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#1002 9 months ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

I just heard that the actress whom played Marilyn in The Munsters just died. RIP.

Yes, Beverley Owen. She passed away on the 21st. She was the original Marilyn, but was only in the first 13 episodes.

Pat Priest played Marilyn for episodes 14-70.

Pat will be at the Texas Pinball Festival next month along with Butch Patrick.

3 weeks later
#2199 8 months ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

My grandpa s glass always seems dusty....

Watch the show. Grandpa's lab is filled with dust. So is the rest of the house. And there's an explosion of dust every time Grandpa opens the door to the dungeon. The problem with the game is that it's not dusty enough! LOL!

3 months later
#4937 5 months ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

"And they want $425 + tax and shipping but don't even have a video showing what it actually does?

Yup. Pretty dumb.

Kaneda has a video on his FB page:


#4971 5 months ago
Quoted from guss:

I wonder if Stern would just sell the circuit boards. I would like to buy or make a cuckoo clock and hang it on the wall be side the game. I think that would be cool.

I was thinking the same thing! How much cooler it would be to have an actual clock, on a wall nearby, that is interacting with the machine. For what Stern is charging for the topper, a real clock might be cheaper.

#5006 5 months ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

Seems clock hands rotate all the time.

Any noise issues with a constantly running motor? This is a much smaller mech, obviously, but I remember people complaining about noisy JJP ships in bottles.

1 week later
#5134 4 months ago
Quoted from ronlisa:

...and look what was the first thing I noticed....A HANDLESS CLOCK!!!!

Stern needs to come out with a statement / recall notice on the toppers. How on earth did these things get out the door? How embarrassing!

#5200 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think the black and white art blades for the premium look amazing.

Quoted from mkk629:

Definitely the Stern BW art blades for the BW Premium.

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Agreed! Munsters art blades finish the inside look of the mansion. Plus the portraits on the wall are also the portraits that are key in the game GUI as well. All matches.

A problem for those contemplating a Color Premium. The B&W blades are the same art as the LE blades, just without color. Unfortunately, Stern isn’t letting Color Premium buyers purchase the LE blades. The only color blades currently for sale are the ones intended for the Pro, with the Munsters logo on them (because the game doesn’t already have enough Munsters logos).

Stern, on their Facebook page, says something is in the works for the Color Premium, but doesn’t say what or when. I’d be tempted to buy the B&W blades and do some brown/sepia tinting by hand, as I agree the portrait gallery completes the look.

#5247 4 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

LE ( or Premium ) owners with lower playfield.... any installed a Playfield protector? Inputs...?

1956PINHEAD posted about removing his window and using it as a stencil to make a mylar protector:


You can buy a replacement window out of parts for about $60-$70, hold onto it, and then install it if/when needed.

#5256 4 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Yes, I installed a playfield protector upper and lower. Munsters really has some powerful flippers and balls fly all over at times. My playfield still looks brand new. Use to not put them on, but now, put them on all my tables. Keeps your table looking good all the time. Think it also plays better too, because they even out all the inserts and keep the magnets looking new without dimples all over them. Worth the time and effort to install, IMO.

How long did it take for Munsters? And how much disassembly was required?

#5264 4 months ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

Some of those people say this is an old license that nobody wanted. I pulled this off of TWIP from 2017

I remember the poll. I was down for Munsters, Wonka, and A Christmas Story, all dream themes for me.

Of the Munsters and Wonka games already done, I greatly prefer Munsters.

I'd still love to see A Christmas Story. C'mon, Stern, I triple dog dare you to do it!

2 weeks later
#5464 3 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Marilyn was the niece who was visiting and the only one "not normal". But to my understanding, Marilyn was there just as much as the other cast members. Correct? Yes? No?

Marilyn is in the Munsters home from the start. It was never said that the was "visiting," nor was it ever made clear why she wasn't living with her parents, who were said to be in Transylvania.

It's stated that Marilyn is attending Westbury College in Mockingbird Heights. Maybe the school is amazeballs, and that's why she made the trip from Transylvania.

The only other thing we're told is that Marilyn is Lily's niece, which makes you wonder why her name is Marilyn Munster. When the series was being developed, her name was Marilyn Mundane, which makes more sense.

Quoted from Jackalwere:

Sculpting another character adds additional cost not only to time and materials, but also to licensing because you've got to pay Pat Priest for her likeness - if she consents.

Let's not forget there were two Marilyns, Beverly Owen being the first (Eps 1-13), so which one are you going to sculpt? Tweeterhead, whose sculpts were used by Christopher Franchi for the pin, had originally planned to have interchangeable heads for Marilyn, but that idea ultimately met with the chopping block.

#5466 3 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Let’s face it, the reality is, Pat Priest was the real Marilyn, as she was in the overwhelming majority of the TV series (57 episodes).

I watched the show during its original airing and you'll get no argument from me.

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Let’s That’s why she is featured on our pinball machines and not Beverly

Well, I suppose if Tweeterhead had gone with interchangeable heads, and featured Beverly Owen in its promotions, you might be starring at her on your translite and not Pat Priest. LOL!

grandpa-munster-deluxe_the-munsters_gallery_5c4ddee603cfe (resized).jpg

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Pat's portrayal of Marilyn was the definitive one and why she is on all the artwork.

Oh, I agree.

Since the subject has come up because of the lamp, had Marilyn been included, I'd be wondering which actress they were attempting to portray, as Lily looks positively gawd awful. None of the likenesses are very close. LOL!

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