IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser-DC

Pin-Golf Project Pinball fundraiser. 10$ entry (5$ if new to ranking tournaments). All entry fees will go to the Pinball Project. Go to the Doodle web site http://doodle.com/xcp3eamnknp7qckm to select your tee-time. Play 6 games(games set to 3 or 5 balls,50cents). There will be 3 Pin-Golf hole objectives per game for a total of 18 holes. Play 1 one ball High Score game as a potential tie-breaker in case of a tie after 18 holes. Placement determined after 18 holes - no finals- you only need to show up one of the days for about an hour to get your holes in. Pin-Golf scoring is make your objective in Ball one you score a one for that hole, make the objective in ball 5 you score a 5 for that hole- don't make the objective and you score a 6. For 3 ball games don't make your objective and it's a 4. Games are Avatar,Attack from Mars,AC/DC,Road Show, Star Trek Stern2013, and Judge Dredd. Judge Dredd and Star Trek will be set to 3 balls all other games will be 5 balls.

Game One - Judge Dredd - Hole One - start the 3 lock regular multiball. Hole Two - Score 50 million. Hole Three - Score 125 Million. ( score objectives on this game may adjust some as I haven't had a chance to see it in action yet )

Game Two - Star Trek - Hole Four - start 3 lock Klingon multiball. Hole Five - Score 15 Million. Hole Six - Score 32 Million.

Game Three - Road Show - Hole Seven- 3 lock Shoot it inTed's mouth to start multibal. Hole Eight - Bonus raised to 4X, Hole Nine - Score 325 million

Game Four - AC/DC - Hole Ten- Start 2 of the 3 main M/B's ( Jam, Album,Tour). Hole Eleven (this goes to eleven) - Light Jukebox and land in saucer to change song, Hole Twelve - Score 42 Million

Game Five AFM- Hole Thirteen- Light/Finish 1 objectives towards Rule the Universe, HoleFourteen -Light/Finish 3 objectives towards Rule the Universe, Hole Fifteen -light/Finish 5 objectives towards Rule the Universe. *** Game 5 bonus of minus one stroke if you Rule the Universe

Game Six - Avatar - Hole Sixteen -Link M/B, Hole Seventeen - Amp Suit M/B, Hole Eighteen - Score 25 Million

If you've made all your objectives on a game please stop playing to help move things along, the only exception to this is AFM. If you happen to get to Rule the Universe for the minus one stroke bonus you can play out Rule the Universe.

We will be having 2 side tournaments, 2$ per side entry or 3$ for one entry in each side tournament. Both side tournament will be two ball games on Judge Dredd and Star Trek. Those games will be set to 3 balls so the side tournament you will plunge your first ball and play the remaining 2. Final score is a high score tournament. On the first ball plunge you can set up a skill shot but no nudging or flipping or hitting any other buttons after the plunge.

Once you've finished your round you can play one more mulligan entry for 10$ and with that 2nd entry you also get an entry in each side as a bonus. Non ranked players who only have to pay 5$ for the first main entry will have to pay 10$ for the mulligan entry - hey it's for charity!

No slam tilts, bang backs or death saves. People abusing the machines will get either a warning, a one stroke penalty, a three stroke penalty or disqualification from the tournament at the tournament directors ( or machine owners) discression.

Contingencies for a machine going down permanatelly will be to keep the scores previous and play on other machine going forward. If it's a 3 ball game that goes down the replacement would be the other 3 ball game same objectives. If it's a 5 ball game that goes down another game on AFM with scores of one billion, 2billion and 3.5 billion as the 3 hole objectives. If AFM goes down another game on acdc with one mb start, 2 juke box changes and score of 60 million as the objectives. If we're unfortunate and the tie breaker game goes down we would break ties hole by hole starting with hole one. If by some chance 2 scorecards are identical we would have a tie.

For the side the contingency for a down game would be if the game goes down early and it looks permanent we would revert to having just one side tournament so play an entry in both sides to be safe. If a side goes down mid to late we would conclude that side with the scores standing- obviously some discression in this unfortunate albeit relatively unlikely scenario.

Extra balls will be turned of if possible, if they can't be turned off or by some chance you get an extra ball it has to be plunged, same plunging rules apply.

The one ball tie breaker game will be on AC/DC. Play the first ball and it's your tie-breaker score. I understand that this is 50 cents for just one ball play but participants will only pay 50 cents for quite a few 5 ball games so hopefully people will understand the need.

The goal is to raise some money for a great charity, get some good competition in, get some new players exposed to pinball in a great new location in DC.

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More details on the website:
» http://doodle.com/xcp3eamnknp7qckm



This is a multi-day event!

  • Saturday July 26th, 2014
    From 01:00 to 04:00
  • Sunday July 27th, 2014
    From 01:00 to 04:00


Lymans Tavern
3720 14th St NW
Washington, DC US(Look up)

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