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April 17 - Slippery Slope

It started with "what is this Arduino thing?"   That turned into wires, breadboarding and circuits... then soldering... then ICs... then projects. ...

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April 17 - Special when Lit

I fell in love with the idea of pinball in my preteen days, not fully understanding the overall picture and ...

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April 17 - Home Gym Equipment

One of the main reported pros with the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1 is that since you are seated ...

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April 16 - Long-time pinballer.

My dad worked for a pinball & vending machine company in the '60s. When I was about 10 y.o.a. he ...

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April 16 - Went for the Donkey Kong, stayed for the Medieval Madness!

When I flew to Denver, CO to see Kong Off 2 and play some vintage arcade games, I knew I'd ...

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April 15 - Cody's Pinball Adventure

I was born in Mobile, AL (near the Gulf of Mexico) in 1966.  That put me in the age of ...

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April 13 - You have just crossed over into... the Twilight Zone

"Time is a one way street except... in the Twilight Zone."   Wow. I cannot say how excited I am. I am ...

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April 10 - If It Was A Machine You Would Find In A Typical Bowling Alley In The 60's/70's =)

Will make this brief....   I'm planning on retiring in less than 10 years and, hope to relocate to Colorado!  But, where ...

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April 9 - HomeLeisureDirect Pinball is the UK's largest games room specialists and we have a huge love for Pinball! Our collection is growing ...

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April 9 - Me and whatnot

So not a great deal to write here, recently got a stargate machine.   My dad had a Phantom of the opera ...

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