Renewed interest in Pinball

Renewed interest in Pinball

By younginvisions

November 10, 2018

72 days ago

As a child I loved pinball. I remember going to the bowling alley with my mom, and she would give me quarters to go play while she bowled. My favorite game was Bally's "Wizard". After a while, I could play that game all day long on just one quarter. After that I was hooked, I looked for new pinball machines everywhere I went. Now that I'm older, (much older), and being a home owner, I wanted to build a man cave in the basement. During the design process, a game room was mentioned, so I thought, PINBALL! I did research and found a local Stern distributor and made contact. The owner found me my first machine, Bally's "Freedom", then soon after I bought "Wizard". Both machines were great, but quickly became bored playing them. Regretable I sold them.  Time passed and I finished the theater room, small kitchen, and started the music room. I had extra space and was looking to fill it, and again the game room subject came up. I wanted a pinball machine again, but wanted a SS. I contacted my Stern guy, and found a really nice 6MDM. I knew I wanted to learn more about the mechanics of pinball, and needed to learn a lot about electronic circut boards, and soldering, (still learning). I bought the machine with the intent to use it as a learning tool and now I'm excited to say, it's easier than I thought. I researched LED lighting and other modifications people do to their machines. I have now upgraded to LED lighting all the way around, did some minor fixes, and I have to say... the machine looks AMAZING. It feels like a new machine, plays super fast and I love it. It's definitely a keeper!!!  (see photos)

Story photos

6MDM-3 (resized).jpg
6MDM-4 (resized).jpg
6MDM-5 (resized).jpg
LED Back Glass-1 (resized).jpg
6MDM-2b (resized).jpg
6MDM-2 (resized).jpg
sm-LED Upper Playfield (resized).jpg


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