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7 years ago
Such a cool game. This is the only pre-1985 game I think my son loves to play over and over. Obviously part of that goes to the super cool space shuttle in the top of the playfield, but there are other reasons too. The pops are somewhat isolated and are in a way where any ball exiting their area will give you a flipper shot. Rarely do we see a SDTM or outlane out of the pops which means no wasted turns which means you're not frustrated which means you're having fun. Also the ramp (first ramp ever I believe) is a great ramp that throws the ball back to the center of the PF. The secondary ramp has a target at the top which changes values, and though I want to give an "A" for effort, this ramp feels a bit empty and should've been designed to go under the main ramp and loop over to the left side of this game to mirror the main ramp. Having a switch in this ramp instead of a target may have opened that train of thought. The sound is ok, the strobe in the backglass is awesome, and one thing I loooooove about this game is the cabinet. The cabinet artwork looks much more professional than other space themed pins. It looks like the pin cabinet is an official machine from NASA or something. Multi-ball is very easy to get, which is also why it's a great pin for anyone.

Overall a really fun game with lots of cool things to look at, enough objectives for the player and enough things for the rookie or child to keep them from getting discouraged, all while forgetting they're playing a pin from 1985.
7 years ago
Firepower is such a unique game, especially since it gave us the multi-ball and lane change (RF only). The concept is beyond simple (hit 6 center targets lights ball locks, lock balls to get multi-ball) and the only secondary objectives are to light up FIRE and POWER via switches and targets respectively. For what, nowadays, feels like an empty playfield, the game play is quite fun. Lightning quick pops! Getting the 6 targets with literally nothing in your way is enough of a challenge since both banks of 3 aim to center. Getting Multi-ball can feel like winning the lottery because of many previous drains. The artwork is cool, and the sound on this game is top notch. As the tempo and pitch increases with every target hit, my heart rate is as well. The sounds are perfect 1980s space/future sounds.

Overall a great game, with fast play. My only gripe is that I'd love to own one, but also can see myself getting bored with it because of the limited rules set and that the main objective is so tough, that 99% of your games is trying to hit center targets and having unlucky drains. A player's pin and not a family/kids pin for sure. I'll always stop and watch someone playing this because it sounds so awesome, and can draw such great reactions out of grown men.
7 years ago
Though TSPP gets a fairly deserved high rating, DE's original Simpsons game is no pushover. I play a place with 75-100 pins and every single time I go, DE Simpsons gets some of my quarters. Why? Because it's really fun and brings me back to my youth when this first came out. It's that next level of rules complexity over games like Firepower (multiball is the same concept - hit center targets then lock balls... but Simpsons first does a 2-ball multi and then you have to lock those both to get 3-ball!) but also adds in other objectives (hit the ramp 2x in a row, light up millions, Bart's enemies bonus...etc) to keep you thinking about what you should do next to get a high score. The artwork is awesome and is obviously Season 1 artwork as evident from Bart's mouth on the side to Homer on the Millions graphic; however, this means that the dialogue is also Bart-centric as Homer isn't the primary focus in Season 1 like he is in later seasons. Therefore the awesome Homer comedy we all know from the Simpsons show is mostly replaced in this pin by Bart's rebellious catchphrases which were what drew so much attention to this show in the first place. I personally like later seasons for viewing, but for this pin, it captures a cool snapshot of what this show was originally. Fun to play, great to look at, always want to play again, cool playfield features... not a grand slam pin, but easily a 3-run home run.