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Finally... T2!

May 15 - Finally... T2!

End 1970s / Beginning 1980s: First touch with a pinball being a child in my football's coach cellar... the first "Playboy"! ...

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May 9 - New kid on the block...

I am very new to the pinball world!  I've always loved the idea of having my very own pinball machine, ...

Pinball Nut

May 9 - Pinball Nut

Hello there Big pinball fan from sunny Whitley Bay.   ...

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May 6 - King of the Monsters

I am the founder and CEO of Newslines, a crowdsourced news engine that aims to organize all the world's new. ...

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May 6 - Pinhead from way back

Celebrity Sports Center, in Denver, Co, was my idea of heaven.  80 bowling lanes, an Olympic pool, ice cream shops, ...

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May 5 - The making of Pinwiz55

My first exposure to "pinball". Back in the 1950's my Dad was a great Bowler. When Mom had card club, and ...

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May 5 - VacFink Story

Learning to restore my first two pin, a SS Jokerz and EM Lucky Ace. The Lucky Ace is working with ...

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May 2 - How I started playing pinball.

When I was 11 I sold pop bottles to play pinball. My  first game that I played was called Gold ...

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May 1 - My life Goal

I'm new to pinside but will now be here forever! My name is Trevor and it is my dream to ...

Barenaked Ladies 'Silverball' - exclusive Pinside sneak preview!

May 1 - Barenaked Ladies 'Silverball' - exclusive Pinside sneak preview!

Back in October last year, when I had the opportunity to visit the Stern Pinball factory and meet the cool ...

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