Gottlieb Kingpin, my fond memories

Gottlieb Kingpin, my fond memories

Written by absocountry2, published October 23rd, 2011. 3 comment(s).

When I was around 10 in the early 80's my Grandpa and Grandma moved from the farm into town. It is a small town of 800 people so arcade machines and pins were limited to a couple at the bowling alley. Imagine my surprise when helping them move in I found a pinball machine. It was a Kingpin that Grandpa paid the previous owners to leave. We never did find out what he paid for it.

I grew up playing that pin all the time. Nobody could beat me on it. I always had the high score. Dad and I were also the only people that could use a meter and keep it running so we were always working on it to keep it running. Not hard if you think thing through, but a lot of heat and power.

It is 30 years later and my cousins kids are still playing the pin. It really needs to be shopped because it has not had much as I have been traveling the world with Uncle Sam for the last 21 years. I hope to buy it from Grangma and restore it next summer. It does not have the speed of a modern pin but I still love it just the same.


4 years ago
Wow what an great surprise to a move in!! That is awesome you had Kingpin around while growing up and even cooler that it is still in the family.
4 years ago
great story man wonder how many pins are waiting in basements & garages to be fixed and played?
If you shop out that King Pin take a few photos would make an interesting story
3 years ago
cool story, thanks for sharing.

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