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May 9 - Profile/background story

I've been playing pinball since I was a kid, back in the late 70s.  I live in a very small ...

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May 8 - First pinball machine

My dad bought me a pinball machine when I was a teenager.  It was Circus, made by Bally ('73).

Custom Star Trek shooter ro

May 7 - Custom Star Trek shooter ro

I made this shooter rod. The ball is acrylic, the OD is 40mm/1.6". You have to drill very slow and use ...

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May 7 - First Pinball Machine In China

Pinball game is a coin operated arcade game. Players earn points by shooting metal balls on an inclined playground, hitting ...

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May 6 - Pinball Life

Lifelong pinhead, playing last 10 years at Flat Top Johnnys until they closed August 14 2020. Working on rebuilding the experience... come ...

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May 1 - Joined hobby in 2021

Bought a Wizard of Oz to start my pinball hobby in late 2021, I still think it is the most ...

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April 29 - Greenhorn

Was riding my bike one evening near my house and I look into my neighbors garage and all I see ...

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April 28 - Another Brick in the Wall

Hey All! Been into Pinball and Arcade for about 40 years now and still loving the hobby!  Buy, restore, keep, and ...

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April 21 - Me

My dad used to run a route in the 90's and got out of the business.  I still have a ...

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April 21 - The story of Caysen Oliver

Pinside member   Santa Barbara, CA 1y41,40024651315 It all started before I was born 25-30 years ago when my grandpa bought a gold wings ...

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