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#346 1 year ago

So I've watched Jack Danger playing the pro and premium versions. I have pretty much decided that I'm going to buy one or the other. Jack stated in the video (while playing at CES) he was a "Pro Boy", I think he likes the way it playes better than the premium/LE. When I watched Borg playing it with Dwight at Stern it seemed Jack was liking it better. What's the consensus of those on this thread who wants to reply. Thanks

#351 1 year ago

Thanks for your input guys. I consider myself to be a decent player but aspire to be better as I'm sure we all do. That said the lower play field on the premium is interesting in that I see that being another piece of the game that challenges the player, but also like the art on the Pro as well. I watched the feed from Stern again last night with the crew playing the premium, the game play looks fun with the lower playfield. I wasn't aware that the lower mini playfield could be disabled, how would that affect the modes of the game?

#354 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:It just uses the Pro rules for Grandpa’s basement.

Ah, good to know, makes sense. I have never bought a NIB game before seeing one in person, but I really like the black and white look of the premium as well. Seeing how you have seen it in person and like it, and also reviewing all the games you have touched I think in this instance I could pull the trigger on buying the premium without having seen one yet. Thanks again for the feedback.

#401 1 year ago

Well like a few others posting here today, I just joined the owners club too. Pick up my Pro version tomorrow.

#415 1 year ago

Reading everyone's posts today I am really looking forward to picking up my Pro version tomorrow. I will post some photos when I get it set up. Thanks to those in this thread that responded to my earlier posts, was on the fence between Pro and Premium but chose the Pro after doing a little more research and reading more of the postings and reviews.

#435 1 year ago

Responding back to JFH's question about what drove my final decesion on buying Pro Vs Premium, it came down to two things, watching several more hours of video game play by Jack and the Stern boys of all the versions, and talking with one of my local pinball buddies who has a large home collection and is very knowledgeable on all the new stuff. I was also fortunate to be able to put my eyes on a Pro version at a local location who just got it in two days ago, but not yet out on the floor for use, so for me that was all it took to pull the trigger.

Finally the distributor told me that if I decided to buy a Premium at some point a few months down the road he would take my Pro back and only ding me $200 - $300 bucks. I think that says alot about how this game in general has been received by the community at large as well as perceived market demand. And lastly reading several posts on this thread was part of my overall decesion as I just don't see how buying the Pro version over the others will ever be a bad choice in the end. I will post photos tonight after setup, I am leaving in a gew minutes to go and pick it up. Can't wait to get it home!

#446 1 year ago

The Munsters is in the game room, played 8 games on it, got to MMadness on the my last game, 5 ball play. First 4 games were short with lots of post and target hits, followed by drains. Started to get the shots dialed in each game there on. Take away is very fun game. Quotes and call outs are great, sound, lighting, graphics, video snippets during game play, and end of game video clips are all great. Only issue from my perspective is that Grampa's scoop is just a tad shallow which tends to allow some shots to leave the scoop even when its hit well. If the scoop were just a tad deeper that might help, but it's not really that big of a deal as most of the shots that left the scoop were rolling pretty fast on the way in. I'm super happy with how it plays and can't wait to power it up again tomorrow, in fact I'm certain it'll get play even on Sunday during the big game.

I also found 3 thumb screws floating in the cabinet near the rear, not sure if a technician left them in the cabinet or they worked their way out during the road trip to the distributor. If anyone knows where these type of screws are used in the game let me know, otherwise I'll take a close look inside the back cabinet and under the playfield.

Gotta give a shout out to Evan at Orange County Pinball, this is my 3rd NIB purchase from him over the past year. He is easy to deal with and has a good inventory, with the exception of Munsters because they are gone the same day they hit the floor. He stated Premiums start shipping end of the month, maybe a bit sooner. So those who are waiting for the Premium model it won't be too much longer.

20190201_130912 (resized).jpg20190201_170437 (resized).jpg20190201_172236 (resized).jpg20190201_181148 (resized).jpg20190201_184110 (resized).jpg20190201_192946 (resized).jpg20190201_193042 (resized).jpg
#499 1 year ago

Spent about two hours today looking at the ball plunger, the ball track cut into the wood, and the sheet metal transition ramp at the upper end. I was getting inconsistent ball launches with auto plunge and manual plunge, was pretty much like this out of the box and it was starting to bother me so I decided to investigate. As the ball tracked up the ramp its as if it contacts something about mid way up on the left side and upsets the ball. After tweaking a few things and adding some clear film over the groove cut into the wood it did improve the ball track a bit. Also removed the wire form above and noticed the ball was also contacting it at one of the "U" shaped supports so I added a washer under the wire form where it mounts to raise it up 1/16" to give more ball clearance, read that in a previous post.

It still needs a little more investigation to find and solve this issue for good. Not sure if others have experienced this condition, if so I plan to post photos later which may help you. Adding the clear plastic film over the machined groove in the wood was a nice addition as when the ball kicks out from below and out onto the shooting lane it is a smooth and quit action. I also put a small amount of this clear film on the right side where the ball makes contact out of the kicker as well. If you are wondering what this plastic film is its made by 3M and used as auto paint protection film to protect paint from rock chips. Its thin with a sticky backing and contours nicely.

I also loaded the new code today and put a few games on it. My game play was way off so didn't have a chance to explore the updates but look forward to playing after I finish resolving the ball plunge issue.

More to follow in a couple days. Congrats to all who have this game ordered or being delivered in the next few days, your going to really like it, very fun game.

#501 1 year ago

Here are a few photos showing what I have done to improve the ball track/plunge as I described earlier. There is a small area where the ball was making contact on the underside of the wireform, I'm pointing to it in the photo. You can see the clear plastic film I applied to the wood at the kickout location, and how I filed the leading edges of the metal transition ramp as the metal had some burrs left from the manufacturing/stamping process which might have been causing the ball to jump upward a bit. Also there were two sets of holes drilled to secure that transition ramp, one set must have been wrong for some reason I'm guessing. I used a 45 degree deburr and chamfered the holes just a tad to remove the wood that had been displaced and raised upward resulting from the screw installation just to insure the metal ramp would make good contact with the wood when reinstalled. All this work did help some but still needs a bit more fine tunning IMO.

20190203_094940 (resized).jpg20190203_095242 (resized).jpg20190203_100048 (resized).jpg20190203_101331 (resized).jpg20190203_103651 (resized).jpg20190203_111402 (resized).jpg
#507 1 year ago

One more interesting tid bit. Look real close at how the metal transition ramp mates to the wood, doesn't it look a bit off center in the close up photo. It should be centered perfectly IMO. I may re-mount it so that it is exactly centered and see if the cures the last little issue causing the ball to kick left a tad.

#508 1 year ago

I did not file the wireform, I added one more washer between the mount surface and the wireform to raise it upward a bit to provide more ball clearance when the wireform was reinstalled. I used a file on the leading edge of the metal ramp to remove the sharp edge and make a smooth transition. But I think the fact that the metal ramp is a rad off center on my game might be my issue. The installation of that metal transition ramp is something that can and will vary game by game depending on how skilled the technician is or if he/she is even paying close attention to that when they position that part and drill the mounting holes.

#510 1 year ago

The rail protector was a factory install, and funny you mention about the ball clipping the edge as that was another area I considered to be a possible cause at initial ball plunge. Going to re-center the ramp first, then move to that rail protector if that doesn't solve it. Thanks yelobird!

#512 1 year ago

Yelobird you and I think alike as I used my Gopro set to 60 frames a second and took a few videos last night. Haven't downloaded the video yet and run it though my editing program to slow the motion down but will do that after recentering the ramp and testing it out first. Either way it should prove to be beneficial. I also contacted Stern as well to make them aware of the wireform ball contact, and the ramp being off center so they can address this in their production meetings. Thanks again!

#530 1 year ago

OK everyone, I just feel the need to put out a statement on this game. THE MORE I PLAY IT THE MORE I LIKE IT. I have choices when it comes to playing pinball with my small home collection, but since adding this game its the only game (out of 4 others) I have been playing since setting it up over the past five days now. Sure it's new and that's part of why its getting all the play right now, but it's more than just a new addition, it's just down right fun. The quotes and various snippets during play are really great, it is a very 'Entertaining Game' to play and that really adds to the overall experience. Push the play button and don't plunge the ball, let the game poke fun at you for a minute ot two, even doing nothing is an entertaining aspect of this game. The call outs during game play are funny and mock you if you drain quickly. I think the Stern team got it right with this game and perhaps one of those objectives was to bring new people into the world of pinball with this game. Sure I will start playing my other games again real soon, but even when I do I can see myself always including a few games of Munster's in the mix just because it's a lot of fun!

#532 1 year ago
Quoted from jrio101:

All setup
[quoted image]

Have fun!!!!!!

#602 1 year ago

Had the opportunity to experience Midnight Madness on my Munster's this evening. I cheated and set the clock on my game to east coast time otherwise I'd be in bed and never get to experience it!

For those who have not yet loaded the new game code into their game you need to DO IT ASAP so that you can experience Midnight Madness on this game, what a great show. From initial launch through game play it's just a great fun experience. I'm going to record it tomorrow so I can play it back and watch it a few times, it's that good. Hats off to Dwight and the Munster's team!

#636 1 year ago

My game has no problems executing, running, and completing Midnight Madness and transistioning back to normal play. It's run 4 times just fine. If some are having issues why not try reloading the new code again.

#664 1 year ago

Installed my new translight this afternoon with one that has a connection with it's creators!

20190211_172834 (resized).jpg
#667 1 year ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

Hi all,
Do you have the paper of the backglass making waves ? I think the paper is too big...
Its not very beautifull

When I removed my original plastic translight to install my autographed replacement I removed the black plastic borders that hold the translight plastic sheet in place on the glass. The plastic boarders are held in place with some internal double sided sticky tape, be careful removing the plastic edges, take it slow. Once all the plastic edging is removed peel back the tape from the glass and plastic translight and remove it completely. Clean the glass to remove the left over tape gum, reposition the plastic translight onto the glass and use regular scotch tape to hold it in place on the glass, all 4 sides several places keeping it nice and flat. It should fit just fine over the glass without bunching or wrinkling laying nice and flat. Reinstall the black plastic edging sliping it over both the glass and the plastic translight. The scotch tape applied to each edge should keep everything aligned and flat. It was easy to do and it does not have any wrinkles. Hope this helps you.

#706 1 year ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Shaker, lighting and new Rubber in today.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Great look, nice job!

#770 1 year ago

I now have 245 games on my Pro, and I'm really enjoying it. The deeper you get into the levels the better the music gets too. The Midnight Madness mode on this game is great, always fun to experience it. The only negative for me so far is the right outlane, hard to keep the ball from exiting even when nudging. Ran an audit to get a comparison of left side Vs right side drains, right side is about 30% higher rate than the left which makes sense when you look at how the posts and lanes are configured. So all I need to do is keep that ball away from that right outlane

#775 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You could also move the outlane post in and close that gap up a little bit if you wamted to. That would cut down on the drains a little bit.

Yes, in fact I had planned to make that adjustment today, but not sure it is going to help that much. If you look at the other location to set the post it isn't that much of a change, but still going to make the change and see how it goes. For those that are interested I'll report back after a few games with the results.

#779 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I moved my post and it helps a little but not much

That is what I was thinking too judging by the hole position, but still going to make the adjustment as anything will help. I prefer the game to have a more balanced feel between the L & R outlanes, just my opinion.

#789 1 year ago

Way to go ViolinSteve, funny how a New in the Box pin brings out the kid in us grown up's! Your gonna have lots of fun with Munster's in the house now!

Made the outlane post changes today and played a few games, seems a bit better. After taking a measurement to compare the left and right gaps at the outlanes it's obvious Borg purposely designed the imbalance in the gaps by design. The gap on the right side is a 1/4" larger than the left after making the adjustments. Must be a reason why Borg did that, perhaps he's testing our nudging skills!

I like the way Puffdanny thinks, those damn tilt bobs always seem to get ya just when U think your cranking out your best game, then it bites ya!

#790 1 year ago

Looks good ViolinSteve!

For all those who are having ball launch and wireform strikes try filing down the leading edges of the fork on the metal transition ramp. My game did the same thing, then after working on the ramp a bit it cured the problem. I did add one washer to raise the wireform just a tad, but really don't think I needed to do that after working on the ramp. Ball runs up the ramp fine now.

20190203_103651 (resized).jpg
#794 1 year ago
Quoted from v8torino:

1956 I may try your method,will look at it later today...………….day off from work for Presidents Day-but need to go out and shovel a little snow right now.

Removing the metal ramp is pretty straight forward. Once its out I filed the leading edges to almost razor sharp, the photo I posted was my initial filing, I ended up filing it more than what is showing in the photo. If you take a look at the dragula metal ramp you will notice that the play field has been routed out to allow that fork area to nest into the wood, my bet is that there were repeated ball launches from that ramp until they sunk that fork down into the playfield. So to that end and not wanting to cut into the wood on the shooter lane I jsu kept filing the metal fork area until it stopped kicking the ball upward.

Have fun shoveling that snow!

#802 1 year ago
Quoted from v8torino:

Went for it full tilt....pardon the pun !! ) Marked and scribed the lower ramp fork and took my Dremel tool and routed out that area of the playfield clear coat and down into the wood of the playfield so the ramp now sets all the way flush !!! Filed down the sharp leading edges as you did and then polished the ramp with Scotchbrite before re-installing---pics later or if anybody wants to see them LMK - Kirk

Well that should be a major improvement over and beyond what I did to my game. Yes, please post some photos and let us know how the ball travels up the lane now.

#830 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Game of thrones pro was pretty solid. Just needed a lubed up ram. That’s about it.

I'm afriad to ask what type of lube you used, so I won't

#873 1 year ago

Wow, that LE looks great. You guys need to post more photos as they get set up.

#924 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I haven't got my Munsters pinball machine yet but i just ordered these from Bradford Exchange to keep me happy until i do get one. [quoted image][quoted image]

Well Who-Dey, you blew my surprise! I was going to spring these cool looking additions and post photos of my clock and lamp next to my game next week. I ordered both the clock and lamp last Monday, I'll have them nex Tuesday. I recall that I think the run is limited to like 250 or something like that. I think Bradford is going to get hit with a lot of orders in the very near future!

Can't wait to see how they look, I will post a few photos next week.

#1036 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Personally everyone is allowed their own opinion. So I'll offer mine Munsters Pro is one of the worst games Stern has ever made PERIOD!
People bash on the Beatles but if you love the Beatles and you're not a huge pinball fan there is nothing to hate about that game. The Beatles looks retro, really delivered theming wise to any real Beatles fan. That pinball looks amazing, graphics are outstanding, as for a game its boring yeah its boring. But honestly I think Stern was going for a different market therefore the game is great. It is easy to play, themed awesome, and focuses on the young Beatles with a really cool retro feel.
Munsters on the other hand is a pinball game, there aren't Munsters fans who will pay 8k for a 5k game much less 25k again for a 5k game.
Munsters is BORING. There is nothing unique here just more of the same borrow from other games they've recently done.
I'm okay with it for Beatles but not okay for Munsters.
With all the cool licenses Stern has why even do Munsters? Maybe because they tried to rain on the parade of Monster Bash. Monster Bash LE is a HOME RUN 10 out of 10, Munsters at best is a 5 out of 10.
I haven't seen the LE yet but once I do I can leave a different review. Hoping the lower playfield ads more fun into an otherwise boring game.

For what's its worth, when I went to my distributor to check out Munsters and play it, there was a Beatles Gold sitting right next to it. So I played it, played 6 games on it and shut the thing off, and I grew up with their music, go figure. I then played the Munster's, put 6 games on it, absolutely no comparision, and the best part, really fun to play. I might also point out that I saw 3 NIB Beatles games on the rack while I was there, wanna take a guess how many NIB Munster's where on the rack, one, and I bought it because there were 3 others behind me that were going to buy it if I didn't. Having now put a few hundred games on it I can say it's got to be one of Sterns best games ever made, yup that's right I said it.

So the take away for you is that although you bought the game to place in your huanted house, others have bought this game to place in their house, the one they reside in. You are one rude dude.

#1053 1 year ago

Did anyone else happen to notice Drfrightner changed his Personalia image, he took his mug off of it and replaced it with a tough guy skull looking thing. Maybe he could tell us where his haunted house is so we can all come over and play his machines

#1067 1 year ago

I think a 3 Stooges game would be cool, just think of the possibilities for playfield toys and layout. Music, not so sure about that, but quotables and snippets, yes. Might only appeal to a few, but if done right could be a cool game.

#1076 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Took almost 100 games to get things connected.... now i haven't did shit since that game lol.

Well your not alone. I have a love/frustration relationship with mine. Good scores and games, then 3 games in a row with lots of drains on the outlanes, and I'm saying to myself WTF, really! That's when I'll walk away and come back to it after playing another one of my games. Then its like everything clicks, I'll get to M/madness on ball one, then start working through level two and wham, another two balls down the drain! But ya know what, I can't get enough of it though, I keep coming back for more!

#1077 1 year ago

Hey Drfrightner, we don't mind opinions about how one views a game, it's the personal attacks you levied that have no place here. Time for you to do some reflection.

#1116 1 year ago

Really like the clock on the wall next to the machine, looks great MK6PIN. My clock and lamp should arrive tomorrow hopefuĺly. Congrats, looks great!

#1124 1 year ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

MK6PIN. Can you tell me how wo get playfied to the vertical position.... my 1st Pin...and I am nervous....

Hi JMCFAN, I hear ya, don't want to hurt anything. Remove the glass, then raise the playfield up and out slightly and rest it on the support rails and the upper area of where the lockdown bar would be. Remove all the balls by manually kicking them out using the upkicker plunger. Once all the balls are removed you can then lift the playfield up slightly and then slide it out until it contacts the stops. Then raise the playfield to vertical keeping watch at rear support rail area (left and right) within the cabinet to make sure the playfield stays against the stops so that when you raise it all the way you can rest it against the back box and it will then be slightly past its pivot center line, that will prevent the playfield from falling back down unexpectedly.

I do not own an LE, so not sure about the lower playfield balls, they might have to be removed as well to prevent them from escaping and damaging anything. Hope this helps you out.

#1165 1 year ago

For Who-Dey & guss, I went on line today and took a look at MBR out of curiosity due to some of the prior posts and knowing Who-Dey was trying to decide which way to go, Munster's or MBR. If it helps I will offer up one of the significant descriminators for me if I was trying to decide would be DMD Vs actual modern display user interface.

Having played both (like most of us these days) I just find it real hard to buy a NIB game with a DMD user interface. I know perhaps the DMD in MBR is an attempt to keep the remake true to its roots, but man there is just no comparison in how the newer interface just adds to the overall pinball experience of a new game. Perhaps others posting here can weigh in as well with their views on this or other aspects, but this one difference would move me to Munsters. Having this game for 3 weeks now and having played almost 300 games on it you might get the idea I really really enjoy this game, and play it everyday. I hope this helps.

#1167 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yep that’s definitely a big positive for Munsters. MB has some really great interactive toys so that is a plus for it. It also is beautiful, a great shooter, and in my opinion it has a fun rule set too. So you got:
Both games have equally great themes
Both games are equally gorgeous
Both games shoot really well.
Munsters has a lcd screen +1
MBR has great toys +1
So that leaves us with
Best rules?

Well then I think we call that the Spin Cycle, only one way out of that dilemma, and you know what that is right, better buy them both. So it's easy, just decide which one to buy first

#1224 1 year ago

The lamp has arrived, clock shows up tomorrow

20190228_173841 (resized).jpg
#1229 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Spot on bigd....Guess a " zap" button should have been a clue...
This game brings it in spades...Have to see how I survive on bourbon night ...Can't wait!!!

Yup, I have to say this game will bring it to you, and quickly. You have to be ready and quick to fight back as it can eat you alive if you don't stay sharp and focused. Let us know how bourbon night works out for you MK, I gotta feeling you'll be seeing streaks of silver flashes as the balls go zipping right by the flippers after a couple bourbons!

I'll have a couple shots of tequila when I play mine this weekend and we can compare the results next week

#1233 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I’m sitting here having a beer(s) and watching a Munsters stream on Twitch and listening to all of you braggers talk about your games and showing off your lamps and shit and ive just decided the hell with, im getting a Munsters Pro. Will be ordering this week probably so take that Bitches!

Hurray for Who-Dey, good choice my man. I was almost tempted to hop on a plane and slap some sense into you if you decided to get MBR first.

#1236 1 year ago

As a side note I'm headed here in a couple weeks. Went last year, over 400 Pins, old EM's to current day stuff. Pinball machines lined up row after row after row. I'm hoping there might be a Munster's Premium there to play. JJP was there last year so most likely will be this year as was Chicago Gaming

Screenshot_20190228-222110 (resized).png
#1248 1 year ago

Just bought the art blades 4 my Pro bro's! Thanks for posting wfumed2.

#1297 1 year ago

I would contact Stern customer support Monday and tell them what's happening with your Midnight Madness cycle crashing. Someone else had this issue a couple weeks ago as well when the new code dropped.

My game (a pro) hasn't experienced this problem after I loaded the new code, loaded the full version, not the quick load. You can always try downloading the new code and reloading it over the weekend and see if that solves the issue.

#1343 1 year ago

I'm enjoying reading all the posts of the LE game play. One thing I can say for sure is that you guys are all now finding out just how fast this game plays, and yes, it will wear you out physically and mentally. After I've played six to eight games on it I'm toast and need to play one of my other games. Thing is they all seem kinda slow in comparison and that's when it hits home just how fast the games plays.

Hoping to try and play a Premium in a couple weeks at the pinball expo in Banning.

#1346 1 year ago

@bigd & brett, yup I think most of those who have played the game enough have respect for just how brutal it can be if you don't hit the shots, and those stand up's in front of the ramps can and do bite ya. I find myself having to really give this game a lot of love during play, meaning nudging, bumping, and a few side slaps, hitting the shots cleanly obviously helps, but it's the ones you don't that bite ya.

The arcade expo in Banning is great. I went last year and played 10 hours straight and didn't come close to playing all the games I had wanted to play. Getting there early does help as it gets pretty filled up around 3:00 pm until 10:00 pm. I think I will be going two days this year so I can play all the games I had wanted to last year.

#1412 1 year ago

This is evidence that Stern does listen to the community, they were very responsive to me when I alerted them of this ramp issue 3 weeks ago.

#1434 1 year ago

Reading all the posts from those who have now been playing their LE's for over a week or so with enough games on it now to get a good feel for it, many are reafirming some of my thoughts and experiences for how the game playes, even though my game is a Pro version, it has all the same attributes less the lower playfield.

One thing I did after playing the game (as shipped and loading the newest code) about 40 games was to start recording the standard audits data. Beginning at game 50 I started making tweaks in the settings to make the game more playable for home use. No doubt this game has a design element built into it knowing it is going to be on routes to generate revinue, and as such it is a drain machine on the outlanes. I reset the posts to reduce the frequency of the outlane drains, then played another 30 games to collect data, left, center, & right outlane number of drains. The right lane drained on the average 30% more than the left, which makes sense when you look at the geometry of the left and right posts relative to the surrounding features on the playfield in the outlane region.

Not to make this post to long, but I measured and layed out a new position for the right outlane post and drilled a new location and reinstalled the post into place. After playing another 30 games and reviewing the data the game is now balanced in terms of left to right outlane drains. For me this was my biggest complaint or frustration with how the game was designed and set up in terms of home use play. Sure if I don't make the shots I expect to pay a price for bad play, but I became frustrated with being cheated by that right outlane with a very low percentage of nudge saves Vs the left side.

I'm kind of a data freak which in this case I think was useful in helping me to bring a nice compromise and balance to how the game plays now. Some may think how dare you drill into your playfield, but if your on the opposite end of that thought and want more info feel free to PM me and I'll share the post placement info with you. In the meantime keep cranking out those games, I'm now up to 325 games, average game play time on the uptick, as are the average and high scores, and most importantly an increase in the overall Fun Factor!

#1451 1 year ago

To follow up on my last post, and for those whom are interested, see photos. These photos are showing the post locations after re-setting them to the optional hole location in the playfield to close down the gap. You will note that the left gap between the rubber bumper and the lane wire form on the left is 1-1/4", and the gap between the rubber bumpers on the right is 1-1/2" of an inch, the right having the larger gap. Not sure of the thought process or design methodology behind building in a biased setting between left and right, but it bothered me, so I corrected it. To each his own as they say. It was just one of those things with this game that really bugged me, I can say after making the mod I find the game plays better and more enjoyable. Sure I still get drains when I deserve to get them, just eliminated the cheap ones on the right.

I just wanted to share this info with the community in case anyone else might find it beneficial.

20190217_125542_resized (resized).jpg20190217_125746_resized (resized).jpg

#1456 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

O my..its your game so u can do what u want but i wld of found something that wasn't so aggressive/ permanent.

Ya I get it, not for everyone, like I said to each his own. I was certain I would take some heat for doing this and posting it from some folks, and that's OK, I can take the heat. To your point I did consider alternatives like installing a larger diameter rubber on the right posts, but in the end I did what I did, it's a Pro and not a Premium or LE, if it was one of those I may have opted for the larger rubber.

#1459 1 year ago
Quoted from Ven:

You shouldn't take heat for anything it's your game.
I agree that the right outlane is a bit hungry with quite a few drains "cheap" off of herman to the right outlane. I have heard a few choice words spoken by my Wife while playing Munsters, not something that I normally hear when She plays pinball. Me on the other had I always have a few words for the pin.
I haven't adjusted anything on ours yet other than adding a short ball save and replacing the shooter lane ramp with a beveled one.

You hit the nail on the head noting your wifes displeasure with the cheap drains as I also found myself saying "WTF, you gotta be shi......me, really, another one down the right again" I can say that I have never reached a point of frustration playing any other tables when it comes to cheap drains. I reached my limit at like game 50 or so and said enough with this. After having made the mod I play the game free of frustration with "the terrible thing" as quoted by Herman, and to me it sure was worth it.

#1461 1 year ago
Quoted from Indypin:

Just in case anybody is interested, Stern now has the Munsters Pro art blades in stock. I ordered a pair today and 20 minutes later said it was shipped. Less than 100 bucks shipped. When I get them in I'll post a pic.

I did the same last week, mine should arrive tomorrow

#1465 1 year ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

I have had my LE for a few days now like many of us...so, I have to ask, do you guys think the Grandpa scoop will take the pounding it gets? If I am not dead on hitting Grandpa the ball deflects with a very noticable thud. Looking at it, it appears that there is only 2 spot welds hold the scoop together.

That scoop has what are called 'plug welds' they are typically very good and should take a good beating without degradation. The weak link in the weld is in the surrounding material, which in this case is flat and should stand up long term. I would venture to say this scoop should hold up well over time.

#1480 1 year ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

You guys can take a drill bit and chainsaw to your playfields all you like I just hope you disclose these hacks if/when you sell the game.

Just to clear any misunderstanding for ya JoeJet, I didn't use a chain saw, I used a sledge hammer, chisel, and put the finishing touches on it with a Jack Hammer.

#1547 1 year ago

Installed the art blades on my Pro today, really helps finish off the look. Didn't have to drill any extra holes mounting them either

20190308_155142 (resized).jpg20190308_155150 (resized).jpg
#1791 1 year ago

spacemanratso09, to answer your comment about how to collect the Zap's you have to collect a minimum of 4 to enable the playfield to spot a zap shot to collect the built up zap's. The playfield insert will light or spot the shot to make to collect the zaps and points. Eddie orbits, ramps, or Dragula for Zap Jackpot once you build up the correct number of collected zap's.

Stern published a pretty good document describing the game play, hop onto their website to collect it

#1823 1 year ago

If some are getting excessive air balls you can try wrapping your balls with some AABCT !(aka: anti air ball canceling tape)

#2064 1 year ago

Thought I would offer up my take away after playing an LE today for the first time. As some on this thread know I own a Pro, have 360 games on it now over a 6 week period, so you might say I know it pretty well by now, and really really like it.

However, after playing the LE with the lower playfield today (about 12 games) I'm pulling a 'Who-Dey' move and will be 'Upgrading' to a Premium. I really like everything about the Pro, but I gotta say that the lower playfield just makes the game more interesting and fun to play. I played it at the pinball expo in Banning today and it was a big hit as it was played non stop with a line waiting to play it for pretty much the entire day.

The lower playfield didn't feel cheap or Toyish at all, it played solid and my take away was that it would hold up over time and wouldn't get boring. So I foresee an upgrade soon

#2080 1 year ago
Quoted from guss:

Boo, No mini playfield for me. I just can't stand mini playfields. It's like having a midget second Wife.

Hi guss, I haven't had the opportunity to explore a midget second wife, but having now played the lower playfield on Munsters I might just have to go out and look for one as it was fun! Seriously though, I came away from the experience impressed enough to consider making the swap from my Pro (which I really really like) to a Premium as it takes skill to make the shots and they are layed out well. Also it didn't feel cheap and silly or gimmicky. Not sure if I recall you're mentioning in prior posts if you had played the LE to get a feel for how the lower playfield played. I just felt like sharing my experience for others to draw upon if they found it usefull.

If you haven't yet tried it U might want to give that midget a try

#2109 1 year ago
Quoted from guss:

Haven't Tried it yet. But I just never liked mini playfields. But everybody has different taste. I didn't mean anything bad about it, I just don't like mini playfields. (Maybe I'm just a bad player)

Hey guss, no worries man, I can kinda relate with you. I will say I was never really a fan of machines with lower playfields either, then I played 'The Big Leboswki", thought it was kind of fun, that was a little over a year ago. I then played a couple other machines with a lower playfield a couple weeks later and was unimpressed. Fast forward to last week and getting a chance to play an LE, I came away smiling!

Although I may have somewhat limited time on machines with lower playfields I liked it enough that I am definitely making a change from the Pro to the Premium. I think the Pro rocks it, and if I could pull it off would keep it and still get a Premium, but I have to be reasonable when it comes to $$. In the end I'd rather own the Premium to have that added feature and opportunity to expand on what is already a great fun game. Sure that lower playfield complicates things when it comes to maintaining or servicing the game, all trade offs I've taken into consideration for long term ownership. It added another dimension to the game making it that much funner to play, and I think it really vame down to the fact that 'It just seems right' that for this games theme having Grandpa’s laboratory down there finishes off the game.

You're right, everyone's tastes vary, but I would encourage you to give it a play. I'd like to be the one responsible for possibly converting you. I think it's worth the extra $, and the black and white to me is also a cool look and fits the theme as well. Lastly, I just want to be like Who-Dey, my idol

#2147 1 year ago
Quoted from Hillel:

From friction of balls rolling over it, or something underneath it?
Mine was shipped with cleaning solution smudges on the underside only visible when lights come on down there. My OCD requires it be removed for a more careful cleaning. I doubt it will be the last time it will have to be removed. Just wasn't planning on doing it the first week of ownership. Must have been cleaned on a Monday before lunch at the factory, or a Friday after lunch.

I also played the LE in Banning Sunday. Lower playfield glass had dust underneath the glass, no ball scratches or anything wrong on the upper surface. What I did notice though was that the glass was not perfectly flush with the playfield on the left side as you could see the ball take a slight wander off course at lower ball speeds, but not enough that it affected game play. Other than that the game played fine with no issues as noted with others. I do not know what code was installed.

#2256 1 year ago

Ya, I'm shocked at the lack of postings and overall info and feedback to the Premium from TPF as well. I thought for sure I'd log on today and see all kind of cool stuff, very little, strange

#2259 1 year ago

I watched the 45 minute Pinball News video from TPF this morning hoping to get some good looks at the premium and the whole Stern set up and displays with the Munsters cars and Pat, Butch and the gang, hardly nothing. I thought for sure I would see a lot more than was actually on that video, very disappointing.

#2315 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I really liked playing this pin at TPF. I like playing the Pro model. And I like Grandpa's Lab in the Premium. I can't buy one today; Too many things going at the moment.
For the Premium owners the question I have: Is Grandpa's Lab worth the extra $1600.00 for long term ownership? I'm not up to speed with these new pins very much. Are other things on the Premium I don't know about that come with the higher price?
I love the black and white graphics.

I have a Pro and love it. That said I had a chance to play an LE a couple weeks ago, and after playing that lower playfield numerous times, I've decided to upgrade to a Premium as soon as I can get my hands on one. To me it's worth the extra money to have that lower playfield, it added so much more to what is already a great game.

#2321 1 year ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

I put mirror blades in my pro and it looks great. Haven't seen any art blades I really like yet. Also added a 3 inch led strip to the trough to brighten it up a bit.

I installed the factory ones in my Pro, it really added to the look.

20190308_155142 (resized).jpg20190308_155150 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2621 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

So what kind of high scores is everyone putting up? Mine is 238,000,000 on a pro with the outlane post lowered (doesn't help much),liberal tilt,10 second ball save and extra balls turned off.generally I don't break 100 mil.

My average on a Pro with new code, posts lowered, 10 sec ball save is 65-75 Mil with an occasional game in the 165 mil range. That said my game is also set to 5 balls, but on those games where I've scored high it's always been on the 3rd ball, then I start loosing focus and rapidly drain the 4th & 5th balls. Shit, might as well switch it back to 3 balls

#2630 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Well well well, what do we have here! [quoted image]

Who-Dey has officially joined the owners club. Congrats man! When are we going to see some pics?

#2728 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I did set it to soft and i like it much better there. It will still hit some pretty big air balls at times though. Its cool until one gets stuck and you have to fish it out lol.

Well Who-Dey at least you have a lower playfield to get an occasional stuck ball. I'm feeling left out of all the fun with my 'one level playfield' Pro. I gotta get me a Premium and trade in my Pro as soon as my Distro gets one in stock that isn't already sold

#2749 1 year ago

Stacking the jackpots is the only way to really get a score above 100 mill. I never collect them until I have at least 6 stacked and the multiplier high. On my games where I've scored above 150 mill I've had jackpots during the game in the ranges of 30-35 mill, that's a big payday and so very cool to see that big score payout when you claim it.

The Zap button feature is super cool too. With 425 games played now it's like automatic now, timing the zap button hits during multiball is great, I'd like to see a video of my hands while all this is going on, gotta be lightening quick.

Love this game, just need to upgrade, calling my distro Monday and giving him a deposit to get in the queue.

#2967 1 year ago

I like reading all the recent postings on this game, it just reinforces everything I've felt about it since I got it (Pro model). I've had mine since Feb 1st, 465 games so far and like it more than I did last week, the week before that, and the month before that, well you get the picture. One of the things I like about this game is going for the many individual achievement awards, yes other games have this too I know. I have a lot of fun playing this game going for some of those individual scoring goals. In fact we should start a little weekly challenge goal for all of us, just for fun. I'll put the first one up, Herman Champion, 23,676,900. I'm sure someone will post a higher score before nights end, but this could be fun for all of us. We can elect someone for next weeks challenge posting, like Spaceman, your up for that right Spaceman

I feel like the honeymoon ended a month ago for me and of my 5 game collection guess which game I enjoy playing the most, yup, Munster's. I think the entire package on this game is great, Stern did a great job on this game. It sucks you in, is challenging, rewarding, and just damn fun in so many ways, and I'm talking Pro version here guys. Yes, I am upgrading to a Premium soon, but even the Pro version is great with it's single level playfield. My mistake (not really a mistake) was playing an LE, after experiencing the game with the lower playfield I knew it was just a matter of time before I'd bag a Premium. Also reading posts from all those who now own Premiums has also been an inspiration to make the upgrade.

So hopefully in a few weeks I can join the Premium owners club, and have more stories to share.

20190226_212045 (resized).jpg
#2987 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Herman champion score to beat 24 million

Ok, looks like I have to do a little more beating up on Herman then this weekend!

Hey Spaceman, why don't you pick next weeks challenge, and then assign the following to someone else in this thread, and then that person selects the next challenge etc.

BTW, can you belive all the posts on "the worst code ever", what the F!

#3032 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Absolutely sounds like fun.
BUT I meant 24 million is what it takes to beat YOU
I tried last night couldn’t break 6 Hahahaha
Easier said than done

Well I set my sights on Herman this week and made him my bitch for about 20 games to get that score. He and I have a good relationship now, so I'm going leave him alone for a while.

I think I'm going to start bitch slapping Spot, he really pisses me off tossing my balls SDTM! He's going to be a lot harder to put up some big points on. I think all of us can relate that he needs a good spanking, that little shit!

20190226_212100 (resized).jpg
#3040 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I will try and check it out tomorrow and see whats going on. It shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Hey Who-Dey, I have a better idea, just box up that game and ship it to me and I'll take a look at it and fix it just like new. Of course like any good technician I'll have to play it for a few weeks before I ship it back just to make sure it's playing OK

#3061 1 year ago

Hey captainBR, I can appriciate that you want to keep your investment as nice and in good working order as long as you can, most all of us are in the same camp. I'm not going to get into this reponse to deep because its easy to go down a deep rabit hole, but in general putting a mylar film on your playfield will help it survive longer, but you might still get some dimpling anyway if the ball has some energy behind it. Installing some protectors in others areas (game dependent) helps too. If I had to guess I'd say 90% of the people who buy new in the box games for home use do not install playfield mylars, I don't and I get dimpling, doesn't bother me. It really is personal preference.

Stern is building better quality into their games these days (although some may argu that point) and it shows in Munsters. My recommendation is to just play the game and don't worry so much about it getting beat up or hurt, it'll take it. Hope this helps.

#3091 1 year ago

Pinhead, you are confusing things.

Sorry if you got confused as I specifically stated mylar because some are made and sold as playfield protectors, and they do not protect against dimpling. That was my specific reason for mentioning that type so he would not buy that type thinking it would fully protect the playfield.

I am fully aware of PETG, better than mylar for sure, but not a fan of those either.

1 week later
#3254 1 year ago

Ok Spaceman, I took the challenge, Zap Champion started with Who-Dey to step up and challenge others and then pick the next Pinside Munsters owner to set the next challenge. Going to start working on those Zap's to up the number some. Let's go guys, start posting your Zap scores!

20190301_170223 (resized).jpg
#3273 1 year ago

Wow Rick, you set that Zap bar pretty high, great score! This game does rock, I'm having just as much fun working the invidual scoring modes as trying to set overall high scores. If things work out I might have my Premium in a couple weeks. Keep those Zap scores rolling in everyone.

#3330 1 year ago

Grandpa scoop rejections are primarily due to the fact that the depth of the scoop is to shallow causing the ball to pop out. Adding some foam as Who-Dey did will help take some energy out of the ball when it makes contact with the scoop. But in my opinion the scoop rejects are mainly due to the depth being to shallow.

#3332 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think you are correct. Stern scoops always seem to have a lot of rejects, especially if the shot is far away.

I have put many a shot smack in the middle of that scoop and watched it jump out time after time even when the ball speed isnt that fast. Like most who have had their frustration level go up with that scoop I opt to shoot it with the right flipper to reduce the amount of potential rejections.

#3428 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Anyone happen to have extensive gametime on all three models (or Pro together with Premium/LE)? Interested in hearing which model you prefer and why.

I have a Pro with 525 games on it now, love it and have got the game play down pretty good. That said I had the opportunity to play an LE a few weeks ago (about 12 games), and was able to get some extensive play on the lower playfield. That was enough play to confirm for me that I wanted to upgrade to a Premium. It just added another dimension to what is already a great game. I plan on keeping this game in my collection for a long time so for me it was worth upgrading. I think anyone who has a Pro and likes it and has a chance to play a Premium or LE will find it just that much better and enjoyable.

If all goes well I'll be posting photos of my Premium in a couple weeks.

#3452 1 year ago

For you guys that have a Premium or LE you need to hit all four standup targets then shoot the ball into Grandpa’s scoop, that will qualify Enlarging Ray, and also set up lower playfield multiball as I read the rules sheet. On the Pro all you have to do is hit all 4 standups then hit the scoop when lit to start Enlarging Ray.

#3555 1 year ago

Hey cottonm4, I suggest you go into your game adjustments and play around getting to know this new modern game, it will help you fine tune the game to your caliber of play, which could be a benefit to you in the early stages of learning the game play. Also make sure to set your flippers to soft for the lower playfield as most LE and Premium owners have done.

The good thing is that by experimenting with the many game adjustments you can continue to tweak the way the game plays, don't be afraid to experiment, and ask questions as you all ready have. Congratulations on your new modern day game!

#3591 1 year ago

Was playing my game this evening and was having one of my best games ever, then this happened. Broken connection on the micro switch Grandpa’s scoop, game over baby as any shots made to the scoop would not register. Going to order a new switch as the lug broke off the switch, no way to fix that kind of failure.
20190503_180145_001 (resized).jpg20190503_180325 (resized).jpg

When I install the new switch I will most likey use some non formaldehyde silicone (for electronics) around the wiring and base of the switch to stabilize that connection so this doesn't happen again. Having one of these micro switches on hand as a spare might be a good idea for any others out there as this might be one of those areas that fatigue after so many games or hits to that scoop.

#3602 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You blew the game up John....literally!

Yes I did, but not in the way I would have wanted. I was really rolling a good game when it happened too, was on 1st ball and had Munster Madness ready, made the shot and nothing, ball sat there untill ball search kicked in. It was at that point I new it was Game Over baby!

Oh well, I think I am going to buy a couple of those micro switches that way I will have a spare for my Premium when and if I need one. When you think about it that mech takes a beating with the shock and vibration from the ball hitting that scoop pocket, even when the ball jumps out and doesn't stay in.

Having one on hand as a spare is just good insurance IMO. Bummed my game is down for a few days now. Will pass the time on my other games, heck they haven't seen much play since Munster's arrived

#3625 1 year ago

Well As some may know from reading my last post my micro switch broke on Grandpa's scoop last Friday. Was really bummed out I couldn't play the game, then got to thinking, hey my Ghostbusters has the same scoop, why not just take the switch out of that game until I get a replacement from Stern. So that's what I did today, rapped my Ghostbusters to get my Munster's back on line, that's how addicting this game is for me.

Well then it happened, with the game back on line on my 4th game today this happened, best game ever! Lasted about 30 minutes. My game is set up for 5 ball play, and I got two extra balls during the game. I heard sounds coming from the game I hadn't heard before, and I was making all the right shots, I was in the zone! It might not ever happen again, but it was a shit load of fun!

While I was at it I changed out the balls that came with the game as they were all flat spotted, look at the photo I took of one of the balls, you can see small facets on it. Maybe changing to some new balls was the key to my great score, most likely not and more luck than anythimg else!

20190505_172332 (resized).jpg20190505_185648 (resized).jpg20190505_185728 (resized).jpg

#3642 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Unbelievable.....wow! Are you on the latest code or the original code Pinhead?

Quoted from chuckwurt:

The crazy scoring might still be in the game, just in Munster madness II instead of Munster Madness I like older code

How long time wise was your game? Was it a long game or about normal with some scoring issues? Not trying to discredit your score or your abilities but more curiosity than anything else !

Still running V0.91.0 code, so still have M/Madness level I scoring, which might be the contributor to the scoring. The game lasted about 20-25 minutes, but M/Madness was long as I was able to keep 3 balls in play for what I think was about 5-8 minutes. I was very busy as one can imagine only looking at the game info on random opportunity, the score jumped up like 350 mil in what seemed like only a minute or two, then again 200 mil more towards then end. If it is a coding or scoring error then this is the first I've seen it on my game, then again I've never been able to keep 3 balls in play for that amount of ti e and make the shots I did. I'm an average player that on occasion can have some extended high scoring games, but this game did surprise me and blew me away. Had to sit down and relax for a few minutes after, my brain was fried

#3643 1 year ago
Quoted from Wmsfan:

How long time wise was your game? Was it a long game or about normal with some scoring issues? Not trying to discredit your score or your abilities but more curiosity than anything else !

Game was 20-25 minutes, longest game I've had on Munsters to date (about 500 games now). My games typically average 10-15 minutes and 125 - 150 million range. Keep in mind my game is set to 5 ball play with narrow outlanes, and 12 second ball save. Most of my scoring takes place on ball 3-5, and most games I score the extra ball, so I'm really playing a 6 ball game, double that of what most everyone is playing (3 ball). In all fairness that score would have been way less if I was playing a factory set game.

So in summary, did I really earn or deserve that score, maybe not when compared to factory set up game, but you know it sure was fun! If it was a scoring code error, not sure maybe chuckwurt might be able to shed some light into that.

#3645 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

For sure. Especially since you had a long MM. once you get to the hurry ups, the scoring is broken and gives you hundreds of millions when it should be much much less. It’s fixed now.

Thanks, that explains it then. So if I upload the new code most of the scoring opportunity shifts to M/Madness level II correct?

#3647 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

No. What you experienced was a bug. It’s my understanding from talking to Dwight that he fixed that bug and moved the rules from MM I to MM II and then added a different ruleset to MM I to make it easier to follow.

Well as Herman has said to me on occasion playing this game, Darn Darn darn!!!!

When I get my Premium later this week I will check to make sure it has the latest code, it should seeing it left the factory last week. Thanks Chuck!

#3659 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

So it sounds like your game would have been about 10 million on the new code John?
Just kidding buddy, still a great game you had!

Hell no, you are way low on your estimate. I'm thinking more like 10 million 150 thousand

I'm lol Who-Dey, and here I thought I had a break out game, when in reality it was shit. Wish I could have that kind of software bug fall upon a slot machine when I'm in Vegas

#3660 1 year ago

Well I guess I had better load the new game code and see what kind of scores I'll end up with. Shit, I may have to go hide in a closet or sit on the toilet for a few days after eating all this humble pie

#3670 1 year ago
Quoted from steffan:

mine broke the same way last night

Hmm..bummer. I contacted Stern Monday, gave them my serial number and got conformation a replacement is on the way at ni charge.

#3691 1 year ago

As a suggestion for those who are removing the screws that retain the lower playfield clear plastic cover. Before reinstalling it put a very small amount of Vaseline on the threads of the screws, not too much though, just a little. This will prevent the screws from seizing up in the inserts or help prevent the threads from scoring.

I learned this little trick years ago for lubricating plastic gears and small threaded screw nutserts on models. It's a little bit of insurance against what could be a bigger problem later.

#3713 1 year ago

You are going to have a lot of fun with this game Groo. I took delivery on one of the first games shipped and have played it almost everyday since. It is one of the most addicting games I have played, fun, challenging, great lighting and sound, and of course theme if you are a Munsters TV fan. Congrats man!

#3722 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I find myself hitting on mine several times a day, too. The end-of-ball callout is getting a little long in the tooth. But the music that is playing during the game is some real good music; Or maybe I should say the music suits my tastes.
The Pro is certainly no slouch but the more I play that mini-play field the more I like it. Those mini-ball shots are not all that easy. And they are the only way to Grandpa Jackpot.

I had the chance to play an LE a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed playing the lower playfield, in fact so much so that I take delivery of my new Premium in two days, can't wait!

Note for Grandpa, keep your arms and legs inside of the shot protector to avoid loss of limbs. I like it

#3728 1 year ago
Quoted from Groo:

I was a big Munsters fan growing up so the theme is great, but also approachable for those on the younger side. I’m wading through this thread for any tips and tricks for when I get it.

Go to posting #501, at a minimum you will need to make this modification if not already done by Stern.

#3741 1 year ago

Pro loaded up and heading out tomorrow to swap it out for my Premium. Been looking forward to this day for 4 weeks now. Going to be a couple days before I can get the new game set up, no one available to help me unload it

20190509_171650 (resized).jpg
#3746 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I don't see a strap holding the back box to the cabinet. Don't hit many bumps or that back box could start bouncing.

All strapped down good now, I took the photo before strapping it down. Thanks for posting that though as you are right, it would have taken a little beating during the two hour drive

#3810 1 year ago

Is anybody else having this problem?

Hey cotton

After you have gotten the Herman multiball the follow on herman is a hurry up only and does hold the ball briefly after the shot is made, it then releases. It should not go SDTM, mine kicks of the left side rail of the herman shot lane, then kicks towards the right flipper. It just sounds like perhaps when the magnet releases the ball it doesn't kick it to one side. I'd talk with Stern and see what they have to say.

#3811 1 year ago

Premium now in the house. Put a couple games on it today, it plays smoother than the pro version. Game is set with all factory settings, it feels a little more solid, I wonder if it has something to do with that lower playfield screwed to the main playfield.

Installing some playfield protection and grandpa scoop mod to keep the ball from slamming against the scoop backstop. Once done I will start putting some games on it each day. I am so glad I did the upgrade, absolutely love the look and art package with the lower playfield.

20190510_155153 (resized).jpg20190510_192807 (resized).jpg

#3825 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Drops to the left flipper every time

On my Pro the ball would release to the left and nick the side rail of the Herman lane upon release, then kick right to end up on the right flipper. My Premium does exactly the same thing.

I have to tell everyone that the Pro and Premium have a different feel, I confirmed this for sure now have played my Premium last night for about 20 games. It just feels a little more solid. The cabinet on the Premium is of higher quality wood, so I think that contributes to the feel, and perhaps the main playfied that has some vibration dampening characteristics due to the lower playfield and how its fastened to the main playfield?

I am so glad I made the decesion to upgrade to the Premium as the player experience is just that much better. Unlike my Pro I am leaving the Premium set up factory settings w/3 ball, but w/a 10 sec ball save. My Pro also had the code prior to the current version, so I've found the game play and scoring to be a little different (albeit lower playfield aside), a good improvement. I was able to get to M/M on the thrid ball just as it drained off of a hit to Spots chin, that rat bastard

#3851 1 year ago

Removed my lower playfield glass today and used it as a template to make a mylar protector. It installed nicely over the glass using some distilled water and Johnsons baby shampoo mixed in a spray bottle. The solution allows the film to slip and move so that you can get it in perfect alignment/position, then squeegee out the solution to stick it in place. Let it dry for a couple hours and reinstalled it. Should make a big difference as the material I used is 'self healing', so it should last a long time. It's crystal clear with no hazing, well worth the time I spent doing it. I played the game several times after install and it didn't change a thing, all good.

I also made a rubber bumper similar to what Who-Dey did to his game for Grandpa’s scoop. It works great, no more ball smashing against the steel backing plate, nice and quite, no clunking. Ball ejects just fine. Loving the game!

20190512_145157 (resized).jpg20190512_145213_resized (resized).jpg20190512_162039_resized (resized).jpg
#3858 1 year ago

Here is another photo of the rubber insert for Grandpa’s scoop. It has a horse shoe shaped cutout in it so that the ball will nest down into the pocket at the base of the scoop. Basically just insuring that it doesn't change how the ball sits down at the bottom and to provide clearance. Rubber is 1/8" thick, but I'm sure 1/16" or 3/32" would be fine.

20190512_162010_resized (resized).jpg
#3859 1 year ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Question for owners.
Can you adjust the settings so you need more hits to start Herman , Spot, Raven etc.
For example can you make it (say) 6, 5 etc shots to Herman before he holds the ball.
Same for other areas.....

Yes, you can change how many hits/shots to start them, just not sure of the number of shots because I've not changed the factory settings for that, but I have seen it as an option.

#3863 1 year ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

Confused, why would it be smoother than the pro? Everything is identical but the lower PF

I know, one would think it's the same machine for the most part with the exception of the lower playfield. The plunger for one appears to be of higher quality, action is smoother. The standup targets react differently as well, rebound is smoother, vibration coming from the mechanisms through the playfield appear to be dampened somewhat as well. Overall the premium just feels and plays better, not as Raw is how I can describe it if that makes sense. The cabinet is also built from what looks like better materials which may also have some different affect in acoustics? Even though the playfield is essentially floating within the cabinet, the combination of these things is what I noticed.

All I can say is I did notice a difference, an improvement from my perspective. Now then, will that translate into a better score, NOT, though I wish it would

#3880 1 year ago

Played two games tonight, got to Munster Madness on the second game. My 1st M/Madness experience on the new game and what a blast that was. Totally blows away the Pro in terms of managing both playfields. Can't wait to experience M/Madness again, hopefully very soon!

20190513_195726 (resized).jpg20190513_195856 (resized).jpg
#3888 1 year ago
Quoted from Cherga:

Anybody know anyone looking for a Pro or selling a Premium on
the east coast? I have a Pro want to upgrade to a Premium.

That's the right move. I made the swap and so glad I did. Good luck, hope u get one soon!

#3952 1 year ago

Regarding the new color Premium;

Some of us may remember the saying 'variety is the spice of life', and that's a good thing. I can recall a time when we didn't have multiple choices in game art, mechanism's, etc. when buying a game. We should all rejoice that we as enthusiasts have options and that the manufacturers are making financial investments 'In Us' by giving us these options.

I'm just happy that as a buyer I am being given more options today than ever before

#4096 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinwalk:

wanted to pad grandpa's scoop so ball would not get beat up as much. Lots of good ideas already posted on how to do that, but being 'thrifty', I looked around the house to see what I already had that I could use. Found some Moleskin (slightly padded tape with adhesive one one side) that my wife uses to pad sore spots on her feet, works great!! See photo.....I need to trim up the moleskin a little, but you get the idea.
[quoted image]

I think adding that piece of rubber in my game was the single most useful home made modification, what you have done should also work. When my ball travels to the scoop now it just quietly sinks into its hole. No more rejections period, no metal to metal clanking, and best of all no more ball or scoop pocket abuse going on. All should consider this mod as a benefit, not to mention Stern should do this on all games with similar scoops. I'm adding this same mod to my GB & GOTG.

Gotta give my man Who-Dey credit for this one, I owe him a six pack of his best beer!

20190512_162010 (resized).jpg

#4130 1 year ago

For those that have inquired I will take some photos of the rubber bumper I made along with measurements and post them, may take me a couple days though. The rubber is of a pretty hard durometer, 1/8" thick. In fact now that I think about it why don't I just make some of them up and send them to those who want one.

They don't take long to make so no big deal, and I have a good supply of that sheet rubber. Those who want one just send me a PM and we can go from there.

Got to M/Madness again tonight, 3rd time I've been able to experience it. I find myself slapping the ball around the lower playfield while trying to focus on the upper, not easy to do, but fun. So what have you guys been doing, strategies, would like to hear from others how they go about playing both playfields at the same time. Thanks all

#4164 1 year ago

OK Wow, I had many takers for the rubber insert from the stack of PM's I received, shit now I know how to become a popular guy, just give away free rubbers to all my friends. Wow, did I just say that

It's all good, I wouldn't have offered this up if I wasn't serious, it just might take me a couple extra days to crank them all out, 17 in fact as of this posting.

So here's my plan, I will make up a batch this weekend, then contact those whom sent me the PM's first working my way through the list until finished. I will start responding to you all (and U know who U R) this weekend to acknowledge and coordinate for shipping adress if it wasn't provided in the PM message, if it was then I will just let U know when its going in the mail.

You guys are going to like how this little gizmo works

#4166 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You're a good man Charlie Brown! May as well make one for me and make it 18 while you're at it.

You got it Terry, no problem, your on the list buddy. Your up late, you working again? You gotta get your game back on line

#4173 1 year ago

OK cotton and nevedanutjob, you guys are in too, just shoot me a PM with your address.

Shit Who-Dey, somethimes you gotta delagate brother, you can't always be the big defender of this game from all the haters, you'll never get any sleep

#4221 1 year ago

OK gang, I feel like I should be working in the Stern factory making all these rubbers. Hard part is over, now just have to bevel the cut out section and they are ready to ship out next week.

More updates to follow tomorrow or Monday.

20190518_200634 (resized).jpg
#4271 1 year ago

Update. All 22 rubber mods have been made. I will post a photo of the finished item with dimensions for others who wish to make one as I am officially retired from the rubber mod business.

I will start responding back to those in my PM box this week so you know its on the way to you. I'll try and post the photo this evening with the dimensions.

#4273 1 year ago

Thanks JMCFAN, but no, this ones on me brother!

#4281 1 year ago

For those who want to make their own rubber ball absorber see photos. The rubber is fairly dense (not sure of the shore hardness) which appears to be the right fit to absorbe the ball hit. It really reduces the shot impact noise and shock as well.

I am sending installation notes/guidelines with the rubbers to those who are receiving them along with photos. I will make a posting later in the week of those notes for others making their own rubber mod.

Lastly you must use a good quality contact cement (or perhaps rubber cement, or weatherstrip adhesive) to attach the rubber. I tried using a double sided thin carpet tape which was very tacky but the rubber let loose from it after about 5 plays. Thats due in part because the rubber compound I used contains a small amount of oils or silicones. I now have about 75 plays with the rubber fixed to the scoop well, it should stay put for a long time using a high quality contact cement as I did.
20190520_191242 (resized).jpg20190520_191648 (resized).jpg20190520_191655 (resized).jpg20190520_191716 (resized).jpg20190520_191808 (resized).jpg

#4286 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Your efforts look great and I'm sure the solution will work for you and others. So far, I'm fine with my scoop, so I won't be adding anything. But wanted to pass along in case you haven't ever seen it, that there is something called "dead drop foam" that has been used in pinball machines for decades to absorb ball energy. It also typically comes with self-adhesive, so you just peel and stick (which also makes for easy mess free removal down the road).

Good call Pinzap, thanks for passing this info along. I actually think this is what Who-Dey used on his machine.

Who-Dey, is this what you had used on your game, I think it was correct? And BTW, you are the Man with that Super Jackpot cash in score, Wow, you set the bar high on that one

#4305 1 year ago
Quoted from RANBOW:

So excited I can't stand it. Have not even told the loved one yet. My Munsters Pro, first new in box is scheduled to come this weekend. I will be out of town, but am having it delivered to the office and put into the warehouse until I return and can drag it home for unboxing and set up.

Congratulations. I just want to add that this game does a real good job of sucking up all of your spare time. If I were you I'd buy your loved one a nice gift to clear your honey doo list so you don't end up in the Dog House

#4320 1 year ago

I agree with the scoring honesty with the members in this owners forum being true. However, that said I do think we need to install web cameras in Who-Dey's game room to make sure he is playing with the glass on! Just kidding ya brother

#4322 1 year ago

I'm right there with ya Who-Dey, expect I have mine set to 8 seconds. Go ahead and set up that web cam then invite some gals over to play bathing suit pinball

#4323 1 year ago

UPDATE: For those who sent me a request for the Grandpa scoop ruber they are on the way to you via U.S. Postal service, so keep watch for a letter sized envelope. The contents include one custom rubber, and a small installtion guide/tips and photos to help with installation. I think you will be happy with the results, mine staying put for the life of the game, that's how much I like it.

For those who reside out of the USA, your's will be sent Friday, at least that's the plan for now.

#4345 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Thank you all. I did the update this morning. All went well. Until I played a game.
What happened?
I am usually struggling to make 10-15 million per 3-ball game. A couple of times I made 60-70 mil and one time I made 124 million.
With the 1.0 update I knocked down 65 million points. It was just nuts.
Ball 2 was a bust because as I was taking this pic of Ball 1 the pin auto-launched Ball 2 and drained.
Ball 3 went Munster Madness as soon as the ball hit the play field. It all happened so fast that I'm not sure what happened.

That is strange, typically after a code update the game should play correctly, yours did not. In reading your follow up post it sounds like its noe playing correctly ?

For some reason my game has decided to no longer give me an extra ball light at Grandpa's scoop after completing 4 characters. I will try doing a factory reset unless anyone else has a different suggestion?

#4346 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Thank you all. I did the update this morning. All went well. Until I played a game.
What happened?
I am usually struggling to make 10-15 million per 3-ball game. A couple of times I made 60-70 mil and one time I made 124 million.
With the 1.0 update I knocked down 65 million points. It was just nuts.
Ball 2 was a bust because as I was taking this pic of Ball 1 the pin auto-launched Ball 2 and drained.
Ball 3 went Munster Madness as soon as the ball hit the play field. It all happened so fast that I'm not sure what happened.
Plus I had my first experience with both the upper and lower play field operating at the same time. This cannot stay. I like the upper play field. And I like the lower play field. But not both at the same time; It seems like a He-man contest of "look what I can do".
The one game is all I have played. I want to see if what I experienced is what I was supposed to experience. I did not turn into a superstar pin player overnight and this upgrade makes me feel like that.
I need to go in and change my settings but I wanted to see if my experience is normal to everybody else before I do anything else.
[quoted image]

Strange why your game did that after a new code update, it shouldn't have acted like that obviously.

I think I have a bug in my game now, my game no longer lights the extra ball at grandpa's scoop after completing 4 characters. Was thinking of performing a factory reset to see if that clears it. Any ideas from anyone else about this issues?

#4355 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

don't know why it did that. All is back to normal now, it seems; I'm getting several 1 mil-2 mil games again. Just lie old times.
What I have noticed is that my Herman magnet now seems to throw the ball a little bit. I have yet to get a Herman Hurry Up to see if it will stop the drains coming from the magnet release.
The sounds had seemed a little off time before. Now they seem to synch pretty good with the play field.
Other than the double action with the upper and lower play field both being active during Munster Madness, I can't place me finger on any other changes. I don't care for the double action play fields at all. I don't know about anybody else, but all I can do is flail about wildly and hope for the best. But I don't know what I am supposed to be doing. I"d like to turn this feature off but need to look into it deeper as I ddi not see anything about it the settings.
I don't know about your scoop issues.

I know there is an option to disable the lower playfield by itself which by doing so would result in M/Madness upper playfield only. But then you would be giving up the lower playfield all the time, something I wouldn't want to do. If you do find another setting let us know.

#4381 1 year ago

Geezers, I gotta start playing my game, I'm falling way behind in scoring compared to you high rollers. Getting to M/M about 2 out of 5 games, but just can't work both those play fields good enough to get good scoring yet.

20190514_174921 (resized).jpg
#4385 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Hey if you are getting to Munster Madness two out of five games you are doing way better than i am, i almost never get there. I told you to turn that 60 second ball save off!

Quoted from GamerRick:

The best method I’ve figured out yet is I concentrate on the lower playfield and I just hit the upper flippers whenever I see a main ball heading towards the flippers but I keep my focus on the lower playfield. That seems to work best. Since they tweaked it trapping the balls on the upper play field doesn’t really work anymore.

Quoted from GamerRick:

That’s only because you spent all that time hand carving 22 or so grandpa scoop protectors for everyone. I just got mine yesterday. Thank you so much John! Now get back to playing will ya?

Well Who-Dey you have to remember that I had 550 games on my Pro prior to getting my Premium, so that prior game play helped. Also now that my Premium is on factory settings (except 8 sec ball save) I find it has made my strategy to trap up the ball and focus on overall ball control has improved my game play in general. The fact that this game plays so fast has also made my other games easier to play, thats a bonus.

Thanks for the recommendation gamerRick, I will work on that strategy, seems logical rather than my trying to train one eye on the upper and one on the lower like a chameleon, trust me that don't work too good.

Yup, now that all the rubbers are shipped out I can get back to playing, thanks!

1 week later
#4491 1 year ago

pinupgirl1975 I like to think of this game as expanding how I can string together a host of foul words (to myself) in ways that makes me laugh at the end of the game for just how brutal this game can be at times, you are not alone trust me. I've been playing pinball a long time and of all the games I've owned and or played Munsters presents itself as fun, challenging, rewarding, frustrating, a real work of art, and most of all keeps me coming back for more. When I reach a point of utter frustration I do what MK6PIN does, I hit the power switch and shut it down, then utter to myself, take that Mr. Munster

#4550 1 year ago

Well after a five day dry spell I finally got to M/M tonight 3 out of 5 games, all on ball 3 though so no scoring breakout for me. I play the mode like MK6PIN, I actually step back just a bit, focus my play on the lower playfield and pick up the upper in my peripheral view. I manage to get some pretty long play this way and score pretty good. I haven't really tried another method yet, but I'm going to stick with this method I think for now. Too bad I can't jack up my multiplier and cash in before I drain the damn ball

#4557 1 year ago

Yes Who-Dey, so glad I made the swap from the Pro to the Premium. It is also a humbling experience in that my games and scores haven't been up to the same level of play when compared to the Pro. The major difference being now having 3 ball setting (vs 5 on my Pro), and the dynamics of the lower playfield and trying to adapt to how the game playes with this added feature. Nothing taken away from the Pro, a great game, but certainly the lower playfield feature changes things, in a good way!

Yup, it is my go to game every time I play pinball. This game has also helped to improve my overall game play because it is fast, my GB and GOTG are both fast games as well, but Munster's is by far the fastest in my collection. I hoping to break my 121 million score barrier this weekend, crossing my fingers!

#4560 1 year ago

Didn't get a chance to play today or this evening, tomorrow is on for sure though. I have faith in you Who -Dey, you've been having some good games with those jackpots stacked. I have a feeling you are close to a breakout game. Here's my two high scores so far, I gotta get those jackpots stacked and 6x multiplier.

20190528_195629 (resized).jpg20190528_195637 (resized).jpg
#4618 1 year ago

Well I managed to put up one good personal best score this past weekend. Finally able to cash in on 6 stacked jackpots, made my freaking weekend!

20190608_202204 (resized).jpg20190608_202243 (resized).jpg20190608_202259 (resized).jpg
#4644 1 year ago

Good score Who-Dey. Man that score would have been easily another 50 Mill higher had you not lost one ball and was able to cash in those SJP's!

I haven't been able to muster up the mental mindest to fire up any of my games the past few days, mentally drained from work. Can't wait for the weekend to decompress and play some pinball

#4684 1 year ago

If the pallet the game was strapped to looked OK then as most have stated you are probably OK. If the pallet was damaged then you might want to check the cabinet joints where they are bonded together. Good chance you are OK as Stern made improvements to the cabinet construction.

#4703 1 year ago
Quoted from pninja005:

How does pro hold up against the others? I'm not a big fan of mini playfields.
Is pro worth getting?

FWIW I owned a Pro and put 700+ games on it before upgrading to a Premium. The Pro is a great playing machine, looks great, sounds great, light show is great, and worth every penny. I now have 200 games on my Premium and glad I made the upgrade, worth every penny. So what I'm saying is Pro, Premium, or LE, is worth every penny if you like the theme. Lots to read in this thread from owners of all three models, if you can play each one before buying one that may be the best suggestion I can make.

#4785 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

You assholes should be on commission. The last page of this thread has me ready to pull the trigger on one of these machines. Still on the fence pro vs premium though.

Had a Pro, great game. Now have a Premium, greater game

#4815 1 year ago

Hey Groo, that Who-Dey is a pretty funny guy isn't he. I bet you didn't know he does stand up comedy too. Not a bad score, get them multipliers up and those jackpots stacked, then make the shot and celebrate by cuttin the cheese

1 month later
#5234 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

So annoying, especially when going for Super Super Skill Shot.
BTW, anyone think that Super Super Skill shoot should be worth WAY more - it’s the hardest skill shot ever and only seems to be worth same as the Marylin Super on the right ramp. Only upside is that it also awards a mystery.

When I start a new game I always go for the super skill shot, have gotten it a few times, it is really hard to get. So yes, I think it should be worth at least a million points if you get it within 5 seconds. That's my two cents worth.

Haven't been on here for a while, been busy as hell. That Topper issue is pretty bad news, was going to buy one but will hold out for Revision 3, might take that long to get all the bugs out from what I've been reading.

#5240 1 year ago

Thanks Cotton & Who-Dey, glad to know you guys missed me

Ya, I did play that Star Wars home edition at San Diego Comic Con, it actually wasn't to bad of a playing game, but nothing like a full sized game. Speaking of Comic Con I did manage to find my way to the Stern pinball lounge, lots of games in there. I also played a couple games with Jack Danger on live stream Saturday, that was really fun. Jack is a great guy, I got him to sign a Stern T shirt for me. We played Black Night, I liked playing that game, they did have the sound turned down low which was good because I'm not a big fan of the music.

Watched the Jurassic Park live stream last night too. The game looks like a good shooting game. As soon as my distributor gets one in I'm going to check it out and play a few games.

#5248 1 year ago

My mylar on the lower playfield window has performed fantiastic, no issues and crystal clear, highly recommend it.

To answer chuckwurt I completed Spot mode this evening, it took 6 direct hits to complete and he went back to his cave and the machine called out "Spot Completed". I think I had about 15 seconds left on the timer for his mode before it timed out. Like most others I typically avoid the bastard but tonight I felt like going for it, and pulled it off.

4 months later
#6917 1 year ago

Crap, I've been away way to long, I have a lot of reading/postings to get caught up on. Glad to see the usual suspects still posting away. At least I've been playing my game even though I've been absent here for several months. Game is still great, and getting a bit better at achieving MM now, at least one in 3 games as an average, sometimes on ball one, then I go and screw up the last two, did get to MM level II once though

1 month later
#7230 11 months ago

Man alive, I've been away from this thread for a few months now and everyone is still talking about code updates. I may not have been around here for a while but I manage to find the time to play my Munster's at least twice a week, still my go to game of all the games in my collection. If new game code comes along great, but I still enjoy every game I play with the code as is.

I am contemplating adding another game to my collection. Played a Jurrasic Park a couple days and liked it. I'm trying to find a location that has an Elvira Hoh to test drive. Stranger things didn't blow up my skirt, so it may come down to JP or Elvira Hoh.

3 weeks later
#7387 10 months ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

There was also a Pinsider Fix for this. It's a rubber dampener that goes into the scoop. I got one and it works perfectly, no more bounce out. Look around post #4323

Yup, that was me, I designed and made those rubber bummers, after 580 games mine is still going strong. Also, for those who are breaking micro switches at Grandpa's scoop (like mine did about 100 games ago), after replacement place a small dab of clear silicone rubber on the base, wire lugs, and solider joints, this will stabilize those components and should help to extend it's life. The principle behind it is that the shock and vibration are dampened and those components move or vibrate at the same relationship.

Hope you find this useful

#7388 10 months ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

There was also a Pinsider Fix for this. It's a rubber dampener that goes into the scoop. I got one and it works perfectly, no more bounce out. Look around post #4323

Yup, that was me, I designed and made those rubber bumpers, after 580 games mine is still going strong. Also, for those who are breaking micro switches at Grandpa's scoop (like mine did about 100 games ago), after replacement place a small dab of clear silicone rubber on the base of the micro switch and wire lugs, and the solider joints of the wires. This will stabilize those components and should help to extend it's life. The principle behind it is that the shock and vibration will be slightly dampened.

Hope everyone finds this info usefull

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