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I've not been part of his forum for long,

 And I'm lovin'  it, it's a great place to learn, communicate and generally enjoy pinball without playing.

  I just wish there was a bigger community of pin heads here in the UK. I look at the Pinside map and there not many members in the UK. I counted 26 hopefully there's a few more that haven't made there mark yet. The pinball scene doesn't seem that big over here, I have been to the last 2 of only 5 UK Pinball Shows and Pinballers Anonymous have the Monster Meet weekend event once a year, unfortunately work commitments have prevented me from going to any Monster Meets. The Pinball News 2009 diary have a total of 4 events in the UK, one of which was the World Championship, and another was the Welsh Classic Pinball Open, so out of the 4 shows/events only 3 of these really appeal to me. I WANT MORE.

 Whats more annoying is when I look at the UK Pinformer pinball location site and I see the map covered in dots with over 600 sightings of pinball machines. We need more ways to communicate to the masses of players and enthusiasts so we can all enjoy the glorious creation of pinball more, more events, more clubs, more venues, MORE PINBALL.

There just seems so many more members and events in the rest of the world, it makes me think about retiring outside of the UK, even outside of Europe. Clearly the U.S. has the biggest collective in the world, me thinks there are a few reasons for this. I am so jealous of you lot.

I looked at the Pinball News diary for 2010, looks like no UK Pinball Show next year as of yet!!!!. If that doesn't occur I'm gonna be gutted cause they have been wicked, a weekend away with two great loves of my life. Anybody know anything about that? Also at the moment next year only 3 UK events and they all look new, with the first one South Coast Slam in January on the south coast obviously (it's gonna be cold).

So far my plans for early next year are gonna be the South Coast Slam and a visit to The Pinball Parlour in Kent, it's going to be a great start to the year. After that who knows, maybe  I should grow some balls and join a pinball league, it doesn't matter if I play badly as long as I enjoy it and have fun!!!!!

So spread the word and share the wealth, Pinball rocks, let's all make the scene BIGGER, I'm gonna try and take one of my pins to the next UK event to let others enjoy what I love to do.

What more can I do to make it BIGGER?


6 years ago
True about that. All of the major production of machines was all in the US. Pinball is everywhere, though just more scarce in more places. That is cool that you have appreciated it as much as you do even though its harder to play and buy a machine where you live. I live in western Canada, and it's really hard to find a used machine for sale because everyone that has them is either a collector, or a coin-operator that doesn't want to sell. There is like a used pinball "mafia" here. You have to know someone that knows someone that knows a guy.
6 years ago
I hear that. I just started a long lost hobby last month, found this site, and now I have three pins. I'm already getting tons of help from members on here to fix problems, and I can see I'm slowly becoming part of an awesome community. I've realized where the hell have I been? This is friggin' awesome.

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