bite and all the talk on the forums was just wait as the code matures. Stern never published that the game was done in their marketing material.

Over the years it's become the expectation that Stern ships machines with bare code and then improves on them over a year or more and you at least feel like you get your 6k+ money worth. 3 months is about what was given to this. V0.96 - March 11, 2019 was the last big code change release. Since then it's just been topper support and minor tweaks to lighting and scoring. Had I bought Black Knight instead I'd at least feel like I got my money out of it even if it's not the best game out there. At least it's still getting major updates.

To me TMNT looks like Munsters with a third flipper, a more interesting magnet, and deeper code so IF that machine does turn out good in another 6-12 months maybe I'll replace my Munsters with it but not holding my breath at this point and certainly going to wait. My 2 cents anyway

I really do hope they take the time to do a proper polish update to this game. I really love the layout and the look of the machine.

#8483 8 months ago

I said it was all my opinion but a lot of so whats while I'm saying this machine is not noob friendly which is the intent of Stern. Anyway. No I'm not enjoying the machine anymore and likely will be selling it.

Quoted from cottonm4:

Tell me about a pinball machine where the callouts do not get old in short order. I'm all ears.

That is your opinion. I like Spot. Especially as I get better at the Spot shots; like hitting him 4 times in a row.

So what? A newbie is not going to know the difference. But the newbie, who knows jack about pinball machines, can drop his coins and get a halfway fair shake for his money. And maybe even feed the pin for 2 or 3 rounds instead of flipping then off and walking on down the line.

Another so what? The newbie can get enough good licks in that he might like the game to give it another try. And then another....... Eventually, he will get better. Shooting Kitty is not a slam dunk but it is not an impossible shot, either.

Wow. Sorry that you cannot find enjoyment with a pin when just one ball on the play field.

Another so what? The newbie will figure it out, eventually.

To me, both of these are a waste of time.

Herman can be made a little more difficult to get. But Herman is kind of like Spiderman. Super quick and easy to get multi-balls which sucks the newbies in.
Sorry you don't like your Munsters. Sell it. People are buying.

2 weeks later
#8577 7 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Recent interview with Dwight.
Goto 39:35

Ugh that is disheartening. The numbers tell the story though. I've had my Munsters for a year. I play every day and have three pins. Munsters, stranger things, and f-14. I bet the f-14 has more plays lately. I played the heck out of Munsters when I got it. Once I got to the point where I could get to Munsters madness consistently that was when my interest dropped and clearly the plays show that. Stranger things has been in the house 5 months.

Plus I just found out that the audits are completely broken on my machine and not showing the lifetime stats properly when dumped to USB. So many bugs still. It's just not finished.

IMG_20200609_170628699 (resized).jpg
#8593 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

This. They went a specific direction with Munsters. Some don’t like it. That’s fine. People need to stop acting like Stern owes them something with this game. They made a game. It’s up to you to decide if it’s good enough to own. Not beat down Sterns door when it’s not what you wanted.

For me it's not that. I'm more upset at all of the multi player bugs and the fact that there is almost no difference between levels 1 2 and 3. The game feels completely unpolished. Stranger things felt very similar to me when it was released but the care has been put into that one to refine and improve on the existing modes. Munsters never got that. I'm not asking for a complete revamp. Make what is there more special with care that you would expect from a 6k purchase. The game was walked away from and that is clear.

#8602 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Then why did you buy the game if it’s unpolished to you?!?

I made a mistake, one I am not going to make again with TMNT even though I have the money to buy it right now.

I was so hesitant to buy Munsters as my first pin. I was worried about the code but loved the layout and art. Turns out I should have just bought that Ghostbusters pin lol. Yes I was expecting them to do more and my mistake.

Funny thing, I ordered stranger things first week of Jan. Played it for hours at the bar and loved it. Munsters almost made me cancel that order as I was worried about the code but man I love Brian's games. Luckily that one is becoming an awesome pin as I hoped this one would. I think I'm done with nib pins from stern from now on though.

#8615 7 months ago

With Stranger Things and Elvira they are listening to customers and making changes based off that feedback. I send my audits every week on ST and I know that data is going in to help balance the game. I like this about what they are doing.

It's clear from the interview that Dwight does not like this at all. He even talks about the mess that was stranger things. Maybe he feels it detracts from his vision as a whole. I don't know. Everyone buying TMNT better understand that it's nearly done and he means that.

I'm not saying either way is correct. In some ways knowing the game is done should be more comforting to le buyers. I'm sure for operators constantly updating code is annoying too. So pluses and minuses.

#8624 7 months ago

I keep giving my opinion and I keep getting asked why I bought it. Truthful answer is I was expecting Stern to continue improving the game right or wrong. I've given my reasons for not being a huge fan anymore several times now but I did like it initially. Then I started to understand what people were talking about. I have almost 2000 plays on mine so not a nube on this game. Thing is I really wanted to love this game and for it to always be bolted to my floor. Right or not my expectation was there due to their previous machines. Before I bought I watched the Deadflips streams and read the forums here and never once saw anyone talking about Dwight's one soundbite that it was done. I think the talk started a month or so after I bought. Even Deadflips was saying on those early streams to remember this is early code it will be improved. Go back and look.

Yes I knew it was weak on code and I took the chance. Sometimes you get bit and this is a forum for us to be upset about it.

So I screwed up.

#8635 7 months ago

This is one of those games where the prem-le features make or break it. I have a pro. Guarantee you wouldn't feel that way about the pro.

#8645 7 months ago

Interesting, I honestly was not expecting much love for the pro.

1 week later
#8697 7 months ago

Yeah, have you seen the rules doc? It's deeper than Munsters but not by much. They didn't outline what is in the 8 modes. Seems like it's going more for variation on the characters than modes. I am interested in playing it but the theme doesn't interest me at all. Dwight did say in the reveal stream that it was going to release feature complete. It'll be interesting to see what they do with that code and if it really is.

#8716 7 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

I have a non-pinside friend considering a recent Stern and Munsters pro came up...
Are there issues with this one like the dimpling common on Stranger Things?
What's the code situation like?
Are there problem areas/parts?
Any advice you would share?

I'll be honest on mine and avoid the code question.

I have stranger things and this does not dimple like that one. I have about the same number of plays on them and Munsters looks great while st looks like the moon.

The only real problem area I have had is the long wire on the left side of Herman. There is a 3d print for that that works great. This machine has been rock solid and shoots great. I have the pro

3 weeks later
#8794 6 months ago

I've experienced magnetized balls and it caused strange issues. Ball getting stuck in the left corner of the outlane, balls getting stuck up near the entrance to the pops. I switched to the ball Baron carbon over 1500 games ago and I think one ball is magnetized now but not bad enough to see those issues I saw with the stock balls after less than 100 games.

1 week later
#8845 5 months ago

Funny, Just watched it as well. Game starts and he says start spot and then time that out cause it's the most boring part of the game. Doesn't even go for it. First minute is timing out.

On the PRO, not sure if it's like this on the higher end versions, but get grandpa ready before starting spot and a shot to the scoop starts grandpa as well. That way you can have both going at the same time and at least get some credit for ramp shots. Plus you now have 2 kitty shots from that right off the bat. Then start herman and increase playfield to 6 immediately. Start lily and keep doing what the guy is saying. Works great. Then once herman is over you are hopefully ready to start raven with 6x still going. Only real difference from what he recommends is I like to increase the playfield in herman probably because I'm exploiting an issue in the code where grandpa and spot can stack.

#8861 5 months ago

Unless you have a topper there is not much new in anything over 1.0. maybe a few more clips were made available but that's about it.

#8867 5 months ago
Quoted from Cento:

I just unpacked my Munsters Premium today and I found 3 Thumb screws and 1 Phillips screw at the bottom of the box. Does anyone know where they go?
[quoted image]

The 1 Phillips screw probably goes to the back side of spot. There is a counter balance there that seems to like loosing screws. I put mine back in with a little blue thread lock

1 week later
#8885 5 months ago
Quoted from ThatOneDude:

My wife got Munsters madness for the first time recently. I have only managed it a handful of times, mostly because we both find Spot to be hard to get. Not sure why that ramp is so hard for us to make, but dang, on my machine it is tough. I wonder if I have it a little steeper than normal. Anyway, it's rocking.

Spot is safer to backhand from the left flipper. Right flipper shots tend to go Sdtm.

#8900 5 months ago
Quoted from dashv:

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating. It’s worth the money and worth the inevitable repairs you will need to do as the out of box failure rate of these is ridiculously high. But we can help you get sorted.
The topper really adds to the game. The Raven is a total ball breaker and interacts with you frequently throughout your games mostly heckling. It really works well with the theme.
This is easily one of the best toppers ever in my book.
Played some Munsters tonight and drained my last ball with grandpas basement lit and ready for Munster Madness Level II!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooo close!
My wife played tonight and also made it to level 1 Munster Madness! Good night.
I also took a picture of my tables and their plays...
AFMR 235
Munsters 117
Stranger Things 33
[quoted image]

Is that total plays? I've got over 2k on my Munsters. My stranger things over 2500. I just picked up a stern pirates a little over a month ago and have put over 500 on it. I play a lot I guess

4 weeks later
#8980 4 months ago

Just saw the last call notice from Stern on Black Knight. I don't think I've seen that for the Munsters yet. That's only a year and a half or so on the line for that game.

#9005 4 months ago

I sent the info to Pablo and he said he would send it to the product manager but I never heard anything back other than that. Honestly I don't expect they will fix it. The 3d printed fix has worked great for me.

#9020 4 months ago

There is a setting to turn off spot in attract mode

3 weeks later
#9089 3 months ago

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Spot is starting to refuse to go back into the basement after he shows up. I've taken the mechanism apart and cleaned it really well and that resolved it for a day or two but now he's starting to stick up again. I can't for the life of me figure out what is binding up. I almost think it's the sleeve inside the solenoid has shrunk but when I get everything cleaned up nicely I don't feel any binding. Just curious if anyone else has had this problem.

#9091 3 months ago

No mods on my machine other than the 3d print to keep the wireform from bending. Everything else is stock.

#9093 3 months ago

Yes, when fully extended it feels like it's locked like it's hooked on something. Then as soon as it gets past whatever is sticking it drops freely. Oddest thing. It has always had this sticking thing and I originally thought it was that the edge of the metal bit on top of spot was catching but that is not what it was doing. It just wasn't sticking enough for it to not fall down. Now it's getting worse. Seems to be internal somewhere.

#9099 3 months ago
Quoted from hd60609:

When I installed the 3D print to keep the wireform from bending, I had a similar issue where Spot was not going down. Turns out some of the wires were bunching in this area. Later I noticed that Herman's face wasn't lighting during the game. Apparently I didn't get the spot light for Herman routed and aligned correctly. I'm pretty sure these were the wires that were bunching and keeping Spot up. Once I fixed the spot light for Herman, it was all good.

Thanks, I'll take a look at the wires. I had the entire mech out of the machine and could feel the catching of the plunger itself somewhere in the sleeve but maybe it is wires doing it. Will check and report back

#9104 3 months ago

I figured out what the problem was with Spot. The number 5 mount bit in the diagram was out of alignment and causing binding. Re-aligned and now Spot is going back to the basement with vigor

out of alignment (resized).png
#9110 3 months ago
Quoted from Good-Times:

Hey, recently picked up a Munsters Pro and getting into this thread. Has there been any fix for the shooter lane fouling (ball to the rail) that seems to happen for me about 1 in 4 balls? Also anything else that should be adjusted/protected?
Loving this game, I’m relatively new to pinball and this has really helped improve my accuracy. Kids loving it too.

Didn't early versions of the game not have the bevel on the shooter rail that was causing some of these issues. Think I found the post. Something to check


on later games the metal is pre-beveled.

#9111 3 months ago

Does anyone know what the rules are for midnight madness? It's just shoot everything right? Other than the startup which is cool it's doesn't seem like much of a mode

1 week later
#9230 84 days ago

Dang, I was really hoping after seeing all the posts there was some news of an update.

I own two of the most despised machines on pinside from stern lately. Munsters and Stranger things. People keep on saying that Munsters was meant to be a throwback simple code machine but I don't know what machine that is supposed to be. Mb, mm, afm, all are significantly deeper code wise. Maybe they are talking about 80s williams like space station or f-14...

To me, stranger things is what a throwback machine should be. It has a good set of goals that require specific shots around the playfield. I love 90s machines and really love playing them. NST is very reminiscent of 90s machines but building on it with modern tech. I am sure I am in the minority with this assessment but I can't stop hitting the start button on that machine. I think my stats in the pic paint a picture considering Munsters is a year older.

With the multiplayer bugs and grandpa/spot stacking issue Munsters feels like stranger things did at .90 to me. If only they gave it another few months to bake.

Like others I'm not going to be buying another Dwight machine for a while. In fact I put my money where my mouth is and have a new Guardians on order. Passed on tmnt for it

IMG_20201025_223612820 (resized).jpg

#9233 83 days ago

Scared stiff has a number of assets going for it and an interactive backglass that make the simple code much more interesting Munsters doesn't have those assets or a unique layout.

#9235 83 days ago

I'm just saying Scared Stiff has some assets that elevate it's pinside ratings. You were the one who made the comparison tho not me

#9274 80 days ago

you pretty much just did. other than a few different clips and slightly harder variations on munster madness and modes, IE more spot shots needed to start it, there is not much. Set your clock to midnight and enjoy a mode with no point or do the flipper trick mode if you want something different.

#9275 80 days ago

opps, double post. sorry about that.

#9281 80 days ago

Deadpool just got a pretty large update today. Hope we see something. At this point I'd just like to see the multiplayer bugs with grandpa relighting for users already passed it and mystery stealing to be fixed. It makes playing it against others really annoying. The grandpa stacking with spot exploit would be a nice fix as well. I'd love to see more difference in the modes from level 1-2-3 and something worthwhile done with Eddie and Marylin as they are so underutilized.

Tiltforums has an excellent readout of the differences from each level. The changes are not significant. http://tiltforums.com/t/the-munsters-rulesheet/4781

I did put my money where my mouth is about this. I bought a GOTG instead of Turtles and don't plan on buying a Dwight coded machine again. Can't wait for it to get here so I can stick it next to my other Lonnie game Stranger Things I love Borgs layouts too.

#9283 80 days ago

I've not seen 3 on my machine but hasn't Deadflip gotten there. I don't remember seeing any difference. I'll take the glass off tonight and find out. Was planning on resetting my scores for my family's next covid classic tournament anyway

#9285 80 days ago

really strange, I went to try and find the deadflip video he did on Apr 15, 2020 and it is gone. I remember him talking about how he thought he was getting new code for that video and then just played for a bit. Only the reveal streams are on youtube and nothing munsters on twitch anymore. I thought he got pretty far into the game that night as I watched for a while. I've been to munster madness 2 a few times now and it's harder but just more of the same. I didn't get to level 2 of mm2 where it switches to jackpots. Playing it didn't feel very different at all but I'm now going to test it tonight and will even video it and put it up here. A little rules exploration to fill in the gaps.

#9292 80 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

But it’s not. Three waves and leads to insane hurry ups in the third phase if you’ve crushed the first two levels. It is what MM I was in early code then Dwight moved it to MM II after a few updates.
MMI is just collect as many characters as you can before the timer runs out. Then hurry up at the scoop. Then it starts back at level 1.
Also MM I used the lower playfield. MM II doesn’t.

MM1 is just dumbed down version of 2. I don't have a lower playfield as I only have the pro. I just went thru the whole thing with the glass off on my machine. It's just variations on the same thing. 90% of the game is shoot orbit shoot ramp. MM 3 is only slightly harder than mm 2. You have to qualify each family member before then moving on. Once you complete the jackpots in 3 there is not much going on to tell you what to shoot for as everything is lit. The hurry up phase is just the same. Shoot ramp shoot orbit. Honestly it took me 40 minutes to walk thru the whole thing with the glass off and after 20 I was bored. It's just more of the same. Shoot ramp, shoot orbit, shoot family member to relight. Happy to post the video I took if anyone cares but I'm already bored of it.

#9293 80 days ago
Quoted from Jnyvio:

If it matters... This video was Published on Jul 3rd, 2019 and the code he was playing on was an older version (v1.00).

I think there were a few scoring tweaks after 1.0 but it was mostly topper code updates so not a big difference

#9294 80 days ago

I just ran the test again but without the video, I don't see any real difference between mm2 and mm3.The official munsters rule sheet doesn't list munster madness 1 or 3 as a thing and it talks about perks in 2 that I didn't notice getting. Maybe I did but they just are not that noticeable. I'll go back and look at the video when it's ready. The tilt forums one is definitely the closest. I don't feel like trying but it looks like it would just continue going on to mm 4-5-6-7 as far as you are playing but be the same thing. I also noticed that you roll the game score when you hit 1 billion. Most other stern games decrease the font to fit the score. I didn't let the score take to see what shows on the scoreboard.


I remember MM2 being the first MM that you hit. Probably why I just see MM1 as a dumbed down version. going for the same stuff over and over and over is pretty grating.

#9295 80 days ago

Here's the video. This really is an exploration video as I really didn't understand the rules around munster madness 2/3. Now that I do my opinion has not changed. It's basically shoot the family member as if starting mode, collect bonus that means nothing, which then starts hurry up mode. Once hurry up is done choose another family member to collect and repeat. Eddie seems to be the most benefit for the modes to go for first. The hurry ups are, as far as I can tell, always the ramps/orbits. So get really good at the ramp/orbit shots on this game as they are what you go for most often.

MM1 is around 10 minutes, MM2 around 20, and MM3 around 35 or so I think.

One thing I did test is the get grandpa ready, start spot, and then start grandpa to stack them. It works on each trip to munster madness. Stack lily with them and it's a really fast way to get 3x kitty shot going into the lucrative multiballs.

2 weeks later
#9304 66 days ago
Quoted from ReadyPO:

I agree, may not effect sales of the Munsters too much at this point. But it might impact my next purchase from Stern. If I know some support/code/enhancements can be expected after purchase, even if it is just some bonus clips, etc. I am more likely to purchase a NIB (I have not bought a NIB from Stern, partly because of the unknown of how much support can be expected in terms of enhancements, and I don't want to buy a V0.6 at their mercy).

I just purchased my 3rd new in box from stern in the last 2 years. Munsters, then ST, and I was going to buy a Turtles but instead, thanks to the excellent support from Lonnie on ST (and I'm loving that game now), decided to go Borg/Lonnie for my next one with a Guardians. I'll have 2 Lonnie pins and 2 Dwight pins in my collection and it's crazy that Stern Pirates is such a much better coded game than Munsters (IMHO) of course.

2 weeks later
#9364 49 days ago

Has anyone had issues with the grandpa scoop protector bending on the left side? My original bent to the point where it dug into the clear enough to damage it. Stern sent me a replacement that lasted all of 100 games. I picked up a set of cliffy protectors for the game and after maybe 100 more games it is also showing signs of bending in the same spot. It looks to me like the protector is nice and tight to the wood. I don't think the cliffy is going to last long though.

IMG_20201206_232228051 (resized).jpgIMG_20201206_232512 (resized).jpg
#9369 48 days ago
Quoted from cabal:

In total i think i have 3 of the Sterns gone broke, now i have cliffys it looks very beat up but it's holding.
I am not sure what to do after the flaps will break again. I guess i will just have to broken part on top and just reattach the flaps with screws? i tried with double sided sticking tape, but this does not last very long.
maybe i have to try to fix do a 3d-print fix. i tried it with a first try:
but this does not fit, but i still have the cad file maybe i have to come back and remodel it to fit better. and it's quite thick.[quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the pics and yours looks similar to mine. Yeah the cliffy is holding up much better than the stern one but clearly damaged. Glad to hear the cliffy is at least holding up longer. Mines not looking too bad yet but will be watching it.

#9373 48 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I got the cliffy....have not installed yet....how difficult is it...?

The grandpa scoop is not hard. I think I had to take off the right ramp and the plastics around but that is not hard at all. I installed the full set and I'm pretty happy with it. The protector for the left inlane does catch balls occasionally but nothing a little wiggle doesn't fix. Very rare though.

#9378 47 days ago

That's only one model though but odd they don't have the others in that list. They did just last run Black Knight though but there was an announcement about that.

#9382 47 days ago

Interesting, they announced it for black knight but not munsters. I'd say the chance of any code updates just plummeted

#9389 47 days ago

Wasn't that list from an AU/NZ distributer? Could it be that's the expected schedule for that region? I just got my Guardians pro that was built on 11/14/2020 last week and my distributer said Star Wars is on the line now. I find it odd that the newer titles are pushed out that far given they just released of course there could be a new title in the mix somewhere.

#9401 46 days ago
Quoted from Snotdoc:

Who are the best distributers to go through in general? Ours here in OKC will only sell for $2500-$3000 above anyone else price I have seen. They call it “white glove” service for setup and a 2 year warranty. I think thats latex glove service without the lube. Im new to trying to acquire a pinball machine and it seems covid has made that difficult.

Wow, yeah find a new distributor. The one I just went with for a guardians purchase offers in home warranty service and provides discounts to any price you see online although the discounts are not as big as they once were. I can second Trent at Tilt and they ship all over the us. One of my local distributer works thru tilt and I got my ST through that process.

#9452 42 days ago

For 1200 you would think the ad would not have spelling errors. Maybe even include a bit more information and detailed pictures.

1 week later
#9480 32 days ago

Adjust the sensitivity of the pop bumper. I had to make that one really sensitive but no more hangups there.

1 week later
#9512 21 days ago

Yeah, the spot opto is the one that can short due to the bending wireform.

#9532 18 days ago

from my experience so far even the cliffy is prone to wearing out. It takes a beating. I'm going to buy another from Cliffy for when mine breaks. I don't think the cliffy was related to his exchange tho and more the sinking inserts

#9535 18 days ago

There was some talk about the protectors a few pages back. My original broke in half, the stern replacement was splitting, and my first cliffy is already dented and showing signs of wear and bending in the same spot the stern one was breaking. I have maybe 200 plays on the cliffy. It will need to be replaced eventually. Not sure what could be causing it but it's not just my machine.


#9537 18 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Mine is hanging by a thread. I'll probably replace it with a piece of mylar or cut out a piece of .010 poly and double back tape it around the bare hole.

I have mylar under the cliffy. The original stern one bent in such a way that it chipped the clear.

#9539 18 days ago

as far as I can tell it's not the top that is actually bending. It's the bent flaps that go down the sides. It looks like they are getting hit bad and bending out towards the wood which is causing the upward bend on the top. The flaps are the first thing to rip off the stern scoop protector. The Cliffy has an extra angle in it which is stronger but still bending. Eventually the Cliffy flap will likely start ripping as well. I think it's the shooting and not coming into the scoop that is causing the damage but there is not a lot of tweaking you can do on it.

#9541 17 days ago
Quoted from Jnyvio:

Well I still hope new code comes out due to some remainding bugs... Most noted, when your in grandpa's laboratory... As the time winds all the way down on the digital timer and it "expires"..... Lilly's voice then says "Start The Machine" which makes no sense as there is no more time left and the balls have stopped appearing.
Anyone else have any bugs they would like to report. We should get a list started

I've reported the bugs I've seen numerous times. No clue if anyone got them. Lots of issue with multiple players and grandpa on the pro. Being able to stack grandpa and spot on the pro for instance. Things like that.

#9550 14 days ago

Stern is doing a last run soon. Might ask them. The metal bit there was added as protection since yours broke there you may get the warranty fix. Worth the question at least

#9604 9 days ago
Quoted from Wzpin:

Setup a new Munsters yesterday - it shows perfectly level - but, having an issue with the ball getting hung up around the bumper to the left of the Marilyn ramp on occasion - anyone else having that issue - and if so any potential solution? Thanks!
[quoted image]

I had this happen early on. I adjusted all of the pops to be more sensitive and the issue went away. I've had to adjust the slings and pops on all of my nib sterns to be more sensitive.

#9607 9 days ago

Pops have not changed much. That guide is a good one to follow

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