Thanks Mom

By Yoderboy

December 26, 2019

32 days ago

My mom bought a NIB stern Pirates of the Caribbean in early 2008 for her game room. She lived  4 hours away and when I would go visit her we would stay up all night battling each other till one of us gave in.  She retired and moved even further away and the times we saw each other got even fewer and farther in between, but when we got together we always found time to play some pirates.  Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend 2019 my wife and I went to visit her and the first night when everyone went to bed we headed to her garage to play pirates.  The game was malfunctioning like crazy from lack of play and my mom never really doing any kind of maintenance on the thing ever.  By the time we called it quits she looked at me and said it's kind of sad how this machine looks it should be with someone who is going to take care of it and use it more.  Needless to say 2 days later my wife and I where headed home with pirates in the back of my truck, and after about 3 weeks of cleaning and repairing/replacing parts the machine looked and played like new again.  And so the obsession started now 6 months later I have bought 3 more machines and I am looking for more.  I will always be greatful to my mom for getting me into this awesome wife less so.

thanks mom

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18 days ago
That was great and unexpected!
9 days ago
That’s nice you all got to enjoy it together.
I wish my mom would play the ones I have stuck in her garage
8 days ago
Got my first pin less than a year ago. Now I have 3. Crazy how this pin obsession takes over. But glad I have it and looking forward to the next one.

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