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11 days ago
It may not have the best flow among top pins, but mb is fun to play. For some reason it's goofy theme, call iouts, and music pull me back in. I like monster themes so I'm biased. If you want a deep game, this isn't it. If you want quality and fun, it's here. Hitting Dracula never gets old.
11 days ago
I don't think it's the best game ever, but it is a blast to play. Would love to own it someday. Fun game, great call outs, love the trolls.
21 days ago
Love it. Awesome 80's game music. Cannons are a great innovation for the time. I love the game because it's different. No bumpers, wierd medevil in space theme, part of game in the translite, great art, etc. It can't hold up to today's games. But in a large collection it's a great piece of 80's pinball.
59 days ago
Great game, somewhat linear with progress and map. Shots are well thought out. Different layout vs traditional pin layouts is welcome.
4 months ago
ok game at best. not one the better sterns in my opinion. fails to live up to the old games. the knight calls outs are not funny or cool. would have been so much better with just retro sounds and voices.
9 months ago
Not the best JJP. Lets face it, it's an old 70's movie that does little for most of us. Not exactly star wars theme here. I willl give a pop and says the sound is incredible, I don't how you can play this without a bright light room or pinstadium lights. it's just too dark on the playfield.

as for the game, the shots are limited in this. Comparing to other JJP, such as Dialed In, I feel like that game or Wizard of Oz are a lot better.
10 months ago
this is a great theme gone bad. long ball times and the worst animation. i'm not a stern or jjp fan boy, but look at this compared to those games. its not acceptable. when i played it a few times, it kept breaking.
1 year ago
Annoying game with repeated speech. Just about all other current games better than this.
1 year ago
Changed my mind from an old rating. The game is simple, but very addicting. I think of it more as an arcade game vs pinball. It fast and fun. This game always seems to pull you back to play more.
1 year ago
Deadpool is a blast to play. Just a fun game. Great layout, different. Flow is awesome. The diverter on the premium / le helps keep the game going.
1 year ago
Not a fan, shots are too difficult
2 years ago
Great game for a now older game. It sure has a lot of tons and extras stuff with the garage and upper playfield. Games today look so bare compared to this.
2 years ago
Great game. Grew on me after a few plays. I think the 4 flippers really makes the game different. Very fast and chaotic.
2 years ago
Took a while to warm up. But such a fun game. Fast, sounds great. Just fun to play
2 years ago
very fun game. one the best sterns. i'm not sure why so many people hate it. Keeps getting better 20th code updates
3 years ago
Great rock game. Just never and better than Kiss, Metallica, ACDC. It is very fast to say the least. Lighting and colors are incredible.
3 years ago
Great looking game. I'm not a ghostbusters movie fan, but the game is very good. This has a lot going on for a pro version. I would say the premium does add quite a bit more. But still, the pro version plays well and has a lot of variation. A much better game than a lot of pinballs released the last few years. Animations are very good.
3 years ago
Over...rated! Bad game. You pull the plunger and the ball constantly drops between the flippers which you can't stop. I played and relaunched the ball 10 times before it stopped this one time. frustrating and poorly designed!

The theme is a good one. But once you go through the canyon walls a few times the game gets old. A dated game to say the least.
3 years ago
I tried to like it...but the theme is weak. Let's face it, the Hobbit is a very weak license of a failed franchise. Not even close to the Lord of the Ring movies. Especially after the 3rd hobbit movie...omg is was bad. I sort of find the larger playfield makes the game slow. The pop ups on the board of goblins or whatever they are cool. But the game just don't pull me in. I know everyone likes the color monitor, but it really does nothing for the game when you can't look at it.

I will say the lighting is good. The yellow lights are cool. I would have to say the 1st JJ Game, WoZ, is much better. And I don't like WoZ movie at all, but the game is very good.

Overall, the game seems deep. Hard to see what is going on the screen above and the playfield, but maybe I need to play it more.
3 years ago
Awesome game. Not sure why so many people bash it (any version of it). You have to play it a while to understand it. I think it offers a lot in game play and depth. There is a lot to do with houses, hand of the king, etc. I do have to say, the premium is a superior game in everyday. the castle, colored lights do a make a difference. Plus, the premium playfield being blue and the back glass look a lot better than the pro and limited versions.

A lot of folks write how much better the pro is. It's not. The premium has more going on and more variation. In any case, it's still a far better game than so many old school games everyone raves about that hold your attention about 5 minutes.
3 years ago
Cool game to play on location. Not sure if it would offer a lot if you owned it. Animations are cool. It plays fast and is a great theme. But you sort of wonder why it didn't have more songs on it. I would say it need a little but more in the game play depth area. I know everyone love Meticalla, but I sort of like this better.

The art and playfield are awesome. I have not seen the premium version.
3 years ago
Cool game. Grows on you.
3 years ago
cheap drain from the bumpers down the right side leading the middle of the flippers, many times no stopping it. good luck with the frustrations of it over and over.
3 years ago
Like both pro and premium versions. But premium wins out for me. I just think the castle adds a lot to the game play. I'm not sure why so many people bash the game. Rules are deep and the game does take a while to understand.