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7 years ago
Game is so refreshing.. after playing new games, this is such a fun pin, its simple, but it is just right, best sounding 80's game hands down.. tons of "one more game" factor, and it is so different from what most are used to playing, find one of these and put 10 games on it stat.. what a value..
8 years ago
what can you say, its one of the very best, well thought out games of all time!
9 years ago
So damn fun, I cant begin to say how Stern got this right, but it kicks ass. Code upgrades appear to have this headed for the top 10, not many more games I would prefer to play, theme is perfect...
9 years ago
Its fun but feels cheap compared to Sterns of it era, I play it on location, but Im not dying to play it...theme is a bust for me, hard to fall in love with it.
9 years ago
So bad imho, I cant stand it, played 10 games on my dime, and I couldnt find a good quatlity about it I like, its like sex or pizza, even bad pinball is still pinball.... I wont ever own one..
9 years ago
I like to play it, just dont love it, the upper portion of the playfield is cool but gets old for me, but not somthing Id pay an asking price to bring home, Ill pump quarters to it on location tho... Im probably in the minority here...
9 years ago
So well designed, so fun to play, great sound, great artwork. The cabinet art suffers a bit. The game is not super deep, Id rather hit this game up again and again when you put it next to some newer stuff that trys to hard. A true pinball game with a really unique theme... I am actively pursing one...
9 years ago
One of Williams best games as far as lastability and variation of shots within a game, really neat and so much fun, I tend to love sys 11 stuff and this is one of the most consistant games, not a mindblower but still fun after having one for years.
9 years ago
Awesome PL design, great sound, great shots. Quality built, innovative, and TONS of replay value here, for its day an instant classic. Wish you could make more shots with the right flipper sometimes, but a small issue. Its sunny-drive time!!!!
9 years ago
Blast to play, ahead of its time, bang for your buck is great on this pin, i knock the poor lighting in the mirrored backbox, not bright enough to really make this thing pop. Timing shot is really innovative.. I have owned one and I may own another...
9 years ago
Gottliebs of this era are vastly underrated but this game was average to me vs others of the s3 era like SF2, Freddy, H20W or even wipe out, I like the concepts and center ramp, not sure I would own one.
9 years ago
Fun game, dont see many, but lots of replay value.
9 years ago
Played several games, theme not for me but feels like an average stern and play can be exciting if you can get some of the multipliers. I like it, dont love it.
9 years ago
Pretty fun, particle board cab that feels cheap and freakishly heavy, love the turret bumpers and the bombs, not a top 100 but pretty fun for cheap..
9 years ago
An insanely fun game, very underrated, after I played about 5-6 games on it, I went out and found one, and it gets played a lot. Great flow, great captive ball feature with the traps and the million shot is so much fun, one of pinballs little known gems and the price tag makes it a perfect addition to any collection. I dont think I can ever get rid of mine now.
10 years ago
An amazing DMD that gets little praise for its flow. Those who say its clunky and cluttered probably have not taken time to learn the ruleset, its deep with lots of rewarding shots and speed. Sound I guess could be better but its no fish tales, this has to be the best bang for your buck pin out there, agree with others, if it said williams on it somewhere, you would be paying triple..get one..