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#4910 44 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

after spending what I did on the game,,,, will have to pass..... stick with the car from Bradfords,,,,,

Well the good thing is it will be for sale for quite some time so theres no hurry to buy in case you change your mind.

#4938 41 days ago

Hoooooly shit, what a bunch of negative Nancy's we have around here people.....chill out! I got my topper today and it is absolutely beautiful. I was so excited to be the first one to post a topper pic but as luck would have it, my topper has an issue with the Raven door.

I worked on it and worked on it diligently because i wanted to be the first one to post pics of it lit up and stuff but it just wasnt meant to be i guess. Im going to have to get a new topper sent to me unfortunately looks like. The good news is though its beautiful, it matches the black and white Premium in my opinion and its interactive with the game. Anyone who ordered this topper is going to be very happy.

I guess im still technically the first person to post a Munsters topper pic so eat your heart out guys!
20190710_182933 (resized).jpg

#4948 41 days ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

On the translite....Herman looks quite amused by that lady he is looking at on is transparent handheld TV.

Lol good catch! Its a good thing i didn't have porn on the TV isnt it?

#4949 41 days ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

I'm in the market for a NIB machine, and have narrowed it down to MUNSTERS (B&W premium) and METALLICA (Pro) - I don't like the hammer in the Premium and not much else about the premium interests me.
I'm looking for some opinions from folks who have owned/played them both.
I realize I'd save a few grand on the MET pro, but MUNSTERS is obviously the newest machine around, and I love the B&W art, and the shots! (the lower playfield is cool as well) I'm NOT really a big "deep code" guy, I just play for fun and enjoy shots, sounds, lights, etc!
I've played them both and like them both and realize that it's a "personal choice" but let me know if you know of reasons to buy one over the other. For example, I imagine that it would be easier to trade/resell MET if I wanted to switch up in a few years?
I realize that if I posted this in a general forum, most Pinsiders might laugh at this question but hopefully nobody in here does.
And if this has already been asked/covered, please send me a link to the discussion. Thanks!

99% of the people would tell you to go with MET i am sure if it but since you're not a person who is big on code depth, maybe a Munsters is for you possibly. The two games are pretty comparable shot wise i think.

Your question is a tough one for sure considering your view on code. I believe that MET definitely would be the easier game to sell down the road because its an instant sell. I would say go play them both and see which one you like the best if thats an option for you and if its not i would probably tell you to get whichever theme that you like the best. They are both great games and i don't see myself selling either game because i like them both a lot.

#4950 41 days ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

What was the issue? I ordered one and want to make sure I don't have the same issue when mine comes.

Not sure just yet. Im going to look into it again here in a bit. The Raven door doesn't want to shut which i believe to be a mechanical issue but i am also hearing a motor running or a coil energized or something that i dont believe should be on....but i really dont know either. My clock is also not spinning either and i think it should be. I wish that i could see a video of one so i could see how its suppose to work exactly. Im sure yours will be ok, just a fluke that i got a bad one probably. Thats my luck pretty much with anything that i buy.

#4954 41 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Some of us would like to see some video, as well. I'm not being negative, but for 4 and a half yards of the greenstuff I would like to see that I am not buying a static print that could just as easily hang on the wall.
So, how does this unit plug into the pin or get its signals to start its action?

I can't really tell you everything that it does as far as interacting because i didnt have it on very long because there is something that is on that i believe shouldn't be. I think its the clock trying to run but it isn't for some reason and i dont want it to burn anything up so i can't do a video sorry. I just know that the lights interact when you hit certain things and supposedly the Raven pops out and taunts you and stuff too.

I have looked at it twice really good and i just cant figure out what is going on so i am going to have to send it back and get a new one unfortunately. I also know you aren't negative Cotton, i was just kidding about that. It is definitely a nice topper though and i think it will be cool for sure. Theres a lot of moving parts in there though that could fail thats for sure. I hope that it will be reliable.

#4957 41 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

OK. I understand. But how does it hook up and get its signals from the pin? Does it get power from the pin? Or does it have to plug into the wall outlet? Or is it battery powered?
Is Stern going to cover you for all of the shipping back and forth and make you whole with the replacement unit?
I wonder how robust the unit is? It is sturdy. And will it go the distance? Or is the clock going to break in a couple of years?

There are two plugs that come out of the topper. One plug is like an ethernet cable that plugs into the main computer board and the other is a little white plug that plugs in to a board near the bottom of the back box so yes it gets it power from the pinball machine itself.

I have talked to Zach and he said he would cover the shipping. Zach is super easy to work with and a great guy. The topper seems well built but it is made out of plastic as you know but it looks nice and seems well built. As far as will it go the distance, well time will tell on that i guess. Like i said, theres a motor for the clock, a coil that opens and closes the Raven door, little circuit boards also in there so i just dont know. I hope it does but there is definitely things that could tear up in there just there is on a pinball machine.

#4959 41 days ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Did the topper come with installation instructions?
Sounds like you may have it plugged in to the wrong port on the CPU. Email Chas and get him to help out!
You can then put up a video of what the topper does.

Yeah it comes instructions. I had it hooked up right trust me. Its a piece of cake to hook it up

#4962 40 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Where is the access point for this cable and white plug? Do you have to lower the back box to gain entry? I don't remember seeing any access holes when I brought my LE home.
It isa lot of money but for the right product I will step up. I'm building a custom topper for one of my other pins and it is going to break the bank, so for the right topper I would join up.

There is a hole in the top of your backbox that has a plastic plug in it about the size of a quarter or a little bigger maybe. You just have to pop that plug off and there it is.

#4967 40 days ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I am sure Stern will look after you. Please let us all know the outcome.
Good Luck!

Oh yeah, i have no worries about that at all. I bought it from Zach at Flip N Out Pinball and he will take care of me. Thats why i bought it from him because i knew if something went wrong that he will have my back and he wont give me the run around or any bullshit. He’s a great guy and the communication is great if you ever need him. There is going to be problems with anything that you buy sometimes no matter what company makes it and it certainly isn’t any fault of Zach's. I just happened to be one of the lucky ones that got a bad one.

#4970 40 days ago
Quoted from guss:

I wonder if Stern would just sell the circuit boards. I would like to buy or make a cuckoo clock and hang it on the wall be side the game. I think that would be cool.

I don't think that they would. You could always email them and ask i guess but i doubt it. Cuckoo clocks are awesome though!

#4972 40 days ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

I was thinking the same thing! How much cooler it would be to have an actual clock, on a wall nearby, that is interacting with the machine. For what Stern is charging for the topper, a real clock might be cheaper.

Ain't that the truth!

#4981 39 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

If you had a chance for “Eddie Munster” to sign your pinball machine:
A. Would you?
B. If yes, where?

Heck yeah, Eddie Munster is awesome. I would have him sign the translite and apron card both if he would, if not i would do the translite first.

#4989 38 days ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

There is a large flasher right behind the raven. As he pops out, this light blinds the hell out of you.

Yes i agree totally. I noticed that immediately and i hate it.

#4998 37 days ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Now don't be a negative nancy
But seriously that doesn't sound great. There must be a way to tone it down, either via code or physically.

Lol you will soon find out if you buy one. It was literally the first thing that me and my gf noticed. We were like OMG that light!!!

#5011 37 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

When I was growing up in the 60s, plastic was just starting to make inroads into the market place. One of the biggest markets for plastics was cheap plastic roses. The key word was cheap. We had cheap transistor radios. Some was good quality, Much was junk you found in the aisles of Woolworth's or K-Mart.
Tonka was still making its toy trucks out of steel.
And now, today, we pay big bucks for something made with an electric motor and some lights, a little bit of paint and a whole lot of plastic.
I can't buy one of these right now. I have too many others areas that need my budget right now. I hope I don't wind up like a TWD owner where I will want a topper and the supply has been exhausted.

They will make them for awhile Cotton so you should be able to get one i would think. They wont stop making them anytime soon i dont think.

#5031 35 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Someone post an install video too?
Plus interactive video?
Thanks !!!

The install is a piece of cake, literally 5 minutes probably. 4 screws and 2 wires to plug in. It comes with instructions as well that are easy to follow.

#5033 35 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I am curious where the plugs ...plug in.
If someone could post a picture of them that would be great. Either while installing or from instructions sheet.

Yeah i know. The instructions come with pictures though that are very east to follow. The only one i could see someone wondering about is the one that connects to the board on the lower right corner of your backbox. I think thats called the power distribution board or something. The ethernet cable plugs into the main CPU board and is a no brainer and the other one plugs into the small board in the lower right corner. You cant screw it up believe me. MK will hopefully do a quick install video though or someone will post pictures.

#5035 35 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'll post a couple pics this weekend when mine gets here and install it...can't be too bad...

If i can do it anybody can do it.

#5046 34 days ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

Ok here is my topper take.
This is my second topper. I am not wanting to throw stern under the bus. But I just learned there are a few more bad toppers. So here is my take.
My first topper, made a buzzing noise and the clock did not move. The raven popped ok and was good.
Second topper when plugged in first time, clock moved and everything good. Except raven door hit top of front plastic. Came down to game room today to take the videos from the Videos in the post above. Clock did not turn until I started it by hand.
My take is the clock gear is problematic. There is a opto at the top and a gear that travels thru it. If the gear is not perfectly straight then it rubs and slows down the clock or stops it all together. See video

So I have taken the time to rebend every arm of the gear to get it to run as smoothly as I can. Should I have to do this? Most will not be able to. So it's going to be a issue or burned up motors.
Then the raven door and clearance opening and closing. But the coil that opens and closes is the loudest thunk I have every heard, louder then spot popping up in the game. Plus the blinding flasher behind the raven that blinds you.
I like the topper and the feature, but theyare questionable issues. I hope stern can figure them out.

I have my second one on the way.....I'd be lying if I said that i wasn't worried. Its almost like they just throw them together and ship them out without testing them. Theres no way my first one was tested or it would have never left the factory. Even for the ones that work i am skeptical about how reliable they are going to be in the long run and honestly that is bullshit for a 425.00 dollar topper.

#5050 34 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Thanks for the video. Your clock gear turns like its been in a wreck. Lol

Well at least its turning. Mine wouldn't turn at all and neither would his first one. lol

#5057 33 days ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

I'm going to have to wait and see about the topper. There are way too many problems, especially for over $400.

Good idea

#5064 33 days ago
Quoted from Indypin:

I sent a message to Stern asking about the topper and when can we expect to see them shipped. I also asked about the problems I've been reading on Pinside about the problems the topper has been having.
I received a message from them, stating "our demand for the toppers far exceeded our expectations so we ran short on our first production run. We will have more in stock at the beginning of next week. There were a few instances where an opto was not aligned correctly, but this was rectified."
So that's good news and I still would like to have one for my pin. Pretty nice of Stern to respond back so quickly, so thank you to them.

No offense but i wouldn't believe everything that they tell you. Thats just a bunch of BS.to make you feel better about buying one. I am one of Sterns biggest supporters but im telling you right now that there is no way in hell that they are testing these toppers before they leave the factory....assuming that they are built there, they may not even be made there for all i know. Trust me though, the topper that i recieved no way in hell was tested to see if it worked properly or it would have never been able to pass inspection and leave the factory.

That is totally unnacceptable and total bullshit for such an expensive topper. I love Stern but im none too happy about these topper issues that people are having. I understand that shit happens when you are dealing with manufacturing but this isn't shit happens, this is piss poor quality control period!

#5068 33 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

How could demand exceed expectations? I thought no one bought the game....
In truth, Chas at Stern has always been amazing in customer support, and I like tinkering w things. I have zero concerns that if there is a true defect, they won't give me a new one. Just watching the videos gave me a couple ideas, but i'll dig deeper when mine arrives.
Topper looks way cool, but definitely appears to not be quite "plug and play" on first batch. I'll post Saturday when mine is here....
total disclosure though.....I bought a very nice TWDLE that arrives tomorrow, so might get sidetracked a bit.....

The topper is definitely sweet and i have no doubts that they will help customers who get bad ones, Stern has always been great about that. My concern is, is this thing going to be reliable in the long run, because if they aren't Stern isn't going to help people 6 months from now even if they are tearing up because of poor quality. For 425.00 dollars i expect quality and long term reliability.

#5071 33 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Now that's another great game and miss mine dearly. Congrats

TWD is definitely a great great game and it has the most awesome topper ever made imo. Congrats MK you are going to love it.

#5089 32 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Years ago (1970s) I had a 1956 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Harley parts were like gold. Money was scarce. If you could find a broken part you could work lots of magic to make it serviceable again.
Eventually, I sold the bike and moved on. New job, etc. A co-worker told of working at the local Harley dealership and the Harley factory guy was there taking care of business. And part of the business was taking a sledge hammer to defective parts so they could never be used again. I almost cried.
I'm guessing these units being returned to Stern will meet a similar fate. For Stern, paying factory prices, it will not be cost effective to return these to the builder for a repair. It will be cheaper to just get new ones which means these go to the crusher. It is just a guess.
I would not mind having a lower cost unit that is just a static display that just sits there and looks pretty---but Stern will not let that happen.
So, it sounds like we are running 100% failure rate with the pinside buyers.

Its unbelievable Cotton. Im not even excited about getting my new topper because im afraid that its going to be bad just like the last one was.

#5091 32 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Will provide my update after it arrives tomorrow.... definitely going to dismantle a bit before installing to identify anything obvious...

Good luck MK and let us know. May the force be with you.

#5107 31 days ago

All i can do right now is just shake my head and say unfuckingbelievable.

#5110 30 days ago

This has turned into one big nightmare for Stern looks like.

#5119 30 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I can see one...or 2....or ... but all have issues ( that we know of...) is insane...

It sucks getting a bad one but it also sucks waiting on your next one to ship knowing that its going to be bad also.

#5123 30 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Beginning to wonder if this is a firmware/software bug.

The clock is 100% a mechanical issue, and in my case the Raven door was as well.

#5126 29 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Well, first-round topper verdict:
Fail. Unfortunately, something in the internal topper node board conflicts w node board #8, causing sporadic behavior in the menu, as well as gameplay. They will need to reassign/ replace something in the electronics to get it playing nice w the game. Got all the topper elements working (amazing), just not ready for prime time yet. With this being said, I've got some feedback to share:
a) Concept/ build quality - This is easily the most ambitious and interactive topper I've ever seen. Various lighting scenes tied to gameplay, clock w various functions, raven looks (and works) amazing. There is ALOT going on up there. An absolute must-have once they get a reliable version out.
b) Mechanical
1) My Raven door was sagging, easy fix w proper pin
2) Raven light too bright? easy fix, as it's a #89 bayonet 5v, so you can change to what you like
3) Raven door sticking, not coming all the way out - easy fix (QC) - wire ties not laced proper, keeping 2 of the wires from interfering w solenoid action
4) Clock - single hand has a flat on the shaft, and the screw is a bit too long, replaced w a shorter one, worked fine (starts and stops, btw)
5) Clock noise - none...this is a legit, multi geared mech. As w all clocks, don't ever attempt to turn the hand, it will misalign or strip gears. Mine was fine.
6) likelyhood of longevity - I believe very good, as the clock motor is barely working due to gear assembly.
7) faceted wheel hitting opto - loosen 2 screws, realign, everything fine...easy fix
c) Electrical
1) Lighting - counted at least 8 different lighting scenes, probably more......very effective
2) game interaction - will be amazing, but the conflict caused it to "lose its mind" several times
Biggest issue(s)
a) Node board interaction - didn't damage anything, but machine unplayable w it plugged in
b) QC - This is quite an intricate device, actually. Loose, wrong screws and pins, improper harness assembly, and various things caused all the mechanical issues in mine.
Verdict - I will 100% be in on this w "REV2" when they sort the electronics and shore up some mostly minor assembly issues. This is going to be a must-have, just not yet. Short of the node conflict, mine was working quite well (though some of the scenes were not in alignment).
I'll be e-mailing Chas tonight w my findings (along w the Stern Distro I bought it from, who stated he was 100% behind me). Hopefully not too long until this thing is available again.
Price? Expensive, but I swear I've never seen such this much tech in a single topper (and I have many)....crazy effort..just got to take care of electronic bugs and minor QC

I hope that they send me a topper from the 2nd batch of toppers that they make. Im in no hurry to get mine at all fearing that i will get a topper from the first batch. All that stuff that you had to do is totally unacceptable.

#5129 29 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Agreed. Chas will be sending a call tag for this one, and I'll get a new one (he felt as I did that the issues could be remedied fairly easily.
Wish they would have installed a few of these for QC first, but oh well.....off to play pinball now.....

Yeah i agree, it totally baffles me that these toppers were obviously NOT TESTED before production and then again NOT TESTED after assembly.

#5131 29 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Definitely did NOT test them because some of the things I found were simple, yet caused the unit to fail.
Was going to shoot some video when I had it working..was badass for sure....the clock face glows sometimes, then the whole clock lights and a bunch of cool scenes. If I could have got the node board to work probably would have mounted it, as mechanically I had it right. Thing goes ape shit in menu and gameplay mode when attached to the network though....unplayable.
Already ordered a 5v red 89 bayonet for the Raven....

I just dont know why that they do this to themselves, now they got to take back all of these toppers and figure out how to build them right. If i was in charge of this stuff, there would be some heads roll.

That Raven light will look good in red, that is a must to change out for everyone who owns this topper. Once again, how did they not put this on a pinball machine and when that Raven door popped open everyone in the room not cover their eyes and say.....hooooly shit, we gotta change that light to something colored or not as bright!

#5136 29 days ago
Quoted from ronlisa:

I received my topper last Wednesday but haven’t had the time to open it up and install it until tonight . I’ve been reading all the issues with them but thought surely mine will be ok. Surely they didn’t screw up that bad ... and look what was the first thing I noticed....A HANDLESS CLOCK!!!! [quoted image]

And even worse yet, i would almost bet you a hundred dollars that if you installed the topper and turned the game on that it wouldn't work anyways! Sorry to be Debbie Downer but the odds are greatly in my favor that i am right.

This would almost be funny if i hadnt have gave them 425 dollars of my hard earned money.

#5142 29 days ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Stern games are made in USA

This isn't a Stern game, its a topper. The games are very reliable that they are making, its this particular topper thats the problem. It may or may not be made in house.

#5159 28 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Got the call tag for mine today. Chas seems to believe it won't be long until the "Rev2" batch is available (no timeline given), and my Distro spoke w them as well.
As stated prior, it's a pretty amazing topper (very, very interactive w gameplay to address a prior concern) and will be a real part of the experience when they square it up. Pretty excited now, after seeing what this thing can do (just need it function right)

How will we know if we get a "Rev 2" topper? I guess it will work?

#5173 28 days ago
Quoted from cooked71:

So the ball goes all the way up to the mini saucer but then bounces out.

That happens to mine sometimes also.

#5183 27 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

Starting to see a left flipper problem where it doesn't raise quite as high as the right flipper when activated. I assume this is from all of the dead bouncing I do out of Grandpa's eject off the left flipper and it is slowly ruining some spring or something.
Apologies for the dumb question, I am sure this is common as I already have the same issue on my AFMr as well from dead bouncing scoop ejects off the left flipper all the time(?)

I dont think that dead flipping should hurt anything, good players are constantly doing it. Not sure what the problem is but i don't think that its caused by that.

#5188 27 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

I am a moron for owning these things and having zero clue how to fix them

No you're not buddy, don't feel that way at all. There arent too many people here that can fix every problem that there is on these games. You can figure it out if you try i guarantee it. The mechanical stuff for sure you can because most of it is pretty easy once you get into it and look at it, the electrical side might be a different story.

If you can't figure it out hopefully you have someone nearby that can help.

#5191 27 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

so is this something Stern should provide at no charge...???

If they are putting them on games now im sure that they would send you one but if not you will have to just buy one. There are lots of mods that fix issues on games out there. I just bought a kit to make the optos register better for my IMDN game. It was only 12 bucks i think but seems like they would come on the game from the factory if its a known problem.

#5195 23 days ago
Quoted from Cherga:

Finally picking up a BW Premium... question for the club... art blades or mirror blades? Mirrors look great and add to some games and are too much on others. Just curious what the general opinions are for a BW Premium.

I think the black and white art blades for the premium look amazing.

#5202 23 days ago

I just played a game and got 174 million on it and left 8 Super Jackpots on the table trying to get my multipliers up to 6X. Not sure how much extra that would have gave me but i think 55-60 million more points probably? That would have been my best score yet if i would have gotten that.

I don't see how in the world that people are down on this game so much. It is so much fun! Pinball doesn't get much more exciting than that game there.

#5204 23 days ago
Quoted from aussiegeorge:

Don't tell too many people how good this machine is.

I love this game so much! One change i would for sure make is to the Lily mode, its just too easy to complete and usually you complete it by accident. They easily could make that a better and more challenging mode. Everything else im happy with. Marylin and Eddie modes could probably have something done also to make them more fun i guess. Great game though, shoots beautifully and is super fun and intense. It also makes for some of the most competitive and fun play of about any game that i have ever seen when playing against other players.

#5218 22 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Hitting drops is simply more satisfying than hitting a mono target and if you can set Lily to require more hits then having drops in place of the mono would require you to drop the entire bank (3 or 4 bank depending on size) in order to get the 3 Lily switch activations to start the mode. Just an idea after seeing what timebandit has done for other games retrofitting drop banks.

I was thinking more along the lines of having to maybe make a one or two shots and then hit the Lily target for the "L", make a couple more shots and then hit the Lily target to get your "i" etc. Just something like that even would be more fun than not having to do anything at all to earn it. Im sure there is something that they could come up with.to make the mode more meaningful and fun.

#5220 22 days ago
Quoted from WildRun:

New Munsters owner and new poster here! I had my topper installed last week and then read Pinside comments. Seems like mine is working. My clock hand does not turn constantly, just moves about 5 hours every now and then. During Raven Multiball it does spin. And looks like raven pops out appropriately. I want to be sure mine is not defective.

I don't know for sure but it sounds like your topper is probably working correctly.

#5228 22 days ago
Quoted from WildRun:

Can I move to the 4 hour? 4:35 here

I have heard that you shouldn't move the hands on the clock if thats what you mean.

#5236 22 days ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Haven't been on here for a while, been busy as hell.

We thought you didn't love us anymore John or that maybe you traded your Munsters in on a Star Wars Home Edition or something! Glad to see you back buddy!

#5238 22 days ago
Quoted from WildRun:

Good experiment idea, I set the clock back 2hrs, turned off. Turned on, Raven pops out and says the correct hour but clock spun to one hour earlier. I see a small Phillips screw and was wondering about loosening (when off) and manually trying to move? Or just call distributor.

I would call the guys at Stern and ask them. 1-800-kickers

#5242 20 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

My Munsters saga:
It all started with a dream that Who-Dey appeared in and told me to buy a Munsters in no uncertain terms. So I ordered the first Munsters color premium to come off the Stern factory line some months ago (so long ago now, I cannot remember exactly when).
Fast forward to mid last month: Both my awesome distributor AMD in Sydney and I planned on me receiving the table more than a couple weeks ago. It finally does arrive a few weeks ago and I was excited steeped in giddy anticipation...
...I received a call from my Stern distributor...your Munsters table is here, but sad to say...it is being held onboard the incoming ship, behind a dock workers union picket line. We don’t know when it will end, so we can on-ship it to you, once the strike ends. He said he would call me from time to time with the latest report.
Meanwhile, I eagerly looked at the newspaper everyday, giving reports of when the strike might end. Sydney port began the strike. Each day it was fueled by more ports joining the strike. It begins to become more intense and even becomes a nationwide dock workers union strike. Ironically, they’re striking against rumored automation, which strike fueled the resolve by management, to ensure even more that automation will happen. Go figure, but I still didn’t have my tables, that were sitting onboard a ship from America...
...Today, nearly 3 additional weeks in, I finally get Munsters, one of the best tables ever made in my home and guess what? My wife that has had very little interest in playing pinball from long ago, steps over and begins playing. I’m surprised! Her face is lit up like a Christmas tree and she is having a ball! She remarks to me, “I like this one, it is awesome!” She keeps playing and then invites my two daughters in to have a girls tournament with Munsters. They also, have had little interest in pinball till Munsters...now they’re all hooked and loving it. My wife said, she likes looking at our other tables, but never plays them. She loves Munsters and was giddy when she hit Herman and he stammers “Darn, darn, darn”!
This table is absolutely a blast! We are loving it!! The only issue now is: “may I have a turn too?”
[quoted image]

Lol....i started reading your post and im not gonna lie it scared the shit out of me at first. I was like "oh crap, Thunderbird doesn't like the game". It turned out to be an awesome story in the end and i definitely feel relieved a little now.

I am glad that your family is loving the game so far, its definitely alot of fun. Also if you think that you are having fun now, just wait until you actually learn what you are doing and trying to achieve. The fun will be a million times better once you start trying to stack them super jackpots and trying to get those kitty multipliers up for the big cash out!

Thats where the fun is and it never gets old. Then you also got the part where you are trying to get through all of the modes and then getting to Munster Madness. The game is just flat out good fun any way you slice it.

Congrats on your new color premium, she sure is a beauty! Im really happy that you and your family are having so much fun with it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Happy Flipping!

#5259 19 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

It was not as difficult as SWLE PF protector installation. Multi stacked ramp levels, DS and hyperspace ramp/habit trail removal. That took 2 of us near 6 hours.
Munsters with 2 of us going at it; about 4 hours. Would have been longer, but my friend is quite experienced doing this. We were not mapping things out, so might have been faster that way. There were moments of, now where does this left over piece go? Lol
Here is what we took off:
3 yellow pop bumper lanes
Lower flipper return lane assemblies
Right lane wire form and right ramp completely pulled out. Left right lane ramp in and only raised bottom to allow PF underneath.
Removed lower PF. Then flippers, plastic layers all around lower PF. Wire form lower PF and right lane lower PF.
Did not touch left lane and wire form up top. Made a cut underneath the left ramp at the back orbit loop and spliced PF together there, in case need to pull up for any reason. Also, removing all the gear under that ramp would be a nightmare. Left all mechs related to Herman and Herman alone (figured he’s been taken apart by Dr. Franky too many times already, lol). Cannot even see the splice on the very narrow area at the back. Installed tape underneath the two splice sides and it is smooth on top.
Game plays fast and smooth with PF. Gives it another level of shine. No dimples on PF, even though Munsters is quite a powerful game and does get air balls from time to time even being tuned right on the money. Imo it is totally worth the effort, since this is a game worth keeping. The game plays awesome! Baffled why anyone puts this game down and I’m very picky about code and depth. Would like more Munsters show content, but think Stern will surely add it.
After playing the game a bunch now, think the complainers mostly have either played pros or not much at all. I know until getting my Munsters color premium, I had no experience on the lower PF, which is a very unique complex mech and a blast to play. Don’t think there is another mech to it’s equal in all of pinball. No it’s not Stewie pinball, I’ve played that too and not even close. Tired of AC/DC lower PF fast, but not this one. It adds to the game fun and intensity big time. Without it, you’re only experiencing a little over half the game, imo.
Have fun putting on your PF protector, you’ll love it on one of the best shooting games ever!

Set your lower playfield flippers to soft Thunderbird. It makes the lower playfield shoot much better. As far as the complainers go, most of them are just doing it to be dicks. I guess it makes them feel good inside or makes them feel like they are some kind of pinball expert or something.

#5263 18 days ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

Some of those people say this is an old license that nobody wanted. I pulled this off of TWIP from 2017:[quoted image]

Munsters theme isn’t for everyone thats for sure but it did seem to generate quite a bit of interest until a few assholes made it their job in life to give it a bad name.

#5268 18 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

Some of the people trashing Munsters are also praising Wonka for the same reasons "Too simple" morphs into "refreshing throwback." It's complete bullshit. This game rocks.

I agree it definitely rocks! I love mine and it never gets old. Its not the best game in the world by any means but its hella fun. Its my favorite game of my collection, not because of gameplay and rules but just because its the complete package......for.me personally of course.

#5279 17 days ago
Quoted from pninja005:

Who got the premium black and white? Do you regret it or not?
I think it is the best spec.

I have a black and white premium and i stll think its as beautiful today as i did when i first opened the box up. Its one of the best looking pinball machines that has ever been made in my opinion.

#5295 17 days ago
Quoted from JMK:

Man, what’s happened to Munster’s in the Pinside community.
There seems to be so much disdain or at least a prolonged divisive response for this pin.
In the worst rules ever thread, the dislike was designed to evoke similar responses. I may not agree with the subject matter and may throw out a few down votes; but I know my feelings will fall on deaf ears so I avoid posing in that thread.
The hype thread turned into a similar hate-fest.
However, isn’t the purpose of a Club thread to enjoy the positive elements of this game?
Yes I would like further rule enhancement & theme integration.
Hopefully, Dwight and team will deliver; but personally, I find the pin fun to shoot. It’s not a deep, complex pin, but delivers a silky smooth playability, has a fun mini pf, and fits as a suitable complement to my deeper coded pins.

I hosted a pinball party tonight and had about 10 friends over. My collection consist of the following games, GB Premium, MET Premium, IMDN Premium, Munsters Premium, GOT Pro, TWD Pro, and AS Pro.

Guess which two games got played the most? It was IMDN and Munsters. They were probably close to the same as far as number of plays but if i had to guess Munsters got played the most. I explained the rules to them and they were going for Jackpots and trying to stack them and then trying to hit the Kitty shot and cash them out. Everyone had a blast playing it and couldn't get over how beautiful it is and how well it shoots.

These guys are good players and not pinball noobs. Only one person got to Munster Madness and blew the game up pretty good for like 114 million i believe it was. They all think the game is really fun and they can't believe how people dog it on here.

This game is sweet! They left and i turned all the games off except one and im playing it now. Guess which game that is?

#5296 17 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

But that’s not translating into sales which is unfortunate.

You have no idea how many units this game has sold. Its obviously not a theme that appeals to the masses but i am pretty sure that the initial sales were very strong. This game is fun as hell and its addicting and it never gets old.

#5300 17 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

J Borg the man lives on the same Block as me

Tell John that ole Who Dey is one of his biggest fans! Four of the seven games that i own are designed by him. I love how his games shoot.

#5331 14 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

But your incessant pumping in every Munsters thread is getting old and smacks of desperation

Not even close to being desperate, i truly LOVE this game and cant get enough of it just like many other owners do. I don't pump it up because i want people to buy it, i could care less about that. I pump it up because its a killer game and I’ll never feel bad or wrong about doing so. With that being said though i always tell people to go play the game if they can and decide for themselves. I try to explain the rules to them so they can have an idea of why that i think the game is so good and the rest is on them. This game is very “meh” if you just walk up to one without understanding the rules and what it is you’re trying to achieve.

#5334 13 days ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

Yes, they were released, and pretty much every one had serious operational issues, so they've all been returned, and we're waiting on replacements, so I was wondering if anyone has heard any news on when the replacments will be sent out?

I have only heard that they are sending me a new one but thats been a couple weeks ago now and i still havent recieved it yet. Im ok with it though as long as they send me one that works this time.

#5337 13 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I had a couple of early minor gripes. But i got used to what was bothering me and all is well, save one thing. And it is for the complete Stern lineup; Not just Munsters.
I do not care for the electronic knocker at all. I'd pay a little extra for a real knocker. Maybe Stern could make the knocker an option sort of like a shaker motor. I have a couple of extra knockers lying around that I could use but have no idea if one could ever be wired in.

I turn mine off in the settings on all of my games. I love knockers but not the ones in pinball machines.

#5349 12 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

especially that SJP counter, I need binoculars just to see how many I currently have stacked

You got that right. I would definitely like to see that changed. They must think we are a bunch of 20 year olds with eyes like an eagle or something.

#5353 11 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

To me, that is part of the allure with that push button. Do I do this? Do I do that? Oh, shit, i'm too late. I missed it.

Exactly.....something else that a lot of people don't understand about this game. I love having to cancel out the Suoer Jackpots during multiball, its fun as hell.

#5355 11 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Update I received today on my topper (purchased from an authorized distro on e-bay):
Munsters Topper Update 8/9/19
Elliot, the designer of this topper, went over these that were returned with a fine tooth comb. There were revision made and they are actually building the new run starting Monday. ( they were waiting on parts etc) EVERY UNIT built will be tested ON A GAME before shipped. They said they are going to be extra cautious since so many had issues. They are 100% confident they found the issues. Long story short, there were mechanical updates to the Raven and assembly issues (wiring) as well. So as they build these the designer will be on the floor overseeing assembly and QC along with full and final testing. When Mark pressed them for an actual ship date they leaned more into the following week so they could run and test these on actual test games. They simply don't want another mess on their hands. These updated units will be shipped direct to you from Stern. Let me know if you have any questions. By the way, if you would like to contact Mark direct his email is mark@hemispheresamusements.com. just put Munsters Topper Update in the heading.

Thanks for the update. Hopefully they will be good when we recieve them this time.

#5364 10 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Check out song by Fallout Boys called Uma Thurman Sounds very familar?This might be old news,but my son just played this


#5370 8 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

My apologies if this has been addressed but from what I can tell plenty of distributers have plenty of Munsters NIB just sitting around for all models minus the LE... Just wondering, since I don't have enough experience with this myself, how long most distributers sit on these games before they start offering substantial discounts? I know I can get one used right now for less, and sometimes substantially less, than the current NIB retail price but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask what history tells us in these situations.

You’re not going to get a discount on a NIB game. There are lots of titles still sitting at distros that are much older than Munsters and they arent discounted either. This game is not some horrible game sitting around that they will never be able to sell, wishful thinking though.

#5373 8 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

No worries, I just didn't know as I haven't been in the hobby long enough to see how something like this might play out. Thanks!

I sure wish that they did do that and it seems like that they eventually would on some old titles that just dont sell well but Munsters is nowhere near that point yet. This game is still a new game.

#5383 8 days ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Broken record. jfh you seem like a reasonable guy in other threads but I don’t understand why are you trolling this thread, which is for people who like or own Munsters, with your passive aggressive posts when you neither like or own the game?

No f*cking shit, why is he even here???

#5393 7 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

he feels a bit let down with the end result which is understandable.

Thats why he needs to move on, because this game is what it is and its not getting a major code overhaul like he’s wanting. I feel the same way about BM66 as he does Munsters but you don't see me over in the BM66 thread crying all the time because the game didn’t turn out to be what i wanted it to be. I just accepted it and moved on.

#5418 6 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I'm sorry. All this talk about the code confuses me. You all talk about code and the first thing you start talking about how the video needs more scenes from the TV show added. Excuse me, but how is adding more video going to make the pin play any better? I'll ask this again: How does adding more video clips improve game play?
Hell, as soon as I have a game end I am pushing the start button to get a new game going NOW. I don't wish to have to watch and re-watch a a bunch of videos. I hammer that start button for play action. I hear the call outs as I am playing. I have them all memorized by now. But when I am playing my eyes are locked onto the play field. I don't need any more video.
You want more character modes? There are Herman, Spot, Lily, Grandpa, and Raven modes. What else are you looking for?
What are your friends waiting on the fence wanting to see?
What is it I am enjoying about this pin that others find lacking?

I think Thunderbird just wants to see a few more movie clips to keep things from getting stale. The code needs a couple of small changes to improve things like the Lilly mode but it DEFINITELY does not need a major code overhaul like many people suggest because like you said, this game is freakin awesome already.

#5421 6 days ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I think I have a magnetic issue with my pin. I have purchased the carbon pinballs recommended but I still seem to have issues with magnetized balls.the most glaring locations are around the main orbit. I had two balls go missing during a multiball. Even managed to get an add a ball and it had no problem going around the orbit. Once I had drained all of the moving balls and the mode was still running I started looking and found these two balls stuck. Maybe it's the rail that is magnetized? They were really stuck there. I tilted trying to get them unstuck. Anyone else have this issue?[quoted image]

I dont believe ive ever had a ball get stuck there. I know this is a dumb question but is your bubble on the sight glass in the center of the gap? Also when leveled your game did you put the level on the playfield or the glass? It needs to be on the playfield. You may want to recheck it again also just to make sure that its not a leveling issue. Have you checked the balls out of the game against each other to be sure that they are in fact magnatized?

#5427 6 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Not everyone’s favorite but I suggest getting the Free PinGuy app for your phone. Set it on the Playfield after calibration and do top and bottom of Playfield. If your at 6 that’s more then likely your issue. Just to slow. I set the app level to 6.8 personally and the game plays perfectly. I like free options.

Dont you have to level that phone app though before using it? If so how do you know that the surface you sit it on to calibrate it is level?

I use this and its awesome.

Screenshot_2019-08-15-00-49-46-1 (resized).png
#5430 5 days ago

Absolute steal right here. You would have to be an idiot not to buy this game if you like The Munsters. Best deal I've ever seen on a game probably.


#5449 5 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Wow!!! Identical to the Bradford exchange version...Minus ALOT of $$$... great find ( too late for me, sadly)

Same here, i paid 199.99 for mine....cough cough. This makes me want to cry almost. Lol

#5450 5 days ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

Wish my ceiling was taller . That lamp is awesome

The lamp is only about 20 inches tall approximately and just sits on a end table. Your ceilings cant be that low.

#5452 5 days ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

Wanted for a topper

Oh ok i see. Well i tell ya, anyone who has a Munsters in my opinion should have this lamp because its beautiful and well made. I cannot believe that they are selling these for 49.00 dollars. Im tempted to get a 2nd one at that price.

#5455 5 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Maybe you can give me an answer that seek. When Munsters hit prime time TV I was 13 and 14 years old. My friends and I were never home watching TV. We were out on the streets. We were partying and having a good time until it was time to call it a night and get some sleep for school.
I have never watched an episode of Munsters. I knew about the show and the characters etc. But never watched it. With that, Marilyn was the niece who was visiting and the only one "not normal". But to my understanding, Marilyn was there just as much as the other cast members. Correct? Yes? No?
If Marilyn played more than just some bit parts and an integral part of the cast family, how come the topper, the Bradford Exchange Koach, the BC clock, and this lamp always exclude Marilyn other the nit just being a cost cutting measure.
She is on the Munsters back glasses, but not on the topper.
Educate me, please.

I really cant answer your question Cotton because im not a Munsters expert myself. I haven't even seen every episode myself but im working on it. I was only like 2 when then Munsters started so i didn't start watching them until I was a little older. It does seem like she would be on the topper and the lamp and stuff though.

#5457 4 days ago
Quoted from Cherga:

Too good to be true? Probably!
A word of caution regarding this site... it’s only been online for 10 days and an immediate red flag for me is the checkout is presented as https however it’s not secure (no padlock next to URL). They also advertise that they accept PayPal however when you go to checkout, there is no PayPal option, only options to enter your credit card. Unless someone can vouch for them, I’d recommend steering clear.

Hmm....interesting. Thank you!

#5460 4 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

if you are a Munsters owner and haven’t watched the show spend $40 and buy the series on DVD.

Amazon and Wal Mart have the Munsters collection for $19.96 now. Get it Cotton, its worth every penny!

amazon.com link »

#5467 4 days ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

Since the subject has come up because of the lamp, had Marilyn been included, I'd be wondering which actress they were attempting to portray, as Lily looks positively gawd awful. None of the likenesses are very close. LOL!

They could have done a better job for sure on the characters but the lamp is still really awesome and so is the clock! I hated to spend that much money on those two items but at the same time i have no regrets because i get to enjoy them everyday.

#5476 2 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

I figured Mylar would take care of it. Didn’t know the window was an easy replace but glad it is! Thanks for the tips.
Now my biggest problem is the fam played this and WoZ this weekend and loved them both. Wife read about Wonka and wants the CE.
Don’t have infinite money, so of the three what to get. What to get!
Are the official toppers still available?

Munsters Premium for my money but only you can answer that honestly. The toppers are coming in a week or two i think for Munsters.

#5479 1 day ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

My buddy was going to buy a wonka but was nervous with all the quality issues he read about. He actually bought a MMr instead and will probably buy wonka next year

Yep and i dont want to get any crap started but there is already a thread of a Wonka with chipping clearcoat like the POTC games and they aren't standing behind these games. I played a Wonka the other night and it was fun but i still like Munsters better and no way would i spend 10-12k on a game with known problems where the manufacturer isn’t standing behind their product. Jurassic Park is another game that i would look into if i was wanting a game for the family.

#5484 20 hours ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Well you haven't talked to me.for the record I don't like mini playfields in general and I think Munsters has the best mini playfield ever but it's still a mini playfield.when I first played the premium/Le I thought the basement was OK but like all mini playfields it got old quick and after playing about 15 games it was losing its novelty.I've now played my pro probably around 600 times and a premium/Le 50+ and I just can't stand the basement.I absolutely love my pro but the premium/Le is right there with the worst stern ever(gb)imo.my wife even commented last night how glad she was we didn't waste out money on the lower playfield.


#5486 19 hours ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I'll still play you if we ever meet up well just turn the basement off

Ok you got a deal. Lol

#5503 10 hours ago
Quoted from jfh:

Anyone who thinks the Munsters has the best lower playfield ever has probably never played Haunted House or Black Hole.

You're joking right?

#5504 10 hours ago
Quoted from dashv:

Finalized my order.
Got the:
Munsters Premium (Color Edition)
HD Glass
Cobwebs Side Armor
Side Art Blades
An extra lower playfield window
Generation 2 of the topper
Very excited for this one. Haven’t been this excited since AFMR.

Congratulations, you are going to love it!

#5506 10 hours ago
Quoted from jfh:

Yeah, all Haunted House has on its lower playfield is full size flippers, a real pinball, a drop target bank and stand ups ...
I enjoy the Munsters lower PF - love the way it fits the theme as a shrunken pinball machine in Grandpa’s lab and it’s fun to shoot - but its still a novelty that can interrupt the flow of the game that can get in the way if you don’t like the action being interrupted.
But it seems many missed the main point of my post - Premium > Pro because you can play the Premium with or without the lower playfield.

The lower playfield is not a novelty that interupts the flow of the game. Its another mode to an already great game and the shots are meaningful and valuable and worth trying to do good while you are down there playing the lower playfield. And as a bonus its a shitload of fun to play also.

Im not a fan of lower and upper playfields but this one is fun as hell and its the best lower playfield ever.

#5507 9 hours ago

Has anyone heard when the toppers will be shipping?

#5510 8 hours ago
Quoted from jfh:

Again - missing the point. Premium > Pro. Because you can have both modes of play.
Yes, the lower pf is a lot of fun. But if you like the fast and furious action of the Pro, dropping to the cellar interrupts that. That should be pretty obvious to anyone who has played both models.
Go back and read the post by puffdanny

I always hear people talk about the gameplay being interupted on certain games but i just dont find that to be a big deal. I mean yeah it gets interupted but i get to play grandpas laboratory so to me thats worth the interuption.

On IMDN Premium people say the sarcophagus lock interupts the "flow of the game", but for me its awesome when it goes in there and it gives me a chance to take a drink of my beer. When you are having a good game it's a welcomed break actually.

I think most people just try to use the interuption thing as a way to justify their purchase of the pro model more than anything. All of these games are a blast to play, regardless of which model someone owns.

#5517 7 hours ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

Make sure you turn your lower playfield flippers down they don’t need to be on high power otherwise the ball bounces all over the place

Yep i like the lower playfield flippers on soft for sure. It makes it feel like you're playing real pinball. I didn't like it at all on the default setting.

#5518 7 hours ago

You are going to need this tool to retrieve stuck balls in the lower playfield dashv so get one now before your game arrives. Always turn your game off before sticking this in there. You can raise the playfield up on its rails and stick the magnet in between the fins of the lower playfield and retrieve the ball. It doesnt get stuck often but when it does you need this. I got mine at Pinball life.
Screenshot_2019-08-20-22-53-46-1 (resized).png

#5524 5 hours ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

LE since day 1... never had a stuck ball. Should I be worried?

Well i think getting worried would be a little extreme but i would order the tool that i showed in my post if i were you because i can pretty much guarantee you that its eventually going to happen lol.

Using that tool to retrieve the ball is much easier than pulling the glass on the lower playfield to retrieve it. Also as a bonus you can use that tool for so many other things. Its about the best 5 bucks you could ever spend. Its great for retrieving screws that you drop while working on your games and stuff like that, especially screws that fall into hard to reach areas.

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