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#6758 6 months ago

Today I am trading my Hobbit for a Munsters Prem. I think The Hobbit is worth a little more but its just not doing it for me and I think I could have a lot of fun with this one. Thoughts....?

#6805 6 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

When I did the last code update I didn't reset everything. Is the extra ball now on 8 modes complete for you all as well? I remember it being around 4 on the code my machine came with.

Im sitting here getting ready to reload the software because I have experienced the same thing...Just a couple days ago it was at three of four modes and now I dont get it until sometime after the first munster madness. What are the chances we are both experiencing this...? its not like these things connect to the internet or anything to receive updates online or something. There isnt really a setting for it either. Im going to old off until someone says something..

#6806 6 months ago

Needless to say I made the trade. My Hobbit for a Munsters Prem. Ive had it for about a week and Im liking it a lot and really dont think I am going to regret it. I feel like they are going to come out with a huge update at some point that is going to bring this whole game together and really make it a great game. Same way they did with Deadpool. Ill be holding onto this one for awhile to see how everything plays out

1122191608_HDR (resized).jpg1122191608a_HDR (resized).jpg1127191650 (resized).jpg
#6842 6 months ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

I had a Hobbit on order a few years ago but luckily played one before mine was shipped. I hated it - so I told my distributor to send me something else, anything. GB was coming out so I got the premium which was about the same price. 'Glad I did it. Many can't stand Munsters but love Hobbit - I guess different people like different games and that's certainly OK. It's always best to play a game before you buy if you can. I've been a big JJP supporter since day #1 and think they make a great game but Hobbit didn't do it for me. It's better to sell a game you really don't like than to keep it in your collection and try to convince yourself you like it.

Quoted from Munsters:

Really? Didnt play hobbit yet but i have potc and my experience with potc/jjp is that almost every shot brings satisfaction. Certainly not on my munsters... Ok, need to play better perhaps... So hobbit overall experience not even close to potc?

I have nothing bad to say about the Hobbit. It was very well built and had plenty of innovations i was happy to see. Without going into a big review it just wasnt for me. I had it set as fast as I could and it still felt slow and there were so many things on the playfield that would block shots or cause the ball to do weird stuff and I felt like there was only one way to play it and be successful. I am happy with my Munsters so far and I really do think they are going to come out with a update that is going to bring int all together.

I have played plenty of other JJP games and I think the Hobbit was really their only flop. I like what they were trying and I see why some people would like it but it just wasnt for me.

#6846 6 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

If Stern does not come out with an update would you be disappointed?

honestly yeah I probably would. I actually played a 450mil game when I was home for lunch, that kitty shot is key for sure. There are a lot of things that could be done to the game and right now I feel there are parts/things/places in the game that are under utilized. What exactly...? I dont know. There just could be more.

#6848 6 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Strong rumor has it, Stern is coming out with a much needed update, even though game is good now. So we aren’t going to be disappointed imo

I agree. Stern has figured this out and have it down to an art. They will come out with a big update toward the end of production to help boost the last 1000 pro sales or whatever. Deadpool and a lot of others came out with a awesome update that really added a lot to the game over a year after it was out. I also agree Munsters is a great game now but without a update I see myself trading it in a year or so. With the right update it could be staying in my collection for a very long time just like Deadpool will.

I would like to see Munsters use the pop bumpers and spinner more (right now they are just there, I nail them as much as I can when I have that multiplier going though). Maybe do something with the scoop when grandpa isnt lit, or just do something with it i dont know. Maybe do something a little more with the Dracula shot just to name a few

1 month later
#7079 4 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Instead Stern gave the finger to LE buyers by upping the number at the last minute, delaying the announcement of the color Premium, and going radio silent on playfield clear issues while dealers sat on inventory people were afraid to buy.

Im not going to lie. When I started seeing colored prems I got kind of mad...That was messed up

I will also agree. If they dont come out with a new update this is going to be a total failure of a game. Im hoping it will be a lot like Deadpool was. It wasnt the best when it first came out but that final update totally changed the game and it is now my favorite.

Theres a lot in the Munsters you can tell still needs to be added. Like Eddie for instance. OK so do the spinners to anything hahah? also what is the point other than getting a super jackpot. Eddie is just of many examples. I dont like how Herman becomes a pointless shot after a multiball and another hurryup. I would like to see them doing something more with the lower playfield after grandpa has been beat. And the enlargement ray for anything other than the Pro is....a waste of a mode really.

I really want to like this game. I think all it needs is a good software update (I really wish they did something else with the Drac shot too. like a little ramp or something to make it go in smoother and then shoot it out under it or something, that would make those rebound shots off Lily impossible though). I tend to find games where i cant be consistent with the score to be frustrating, this game can be that way sometimes with the Kitty shot being key. If you cant find that shot you will have a hard time putting up ok scores. It can be a brutal game sometimes with the standups on either side of the ramps too.

I will be holding onto mine until I see what they do with the software. Still think the colored Prem thing was really really messed up by Stern.

#7086 4 months ago
Quoted from AdeptJR:

It seems it is designed to easily lose the ball, without any effort.

I agree. It really is a drain machine. I closed the outlanes (which is a huge pain on this game for some reason) and it still finds its way down a lot. Its not just Herman. Its the stand ups on either side of the ramps and some ill placed rubbers and things. Thats also what I meant but getting frustrated when its hard to be consistent with my score. I felt like my Metallica was like that sometimes too, with Munsters its different though because even a drain game can be kind of fun on MET. Not so much with Munsters and that Kitty shot requirement for a good score can get frustrating. I think it has a lot of potential though, I really believe they will come out with a software update that will make a big difference. Once you get 3 good balls going the game shows what it could do

#7094 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

How many plays have you guys put on your Munsters games so far? I haven't played mine much, only got about 700 I think?

Im still pretty low on mine too. I think Im around 400

#7140 4 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Great post.

If I remember correctly Cotton has said he wasn’t a big fan of the show. This may explain why the lack of show assets and integration don’t bother him and some others. I’m still amazed and confused at how many owners defend Munsters as a great game rather than demanding Stern make it so. Stern and Dwight should be ashamed of what they did to Borg’s vision for the game.

We are already over a year into the 3 year production window for Munsters. Stern is running out of time to generate sales interest by making a difference with code. I hope they at least do a code update for all the owners down the road but believe Stern doesn’t see enough benefit to rewriting the code.

I agree with everything he said. There are a lot of parts of the game that you can tell just arent finished. Like what does the spinner do? nothing. Eddie is nothing more than a jackpot. There is just a lot missing from the game. Im just waiting to see what they do with the update. How long im willing to wait....Im not sure.

You can go into the settings though and select a different version that will play more of the show. I think its called theatrical version or something like that. I remember seeing it when I was scrolling through the settings one day

#7142 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

First I've ever heard of this??

Ill have to double check to make sure. I think I saw it where all the difficulty presets are for the game. There were of course easy med and hard and then there was a home play and then I thought i remembered seeing something about theatrical version

#7143 4 months ago
Quoted from BigJoeCincy:

Ill have to double check to make sure. I think I saw it where all the difficulty presets are for the game. There were of course easy med and hard and then there was a home play and then I thought i remembered seeing something about theatrical version

Also I grew up in Cincinnati even though Im living in Mesa now. I grew up in Norwood Who Dey

#7175 4 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

You have every right to do as you wish however IMHO I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. There is a significant update coming so it might just pay to sit tight a little bit, if you happen to have someone in the “know” you’ll hear that this is more then just internet rumors.

This point right here is the only reason I am still holding onto mine. I was playing it this morning before work and thought to myself "Man its all going to come down to the update because right now Im just not having fun with it".

This game can be a great game. There are a few little things about the playfield I dont like but not enough to stop it from being a great game with the right software update. Keeping my fingers crossed that whatever they end up doing is worth the wait.

#7178 4 months ago

I remembered to check this morning when I was playing. If youre one of those people that want to see more cut scenes of the show when you play there is indeed a Directors cut option under the preset functions. "Utilities" .

I have not tried it or know what it changes but I would assume there would be more scenes

#7185 4 months ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Thats because your Halfwasted. Different Strokes for Different Folks no way will i trade my Maiden LE

Haha interesting. I would trade my munsters prem for a iron mad prem in a sec.

Ill say it again though. This Munsters update is going to mean everything

#7190 4 months ago
Quoted from Rozeks:

Quick question for the group: What's your level of confidence on whether or not this update is actually happening? Do we have actual inside knowledge of this, or is this speculation?

I would be about 95 percent sure. Its Stern normal ops at this point. They put out a game with a basic code on it. They wait until sells level out and then they release a update to boost it back up and finish production strong.

Now...how much time will they put into it...I dont know...Will it make the game waayyyyy better like it did for Deadpool...i dont know.

Thats what I mean by the update is going to mean everything. I dont mind the game and I dont think its bad the way it is now. But without a good update its just not the best game for HUO in mu opinion and I could see myself looking for something else soon.

#7206 4 months ago

Glad to see all the Munsters owners from the Ohio area. Im not living there now but I grew up in Cincinnati.

I was home for lunch decided to play a game and I destroyed it. It seems like the game had been screwing me over for awhile now and I was getting a little frustrated. Well it all came together this game. I drained my last ball right after completing my second munster madness and going for Herman. This is my second game in the 400k. I of course was working my shots and hitting that Kitty haha.

It really does need a update though. Some score balancing no doubt and unless youre finishing every mode you start there are times where it doesnt seem like there are things to shoot at. Like not finishing grandpa the first time youre down there is killer. if you finish all the other modes and only have grandpa left there really isnt much to shoot at. I dont like how so many shots just dont do anything at all like Herman after completing the multiball and other hurry up. After that does the shot even give you points...? (I dont know). The spinner is really only used during raven multiball....I could go on and on really.

There will be a big update here soon that I think will really change the game and like someone else mentioned i wouldnt be surprised if that wasnt the last. I wouldnt be surprised if we saw another update years from now....Remember how long MET was out before they did the last update on it. Stern will do whatever they need to to sell games. They know if they need to do a update or not, they know what a good game is, they know when a game is finished...this one is far from it and stern knows it.

I understand the game Stern is playing even if i dont like it.

0203201221_HDR (resized).jpg
#7210 4 months ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

I wish the spot mode would be more like chasing him around the playfield by hitting specific red color insert shots then leading up to him popping out of the ramp to bash him. Seems like it would add a bit more to the boring mode of just bashing him over and over with a backhand from the left flipper.

Spot being under the stairs was a big part of the show. I think thats why they did it that way.

#7220 4 months ago
Quoted from cabal:

I just had to replace a broken Grandpa Hole Protector on Munster Pro Pinball. One side looks like it would not have last much longer, the other side fell off some time ago. now it looks better with replacement. This was the second think i had to fix. The other one was the Grandpa upkicker switch. Machine is third hand so i can not say if this was from original or from former owner. Have now about 2000 Games on it.
Had somebody else a problem with the Hole Protector?

geez. how many plays and what do you have your flippers set to?

I did notice a small little dent in mine the other day when I was cleaning it. You could hardly feel it with your finger though. Nothing like that

#7223 4 months ago

interesting ill have to keep an eye out for that.

3 weeks later
#7313 3 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Yep it is the double USB port on the cpu board itself. I did write Stern, sent the requested info serial number photos etc and within 30 minutes they authorized a cpu main board replacement. I have to say their tech support has been pretty good and no complaints here

I have had the same experience. 5 years ago they didnt have their stuff together the way they seem to these days. I had a MET issue when they first came out and it was a huge pain to get anything taken care of. Much better now

#7358 3 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Deadpool? Now, there is a pinball machine! I was in love almost immediately. Fast with lots of flipper friendly shots and it still whips your butt.

I have a Pro at home right next to my Munsters. I think Deadpool is the best machine ever

1 week later
#7401 88 days ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I've had a number of newer players over to my house recently to play my machines and I've noticed that while Munsters is a very approachable machine and people love how it shoots the code is not newbie friendly at all which Stern keeps saying was their goal. The kitty shot is so tight and is completely required for getting a score over 10 million. I had a friend over that's pretty good. Was able to get all of the modes started and made a number of shots. Had a few supers stacked up but could not hit that kitty shot even though I told him it was important. That game he came away with less than 8 million points after about 5 minutes and didn't want to play anymore. People get discouraged when they see me step up and easily shoot a 80-90 million game. To them it looks like they just did exactly what I did but they only have 5-10 mil.

These days my Munsters is getting less and less play. As the code for my Stranger Things keeps getting more mature all of the newbies to the house are flocking to it because not only is the layout approachable but they are also posting 20-40 million scores. Scores are exciting and breeds that one more time feel. They at least feel like they are being competitive and when they do get a mode going each one feels different.

I really hope Munsters gets a code overhaul that reworks the scoring and makes these modes more tied into the show. Borg has a great and approachable layout with good ball times for newbies but the code sucks for them. I enjoy the challenge and feeling when post a 200-300+ mil score but the scoring needs to reward the newbies while still being a challenge for more experienced people. It's so clear looking at my audits. There are very few scores in the 20-80 mil range. A huge number in the 1-10 mil range. I'll take out the 100+ as those are all mine. No one but me has managed over 100 in the house and my son is quite good.

I explained this same thing to a friend at a tournament this weekend. It is so hard to be consistent with your score. This weekend I posted like 5 25-75 mil games and then all the sudden i posted a 800 mil something game (yes 800 mil). I find the inconsistency in bettering my scores irritating. Ive spent whole multi balls trying to hit that kitty shot all the time. I find that to be very frustrating. The scoring for the modes are so lopsided. Sometimes Ill be down in the lower playfield for a long time and then end up with less than a mil for points and it will totally waste a multiplier sometimes if you accidentally hit the scoop. Im holding onto the game for now to see what the code does but unless something really changes I see myself getting rid of it asap before everyone else figures out the code isnt going anywhere.

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