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World Cup Soccer...Gooooaaaaal

February 24 - World Cup Soccer...Gooooaaaaal

Awesome Game!  Lots of action, plenty of challenges. I love the goalie shot, magna-ball save and fast ramps.  If you haven't played this ...

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February 24 - How I go into pinball

My wife wanted a card table for our game room. We ended up in a place that had tons of ...

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February 24 - Bittersweets!

Growing up outside chicago my dad use to take to to an arcade his buddy owned in Bolingbrook called Bittersweets ...

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February 23 - Where it all began...

So, not too much to say other than I grew up in a house where by the age of 2 ...

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February 23 - New to Pinball

Into arcade games like many guys were growing up, but I never got into pinball until recently.  A buddy plays ...

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February 23 - From Canada to Finland

I own my first pinball machine since 2013 and currently looking for new opportunities. I have the Star Wars pinball from ...

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February 21 - Proud Sunshine owner

I picked up my Sunshine in Phoenix and had it shipped to Ohio where I live.  Worked great but started ...

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February 21 - Planetjed

I live in Abu Dhabi and own (as I understand it) the only Star Wars pinball machine in the UAE!        ...

My Vast Infiniden

February 20 - My Vast Infiniden

Proud owner of Bally's Flash Gordon and Embryon pins along with a Williams Time Warp. ...

One year in!

February 20 - One year in!

It's officially been one year. I read that this was an addiction and now I know this to be true. ...

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