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4 years ago
I've never walked away from a game of pinball in my life...even when location games have had maintenance issues. I walked away from this game after two balls. It is butt. Pure butt. An hour later I felt bad and tried again, but just couldn't do it. I let ball one drain and continued living my life. I have no regrets.

I do think it is important to always find at least one nice thing to say about everything. So...

Sure, the gimmick (I'm throwing you 3 Pinside ball rating thingies on this rating scale for Toys and Gimmicks) of a giant pinball machine is a curiosity. Yes, I can brag to everyone about how I've played this game and how special this should make me. And the backglass is better than at least 50 others in the annals of pinball history - especially if you are tired of looking at all the scantily clad women that grace just about every other machine in history.
4 years ago
A great bucket-list game to play if you can find it in the wild.

The joysticks are actually fairly responsive and make for an unique interface with the game. Unlike what others have said, you can easily accomplish lane changes without taking your hand off of the joystick - you just need to tap the buttons with your thumbs. Did Demolition Man steal its control configuration from Varkon? Probably not...but, still!

A bright display helps with the enjoyment of this game - when it is dim, the game feels less intense.

Ranking this among other pinball machines isn't fair any more than ranking a video game pinball would be appropriate, and yet here I am. I think it is fun to play. Will I ever own one? Nope! However, if anybody wants to store theirs at my house, I'll keep it safe and show it some love.
5 years ago
EM's with backglass animation rock! EM's with TWO backglass animations rock even more!!