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*** OFFICIAL ReplayFX/Pinburgh 2019 Thread ***

By VectorGamer

9 months ago

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    #22 8 months ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Also not sure how this happened multiple times last year when only one purchase of 5 tickets was made.

    Maybe it was a group of 4 people who did this? Or multiple groups of 4?

    If/when this is happening, you'd only end up with one set of tickets purchased at the most.

    1 week later
    #53 8 months ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    Hilarious. Decided to try for VIP for the hell of it. Refreshed on the dot, pick 2, hit button ... unable to reserve. Refresh, sold out.
    Totally expected that, but still funny.

    Same here. I literally LOLd. Probably missed it by 1 second, but that means I was a couple hundred back in line. Now for the slowest 55 minutes of the year.

    4 months later
    #468 3 months ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    I could use any pro-tips on parking too. First time driving in myself this year and so I'm a parking-for-the-weekend noob.

    I've heard good things about this place:

    1 week later
    #751 78 days ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Quick question; are the diaper rubbers that don't allow anyone to nudge also against people wearing a rage tilt T-shirt?

    I believe the correct nomenclature is "diaper wipers".

    #789 77 days ago
    Quoted from MEuRaH:

    I was very happy to play a full day and finish 185th. Then disappointed that I was bumped down to B division. Missing out on a chance at the title and possibly all those IFPA points really sucked. I don't think any top player should be restricted to A alone. I out-played many people who were handed a spot in the division, crushing my chance to win something I worked so hard for. The highest restriction should be B imo.

    I had a similar outcome last year: Finished day 1 tied for 139 and lost the auto-tiebreaker to end up near the top of B. I was fine with it, because the division restrictions and their effects were well known before I signed up for the event. I also enjoyed getting to start day 2 near the top of a division for the first time.

    I think the amount of outcry over a top 50 player winning the B, C, or D division would be louder, and a much worse look, than we get with the current system.

    #794 77 days ago
    Quoted from thirdedition:

    My thought is if you are restricted and don't make it into your restricted division your tournament is over.

    You're probably describing the fairist version of the tournament. But I don't see any way it would be as popular or successful as the version we have now.

    In your scenario, I would actually consider either not attending Pinburgh or limiting the number of events I play in to keep from coming into Pinburgh with too high a seed.

    With the current system, we get a handful -- or even a whole lot -- of people who are unhappy being bumped down. But it still sells out in 5 seconds with a bunch of people on the waitlist.

    #796 77 days ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    I assumed that all restricted players are simply added to their restricted division after the legit 200 spots were filled. When i learned this wasn’t the case, I agreed that it doesn’t seem fair.

    I suspect that logistics are what keeps this one from happening. Imagine:
    * 60 people are tied for spots 171 through 230 at the end of day 1.
    * 18 players are A restricted but didn't make the top 200 at the end of day 1.

    Do you make the A division all 248 players who scored down to the natural cutoff? If so, you could very, very easily end up with an E division with 10 people in it unless you inserted other rules like allowing some of those people in spot 171 through 230 to be in A but not others. You'd need either a random, played out, or skill-based tiebreaker. In any of these scenarios, you'd still end up with people with legitimate complaints that they played well enough to make the A division but were bumped down by players with restrictions.

    #798 77 days ago
    Quoted from kguenther6:

    But was disappointed I wasn't able to play in A even though I played better than other A players with restrictions. I would like to see changes made to prevent this but I don't know what it would be.

    Not sure how many Pinburghs you've played in, but the organizers have used a bunch of different divisional tiebreaking systems throughout the years. They refine the process. They see how it works in the real world. They take feedback on how to improve.

    I understand the disappointment of not making the A division. I'm glad you still had a good time.

    #803 77 days ago
    Quoted from kguenther6:

    I understand tie breakers might bump me out. But I had a better record than 19 other players that were put in A due to restrictions. So it wasn't just tie breakers that bumped me out as I had a better record than 19 other people that got put into A and not the same record and lost by tie breaker.

    I understand.

    Are you against division restrictions on principle, or because they affected you this year?

    If you think Pinburgh would be better with no division restrictions, would you eliminate players who don't play well enough to make the cut line at the end of day 1?

    Would you allow any player to play in any division? What would you say to players who complained that the B (or C or D) division was dominated by players playing below their appropriate skill division? Because that would 100% happen every year.

    #811 77 days ago
    Quoted from kguenther6:

    I'm not sure what the answer is. If you don't put in restrictions then you get sandbagging of players to get into the money. Maybe the best answer is if you are restricted and don't get into your division then you are out the first day. And that would include me next year since I made B finals I will be restricted to B or higher. But then I don't know how IFPA points would be done for those out the first day. There is no easy answer and maybe the restrictions is the best way. There are players that would rather sandbag and get money and other like me that would rather get the chance to play against the best in the world and see how high they can get in the tournament. No easy answer to fix the sandbagging and still put the other players though that played good.

    I didn't even mention my results from this year.

    I was B restricted and finished a couple points out of B. So I should have been in C, but ended up near the bottom of B. I bumped someone into the C division who might feel the same way you do. Apologies to this person.

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