Dear Lloyd

Dear Lloyd

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TSPP Maybe Woes

Saturday February 18th 2017

Dear Lloyd,

I recently got TSPP, I was trying to go through diagnostic because when I got it, it tells me I have potential broken switches of

#38 couch lock
#34 upper lock standup
#39 couch lock mid
#40 couch lock top
# 52 pop side stand up
#57 Left outlane

while this does already concern me, I was told to go through and do a switched test. I have been trying to do this but even trying to run a test to clear the ball trough selecting the run function does nothing. I am confused why it seems I can not run test on all the switches to seem them trigger. However the game seems to play fine. Am I doing something wrong? Did I manage to get a machine that will only be riddled with problems? Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you,

Hello Miles

First when running coil tests - see if there is a high power interlock switch on the left area of the coin door, if so, if it isn't enabled, no coils will work. ( I don't have your game to check if it has one or not )

Then switch test, when in that, hit switches on the playfield with your finger and see if they register on the DMD. Just because they were flagged, doesn't mean they are broken, they may not been hit in game play recently.

Your game sounds fine, maybe just needing a tweak or two.

LTG : )