Dear Lloyd

Dear Lloyd

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Capcom PN

Tuesday August 22nd 2017

Help, I put updated game eproms U1L AND U1H in my Capcom PM. It worked for a week and now it wont take a credit unless I open the coin door and turn the game off and on. And that don't always work. Sometimes I have reset the switch that's in side the coin door(but that don't work very often) One time it didn't reboot so I turned off and back on and then it worked. When I get it working it will take some credits but not work after I pay the games. And I have to try everything over again until it works. I checked the start button and its ok.
Thanks for any help

Hi Wizard

I'd start by putting the old eproms in and see if it works. If so, then one of the new ones have a problem.

LTG : )