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6 years ago
Pros: Unique-ish layout. Great tie in with the engine. Great combo shots
Cons: Artwork not all that hot.

Extra: Makes Stern's Mustang look like a 1960s EM.
6 years ago
Pro: Interesting layout. It's GnR!
Cons: Super Duper strong flippers required to hit ramps. Backhand Multiball until the cows come home. Have to ignore multiple ball to enjoy rest of the layou . Typical DE sounds and dots.
6 years ago
Pros: Pretty Game, combos can be fun
Cons: 3 level of modes is stupid. Layout is the child of ACDC and Spiderman and shots are pretty easy to hit. Makes for crazy long games. Not complete.
6 years ago
Good first attempt by JJP.

Basically what hurts the game: Flashing inserts (if working at all), repetitive music and features/rules that are so complex 99% of the pinball public won't see them. Rescue gets boring quick if you don't complete everything in one or two tries. Complete rainbow to enjoy the spinning house is tedious since 2 targets cannot be hit by a flipper.
7 years ago
Game can get really repetitive after a while. Playfield could use re-work as the Joker coffee can and batmobile teeter ramp waste space and money.
7 years ago
Avengers is a game that needed to bake longer in the oven. The playfield needs tweaks as the shots are just too tight even for experienced players. The game requires too many "tweaks" out of the box to work. The center ramp is known to have ball hangup issues and many shots reject., not to mention it blocks the view of the main toy! The hulk scoop is a nice attempt, but it doesn't work in theory and forces the targets and the lights in front to be off. The game blocks the ball from the players view more than most games. cross over ramp blocks views!

The rules are really lopsided at the moment where to put up good scores, you just shoot the left orbit as many times as you can.

Pretty game, just not executed well.
8 years ago
XMEN is a decent/good layout that is affected by a sub-par rule set. Going for a great score usually means timing out villain and hero modes.
8 years ago
Awesome risk/reward game. So many strategies and ways to play.

Receives a few knocks because it has a great complex ruleset, but doesn't do a good job communicating that to the playfield. (ie, no inserts tell you much of anything) Likewise, the reasons to chose one song or another are not explained to new players.
8 years ago
Great game, just a little too easy out of the box with default settings. Remove all posts, set on hard settings to give yourself a better challenge.
8 years ago
This is based on LE's with incomplete code, so rating will change in the future. Current "plan" to force Magneto multiball prior to playing ANYTHING else is a problem and a large portion of the playing population won't ever play a mode. The sounds are great, except they seem to be coming mostly from the subwoofer and not the top speakers. Balls getting stuck on Wolverine is a disappointing QA/QC issue that should have been caught.

Xmen can be a great game, just needs a better rules/scoring package than what Stern currently offers.