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Hunter/Killer 3-D print

January 8 - Hunter/Killer 3-D print

Didn't want to spend $35 on a rather flimsy piece of plastic, so I spent way too much time modeling up a ...

Pinball Therapy

January 3 - Pinball Therapy

Happy New Year! My name is Daniel Mecher, and I’m an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. I recently finished building a ...

An eerie coincidence

January 2 - An eerie coincidence

I went to a local antique shop a few months ago and noticed they had a Taxi pinball machine sitting ...

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December 31 - Losing a Pinball Machine

Have you ever "lost" a pinball machine? I have, and I'll tell you about it as I give you some ...

Jurassic Park Premium Mods (Speakers & Armor Kit)

December 30 - Jurassic Park Premium Mods (Speakers & Armor Kit)

Just replaced the speakers of my Jurassic Park Premium with new Kenwood speakers just like the LE version. I added ...

From Danger to Dazzle

December 29 - From Danger to Dazzle

so i gave up going 180 mph to playing with these hi tech machines you all seem to love as ...

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December 24 - Feb 15, 2006. The day my life changed

On Feb 15, 2006 I had just received my first big year end bonus from the company I worked for ...

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December 23 - Pinside Praise

So after many years of contemplation I recently went out and bought my first machine (Metallica Pro).  In searching for ...

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December 23 - What I Learned from doing a pinball machine rental

What I Learned from doing a pinball machine rental I typically own one machine at a time and might trade it ...

Raven plastic ramp

December 18 - Raven plastic ramp

Hello everyone!! I’m super new to the pinball world! Was wondering if anyone can help me find the clear plastic ...

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