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January 12 - First Story

I am lucky to have been a child of the early eighties. Video games and arcades everywhere. Pac-Man was as ...

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January 5 - First Pinball Love

Can you remember your first love?  I do, and her name was Earthshaker.  I was in my first year of college back in 1989 ...

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January 4 - Once upon a time in 1992...

I remember playing Slugfest, Whirlwind, and Addams Family at the bowling alley 2 blocks from my house. I used to ...

Solar Ride Repair - Untying a Gordian Knot

January 1 - Solar Ride Repair - Untying a Gordian Knot

Warning, the following post is rated PG-13.  Reader discretion is advised. I want to preface this story with mentioning briefly the ...

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December 31 - Brice's Chicago Pinball Journal - Vol. 3

The last of my journal entries from my first year of pinball around Chicagoland:  August 25 Chicago Wizard World Comic Con I can’t ...

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December 30 - Player Skill Levels - Where Are YOU?!?

This is an amazing classification of pinball skills, and a good guide for those who wish to enhance their playing ability. By: ...

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December 29 - 1967 Chicago Coin Bullseye Baseball... Looking for pics of adjustment label settings!

So, I've been restoring a 67 Chicago Coin Bullseye Baseball Pin and couldn't be more pleased with the results! I managed ...

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December 28 - How I got the Pinball bug.

I grew up in arcades playing SF2, MK, and KI and never looked twice at pinball. In fact there were ...

Pinball fanatic

December 25 - Pinball fanatic

I have owned pinballs since 1973 Mainly interested in EM

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December 24 - Spirit Pinball for 2019!

Hello everyone in pinball winter wonderland! In celebration of the holidays/new year I proudly present a Holiday Special Info-mercial to help ...

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