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August 18 - BOBCADE

I am a human engineering class at level 41.  My arcade is named the BOBCADE and I stream on Twitch from ...

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August 16 - Live in Minnesota my hobbies are fishing and woodworking

Pinball is a new hobby I can't explaine why but plnball has put the hooked to me and I like it. ...

I'm a Horse-a-holic!

August 15 - I'm a Horse-a-holic!

Hi Everybody! I'm a Horse-a-holic who is married to a Pinball Guy.  So I now go to & participate (badly) in ...

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August 15 - My Story, Plain and Simple

I don't think there's an age limit on Pinside, is there? Anyway, I'm only 16 but love Pinball like the ...

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August 14 - Enjoy Playing Pinball

I have always enjoyed playing pinball. My father played pinball. A few weeks ago I went to York maine. I ...

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August 13 - Play & Repair

Love to play. Currently have a couple machines I got for the guys at work. Keeps us together for a ...

A Touch of Light in the Dark

August 13 - A Touch of Light in the Dark

I've been a gamer all my life. Some of my fondest memories growing up was getting my first nintendo and then ...

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August 11 - Born just a little too late!

I became a teenager in the early eighties, right past the height of the pinball phenomenon and at the rise ...

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August 11 - Shipping Solutions for all gamers, and pin sellers or distributors

Crossroads Global Solutions are members of the AAMA and AMOA, and offer very competitive shipping solutions. You call, We Haul ...

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August 9 - EM Novice

Won a Williams Argosy in the 80's.  Moved it serveral time over the years and it stopped working.   I finally had ...

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