remembering the SURGE

remembering the SURGE

Written by HELLODEADCITY, published January 6th, 2009. 4 comment(s).

I was content for a number of years with just four pinball machines in my collection Gorgar-1979, Soccer-1975, Black Knight 2000-1989,  Spark Plugs -1952 but as the years passed the fire started to go out. The truth was I was getting lazy and repairs were starting to take longer and longer- after ten years the magic was gone.

Sometimes when my friends would come over for our weekly Pints & pinball night only one game was ready to go.

And then came the SURGE!

A small ad on Craigslist for a pinball machine called Sure Shot -1976 came up in Dec of 2007,

I called the man up and looked at it that night I remember how icy the roads were . a single player Gtb. wedge head with a cowboy and a hooker playing pool in saloon in the old west was on the back glass.

The Man selling the machine was one of the coolest guys I have ever talked to he had a collection of about 50 or more and gave me some great tips on restoration that I use today.

I remember New Years eve looking down at the score motor a pint in one hand and a 60w lamp in the other in the back ground my radio blasted retro 80s punk/new wave from the station on the Jersey shore.

Finding the mis-aligned contact woke up that EM-what a feeling! -Like cracking a code bringing that old pin back from the dead.

After that things went quickly Space Mission- 1976 and a Big Indian-1974 both in Feb. I pulled out of North Philly PA.

Super Soccer- 1975 the 4 player version of Soccer had come out of a retirement home in Monroe N.J. In May  (amazingly spent most of it’s life in Europe)

Then in June  found a NOW - 1971 out of the New Hope PA area loved the 60s acid trip backglass,

Might  have paid more then I should of but for me it’s a keeper just for the artwork and low production.

Said good bye to Sure Shot in July couldn’t believe all the drama that landed in my inbox after posting it.

Big Ben -1975 came home in Aug as BK2000 found a new home with good people in up state N.Y.

I wish I still had BK2000 but glad I found new owners that will take good care of it , after all its collectors and overall lovers of pinball like you and I that will keep the hobby alive and going strong long into the future .

Then in late Dec. picked up a Bally Expressway -1970 from a  guy who also collects pins down the river from me and then an Airport -1969 a few weeks latter before heading into the New Year.

So looking back I’ll remember this time as the -SURGE and how I woke up and found that I really still digg pinball -the fire still burns.

The four pins in my small game room all work 100% now Gorgar, Space Mission, Big Indian and Super Soccer  . a new energy is in this old house keeping them going strong we play them hard with the ‘tilt‘ alive and ready for any fool who cares to venture over the edge- lose your ball and all your bonus points the way it was designed. Pints and Pinball-Yeah!


6 years ago
I agree with you about the live Tilt. That's how it's meant to be played, as painful as it may be sometimes. Your Pints and Pinball night sounds like a great time.
6 years ago
Hey thanks, when you think about it the tilt is part of the game some collectors by-pass the tilt all together but I've seen friends that have had one too many 'drinks' rock the heck out of my pins with the backglass clicking away back n forth- yikes!
One tilt and loss of ball they fly right after, -ha ha ha
6 years ago
ya, what a good story!! Sounds like you appreciate the 'good 'ol' machines. Me too, but I like the 'newer' type games. Guess I am a SS kinda guy.......camaro ss, chevelle ss, you know? I still have all the tilts hooked up in all my machines too. That's where its at! If I ever see a Doodle Bug for sale I will definately buy it! (my virgin machine! )
6 years ago
You know I digg the solid state games its just the board work that brings me down so. wish I could find someone in N.J. that was good at it I'd buy more SS games. EMs take some time to work out but not a lot of bucks if it's all there,
kind of like a crossword puzzle for the mechanically inclined.
On one hand you break the code (of whats wrong ) and the old EM wakes up from 10 - 20 years of slumber and on the other you saved a pin from the landfill.
Sometimes I wonder will pinball still be around 20 years from now?
maybe not- more and more people refuse to work with there hands today
they would rather call someone who would do it for them -from changing a flat tire to cutting the lawn.
However in the year 2029 if only a few exist I know they will be mine.
PINBALL it's more then a game it's a way of LIFE- ha ha ha

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