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July 2 - airboy

I started playing pinball as a kid in the 1960s.  Played pretty heavily until graduate school.  Never really enjoyed the ...

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July 1 - Going back in time

Hi everybody. I am quite new to pinball. Recently I bought a 1987 F-14 Tomcat and I am having it ...

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July 1 - Old Chicago

I just scored my first pin!  Got a 1976 Old Chicago for $500.  It had been sitting in a basement ...

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June 30 - The Journey toward addiction

This is a short story but pretty much how I am going into this hobby.  I first started collecting arcade ...

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June 30 - N00b

So I'm a dude in Louisville who has one pinball machine, and is considering becoming a full-blown fanatic. We'll see ...

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June 28 - EM pinball nerd.

I buy, repair, sell, trade vintage EM arcade and pinball machines. Owner and lead tech for ET Entertainment LLC. I ...

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June 27 - An Amateur's Personal Pinball Experience

They always say you remember your first - but, sadly, I don't. I started playing pinball in my early teens, which ...

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June 26 - We love Pinball!

We purchased our first pinball machine in 2011. A Transformers LE Combo. Since then we have added ACDC Luci, The ...

The Beast!

June 25 - The Beast!

Well me and my friend decided we would see what all this pinball fuss was about, being on the east ...

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