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2 years ago
I believe much of the negative ratings are based on theme, but as a KISS fan, it gets a 6 from me
I love the songs, but the rules and shots are what make the game so fun. I hate the center art of the bad and the
back glass but love the cabinet. Unfortunately mine came with the body wrap wrinkled and damaged
Very upsetting to say the least

Overall I love this pin...all my guests love it, especially kids. It sits next to Monster Bash/Deadpool/Star Wars
and KISS and DP get all the play from the 5-12 year olds
2 years ago
Iron Maiden is the best game I have played! Rules and shot layout are amazing
I like the theme and the music, but maybe for some it doesn't work
That is really the only thing that keeps this from taking the top spot in my opinion
Against any of the music pins, this is my favorite to play and its not even close
(I love Metallica and AC/DC but IM is just more fun)
2 years ago
Ive owned this game a few weeks now. Its beautiful, deep and fun. It has all the great elements of the JPP games but is a better playing game than the Hobbit
Its the new star of the arcade at my house. I still suck at it, so I will have to come back and edit once I figure it out and have some deep games.
2 years ago
AC/DC is a perfect music pin theme; its fun to listen to other people play. I replaced the backless with Helen and love it! Shots are good, and the lower play field and cannon are fun, and the bell rocks. I docked a point for the dancing band in the right corner; Not my thing. I don't get too concerned about going deep into rules for any of my games, and stick to the obvious stuff so my opinion of them is more about fun and easy to teach to my kids and friends. Top ten pin all the way.
2 years ago
I'm surprised it is not ranked MUCH higher on the top 100. My guess is nostalgia floats some of those above it, but for a new player with fresh eyes, this game is a HIT! In a room with AFM LE, Iron Maiden Prem (my personal favorite), Metallica Road, AC/DC Prem, and LotR, the Hobbit gets ALL of the attention from ALL of my guests, even when I try to get them interested in the others (edit: POTC has taken over as quest favorite and its not even close). Its the favorite (edit: was) of my 6 year old, which is what matters most to me.

The rules are brutally deep, but you only need to know the surface to have a blast. I think there are 31+ modes, ranging in complexity. Even though we have yet to get it remotely figured out, I see no hurry. Every game is different and we learn new things; that keeps it very interesting.

And everyone comments on the captivating back glass TV, and how beautiful the machine is in general. Its buttery smooth. Its wide open and takes practice to nail the long shots consistently. Not fast like AFM but very challenging. The slow rhythm to the shots require a certain mood. I prefer the faster games in general. My kids like it because its slow.

I suppose it helps if you love the theme, as I do. Perhaps that holds it back for some. (I was very disappointed Peter Jackson added so much that wasn't in the book in order to drag it out to three movies and really cash in, but I can't hold that against the concept as a pin)

Some of the features we like most are the left drain has save/launcher that comes in handy when up. The pop up targets are not my favorite, but my daughter LOVES them! Smaug has a killer voice, and I'd be happier if the dragon stayed looking forward instead of turning. Collecting dwarfs is fun too.

Might be a better home game, as it fun to binge and spend an hour or two
every few days. Its going to take years to master all it has to offer.
3 years ago
I'm addicted to this game. The theme hit a sweet spot for me, and I love the music. (and the callouts) Some important shots are easy, while others I have to get lucky (very challenging but not so hard its frustrating) The left lane between the bumpers and the two loops are tough. There is a lot going on visually but the deep rules are easy to follow. The machine has great artwork and plenty of toys, but I may end up loading it down with more. A keeper and centerpiece in the mancave. I love it!! I have 11 machines; 7 in the top 10. This is by far the most fun to play!
3 years ago
I love Metallica the band, love music themed pins in general, and wanted to really love this. The cartoon look hurts it. I managed to get a Road Case so the cabinet art is tolerable. The gameplay is fun, and I love the music, but might as well make a Beavis and Butthead pin with the art. (no offense to the artist, just not my taste. For me, theme and look are critical for owning a machine. Its a big investment of $ and as important, space. Gotta love the whole package.
Sparky rocks, the snake is cool, and the coffin! The hunt for a good back glass is on, as the one on it now is lame.
3 years ago
I think I enjoyed this game more than my rating implies. Its a classic, and I think thats part of the appeal. The theme is just ok and the toys look like, well, toys.
Its easy to jump on and play right away, which is a good thing. Doubt I would ever buy it, but make sure to play at least one game anytime I pass by one.
edit: I bought this game after all and its fun because it is so simple. Very fast rebounds that keep you on your toes. I'm newer to pinball so I don't have nostalgia for games, but this one has that throwback appeal of simplicity. Blowing up alien saucers is more fun that it should be, but I wish I could just let France fall =)
3 years ago
I'm shocked at how poorly I rated this game. I try to like something about everyone I play. Maybe it was worn down machine, but the game play was terrible. The toys were not interesting to me (though the theme is ok...not really my thing, but Spider-Man is always cool) I think I walked away with more to go, and would skip this machine edit: I went to the same place and tried it again because I wanted to give it another chance. There were 5 credits on it already. I played two balls and walked away.
3 years ago
My kids inspired this choice "Dad, you have to get Star Wars!" so the theme is a massive hit! The digital games (dodging asteroids, etc) are a family favorite too
which for some could be a detraction. The artwork is great, and inspired us to repaint the walls black so we can put Fathead Mil Falcon, Xwing, Tie fighters and a Deathstar up. Now we are committed! We've played this game for hours and had a blast! None of us are professional pin players but we loved it.
3 years ago
This game is deep! I imagine this will get more and more fun the longer we have it.
Just scratching the surface!
Love the theme Some shots are easy, some are tough, nice mix
3 years ago
Deadpool rocks! Im not a superhero theme fan, but I did love the movies. DP has the same humor, (its very funny) and lots of variety in the battle mods and multiballs. The art is great, the shots satisfying and challenging, the rules are deep enough to be interesting, but easy enough to explain a simple version to guests so they enjoy it too.
Highly recommended for the game play; even more so if the theme has appeal.