sopranos to be stern's next pinball

sopranos to be stern's next pinball

Written by Fearless_Leader, published December 16th, 2004. 9 comment(s).

It is now confirmed that the next Stern pinball game will be The Sopranos ®, based on the license of a popular American cable-television show about a ficticious New Jersey mob-boss and his inner circle. Several Stern-affiliated distributors are now taking deposits for the game, which has a release date of January 2005.

"And this is what the machine will look like!" (click to enlarge..)Currently, the details about the game's design, including both the lead designer and layout of the playfield are unknown. What is known about the game is that it will feature voice supplied by the original Sopranos cast members, and that the game's ruleset will not follow any original plotline.

Speculation on the theme for the next Stern pinball has become a popular hobby for pinball enthusiasts. It seems as though the company has adopted a product strategy built upon using existing commercial licenses to boost popularity and sales of their games. Several of the company's recent offerings have been for licensed products, such as "Elvis", the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy, and "Harley-Davidson". The last non-licensed commecially-produced Stern pinball was ten games ago, 2001's "High Roller Casino".

Rumors abound about the theme of the next Stern game, to be released in Fall 2005, but is thought to be NASCAR.
"Here they are..."


10 years ago

That is an interesting choice for a pinball theme, to say the least.

10 years ago

I agree. But I'm kind of surprised at it- I mean, the show peaked at least 2 years ago. Also, since Stern exports 50% of their new games abroad (to alive pinball markets), how will this theme be received ?

10 years ago

I wonder what the cycle time is to create a new game??? Sopranos seems two years late. I have heard that Stern is planning a World Series of Poker (WSOP) game to follow NASCAR. I'm afraid it (WSOP) also might arrive after the current wave of popularity passes, and is also based on a US fad. Stern released Simpsons and LOTR at the hight of the themes popularity (and their themes last many years).

10 years ago

I also am surprised at this choice of a theme. A US based TV show may not have the appeal overseas. But least no judge untill played !! I spoke with Steve Ritchie personally at the Oct. '04 pinball convention, he is working on the next project of a poker based theme pinball. Should be interesting.. Spiderman (marvel comics look) is in the works as well as MAD magazine, and maybe the Munsters ???

10 years ago

Well I'm a big fan of the show (unfortunately it looks like HBO dropped the ball on it though) and was looking into getting one. Of course the $4000 price tag might be a bit steep for me right now. Any suggestions on the best place to buy a new machine? Thanks.

10 years ago

Speaking from the UK I would say that Sopranos interest is strong abroad, but as has already been pointed out, the series is now over - unless Stern know about a further series, I hope so!!

6 years ago

Best Pinball game since a long time!

4 years ago

Love the show

3 years ago

I really loved the show but was let down a bit by the pin. The sound was not the best and gameplay was not my cup of tea.

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