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July 25 - Good friends

I am an avid fisherman and met a new fishing friend by accident. Long story short, we became friends, and he ...

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July 24 - A moment of Clarity

I read other stories about Pinsiders childhood memories of pinballs at the bowling alley or the arcade, however that isn't ...

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July 24 - Pool, Pinball, and Pirates

My love of pinball began at an early age. When I was between the ages of four and seven years old, my family ...

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July 24 - A late bloomer

Hi. My name is Jason. I am addicted to pinball. Everything from the gameplay to the collecting. It pretty much ...

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July 22 - My story

Born in the mid fifties in Australia and have been lucky enough to grow up in what I believe were ...

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July 22 - Finally Ordered a Machine!

Hi Everyone! I'm 31 and finally ordered a machine.  I grew up loving the arcarde, but mostly staying away from pins ...

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July 21 - Pinball addict

Been addicted to EM machines since I was a kid. There were woodrails at the local bowling alley and they ...

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July 20 - DCPs cross-country pinball journey

Hi, My name is Denny (DCP)...most of you who know me are in Colorado and have  spent time at Lyons Classic ...

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July 19 - A french story for a pin pasionnate

Hi Guys, I have discovered pinballs in "café" at least 40 years back... I'm a passionate... from the EM period... But ...

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July 19 - hello pinheads

i have been playing pinball forever. my parents owned a little gorvcery store and we had a ton of machines ...

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