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May 27 - Pinball Lifer

A PInside newbie but bought my 1st EM over 4 decades ago. Enjoyed 8 - 10 EM's before buying my ...

Our Introduction to Pinball

May 26 - Our Introduction to Pinball

Prior to the pandemic we had recently completed construction of a 2800 square foot building to be used as a ...

From Sluggin Champ to Pinball’s Greatest Hits 1931 - 1979

May 23 - From Sluggin Champ to Pinball’s Greatest Hits 1931 - 1979

I grew up in Johannesburg South Africa and we were blessed with the best of the Gottlieb woodrails. What we ...

Hello old friend

May 21 - Hello old friend

Seven siblings and I had a Fireball  home version in our game room 1976.  Sold with a bankruptcy and divorce.  ...

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May 20 - Bally Star Trek

 Hi again, I have been working on my Bally Star Trek. Lots of info in so far so thanks eveyone. Here ...

Why Pinball?

May 20 - Why Pinball?

Why Pinball. Why am I so mezmerized by pinball machines? It started at a very young age in St. Louis ...

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May 18 - Buck Rogers

I was a young little guy and my dad came home with this pin ball and was in heaven. I ...

My lifetime of pinball.

May 15 - My lifetime of pinball.

My lifetime pinball started back in 1988 when I was around 5 years old. I visited my grandpa and he had just ...

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May 7 - pinball: first contact (1971)

Every summer our family drove from New Jersey to Rangeley, Maine, where we spent two weeks together at the lake. ...

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May 7 - Anything pinball

I'm here to learn and get as much help from others in the pinball hobby and community..

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