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'64 Williams Oh Boy 2 player reset/scoring issue

By SuperSpinhead

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Firstly, I am a novice here but have schematic if necessary and have done very simple adjusting.
Machine has what hopefully may be simple, related issues as follows:

1. On reset, reels always go to 0 and game usually starts fine but on occasion motor will run on as the 1st and 2nd player reset relay continues clicking endlessly even though the reels did reset to 0.

2. Also on occasion when playing a one player game the single digits will score on the 2nd player single digits reel but the 10s will score fine on 1st player but 100's won't register on 1st player at all. When this problem on a single player game with the single digits scoring on 2nd player does NOT happen all 3 reels on 1st player score fine. Note- I did clean contacts on all the reels and checked the 9/0 contacts for open/close.

3. When playing a 2 player game, play/scoring starts on player 2 but all scoring is fine on both players except for the fact that player one only gets 4 balls instead of 5 since play starts on player 2.

Thanks so much for any help!!!


#2 3 years ago

Can you post a scan of the schematic or better yet upload it to ipdb.org?

#3 3 years ago

Hey dr,

Thanks for your response. It's gonna take me a little time for my learning curve to get up to speed. Need to figure out how to upload to ipdb...I am waiting for email from them to give me password and then maybe I can get into the area where I can make a submission/figure out how to upload. Eventually I will have this figured out.

BTW, at the moment all is scoring correctly for one and two player games. I used flexstone file on some contacts but just guessing where I need to do this.
Regardless, it is just a matter of time before it screws up again..it comes and goes.

Again, thank you so much for responding with your request for schematic. You are my first contact ever in here. Just give me some time and I'll get the schematic up.

#4 3 years ago

Hi SuperSpinhead . Welcome to pinside!

Uploads to IPDB have been broken for over a year.

#5 3 years ago

You might check the step units manually for smooth operation and contact placement.

#6 3 years ago
Quoted from HowardR:

Hi superspinhead . Welcome to pinside!
Uploads to IPDB have been broken for over a year.

That sucks! Post a scan here then or high res photo and let’s get started.

#7 3 years ago

1. Tighten down the switch packs on your score reels. There is a set of points on each score reel that comes open when the reel hits zero. Make sure this is happening.
2. I don't have the schematic. There will be a relay or stepper unit that controls which player's single digit reel advances. If it is a relay, tighten and adjust the relay.
3. There should be a stepper unit that controls player and ball in play. When you reset the game, be sure it goes all the way to 1st player 1st ball. Some games actually go below that and step up one step at the end of the start game routine. The cog wheel on the coil side of the stepper has pins that stick up and engage the switches and stop the wheel turning. Check the adjustment of those switches.

Good luck

#8 3 years ago

Thank you all for great responses.

The head guy at ipdb did email me and said that currently the site doesn't automatically accept downloads but attachments can be emailed to him and he will put them on the site. He did tell me that my schematic would be accepted once I send it to him. Haven't had time yet to deal with this but I will get the schematic up and will work on the advice that you guys have sent me.

Regarding the 9/0 open close switch on reel...I have checked those and they open properly at zero.

Thanks again you guys. Give me some time and I'll get this stuff going. Have a happy 4th of July!!

#9 3 years ago

.....oh, and as I indicated, the scoring was working fine for about 30 minutes and then fell back into it's scoring funk of putting points on the wrong reel.
So whatever it is it's intermittent and probably just some fine tuning on some relay or switch when we find it.

#10 3 years ago

I purchased this machine for $180. It had been sitting in a garage for many years with no glass and had leaves and rat turds in it...nice! I had decided that it would be my introduction/initiation to the world of e.m. repair. All reels and steppers were frozen and of course the game wouldn't start. With the help of videos and literature I actually got it running pretty well after lots of taking apart, super lube, and filing/checking contacts. The cabinet/coin door is a cosmetic mess but I'll get to that after fixing this scoring issue. I also want to restore/juice the pop bumpers a bit. Flippers and slingshots are great. All in all, for not knowing what the heck I was getting into it's going pretty well I think. Have played for 55 years but had never opened a machine.

I am amazed at you guys who have the knowledge and experience to fix this stuff.

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