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3 years ago
Perhaps, the most impressive machine I have played.
4 years ago
Really like this machine. Played about 20 games on it and love the layout. Very fun game. Wish it had the spinners like the LE but the left ramp actually fells better on the pro than the LE to me.
4 years ago
I love the ramps on this machine and the multiballs. The artwork is not my favorite but overall a really fun machine.
6 years ago
Played this one recently and found it surprisingly fun. I like the shots and the sounds of the rollercoasters but the voice is annoying. Seems like it would be too easy for home use and the rules were just OK. If I see it somewhere I will play it again.
6 years ago
I really like the theme and the shots are challenging but have a nice feel.
7 years ago
I like the strategy in this game.
8 years ago
I did not to expect to like this machine as much as I did. I enjoyed the modes and ramps. I'm not sure how well it would hold up if I owned one.
8 years ago
Love the artwork on the playfield and the backglass. Love trying for super jackpot.
8 years ago
Pretty fun but wasn't able to keep my interest long.
8 years ago
I like the original layout of the playfield and love the ship and chest.
8 years ago
Surprised by how much I enjoyed this game. Very underrated machine.
8 years ago
Love the theme and the slot machine. Wish there was more though into determining who the killer is and if there was a wizard mode I might have to ownone.
8 years ago
Love the sound but the playfield artwork is not great. Like how it plays.
8 years ago
Owned this machine twice and have burnt out on it each time. Pretty good game though.
8 years ago
Love the sound and theme of this game. Mode start hole can be a problem as well as the path of adventure but once dialed in its great.
8 years ago
Like this game but shooting the castle can get repetitive.
8 years ago
Wish it had more depth to the ruleset.
8 years ago
Maybe the most beautiful machine ever but wish it was more difficult.
8 years ago
A fun machine but I can't get into the theme.
8 years ago
Love the way this machine plays.
8 years ago
I think the ramps are interesting but I just don't care for this game.
8 years ago
Very fun game. Some great modes and fun jackpots.
8 years ago
My favorite pinball machine. Love the epic modes and satisfaction I get from completing a mode.
8 years ago
I like this machine after owning it a few months but not sure I will keep it.