Dear Lloyd

Dear Lloyd

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Banzai Pops !

Friday April 14th 2017

Hello Lloyd, I am having a pop bumper issue with my Banzai Run pin, I had everything working on this when I first picked it up but since them, some of the fuses were switched around as I was burning out fuses from when I first powered it up and then again when game started, it was blowing the fuse to eject the ball to the trough but I have since then figured out the that issue but have been having an issue with the pop bumpers not working for me, they light up as they should but nothing else when trying to play a game, it’s the only issue I have with it as of now and not sure how to remedy this minor hiccup as I am not electronically inclined to understand how the boards work other than the sound board as I have had to replace a few rom chips in a few pins due to distorted sound or no sound at all but this pop bumper issue has been a priority of mine to get fixed as I love this game I grew up playing but its not the same having full game play. If you have any suggestions to this issue, I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving it, thank you for your time, very much appreciated!


Hi Larry

Did you check the fuse for the pop bumpers under the upper playfield ?

Next I'd check the leaf blade switches on them, to be sure they open and close right and no shorts to wiring or anything.

LTG : )