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November 28 - Grew up and became addicted.

I had a pinball heart at start. All along the whole period of time. Adictted. From when I was born ...

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November 27 - Newbie

I started working at Level One Bar + Arcade as a bartender and have fallen in love with the pinball ...

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November 25 - My addiction.

I began my pinball journey very young. Some of my earliest memories are at a local pizza and salad bar ...

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November 25 - Aussie Tragic

Rural aussie. Been playing pinnies since 1980. Owned a Hankin FJ in my early 20's - bought at a sale ...

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November 25 - Me, Myself and I

Well, its been a long and windy road... but between computers, CNC machines, pinball, 3D printers, Airplanes I stay pretty ...

Shuffle alley newbie

November 22 - Shuffle alley newbie

I used to play a shuffle alley game on vacation every summer as a kid. I recently purchased a 1955 ...

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November 22 - Professional Author, Rookie Pinballer

All my life I wanted to write a novel. All my life I wanted my own pinball machine. My debut psychological thriller, ...

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November 21 - Went to the Arcade Expo in Banning and came home with a $100 SuperStar

Bought my first machine 1/15/2015 a SuperStar in Banning CA 2nd Machine was 5/1/2016 a Road Race in Valley center CA 3rd ...

Free Play Florida 2016

November 21 - Free Play Florida 2016

I had such a fantastic time at Free Play Florida 2016. Tons of new and old pins, and we even ...

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November 20 - How It All Began

Hey! I'm in my mid 20's living in central Florida and figured I'd add myself to this community. I can't ...

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