dwimmers personal top three.

dwimmers personal top three.

Written by dwimmer, published June 5th, 2006. 1 comment(s).

First off, where did "Dwimmer" come from?
My high score initials are DWM. After playing pinball with friends, they were soon greeting me with "Hi Dwimmer!" Dwimmer became my pinball name.

Dwimmer's personal top three:
Attack From Mars, Doctor Who and Star Wars (Sega/Data East)

Attack From Mars is the standard in which all machines are based. The playfield layout was set up so each flipper shot had a target whether indended or not. Unlike some machines, the shots were less luck versus knowing when to shoot to hit what you want. The mission goals complemented the playfield layout and kept the game challenging.

Doctor who had four may gameplay strengths. The playfield multiplyer, the Dalek targets, the W-H-O combo and loop. The downside is the "H" target and the "REPAIR" target layouts seemed to occupy space rather then blend into game flow.

Star Wars was the first I recall with a progressive "skill" shot award. Just like shooting free throws in basketball, if you were good you could hit the center ramp shot after shot and just rack up the bonues. Aside from Yoda's bonus choice, the rest of the layout and game play is fair.

Still working on some of the ratings and the best new machine out there is The Lord Of The Rings by Stern.

Quick thoughts:
The Twilight Zone seems scattered in playfield design. Nothing appeared to be consistent in game play. There for I did not rate it as high.

Unfortunately Medieval Madness was a mere tweak of Attack From Mars. I cant rate it higher than its big brother.

All the above is of course just my opinion. Everyone has there favorites for their own good reasons. Its unfortunate the greatest decade for pinball was followed by a virtual collapse. Oh how I miss the 90's!


5 years ago
I always liked Dr Who -dont seam to find them around anymore

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