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#1469 1 year ago

My Munsters Le comes Wednesday.... is it awesome or what??? I’m putting it Next to the Beatles....

1 week later
#2000 1 year ago

Why am I having trouble getting my Munsters le to update the new code... can someone help. Is it the tumb drive?? Format 32. Cleared thumb drive. Downloaded the spk 0.96 update. Transferred to thumb drive...game doesn’t recognize it. Do thumb drives go bad..? Beatles did this too. But Beatles eventually took

#2002 1 year ago

Beatles code doesn’t need to be unzipped... despite what the instructions say. Because it isn’t a zip file

#2005 1 year ago

So this update you need etcher app? How come I didn’t need it for ghostbusters or Beatles. I’m not arguing with you. I appreciate the help. It never seemed to be this difficult before.. ie Simpson’s t3 ghostbusters.... Beatles was because it wasn’t a zip file Now you need that app? So to unzip and transfer individually onto the drive?

#2006 1 year ago

No it was the LE version

#2049 1 year ago

Got my Munsters le to update the new code after 5 tries. All good. I think the game is very good. Not great. I have to say .... it’s better than monster bash remake but I don’t think it’s better than ghostbusters. It’s pretty and plays nice but the rules seem a bit all over the place

#2151 1 year ago

Had same issue on my le after .96 update. Screen froze on grandpa machine. Dragula holding ball.... ball search then ends turn after release. Code issue????

#2157 1 year ago

I did leave a message and I phoned Chaz. The game is really good It took a few days for me to go from good... to very good

#2158 1 year ago

A hairdryer works too..... for the dust on the lower playfield glass. The spray air made it worse. If you’re not careful it will make white flakes like fake snow cans

#2163 1 year ago

Agree...: game is pretty awesome. Can’t wait to add the stern topper

#2166 1 year ago

Happened again.... from grandpa s lab.... time runs out.... upper playfield is being played... display is locked on “start the machine”. Ball goes in dragula hole.... doesn’t register at that point.... searches for ball...and then turn ( ball at that time) ends. So you lose a turn/ball. Enough to ruin the good game you are having.... what the hell

#2167 1 year ago

To me it’s a pretty major software glitch and it’s aggravating when you pay this money for the game. I love the game but if you know how to play pinball it ruins the game because now that I’m getting better at it it happens more often than not. Pisses me off because you pay a lot of money for this game sent to me it’s a major software glitch Don’t you think Stern should get on this right away

#2169 1 year ago

You’re right it’s not the card because it didn’t happen until I updated to the new code. It really is ruining a good game. I contacted Stern tonight left two emails. It only seems to happen in that order. The display tells you to start the machine and if the ball returns to the main playfield can you go in the Dragula hole it doesn’t recognize it’s in the hole but every other time it does. The screen continues to say shoot the machine/ or start the machine I’m not sure which one and then when you go in the Dragula hole the game doesn’t recognize it Every other time you go in the Dragula hole it’s fine that tells me it’s software. It pisses me off

#2170 1 year ago

I think it’s an update or software fix that should happen sooner rather than later because it’s making me not want to play the game. I know how to play now that I’ve learned how to play this game it’s happening more often as I have longer games

#2171 1 year ago
image (resized).jpg
#2178 1 year ago

I won’t be hard on them I guess you have to expect that when the game is brand new. I didn’t have this problem with the Simpsons party when it was new or T3 when it was new or the Beatles. When I got Ghostbusters new it had been out for a few years how fast are they At putting out an update if there’s a problem like this

#2181 1 year ago

I don’t understand...? Do you mean they release the game not well tested...: and deal with bugs later?? It just seems like this is pretty disruptive, in other words, not a scoring issue...

#2182 1 year ago

This one effects game play

#2193 1 year ago

Spoke with stern today.... they are aware. They were able to reproduce my problem... code is being updated and is coming soon... love the game and played it about 10 xs tonight w/out issue. Go figure

#2194 1 year ago

My grandpa s glass always seems dusty.... Living with it. Still love it

#2197 1 year ago

If it happens at all ... it doesn’t happen allll the time...I’m still very happy playing it. I love it the more I play it. It’s awesome

#2200 1 year ago

I actually thought of that lol

#2201 1 year ago

Skill shot... I will check tomorrow

#2270 1 year ago

Munsters LE owner..... the game is AWESOME. Yes... had a few small issues but so what.

1 month later
#4153 1 year ago

Love my le. My favorite game next to ghostbusters

#4180 1 year ago

Can’t wait for the topper... how about you all?

3 months later
#5509 1 year ago

Emailed stern. Paid for the topper a month ago. Stern says they should be receiving stronger springs for cuckoo clock door this week. So I imagine it will be at least a few weeks

#5512 1 year ago

Lower playfield is awesome. I have an LE. Can’t imagine the game without it. It’s a good game. I be been waiting patiently for my topper. I think Munsters is fairly difficult. Got to 2nd Munsters madness once. Happy with it

#5513 1 year ago

Don’t be upset if you don’t get your topper with your game. Stern told me next week almost 3 weeks ago. Today they said maybe next week. Oh well. I just want the topper to work. I would be more annoyed if I got it and they didn’t work all the bugs out

#5514 1 year ago

Make sure you turn your lower playfield flippers down they don’t need to be on high power otherwise the ball bounces all over the place

#5533 1 year ago

Never got one stuck. But my lower playfield flippers are on soft. Had it for months

2 weeks later
#5638 1 year ago

I have had the screw fly off too. It’s from SPOT trap door.

#5639 1 year ago

The inside not the lateral side

1 week later
#5706 1 year ago

Well, got my topper today. Ordered it in JULY. Took it out of box and 3 bolts, a round disk, and two washers fell out of the hole in the bottom. AND, there is what looks like a coil plunger rolling around the inside. I’m beyond pissed. I refuse to break it down and try to fix it. Unreal. I left voice mails at stern and sent an email. Wtf

#5707 1 year ago

At least yours came in one piece

#5709 1 year ago

I think I might just ask for my 400 dollars back. This is ridiculous

#5712 1 year ago

I hope yours works. As for me, I’m losing faith in stern.... all I have 5 stern games ...all new So sad Seems to me that the quality and care is slowly going down hill. Believe me, I ve grown to only like stern games over the past few years and this sucks.

#5714 1 year ago

It’s a shame. I love stern games, have bought many new. Don’t see myself doing it again anytime soon. Trust me, I love pins

#5718 1 year ago

Believe it. So much shit fell out of it and it sounded like a golf ball was rolling around inside Of it. I’m not exaggerating

#5720 1 year ago

Thanks bud. In the grand scheme of things no big deal. But this is a pinball forum, it is ridiculous. Pinball is awesome and should be nothing but fun... Not aggravating when buying New/Expensive machines and toppers. I hope Stern cares. I fear they dont

#5721 1 year ago

This stuff isn’t cheap. We all probably have games that cost as much as some peoples cars..... stern should care because those who read these posts might think twice about another stern purchase

#5755 1 year ago

Spoke with Stern this morning, a bit rude to me as if I did something. Spoke then with Mark Sullivan, very nice. Looks as though they are going to have engineers re-evaluated before more or replacements go out. My lord.

#5758 1 year ago

I don’t think stern cares No matter how many games you ve bought new. No matter how you voice your displeasure. Sad

#5762 1 year ago

I know but if we don’t by them from distributors then distributors won’t need to buy from Stern. If enough of us are annoyed ,their sales WILL go down because I won’t buy, you won’t buy. The point is that they should care. I believed in them and this is a disgrace

#5765 1 year ago

Sorry bud. I’m just so irritated over this mess. Allll the games alll the money we spend on this stuff I just feel as though we deserve better

#5766 1 year ago

What I received wasn’t just like they did test it it was like they threw all the parts inside the casing and shipped it it wasn’t a screw it wasn’t s washer It was a whole bunch of parts that were just rattling around inside the casing of the topper to me that’s really careless and inexcusable. You would’ve had to open up that box to believe it
Trust me it wasn’t dropped because nothing was cracked I still can’t believe something was shipped out like that

#5767 1 year ago

Pardon me it wasn’t as though they just didn’t test it
Have I hooked it up and it didn’t work properly that’s one thing

#5799 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Has anyone got a topper that worked correctly straight up?

I m giving it one last chance. Waiting on my third/ along with return shipping labels so I can send this piece of shit they sent me back to them

#5874 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

It’s not. My topper came from the new batch that was supposedly tested and verified.

Don’t do it. Waited months and mine came in pieces

3 months later
#7035 1 year ago

FYI. If you remove the lower playfield window be VERY CAREFUL. One of my hex screws broke off where the treads begin. Had to buy a new lower playfield window bracket which requires dropping out the lower playfield and replacing the entire bracket which borders the entire lower playfield. All because I wanted to blow off some dust.

#7036 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Well your major scoring ops are from having really long raven multiballs and Munster madness modes.
Outside of that try and cash in a big, multiplied super jackpot. But I think that tops out at around 50-60 million if maxed and at 6x. You can increase the Base value of the SJP before collecting by hitting the unlit scoop and maybe some other stuff, but it doesn’t grow very quickly.
But the main thing to up your average scores is trying to have 6x running as long as possible. Once you start playfield multipliers you can hit the unlit kitty target to continue to reset the multiplier timer. Not impossible to have multipliers running pretty much the whole game.

Read my most recent Munsters post. I was so mad at myself. Although it wasn’t my fault. One screw wouldn’t loosen. Snapped. Oh well. I think I asked your advice about a ghost busters that was resetting with the new code update. Stern sent me a new power supply I sent the old one back free of charge indeed it was the power supply

#7045 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

It is easier to remove the entire lower playfield than take the clear screen off. To remove the lower playfield, lift the playfield and it is 4 small bolts and 3 plugs. Quick and easy. Hope this helps for next time.

Wish I had known that. Or thought of that What an idiot. I was so mad at myself

#7073 1 year ago
Quoted from SBrothers:

My suggestion for dusting the lower play field glass would be to raise your play field and remove the lower play field to wipe the clear acrylic window from the underside (while its still attached to the main play field).
This minimizes the number of screws you have to fiddle with, while insuring that you don’t have to level the acrylic window every time.
The lower play field only has two connectors and 4 nuts to deal with so it’s really a snap to take off and put back on.

Easy. Thanks. Will never remove the acrylic window again unless it is to replace. Appreciate it. Never thought to drop lower playfield out. FigureD the window would be easier. Wrong. You ARE correct

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