The Pinside Market Watch

The Pinside Market Watch

Written by robin, published October 11th, 2008. 3 comment(s). announces a cool new feature for all Pinball collectors out there: The Marketwatch.

The Pinside Market Watch - What is it?

The Pinside Market Watch monitors classifieds ads on the internet and notifies you when machines on your wishlist are spotted. This allows you to be among the first to bid on those items and to get your hand on those hard to get pinball machines before someone else does. For now, we have started with Ebay and of course the ads from our own Pinside Marketplace but we may add other ad sites in the future.

A machine to your wishlist on the My-Pinside page.

Cool! How do I subscribe?

To get the right notifications, you'll need to set up your own wishlist first. Make sure you are logged in and then go to your "my collection" page. On this page you will be able to add machines that you are interested in to you personal wishlist. You can add as many as you want and we'll start monitoring those machines for you.

I have my wishlist set up. What now?

The new market watch options in your Profile screen.Now that you have your wishlist set up, all you need to do is enable the Marketwatch option. Surf to your profile page, where you'll find the MarketWatch options box halfway down the page, on the right. Check the checkbox "Send me MarketWatch notification emails." and  optionally select how often you would like us to send you these updates. We also made an "As soon as its posted" mode which will send you an email as soon as a wishlist machine hits the market.



How did you guys come up with this anyway?

For those interested, here's the story behind the market watch.

The marketing department of Bally did a good job. The flyer really made me want to own this pin!

Some years ago, when our 'collection' of pinball machines was no more than a DW, a TZ and a big stack of  flyers, We had this horrible luxury problem: which pinball machine are we going to buy next?

The thing was, We had already decided that we wanted a Theatre of Magic, an Attack from Mars or maybe a Champion Pub since these games were within the price range and seemed like real fun to own and play.

But now we had to find one. And find one for the right price. And thus came a time of endlessly surfing around the web, a Dutch auction site similar to, checking the new ads every day, seeking that one good offer for one of the above three machines, the wishlist if you will,  until we finally found a really good deal on a nice Theatre of Magic. So we phoned the owner of the game only to find that the game had just been sold to someone who obviously saw the ad before we had. Darn. And that's basically the idea behind the Market Watch.

We hope our service will enable you to get that great deal on your next pinball machine!


6 years ago
You know I really digg the market page,
for some strange reason it's much faster to check Ebay through Pinside then on my own- nice
5 years ago
I agree. I was thinking about writing a script to let me know when certain pins came available but this is much better. Would it be possible to add to the search though?
4 years ago
good thing

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