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#1 3 years ago

Below Is the Email I Just Blasted to my Email List

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As Most of you have seen by now Stern Pinball Inc. Has announced its latest game X-MEN! I have attached a Few pictures to this email but here is the Quick and Dirty of it.

This pinball will come in 3 Versions, 2 LE and 1 Pro Version.
The 2 Limited Versions will be Good - Wolverine(Blue Trim) and Evil - Magneto(Red Trim)

LE Versions Will Feature a Real Glass Mirrored back glass where the Pro will have a Standard trans light back glass.

From Stern's Anouncement:
"Our X-Men Pinball is based on the Comic Books, which have a tremendous
fan and collector following. The theme and art lend themselves to
Pinball. The art on our X-Men pinball is fantastic, bright, different
than any recent games. This game has a lot of mechanical action, with
great devices, magnets, etc.

We will make X-Men in 3 versions: 300 Wolverine numbered Limited
Editions, 250 Magneto numbered Limited Editions, and a Pro model.

I am attaching photos of the 2 Limited Edition models and the Pro, along
with a Features Chart. High res pictures are available at

The game photos show the right side of each game, there being some
different art and characters on the left side. X-Men Wolverine LE has
blue trim; X-Men Magneto LE has red trim.

There are 3 playfield pictures. One is the Pro playfield. Two pictures
are of the LE playfield; one has the right ramp in its normal position,
and one is showing the movement of the right ramp.

X-Men Limited Edition production will begin at the end of June. Pro
production will begin at the beginning of August, timed to reach our
export markets as the September selling season begins. "

Most of you guys Know Me and Know our company from Pinside and RGP. We have been in the Coin-Op Distribution business for over 30 years! Our Pricing is very competitive with drop ship only companies but our freight rates and Customer service is unmatched! Our X-Men Price is SHIPPED FREE with Curb Side Residential Lift gate delivery. All LE's are shipped on a pallet, to protect your investment, all of our shipments are shipped using Insured Carriers only! We have a Full service department, and a full Parts department in house, alone with a staff of about 15 people.

I bend over backwards to take care of my customers and try and make my self available to them any time. My Email goes right to my Black Berry, But I will also give you my customers my Cell phone number 303-931-3685. This is my Family's business and I doubt you will find any other Distributor more decided to taking care of you guys then me.

Please Call Or Email Me for Pricing, I cannot Publish pricing Due to being FAR FAR below Sterns Minimum advertised price.

XMenLEMag-Right.JPGXMenLEMag-Right.JPG (Click image to enlarge) XMenLEWolv-Right.JPGXMenLEWolv-Right.JPG (Click image to enlarge) XMenPro-LE1.JPGXMenPro-LE1.JPG (Click image to enlarge) XMenPro-LE2.JPGXMenPro-LE2.JPG (Click image to enlarge) XMenPro-Right.JPGXMenPro-Right.JPG (Click image to enlarge)

#2 3 years ago


#3 3 years ago


I'd really like to get one, but need to convince my girlfriend first.

Thanks for the post.


#4 3 years ago

Holy sh//////////!

#5 3 years ago

I love the pro cab! What is pro going to be lacking besides the moving ramp?

#6 3 years ago

I haven't even looked at the pictures yet.. I wanted to get them hot off the press to you guys! Features Matrix.

X-Men Pinball Game Features Matrix
 	Wolverine	Magneto
	LE	LE	Pro

Unique Powder Coated Colored Side Armor, Legs,  and Trim	Blue	Red
Unique Metal Lower Arch with Illuminated Windows	Blue	Red
Unique Lower Arch Window Colors: 	Yellow	Purple
Unique Mirrored Backglass	Wolverine	Magneto
High-Definition Color Cabinet Decals	Wolverine	Magneto
"Ice Slide" Motorized Ramp Transports Ball From Right to Left Side	X	X
2 Pop-Up "Night Crawler" Assemblies 	X	X
Spinning Disc with Toggling Blue and Yellow Flash Lamps	X	X
Magnet Located in Spinning Disc Randomly Accelerates Ball	X	X
LED’s To Replace All Incandescent Bulbs	X	X
Separate Red, Blue, & White GI LEDs Change Playfield Color	X	X
3 Dome Flash Lamp Assemblies	X	X
Traditional Playfield Slides	X	X
Traditional Lockdown Bar Assembly 	X	X
Certificate Of Authenticity	X	X
Designer-Autographed Playfield Under Hard Coat	X	X
Numbered Plaque (1-250 Each Model)	X	X
Custom-Molded "Wolverine" Bash Toy 	X	X	X
Wolverine Playfield Magnet Activated by "Bash Toy" and Game Rules	X	X	X
Orbit Shot "Magneto" Ball Diverter (into the back of the ball lock)	X	X	X
"Magneto" Dual Up-Post Ball Lock Assembly	X	X	X
Custom-Molded "Magneto" Figurine	X	X	X
"Power-Scoop" Ball Ejector 	X	X	X
3rd Flipper (upper right)	X	X	X
Vertical Up-Kicker Diverts Ball Onto Left Ramp	X	X	X
2 Molded Super Speed Ramps	X	X	X
2 “Hellfire” Targets (on left) 	X	X	X
2 “Brotherhood” Targets  (on right)	X	X	X
2 "Light Lock" Targets	X	X	X
1 “Cyclops” Spinning Target	X	X	X
3 Super Bright LED Pop Bumpers	X	X	X
2 High-Powered Slingshots	X	X	X
Traditional Country-Specific Coin Door	X	X	X
Game-Specific QR Codes 	X	X	X
Decal and Leg Protectors	X	X	X
Official Game Speech Provided By Marvel	X	X	X
High-Definition Color Cabinet Decals	 	 	X
"Magneto" Playfield  Magnet In Front Of Magneto 	 	 	X
4 Dome Flash Lamp Assemblies			X
"Latch" Lockdown Bar			X
Black ABS Lower Arch			X

**subject to adjustment**

Screen_Shot_2012-06-07_at_8.05.44_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2012-06-07_at_8.05.44_PM.png (Click image to enlarge)

Post edited by robin : I have opened this in excel and made a screenshot of it

#7 3 years ago

All I can add is that JJ has great prices and seriously the best service. He will give you the heads up on pricing and take great care of you. Order up!! Glad I did : )

#8 3 years ago

Busy busy pf me like!
Upper right flipper seems out of place no?
Are there more pics in the zip file? Can anyone post em for us phone users

#9 3 years ago
Whridlsoncestood said:

I love the pro cab!

+1 Pro cab and translite looks better than the other IMO.

#10 3 years ago

Freakin' beautiful. I have to say the Pro cab looks the best, though. Check out those custom toys. I can't tell, but is that captive ball/raising scoop still there, under Logan?

#11 3 years ago

Prefer the pro art to the LEs...which my wallet assures me is a good thing

Was NOT expecting these massive toys but ramps and troll-like pop-up things all look cool...

#12 3 years ago

"matrix" is impossible to read lol.

The Pro looks better than the Hero ed, IMO...and HOLY F--K I WOULD KILL FOR THE VILLIAN. I KNEW MY HUNCH ON THAT WAS RIGHT!

Now, just to take a few hit contracts to pay for it, because I'm sure it will be like 8000 like Tron by the time I can actually afford it.

#13 3 years ago

Who want's my hero pre-order. Those toys kill it for me. They look so cheap and walmart.

#14 3 years ago

Pro cab is sweet, got to see this in action, 1st impression is that PF is crowded.

Sweet Overall

#15 3 years ago

PS. What's the pricing on the Pro?

#16 3 years ago

I LOVE the Good guy LE(Wolverine) artwork on backglass and the sides of head. Not sure why people like the pro better. The bad guy LE(Magneto) looks great too but I am glad I got Wolverine LE. Gonna RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#17 3 years ago
Medieval_Gofers said:

Prefer the pro art to the LEs

Looking at them, I agree.

It looks like you could get a blue LE and put the pro translite in it and it would look great. A little better match than the red LE.


#18 3 years ago

Wow, that PF looks really... ...expected?

#19 3 years ago

I'm in! What a great move STERN!

#20 3 years ago

Funny, Pro looks awesome compared to the LEs cab-wise.

#21 3 years ago

Cab looks awesome. PF looks like a zizzle

#22 3 years ago

The side art is nice.

#23 3 years ago

I was hoping Nightcrawler would have actual molded faces ala MM... *sigh*
Pro is looking the best for me.
Looks like it's time for another "NP:LE" transformation.

#24 3 years ago

Wow. This is tough. I want the LE features, but I really like the look of the Pro cab and translite better.

#25 3 years ago


#26 3 years ago
NimblePin said:

I was hoping Nightcrawler would have actual molded faces ala MM... *sigh*

What do these look like? I can't make them out...

#27 3 years ago

I too like the look of the Pro cab to the LE's with magneto a close second, not feeling the Wolverine. But I agree with a few that think it looks kinda cheesy, The huge Wolverine and Magneto look to be out of scale and almost bad mods IMO. I do like about everything elso though, just those figure look cheap.

#28 3 years ago
Frax said:

PS. What's the pricing on the Pro? <img src="/bbpress/my-plugins/bb-smilies/pinside/icon_sad.gif" title=":(">

PM me I think I have it now

#29 3 years ago

Is it me or Do Magneto and Wolverine look to be way too big and awkward?

I'm a little let down. I have the LE on order and may end up selling it for the PRO. not sure if I like the moving ramp or the gigantic magneto and wolverine.

The rest of the machine looks fantastic

#30 3 years ago

I need to find a way to take the LE guts out and stick them in the Pro Cabinet.

By far...that one looks the best. A translite with all the major characters, and that kick-butt Greg Land Phoenix on the head?

The Pro art package is just awesome! Not sure why they went Wolverine-only, or Magneto-only...instead of just "highlighting" them.


#31 3 years ago

Was on the phone with Jay Jay and almost pulled the trigger on a Hero. So glad I didn't...extremely disappointed in the looks of the game. Them big goofy plastic toys are just terrible...

Talk about a RBION layout...

Damn..I went from WoZ...then it was Xmen for sure...right back to WoZ in about 3 days.

#32 3 years ago

Those figures need to go. Way out of proportion with the rest of the game. If the black trim is the Pro cabinet, I think it looks the best out of the three. Seems to be light on the playfield artwork. Lots of sparks explosions etc, but not much on characters from what I can see. The moving ramp seems kinda meh. Looks like it could be a fun one to play, but I don't think I would be getting one. The Night Crawler features seem like the best thing on this game. Light show with the color change leds should be cool too. Hope to see some video soon.

#33 3 years ago

AWESOME work by STERN! The whole game looks like a comic book which is AWESOME! LE or Pro people should be very pleased.

#34 3 years ago

Those toys look like they came out of a happy meal. They are HUGE and take up a ton of real estate. I realize they are custom molded (or so it has been said here) but honestly they are REAL bad.. was expecting something like this..

wolverine-1.jpgwolverine-1.jpg wolverine_2.jpgwolverine_2.jpg

#35 3 years ago

Too funny, I like the Pro Cabinet better as well.

#36 3 years ago

What do those ramp looking things do that are so close to the flippers?

#37 3 years ago

If I were to buy any of these models, I think I would go with the pro. Pro has better art on cabinet and translite. Let down by the moving ramp and the nightcrawler pop-ups on the LEs. I do like the shape of the ramps.

#38 3 years ago

What a game changer!

#39 3 years ago

I guess I'm not alone, as I like the Pro cabinet and translite the best.

#40 3 years ago
Frax said:

"matrix" is impossible to read lol.

The Pro looks better than the Hero ed, IMO...and HOLY F--K I WOULD KILL FOR THE VILLIAN. I KNEW MY HUNCH ON THAT WAS RIGHT!

Now, just to take a few hit contracts to pay for it, because I'm sure it will be like 8000 like Tron by the time I can actually afford it. <img src="/bbpress/my-plugins/bb-smilies/pinside/icon_sad.gif" title=":(">

Sorry its a copy and past from a Excel Spread Sheet.. Let me see if I can attach here

Edit nope won't let me post it. Email me and I will send it over.. Can anyone host it for me?

#41 3 years ago

The differences look to be the Nightcrawler target pop-ups, moving ramp and the magneto captive ball system that possibly pops up (TOTAN style?) around the magnet.
Sadly, all things designed to SLOW down my X-Men experience...

I guess it will be a pro version for me.
(Less stuff to break too! )

#42 3 years ago

I was pretty excited for an LE, but the Nightcrawler pop ups look pretty bad, the moving ramp is lame, and I could care less about the spinning disc. Thanks for saving me around 2k Stern, the pro looks more than good enough.

#43 3 years ago

I think the big plastics look AWESOME! What was you expecting?

#44 3 years ago
riggy469 said:

I was pretty excited for an LE, but the Nightcrawler pop ups look pretty bad

Why couldn't they make them more like the MM trolls? Wow.

#45 3 years ago

We'll I came about as close as someone can get to pulling the trigger on this several times. I'm glad I waited for the pics to come out. The playfield is not at all what I expected and not is a good way. Looks like I on hold again until Avengers comes out.

The cab art is cool and I actually prefer the Pro - then Mageneto- then Wolverine.

#46 3 years ago

If you have more toys on the LE why limit it to 550 units. Those pop ups and the ramp look like it is very cool and only 550 people in the world will be able to have them? I don't understand

#47 3 years ago

Pro looks best. Looking forward to playing it.

#48 3 years ago

I really hope this is at the Seattle show .

Tough crowd , the bashers really need to step back as I am sure lots of people like this theme and are excited to get it ! Quit pissing on their parade and enjoy the different pinball machines coming out !

I do not have one on order .


#49 3 years ago

Toys look badass. Can't wait to play one. Ton of shots!!

#50 3 years ago

Not liking the Pop ups looks. I was expecting something more like the trolls and gofers.
I do like the Pro cab better. I don't like the way the backglass and the side art are the exact same thing on the LEs. Its not that I don't like the artwork, just that there is no difference between the sides and BG. Will still probably get Wolvie. God I hope this plays well and not just a bash this target 10 times and then bash it some more. Lots of inserts so hopefully that means lots of modes.
The size of the toys don't bother me, unless they block the view of the shots. I want an eye-level pic of the playfield, for a six footer. [:wink:]

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