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March 13 - The Crop Duster

Thank you Pinside for accepting a newby to pinball ownership! I have always been a fan of pinball but ...

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March 10 - Hook, line and sinker!

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Mostly The Joe Rogan Exp,  Ari Shaffirs Skeptic Tanks and Stuff you should ...

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March 10 - a long time ago a bar far away

  Ive been playing pinball since I was in single digits...gaming has always been in my life. I always gravitated ...

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March 9 - From draining pocket money to owning a machine (or a few)

I have always been a geek. My father got us our first computer which happened to be an Atari ST ...

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March 9 - Pinball is a blast and a great hobby!

Back in the 90's I played a lot of pinball at the local bowling alley.  Funhouse and Rudy was my ...

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March 8 - Pinball player and lover all my life

G'day all, Adam Barrow here from Wagga Wagga in NSW, Australia. I have been a member of Aussie Arcade for 6 years ...

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March 8 - Made the Jump......

and joined Pinside! Hello Pinsiders!  I grew up in a big city...played pinball and some other coin-op games at various ...

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March 6 - pinwhiz

Started working on pinball machines around 1973 at an arcade. After several years, went to work for a distributor, changed ...

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March 5 - Newb

Just starting out. ...

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March 4 - I'm just an average guy, I guess.

Pinball has been an on and off force in my life, but has recently reached a new peak.  My wife ...

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