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○ Some Flipperless just came up on CL / E-bay ○

By Pin-it

7 years ago

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    #78 6 years ago

    She's a beauty! I like the transport cocoon.

    #84 6 years ago

    Hmm, Pewaukee isn't too far from me. Price is right but what's up with that red paint. Well, I guess that's why the price is right.

    1 month later
    #112 6 years ago

    They called that a Wisconsin roll down cabinet. Made to circumvent some type of gambling law by removing the plunger. Which is odd because I thought the plunger made it a skill game? Anyway I wonder of this one has traveled that far or if other states also had those laws in place. Like NY with the AAB laws.

    #115 6 years ago

    Here's a Tropicana rolldown.

    1 month later
    4 weeks later
    1 month later
    #138 6 years ago
    Quoted from jjpm:

    Haven't seen one of these in a while:
    ebay.com link » 1955 Genco Champion Baseball An Arcade Classic

    Very cool, but would be challenge to find all the pieces needed to bring it back.

    11 months later
    #152 5 years ago

    Has the wrong legs too.

    #155 5 years ago

    Is this your's Joe? That is a sweet deal.

    2 months later
    #159 5 years ago

    Wow, this one looks pretty cool.

    minneapolis.craigslist.org link

    #161 5 years ago
    Quoted from DennisDodel:

    Photo is from the IPDB.

    Yes, I noticed that too. Maybe it's the same game as he references the IPDB? Or maybe he's one of those guys that borrow pics? That's never cool but on the upside maybe this one has the correct coin door.

    #163 5 years ago
    Quoted from DennisDodel:

    Possibly. But I would think that he would have posted all of his photos in his Craigslist ad if that were the case. I contacted him to see if it is indeed a photo of HIS game.

    Let us know. I'm curious.

    4 months later
    #174 4 years ago
    Quoted from way2wyrd:

    please do not post things like this while i am in a buying freeze.
    Thank you

    Ha, I hear you Jeff. I'm thankful it's far away so temptation can be avoided.

    7 months later
    #177 4 years ago

    I just put my Baby Leland up for sale.

    janesville.craigslist.org link

    6 months later
    #283 3 years ago
    Quoted from way2wyrd:

    No creepy clowns!

    Fortunately I think Genco made 4 uprights if you don't like clowns. A friend once had them all and was starting to complete the Bally uprights. It was neat to see them all lined up together.

    Here's a "400". A bit overpriced I think?
    fayetteville.craigslist.org link

    1 week later
    #325 3 years ago

    Tom Taylor has one of the coolest pinball collections I have had the privilege of visiting. It's been a few years and he is always changing things up. So not sure it's still relevant. Anyway he used to have a bunch of bagatelles hanging up on the walls and in the bathroom. It looked so cool I contemplated collecting them myself.

    And Dirtflipper who is a Gottlieb nut, I believe has a Baffle Ball home game. Because why not?

    #326 3 years ago

    Here's a pretty nice looking 1936 Bally Bumper. Seems to be the 1930s game that comes up the most for sale but I like it.

    milwaukee.craigslist.org link

    #330 3 years ago

    Did I post this one before? I may have. I wondered about the cab colors but never checked IPDB to verify. Anyway in my area it seems if a 1930s game comes up for sale about 80% of the time it's a Bumper for some reason.

    Quoted from way2wyrd:

    he is getting better on his asking price. NIce machine tho i think the colors are wrong. FIrst machine with bumpers i think,
    Id wrangle a deal if i was closer

    #358 3 years ago

    So many rules now. We need to ask Pin-it what's acceptable? Where is that guy anyway? He pops in every couple years it seems.

    #367 3 years ago
    Quoted from ZNET:

    Among my favorite art packages is that of Genco Metro. Here's a Metro playfield for sale on eBay.
    ebay.com link » 1934 Genco Metro Pinball Game Top

    It is pretty. I can't think of Metro without associating it with Russ Jensen.

    #380 3 years ago

    I like it. I've seen similar tables but nothing quite like that one.

    All the images I could find of the style I'm thinking of were in Europe. I have seen something similar to this for sale locally more than once. No idea how you play?

    20170729_154334 (resized).jpg

    2 weeks later
    #405 3 years ago

    There was a 1933 Genco 42nd Street on Milwaukee Craigslist yesterday for $60. Looked nice. I was so excited but you just know a deal like that rarely works out.

    #407 3 years ago

    Yeah, it was nicer than the one pictured. Although the cab had been repainted. Looked nicely done though. One of those that is super cheap and you discover it while your at work. You just know it's going to be gone in a short time and there isn't much you can do about it.

    1 week later
    #436 3 years ago

    Has an aftermarket flipper kit installed. Seems worth it in parts to the right guy.

    #438 3 years ago

    I hate to see a game die also. If it was just the legs cut it wouldn't be that big of a deal. It's the missing head mechanicals that make it seem like too much trouble. For me anyway.

    1 month later
    #482 3 years ago
    Quoted from DennisDodel:

    I'm speaking from personal experience with Jack, the owner of these games.

    You've gone to see them? I admit I've always been a little curios about this pile of games. I keep hearing they are a dilapidated pile of mismatched wood rails. Must be something in there worth salvaging? Maybe not at his price point?

    2 weeks later
    #508 3 years ago

    1940 Bally Charm. Name seems fitting.

    chicago.craigslist.org link

    #513 3 years ago

    I see Goofy once in awhile and this one reminds me of it both in colors and design. I like it. If it wasn't 7 hours round trip...

    #519 3 years ago

    You bought that? Sweet. A neat piece of pinball history. Congratulations.

    #528 3 years ago

    This looks interesting for the money. Couldn't find it in IPDB.

    ebay.com link: Early 1930s Coin Op Pinball Bagatelle Game Vintage

    3 weeks later
    #544 3 years ago

    This Gottlieb Score Board looks pretty neat. It appears to be missing the coin door.

    milwaukee.craigslist.org link

    00D0D_5xiMEtRgulx_1200x900 (resized).jpg

    #548 3 years ago

    Here's another neat one with some cool castings. 1934 Cannon Fire Jr. at a fair price. This one has it's coin door. Seems uncommon on this era.


    33864164_10205412821478034_2142190590433951744_n (resized).jpg

    #551 3 years ago

    1947 P&S Tom Tom. This one has been on my short list forever but I won't be able to get up there to get it. At least for awhile. I'd like to see it get saved though as it's such a rare and cool game. More arcade than pinball but it is flipperless and has a plunger.
    appleton.craigslist.org link

    00N0N_59T6yKbKeGJ_1200x900 (resized).jpg
    #554 3 years ago
    Quoted from RyanClaytor:

    I've never even heard of this title before. I can't even figure out what in the world it is! ...besides more of everything I want:

    It's in your home state, Alex. With this being so high on your wishlist (and who knows when/if you're ever gonna see one again), I really hope you nab it. Please, at least contact the seller if you've not already. Maybe he'd be willing to hang onto it for a bit if you paypal him a deposit to let him know you're serious. It's worked for me before.

    Tom Taylor has one and I've played it a few times and really loved it. It's sort of like a mini-skee ball with a rotating barrel. I'm not sure how long the gameplay would hold up but it sure isn't lacking in charm.

    Ugh peer pressure. I've been mulling it over. Half thinking I need to make a move and half hoping somebody else grabs it. I like to let destiny play a role sometimes. If it's still lingering for some crazy reason in another week it may be meant for me. It can't be a priority for me before then so that's how it's going to be anyway. If someone else gets it, it's ok. As long as they don't make furniture out of it. I've had some previous grails come and go and the world is still turning. It does need some work but looks to be mostly there and worth the trouble I think.

    Hey Ryan you've never been afraid of a road trip.

    1 week later
    #575 3 years ago

    $85 BIN Jiggers. Dang needs a little love but for under $100 how can you go wrong. Lists a shipping price but looks like pickup only in Alexandria, VA.

    ebay.com link: Vintage JIGGERS Pin Ball Machine Local Pickup

    #589 3 years ago

    Looks really cool. Not $4k cool, but cool nonetheless.

    1 week later
    #602 3 years ago

    Whizz Bang for $350 in Chicago. Very dry looking. I bet it would really soak up a new coat of finish but could be a nice transformation.
    chicago.craigslist.org link

    4 weeks later
    #630 3 years ago

    Nice looking game for the money. 1940 Exhibit Star Lite. $300

    7 months later
    3 months later
    #707 2 years ago

    Here's a neat project. Cannon Fire Jr. in South Chicago.
    chicago.craigslist.org link

    00l0l_jYA7EtScSyL_1200x900 (resized).jpg
    1 year later
    #783 10 months ago

    Here's an attractive game. Looks like it would be something Cait001 would have in her collection. Says it's from Cincinnati but looks English or German to me? Also l imagine this had lock instead of a latch on it originally.

    4 months later
    #787 5 months ago

    1936 Bally Bumper at a good price.
    minneapolis.craigslist.org link

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