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2 years ago
This machine is great. Lasted longer than most of my games. Many complaints unwarranted. Scoops that go down the middle are easily fixed by adjusting coil power setting. Flipper gap is fine and doesn't prevent me from having long ball times. Outlanes are difficult but not a deal breaker. This game is tough in a great way. Right ramp is unique, tight, and satisfying, same with left orbit. Art, call outs, music, and lighting are some of the best in pinball. So confused by some of the strange reviews on here.
2 years ago
This machine is the real deal. It just gets everything right and it all comes together perfectly. Rules are terrific but easily followed and understood. Metal ramps and habitrails feel and sound great. Art is second to none, sound is amazing, and dots are up there with the best. Modders paradise. Easily Stern's best Pro Model if not best title ego date (TWD Premium/LE and LOTR are up there too).
2 years ago
This machine is special. A shooter's game for sure and super deep so lastibility is high. This machine just feels solid and luxurious. The best way to describe it is imagining a contemporary B/W, that kind of feel. Ramps are great, drops are one of a kind, monitor is what pinball should be in 2016, playfield is great quality, on and on and on...
2 years ago
This machine doesn't take itself too seriously. Shots are fine, but design and rules are lacking. But who cares, you get to shoot a pinball down a toilet and a talking turd pops out! You get to kill Kenny and he falls dead on the playfield too. Non-pinball people love this pin.
2 years ago
There's just something about this machine. It's mysterious, it's creepy, it's tough as nails, shots feel great, theme is odd in a good way, etc. Not too deep but plenty to do and lastibility. One of my favorite things about BSD are the call outs, sounds and music. One of those games that will stick with you.
2 years ago
This game is perfect for having fun. Great layout, interesting toys, plenty to shoot for, just a lot of fun. Rules are fine, dots are fine, everything is fine. Just don't expect deep gameplay and strategy, in my experience. Family friendly and always fun to shoot. Side note: it's a pain to shop.
2 years ago
Man, I really wanted to like this machine. Love the music, love the theme, love the light show, did I say that I loved the music? The problem is that the Pro is brutal, so much so that it is little fun. The slings were not adjustable and throw the ball into the number of standup targets which then throw the ball into the outlanes which stay hungry. The bell goes SDTM 50% of the time. No nudging here, fastest game ever, but not in a good way. Rules are setup to score a lot of points, but you don't feel like you're accomplishing anything. Everything is awesome on this game.........except for the actual gameplay.

Edit: little more time on one and fun factor has increased and rules keep me coming back.
2 years ago
This game is great! The best balance of challenge and fun that I've found in pinball (similar to The Shadow). Plenty to shoot for and awesome layout/interesting shots.

- Borg and Lyman combo
- Theme is wonderful
- Difficult to master, but fun as hell to play
- Right ramp is no gimme and very satisfying
- Try finding a better codeset
- Maybe best dots in pinball
- Side art is vibrant and very nice looking
- So many shots and unique layout
- Cleland sound mod is fantastic
- Magnets!!!!!
- Ready for mods

- Skill shot requires no skill
- Bicycle girl ramp layout is great, but ramp that lifts is somewhat clunky (yet to fail me though and I do like bashing toy underneath)
- Some people have problems with SDTM off magnet or out of pops (mine is fine)
2 years ago
Judge Dredd is a cool machine. Animations are great, albeit graphic at times. I love the artwork and colors, but lighting is not great until you start adding LEDs, strips and spotlights. Plenty of modes, but wizard mode is weak. The layout in this game is terrific, plenty of angles and stuff to shoot for. Ball lock is second best in pinball, only to The Shadow, but Deadworld mod be finicky. Topper is cool looking and Super Game gives it even more lastibility. For me, ultimately it didn't give a difficult challenge and ongoing repair/maintenance made me sell it.
2 years ago
The Shadow has it all. It's fun, but not afraid to punish you. It's challenging, but makes you come back one more time. Many ways to play and when properly LEDed, one of the most beautiful, if not the most, pins out there. The best ball lock in pinball by far and battlefield is unique and always fun. People complain about the theme, but honestly the theme adds to the mystery. I'm usually a new pin fan but this thing is great. Layout and design is among the best ever created!
2 years ago
Candidate for best in show, due to it's ability to get so many things right. It's difficult to think of another machine that has better flow, is fast, plenty of things to shoot at, and a hell of a lot of fun. It's so well balanced and offers so much without any glaring mistakes. Credit to Steve Ritchie for designing a perfect layout for nonstop flow and satisfying combos (full orbits with spinner, multiple ramps, third flipper and third ramp, and an interactive ship to bash reminiscent of AFM. Also difficult to find a better light show in pinball. This thing shines! The only thing I don't care for is the silly fluorescent light that Stern puts in their backboxes, but easily modded to LEDs.

Edit: modes became a little repetitive over time, but still awesome game.
3 years ago
This game is a blast. One of my favorite Sterns. One of the best use of magnets in pinball. Licensing that doesn't feel forced, but integrated well and fitting to the theme. Deep ruleset, but not intimidating. I want one...

Edit: more plays led to some boredom just not enough to do. It's a good change of pace game
3 years ago
I was wrong, this is a fun game if your goal is to stack all 5 Modes before starting the collection of multiballs for ultimate jackpots and a chance to be named King of Monsters.
3 years ago
Don't listen to the critics. This pin is the future and is a piece of art. Super fun and a lot to master. I can't get enough of the super-wide frame and hope more new pins go to this format. My only complaint, and it's a big one, is that stupid left lane drain that is a monster (same reason I'm not a fan of STTNG). Hope to have a WOZ one day...better start counting my pennies.
3 years ago
It's the King for a reason. This machine welcomes all players, from novice to pros. The flow is unreal and there are so many things, things to hit, and points to score. More fun than the newest of pins.
3 years ago
I have a hard time finding flaws in this machine. Solid in every way and very satisfying to play. My favorite pin so far (noob) and can't wait to play it again...and again....and again.

Edit: the more I play it does get a little repetitive but it's still awesome. No complaints
3 years ago
This machine is very underrated. The features and gameplay make it a must own, such as pinball-eating T-Rex, raptor kickback, cracking the egg, 6-ball CHAOS multiball, memorable music, shooting dinosaurs, well-placed third flipper, shaker motor, and challenging shots. One of the best pins to mod as well. The theme will uphold the test of time and this baby will age with beauty. Get one while you can.