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August 24 - Newbie

New to the forum and looking for my first machine!!! Just moved into a place big enough to have one.  ...

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August 24 - Hastings 1966

In the summer of 1966 I visited my grandmother in Hastings, Sussex for a couple of weeks. And I discovered ...

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August 23 - Solder and Sand paper

I really like restoring old coin venders. Taking the leap to the big leagues with pinball machines. I love to ...

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August 22 - Who is this?

I first discovered pinball around 2006 and didn't think much of the game up until early 2015, when I came ...

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August 21 - Wait, I can own one of those?

I played a ton of pinball in college in the early 90s - we had an arcade in the student ...

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August 21 - Gottlieb Genie Pinball

My brother and I received this same machine when we were about 10&8 yrs. I tracked one down locally that ...

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August 20 - Pinball games are Great!

Here in my country (Costa Rica) is really difficult to find pinball machines, some years ago we had some places ...

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August 20 - Pins

Pinball was my go to back in the day, Comet was my favourite pin, would probably pay big money for ...

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August 19 - Thanks dad.

Some dads teach their kids how to play baseball, others teach them how to play pinball. Thanks dad.  ...

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August 19 - It started with Skylab

My earliest recollection of my indoctrination into pinball, came in 1976, when I was 11.  We had just moved to ...

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