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Midwest Gaming Classic

The largest all-encompassing gaming trade show!

Take 65,000 square feet and fill them with home consoles from old to new, table top games, collectible card games, and of course, hundreds of pinball machines and you have the Midwest Gaming Classic! Explore all aspects of gaming while getting to play thousands of different games brought by other collectors to share!

Pinball wise, meet many of your favorite designers, artists, programmers, and company heads at the show! Hear about the evolution of pinball through fascinating presentations. Compete in one of the largest pinball tournaments by participants in the country without having to pay extra for it! See the old, new and unique parts of this hobby... and don't forget to stop in Rob Anthony's room to see Taro too!

Many more details can be seen on our web site! Make sure to like us on Facebook for more updates throughout the year!

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This is a multi-day event!

  • Friday April 7th, 2017
    From 17:00 to 100
  • Saturday April 8th, 2017
    From 10:00 to 2000
  • Sunday April 9th, 2017
    From 10:00 to 1700


375 S Moorland Rd
South Moorland Road 375
Brookfield, WI US(Look up)

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