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8 months ago
Just a Blast to Play!! Can’t stop hitting Start!
2 years ago
A really fun pin for all pinheads & beginners alike. Reminds me of a mix of: Metallica/Iron Man/Star Trek, which is a great thing! Go play one with the new code installed!
3 years ago
Pure pinball Heaven shooting around this deck!
A masterful design that has been executed to perfection!
An absolute flow monster, with just the right amount of stop & go.
Who knew collecting SIM cards to upgrade your phone would be this much fun!? Not me.
The modes are a blast, with a real sense of urgency to complete them, to have a shot at collecting your SIM card.
Honestly, the most fun I've ever had playing pinball, hands down. Thank You JJP & PLD! I hope we see this marriage continue to grow & produce more great pinball offspring.
3 years ago
What a fun pin! Love the layout & the rules on this deck! I just picked this pin up so I'm learning the rule set with each push of the start button. I'll update this rating once I've put more time on this pin, but what a fun layout!
3 years ago
Waaay underrated pin! Great shots, great rules, killer multiballs!!
4 years ago
A very different playing pin. It has an open layout similar to AFM, except TH has pop monsters(like MM) that you shoot. There are drop targets all over the playfield that the rules incorporate very well that you must shoot for. Sniping the drop targets while following your visual & audio call outs, never gets old! Several different skill shots that actually require skill to complete. Several different multi-balls including Smaug multi-ball that are all a lot of fun to play.
The audio & video on this pin are second to none! This pin is as visual & audio stimulating as a pin can be! Just a tremendous job by David T, Keith J, & crew!
When you are playing well, The Hobbit feels like a constant multi-ball. It can get very intense when you have a mode running, Smaug multi-ball going, & Beast frenzy all going at the same time! Super Happy Fun Time!!!
I've seen several comments on The Hobbit being "floaty" & "slow". Well, they didn't have their pins set up right! It's anything but a slow game! It's a fast paced, mode based, multi-ball Madness! Go try one out!
4 years ago
I was surprised at how much fun this pin is! The theme is not going to happen for my young family, none the less, it's still a fun shooting pin! A unique layout on this deck & some interesting rules. I really like how the add-a-ball is done. Spooky is getting this pinball manufacturing down! They know how to build fun! ;)
4 years ago
Such a fun pin! Collect the Monster's(Band) & rock it out!
This theme is perfect for the entire family. This pin isn't perfect, but it's close!
4 years ago
Fun pin, but it gets repetitive pretty fast. In a bigger collection, it's a hit!
5 years ago
I've owned this pin for one week to the day, so the honeymoon is still on & I will update my rating/review with time.
Initial reaction:

I've never played a pin like it! It is cutting edge everywhere! The cab, the lighting, the playfield LCD, the 27" LCD in the back box, heck even the back box it's self! This pin is dripping with Innovation & more importantly Quality, it's "solid". It's really hard to believe that this is the 1st pin from a new company, "Heighway Pinball".

The playfield design is so different from anything I have Ever played that it took about 8 games to start stringing together shots. It's equal parts fun, fast, flowing, & brutally difficult. If your making shots, it's a blast to play. If you are bricking shots, it's a very frustrating experience.

Game Design:

The playfield layout is pure genius! It's fast & it's a flow monster! No Bash Toys on this deck, none needed! The inner right orbit is one of the most unique shots & rewarding shots I've played in pinball. Combine that with the super bike sound FX that's it's screaming past you, & it's pinball satisfaction at it's best. The bike wheels that are in the playfield spinning at times, are small & look ineffective but they are covered with some super tacky rubber that flings the ball all over, it's a super cool & effective gimmick. The crisscross ramp is neat looking, it's smooth, & it is fun to shoot.
The rules are simple & easy to learn. Please don't confuse that with "shallow"! The rules are very clever & deep! The stacking of the modes/races is very rewarding, yet hard to do. You can stack up to 5 modes which equals 6 balls in play! Multipliers are earned through the pop bumpers(hits build RPMs, redline shifts to next gear/multiplier) & the super skill shot. You can try to build your multiplier to 6x(6th gear) & you activate it when you want by pushing the Launch button. If you "drain" before you use it, you loose it. :(


The playfield is All hand drawn & it fits the theme perfectly. Is it Metallic? No. But looks great, & I'm so glad it isn't a "Photoshop" job. The cab is beautiful! The back lit panels on the side is stunning in person, it gets tons of comments. The backglass is all 27" LCD TV, & what's not to love about that?!

Sounds & Music:

The music on this pin kicks A@#! It's a Super Bike racing themed pin, but it has a Rock & Roll sound track from the band "Redline". I've never heard of them before, but they are rock'n out the Game Room Daily! They are a killer band!
The sound system on this pin is crazy good! I had our pinball league over the other day, & they were looking under the playfield, they couldn't believe that was the stock components. They thought I add a sub woofer & an amp, nope it comes with one of each! The sound FX of the bikes are very good. I do think they need to add more sounds & variations. The Dirt Bike sounds are Horrible. I use to race motocross so I'm a little picky of the sound FX of motocross bikes. ;)


The G.I. & the Inserts are All the same "Supernova" RGB LED system, not just the inserts, like the "other" guys.

I couldn't be happier with pin! This is just a great pin with tons of innovation everywhere! It's not perfect, but it's damn close! I can't wait to see this company grow. It's a good day for pinball fans everywhere!

Update: 4 months later & I'm still loving this deck! Simple rules to learn, but great strategy involved to maximize your scoring. It reminds me a Lot of AFM! This pin is just a blast to play!

Edit: This company is having Serious financial issues, proceed with extreme caution.
5 years ago
I thought this was just an average pin the 1st few times I played this layout. It felt like a bash the toy-a-thon. Then i learned the rules from a fellow pinhead, & started progressing modes in the game. "Ok, this pin is starting to come to life!"
In short. This pin has a ton of shots, a ton of modes, & is a ton of FUN to play & shoot!
The Playfield art is amazing, the lighting is amazing, the music, the sounds, the call outs, & the rules are all Amazing!
5 years ago
It's a boutique pin for sure, plan on constantly tweaking/fixing this pin. This pin gets repetitive fast, & the call outs drive you mad. Jump ramp is cool shot, when it works properly. Overall it's an average pin, but it is fun to shoot.
5 years ago
Super Fast pin! Short Ball times! Makes Iron Man look like LOTR ball times. If you have the mental toughness, this pin is going to make you a better player. You have to be a sniper, & have crazy flipper skillz.
When the ball exits the ramps, its going a 100mph, plus the ramp exits feel closer to the flippers than normal. Your timing to make quality shots is a fraction shorter than your used to.

The modes are All fun. The sounds & dots are of excellent quality! Love the call outs when your making ramp & orbit shots, it feels like your racing to the front of the pack trying to get the checkered flag!

So glad I read the reviews on here & watched videos of this pin. I bought one sight unseen having never played 1 before! I made the right decision!

Go find an Indy 500 & play it, you be the judge.
5 years ago
This pin was a lot more fun to play than I had expected. The poor ratings & bad press are unjustified! This pin is waaayyy underrated. It is a blast to play! I'm on the hunt to purchase a LE/Premium.

Update 10/12/2015: I was able to find a huo Boss Premium edition. I've put probably 25 games on this pin since I've gotten it, so the honeymoon is still on, but here are my initial thoughts.

This is an obvious racing themed pin, but what I didn't realize is that it is also a music pin! It has a great selection of songs that you can choose from (think ACDC, Metallica). If you don't like the songs it came with, you can change them through pinbrowser. Can you say, Motley Crue "Kickstart my heart"!

Race modes: Each individual racing mode is well done with great call outs, sound FX, shots, & music. Every mode feels unique & different. When you finish a mode 100%, it starts a secondary mode that cycles "caution sign" pop up targets, it's a really fun & lucrative way to end a completed mode!
There are several different types of multiballs that can be earned, up to a 6 ball multiball! Each multiball has it's own music, sound FX, & call outs.

Left Ramp: Yes it deserves it's own sub title! The left ramp is unlike any other in pinball that I'm familiar with. It's (1) an Orbit (2) Left to right flipper ramp (3) 360' back to your left flipper & (4) 360' back to the left flipper & then it's diverted across the playfield to your right flipper! The satisfaction from shooting the left ramp/orbit is off the charts! Kudos to John Trudeau & team, it's a masterpiece of Fun!

This pin has a ton of shots, great code, killer sound track, & is just a blast to play. It has done something that very few pins have done in my rotating collection over the years, it has my son & wife playing pinball more than ever! Believe me, this is no small feat!
5 years ago
Great theme. It's a fun pin, but it gets old fast in a small collection. The Hole-in-One shot is one of the greatest shots in all of pinball! If you're a golf nut, add it to your collection.
5 years ago
One of the Best Pins Ever! Would love to own 1 some day.
5 years ago
One of my favorite pins! The Flow, Shots, Sounds, Music, & Dots on this pin are A+ I've never played a premium or an LE, but this Pro model from Stern is a Blast! Great "bang" for your $
5 years ago
Kids & people new to pinball seem to gravitate to this pin because of the theme, lighting, & the sounds. It is a very different layout. The diverters that allow the ball to wrap around the apron & back to the flipper that just shot the ball is "Way Cool"! The bowling shot alone will keep a smile on your face, it's a fun shot with great call outs & animation! The rule set is unbalanced & shallow, but who cares! This pin bright! It has great sounds & call outs! It's just simple straight forward flippin fun for the whole family!
6 years ago
I must say I have owned & played a lot of pins & this pin is right at the top. It's a blast shooting zombies! Super cool dots, crazy awesome sound FX & music, & the playfield layout is hard/rewarding/& unlike anything I've ever played before! Love the skill shot & Woodbury shots! Every one of the modes are well done & are a ton of fun to play!
The code is pretty damn good for being this early & I know it's only going to get better. The call outs are really good. But I would really like to see them add some of actors sound clips from the show, that is needed. I would love to see one of the actors do custom 'Call outs'. Imagine Merle talking trash to you while you play, just like the General did in Avatar, it would put it over the top!
All in all I think this pin could be one of the best pins Stern has put out over the last 5 years, it is unbelievable! I just want to keep pushing the 'Start' button!
6 years ago
I have never played anything like this pin ever before! It's truly one of a kind! You like ramps? This game feels like a constant ramp shot! I'm on the hunt for one to add to my collection, it's crazy fun fast pinball!
7 years ago
Loved it! Hated it! Loving it again! Code has come a long way on this pin from it's inception. Keith has basically worked on this pins software continuously, & man is it dialed in. Not my favorite theme in the world, but it's a loaded playfield full of fun shots & a incredible set of rules!
7 years ago
Just bought this pin(Wolverine LE). Wow! What a great pin! One of best pins I have ever played.
Lighting is killer! Sounds are great! Cab art is one of the best I've ever seen!
Game play is a blast! A variety of shots, combos, multiballs, ramps, villain & hero modes! This pin has it all! I had no idea there was this much going on in this pin. If they polish up the code & fix a few small bugs this game could easily end up being a top ten pin IMO.
Everyone needs to play this game with the 1.30 code! It's awesome!
7 years ago
Just pick this up 5/10/13. Played probably 20+ games, & it is a blast! We're a hunting, fishing, outdoor family, so it's like our dream theme LoL. Ramp is great! Ram target fires ball back at you!(War Machine, Iron Man)
Moving Elk target is the sh..!
Rules are a lot deeper than your 1st impression.
All I need now is Fish Tales & I'll have my red neck pinball collection in full swing!
I'll update my review in a few weeks after more game play.

I sold this game & ended up hunting down a nice huo BBH on Pinside.com 9/10/2014.
The reason I bought this game back? It's FUN & I missed it! It's Very different from most pins, with an original layout. One warning though, this pin requires a lot of skill & patience to play it well & to score high. The shots are rewarding & fun to make.
It's a multi-ball lovers pin including: Buck, Elk, Dove, Pheasant, Duck, Turkey, & Boars gone Wild multi-balls! Each one is unique & a blast to start & play through. The "Jack Pot" call outs are some of the best in pinball, including a "Super Duper Jack Pot" that makes me laugh every time I hear it!
One last thing, this game is universally loved by all pinball 'Newbies' & Kids. It's a simple mission for them, shoot the Deer & all the critters with the pinball!
7 years ago
This game (LE) is a blast! It's hard as hell! But it's a blast! I've played over a 200 games since I un boxed it new, & I like it more & more each time I play it! Play field art is bright & colorful. Music is great, & the call outs by Stephen Lang (general) are the best I've heard. The 3D back glass is amazing! Nav'i ball is a great game play feature, adding double scoring. The Theme is great for the entire family.
But don't be fooled by the theme, this game is excellent! You are in a war on the savage planet Pandora against general Quaritch & the Marines!
This pin is way under rated!
8 years ago
TSPP is one of the greatest pinball machines on the planet! The funny thing is, the 1st time I played it, I hated it! I Thought it felt too tight! The pop bumpers felt like they were in the way, & it felt like there was no flow at all! Was I ever wrong! You have to understand the rules(maybe the deepest in all of pinball) to understand where to shoot. Once you understand where to shoot, you understand the layout of the play field & you start stringing shots together & stacking modes. Once you start doing this you understand the Greatness of this pin! Give this pin a chance. Don't play a couple games & then cast your judgement. This is a great pin! It was made for the home environment, the lastability on TSPP is immense! Oh, & one last last thing I've Never watched 'The Simpson's'. It doesn't matter, this title Rocks!
8 years ago
One of the greatest pins ever made. Great shots, incredible code, unbelievable theme/story= years of fun!
8 years ago
Very Fun Game! Replay value is high. Can you say Brain Bug! Great pin for around the $2,000.00 mark!
I added LEDs to this game, & wow does it look awesome! One of the best light shows I've ever seen!
Game has 19 flashers in it!