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_PinballSolutions.eu official thread_

By gianfri

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago

    Dear pinsiders,

    several users suggested it would be good to have a thread where I could condense a bit of information about us and all the items we produce, so let's have this thread as our official information thread.

    !For private queries please contact me in private using a PM!

    PinballSolutions.eu comes from a hobby which started in 2014 when I bought my first pinball machine.
    It was initially all about Zaccaria.

    In 2015 the first Zaccaria LED displays were produced, initially was the conversion kit to convert old plasma displays into LED displays, to my knowledge it was the first conversion kit ever produced on the market. (Similar products appeared on the market in 2016 for Bally/Stern displays)
    Late in 2015 the full LED display came to life and started being sold as full replacement for all the Zaccaria pinball machines.
    The Bally/Stern LED displays were just a natural move from the Zaccaria ones and they were probably the first Bally/Stern budget displays on the market.

    As part of the Zaccaria passion we have developed some diagnostic tools as well.

    From the past to the present, we are now producing almost all kind of LED displays for Williams\Data East\Bally-Midway pinball machines including DOT Matrix displays.

    Product's list by brand:

    - All LED displays for Generation 1 and Generation 2 pinball machines
    - MPU boards for G1 and G2
    - Driver boards for G2
    - Diagnostic tool for driver boards
    - Automatic tester for Plasma and LED displays
    - NVRAMs
    - Universal Power Board for G1 and G2 (coming soon)

    - All LED displays 6 and 7 digits
    - Automatic tester for Plasma and LED displays

    Williams/Data East/Bally-Midway:
    - All LED displays from System 3 to System 11b including WPC models (The Machine & Funhouse)
    - Banzai Run LED display (unique board with GI and displays)
    - Harley Davidson & Dr Dude WPC89 LED display
    - DMD LED Dot Matrix Displays 128x16 & 128x32
    - DMD Controller for DataEast (coming soon)
    - DMD Controller for Williams WPC (coming soon)

    - DMD LED Dot Matrix Displays 128x32

    One important information about our products, with the exception of Zaccaria and Bally/Stern displays which are mainly sold in kits to solder, all our displays are sold assembled and tested.
    Light shield foams are also provided for all our displays.

    I'll take the opportunity to post some more information and products updates in the future.


    Pinball Solutions
    LED displays for Zaccaria, Bally/Stern, Williams/Data East and much more... visit our website.

    #2 3 years ago

    I bought a display-set for a High Speed and one for a Rollergames from Gianfri, and I'm satisfied: I think they look great, and they're not expensive and communication and shipping were good. So (purely based on that single transaction) I can recommend Pinball Solutions.

    #3 3 years ago

    Also just purchased a set of LED displays for a Pinbot project. Communication was flawless, and Gianfri was very service minded. Display arrived 2 days after purchase (Shipped from Belgium to Denmark), and was packaged nice and secure.

    I haven't hooked them up yet, but they look like excellent quality. And I really like that the PCB / background is black, and that foam shields are provided as well.

    Will install soon, and report back

    #4 3 years ago

    Gianfri makes great stuff and offers an exceptional service level.
    Great idea to have a thread.

    3 weeks later
    #5 3 years ago

    As I said before, I will post some information but also some funny pictures of my different old school projects.

    One of the first things I developed was a manual display tester for Zaccaria displays, useful for my testing bench

    The pictures are from end of 2014

    20141119_002301 (resized).jpg20141119_002301 (resized).jpg

    2014-12-31 15.48.15 (resized).jpeg2014-12-31 15.48.15 (resized).jpeg

    1 month later
    #6 3 years ago

    Let's keep the story telling of the first projects I developed for the Zaccaria LED displays.

    After producing the first rudimental displays tester I started working on the LED conversion for the plasma displays.
    For this funny activity I studied the white papers from Leon Borrè and then produced the first prototype:

    2015-01-01 17.56.23 (resized).jpeg2015-01-01 17.56.23 (resized).jpeg 2015-01-22 00.49.56 (resized).jpg2015-01-22 00.49.56 (resized).jpg 2015-05-18 10.38.19 (resized).jpg2015-05-18 10.38.19 (resized).jpg

    This led to the commercial production of the conversion kits for Zaccaria which, from what I know, were the unique complete conversion kits on the market.
    These conversion kits started being distributed during summer 2015
    Half an year after, also Bally/Stern conversion kits appeared on the market following the path of the Zaccaria conversion kits.

    8digits (resized).jpg8digits (resized).jpg cover (resized).jpgcover (resized).jpg

    Next episode will describe how the full led display came from dream to reality.

    Pinball Solutions
    LED displays for Zaccaria, Bally/Stern, Williams/Data East and much more... visit our website.

    4 months later
    #7 3 years ago

    Dear friends,

    it is a quite busy period with several ongoing projects, orders follow up and some upgrades to the current existing products.

    What's new and what is going to happen in the next future:

    - we are working on some Williams products, still not ready to announce anything specific but I'll keep you posted.
    - Bally displays, we will introduce some changes soon, but we will keep our mandate, have the best compromise for a budget display, very affordable price vs the best of the results

    Did you know that we produce the full Williams variety of displays? *
    Those displays are using very modern components, they all come with brightness regulation and are fully assembled and tested.

    Here you have the full catalogue:

    System 3 to 6:

    DB8169_new (resized).jpgDB8169_new (resized).jpg

    System 6A to 9:

    DB-8363_new (resized).jpgDB-8363_new (resized).jpg

    System 9:

    DB-10749_new (resized).jpgDB-10749_new (resized).jpg

    System 11 & 11A:

    DB-10877_new (resized).jpgDB-10877_new (resized).jpg

    DB-11415 (resized).jpgDB-11415 (resized).jpg

    System 11A & 11B & 11C:

    DB11610_new (resized).jpgDB11610_new (resized).jpg

    DB-12232-2_new (resized).jpgDB-12232-2_new (resized).jpg

    BanzaiRun_3 (resized).jpgBanzaiRun_3 (resized).jpg


    DB-12739_new (resized).jpgDB-12739_new (resized).jpg


    DB6803_new (resized).jpgDB6803_new (resized).jpg

    DB-12502_new (resized).jpgDB-12502_new (resized).jpg

    * The WPC89 for Dr Dude and Harley Davidson is currently not available but expected by mid-2020

    Pinball Solutions
    LED displays for Zaccaria, Bally/Stern, Williams/Data East and much more... visit our website.

    1 month later
    #8 3 years ago

    Dear pinsiders,

    finally some news I was waiting to communicate since long time.

    The new LED digit for the 7 digits Zaccaria LED display has arrived!

    This LED digit shape matches so closely the aspect of the original display that it will be difficult to see the difference between the original and our 7 digits Zaccaria LED display.

    As of today all Zaccaria 7 digits displays will be shipping with this new shape.

    You have the choice between original Orange, Blue and White segments.

    If you still need to buy the old version of the 7 digits Zaccaria display please contact me in private.

    Here some pictures:

    Zac_7Digits_site (resized).jpgZac_7Digits_site (resized).jpg

    Farfalla_new_orange (resized).jpgFarfalla_new_orange (resized).jpg

    Farfalla_new_white (resized).jpgFarfalla_new_white (resized).jpg

    Soon available on our Bally/Stern displays!!!

    2 weeks later
    #10 3 years ago

    New Harley Davidson & Dr Dude WPC89 LED display now available

    Included in the set:
    – 2 display boards to replace the original A-12794
    – 1 main controller to replace the original A-12739-1
    – 2 flat ribbon cables for the connection between the displays and their electronic controller.
    – Light shield foams

    DB-12739HD-HarleyDavidson (resized).jpgDB-12739HD-HarleyDavidson (resized).jpg
    #11 3 years ago

    This guy sells top quality displays!

    #12 3 years ago

    Agreed: I have them for my High Speed and a Roller Games: both work and look very well, and they're really competitively priced.

    #14 3 years ago

    Thanks guys!

    The best satisfaction comes from happy customers and my main target is to satisfy you as much as I can.

    Yes man, they have produced one specific display only for that model and some late production of the Dr Dude games. :/

    #15 3 years ago

    lets see the playfield on that bally game.

    6 months later
    #16 2 years ago

    Dear Pinsider, I must admit that it becomes the more and more difficult for me to find the time to write new posts in order to keep you updated with PinballSolutions.eu developments and news.

    Let's keep the story telling about our activity and how we moved from Zaccaria conversion kits to Zaccaria full LED displays.

    After the development of the conversion kits it was clear that a complete display was needed in order to offer a complete solution to the ones who didn't have a working electronic board neither the time to modify an existing electronic board.

    The challenge was to have something compatible with all the different models to avoid running into a non-valuable solution with 4 different electronic boards as this would have killed the all project.

    Here you can see our very first prototype of the full Zaccaria LED display

    2015-05-12 00.17.02 (resized).jpg2015-05-12 00.17.02 (resized).jpg

    The main problem, after having developed the first "unrealistic prototype" was to get to an easy, compact and working project, something which should have been easy to assemble for most of the users, with as less as possible soldering and components.

    And here we have the first realistic prototype of a Zaccaria LED display:

    20150801_084524 (resized).jpg20150801_084524 (resized).jpg

    In the meantime the development of the conversion kits was continuing and the complete panel of LED modules was available for all the Zaccaria display models:

    20150903_004931 (resized).jpg20150903_004931 (resized).jpg
    20150904_191652 (resized).jpg20150904_191652 (resized).jpg
    20150904_202728 (resized).jpg20150904_202728 (resized).jpg

    And finally in September 2015 the first full Zaccaria LED display became available with the exception of the second version of the 8 digits display which has a different electronic board and needed a different PCB:

    20150907_101540 (resized).jpg20150907_101540 (resized).jpg
    20151014_002238 (resized).jpg20151014_002238 (resized).jpg

    In my next post I'll present a new Zaccaria project, stay tuned!!!

    Pinball Solutions
    LED displays for Zaccaria, Bally/Stern, Williams/Data East and much more... visit our website.

    3 weeks later
    #17 2 years ago

    Hello pinlovers,

    I promised I would have posted a video with the new Zaccaria project, here we are:

    Zaccaria Evo Power Board for G1 and G2 pinball machines, here a small teaser with the prototype which I'm running on my Devil Riders since 2 months now:


    Pinball Solutions
    LED displays for Zaccaria, Bally/Stern, Williams/Data East and much more... visit our website.

    9 months later
    #18 1 year ago

    Awesome service and quality as always ! Ordered new displays for my F14 on Sunday, delivered by Tuesday - looking great and working right out of the box

    4 weeks later
    #19 1 year ago
    Quoted from Zigzagzag:

    Awesome service and quality as always ! Ordered new displays for my F14 on Sunday, delivered by Tuesday - looking great and working right out of the box

    Thanks Zig,

    it's always a pleasure to get such nice comments.
    We try our best to make customers happy and satisfied.



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