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Understanding the Production Differences of Pinball Games

October 24 - Understanding the Production Differences of Pinball Games

The following provides detailed information of understanding the differences when a game is produced. Production category effects the ultimate value ...

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October 23 - Pinball Head From Down Under

I loved pinball from a young age, standing on a milk create to reach the flippers. Fast forward 25 years and ...

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October 23 - Life's a little bit better with pinball

I grew up playing on my grandparent's Bally's:  Night Rider whenever I could.  I loved the lights flashing and the loud buzzer going ...

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October 21 - arcade gamer

I'm a arcade hobbiest, play them a lot in the 80's and now I'm buying and collecting as much as ...

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October 20 - 1930's games

I am currently restoring rockola pintables a jigsaw and a world series. I came across a simulation of bally bingos ...

Hello from Perth, Western Australia

October 19 - Hello from Perth, Western Australia

Hello All, I'm a new member and Pinball enthusiast, Currently restoring a Bally Strange Science from 1986. I'm passionate about restoring and ...

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October 19 - My story


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October 19 - Flippertigibbet

I love games of all kinds. From a young age I loved board games and video games, I had a ...

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October 17 - New to Pinball

I've been involved in the video arcade scene for quite a few years, but recently decided to take the plunge ...

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October 17 - How I got here

Unwittingly sucked into the world of pinball. Helping Markinc with Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) ...

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