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1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ MUNSTERS Club.

By Monte

1 year ago

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#16 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Dang look at all you LE guys in here! I think im gonna start a new Munsters thread called "poor man Munsters Club" for me and all of my low income Pro buddies on here!

Ill take the exact game minus the lower playfield any day when saving around 4k..... i can almost buy another great pro nib like iron maiden. Normally I'm a premium guy but this is probably the least gimped pro ever imo. The lower playfield is nice but its still a gimmick and not needed at all . If we absolutely love the game. Ill sell my pro.and get the premium bc i like the b@w and b nice to have the extra playfield mb action.

#88 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

Considering all the negative posts on the hype thread, is anyone re-thinking their purchase?
I’m still in on my LE all the way and remain optimistic; but there’s been more negativity than naught in the other thread.
I’ve been overwhelmingly positive throughout the hype and reveal however I feel like I’m more in the minority now.
I’m still really excited about the pin and think it’s a beautiful looking package.
Rules will likely be deepened but gameplay still looks fast and fun regardless.

A few people like usual like to be debbie downer.... munsters looks fun to shoot and I'm excited for a new pin just like the thousand other people that have one on order...

#91 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

Yeah Bigd, I think there seems to be an increasing number of debbie downers on the Munsters hype thread.
I think it’s easy to be cynical but more constructive to look for the positives.
Munsters simply looks fun to shoot even if code doesn’t turn to be as deep as other offerings.
This pin checks off so many of the boxes I look for in a new pin:
Awesome art, solid theme integration, smooth and fast gameplay, interesting shot selection and great music/call-outs.

I agree

#92 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

That's why I drained the hype thread.....I'm super excited for my LE, and the game is going to be great!!!!
In typical PS fashion, any NIB is going to get destroyed in the threads until people get tired of doing it...I engaged heavily in the BM66 negativity threads, then thankfully, Tigerlaw started a Club thread, and things eventually calmed. Hoping this will become the Club Thread, or one like it, where owners can show unboxing, more gameplay, and dive deeper into the good and bad of the game in a positive/ productive manner......BRING ON MUNSTERS!!!!

Yep a lot of new stern pins get hammered but munsters actually isn't that bad overall and it's really down to just nitpicking at this point imo.... especially compared to other pins released in the past. Looking fwd to everyone getting this throwback beauty

#105 1 year ago

Just paid off my pro.. sld have it first week of February.... excited

#191 1 year ago
Quoted from mpnox:

Yes I just had to try it first but will update today. Can not find any readme file on the update.
Plays great out of the box, no problems so far.
EDIT: Was wrong about no plastics, there is a key chain.
Just noticed there is no coin door security switch on my game. Thats wierd.
[quoted image]

Spike pins don't use that switch

#197 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I guess it will be dark as hell in the middle of the playfield.
[quoted image]

Theres never much in the middle of the playfield? Few insert lights but thats it usually

#207 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

On the topper issue, and I am not sure about where and in what twitch stream I heard it, but I thought John Borg said when they started to work on Munsters that they came up with the Raven mech right away... now what was he refering to when he said that, does the Raven shot have some kind of diverter or mech on it or was he alluding to a playfield toy that I havent seen, or is it part of an as yet undisclosed interactive topper? Or did anyone else remember him saying that and what he was refering to in regards to the game?

There's a bash toy under the left ramp that pops out? Maybe thats what he was referring to?

#221 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Congrats. I guess I didn't realize (notice) that the Pro model doesn't have the LED light tree plastic on the left Raven ramp? Why would that be as it doesn't seem specific to the LE and Premium as far as modes?

Inserts cld not b on the playfield bc of the lower playfield..... pro dont have it so insert lights are on the playfield.

#227 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Oh. I was referring to this sign to with LED's to the left or Herman. Had not noticed it was not on the Pro.
[quoted image]

Correct ... the premium /le have those signs above both ramps bc the inserts are not on the playfield.

#252 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I am starting to wonder about a cliffy to put on the shooter when the game gets to me.
Is there one on the LE I wonder

Mylar is all u need

#273 1 year ago
Quoted from mpnox:

Have not noticed any problems with my game on .90
One thing that can be annoying is that Spot under stair case pops up in attract mode. That pop is quite loud, you can really notice that if it's quiet around.
I can hear it from another room clearly.
Have not found a way to turn that off, there may be a way but not that I found.

That's pretty cool actually

#278 1 year ago
Quoted from beastmaster1981:

Hi everyone ,
Cool if this technician alert are nothing .
Big other problem , when Herman magnet say hit the ball, my Herman keep the ball five seconds and release hit before I got the ball and begin the 2 ball hurry up. If I kick with a ball Herman it start the multiball three ok.
Can someone help me, my seller has the same problem with his pinball and think it came from code or playfield protector (someone put one in an other forum and have no problem with playfield protector)

Playfield protector more than likely causing this issue...

#279 1 year ago
Quoted from kklank:

This Grandpa Electric Chair Mod is............spectacular!!
I've seen it in person and the detail is sick. That joke of a plastic that stern originally put on above the scoop looks like a big shrinky dink. It's silly. This mod is exactly what my pro needs. Wrap it up Mod Couple, it's killer. You outdid yourself on this one. Raven clock is amazing with the detail too.
Why the heck didn't Stern originally create something like this? I don't get it. I showed my wife the original Stern Grandpa plastic and she thought I was kidding. Lol.

Really? U don't know the answer to why stern didn't do this ?

#299 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

10 games in and I'm not finding it "easy"

I know mine will b on the more difficult side the way i set pins up. If i made ss difficult than i can make most more difficult lol.

#316 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

So to all of the people complaining about the code on Munsters, are you talking that it is shallow like MB, AFM, MM and other 90's games or even more shallow than that? Im just trying to get a good feel for what all the negativity is about? I gotta believe that this game at least has as good of a code as MB. I would hope so anyway. If it is similar to that i would think that alot of people may actually welcome a pin like that. Not every game has to be GOT deep.or TWD deeo to be fun.
Help me out here and explain your shallow code complaints a little more in detail please.

It very much like mb but with many more layers to the scoring , jackpots, zap pots, levels and boosting.

#318 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

So there would be little reason to own both?

Not sure I'd go that far but they are very similar imo . Depends how many pins u can have i guess. I can only have 7-8 so i try to keep some variety.

#319 1 year ago

Looks like the super cold weather in Chicago may delay pins shipping....
I want my pro lol

#327 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not really, just trying to understand why all the disapointment is all. This game means a lot to me and i don't want to be disappointed. BM66 wasn't what i hoped it would be so im hoping the Munsters works out for me. These are my two most well liked themes. I guess i will find out tomorrow night for myself.

There's always a few people that are never happy with anything.... i think most will be happy with munsters overall

#329 1 year ago

New munsters code just dropped.... sweet. There's a secret mania mode and also a midnight madness mode. Lots of stuff added and fixed also . You can also see lots of add on and fixes in the readme from the prior .90 update also. Looks like some good things happening with munsters. Cant wait to get mine.

#332 1 year ago

Reading the file it looks like there is much more to munster madness than i thought. It has 3 levels to it which is really cool.

#340 1 year ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

Got my Pro # today from my Distro who got it directly from Stern so at least one left Stern Factory today. Hell Ya

Next few days are supposed to be super cold .... guess will c ...i want my pin especially with all this new code lol

#359 1 year ago

I'm guessing the secret mania mode is like Lyman's lament where you need to do something a absurd amount of times or u can put in a flipper code.

#361 1 year ago
Quoted from Scrappy01:

Just got a chance to put 20 plays on a pro at a local barcade, and it is Fing Awesome. I love everything about it, the theme, the Animations, the music, that killer left ramp, call outs are great, Skill shot is good, I like the spot bash toy, I am totally fine with the Lilly bar, it's a bad ass game.
Got to Munster madness, It's a fun game and would buy it for sure.
[quoted image]

Sweet.. cant wait for mine to arrive

#365 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Did they say February for LE's, or am I just hopeful? Haven't called my distro yet....just curious if anyone else has...

Yes they start on the line Monday

#397 1 year ago
Quoted from circuscinema:

I’m in the Musters Club now. Just got my Munsters Pro.
We are setting the Game up now.
I have read that the angel Stern will have us 6.5 angel.
What angel of the game are you all preferred.
It’s not my first NIB pinball game, but I was wounding about what you all do when you get a NIB Pinball game home...
Best Regards Ylva
[quoted image]

I find around 7.0 to be best ...

#399 1 year ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Munsters has landed in cali big thanks to jj at game exchange Colorado
[quoted image][quoted image]

Man its so beautiful and vibrant

#420 1 year ago

Shakers are always a must imo..

#447 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

The Munsters is in the game room, played 8 games on it, got to MMadness on the my last game, 5 ball play. First 4 games were short with lots of post and target hits, followed by drains. Started to get the shots dialed in each game there on. Take away is very fun game. Quotes and call outs are great, sound, lighting, graphics, video snippets during game play, and end of game video clips are all great. Only issue from my perspective is that Grampa's scoop is just a tad shallow which tends to allow some shots to leave the scoop even when its hit well. If the scoop were just a tad deeper that might help, but it's not really that big of a deal as most of the shots that left the scoop were rolling pretty fast on the way in. I'm super happy with how it plays and can't wait to power it up again tomorrow, in fact I'm certain it'll get play even on Sunday during the big game.
I also found 3 thumb screws floating in the cabinet near the rear, not sure if a technician left them in the cabinet or they worked their way out during the road trip to the distributor. If anyone knows where these type of screws are used in the game let me know, otherwise I'll take a close look inside the back cabinet and under the playfield.
Gotta give a shout out to Evan at Orange County Pinball, this is my 3rd NIB purchase from him over the past year. He is easy to deal with and has a good inventory, with the exception of Munsters because they are gone the same day they hit the floor. He stated Premiums start shipping end of the month, maybe a bit sooner. So those who are waiting for the Premium model it won't be too much longer.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thumb screws are from coin mechs. Also put that game on 3 ball asap.

#468 1 year ago
Quoted from ssbodyman:

Anybody else's game crash during midnight madness? I've played it twice now and 30 seconds in the game shuts down and reboots. It's killer while it lasts though.

Guessing a code update will be in the near future then..

#473 1 year ago
Quoted from mpnox:

So a rules question:
If I start the last mode before Munster Madness, for example Spot mode, it gives me so little points playing the mode so I feel the most logical thing is to cradle the ball on one flipper and wait for the mode to time out. When it times out I can shoot the Grandpa scoop for Munster Madness multiball.
It kind of kills the last mode for me, or am I thinking about this all wrong?

I believe the better you do in modes than the more stuff is worth in the madness mode. Yea u can time everything out but thats not much fun ....

#481 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I've been informed there is at least one easter egg done with a flipper code.I'll report back later as I get more info.

Quoted from Yelobird:

Interesting do tell when you find out.

Yea its the secret mania mode ... apparently there are clues to figure it out.

#488 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Works during attract mode
[quoted image]

So there more than just the secret mania i see.....

#521 1 year ago

Isn't there a flasher in spot that isn't enabled yet in the code?

#524 1 year ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

You can test it in flasher test mode only at this point.

Huh... wonder why its not coded yet...

#562 1 year ago

Stage ONE - Complete an area • There are seven areas that are all ready to be completed: HERMAN, LILY, GRANDPA,
• Each area has its own dedicated lights keeping track of your progress. Each time
you shoot the area you will advance it. For example MARILYN only has one lite, on
the right ramp. Only one shot needed to complete. LILY needs four, SPOT needs four,
GRANDPA needs four, HERMAN needs three, RAVEN needs three and EDDIE
needs two.
• When an area is complete you will collect a perk for that area and then move to
Stage TWO. The perk will last until stage three. Meaning the perk will happen for all
the remaining areas completed as well.
• Each area has a different perk:
○ HERMAN - Start Ball Save
○ RAVEN - Light Kitty
○ EDDIE - Double Jackpots
○ MARILYN - Light Super Jackpot
○ LILY - Everything Scores more
○ SPOT - Everything is Boosted
○ GRANDPA - Lower playfield Jackpots (on the PREMIUM / LE or Add Time on
the PRO)
• The order you complete the areas will have strategic implications.

Stage TWO - Collect Jackpots • When an area is complete you will move to Stage TWO.
• All the possible Jackpots are lit at the start.
• Meaning:
○ By default you get four lit Jackpots blinking at the normal speed.
○ If you have completed EDDIE, all Jackpots will start off double. They will
start off blinking fast. When you shoot it once you are awarded a Jackpot
and it will slow down to the normal blinking speed. When you shoot it a
2nd time you will receive another Jackpot and the light will go out.
○ If you have completed GRANDPA and you are playing on a PREMIUM or LE
you will lite all the lower playfield Jackpots too and balls will be kicked to
the lower playfield.
• Jackpots are on a short timer. If the timer runs out the stage will end. Each time you
shoot a new Jackpot the timer resets.
• When Stage TWO ends you will move to Stage THREE.
• Like all other Jackpots if your ZAP meter is charged when you collect one you will

Stage THREE - Hurry-ups • Each time Stage TWO ends Stage THREE will begin.
Stage THREE is an opportunity to collect four cascading Hurry-ups.
• The value of the first one is dependent on how many Jackpots you collected in the
previous stages.
• The value of the last three is the same plus what you collected in the
previous Hurry-up.
• The shot order is left ramp, right orbit, right ramp, and finally left orbit.
• When you complete the four or any of them time out, you will return to Stage ONE.

#563 1 year ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

There is nothing on this document to explain what to do during munster madness... in france nobody know what to do.... i have well looked the dwights video but i dont have the same thing on my pinball : i begin munster madness every time with marilyn and i must shoot the yellow target... after there are white target, again and again !!! As the game is difficult, we loose the balls and our score during munster madness is ridiculous (sometimes 1 million LOL)...
Do you have understood the munster madness rules ?

Posted above sld explain what u need?

#567 1 year ago
Quoted from vex:

Had mine delivered today from Tommy@Nitro. Great playing and fast game! It is a really fun machine to play and will compliment the line up perfectly. My only gripe is that the game is rather dark so I might have to get some pinstadium lights to even out the lighting.
Am I the only one that thinks its a bit dark?
I was a little bummed out before receiving the machine from all the bitching here but thankfully that negative stench vanished as soon as I played the game.

Just add a few spotlights if you need extra lighting.. much cheaper and won't take away from the great lightshow

#577 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Hell no!! I’ve been to MM a few times but just hit flashing shit. Nothing obviously broken. The major bug I’ve heard about is the jackpot scoring there doesn’t reset properly.
Apparently (according to a thread on tilt) the playfield multiplier was being included in the base value of the next shot, so the second hurry-up was at 36X instead of just another 6X shot.
Which also leads me to believe MM is being misunderstood by some. If you were stuck in that state you mentioned, wouldn’t it be impossible to get to these hurry ups? Others seem to be advancing in the mode.

From the looks of this video the munster madness played out just like the rule sheet said and the first guy that got to almost got threw everything it offered.

#605 1 year ago

The old lady and i spent few hours on Munsters pro today...... very fun with great light shows , shots , ramps, callouts, animations, super fast and flowing with tight shots.(especially the left ramp) The one we played had no ball save and wasn't even the newest code. Great fun and didn't mind the code overall and will be great in our collection. The game was very unforgiving and if you missed a shot than it most likely drained out the outtlanes. We thought it was like met but more difficult . Also lots of strategies for scoring and many ways to get your name in at the end. Not sure if one we played was changed from factory settings but it kicked out butts for the most part. Loved it and can't wait to get ours next week hopefully.

#626 1 year ago
Quoted from bohunr:

I knew I should have ordered right away I didn't pick any up for my MBLE either. Do you think any other distributors any in stock? What all is everyone putting down for protection on the Munsters? Also my distro asked for full payment yesterday.

Only place Munsters needs it is shooter lane and inlanes where balls drop from wireforms. Scoop and magnet area will be fine ....

#628 1 year ago
Quoted from Wmsfan:

Agreed for home use. If you routing your game, you will need to get some scoop and magnet protection as well.

It has a scoop cliffy from factory and uses the magnet core with metal around it so nothing is needed on those imo.

#630 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Earlier in this thread a solution for use in between a cliffy or no cliffy was suggested by going to Hobby Lobby

Yep mylar or static cling vinyl work great for long use... i stopped buying cliffs for my nib pins bc mylar works perfectly

#663 1 year ago

I like the green t molding on the pro...

#675 1 year ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

I have the sames doubts as you and dwight himself sent me the answer (very cool guy to answer at our question) :
Starting with V0.91 Munster Madness changed a bit. I felt it was too hard to complete. Starting with V0.91 you start the multiball with Marilyn spotted for you. This means you start in Stage TWO - Jackpots. The other change is that after stage TWO you play stage THREE right then each time.
The game use to go
STAGE I (complete an area) -> STAGE II (shoot jackpots) -> STAGE I -> II -> I .... until you finished all seven -> STAGE III (Hurry ups)
Now the game goes like this:
STAGE II (Marilyn) -> STAGE III (Hurry ups) -> STAGE I (complete an area) -> STAGE II (shoot jackpots) -> STAGE III (Hurry ups) ...
So, its normal to begin with Marylin.

I like the more difficult way from .90 and before... the game needs some kind of depth somewhere and the took some of it away...

#693 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

I hope so, but Dwight indicated on the reveal video that the rules were pretty much done so it doesn’t seem as if Munsters will undergo a similar code transformation that we saw with Batman 66. I want Munsters but going to wait and see where the code is in six months.

Maybe just the basis of the code is there? Hopefully it gets expanded somewhat over the next few updates?. I was pretty happy allready with the pro when i played it last fri tho. There is more to it than op mentioned imo depending on your goals when playing it. Lots of strategies are involved if playing for points. If your just trying to get to the madness mode than yea i cld see it being pretty boring.

#696 1 year ago
Quoted from wizzardz:

Looking at the rule sheet, it almost looks like working toward madness might be something of a red herring, at least as a goal unto itself. Knowing how to use Boost, Dragula, and stacking is going to be key to getting to madness with points

Correct.. also the zap button /building up the jackpots is key along with the multipliers.

#703 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

I guess that is what I am mainly getting at, the game is about the Jackpots and kitty multipliers. Modes are a means to build jackpots, individual modes are not really worth any points by themselves you need to stack the jackpots and collect with a good playfield multiplier. Why shoot endless if dangerous shots at spot when you have already qualified the super jackpot? The likelihood of qualifying multiple jackpots is pretty slim, the risk vs reward is just not there to justify it.
The rulesheet comes right out and says there really isn't any difference between the different levels of mode play so you have more of the same.
Even if you play a mode really well it isn't worth squat unless you collect those playfield multiplied jackpots at some point.
I have played Munsters a lot in the few weeks that I have had it and just don't feel there is any other way to play it and really don't want to even play the modes on it past getting super jackpot qualified. The shots on the game are pretty fun but fun shots don't carry a game for a super long time if there isn't anything code wise to draw you in and make you want to keep playing.
Compare this to Iron Maiden for example, on Maiden you can blow up basically any mode in the game if you play it well and come out with a good score out of that single mode and if you do well enough you come out with a soul shard shot that you can collect right then and there. The modes on Maiden are worth playing, are unique and you are rewarded for a well played mode both when you play the mode and again later in the game if you progress far enough. Sometimes I play Maiden and focus on playing modes with the mutliballs secondary because the modes are fun. TWD is another one with good mode scoring ability, double scoring on shots etc.
The only gripe I really have playfield layout wise is the shooter lane has serious issues with the ball hitting the metal "ramp" and kicking it up into the bottom of the right ramp wire form it is a really bad issue and the ball will only launch successfully about 1/3 of the time with the auto launcher. I am not sure why they didn't route a pocket into the shooter lane for the V portion of that ramp to fit flush to the playfield like they did on the dragula side of the playfield. I thought I may be able to adjust the position of that metal ramp on the shooter lane but when I took the two screws out to see if I could adjust it there were already three sets of screw holes under the metal so it appears someone at the factory tried to adjust it to no success evidently. But because of the three sets of holes already there I can't really do anything to adjust it. I did take the wireform lose and put several washers under it to raise it up away from the shooter lane and that has helped to keep the ball from slamming into the wireform but is not a permanent fix. I spoke with my distributor about it today and he had already contacted stern regarding this because he has had the same issue on the other Pro's he has sold.
I am just telling it how I see it, I just checked and my Munsters has 269 plays on it in just under 2 weeks most of those plays were put on it by myself so I think I have played it enough to get a feel for the game.

Don't know what to tell you... guess its not for you so maybe sell it? I just enjoy playin pinball and when i get tired of a pin i sell it. My favorite pins are the more simple 90s pins so it works for that imo. Sorry your not digging it. ..

#705 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

Fingers crossed it will get better.

O I'm sure it will but not sure how much more it will change or how much more will be added.

#791 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Way to go ViolinSteve, funny how a New in the Box pin brings out the kid in us grown up's! Your gonna have lots of fun with Munster's in the house now!
Made the outlane post changes today and played a few games, seems a bit better. After taking a measurement to compare the left and right gaps at the outlanes it's obvious Borg purposely designed the imbalance in the gaps by design. The gap on the right side is a 1/4" larger than the left after making the adjustments. Must be a reason why Borg did that, perhaps he's testing our nudging skills!
I like the way Puffdanny thinks, those damn tilt bobs always seem to get ya just when U think your cranking out your best game, then it bites ya!

Same reason the code don't have a ball save from the factory... game is a shallower type pin so they did small things to make it more difficult which i love. However anyone can adjust their games how they want which is y there are options.

#835 1 year ago
Quoted from TomDK:

In the club ... out the club.
After exactly 19 days in my gameroom the Munsters Pro will leave today ...
Nice flow and fast game, but thats it.... boring. Maybe the software updates will change something but they can not change the emty playfield.
I cought myself after a bad first ball starting a new game, getting all characters in every 3. game. Dragrace is boring and a show stopper. The jackpot there on the left is boring and a show stopper. To 90% I stopped the jackpot to get back in game. The sound is bad, too many layers at the sametime. Animations are funny .. for the first 3 times ...
Good news .. the pin will stay in my pinball league so I have chances to play it later .....

Wow a whole 19 plays... takes me at least 75-100 to get a feel and understanding of a pin. Nothing really clicks in that short of time frame imo. I dislike most pins at first but they get better as u learn the shots and rules/objectives. Sorry u hated it

#837 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

In his defense, he said 19 "days" not "plays". I would assume he got more than 19 plays in on it unless he's a 1 play a day type guy.

Woops... still half asleep lol... still not very long. Wonder how many games.

#839 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

It would be interesting to know the number of games. That being said, over the 13 or so years I've been in the hobby, I've seen pinheads who get bored with all sorts of games very easy, including some games I've never got bored with even after playing for years, so I'm sure it would be something to take with a grain of salt.

I feel i at least need few months or a few hundred plays to learn/understand a pin. I hated hobbit, woz, bsd, wh20 and many others at first but they have now become some of my all time favorites. Guess everyone is different tho and no one will love every pin.

#860 1 year ago

Many games shooter lane ramps are not counter sunk into the playfield? Met and di are examples.

#863 1 year ago
Quoted from wyopin:

Way thrilled stern has started putting on cliffy-styled protectors!!
[quoted image]

They have been and also lighted scoops

#864 1 year ago

Of course my game is finally supposed to be here tomorrow or fri after all the factory delays..... and now we have 6+ inches of snow and 1/4,inch of ice on the ground. Not sure what I'm gonna do but ill find a way to get it in the house and set up lol.

#874 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

We want some pics bigd when you get it! I bet the wait is killing you!

More than you know

#908 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

Question for those who have reached Munster Madness:
I reached Munster Madness once tonight on my LE.
When the mode started, I only had a multiball on the top pf and no multiball in the mini pf going at the same time. I never actually got the lower pf running at the same time.
Are both multiballs supposed to be running simultaneosly during the start of Munster Madness or do you need to activate the lower pf mutuball with a series of shots on the main pf?
Game is fun and fast!

Pretty sure u have to qualify the lower playfield to have both going at once

#917 1 year ago

Excellent review like usual.... great explanation of the rules and definitely more there than just getting to the madness mode ..

#920 1 year ago

My pin is on the way to my local hub and scheduled for delivery monday..... however i have a friend that's a manager on nightshift and depending when it lands this evening/tonight he's gonna let me grab it up till 7am. Hopefully its there soon so i can grab it ..

#926 1 year ago

Heading to the fedex facility to pick up my munsters..... crazy

#929 1 year ago

20190223_021410 (resized).jpg

#955 1 year ago

Pro is gorgeous... I'm very happy with my purchase so far

#975 1 year ago

No issues with my launch ramp or anything on my pro for that matter... plays great out of the box.

#978 1 year ago
Quoted from Captainhook:

What a joke, brand new game and you have to do this to fix it Stern sucks

Its really not needed imo and plenty of games have the same designed launch ramp

#982 1 year ago

Have about 50 games on my pro and its a great pin imo. Shoots great with some fast flowing shots.... its not that easy imo and i think the code is very solid for as early as it is. I wldnt call the madness mode a wizard mode by any means but more of a enhanced mode after completing the others. There is alot to the code after you figure it out and the risk/reward part of it is very cool. So many great lighting effects , speech, sounds, video and little things in the code that are great. The game won't be for everyone but it will fit just fine in most collections. Have mine set at 7.2 degrees with factory settings otherwise.... .got to madness twice but drained very quickly and didn't complete shit.... game can be very brutal .

#998 1 year ago

Yep not everyone will like every pin.. that's why its nice to have so many choices. Munsters is pretty dam good everything considered imo. Code has alot to offer once u figure it out and dont consider the madness mode the end. Its not the kind of game that u have a end to really. Only thing i wish wld b added is completing all modes gets you a special mode.

#1021 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Personally everyone is allowed their own opinion. So I'll offer mine Munsters Pro is one of the worst games Stern has ever made PERIOD!
People bash on the Beatles but if you love the Beatles and you're not a huge pinball fan there is nothing to hate about that game. The Beatles looks retro, really delivered theming wise to any real Beatles fan. That pinball looks amazing, graphics are outstanding, as for a game its boring yeah its boring. But honestly I think Stern was going for a different market therefore the game is great. It is easy to play, themed awesome, and focuses on the young Beatles with a really cool retro feel.
Munsters on the other hand is a pinball game, there aren't Munsters fans who will pay 8k for a 5k game much less 25k again for a 5k game.
Munsters is BORING. There is nothing unique here just more of the same borrow from other games they've recently done.
I'm okay with it for Beatles but not okay for Munsters.
With all the cool licenses Stern has why even do Munsters? Maybe because they tried to rain on the parade of Monster Bash. Monster Bash LE is a HOME RUN 10 out of 10, Munsters at best is a 5 out of 10.
I haven't seen the LE yet but once I do I can leave a different review. Hoping the lower playfield ads more fun into an otherwise boring game.

I enjoy munsters much more than when i had mb. They are pretty similar code/layout wise but the strategy involved along with the lighting, video , callouts and sound effects make it better imo. Also the code will only improve (hopefully) but its a solid fast /flowing pin that can be very difficult from my owner ship experience. Its just fun to play and just puts a smile on my face ...except for the frustration bc it can be evil

#1026 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Yes I agree with you, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love MB too. Did you buy a Munsters pinball machine? Out of respect to Pinsiders that have dropped a considerable amount of coin on this game, this is an owners club. Plenty of negativity on the other Munsters threads for you to add to.

Compared to most titles i dont think there is alot of negativity overall... its just the same few people over and over for the most part. We sld be celebrating another fun pin release imo instead of focusing on the negativity.

#1033 1 year ago

Take it to another thread please... also if you don't like the pro then i highly doubt you will care for the le as the only difference is the lower playfield which don't change the gameplay much at all imo. Sorry its not for you but i think its very fun as do plenty of others .maybe the next release will work better for you

#1038 1 year ago

I can understand if a game isn't someone's cup of tea(i don't care for many top pins) but boring is not a word that comes to mind when i play any pinball machine. Yes some click better than others and have better themes / code/ gameplay but all pins put a smile on my face when I'm done. I think some people take things way to seriously in this hobby ... just have fun and enjoy the silver ball and b happy we have new pins coming out monthly to keep things fresh.

#1042 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I actually own three haunted houses and at the exit we have a gift store/corporate party room. We have restored all the coolest horror themed pinball games, and bought new ones. I bought Munsters LE sight unseen for this area... I think I've been clear I think the game looks cool but the PRO isn't fun to me. That is an opinion that isn't being a dick or anything else its an opinion.
I'm actually excited to get the Munsters LE because it looks REALLY COOL its just the game there isn't much going on... if I'm wrong then why is the game ranked close to 50 and sinking fast? I think more could have been done, they actually could have build the entire munsters house in the back of the game now that would have been cool.
As for the Beatles I only used that as reference because everyone was dogging that game because it was like Seawitch. I actually think Beatles had a lot of creativity put into the theming, which I think was their goal to make a Beatles themed pinball that was easy to play knowing Beatles fans would buy the game. Personally I like Beatles... doesn't matter. I'm not blasting people because they love the game, nor should anyone else blast someone if they don't.

Wouldn't worry about ranking . Many people vote that haven't even played it yet and just go off what they see /hear. Stern just released and started shipping....their are not many pros out in public/homes premiums and very few le models. Also very early code .. all this is why its like it is at the moment. Overall most people are happy with it which is why it has sold so well allready. I also enjoy the Beatles pin .

#1070 1 year ago

Just had a awesomely fun game....stacked all jackpots with multiplier and saw alot of level 2 which was fair bit more difficult than the 1st level also had different clips,audio and lighting . Really starting to understand the rules now and it pretty exciting trying to get everything going. I hope they add a special mode for completing the 5 main modes after level 2. 20190226_141245 (resized).jpg20190226_141301 (resized).jpg

#1071 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Just had a awesomely fun game....stacked all jackpots with multiplier and saw alot of level 2 which was fair bit more difficult than the 1st level also had different clips,audio and lighting . Really starting to understand the rules now and it pretty exciting trying to get everything going. I hope they add a special mode for completing the 5 main modes after level 2. [quoted image][quoted image]

Took almost 100 games to get things connected.... now i haven't did shit since that game lol.

#1100 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

All you new owners, I suggest you set this puppy up nice and steep.
Turn down the lights, crank up the pin’s volume; and you get immersed in the Munster’s world under the glass.
The speed and flow is amazing.

Agreed 7.2 seems like a good setting from my experience. I love the lighting effects and i play in darkness... sometimes its really difficult to see anything during certain modes but it makes things very interesting lol.

#1101 1 year ago

Noticed the sling plastics are different on the premium/le from the pro. Also looks like more lightning in the return lanes on the le.

#1115 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

Yeah there are several times where you really can't see the playfield during certain modes. Spot and Dragula kickout are especially dark, I pretty well have to play it with a light on in pin room.

Dragula isnt to bad as the lights are usually back on by time it reaches the right orbit... spot is a fun mode but difficult to c at some points for sure

#1123 1 year ago

They do a small overseas run of pros. Then a small domestic pro run for stern army/locations with the few extras going to homes. Then 50-80 domestic le are ran and then the overseas le are ran. Then back to the rest of the domestic le . Finally the premiums are made. They are running a few weeks behind bc of whatever the delay was at the factory.

#1155 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Digging this game!!! a few things so far:
a) You can set ball save in menu....pretty funny clip that goes with it
b) Spot under the stairs does light and flash when you get to him
c) Grandpa's basement mystery provides many options that translate to main playfield...the multiball and shots down there are definitely "pinball like"..a great "game in the game". haven't got upper and lower working simultaneously yet....but sure it's in there (I'm an average player at best.
d) orbit can be lightning fast, and ramp shots are super smooth, also can create pace.
e) The attract video can be set to once an hour....trip down memory lane!!!!
f) not having individual targets doesn't phase me on this worrying about splints to keep things straight (?) sort of cool
g) machine can be a drain monster at times on the outlanes...
I know I'll be in honeymoon phase for a while, but it does seem they took their time and made a gorgeous, well laid out machine here...back at it!!!

I like no ball save as it really makes you think about which skill shot to go for. Yes the game can be super fast and missed shots usually end up in one of the outlanes.

#1157 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Agreed...just nice to know it's coming up during attract mode scared the shit out of me the first time I saw it (was leaning over pf looking at all the stuff and bam)...funny stuff....

He is loud lol... also hitting the flipper buttons during attract mode does some neat stuff..

#1161 1 year ago
Quoted from guss:

Thinking about buying a pro. Any good reviews about it ? Cant afford to buy a Le. Would like a Monster bash but the same problem.

Quoted from guss:

Does Spot light-up on the pro?

Everything is same on pros playfield as the other models... minus the lower playfield. Pro is pretty great imo

#1193 1 year ago
Quoted from tmntrule999:

I am in the same situation of having such a hard time deciding between Munsters or Monster Bash. The one and only thing making me lean slightly towards Munsters is if I go with Monster Bash, I need the Premium, the screen just makes the game so much more amazing. If I go with Munsters, I will be perfectly happy with the Pro. So have to decide between a $5,800 purchase or a $7,300 purchase.

You need shop around as you can get a pro cheaper than that. Also i have owned a mb and a munsters now. They are very similar imo but munsters has so much more content(video/souunds/music) and strategy/risk vs reward in the code allready and will only get better. I find munsters just more enjoyable to play and it can be super brutal but then you have a great game where things come together.

#1225 1 year ago

I love the light shows in Munsters... very aggressive and in your face with some crazy effects with the dual gi lighting.

#1231 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I’m sitting here having a beer(s) and watching a Munsters stream on Twitch and listening to all of you braggers talk about your games and showing off your lamps and shit and ive just decided the hell with, im getting a Munsters Pro. Will be ordering this week probably so take that Bitches!

Hopefully you can find one in stock from the first batch... otherwise you may be waiting a bit.

#1234 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Oh ok nice bigd just rain all over my parade why dont you!
I never even thought about it but younare probably right. I can wait if i have to, not a big deal. Im sure it wont be too long before they make some more.

Sorry not my intention....Now if u got a premium you cld probably have it much sooner. Call around tho..... id bet someone has a pro stashed away.

#1243 1 year ago
Quoted from wfumed2:

Speaking of premium, anyone heard anything about if they are on the line yet? The premiums were supposed to start today (3/1) but of course then the delay occurred..

Running few weeks behind schedule at the moment....

#1283 1 year ago
Quoted from Phatchit:

Finally received my pros 1 for me and the other for a buddy that wanted one . I added different new balls , plastic protector kit , stern shaker . I also need to add a few more mods , but do far this game shoots like butter . I had two non pinball buddies over and they loved how it looked and thought it was awesome !!! I like the game a lot and code updates will only make it better !! Only played a handful of games and really need to watch a vid on how to play it and use that zap button
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

What's the build date on your pros

#1304 1 year ago

No issues with midnight madness on my pro

#1325 1 year ago

Not sure what i did but what a amazing game... i read there was a possible scoring bug in madness mode... i was to busy to look but guessing thats what happened possibly? I did have my 6× multiplier going during madness and cashed in all my mode supers during it also? What a rush doing all.of that with the intense lighting and sounds. 20190302_215330 (resized).jpg20190302_215338 (resized).jpg

#1329 1 year ago

I love trying to max out the multiplier /super jackpots/zaps for munster madness . I always fail horribly by draining out first lol. Also u need to pay attention to the dragula shot to cancel it out and building up the zaps. Both are difficult to hit the button on bc of the game speed and flow and i usually lose a ball doing it. This is the first it all worked out... its was pretty sweet.

#1332 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Been on it for about 2 GC w 183k and some change....There is no machine w a mini pf that is more relevant and challenging that I've ever played...what a rush!!! You literally have to cradle and make shots down there to progress. I can see why Borg was so excited for this have to really "play pinball" down there, as it has impact on the top, along w it's own jackpots, and multi-levels.....
Yes, Bourbon night, but can say w confidence that this is an absolutely amazing game!!! Wears you out, but I still keep pushing start. There is some polish to be had ( found a couple bugs), but as is, the machine is stupid fun and has a lot going for it.
The machine also feels very "solid"...hard to put my finger on it, but the build polish shows on this one, big time...
Wow, just wow!!!

Ill be most likely upgrading to a premium or possibly a le in a month' or so. I really like the game and want the mini playfield now. Dam u

#1333 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Congrats BigD, watch that JD stream for the secret to get to billions score. Good news is you have a lot yet to explore!

A billion? Wow.. which stream was that on?

#1344 1 year ago

The game is fast as heck.. probably the fastest orbits ever and the right ramp is lightning. Also the ramps are tight (especially the left) and with killer targets on both sides of both ramps it can be evil. Most of my games are short bc my aim is slightly off on ramp shots... if that's the case then forget about having a game over 1-2 min.

#1347 1 year ago

I do have one big issue.. I'm out of room and munsters is in the middle of my dining room.... that's not the issue if u ask me. I wanna play it at night but bc of where its at i can't really play past 10pm bc it will wake the old lady.

#1350 1 year ago
Quoted from brett:

It sucks running out of room. I’m there also.
My dilemma is I really like all of my collection.

Yep it sucks.... hopefully we find our new house this year ...ill have a finished basement gameroom with at least 20 pins at some point.

#1351 1 year ago
Quoted from Wesmantooth:

Has anybody got a premium yet? Thanks

Not till le are done

#1362 1 year ago
Quoted from 2manypins:

Just a few observations. I have not bought a NIB Stern since FG. I see the metal cabinet protectors are now plastic. Lock down bar has changed for me also. Takes longer to get off but tight as heck when clamped down. I find just putting the lockdown bar on without clamping it down is good enough. Shooter ramp does need to be "flattened" a little or recessed in.
Those are really the only negatives so far. Whole family enjoying machine. Artwork and flow of game is great. Sound for pro model is impressive. Looking forward to any updates.
Looking for custom apron cards. Would like to see more clips of the show or possibly an episode during attrack mode.

Dont really see any negatives ? Also my launch ramp works perfectly and the others ive played were fine also?

#1382 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Did you resolve the problem? The only thing im not understanding is how on earth did Stern forget to recess the ramp into the shooter lane? Do all the other games that they have built have the ramps recessed into the shooter lanes?

Plenty of games have the exact same set up... my di and met are the sane and there are plenty of others... Obviously it must of been a cost cut... lol

#1424 1 year ago

How long are you all setting the ball saves for? .... 30 sec lol? I really don't think it needs one if you play it safely. If you go for short plunge to left ramp or regular skill shot you sld be fine for 5-8 seconds. . Its when u go for the super skill on the fly that usually gets you quickly but that's the risk/reward part i love about the pin..... just like the zap and canceling out the supers while waiting on the multipliers.

#1435 1 year ago

Really surprised by the long ball saves and other things people are doing to make it much eaiser. The game is rather shallow and i think the factory settings with a 7.2 angle are perfect combination for most players. I have alot of shorter games when i go for the super skill and just flip away . But if you actually take time and focus on things its not to bad. I wanna be punished for bad shots and just flipping wild . Things get boring quickly if its to easy especially with shallower code . That's just my take on things but people can set things up however they want ...easy/ difficult it don't matter as long as your having fun. Guess i like things difficult bc when you bring everything together its just that much better. Imo

#1436 1 year ago

Also spent some time on level 2 modes today... they were much more difficult and the sounds and animations were alot different. Wonder if the madness mode is much different? Also has anyone figured out the secret mania mode? How about any flipper codes.? Can't wait to c what the new code has in it.

#1437 1 year ago

All yea one more thing.... added pdi glass to this game(forgot i had few pieces upstairs) and wow.. night and day difference its so much better to play now. I have it on all my pins but huge difference on this pin in particular imo.

#1442 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

No ball save on location is not nice. I turned it on since most of the people playing at the location it's at are casuals. My feeling is if the ball is lost in the first 5 seconds, most people affected by this are casuals who do not need to be punished and discouraged, especially since they paid cash for a little entertainment. A ball save at the beginning of the ball doesn't really help good players that much.

I'm only talking about home play

#1454 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

To follow up on my last post, and for those whom are interested, see photos. These photos are showing the post locations after re-setting them to the optional hole location in the playfield to close down the gap. You will note that the left gap between the rubber bumper and the lane wire form on the left is 1-1/4", and the gap between the rubber bumpers on the right is 1-1/2" of an inch, the right having the larger gap. Not sure of the thought process or design methodology behind building in a biased setting between left and right, but it bothered me, so I corrected it. To each his own as they say. It was just one of those things with this game that really bugged me, I can say after making the mod I find the game plays better and more enjoyable. Sure I still get drains when I deserve to get them, just eliminated the cheap ones on the right.
I just wanted to share this info with the community in case anyone else might find it beneficial.
[quoted image][quoted image]

O my..its your game so u can do what u want but i wld of found something that wasn't so aggressive/ permanent.

#1455 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

For me. The difficulty comes in scoring big. That’s what keeps a nerd like me coming back. No quick way to points. Have to be methodical about it.

Yep its pretty awesome when i save all the supers zaps and multipliers going into munster madness. Most of the time i fail getting everything stacked but when it comes together you get big scores.

#1519 1 year ago
Quoted from KLR2014:

just saw that munsters 0.91 code is up for LE and Premium, date March 6:
no read me files and no pro

Pro is at .91

#1537 1 year ago

There's a new code past .91? I wish they wld add a wizard mode for beating the regular modes.

#1555 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

One note I forgot my shooting fork was not beveled. It sits atop the playfield. So far no ball launches into the air but wondering if I will have to make an adjustment to that. Also they guy in the picture is my dealer.

I haven't had one issue with my launch ramp and its not beveled.

#1571 1 year ago

Not sure if its bc my game is getting broken in or something else but over the last few days its been destroying me..I'm lucky to start a 3 ball herman mb. I can't get anything going and its not being very nice... but i kind of like it lol.

#1599 1 year ago

Munsters sld be a good comp pin ... great risk vs reward

#1704 1 year ago

Boom new code... and only gonna get better but the new code is much better.

#1709 1 year ago

I can't get the code to work? This is the first time this has happened with any pin? The pin just boots normally and won't read the thumb drive? Any ideas? Is the file supposed to be zipped? Normally i just download and put on to my drive ..then it installs fairly simply.

#1711 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You have to extract the zip file that you downloaded.

Ok.. i tried that also and it still didnt read it..

#1718 1 year ago

Ive tried everything... cant get it working

#1747 1 year ago

I still can't get new code to take... is it 1.75 gb? Ive tried every method mentioned.. this is the first issue ive ever had on any pin. Very annoying

#1757 1 year ago

I like the new code and like that the real Munster madness is after level 2 . Will definitely be more challenging to get to that but the mini version on level one is fun also. Also nice variety between levels keeps things fun imo. Good job on the new code. coming.

#1760 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

If you're using Windows to unzip it, use something like WinRAR instead. The built-in winzip extractor has problems with the Stern zips sometimes. Makes a bad file, but won't give you an error so you know.

Thank you... this worked..

#1770 1 year ago

If you replace the stock spot flasher with a bending one it makes a big difference.

#1772 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Like it. Ordered!

Its not 12v like most flashers...

#1777 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Pretty sure all spike flashers are 5v. Could be wrong.


#1786 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

And I'm odd man out that likes the white flash from under Spot as if his eyes were glowing red..
I've debated on lighting the back of the ramp, but all the factory lighting effects on the LE are pretty well done, imho....nothing has stuck out as a must add on pf lighting or toys yet. Anxious for a look at the topper however.....
Have my titans, waiting on a few other final finishing touch things, and will post some pics of how mine will live. Just a beautiful, fun game...

Stock lights are perfectly fine imo.. i just messed with the spot flasher so it more noticeable.

#1787 1 year ago

I feel things are more difficult on the new code.

#1808 1 year ago

7.2 angle here and no issues with flying balls... also set flippers to soft... like the way it plays much better

#1818 1 year ago

The new code (.96) is essentially a mini wizard mode and then the full madness mode after level 2 is complete.

#1821 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’m hoping for a third MM that’s even crazier. That would be awesome and something different. Yeah you have to go through the game three times to get to the final wizard mode, but the path gets harder and changes along the way.

This or a special madness for completing the modes

#1882 1 year ago

Guys.. apparently our beloved munsters pins are the biggest disappointment in pinball history.... I'm really surprised so many people don't like it. Its really well done and the new code added some depth to the pin. Not every pin needs to be jjp deep. People love the b/w pins and this is similar but with much more content , strategy and its just fun to play. Its nothing new or innovative but its just a nice fun pin that can be brutal. People are so ungrateful and sld be happy for new stuff..but instead they find hate in everything these days... so annoying. If you don't like it buy something else.. no need to start a rebellion.

#1886 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Why does it bother you what others think of your game? If you enjoy it, have fun! I LOVE XMEN and there are some people that LOVE to bag on it constantly. It doesn't change my love for the game or my enjoyment. Like what you like, play what you want!

Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Why does it bother you what others think of your game? If you enjoy it, have fun! I LOVE XMEN and there are some people that LOVE to bag on it constantly. It doesn't change my love for the game or my enjoyment. Like what you like, play what you want!

It don't really... but people are just ungrateful and starting hate threads is jusy annoying. Its a small hobby and we sld all stick together and be grateful that new pins are still being made. Its usually the same group of people that start the same bs... they sld all join together and start their on pinball company and try make something they all enjoy.

#1887 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I'm not because people on this site hate every f*cking thing. Ive honestly never seen so many bitter people in my life.

Very unhappy people apparently.. i guess they are so unhappy in their lives that it makes them feel just a little bit better hating on a toy pin lol.

#1891 1 year ago
Quoted from Ricmaz:

Does any one know if the Premiums are on the line yet?

There sld be some starting to ship this week

#1902 1 year ago

Wheres the topper sneak peak at?

#1904 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

This^^^^...Sadly becoming more commonplace on here..

It really is.. so much hate for a fun toy... just be happy and enjoy playing pinball..

#1942 1 year ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

I’m guessing the board is bad, I’ve checked everything.[quoted image][quoted image]

Stern will take care of you

#1948 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

And last few
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That's a beautiful /gorgeous pin...

#1957 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Thanks bigd!!..came together nice.....had a bit more time under the hood...this is a quality build, and they paid attention to little things....Stern gets major props from me on this one...

It does be built really well compared to other spike pins I've owned /seen...

#1959 1 year ago
Quoted from lasermel:

Curious, is the somewhat flamboyant voice heard throughout the game supposed to be a Grandpa voice impersonation? If so, OMG, I'm gonna watch every episode of the Munsters and use the Pinball Browser to overwrite whatever makes sense. Enjoying the game so far, even tho there seems to be a large number of haters building up. It was the same for Batman. In the beginning you couldn't give one away, but now things have changed for the better and it's a pretty fun game despite the basic layout. (I know, Lyman makes a big difference, but we'll see) My fingers are crossed, cause it's a great theme and beautiful thing to look at.

I love the callouts / impersonator

#1966 1 year ago
Quoted from Wesmantooth:

Hi guys was wondering if anyone has heard if they are producing the premium s yet? Thanks can’t wait to play

They sld Start shipping tomorrow...

#1969 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

So I just got to MM on the new code for the first time so I got to play multiball both levels
That shit is super fun... WOW
So I know there are more levels to it,but some would say I seen “it all”.
Guess disappointment .None.
Played for MM 2,failed,and wanted to go for another ride
What a game

The real mm is after level 2

#2010 1 year ago
Quoted from crazypinballguy:

Definitely experienced a scoring glitch on my Pro.
I was having my best game ever 143+million or so when I activated MM ... I began flailing shots everywhere, slapping the zap button, hitting ramps, Dragula, you name it.
I glance up to see an insane score of 986+million, moments later I drain out, look up and see a score of only 3.5 million.
Over my next couple balls I get to MM level 2, flail away again, and finish up my game.
The pin congratulates me as GC and shows my score ... 1 billion, 145+million. I had turned the game over! It's a pinball miracle!
Actually, it has to be a scoring malfunction.
I'm a pretty crappy pinball player, who sets my pins for 5 balls, and my previous high score on Munsters was only 73 million.
Has anyone else had a strange scoring game on The Munsters? I would love to think I had the game of my life, but I have to be realistic ... or do I? [quoted image]

.96 code? I know the .91 code had a bug..

#2020 1 year ago

Thats the reason... put on.96.. its much better

#2021 1 year ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

My purple flasher is out, anyone know what bulb to replace it with?

Hit up stern or look for a lose or bad connection... they are pcb flashers

#2038 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Thanks for the detailed share on that. Need to give the master of holes a call! Excited Munsters arrives Monday at least thats what the truck lady seems to think... Shout out Thank You to Zach at FlippenOutPinball for being patient with all my flipping around on this title. You forum folk have a way of convincing me I don't like what I like. lol Bring on the Munsters!!!

The game is really good... its not super special or super unique but a fast /flowing smooth shooting pin. Also i like the code and its a good change up from other stern pins and keeps getting better. I think many just had their expectations set way to high like every release and most will come around over the next 6 months. I like it much better than the iron maiden i had and the way mine is set up i believe its my shortest ball time pin which i love.

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Quoted from Lawnboy:

Did you go back to a LE?

I have a pro.. hard to beat the price of one shipped to your door.

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That's the issue with lower playfield windows designed like this... it will never be as smooth as no window . At least that my experience from owning congo and cftbl...and playing many others like alien, full throttle, big lebowski and many others.

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I really wanna upgrade to the premium but the extra 1800 is alot of money for just a mini lower playfield. The game is a real winner tho and the new code is a big step fwd to make this a must have for alot of people.

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Munsters in the House!! Aside from a Dckhead delivery guy the game is perfect! Huge thanks again to Zach at FlippenoutPinball all as planned and a great experience. For now Herman gets dining room treatment with my other toys. The only Minor thing this game is screaming for is Lighting! While not everyones cup of tea its time to drop a call into Scott at PS. Fun game and not a single issue! Born on date 3/11 let the fun begin...
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I love the lighting effects and usually can see fine.. even in dark room at night. I think it works well with the theme. If anything maybe a few spotlights by the slings is all id add.

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It has something to do with those 8 lights that change configurations on the LCD every time you press the flippers. I just know it. Haha

Ive been trying to figure out what they are for

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Quoted from wotan:

I thought from previous threads that this was part of the attract mode and it could be turned off. I might be wrong because I don't have my machine yet but I thought that's what I read.


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I just figured that there would be a lot of people who attended the show that would come on pinside and post their thoughts on the black and white artwork.i figured it would be a very hot topic. You posted a lot of things though that im glad to hear and your post was very interesting. ...thank you!

Id guess many are eating their words and like the game after actually playing it lol. The new code made the game so much better and I've played more pinball the last few weeks on Munsters than i have in a long long time.

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Yep in typical pinside fashion... first the hype then people start picking things apart lol. Wait till you see the gameplay videos....then it will really start. I don't see anything i really like with the new bk and glad i went with munsters at this point. I didn't care for the first bk pins and the new one is very similar. Only one ramp and 2 dead end shots that end up on a wireform on the pro. Guess will see but im not expecting much. Im waiting for wonka to blow us away in a few weeks.

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Quoted from vireland:

Latest code is 0.96. I wonder if the machines at TPF were running something newer...

I believe they were if i remember reading things correctly a few days ago..

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There sure are a bunch of rich bastards hanging around here.
80 pinsiders own a Pro..................................$6000.00
22 pinsiders own a Premium ........................$7600.00
92 pinsiders own an LE ................................$9000.00
I'd take a Pro. Would like to have a Premium. But the numbers say "call your banker; step up to an LE".
Are Premium sales going to lag until the LE's are sold out?
The Pro's have already taken a resale hit.
There are some LE's for resale. But none have sold yet.
One seller is priced at $8500.00.
How well have other Stern LE's held up with resale prices?
All 3 are good looking pins.
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[quoted image]

Premiums just started shipping... the munsters numbers on all versions sld puck up alot over the next month as more get made. There really aren't alot out there yet bc of the 2-3week delay

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Quoted from cooked71:

Just set up my Le. Very impressed so far. Much more brutal with shorter ball times than what I’ve heard. No ball save takes some adjusting, but I like it. You get the odd longer game, but most are fairly quick.
Love the lower Playfield. Being in the middle makes it just feel like a small shrunken pinball machine (apparently Grampa shrunk it). As opposed to Stewies which is on the top right and therefore harder to control and not as engaging. And sure it feels like a miniature pinball, but that’s because it is. Not sure what everyone was expecting when they say it doesn’t feel like real pinball. That’s because it’s minature. If you just see it for what it is, it’s great. You can use all your regular skills down there except in minature. Which is really fun. And it seems to be worth playing points wise. You can qualify multiball down there, score jackpots. The shots are surprisingly rewarding. Really can’t imagine this game without the lower pf tbh.
The game is gorgeous. Build quality is really solid.
If any other manufacturer released this game it would be to universal praise. Really think there’s a lot of group think hate going on with this.
Very early days, but so far so good.
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[quoted image]

Here you were worried for nothing.. i knew you wld like it... its a great game especially with the newest code. Its only gonna get better as its still early

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When i had my congo with new window i put mylar over it to protect it. Easy to take off and replace and keeps window nice. You cld also use cling vinyl and replace as needed

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Quoted from ShinyBall:

Got Munster Madness 2 times in the same game tonite, almost a 3rd, just needed spot, then I got the right drain. Called the wife down to see it starting with the 1st one, she loves this game and is very competitive..hahaha honey. When you get a game like that makes you love it even more. I usually don't play that well.
Even a squirrel can find a nut once in awhile though.

You have .96 code? The first madness is a mini version and second is the full version.. im not sure about the third one

#2367 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

Yes..thanks...Yeah I don't know what the 3rd would be if there is one ( I really didn't even know what the 2nd was, lol) I was just trying to keep it going. I was worn out after it ended. Would have been fun to find out.
I do know when both play fields are active..I'm going to pay more attention to the upper next time. That is a crazy deal working 4 flippers at the same time trying to pay attention to both. I know I let too many balls get away on the upper.

The madness mode has levels in itself and its a really fun mode with chance to get big points.

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Have i mentioned lately how brutal and good this game is?

#2483 1 year ago

Stern is some big spenders on the le speakers....

#2495 1 year ago

If you have code idea say them.on here and email dwight or stern... they listen and good ideas may make the next update

#2534 1 year ago

The pro is great with the .96 code... must be the premium/le lower playfield bugs happening.

#2538 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

The pro also has issues. Off the top of my head.
1. Sometimes when the ball drains the machine will just sit there with a blank screen and not start the bonus countdown until you flip the flippers once. The machine knows the ball drained and is in the trough but just doesn't do anything.
2. Sometimes it will not give you your add a ball when you shoot dragula when it is lit, it also doesn't give you dragula or jackpots when this happens. It just kicks the ball back into play. This only happens in multiball when the add a ball is lit.
3. Sometimes it will not auto launch the ball that was ball saved during multiball. You have to either manually launch it or hit the zap button and it will launch.

Its weird how some le and pros have bugs but others really dont....

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Quoted from Redfield0009:

I've noticed that my Marilyn led on the left inlane is constantly dimly lit. It still flashes and gets bright, but it never turns off. I've power cycled and and reset to factory settings but it's still on. Is anyone else having this issue?
If this isn't code related what else should I check for?
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Check your connections