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June 3 - Ex-Williams Employee 1989 - 1999 IJ POA Inventor

My name is Ron Sommers and I was fortunate enough to be hired by Williams Electronic Games in 1989, just ...

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May 30 - Once a junkie, always a junkie

I moved from suburban Chicago to East Lansing, MI when I was in high school. For a while my older ...

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May 29 - Bally Lost World-Solenoid/Light Issues

Grettings All, Longtime reader firstime poster. During COVID I undertook the process of refreshing my Alien Star and Lost World (1978) machines. ...

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May 25 - Pinball mania has begun in my household

My wife and I were arcade collectors about 15 years ago (still have a couple) and we loved buying and ...

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May 20 - My pinball origin story

I had a 'nice' TZ for 20yrs (I bought for $1200) when you had to buy multiple games in order ...

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May 16 - Late Bloomer

As long as I can remember, I was always fascinated by pinball machines. I wanted to like them, so I'd drop ...

My girls

May 16 - My girls

I currently one 2 vintage Bally pinball machines.... Kiss 1978 an Playboy from 1978

Mid May 2020 Raining, Cloud, and chilling at home.

May 14 - Mid May 2020 Raining, Cloud, and chilling at home.

First off I want to thank all the workers out there supporting everyone needes.  Ok so I have sold one of ...

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May 13 - New to the Wonderful World of Pinball

Hello! My wife and I are new converts to the fantastic game of pinball, and are looking to start our ...

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May 13 - Hello

All you need to know about me is that I’m just a 12 year old that likes pinball

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