Dear Lloyd

Dear Lloyd

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Demo Sound Error

Monday May 8th 2017

Hi Lloyd,

I'm getting the "Sound Board Interface Error" on my Demolition Man. Sound board is A-16917-50028. The sound still worked, but had what I describe as a slightly "watery/wobbly" tone to it. I replaced cables. I replaced rom chips with new ones (to get the swear sound bytes), same issue.

To isolate the issue I swapped the sound board with the sound board in my Dirty Harry - A-16917-50030, and the error went away.

I put the DM sound board in the Dirty Harry, and got the "Sound Board Interface Error" so pretty sure its that sound board.

Swapped all the rom chips on each board (DM chips to the 50030 board, DH chips to the 50028 board), and now neither machine produces the error. I expect the error to come back on the Dirty Harry, but we'll see.

If it does come back, what needs to be repaired? I checked the solder joints with a magnifying glass, they all look quite good.

Thanks in advance!
Mr. Snipes

Hi Mr. Snipes

Sounds like a weak solder joint on something you messed with. Connectors or chips. Your pushing them may have corrected it, if it returns I'd start there.

Thank you,
LTG : )